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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Another Look At The Democrat Sob-Phrase “You Didn’t Build That”

One will recall Barack Obama and Elizabeth Warren putting down and denigrating the businesses established by people of forethought and intelligence who, as entrepreneurs and industrialists, have built their dream, employed tens of millions of people and improved the lives of all Americans. These leftists believed that the electricity, natural gas, water and the roads that allowed businesses to be established and prosper were provided by government and not by the efforts of past entrepreneurs. President Obama and Senator Warren clearly stated that America’s past entrepreneurs “didn’t build that”. Well, they did build this great nation with their hard work and intelligence, and socialists can only make their big-government, socialist points if they are successful in making Americans believe that only the government can create wealth. In fact the opposite is true: the government can only create poverty and envy for those who go on the dole, and people who establish for-profit businesses create wealth for themselves and all who work for them and buy their products.

So for Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey or any other entrepreneur who set up a business and created jobs that have improved the lives of all Americans, for those entrepreneurs to be credited with the businesses they built, is just phony rhetoric if you believe America’s big-government leftists like Obama, Warren and Bernie Sanders, whose Socialist position is that all jobs and all wealth are provided by government, and individuals whose intelligence and hard work provide millions of jobs and create vast wealth that benefits the entire nation, have no part to play in a successful nation.

Currently we see a serious push from liberal Democrats who insist that we let all of the poor people of the world enter America and settle here, even though they did not build the wealth that they will be enjoying when they get here. And if they don’t have the skills to further this wealth by getting a good job when they arrive, they’ll end up on welfare, which is exactly what Democrats want them to do. We don’t need this kind of immigrants here, and they should be kept out.

What is the logic behind these uneducated and impoverished immigrants insisting on coming here and benefiting from our nation’s wealth if they did nothing to help build our nation and improve it? The only logic is that liberal Democrats want more Democrat-voting, dependent, poor people here to keep them in office. But Obama and Elizabeth themselves stated it best: “they didn’t build that”, so they should not enter.

Similarly socialists, like today’s Democrat politicians, take advantage of America’s wealth and political stability, which is assured by our constitution, even though they did nothing to build our great nation, and do very little to protect and preserve our constitution once they are in office. Per the Democrats’ own argument, they didn’t build the constitution and do precious little to protect it, so why should they be allowed to serve in responsible governmental positions when all they do is trash the constitution when they do take office?

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Global Warming And Racism Are Whatever The Left Says They Are

If it’s freezing cold, it’s caused by Global Warming.
If it’s hot, it’s caused by Global Warming.
If it’s rainy, it’s caused by Global Warming.
If it’s dry, it’s caused by Global Warming.
No matter what the weather or climate do, the left will attribute it to the lie of warming/change.

Likewise, whatever President Trump says, and especially if his words rock the liberal establishment to its core, his words are attributed to racism. The liberals have gone so totally nuts with the successful presidency of Donald Trump that they don’t know which way is up. They call the use of the word “chains” racist. They also call anyone racist if they use the words “Chicago”, “47 percent” and “golf’, among many other harmless words in the English language. In a nation whose constitution allows the free expression of opinion, the left would gladly outlaw some innocuous words from the English lexicon.

The very definition of racism includes the obsession with, and concentration on, race in general or one’s remarks (imagined or real) about race. What escapes the Democrats’ notice is that an unnatural concentration on race can make you a racist, or at least appear to be one.

Liberals are so anxious to get the goods on the wily President Trump that they are now arguing contrary to their former position on the deportation of illegal immigrants: In order to prevent the deportation of Haitians back to their country of origin, Democrats formerly used to say that in good conscience we cannot deport people back to the hell-hole they came from; but when President Trump uses that same logic and truthfully states that we can’t afford to take poor, uneducated people into our nation who still practice Voodoo, are uneducated and not familiar with representative government and have known only perpetual poverty, the left charges him with racism. Can the truth ever be racist?

Democrats should realize that yelling “wolf” too often can destroy their entire position because it dulls and weakens their charges.

But Democrats never disappoint. Every time Trump makes a statement or sends a tweet we sit back and wait for the racism card to be played. These fools are completely predictable, and Republicans can be thankful for them and hope they don’t wise up, because then they could be politically dangerous.

Crooked Hillary Lost The Election Bigger Than We Thought

With the alleged Russian “dossier” now apparently proving that the Trump presidential campaign was being spied on by Hillary’s campaign in union with the FBI and using the FISA Court to make it happen, the fact that Hillary knew what Trump was planning and saying in private as his campaign staff devised plans to gain the White House, then her defeat was more profound than anyone previously even imagined or hinted at.

Not only did she lose the election on the face of it (she had no energy; she had nothing to offer but worn-out, boiler-plate Democrat talking points; she didn’t even bother to visit and campaign in some key states; she had already been over-shadowed by the Bernie Sanders campaign in the rigged primary) but she also lost even with the crooked benefit of the DNC’s under-handed espionage and cheating, which is typical of lying Democrats, in addition to running a bad campaign.

The more that is uncovered about the Hillary investigation, and about her campaign and its collusion with members of the FBI and the intelligence community, one begins to realize what a miracle and a national blessing her defeat was, and we should all be thankful that her miraculous defeat generated the equal miracle that put Donald Trump in the White House, which led to the exposure of all of the corruption and crap we’re now learning about her campaign and the Obama administration, and the corrupt FBI that favored Hillary’s election and sought to assure Trump’s defeat.

If Hillary had won the 2016 election we would have a true criminal-traitor in the Oval Office, and her corruption would only spread and become more corrosive as she made corrupt policy and undermined our constitution in favor of anyone and any nation who would donate to the Clinton Global Initiative fund. America needs to give thanks for this blessing we have been granted, and take steps to keep all such corrupt candidates out of all public offices in the future.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Democrats, Wag Not The Finger Of Righteousness, It Wags At You

The unbelievably cynical behavior of Democrats, both in government and in the leftist media, pointing a finger of some unspecific blame (unless the blame can be called “racism”) at Donald Trump every time he opens his mouth, is both deplorable and without validity. The poor, hateful, leftist fools don’t know where to stop. And the bottom line is that Trump is nearly always correct in what he says, and he nearly always wins in any competition with liberals and their corrupt policies. That’s why he was elected President.

At nearly every turn of events, beginning with the shocking presidential election results to the most recent phony and contrived “s**t poor” storm, President Trump has walked away from the event not only the winner but stronger. The left had better listen-up and learn-up to this reality or they will continue to lose arguments with this master pro at making his points and winning arguments.

It’s almost entertaining to watch the unchained leftists at CNN and MSNBC say the naughty, edgy words that Trump is supposed to have said. It almost makes them feel like it’s 1970 all over again and that they are shocking their readers and listeners with these cool words. But in reality they are just leftist partisans who hate America and will take every opportunity to make the nation and the Trump administration look bad.

But in the background a tsunami of evidence is building that the party of the constantly outraged left is going to have the words “criminal” and “traitor” hung round their necks as the Hillary campaign team and the FBI are linked to the now-famous “dossier” document in ways that will stun the nation. But don’t think that this coming expose will silence the leftist fools and give their mouths pause for a minute. These are true believers in leftist, socialist causes and they will object and oppose any findings of truth they are presented with.

The nation’s only savior from this pack of leftist curs is the voting booth, where bad, leftist candidates can be gotten rid of, and eventually the leftist media will be replaced, as the agencies they work for are driven out of business, which is already happening with Trump’s “failing” New York Times.

Democrats Indeed Do Want S**t-Poor Immigrants

Once again, President Trump was proven to be correct when criticizing the anti-American policies of Democrats, and we now have a chance to halt poor people from coming here illegally, because the only reason Democrats want people from poor nations to come here is to get their votes when they arrive and are unable to find jobs and have to depend on welfare in order to support themselves and their families. Too often we find that newly arrived immigrants are unable to support themselves and must depend on Democrats for handouts, which causes the American tax-payer to have to support these people with higher taxes.

Tucker Carlson had a Hispanic mouthpiece on his Fox program Thursday night, and although Carlson tried repeatedly to get this leftist tool to admit that the social and economic conditions in nations like Haiti and Somalia were sub-human, and confess that that’s why so many people are coming to America for relief from these hell-holes, the frontman refused to admit that indeed the situation is terrible in most of the countries our immigrants are coming from, nor would he admit that America has a superior economic condition in which to live. He constantly insinuated that everything in Haiti is fine and that unfortunate Haitian citizens trying to get here, or trying to stay here if they are already here, are just more people trying to settle here and get a good job.

Why do politicians insist on representing and protecting immigrants and not their fellow citizens who voted them into their cushy jobs? On January 10, 2018, The Daily Caller posted an article that confirmed that several Democrat officials, including Jennifer Palmieri, who was Bill Clinton’s Communications Director, stressed that Democrats need the votes of Immigrants in order to keep their elected offices. And there’s the answer: more poor immigrants equals more leftist, Democrat politicians in office churning the same corrupt system to their favor and to the expense and detriment of America.

And when one considers the nasty language that Robert De Niro and numerous Democrat officials like Obama, Hillary, LBJ, Harry Truman and many others have used in speeches and public appearances, I’m not at all concerned if President Trump uses a harmless and accurate descriptive like S**t-Poor , if he did indeed use those words, when he talks about liberal policy and the economic plight of Haitians. He’s absolutely correct with his depiction of liberal, socialist economic policies abroad: They’re all failures and they hurt their own citizens and make them flea to more stable, secure nations, like the United States. That’s why the Hispanic mouthpiece was unable to accurately answer Tucker Carlson’s question when comparing America to Haiti; these fool leftists have no point to make, and we all know that they are liars.

Friday, January 12, 2018

This Minority-Group Member Will Not Get Invited To A Hollywood Party

In our current, politically correct, Hollywood influenced world, woe be it for any member of a privileged minority group to take the side of Donald Trump on any subject. So it is with a heavy heart that I must report that South Korea’s President, Moon Jae-in, lavishly praised President Donald Trump for his assistance in getting the North Koreans to resume talks with South Korea, and possibly blocking formerly escalating military threats between the two nations. This tension had been getting stronger and harsher as President Trump intimidated the North Korean dictator into backing down on his nuclear threats against America, but the South Korean President thinks that President Trump has been helpful in restoring relative peace between the two Korean neighbors.

Unfortunately for the social plans of the South Korean President, he will probably not get a Christmas card from Robert De Niro next year, nor will he be invited to any Hollywood parties during the upcoming party season.

One will recall President Trump’s constant in-your-face battle with the chubby, murdering Kim Jong-Un, and liberals everywhere criticized what they called the insane, unstable Trump as he backed Jong-Un into a corner that the cheap little Button-boy could not extricated himself from. Not only was Trump’s button bigger than Jong-Un’s, but his twitter tweets were more intimidating than the North Korean dictator’s.

Of course Trump will get no credit from American liberals for halting tension between the Koreas and hopefully reuniting them in joint efforts, such as the upcoming Olympics, but the Korean President, who had the most immediate, personal and up-close stake in this game of halting nuclear expansion, which Barack Obama just kicked down the road to the next occupant of the Oval Office, knows to whom to give credit, and his praise goes to President Trump.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Odds And Ends In The News That Require Emphasis

1. The Oprah may run for president, but her anticipated campaign logo could be misread if she’s not careful.
Is her professional symbol of “O” actually a letter “oh” or a number “zero”? Those not familiar with her magazine and other “O” products may not understand.
But after all is said and done, Oprah is a very successful woman, which makes her greatly preferable to the never-done-nothing Obama. However, she will lose luster if she competes with Trump in 2020.

2. One recalls how Obama said very sternly and seriously that Iran should never be allowed to develop and possess a nuclear weapon, while also holding the attitude that “who are we (meaning America) to tell the Mullahs that they cannot have a nuclear weapon”. One could easily counter this weak-sister thinking with “who is Obama to tell Americans that they must buy his unconstitutional Obamacare disaster”. And to answer Obama’s question of who is America to insist that Iran not get a nuclear weapon: America is the hope of the world for peace, liberty and prosperity, and we are the only responsible nation who can assure the world that a rogue nation like Iran will not be able to blow the world to pieces due to its religious radicalism. If Barack Obama were not so anti-American and so resentful of America’s success in a nasty, violent world, he probably would have understood why our nation is the only nation qualified to stop the extremist desires of Iran.

3. Liberals pretend to hate TV and movie actors (the reference here is to Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan) becoming presidents as Republicans, while these same liberals can’t contain themselves and swoon over the idea of Oprah Winfrey, a TV performer, running for the White House.

4. Liberals are trying to ride the Harvey Weinstein story long and hard and want to include Donald Trump into the same category as Harvey and Matt Lauer, using the Billy Bush tape as evidence against him. But liberals allowed Weinstein and Lauer to repeatedly take advantage of women without ever uttering a word of alarm about it, while Trump was only wagging his mouth trying to impress another man he was speaking with, and his accusers were later shown to have been paid for their complaints against him.

5. Keeping in mind that politicians need to give voters a reason to vote for them instead of a reason to vote against their opponent in an election, Democrats have a big fat nothing to offer the public that could possibly tempt citizens to vote for them, and can never equal the accomplishments Trump, all of which he was elected to do, and that his followers want more of.

6. One looks forward to North Korea joining South Korea in the upcoming Olympics, both because it could mean the end of the North Korean Communist regime (thanks largely to Donald Trump and his pestering of the fat button-boy dictator in Pyongyang) and halt the severe suffering of the North Korean people who have been forced into poverty and starvation by the North Korean dictator, but also to witness the defections of the North Korean athletes as they see freedom and prosperity for the first time and refuse to go back home to the brutal rule there. The recent defections of North Korean soldiers indicate just how desperate the northerners are for liberty.

7. One hears that the Committee To Protect Journalists has identified President Donald Trump as the greatest oppressor of the free press in the world. Really? Then why did this evil man allow this distinguished Committee of fools to identify him as being the monster they claim he is without all members of the committee being killed or imprisoned before they made this asinine statement? Who in the world are these fools to make such an evidently false statement? Where do Putin, Castro and Jong-Un rate on this scale of evil? Reporters are actually put to death in these leftist regimes if they displease the supreme leader.
Trump’s only concern with the press has been about honesty, accuracy and factually reporting the news as the press attacks him and his policies daily. One wonders how many tender liberal reporters have lost their lives by having their lying articles about Trump called “fake news”? There have been an embarrassingly large number of fake stories that have had to be retracted by the news agencies, and at least one news agency fired the lying reporter that reported the fake story. But Donald Trump just laughs about such firings, and, contrary to liberal reports, no lying reporters have mysteriously died as a result of their anti-Trump reports.
The American constitution assures the press the freedom to report news that is not flattering to political office holders, but it does not give reporters the protection to report lies, nor does it give them cover when they refuse to report news that is unflattering to their own political positions, which liberal reporters do all the time.

8. Liberals can be forgiven for crediting Barack Obama with the great economy that has resulted from the election of Donald Trump to the White House, but they fail to tell the whole story that after eight years of a failing economy, any successor to the Oval Office would produce an economy that looked better than Obama’s.

And, of course, the one thing we can never expect the press to say is that the Trump policies, and especially his attack on punitive regulations and his bill to reduce taxes for Americans, is really the truthful story of the expanding economy under President Trump. But reporters whose job it is to report Fake News can’t be expected to be truthful.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Why Liberalism Is A Mental Disease

The radical, liberal Democrat Party for the last eight years has made some of the most harmful and idiotic decisions and policy declarations that man-kind has ever witnessed. The following examples just scrape the surface and demonstrate just how idiotic and unrealistic American leftists have become:

The radically leftist Barack Obama swore that he would “Fundamentally Transform America”. His words can only mean that he wanted to transform the free and prosperous America into a third world dictatorship, which is exactly the direction he was headed until Donald Trump got in the way and saved the nation.

Liberals stated in 1980 that there were no differences between men and women or between girls and boys, until Time Magazine breathlessly, on January 20, 1992, announced that indeed men and women were born with significant differences between the sexes. What a revelation for the party of mental derangement.

The liberal Obama thought it was a good idea to send a plane-load of cash to the Mullahs in Iran, and stupidly assured the world that the dictatorial rulers of Iran would not use the money to develop nuclear weapons that they were already testing. One would have to be mentally demented to trust the lying, absolute rulers of Iran and give them the money to further develop the nuclear weapons they claimed to not be developing.

Obama thought it was a good idea to force Americans into his unconstitutional Obamacare, in spite of all the trouble Canada and England have had being able to afford the national healthcare programs in those two nations.

Liberals think it’s a good idea to remove all border controls and all border guards from our southern border and allow MS-13 and other criminal groups to freely enter our nation, go where they want to go and stay as long as they want to stay.

Liberals think sanctuary cities are a good idea because they protect criminals from the federal government and allow them to reside along-side, and continue to harass and abuse, decent people trapped in the same liberal cities. Where can Americans go to seek refuge and sanctuary from radical liberal policies like the sanctuary city disaster?

Liberals think Donald Trump is literally crazy and unfit for office when he strongly opposes North Korea and its repeated threats to launch nuclear weapons at the United States. Donald Trump is very different from the Clinton, Bush and Obama facilitators of the passive, liberal policy of appeasement of Communist dictators. President Trump will not take the passive and dangerous Neville Chamberlain route to the destruction of the United States and surrender to our enemies.

Liberals believe that America’s Secretary of State should be able to freely sell government favors to foreign strongmen in exchange for her personal financial enrichment from those same foreign rogues.

The liberal Obama administration thought it was a good idea to pursue their Fast-and-Furious scheme and get thousands of high-powered weapons, all bought in America, into the hands of the Mexican cartels, with the murderous results that any sensible, sane person could have predicted.

Liberals think it’s a good idea for society to allow anyone to self-identify and declare themselves to be any race, sex or nationality they want to be, and then liberals sincerely demonstrate respect for these people in their decisions. Can sane people accept this type of insane behavior?

Liberals believe that people will be prosperous and live freely if the government provides for their every need and allows them to live in a slum in a Democrat-run city like Chicago, where new murder records are set virtually every year and where poverty is rampant.

Liberals like the liberal Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, thinks it’s a good idea to outlaw guns in his city, but does nothing to aggressively punish gangs who kill each other daily with the same guns that he has outlawed. Is this insanity or what?

Liberals think it’s a good idea to criminalize strong, effective police work by charging officers with murder when a bad guy dies in police custody, and then wonder why their city is over-run by gang murders when the police stand down as a result of the city’s attack on them. Barack Obama obviously liked this idea of tying the hands of the police because his Department of Justice found the police forces of several cities guilty of using too much force on criminals and placed them under federal control. And it may be hard to believe, but the Obama administration also invited the radical Black Lives Matter group, which called publicly and repeatedly for the killing of police officers, to the White House in order to improve their standing among idiot, and possibly insane, leftists.

Liberals see no problem with FBI investigators, who believe that they have a responsibility to keep a candidate like Donald Trump, whose policies they disagree with, from occupying the White House, conducting an official FBI investigation that was intended to achieve precisely that political end.

Liberals spent 70 years praising the Soviet Union for the wealthy, happy paradise Joseph Stalin created and passed down through a series of murderous dictators to Vladimir Putin, then try to remove Donald Trump from office for the lying charge of Russian collusion, when Russian collusion is exactly what Democrats like Ted Kennedy actually did as he opposed President Ronald Reagan’s anti-Communist agenda in the 1980s.

Liberal president Barack Obama swore he was making every effort to “contain” ISIS as they expanded and swarmed all over the Middle East and the world, murdering civilians by the tens of thousands as they easily broke through Obama’s pretend “containment”.

Liberals like Nancy Pelosi think that high taxes and severe regulations on businesses will assure a prosperous society. This insane woman also said that increased numbers of people on welfare would make the nation more prosperous.

Liberals, in the form of Hillary Clinton, believe it’s a great idea to sell a large percentage American uranium supplies to Russia. But of course this must not be called “collusion” with the enemy, although any sensible, sane person would instead call it “treason”.

Liberals believe the United States should give billions of dollars a year to members of the United Nations, who then show their appreciation for these international welfare handouts by blocking each American effort made, repeatedly call for the destruction of Israel and bad-mouth America frequently among their rogue U. N. cohorts.

Liberals believe that a federally imposed $15 an hour minimum wage will raise poor people into the middle class, but $35 or $50 an hour minimum wage is too much to pay them. What in the hell is the difference? Only insane people can make sense of this economic nonsense.

As a wise person once said, you can’t make this stuff up. The Democrat party has drifted so far left that it’s impossible to understand what happened to them and where they got the insane ideas they have, and it’s impossible to know what idiocy they will propose next. The only certainty we have is that these foolish, America-hating people must be kept out of public office by un-electing them at every opportunity.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Obama: Three Percent Economic Growth Is Impossible! Is This Sentiment Stupid Or An Intentional Liberal Lie?

Well, since the statement mocking and making fun of the idea that America could ever again in the future have three percent annual economic growth was formulated and spread by the Obama administration, it’s both a statement of stupidity and it’s a liberal lie. On or about April 29, 2016 this idea of no more real economic growth being possible in America became the “new normal” for Obama and his pals, and in their limited, traditional, head-in-the-sand opinion, they were stating the truth as big-government leftists see the truth. After all, liberal economic policy concentrates on the welfare of, and the expansion of, government, and only reluctantly provides a few hand-me-down goodies from big brother to the middle class, if it provides any consideration for the middle class at all.

While Obama covered lavishly for any losses insurance companies may have experienced under his unconstitutional and illegal Obamacare, he heaped benefits on his ultra-rich Wall Street buddies via a rigged interest rate calculation scheme that artificially buoyed the stock market, and by printing money in vast quantities. Also during the Obama administration we witnessed the reintroduction of the failed policy of giving home loans to people who had a proven record of not making payments on their loans in the past. This scheme was intended to get the real estate market booming again, and had the down-stream result of artificially increasing the personal wealth of Obama’s Wall Street pals by boosting the stock market to a Dow Jones rating to unheard of levels.

President Trump took advantage of the bubble that Obama’s scheming created in the stock market and, with the soundest of economic policy and in anticipation of Trump’s tax cuts and reducing or eliminating growth-killing regulations, the Dow Jones Average has increased by over 5000 points since Trump took office. We can all thank God that we have a real, thinking man in the White House who understands that when people are free to seek their own benefit and not serve the yoke of big government, great things happen for all citizens.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Do Liberals Have Any Sense At All?

One hears that the New York Times is shocked, shocked!, that they have determined that President Trump’s new tax plan will indeed save most people money on their taxes, and that this money will benefit the middle class, contrary to all of the tripe Trump-haters spread last year about only the rich benefiting from the new tax law. The ignorant people who run the New York Times appear to lack the ability to use their minds and remember, as Ronald Reagan proved, that the economy will improve when people keep more of their own money and that businesses will benefit and hire more employees when they are allowed to invest more in their operations and give less money to the government. And when government regulations are reduced, the owners of  businesses can conduct and expand the business as they see fit, which is exactly what we are currently seeing from businesses who see a bright future for a change, after the eight years of Obama’s doom and gloom, massive regulations and dire economic predictions.

Along similar lines of liberal thinking, these New York Times people are part of the liberal leftist fools who told us in the 1980s that girls and boys have no real differences between them and that gender roles could be reversed if boys played with dolls and girls played with guns and Army soldiers.  These same liberals seemed to be shocked, shocked!, when they finally had to admit that men and women are different.

Liberals have no ability to look at post-Castro Cuba and admit that Cubans lived better prior to Castro’s Communism destroying the Island nation. Similarly, they cannot see that the very wealthy nation of Venezuela is much worse off today than it was before it was forced to practice Socialism by Hugo Chavez. A lack of any ability to critically and freely think about events means that liberals will always make wrong, inappropriate decisions, as they prove to the nation daily with their actions and words.

And these liberals, who seem to lack the most basic common sense and ability to think outside the liberal box, are the same people who are America’s supposed thinkers, leaders, teachers, economists, journalists and trend setters. God help us with these fools in charge.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Walls Define What They Surround

Walls designed to keep people in are prisons. Some examples of this type of wall are:
The nation of North Korea
The Berlin Wall
The Iron Curtain
The nation of Cuba
Federal prisons
County jails
The nation of Russia

Walls designed to keep people out are protecting something of value. Some examples of this type of wall are:
John Kerry’s mansion
The Kennedy compound
The Clinton mansion
Obama’s mansion (in other words, most rich people have walls to keep lesser people out)
The White House
The border across the southern United States, which protects Americans.

There are thousands of walls in the world intended to keep people either in or out, but only when Donald Trump proposes a wall to protect America from a civilian invasion from the south are we told that walls are bad things. If walls are so bad, why do Kerry, the Clintons, the Kennedys and the Obamas have them around their homes? And why is America not as important as these elitists' homes?

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Iranian Citizens Can Thank Barack Obama For Their Current Misery and Suffering

Soon after Obama became president Iran experienced the Green Revolution which was the Iranian citizens’ attempt to free themselves from the oppression of the Mullahs in that terrorist-supporting nation. But our oh-so sensitive and concerned president Obama ignored the pleas of the Iranian people as they were imprisoned, tortured and killed, because Obama preferred a different kind of “green” and chose the lie of global warming over the lives and freedom of the people of Iran. One guesses that he didn’t even need to think very long about his decision to let Iranians be killed by their leaders, because the leaders were good Muslims, of which religion Obama once accidentally listed himself as a believer, and which statement of his explains a lot about his anti-American presidency.

In fact he was so unconcerned for the welfare of the Iranian people that he sent a cargo jet filled with hundreds of billions of dollars of untraceable international currencies to assure the continued dictatorial rule of the Mullahs and to buy their signature on the horrible Iran Nuke deal that he foolishly forced on America.

America is indeed very fortunate to be rid of Obama, but to the people of Iran, his negative, evil legacy lives on.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Who Needs Conservative News Outlets When We Have Donald Trump?

In the past, Fox News Channel was absolutely the only place thinking people could get a conservative slant on current events because the liberal cable channels and the leftist press refused to report anything that favored the Republicans or that did not support a big-government policy program.

But now we have Donald Trump and his Tweets, and all of the press/news outlets stumble over each other to repeat and comment on each Tweet as the President releases it.

However, we still need conservative agencies like Fox and Conservative Daily News for commentary and real news or we would not learn the latest details about the Russian dossier and the FBI’s biased and phony investigations into Trump and Hillary.

President Trump is proving to be not only the savior of American policy and constitutional principles, but he’s also a one-man-band of news coming out of Washington, DC.