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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Why Liberalism Is A Mental Disease

The radical, liberal Democrat Party for the last eight years has made some of the most harmful and idiotic decisions and policy declarations that man-kind has ever witnessed. The following examples just scrape the surface and demonstrate just how idiotic and unrealistic American leftists have become:

The radically leftist Barack Obama swore that he would “Fundamentally Transform America”. His words can only mean that he wanted to transform the free and prosperous America into a third world dictatorship, which is exactly the direction he was headed until Donald Trump got in the way and saved the nation.

Liberals stated in 1980 that there were no differences between men and women or between girls and boys, until Time Magazine breathlessly, on January 20, 1992, announced that indeed men and women were born with significant differences between the sexes. What a revelation for the party of mental derangement.

The liberal Obama thought it was a good idea to send a plane-load of cash to the Mullahs in Iran, and stupidly assured the world that the dictatorial rulers of Iran would not use the money to develop nuclear weapons that they were already testing. One would have to be mentally demented to trust the lying, absolute rulers of Iran and give them the money to further develop the nuclear weapons they claimed to not be developing.

Obama thought it was a good idea to force Americans into his unconstitutional Obamacare, in spite of all the trouble Canada and England have had being able to afford the national healthcare programs in those two nations.

Liberals think it’s a good idea to remove all border controls and all border guards from our southern border and allow MS-13 and other criminal groups to freely enter our nation, go where they want to go and stay as long as they want to stay.

Liberals think sanctuary cities are a good idea because they protect criminals from the federal government and allow them to reside along-side, and continue to harass and abuse, decent people trapped in the same liberal cities. Where can Americans go to seek refuge and sanctuary from radical liberal policies like the sanctuary city disaster?

Liberals think Donald Trump is literally crazy and unfit for office when he strongly opposes North Korea and its repeated threats to launch nuclear weapons at the United States. Donald Trump is very different from the Clinton, Bush and Obama facilitators of the passive, liberal policy of appeasement of Communist dictators. President Trump will not take the passive and dangerous Neville Chamberlain route to the destruction of the United States and surrender to our enemies.

Liberals believe that America’s Secretary of State should be able to freely sell government favors to foreign strongmen in exchange for her personal financial enrichment from those same foreign rogues.

The liberal Obama administration thought it was a good idea to pursue their Fast-and-Furious scheme and get thousands of high-powered weapons, all bought in America, into the hands of the Mexican cartels, with the murderous results that any sensible, sane person could have predicted.

Liberals think it’s a good idea for society to allow anyone to self-identify and declare themselves to be any race, sex or nationality they want to be, and then liberals sincerely demonstrate respect for these people in their decisions. Can sane people accept this type of insane behavior?

Liberals believe that people will be prosperous and live freely if the government provides for their every need and allows them to live in a slum in a Democrat-run city like Chicago, where new murder records are set virtually every year and where poverty is rampant.

Liberals like the liberal Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, thinks it’s a good idea to outlaw guns in his city, but does nothing to aggressively punish gangs who kill each other daily with the same guns that he has outlawed. Is this insanity or what?

Liberals think it’s a good idea to criminalize strong, effective police work by charging officers with murder when a bad guy dies in police custody, and then wonder why their city is over-run by gang murders when the police stand down as a result of the city’s attack on them. Barack Obama obviously liked this idea of tying the hands of the police because his Department of Justice found the police forces of several cities guilty of using too much force on criminals and placed them under federal control. And it may be hard to believe, but the Obama administration also invited the radical Black Lives Matter group, which called publicly and repeatedly for the killing of police officers, to the White House in order to improve their standing among idiot, and possibly insane, leftists.

Liberals see no problem with FBI investigators, who believe that they have a responsibility to keep a candidate like Donald Trump, whose policies they disagree with, from occupying the White House, conducting an official FBI investigation that was intended to achieve precisely that political end.

Liberals spent 70 years praising the Soviet Union for the wealthy, happy paradise Joseph Stalin created and passed down through a series of murderous dictators to Vladimir Putin, then try to remove Donald Trump from office for the lying charge of Russian collusion, when Russian collusion is exactly what Democrats like Ted Kennedy actually did as he opposed President Ronald Reagan’s anti-Communist agenda in the 1980s.

Liberal president Barack Obama swore he was making every effort to “contain” ISIS as they expanded and swarmed all over the Middle East and the world, murdering civilians by the tens of thousands as they easily broke through Obama’s pretend “containment”.

Liberals like Nancy Pelosi think that high taxes and severe regulations on businesses will assure a prosperous society. This insane woman also said that increased numbers of people on welfare would make the nation more prosperous.

Liberals, in the form of Hillary Clinton, believe it’s a great idea to sell a large percentage American uranium supplies to Russia. But of course this must not be called “collusion” with the enemy, although any sensible, sane person would instead call it “treason”.

Liberals believe the United States should give billions of dollars a year to members of the United Nations, who then show their appreciation for these international welfare handouts by blocking each American effort made, repeatedly call for the destruction of Israel and bad-mouth America frequently among their rogue U. N. cohorts.

Liberals believe that a federally imposed $15 an hour minimum wage will raise poor people into the middle class, but $35 or $50 an hour minimum wage is too much to pay them. What in the hell is the difference? Only insane people can make sense of this economic nonsense.

As a wise person once said, you can’t make this stuff up. The Democrat party has drifted so far left that it’s impossible to understand what happened to them and where they got the insane ideas they have, and it’s impossible to know what idiocy they will propose next. The only certainty we have is that these foolish, America-hating people must be kept out of public office by un-electing them at every opportunity.