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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Vultures Breathlessly Await President’s Negative Health Report

The Washington Press corps was assembled and waiting for President Trump’s health report yesterday and the scene looked like vultures sitting on a fence post waiting for a rodent to die so they could consume it. It’s been no secret for the entirety of Trump’s presidency that the liberal press wants him gone and they have speculated without end on his mental health and his heart and whether the food he eats is causing him to lose his mental faculties and what about his tweeting early in the morning, is this a form of dementia?, and so on.

But the vultures were disappointed as the President’s doctor gave him a clean bill of health, and even, to the press’s great dismay, noted that he was even given a cognitive test which he passed with flying colors.

It seems to me that this wish for a president’s bad health by the press is a bit unseemly if not completely inappropriate. Anyone with the ability to observe interactions between people has known for a long time that the liberal press has been losing every battle, every personal confrontation and every argument with Donald Trump, and they hated him even more for that than for his conservative political views.

You could almost feel the disappointment from the press as they asked really stupid questions of the President’s doctor. In the past just a summary of the medical report is all that was shared with the press, and specific questions about health issues were never entertained, and often even the summary was very short and unspecific. But Trump is not afraid of disclosures, so he permitted an hour of questions to be asked.

What does all this say about the Washington establishment and the anti-Trump, Fake News press corps, that they would seem to be anxious that the president be found to be sick or mentally deranged? Will this verdict of good health now settle the press corps down so they can begin to accept Donald Trump as a legitimate president of the United States? Don’t bet on it. They’ll be even more antagonistic toward Trump and his policies than ever before, because he won another argument.

The Democrats and the Washington establishment still cannot believe that Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 presidential election, they can’t believe that Trump is pushing his policies, many of which are undoing the leftist, anti-American and unconstitutional Obama policies, and they are seeing, to their great dismay, that his policies are not only being implemented but are proving themselves to be successful and working well for the American people. And it’s the last point (that his policies are serving the American people well) that is most unnerving to the Washington elites, because it proves that all of their leftist theories are wrong, that Obama’s policies were wrong, and that Trump is, once again, proven right.

So the press is about to lose its collective and individual mind anticipating the future political environment with tax cuts making Americans happy and a bit more wealthy; with a stock market that is shooting for the stars and making 401Ks fatter; with Trump’s reduction of federal regulations making businesses more productive and more profitable; and with global warming being dropped like a dead skunk by Donald Trump.

Trump is without parallel: he’s open and transparent; he’s healthy; he’s wealthy; his policies are being successfully implemented; his policies are working to the benefit of all Americans (even the members of the press); he will take no guff from the lying, liberal press; and finally, he’s President, and will be for three more years.

What the liberal press fails to understand is that their job is to faithfully report the news, and although any sitting president makes news each and every day, the press’s job is not to push their personal politics nor challenge the president on his policies. They certainly did not oppose Obama on his unconstitutional and immoral decisions.

But the biggest thing our press corps fails to recognize is that their opposition to Trump is an insult to the Americans who voted him into office, over their objections to him, during the 2016 campaign, and we American citizens resent their elitist attitude and their lack of respect for our votes. We will not soon forget the arrogance of the leftist press and their personal attempts to politically injure President Donald Trump.