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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Odds And Ends In The News That Require Emphasis

1. The Oprah may run for president, but her anticipated campaign logo could be misread if she’s not careful.
Is her professional symbol of “O” actually a letter “oh” or a number “zero”? Those not familiar with her magazine and other “O” products may not understand.
But after all is said and done, Oprah is a very successful woman, which makes her greatly preferable to the never-done-nothing Obama. However, she will lose luster if she competes with Trump in 2020.

2. One recalls how Obama said very sternly and seriously that Iran should never be allowed to develop and possess a nuclear weapon, while also holding the attitude that “who are we (meaning America) to tell the Mullahs that they cannot have a nuclear weapon”. One could easily counter this weak-sister thinking with “who is Obama to tell Americans that they must buy his unconstitutional Obamacare disaster”. And to answer Obama’s question of who is America to insist that Iran not get a nuclear weapon: America is the hope of the world for peace, liberty and prosperity, and we are the only responsible nation who can assure the world that a rogue nation like Iran will not be able to blow the world to pieces due to its religious radicalism. If Barack Obama were not so anti-American and so resentful of America’s success in a nasty, violent world, he probably would have understood why our nation is the only nation qualified to stop the extremist desires of Iran.

3. Liberals pretend to hate TV and movie actors (the reference here is to Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan) becoming presidents as Republicans, while these same liberals can’t contain themselves and swoon over the idea of Oprah Winfrey, a TV performer, running for the White House.

4. Liberals are trying to ride the Harvey Weinstein story long and hard and want to include Donald Trump into the same category as Harvey and Matt Lauer, using the Billy Bush tape as evidence against him. But liberals allowed Weinstein and Lauer to repeatedly take advantage of women without ever uttering a word of alarm about it, while Trump was only wagging his mouth trying to impress another man he was speaking with, and his accusers were later shown to have been paid for their complaints against him.

5. Keeping in mind that politicians need to give voters a reason to vote for them instead of a reason to vote against their opponent in an election, Democrats have a big fat nothing to offer the public that could possibly tempt citizens to vote for them, and can never equal the accomplishments Trump, all of which he was elected to do, and that his followers want more of.

6. One looks forward to North Korea joining South Korea in the upcoming Olympics, both because it could mean the end of the North Korean Communist regime (thanks largely to Donald Trump and his pestering of the fat button-boy dictator in Pyongyang) and halt the severe suffering of the North Korean people who have been forced into poverty and starvation by the North Korean dictator, but also to witness the defections of the North Korean athletes as they see freedom and prosperity for the first time and refuse to go back home to the brutal rule there. The recent defections of North Korean soldiers indicate just how desperate the northerners are for liberty.

7. One hears that the Committee To Protect Journalists has identified President Donald Trump as the greatest oppressor of the free press in the world. Really? Then why did this evil man allow this distinguished Committee of fools to identify him as being the monster they claim he is without all members of the committee being killed or imprisoned before they made this asinine statement? Who in the world are these fools to make such an evidently false statement? Where do Putin, Castro and Jong-Un rate on this scale of evil? Reporters are actually put to death in these leftist regimes if they displease the supreme leader.
Trump’s only concern with the press has been about honesty, accuracy and factually reporting the news as the press attacks him and his policies daily. One wonders how many tender liberal reporters have lost their lives by having their lying articles about Trump called “fake news”? There have been an embarrassingly large number of fake stories that have had to be retracted by the news agencies, and at least one news agency fired the lying reporter that reported the fake story. But Donald Trump just laughs about such firings, and, contrary to liberal reports, no lying reporters have mysteriously died as a result of their anti-Trump reports.
The American constitution assures the press the freedom to report news that is not flattering to political office holders, but it does not give reporters the protection to report lies, nor does it give them cover when they refuse to report news that is unflattering to their own political positions, which liberal reporters do all the time.

8. Liberals can be forgiven for crediting Barack Obama with the great economy that has resulted from the election of Donald Trump to the White House, but they fail to tell the whole story that after eight years of a failing economy, any successor to the Oval Office would produce an economy that looked better than Obama’s.

And, of course, the one thing we can never expect the press to say is that the Trump policies, and especially his attack on punitive regulations and his bill to reduce taxes for Americans, is really the truthful story of the expanding economy under President Trump. But reporters whose job it is to report Fake News can’t be expected to be truthful.