Statement from the Candidate

In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

From "Look for the Union Label" to "No Labels"

So now that the liberal unionists are virtually in bed with Obama (like the 1960s television jingle, the union label is all over the Obama administration) they no longer want us to look at their leftist label, and in fact they pretend that there is no longer any label there to see at all.

The liberals and their union lackeys lost the last election and had their backsides handed to them by voters from coast to coast, so now they want to try to convince us that labels like progressive/liberal/green are no longer of value and should not be considered when voting for candidates and speaking of issues. The fact is that progressives/liberals/greens have made every effort to literally destroy this great nation, take away our prosperity and deprive us of our liberties, and we reject the labels they have so recently been proud of displaying and campaigning on, and we want those policies and labels completely destroyed and buried forever.

The only label American patriots want is "Constitutional Responsibility".

Liberals and their leftist-leaning labeling are destroying America with the EPA, the departments of Education and Energy, and a president who has no problem with missiles being installed in Venezuela. The spending must stop, the unconstitutional actions and legislation must be repealed, and the mushy thinkers must be sent home so they can no longer infect our nation with their leftist venom.

The "no labels" movement be damned.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Are We Seeing Obama's Comeback Following His Comeuppance?

The mainstream news groups are falling all over themselves insisting that their favorite liberal extremist (Obama) is making a great comeback following his and his party's shellacking on November 2nd.

I don't think so. Americans have only had a single chance to express their outrage about the immoral way Democrats have preformed the last two years, and I believe that they will vote the same way in 2012 when Barry is up for re-election (in other words, they'll shellac him personally in 2012, not just his liberal colleagues in congress).

Here are a few of the reasons why Obama will face enormous opposition on 2012, and it's all because he continues to work against the will of the American people, and against the welfare and liberties of Americans, present and future. These examples are also indicative of the tipping point the nation has reached, with Americans now realizing that liberal/progressive regulations are crippling our economy and undermining our freedom.

We've just heard that Obama has approved death panels, in spite of all the denials that such things were part of Obamacare. The more that's learned about Obama's healthcare boondoggle the more opposition there will be to it.

Net neutrality is being unilaterally pushed by the FCC, without congressional approval and in spite of judicial condemnation. This move will destroy the internet, make use of the internet more expensive for customers, allow politicians to decide internet content and is designed to get rid of the internet phone and ISP companies by concentrating power and control in the FCC. Marsha Black (R-Tenn) in the house and John McCain (R-AZ) in the senate both oppose this move by the government. Call and email them and let them know your opinion of the FCC outrage.

The EPA is moving to unilaterally limit greenhouse gas emissions by power plants and oil refineries, without legislative authority, and in spite of the fact that a Cap and Trade bill, designed to do this very thing, was defeated in the legislature. The EPA is working against the prosperity and freedom of the American people, and their regulations will make the cost of cooling and heating our homes, along the cost of driving our cars to work, much more expensive.

Venezuela is installing missiles that are capable if hitting American cities and destroying what's left of our economy, and the Obama administration is doing and saying nothing. I have to assume that Obama's silence proves that he is supportive of this very dangerous situation. Where's John Kennedy when we need him?

So despite his party's comeuppance/shellacking in November, the comeback kid is still working in contradiction to the American people, and since the message was clear in November that we want the regulations and spending to stop, it's obvious that Obama doesn't care what we want. We must impress on our new legislators that WE WON the last election and we want Obama and his minions defeated legislatively immediately, and that we are determined to unelect him in November 2012. And we'll unelect the new legislators as well if they don't get the message of last November.

The best way to legislatively defeat liberals is to abolish their bureaucracies, and the best place to start this liberal dismantling is by abolishing the EPA for overstepping it's original mandate, and for working against the express desire of the legislative enabling act that created it. Firing the EPA would make us freer by ridding us of their job-killing regulations, and would save hundreds of billions of dollars each and every year by not having to pay their salaries and expenses. Then we can concentrate on abolishing the Department of Education for destroying education in America, and the Department of Energy for destroying our energy sources through it's idiotic insistence on experimental "green" power sources, and for halting the drilling and refinement of our own sources of energy, thereby making us more dependent on foreign sources of fuel, and making us more vulnerable to a denial of fuel from foreign sources, which is a national security issue.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Liberals' Next Step in the Destruction of America

Coming quickly on the heels of the Liberals' lying claims that we must disproportionately tax rich people, and that to allow them to keep their own money would be unfair because of its "cost" to the government and the liberals' need of our money due to their inability to stop spending, expect soon to see a serious, full court press by liberals to tax any and all wealth, not only income; and this will be the absolute end of prosperity and comfort in America.

Even if your IRA and 401K have lost serious value in the last two years they probably still have some value, although depleted, and since this money has been sheltered from taxation, liberals will claim that it has been gained at the expense and cost of the poor and of government, and now this selfish hoarding must be ended because it's causing hardship for the government, so along with your earned income, and in addition to any already-taxed savings or investments you may hold, the total sum of your personal wealth and life savings will be taxed, much of it for the second time.

When you consider that there is no longer a social security account that you can call your own (all social security money is coming directly from general revenue which is being bolstered by the incomes of young people who have no prayer of ever seeing a penny of the money being stolen from them to support retirees) and soon the government will be stealing your life savings, the final dagger in the heart of America is soon to follow.

Of course the government will never consider reducing its great outlays of cash by abolishing the administrative agencies that are taxing and regulating us into poverty (like the wasteful and ineffective departments of Energy and Education, and the immoral and hungry-for-power EPA) but it will tax formerly free and prosperous American citizens into poverty. Any government that taxes its citizens to the poverty level instead of reducing its own bloated staffing is immoral and does not deserve to exist.

The next congress MUST stand firm against this likely next push by Obama and his pals to further destroy this great nation. We'll all need to call and fax our representatives to keep them from taking the easy route and going along with the negative reasoning of the powerful and influential in Washington. The next two years will decide whether we and our children will live free and enjoy prosperity, or whether our government will destroy us all, because that's exactly what they are attempting to do.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Government Must Be Run More Like A Business

Is education in the United States better or worse than when the Department of Education was formed? No sane person would say the state of education is better now than it was 40 or 80 years ago. The same comparison between past and present regarding sources of energy would produce the same conclusion: under the Department of Energy our fuels for auto, trucks, jets and power plants are more expensive and in shorter supply than ever before. And when you add to the mix the increased cost that the Environmental Protection Agency will add to our energy with its administratively-imposed form of cap and trade taxation, it's obvious that we need to get rid of the big government fools who constitute these organizations and allow the market-place, with its competition and a need to make a profit, to restore us back to sanity and energy affordability.

Any corporation performing more badly and getting worse results than in the past would be put out of business by competitors, or its stock holders would be screaming for the head of its CEO and insisting on reforms and changes. But the government just keeps on concentrating power and control in failing beaucracies and misguided policies and making everything worse, and they never consider that they are the problem and that control and power must be relinquished, and competition introduced, in order to make our problems better again.

Our nation is suffering from too much control and regulation, and unless the Departments of Education, Energy, Commerce, the IRS and the EPA are disbanded there is no possibility that our nation will be able to remain prosperous and free. We must insist of the next congress that severe and deep changes be made to our government. We desperately need less central control of our lives. Abolish the E.P.A. and the Departments of Education and Energy and restore prosperity and liberty to this nation.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Democrat Arguments are Stupid!

The current liberal mantra is that an unemployment benefits extension (beyond the current 2 years) is a positive thing for the economy and for prosperity in general because these benefits keep people at subsistence levels, and at that level of income all money received is spent immediately on the basics of life, and this quick expenditure of the slight money they receive is a stimulus for the economy.

If this were true then Haiti and North Korea would be great and powerful nations because everyone in them is living at the poverty level and spends every cent they can get their hands on for food and shelter. A further extension of the Democrat idiocy would be to say that employment is old thinking and that if all Americans were out of work and living on unemployment payments, our nation would prosper as never before because we would all be spending the slight money the government would dole out on food, which, in their lack of logic would assure full employment. Do I have that stupid thinking straight? Does it make any sense? NO!!

Democrats are often people of affluence who are out of touch with what makes an economy prosperous, and they are out to gain favor with their constituents from their give-away programs. These people are self-destructing idiots who don't understand that only when people have excess income that can be invested for their own selfish profit (and does not have to be immediately spent on basic subsistence) can an individual, a family or a nation prosper and have more money than the pittance the government hands out.

Liberal Democrats are fools and must be politically defeated and buried on the "trash-heap of history". Our newly elected legislators must not bargain nor negotiate with these fools. The new legislators won the election and must act like it by taking charge and steam-rolling all legislation proposed by the party of poverty.

Monday, December 13, 2010

How Stupid Can Republicans Be?

The bill to extend existing tax rates (the current Bush policy that liberals claim is a new tax cut) also includes enormous expenditures of liberal pork (ethanol programs are just one example) which are contrary to everything the election on November 2nd stood for, so why are Republicans, who will soon have the majority in the House, going along with this horrendous legislation? The bill may keep tax rates the same, but it puts the nation further in debt with billions of dollars of new wasteful spending.

A principled party, recently made the new majority in order to stop pork and the spending it represents, would tell Democrats that the tax extension bill will not contain any deficit/leftist spending and let Democrats take the blame if taxes are raised on January 1st because of their partisan foot dragging. Then when Republicans take the House in 2011 they would be able to float their own bill restoring the Bush tax rates and look like principled heroes, come to America's rescue.

Cooperation with the bunch that has bankrupt our nation and forced destructive healthcare reform on us is not why we voted overwhelmingly for a Republican majority last November. Republicans must stop being cooperative nice guys and learn that Democrats play hard ball, and Republicans must get in the game and also play hard. No cooperation, no getting along with the immoral crew that was just voted out of congress. The Republicans won the election, now they must act like it and play to win.

Friday, December 3, 2010

A Place To Begin

As regards reorganizing the government and balancing the national budget, what would you call abolishing the Department of Education, abolishing the Department of Commerce, abolishing the Department of Energy, disbanding the IRS in favor of a FAIR tax, firing all federal employees not rated as "essential", denying the United Nations any funds whatsoever, and abolishing the Environmental Protection Agency? All of which abolitions could save our nation upwards of a trillion dollars every year, forever and stop the meddling all of these groups do in the business of this great nation.

I would call the above actions: A GOOD START!

When you realize that under the current controls, education is worse than before the Department of Education was formed, commerce is worse under its department, energy is more expensive and less available because of the political use of Obama's green alternatives under this department head, the IRS is going to be used for political purposes to enforce compliance with Obama's tragedy of a healthcare bill, we have a mass of unneeded government employees who are regulating us and our economy to oblivion, the U.N. is trying to impoverish us with carbon and "world" taxes, and the EPA has stepped way over its charter and is about to go around the legislature that formed it to tax and control our every action with carbon controls and taxes. We must make the start of eliminating these enterprises immediately, with the next congress, or we are doomed as a free and prosperous people.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Is Obama a Fool or a Liar? Or Both?

Recently Obama made a statement about United States' assistance to Africa regarding help in fighting HIV-AIDS in the African population. The statement was phrased to sound like his administration was the first to give such assistance, ignoring the trend-setting aid of the Bush administration. Was Obama ignorant of the Bush administration aid or was he just not forthcoming about it?

If Barry was ignorant of Bush's aid then he's a damned fool, and if he was withholding the Bush involvement then he's a damned liar. Either way he's an immoral fool who must be opposed at all levels of government by our newly elected legislators. No compromise, no deals, no going-along on critical issues, this man must be politically defeated and his ideas soundly put to rest.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Government Requires Power and Control

Only government can or desires to deny its citizens liberty and prosperity. Corporations depend on both liberty and prosperity to assure their own success in the marketplace, but government enriches and empowers itself via power and control (one of the new P.C.s) with its ability to tax and imprison people who get out of line (in other words, those who try to exercise liberty).

The Obama administration, of course, represents the government-control and power side of the equation and wants to diminish corporate interests. By raising taxes, concentrating new powers unto the government and making our nation indebted to intolerable levels, Obama is well on the way to completely eliminating our prosperity and liberties

Whether it's a raping of our legislative process, a denial of contract law, an unwillingness to protect our borders and enforce federal law, an willingness to protect our population against voter fraud or forcing American citizens into a system of health care in which we have no choice, the Obama administration is choking out all of our liberties and assuring this great nation's destruction.

And they know exactly what they're doing. The immorality, criminality and destructiveness of Barry's bunch is unbelievable, and they have two more years to increase the carnage. Obama has declared war on the nation he swore to protect and the constitution he swore to defend.

The problem with government control is that there is no competition and no profit, and without the need to profit, influence-peddling and corruption take control. At that point citizens are no longer considered in the equation, nor do they matter and their voice is no longer heard by their masters.

We must keep the pressure on our new legislators to oppose Obama at every turn, and repeal or defund the revolutionary and destructive legislation that the democrats forced on us in the last congress. If we don't reverse the trend of Obama our children will be slaves to the power and control of big government.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wake up Barry, It's 3 A.M.

In the 1930s Neville Chamberlain taught us that if we don't respond to tyrants, especially when they clearly state their evil intentions, we will pay a very high price at a later date, and World War II was Chamberlain's high price. Today Obama dithers while North Korea and Iran gain nuclear capability and threaten the entire world, and most particularly Israel, with destruction.

President Barry is fast asleep and we can't wake him up, so the threat deepens. It's likely the Israelis will take care of Iran by themselves if we don't assist, but it will be shameful for the United States to turn its back on this great ally in the middle east and force them to proceed alone. Many of the Arab nations in the region will actually passively assist Israel in its effort to rid the area of nuclear weapons, but when Israel does act and attacks Iran, just watch how quickly Barry springs from his slumbers and verbally attacks Israel for war mongering. Barry pleasantly negotiates with our mortal enemies, but he aggressively attacks our allies and friends.

It's customary for presidents to "grow" in office and learn from the historical events that break around them during their administrations. But our Barry is still the wet-behind-the-ears community organizer he was upon election. He is so steeped in hate for western values that he will not recognize the correctness of Israel's positions, nor is he able to see how valuable Israel is to the interests of the United States. We must assure Israel's security, and Barry's pussy-footing around the issue only encourages our, and Israel's, enemies. This is just another example of Obama breaking his pledge to protect the United States and our Constitution. Our new legislators must impeach his immoral man and prosecute his czars or our nation will be completely undermined.

Barry: Man-up, awaken from your slumbers, stop negotiating with our enemies, and ACT! NOW!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Obama-The One Man Wrecking Ball

First of all let's satisfy the Republican tendency for self-criticism and admit that George Bush spent too much money, that he started the stimulus thing, that he started two wars, that he was running up a deficit, yada, yada, yada. Now do we feel better having hit ourselves first?

Now let's face the truth that Obama took these excesses, which were dangerous for our nation, and has attempted to destroy, with full knowledge of what he was doing, this great nation and has taken over massive sections of private industry, while the companies he hasn't taken over are quaking in their boots for fear of what draconian steps he will take next to injure the remainder of our economy. This fear of government is directly related to our stagnant economy and the high jobless rate, and the Omama-meister knows it.

America was built on industry and hard work, with immigrants being able to take part in building a better nation than that from which they came, while living a better life than those they left behind in the old country. Now the descendants of those immigrants, all of us, are seeing the work of their forebears destroyed by Obama out of "fairness" and "economic justice".

Obama himself lives the high life, and while telling us we should not drive or fly so much, and that we shouldn't vacation in Las Vegas, he's flying nearly daily on his 747 smooching with various important and nefarious people all over the world, while his own nation's population is increasingly jobless and penniless. But that's acceptable because he's the Obama-meister, and he's special.

In spite of the criticism the left heaps on the United States for real and imagined errors of the past, the proof of the goodness of our nation, is not only the success of immigrants who have come here from all over the world seeking a better life, but of the way we've treated the nations we have defeated in war. Japan and Germany currently live as well or better than we do because we defeated their former totalitarian governments and then built them back up to the point where they are our competitors on the world stage. That's a record we can be proud of, but one that Obama and his leftist buds will never recognize and applaud. That's just the way it is, and that's why our new legislators must oppose him at every step, and why he must be defeated in 2012: because he wants to injure the nation he swore to defend and is selling us out to the worst characters in the world. Our children and grandchildren deserve better.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Let's Embrace Obama's Own Words: "WE WON"

When Obama assembled himself and the Republicans last year to discuss how they would work together legislatively he was very outspoken and precise when he told the Republicans that he and the Democrats had won the executive and legislative branches, and his message was clearly that they would impose their will on the nation, despite the fact that numerous demonstrations and the polls showed that the liberals were not only opposing the more conservative side of the aisle, they were openly opposing the will of the American people with their proposals of Obamacare, card check and cap and trade.

Republicans won in a landslide on November 2nd and they know what they were elected to do: reduce spending, reform Social Security, repeal Obamacare, control our borders, obey the Constitution, reduce taxes (and tell the United Nations, in non-diplomatic terms, to "stuff" their proposal of a world tax on carbon in order to control the fraudulent lie of global warming), reduce government overhead, oppose the E.P.A.'s plans to administratively impose cap and trade on us since the legislature won't officially approve it, reduce regulations on commerce and business and get companies hiring and profiting again.

Our side won the recent election, and we insist that our legislators impose the will of the American people on Obama and other leftists, and push our agenda day after day until we wear them down. The newly elected House majority was not put there to bargain, negotiate and try to get along, they were put there to save this great nation from the evils of liberalism, and if they don't hit the ground running and never stop running, we'll elect a new bunch of legislators in November, 2012 who will.

We won, now let's act like it and do the things we know must be done.

Restoring Prosperity: FICA Taxes and Fairness to the Young

The fraud on Americans that is Social Security is bad enough, but the continuing fraud perpetrated on the younger workers of the United States is an additional scandal. We know that there is not a penny of value in the Social Security Trust Fund and that it operates only on a pay-as-you-go-basis. The Trust Fund is now running a deficit trying to pay benefits, so to continue to force young workers to pay into a money-hole from which they will never draw a cent of retirement money is wrong and it must stop. No one currently in their 20s, 30s, or even their 40s will see any benefit from their current FICA payments, so part of a Social Security reform must be to allow them to opt-out and invest their money in sources that will have value when they eventually retire.

The liberals/progressives continue their idiotic argument that we must continue to feed money to the government for our retirement because, given the recent down-turn in the stock market (a down-turn that was begun and made worse by government action, by the way) the. Tell that to the citizens of Greece! And the way of Greece is exactly the direction we're heading. The government can cut off any spending, payout and benefits any time it so desires, as Greece has recently demonstrated. But if you have money invested in corporate stocks or bonds, even if the market crashes, you have some value left, and the value will restore as the market recovers. And if you lose all your money in a market crash then it's your fault for not sufficiently diversifying your investments.

People with actuarial skill and training need to determine the age at which full Social Security pay-ins are reduced and what ages are completely exempt from paying into the phony system, but we are destroying the futures of our children and grand children with the current program, and that's immoral.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Attention Politicians: This Time Failure Will Be Punished

Americans are angry with the direction their country is being taken, and since they elect representatives to make decisions about that direction, if you as their representative are not successful in reversing the dangerous drift toward the precipice that we now face, they will punish you with a one-way ticket home at the end of your term. In the past no one (except other politicians) really tracked how politicians performed in their elected positions, but this time we know that the future of our nation, and our children's futures, are at stake, so you will be watched and evaluated carefully.

There is no reason why elected officials, with their celebrity status and relatively high pay, should be treated differently from the rest of us who work in less illustrious jobs. If we who are employed by corporations that must make a profit or go out of business, fail to do our job, we are dismissed. So if you fail to do your job, we will fire you when your term is up.

Aside from repealing Obamacare, keeping taxes low and preventing cap and trade legislation from being forced on us, we want the architects of our current economic disaster (the Obama Administration officials and the czars) all of whom have lied and plotted against the nation and its citizens, investigated, prosecuted and put in jail if found guilty of a crime. Use your subpoena powers liberally on these leftist rogues. And you can tell the U.N. that we won't pay any taxes to them related to the scam of man-made-global-warming, or whatever they're calling it presently; it's a hoax and a lie designed to make Al Gore and his buddies a few more million dollars richer. (Google the recent closing of the Chicago Carbon Exchange as proof we are winning this battle).

Then kindly inform your political associates that if we reduce the size and expense of government we can more easily grow the private economy and jobs without having to raise taxes. Simply by eliminating the worthless, counter-productive E.P.A., the dictatorial departments of Energy and Education and the I.R.S (and begin implementing the point-of-sale FAIR tax in its place) the nation will be able to save $1 Trillion each year, minimum. Then include the enormous savings that will result from repealing Obamacare (which savings will be every year, not just once) and our nation will bounce back to prosperity quickly.

The United States is in a position where our own government is doing more damage to our economy and liberties than any foreign enemy has done or could possibly do, and we need our elected officials to correct the imbalance and restore normalcy to this great nation. We're watching you and taking notes on your progress toward this end.

My daughter recently reminded me of a quote by Edmond Burke: "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing". Let's not allow the evil of Obamacare, and liberalism in general, to destroy this great nation. We must actively and legislatively fight them.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Notice to Newly Elected Republicans

First of all, congratulations on your hard-earned elections. I voted for those in my congressional district and my state and did volunteer work for most of you, so I'm invested.

Now a warning: You were elected to reduce the size and intrusiveness of government, reduce spending, repeal Obamacare, lower taxes, halt the EPA's radical carbon tax agenda and above all else obey the Constitution. You'll be evaluated by the electorate on how you behave and vote on these critical matters. If you don't produce results I, and many like me who worked and voted for you in this election, will work and vote against you in the next election.

From Obama's remarks since his party's losses on November 2nd it's clear that he doesn't get it and is not willing to review and reconsider his very radical agenda. If you don't oppose this evil man and his ultra-left policies we will vote your butts out at the end of your terms. No compromise, no getting-along, and no excuses, we want Obama defeated absolutely and completely (even though Obama has the veto power, you have control of the country's purse-strings, and we expect you to use them to best advantage against Obama). If you are not successful in this endeavor there may not be another opportunity to save our liberty, our economy and this wonderful nation.

You've been warned, and we're watching. Now good luck.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Should Sarah Palin Run For President?

I recently heard Shanin and Parks (the local radio duo on KMBZ) discussing the advisability of having Sarah Palin run for president in 2012. These gentlemen usually try to combine urbane low-level political correctness with conservative sophistication and end up missing the point they are trying to make, so I'll assist them in this endeavor.

Their argument was that Sarah Palin is too divisive and because of that we need a more low key candidate who won't cause friction and controversy. The point they miss is that the divisiveness and friction comes from the liberal establishment and the network/print news and commentary, along with the few Republicans that want the left's favor, not from conservatives who favor Palin nor from Palin herself.

An example of a Republican candidate who was loved and promoted by the liberal establishment was John McCain. The press did everything they could to praise and promote him for the Republican candidacy because he's very liberal in many of his positions and he was said to be "reasonable" (meaning manipulable by the press). But once the press got him nominated for the presidency they then began tearing him down in favor of whatever liberal Democrat came along. The result was that McCain lost because Republicans listened to their political opponents about who they should run for president. This idiocy must stop! These are critical times for our nation and when Sarah Palin speaks on relevant, serious topics her remarks should be responded to seriously, not mocked for being confrontational and controversial. Controversy and conversation is exactly what we need as regards the numerous problems our nation faces. The liberal press wants to silence us, and we can't allow that to happen.

Palin is an excellent choice for a presidential candidate precisely because she causes controversy and frightens leftists, which means she's telling the truth and will likely appeal to conservatives. An effective, true conservative will always get vicious criticism from the leftist media, but does that mean we should nominate Arlen Spector or John McCain (again) for president solely because liberals praise them? No. It just makes sense to support the person that your political opponents fear and criticize the most, and that's Sarah Palin. In fact, simply having the adoration of the opposition press is and should be a negative for any conservative candidate.

Under Obama The U.N. Investigates the U.S. for Human Rights Abuses

According to a Breitbart article in the Drudge Report, for the first time in its existence the United Nations is investigating the United States, under the Obama administration, for human rights abuses. From this report it would appear the U.N. agrees with Republicans that Obama is bad and must be defeated and removed from office in 2012, if not impeached sooner, for his blatant abuses of power.

In addition, a United States group, the U.S. Human Rights Network, seems to also be siding with Republicans against Obama by asking him to adhere to "international standards" (Stop laughing. International standards on human rights, such as those practiced in Cuba, Venezuela and Russia, are serious stuff that the United States can learn from) as regards human rights issues.

Poor Barry. It seems everyone is abandoning him in his hour of need. All of his pandering to the U.N. and every despotic leader in the world, plus his constant bad-mouthing of the United States and its past actions, has done him no good at all.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Government Documentation of the Lie of Obamacare

The most recent issue of the government's Medicare & You-2011 has all the proof you need that Obamacare's $500 Billion Medicare reduction will reduce medical care for the elderly. Throughout the book (specifically on pages 30, 31, 36, 37, 40 and 53) are the words "...if the doctor accepts assignment".
So in other words you can get care if you can find a doctor who will accept Medicare's slow payments to physicians at reduced amounts of reimbursement. We hear big government groups like AARP state that reductions of care to seniors based of the $500 Billion reduction will not happen and that, in fact, doctors will receive 10% more money for treating Medicare patients. So if you believe that for a short period of time a 10% increase of an already low and slow reimbursement rate to doctors will fix a half-trillion dollar reduction in budgeting, you've bought the lie, and your parents and grand parents, and one day, you, will suffer as a result.
The government's comparative effectiveness research (research which was paid for by the stimulus package, thank you very much, and how is that stimulus working out for the nation so far?) has a formula to determine how and when to deny care to elderly patients, and lovingly will offer end-of-life options and counseling for those who have been denied access to cures and specialists by the budget reductions. This sounds strongly like the death panels that big-government liberals deny is part of Obamacare.
But there's our Barry, smiling, glad-handing, back-slapping and blaming all of the problems he's caused on Bush, the rich and the Tea Partiers, while threatening "hand-to-hand combat on capitol hill" if Republicans try to repeal Obamacare. We must retire this immoral man in 2012 and retire his legislative retinue on November 2nd, then repeal Obamacare entirely, and institute real healthcare reform and improvement beginning with tort reform and national access to all competitive insurance offerings across state lines.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

More Racist Violence From Obama. Be Very Afraid Of This Man

Following the Obama administration's failure to defend voting rights in the New Black Panther voter intimidation trial (their position was that white citizens are not protected from violent voter intimidation, only minorities are), we now have Obama stating that if Republicans gain control of the House and Senate in next Tuesday's election, they have to "sit in back". This sounds very much like a back-of-the-bus position to me, the kind of statement decent people, black and white, abhor and condemn. And combine this racist talk with his ACORN allies and his recent violent speeches (if they bring a knife we'll bring a gun, and his hand-to-hand-combat on capitol hill statements) and combine these things with the leftist video "No Pressure", which graphically depicts killing their conservative opponents, and it appears that blatant racism and political violence is part of the Democrat/leftist/progressive positioning.

Mr. Obama's language and his allies' videos prove the violent nature of the Republicans' opponents in this election. We must get out the vote next Tuesday and defeat the immoral, violent Democrats and get Constitutional conservatives into office in all elections. In the mean time, be very afraid of our liberal opponents.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Continuing P.C. Controversy: Defending the Free Market

(Will it be "power and control" or "profit and competition"?)

This time the subject will not be the imposition of government control via Political Correctness (the original P.C.), but rather government control (the "power and control" part) versus capitalistic, free market competition (the "profit and competition" aspect). We know that government by its nature assumes and accumulates power, gaining control and choking out everything in its path unless there us a self-check on that power (and the Obama administration is expanding their power and control at dizzying speed). We also know that every instance where government accumulates power, the population's liberties and prosperity disappear in direct proportion to the government's actions. We've already seen measurable diminution of our liberties under Obama, and there's plenty more the Obama-meister has in store for us.

The opposing option to government control is "profit and competition" offered by the free market, both of which words are distasteful to the socialists/progressives who occupy the executive branch of government. Profit can only come from making better products or offering better services and giving customers, who voluntarily purchase the offerings, more of what they want. And competition assures that there are varying implementations of products to choose from.

As to whether the government's or the private enterprise's way is better, there can be no debate. Would you rather live in a government housing project or a private home, built for profit in a suburban development? Would you rather have your children schooled in a failed urban (i.e., government controlled) school, or a private educational offering? Would you rather drive a privately designed automobile (a Mustang or a Cadillac) or a government imposed "green" car (the Chevy Volt, for example)? There is no debate possible that the free, competitive market serves everyone's needs and wants the best. And not by just a little bit, but by leaps and bounds.

So how can it be happening that our excellent healthcare system has been taken from us and a government offering forced on us in its place? It's part of the mentality of socialists/progressives that they know best what's good for us, and then use all the power and influence they have (and this influence is increasing rapidly) to concentrate yet more power unto themselves. What we need in positions of leadership are people who are dedicated to a continuity and expansion of freedom and strict limitation of powers based on our Constitution. We need people who are not in need of self-aggrandizement, but rather people who abide by the Constitution and assure that all others do as well.

The immoral fools in the executive branch are willfully destroying our lives, our nation and our economy and they must be stopped with our votes. We must elect people in November who are aware of the brewing disaster, and we must hold their feet to the fire so they don't backslide once they are in Washington. Obamacare must be defunded and repealed, and the EPA must be abolished so as to halt their attempts to tax everything which uses fuel (which is everything), impoverish our nation and cause shortages of common, currently plentiful products, as happened during the Carter years.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Cloward and Piven Would Be Proud

As liberals spend our nation into poverty and our children's futures into eternal servitude to the government, that same government seeks not the brake pedal to rein in spending, but rather the accelerator of this sleek spending machine. The immorality of our leaders in their support of the anti-American National Public Radio, the United Nations, the forced addition of ethanol to gasoline (thus presenting starvation to millions of poor people in Africa and South America who depend on inexpensive corn products to feed their families), the daily increase in spending and the continuing implementation of restrictive regulations and controls on both individuals and businesses, the imposition of Obamacare and giving hundreds of billions of new dollars to Fannie and Freddie so they can further undermine our economy with their corruption and wastefulness, is without precedent in this country. These immoral fools are destroying the greatest nation on earth and bankrupting the most generous people the world has ever known. The liberal/progressives' attempts to impose the impenetrable and totalitarian rule that would dominate the earth if the U.S. sinks under this burden is unthinkable, but we must think it if we are to prevent it.

We must oppose Obama and his liberal/progressive comrades in the U.S. congress, state legislatures and governorships with a straight Republican vote on November 2nd. If the United States ceases to exist as a prosperous, free nation, can a new era of "dark ages" be far behind for the rest of the world?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Violence is the Nature of Leftist/Green/Progressives

The green mini-movie "No Pressure" is a factual representation of the radical violence of the left which turns the notion of pussycat cuddling that they want us to believe is their true nature, on its head.

After viewing the video I'm reminded of the unibomber, the Discovery Channel bomber, the Earth Firsters and most recently Barack Obama's statement "if they bring a knife we'll bring a gun" and his infamous promise to conduct "hand-to-hand combat up here on Capitol Hill" if Republicans become the majority in the legislature next year. Obama's is a typically unreasonable presidential statement demonstrating an unwillingness to abide by the public will and govern in a bi-partisan manner.

Leftists, greens and progressives are violent, dictatorial people who will, and must, do anything to win elections and gain power (what other purpose does ACORN have, and why else would leftists not want to expunge voting roles of dead and relocated voters if not to create an environment where fraudulent voting can occur?) and will not share power or ideas when they become a majority (never forget the fraudulent and corrupt buying of legislators' votes that allowed the leftists to force Obamacare on us). These people must be defeated in November, and a straight Republican party-line win assures such an outcome and will perhaps even force the Democrat party back into the mainstream of national politics and cause it to rid itself of its leftist, violent, dictatorial elements.

Democrats Hypocritical on Behavior in Power

The liberals in power in the U.S. legislature forced Obamacare on the nation in spite of enormous opposition by the Republicans and the population at large, and then they forced the Financial Reform Act on us in spite of great opposition. Recently Barack Obama said that when Republicans become a majority in congress in November there will be "hand-to-hand combat on capitol hill". These acts of legislative violence by legislators and the spoken words of violence by our president must never be forgotten, because, during the 3rd district congressional debate at Johnson County Community College on October 6th, Stephene Moore told Kevin Yoder that when he's elected to congress and republicans become the majority, they must take liberal views into consideration and include them and their failed ideas in all future legislation.

The last thing the nation needs is bi-partisanship on the liberals' terms. Hitler, Stalin and Castro practiced bi-partisanship as they ruled; if you didn't agree with them you went to prison or were executed. The only way we can have a successful and prosperous nation is to have clear partisan positions on both sides of an issue, and when the republicans take charge in January, 2011, they must not even consider cooperating with the failed and disastrous ideas of the liberal/progressives. We've lived with their ideas for 2 years and we know their ideas to be destructive to prosperity and freedom. Later when the more radical Democrats are voted out of office, the Republicans will be able to consider reasonable Democrat positions, but not until the radicals are gone.

For the last 50 or so years, cooperating with liberal ideas has caused the enormous growth of government that is currently stealing our liberties, and the last 2 years of near dictatorial rule and corrupt legislative practices under complete democrat control have brought us to near destruction of our liberties and our economy. The republican legislature in 2011 must ignore the liberal complaints and threats and pass the legislation the nation demands: lower taxes, reduce government size and spending (meaning eliminating excess government employees and abolishing radical government agencies like the EPA and Departments of Education and Energy, along with defunding Obama's czars and launching a congressional investigation into what these people are doing) and reducing regulations that are suppressing the private-sector businesses and job growth.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Obama Willingly Concedes the Destruction of a U.S. City

According to an excerpt from a new book by Bob Woodward (titled "Obama's Wars") , a detached Obama states that the U.S. can absorb a terrorist attack. So which city is he willing to allow to be destroyed? Throughout our nation's history the mistreatment of U.S. citizens abroad was a serious business, but now an attack on one of our cities, and likely the death of millions of citizens, is something Obama has no particular problem with; it can be "absorbed".

So a dirty-nuke attack on Kansas City, Denver or Minneapolis is no problem for Obama, while George Bush is constantly made to appear an ogre and warmonger because he eventually went to war as a result of the (easily absorbed?) destruction of the World Trade Center and the killing of 3000 occupants of those buildings, most of whom were Americans.

Our president is mentally unhinged with his hate for America, and the economic destruction his policies have caused this nation have now led to his willingness to see its physical destruction as well. In fact, I believe Obama would welcome a terrorist attack because this would allow him to declare a military emergency, take absolute military control of the nation and halt the next two elections, thus assuring his total and unopposed control and the forced imposition of his disastrous policies. Remember that his administration works under the philosophy of not letting a crisis go to waste, and a dirty-nuke attack would certainly create a crisis that he could use to his advantage. Obama is an evil, immoral, anti-American man, and the fool liberals in congress who support him and his policies must be defeated in November or it's our death, economically and physically. We need a straight party-line Republican win in November.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Liberal Lies Just Keep On Coming

One thing we have to acknowledge on the part of our liberal/progressive adversaries is that they never stop lying and twisting in an attempt to grab more power and more of our money.

On the subject of the "green" movement, first came Carl Sagan telling us of the coming new ice age and how it would cause death and destruction. Then the libs found a way to blame the way we live (our cars, refrigerators, air conditioners) for causing the "global warming" that would destroy the world. Then they changed it to "climate change" and then to "man caused disaster". But the East Anglia revelations demonstrating how the lefties were cooking the books to make their case about the devastation we are causing set them back a bit. But it only slowed them for a short while because now they're at it again, and this time they are calling it "global climate disruption".

Obama's newest czar (John Holdren) likes this new phrase better because, of course, what's happening to the global climate is more complicated than the global warming tag suggests, so it's over our heads to understand the complexities and we need a government that does understand the details to lead us. Just trust them. With liberals and their insistence on controlling our lives, it's a crisis-a-minute.

So while Al Gore makes hundreds of millions of dollars with his carbon exchange board, buys a new mansion in California and flies private jets all over the world, we are supposed to stop driving, keep our homes cold in the winter and hot in the summer and pay more to have food and clothing shipped to us as a result of confiscatory taxes on carbon (the EPA is still trying to get around a lack of cap and trade legislation and put controls on carbon emissions and greenhouse gases in keeping with their "command and control" edicts of 2009).

We must get rid of these fools in November and return our nation to sanity, freedom and prosperity once more, by voting the liberal politicians out, repealing their disastrous recent health and finance legislation and restrictive regulations and taxes on business, and abolishing their dictatorial agencies.

For a little background on Obama's new czar be aware that John Holdren is a major collaborator with Paul Ehrlich who wrote the leftist, idiotic book "The Population Bomb" in which he has been proven wrong on every single prediction he made, but is still a darling of the extremist "the-sky-is-falling" left. Mr. Holdren has been wrong about virtually every major issue in his field, and now he has the task of being wrong again by destroying this wonderful nation's economy and liberties. This fool man wants to "de-develop" the United States' economy and allow trees to sue people. Does the idiocy never end with these immoral progressives?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Obama Increases U.S. Poverty Level

Under Obama, poverty in the United States has nearly reached 1960's levels (see article by Hope Yen and Liz Sidoti, Associated Press Writers, "US poverty on track to post record gain in 2009", Sept 11), and this result from the most caring presidency in history, and while driving the jobless rate to record levels, and while halting all off-shore oil drilling, and while nationalizing the auto industry and the finance industry, and while pitching cap and trade to ruin what's left of our economy, and while forcing green energy down our throats, and while nationalizing our healthcare. Anyone want to discuss unintended consequences? Or perhaps this was all intended after all.

Obama has been a failure in everything he's touched, especially the economy (unless you believe that he's intended to do all of the damage that's been a result of his rulings). Obama has been running an administration of Ludites who are attempting to halt progress and the advancement of the nation's economy, with the poorest among us suffering the most. At the same time that poverty has been on the rise in the U.S., Obama and his liberal pals in the legislature have been intentionally destroying jobs at a unprecedented pace (example: shutting down all oil drilling off-shore) and have not listened to conservatives' warnings of the danger to the economy presented by their socialist tinkering. So the dependence on government that the Democrats want so desperately to impose on the United States is doing exactly what they want it to do: make our nation increasingly subservient to, and dependent on, the government for our existence.

Liberals/progressives must be defeated and run out of Washington before they totally destroy the nation.

Friday, September 10, 2010

If You Want Smaller Government, Here's How

Do you want smaller government and better education for our children? Then get rid of the Department of Education.
Do you want smaller government and a more realistic energy policy for today and tomorrow? Then get rid of the Department of Energy.
Do you want smaller government and an economic and social environment more favorable to business and full employment? Then get rid of the EPA.
There are no other options. If you want smaller government then we must reduce the size of government (i.e. abolish the EPA and the departments of education and energy and repeal their original enabling legislation). And if you want more realistic and workable education, energy and environmental regulation, then we must get rid of the agencies that are over-regulating and causing social and economic problems for the population at present.
Unfortunately when the government gets involved in education, the education of our children becomes shabby and political. When the government gets involved with energy, they choke the energy supply, create less of it and make it more expensive. And the government's involvement in the environment stifles business and causes the EPA to declare war on America as it did in September 2009 with their "command and control" edict about carbon and greenhouse gases, which will result in higher taxation and a further slowing of business and commerce.
We must shut down all agencies that are not working for the good of the nation and release all of those agencies' employees from government service. Eliminating the agencies will return control over education, energy and environmental concerns to local governments and to individual citizens where these issues are best handled, and each of the areas will perform better as a result.
And in addition to having a better performing government with the elimination of these agencies, we will save hundreds of billions of dollars every year, thereby further reducing the heavy hand of government. These things simply must be done in order to save our nation.

Liberals Only believe in Power and Money

To support my contention that liberals only believe in power (theirs) and money (yours) I'd like to perform a little test that I believe tells the tale quickly. Do liberals/progressives really believe the clap-trap they spew about redistributing wealth in order to return power to the "rightful owners" of our nation, and do they believe that the government can spend taxed money more wisely than individuals can spend their own money in order to provide for themselves?
Just ask yourself how many liberals return their fat paychecks to the treasury and let the government provide them with public housing, public transportation, healthcare at a local clinic, and educate their children at public schools. None of them do, and this proves that they are lying when they claim government is the best provider rather then individuals providing for themselves. Liberals live in nice homes, drive comfortable cars, have private healthcare and send their children to private schools (especially when they live in Washington D.C.) and they know that these personal decisions and expenditures are the most successful way for a person or family to live.
Just consider the mess the government has gotten us into and see if you want government to provide for your welfare and retirement years: We are multi-trillions of dollars in debt, social security is bankrupt, medicare is broke, Freddie and Fannie are billions in debt and constantly asking for more bailouts so they can fail further, state and local retirement funds are lacking sufficient funding (can you say "Greece"?), Obamacare will cost unanticipated trillions of dollars, the Financial Reform Act will further halt business expansion resulting in more joblessness, and these liberal fools want more money and control over our lives. I say not!
And I'm not certain that conservatives have a much more firmly-held picture of how to get out of this mess than liberals do. Conservatives like to talk about halting spending, lowering taxes and de-growing government but never get specific about how to accomplish these things in the face of destructive debt. Here's how we do it:
Repeal Obamacare and the financial reform act,
Cut all expenditures to the bare bones,
Get rid of destructive government (abolish the EPA and the departments of Energy and Education, thereby cutting regulations and letting business flourish,
Keep taxes at current, relatively low levels,
Impeach Obama and defund the czars and the additional 16,000 IRS agents,
Drill here, drill now, drill everywhere,
Roll to a FAIR tax and eliminate the IRS,
Retire all federal employees rated as "non-essential".
If the next congress moves quickly they may save this great nation from destruction, but just barely.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Impeach Obama

I’ve written several papers about the things the next congress must do early in their term in order to protect our liberties, our economy and get business prospering and hiring again, but another very important thing the new congress must do is bring impeachment charges against Barack Obama, and the sooner the better.
Specific impeachable charges against Obama:

1. He unconstitutionally took private property (GM and Chrysler) and personally ushered them through a designed bankruptcy process that ended with him and his minions owning the companies. This was a “taking”, pure and simple, and deprived investors of their due process and interest in the companies.
2. He is not defending the constitution nor the laws of the land by turning his back on the illegal immigration problem that is plaguing our nation. In fact, he is intentionally playing politics with our border security, as witness his telling Senator Kyle that he’s holding back on border enforcement in order to use this important aspect of our security as a bargaining chip against Republicans when it comes to negotiating “comprehensive immigration reform”. And then to top this charge off, he sued Arizona to kill their bill, which was only intended to enforce the federal laws that it mirrored but that Obama refuses to enforce.
3. Congress must subpoena Obama’s czars and make them testify, under oath, exactly what they are doing and with whom they are doing it, and it’s a certainty more charges will be forthcoming against the Obama administration.

Non-legal anecdotal but persuasive documentation that Obama is a failure and is not fulfilling his presidential duties:

1. His administration has generated papers devising ways of circumventing federal laws designed to keep illegal immigrants out of our nation, and these papers describe how executive initiatives and legal slight-of-hand will allow illegals to stay here, in spite of laws to the contrary.
2. He is not enforcing voter fraud laws (the Franken senate election is one example of voter fraud, among many).
3. He is not prosecuting voter intimidation offenses (the New Black Panthers blocked a voting station with clubs and threats of violence).
4. He places American cities at monetary and terrorist risk by insisting that prosecution of terrorists be in a large city and not at Guantanamo or another military installation.
5. He has installed czars who are plotting against the welfare of the nation.

Adults always end up cleaning up the messes of children, and so it’s up to the next congress to do the painful and dirty work of cleaning up the filth left by the present immoral administration and legislature.
Given the problems that have been created since Obama took office, and given that all of these problems have gotten constantly worse instead of better in spite of his telling us over and over that he’ll “never rest” until the problem is solved, how does a self-centered man like Obama take the failures and criticism he receives and how does his fragile psyche stand the rejection and disappointments heaped on him?
The constant failure and rejection and resulting turmoil don’t bother him at all because that’s the expected result when a politician unconstitutionally assumes control of the private economy and our freedoms, and it’s what is required to make more people dependent on government for support and sustenance. Instead of being a failure Obama has been monumentally successful in taking over and destroying our nation. He’s always in search of another crisis to take advantage of in order to further divide the nation, and he has two more years to find more of these crises. The next congress must impeach him and remove him from his seat of power before he does irreversible damage to this great nation.
Dave King
August 9, 2010

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Conservatives Must Call Obama’s Bluff

Recently Barack Obama stated that soon he will call the “bluff” of lawmakers who have spoken in opposition to his outrageous and ruinous deficit spending. Our child president wasn’t at all clear as to what kind of bluff he will be calling, but you can bet he will propose raising taxes to help float the deficit a while longer in order to kick the can a little further down the road, but conservatives must themselves call the president’s bluff and oppose raising taxes, absolutely and completely, on an already underemployed and overtaxed nation. Instead the next congress must propose all or part of the following in order to stop the government control and over-spending we have seen the last 2 years. The following list will absolutely save hundreds of billions of dollars each and every year into the future and will as a result encourage business expansion and a reduction of joblessness while paying down the debt and removing big-spending, life-controlling liberals from our official lives:

1. Immediately defund, and then repeal, Obamacare.
2. Repeal the Financial Reform Act.
3. Abolish the E.P.A. and the departments of Education and Energy, reduce their budgets to zero and repeal their enabling legislation.
4. Defund Obama’s czars and call them to testify before congress, under oath, as to what they are doing and with whom they are doing it.
5. Defund the 16,000 new IRS agents Obama proposes, then get rid of the IRS completely and move to the FAIR tax.
6. Dismiss all federal employees whose positions are rated as non-essential.
7. Get the U.S. out of the U.N.
8. Return all money saved above to the U.S. Treasury to pay down our debt.

Our nation has reached the point at which it can no longer afford liberals and their governmental agencies issuing restrictive directives and laws and controlling every aspect of our lives and the economy. We’ve reached the tipping point at which the offending agencies must be abolished and their employees sent home and the lights turned off. In November, from all reports, we will likely rid ourselves of the liberal legislative members of our government by voting them out, but the administrative agencies just keep pumping out regulations and directives no matter which party is in power, and they can only be stopped by depriving them of funds and people, which must be done by the next congress being courageous enough to abolish them, thereby calling Obama’s bluff. If these and other serious steps aren’t taken to save our government our children will have very unpleasant lives ahead of them as our government just keeps growing and smothering our private lives. This bluff is not an option: begin the degrowth of government and keep taxes low and our nation will prosper once again. By Dave King

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Obama Provides A New Perspective On 1930s Germany

In my past thinking about pre-World War II Germany I always thought that good Germans should have done more to stop Hitler and should have recognized what he was doing and where his Nazi party was taking their nation. But with the current Obama-Reid-Pelosi triumvirate leading us, and our inability to stop their intentional destruction of our nation regardless of how hard we peacefully protest and regardless of how negative their poll ratings become, I’ve begun to rethink my criticism of the decent pre-war German population. Peaceful people will often find that their principles keep them from revolting, and they continue to hope that the destruction they see being done to their economy and their freedoms will stop and that the next election will remove the filth from power. How’s this philosophy working for the current United States so far?

If we don’t quickly stop the leftward drift of our government, if we don’t stop spending money we don’t have, if we don’t return to the Constitution and the rule of law and exercise civilized and established legislative practices in congress, we will end up with total disruption of our society, and our childrens’ futures will be bleak at best. I liken Obama’s A.C.O.R.N. and his union thugs to Hitler’s brownshirts, and I know that they will commit violence whenever they are instructed to do so. And the less popular and more threatened Obama becomes the more likely he is to instruct his minions to crack down on us dissenters out here in fly-over country and make us more docile and agreeable to what he has planned for us. And with what we’ve already seen from Obama with his takeover of the auto industry, the banks, the insurance industry and the finance giants, I have no doubt that an oil spill (can you say “B.P.”?), a new banking collapse or a large Wall street loss would cause him to nationalize another chunk of our economy, thereby sinking us further into despair and joblessness. At this point all Americans would lose the things that we have worked and saved for our entire lives, just as the decent Germans found their freedoms and liberty ended by Hitler’s “emergencies” and his lies about external attacks, thereby necessitating his forceful takeover of the nation in order to save it.

We must retire all liberals from office in November and remove funding from their bureaucracies and agencies before their policies irrevocably destroy this great nation. But we must also be very careful who we elect to replace them and make certain that the people we send to Washington understand the unprecedented threat our nation is under, and that they are strong enough to stand up to and resist the powerful liberal opposition that they will face. And we must keep our opposition to Obama, Reid and Pelosi peaceful and recognize the reality of our situation: if we overreact it will cause our collapse. With the likes of Bill Ayers (the 60s radical terrorist who killed and bombed, and wishes that he had committed more violence now that he reflects on his unfinished career) in Obama’s camp, we have to assume that worse is being planned for us than we’ve already seen, because we are surrounded by radicals who will not allow the presidency of Barack Obama to pass them by, nor will they allow a new crisis to go to waste without their taking advantage of it for their evil aims. Be very afraid. We have only one opportunity to arrest our nation’s demise, and we’ve got to get it right.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ending the Liberal “Reign Of Error”

For at least the last 40 years, regardless of which party was in power, the liberal bureaucrats were retained, and generally increased their intrusion into the lives of Americans. But with the radically liberal administration of Barack Obama we’ve reached a tipping point, and the next congress must begin dismantling and eliminating the bureaucracies that are choking America’s prosperity and freedom. We must end the liberal “Reign of Error”. To accomplish this dismantling we must deny liberals their official positions, their people and their money. I envision this occurring in the following manner:

Unelect liberals: It appears from all reports that liberals will lose in November and that Americans are fed up with liberals and their often traitorous policies, but we must be wary of who we elect to replace them. We need serious people of courage and conviction who understand the disastrous position our nation is in and who know how to get us out of it. What we don’t need in Washington is a candidate who is more interested in having cocktails with the power brokers and appearing on the evening news than in dealing severly with our nations’s urgent problems. We must choose wisely this time.

Starve liberal bureaucracies of money and people: First defund and then repeal Obamacare and the financial reform act, then repeal Cap and Trade as it exists in the House. Then defund and repeal the enabling legislation for the EPA, the departments of Energy and Education, defund Obama’s czars (then call these fools before congress for an under-oath investigation), defund the 16,000 new IRS agents, and deny all funds to the United Nations and remove ourselves from that immoral band of rogues. This would get rid of the major threat and drag on our economy, which is big and corrupt government, would save billions of dollars every year and would allow a major pay-down on the federal debt.

Get businesses growing again: With the major liberal bureaucracies gone there will be more money for businesses to expand and with the removal of restrictive regulations confidence will be restored, business will thrive and the jobless rate decline.

These and other similar measures must be taken within the first 100 days of the next congress in order to get the economy growing again. The longer we delay getting spending and debt under control the closer to becoming Greece we get. We must stop the concentration of power in government and return to a dependence on ourselves and our liberty.

If we don’t quickly dismantle liberalism and its bureaucracies we will lose our nation and our children’s futures. But we must do it without rancor, retribution or celebration. It’s just another point of business the next congress must take up, and it’s by far the most urgent business that our nation has ever dealt with. The items listed above may seem draconian, but the damage liberals have done to this wonderful nation are even more draconian, and we must have the courage to face and destroy them and their policies. As a free, sovereign people, we don’t have to put up with their immoral policies any longer.
By Dave King

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

We Must Reverse Our Nation’s Statist Decline

This November the citizens of the United States will decide the future of our great nation: it will either continue its socialist/statist/big-government decline to irrelevance and poverty, or reverse the current direction and continue its ascent to the great “city on the hill” envisioned by Ronald Reagan. But in order to continue our march to greatness we must defeat the liberals who have intentionally spent and regulated us to this dangerous tipping point.

In order to put our house back in order, to stop the spending and stop the over-regulating, I insist we do the following:

1. Obamacare: defund it if we must and repeal it if we can.

2. Finance Reform: defund it if we must and repeal it if we can.

3. Release from service all federal employees rated as “non-essential”.

4. Deny funding to Obama’s czars, then subpoena them to testify, under oath, before congress, to justify their policies.

5. Deny funding to the 16,000 new IRS agents.

6. Repeal Cap and Trade legislation.

7. Defund if we must, repeal if we can the E.P.A., the Education and Energy departments and repeal their enabling legislation, then release their employees from service.

8. Get out of the United Nations.

9. Complete the wall across our southern border and station Military personnel there until finished.

10. Lower taxes on corporations and offer tax incentives for capital expansion for businesses.

These things and others will allow us to save billions of dollars and reduce the lack of capital and the regulations that are choking job growth and stealing our freedoms. Big government, due to recent liberal over-reaching, has proven itself to be our greatest problem, and if we allow this moment in history to pass without restoring our nation to common sense, constitutional adherence and sanity, we will be condemning our children and grandchildren to a bleak, harsh future, the likes of which we can only imagine.

As stated in a previous Blog Post, as a candidate for the U.S. House from the 3rd District of Kansas, I pledge, if elected, to seek to enact the items listed above in the first 100 days of the next congress.
Dave King

Monday, April 19, 2010

Pesky, Unintended Consequences Prove Government Incompetence

Government is unable to run things well because it’s removed from the real world of consequences and results. Here are few examples:

In the 1960s when automobile air bags were being developed, Chrysler and the government were in disagreement as to the pressure at which air bags would be released upon deployment during an accident. Chrysler thought the pressure that the government wanted was too great and could cause injury to front seat occupants, but government writes the laws and they got their way. Then a few years ago several children were killed when the overly powerful bags released and cause fatal injury. Chrysler was right, but did you hear of government hearings into the responsible party, did the government blame itself or demonize its own decision-making abilities? No! The government is above blame or responsibility. You can imagine what would have happened if Chrysler had developed the high-pressure bags.

Corn, via government edict, is now being used for fuel, which means that people who depend on corn for their main food source must pay more money for it, and have caused rioting because they are unable to feed their families. So what does the government do? They raise the percentage of corn required to be used in fuel this year, thereby making it more difficult for families to feed themselves. Government is causing hunger.

More recently Senator Henry Waxman, a democrat from California, called the CEOs of AT&T, Verizon, Deere and several other companies to appear before the Senate and explain why they announced large losses against earnings due to the passage of Obamacare. He was hoping to grill the CEOs for criticism of the unconstitutional healthcare bill and to demonize them for being greedy, until he learned that the companies are required under law (probably a law that Waxman helped get passed) to make such a statement or pay a penalty under SEC rulings. Obamacare will hurt corporations and will cause more unemployment, but the good senator who probably didn’t even read the 2000 page bill, didn’t know, and apparently doesn’t care, now that he does know its consequences. Profits and losses in the real world don’t interest liberal legislators at all. He cancelled the hearings with the CEOs with no apologies to them. Does he feel like the fool that he is for his rash announcement of the hearings? Does he recognize that when legislators write contradictory laws that maybe government has become too large?

But the best example is that our vigilant legislators wrote their own healthcare coverage out of Obamacare. They were so busy arm-twisting and rushing to get votes to pass the unconstitutional bill that they didn’t take time to read the bill that has the potential of destroying our economy along with our health, and didn’t know its provisions and how it impacts themselves and their staffs.

Government is too large and intrusive, and we must reverse the growth trend in November 2010 and vote the liberal bums out before they destroy us all.
By Dave King

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The First 100 Days of the Next Congress

I became a candidate for the U.S. House from the 3rd District of Kansas because I didn’t hear a clear statement from those already in the race as to what they would do to restore our government to sanity and constitutionality, so here is my promise as a candidate as to the official actions I’ll pursue, if elected, in the first 100 days of the next congress:

Repeal or defund Obamacare.

Repeal cap and trade.

Defund Obama’s czars, then call them before congress and investigate their actions.

Defund the EPA, then repeal it’s enabling legislation and disband this terrorist group for its declaration of regulatory war on America.

Defund the Department of Education, then repeal its enabling legislation and let the states decide their own educational guidelines.

Defund the 16,000 new IRS agents, then start the process of repealing the 16th amendment and installing a Fair Tax to replace the IRS.

Dismiss all federal employees rated as “non-essential”.

Review the need for the federal employees who have been hired since Obama took office and eliminate these new positions.

Reinstate the Bush tax cuts.

Place National Guard troops on the Canada and Mexico borders, then complete the physical fence already partially in place.

Get out of the United Nations and don’t give this pack of rogues another dollar.

Improve healthcare with:

    Tort reform to protect doctors from unreasonable law suits

    Install health insurance portability to cross state lines and
    increase competition for healthcare dollars

    Legislate critical care pools to help with ruinous medical

    Encourage Health Savings Accounts

Help businesses form and expand with immediate tax incentives for capital purchases and help them start hiring again.

Drill here, drill now.

Return all TARP, stimulus and bailout money to the treasury so it can’t be further wasted.

Celebrate openly America’s unique relationship with Israel and show our support for Israel and our desire to help defend them against Islamic killers.


These things are the least we can do for our children and grand children.
By Dave King

Monday, April 12, 2010

Does Obama Represent Armageddon?

In his considerations of the “end times” (the biblical end of the world), Joel Rosenberg (see his book “Epicenter: Why the Current Rumblings in the Middle East Will Change Your World”) ponders the threat to Israel by Russia, Iran and their allies and the possibility that the United States will not come to Israel’s defense. The question I had when I read the book a couple of years ago was: what happened to the United States? Until recently it was not possible to imagine that the United States would not stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Israel and help defend it. But with the Obama administration we are witnesses to Israel being denied any help defending itself, and instead the Obama administration throws its support to Fatah and Hamas and treats Iran, a mortal enemy not only to Israel but to the United States as well, pleasantly and respectfully.

Mr. Rosenberg’s position comes from the Bible (Ezekiel 38-39) which states that no one will come to Israel’s defense when it is surrounded and threatened by its enemies, and the answer to my question of what happened to the United States is: Obama happened to the United States. Obama’s anti-Israel administration seems to support the predictions of the Bible about the “end times”. Without the United States no one will defend Israel, and events of biblical proportion will become daily news.

The next election is critical in ways directly related to the continued freedoms and prosperity of the United States, but also of the larger relations with the world in general, and perhaps our relations with Israel being the most important. In November 2010, we elect a new congress which must be prepared to repeal or defund Obamacare, the EPA, the Department of Education, the IRS and Obama’s Czars, and they must begin the reversal of the current legislature’s over-spending and its leftist regulations controlling our lives and our businesses. But possibly equally important will be our support and alliance with Israel. The next congress can assure sales of weapons to Israel and publicly assure friendship and support for Israel and its leaders when they visit the United States.

The next election will be the most important in our nation’s history, and we must vote for people who have the courage to act wisely and who understand the difference between right and wrong and be willing to act accordingly.
By Dave King

Monday, March 29, 2010

Ayn Rand, Freedom and “The Virtue of Selfishness”

We are in an era of constant crisis. Why? Because our corrupt government is now making decisions about our lives that formerly we individuals made for ourselves. Ayn Rand’s “The Virtue of Selfishness” makes this point clearly: when individuals make decisions that best reflect what’s best for themselves and their families you have a successful, prosperous society. But when government decides what type of car you drive, what type of fuel you use, what temperature settings you keep your home thermostat set to, and where you get your health insurance coverage, you no longer have decisions being made by individuals, and society deteriorates. We’re now at this point.

Government has now taken over so much of our lives and our money that jobs are gone, individual freedom to choose is gone, and prosperity is slipping away. The current legislative terrorism and corruption in the Obama administration are the greatest threats our nation has ever faced, and it’s enlightening to note that the threat is internal and coming from our own elected officials, not from an external enemy.

If we don’t stop the spending; if our next Republican congress doesn’t repeal TARP, stimulus and bailout bills and return all unspent money to the treasury; if we don’t repeal ObamaCare in its entirety; if we don’t fully support Israel in its war with terrorists; if we don’t re-establish legislative practices and procedures based on respect for rules and principles; if we don’t repeal cap and trade; if we don’t defund Obama’s czars; if we don’t get out of the U.N.; if we don’t wake up and call environmentalism the fraud and threat to our way of life that it’s been proven to be, we will fail as a nation and our children and grand children will never know the prosperity and freedom we have grown up with. We can, we must, do these things for the sake of our children.

The next congress has an awesome task ahead of it. Our nation dies or survives based on the decisions they make. Voters must choose wisely in November.
By Dave King

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Alice-in-Wonderland World of Obama’s Violent-Left Supporters

So the left, using corrupt, legislative terror tactics, passes radical legislation that will deny Americans the best medical care in the world, end research on miracle drugs, and in addition will cost us our economic prosperity, and then to give themselves cover from the national outrage a majority of Americans are justifiably feeling, they launch their current campaign stating that the Tea Partiers are threatening liberal legislators with violence and the nation is breaking down because of the anger from the right. The truth is that the violence has always been from the left (ObamaCare is legislative violence).

Those who remember the 1960s and 1970s will recall the rioting, burning, street fighting, killings and bombings that the left committed. Obama’s Chicago friend Bill Ayers says he has “no regrets” about his involvement in some of the bombings, and that he “didn’t do enough” of them when he and his wife Bernadine Dohrn took part in robberies and bombings that killed several people. David Horowitz, who is now a conservative but was a leader in the radical movement in the 60s and 70s, reminds us of how violent the left was and still is. Some additional examples of the left’s violent radicalism:

Ann Coulter just yesterday (March 24th) was violently prevented from speaking (she only wanted to speak) at a college in Canada. During the Reagan administration Jeanne Kirkpatrick, Reagan’s U.N. ambassador, was violently prevented from speaking at Harvard. SEIU members beat a black man at a town hall meeting in 2009. The Unibomber (who was a big reader of Al Gore’s radical writings) and the Earth First group committed numerous acts of violence for their radical environmental causes. The left produced both books and movies seeking George Bush’s assassination during his administration.

The list goes on and on of the left’s violent thoughts, speech and actions, but the press can only tell us of the “alleged” violent statements of some “alleged” people on the right. They completely ignore the ruthless violence of the left, and in fact seem to admire it. Conservatives must not apologize for the supposed radical statements of the right, because we know that most of the violence against the left is perpetrated by the left on themselves, and then attributed to their opponents on the right.

But now Obama’s supportive media repeat lies about violence and threats from the right, which is now embodied in the Tea Party movement, and they are all outraged at opposition to the takeover of the United States’ medical services, which is against the will of a majority of the population, not only the Tea Partiers.

The truth will set us free, and the truth is that the left is violent, and their violence, in deed and in words, will increase now that they have taken over and nearly destroyed America, which is, after all, their goal. Americans must vote wisely in November. The nation is at great risk and we must elect people to Congress who will repeal and defund the left’s legislation and bureaucracies or we will cease to exist as a nation.
By Dave King

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Betrayal of Trust

Just as doctors have their Hippocratic oath of “Do no harm”, there has always been an unspoken trust between Americans and their elected representatives that there would be no harm done to the citizens by those they elect. As long as citizens obeyed the law, worked hard and saved their money they would prosper and remain free. This trust also extended to the population of the world and was a beacon of freedom and an example of what it means to be American and to be free from the shackles of an oppressive government.

Now the citizens of this great nation are being herded into cattle-cars of junk, never-ending legislation that is intended to do measurable harm to our freedom, to our economy and our lives, and we have the betrayal of the American people by their elected representatives to thank for this punishment. The current executive and legislative branches of government have done in 9 months what no enemy power has ever been able to do: they’ve brought defeat and economic destruction to the citizens of America. This immoral spending and the continuing onslaught of unconstitutional legislation, along with the equally unconstitutional takeover of private corporations and the undermining of our economic base, have brought measurable pain and suffering to the citizens of this great nation, and it must stop at once.

Stop the betrayal, stop the spending, stop the legislation, and let us be free once more.
By Dave King

The EPA Declares War on America

If the EPA leftists in the Obama administration think they are intimidating the American people with their proclamation that they will enact “command and control” of our nation if congress doesn’t enact the destructive Cap and Trade legislation, with its draconian measures to control anything that is a source of energy, they are badly mistaken. What they are saying is that if congress doesn’t cripple the nation and take away the freedoms of Americans by enacting Cap and Trade, the EPA will destroy the nation completely without any legislative input.

How do these bureaucratic fools threaten the people of this great nation and not be called Hitlers? How dare they! And this is our own government that threatens us with economic destruction, not a foreign power, and in the middle of a depression with 10 % unemployment! Global warming and the health threats of CO2 emissions are base on lies, and bureaucratic control of our economy threatens us with impoverishment if we let them win.

My response to this unbelievable threat is “Bring it on”! If the Obama administration thinks it can make us buckle under to their threats they are wrong. I want Cap and Trade legislation to die a miserable death, and for the administration to threaten us with even meaner controls on our freedoms and economy if there is no legislation, is true stupidity.

Congress must defund the EPA immediately and repeal their enabling legislation, and send these idiot bureaucrats home to join the lines of the unemployed where they belong. Any knowledgeable candidate for congress in 2010 should include this plank in their platform, and the American people must assure the unemployment of the Obama administration in the next presidential election.

But whether it’s legislation or administrative edict that causes this nation to suffer, the engaged and already enraged citizens will fight back, and the unengaged will join them in outrage at the national destruction being done by the ideological leftists in Washington, and they will fall at the ballot box.

The only hope for us is to ignore the Obama administration’s threats and insist that legislators reject ObamaCare and Cap and Trade. If these bills become law, the citizens of this nation will suffer more than they can imagine.
By Dave King

Liberals: Evil and Wrong

Recently I attended a showing of the DVD entitled “Not Evil, Just Wrong” which described in part how the liberal/environmental pressure groups got DDT banned from use in Africa, causing millions of children to get sick and die because mosquitoes were no longer being killed by the chemical. This made me aware that the title of the DVD was inaccurate. Liberals are “evil” because their policies hurt, and even kill people.

We can see the destructive and immoral aspects of liberal policies in America today with the jobs that have been lost since the president unconstitutionally took over the auto industry and the banks, throwing the stock market into a downward spin; the planned Cap and Trade legislation that is assured to cause massive economic pain and destruction on top of the depression we are already experiencing; the takeover of healthcare by the government that will, in addition to depriving us of our freedoms of choice for healthcare coverage, cause the insurance companies to be forced to lay off thousands of employees, if not go out of business altogether. One can even go so far as to imagine that these disastrous economic and healthcare policies will cause some resulting deaths as people can no longer afford food and medicine due to the rationing that will follow government controls.
By Dave King

With A President Like Obama, Who Needs National Enemies?

So, the American president spews tons of carbon to jet off to Copenhagen (pronounced Kobenhaagen by the elites like Obama) to attend a meeting on climate change in order to meet with some of the most evil dictators on the planet so he can negotiate away hundreds of billions of American taxpayer dollars along with much of their national sovereignty.

Who is this fool Obama? With a president like this, who needs national enemies? This man is defeating the American nation and its citizens with no help from our sworn enemies.

Maybe Obama is not aware that we have no money left to give to anyone. He’s wasted all of it on political favors and pork. And congress is planning to spend trillions more that we also don’t have. For people who hate capitalism, American liberals certainly love our capital. And to give money that we don’t have to dictators, ostensibly for “green” infrastructure improvements, is to assure that the people living under those dictators’ oppression will only be treated worse and live under more wretched conditions, while their dictator acquires a new limo and a fatter Swiss bank account.

Plus, the whole reason Obama is in Copenhagen is a lie: there is no man-made global warming, and in fact there may be no warming at all, man-made or otherwise. So why is this fool Obama making America appear to be guilty of poisoning the air and causing death and destruction to the citizens of the world, and then volunteer to buy our way to forgiveness with money? How does he intend to survive politically when he loses congress next year, and when he finds himself without hope of re-election in 2012? What is this immoral man planning that he thinks will allow him to retain power in the face of great and rising American opposition toward him and congress? I believe whatever Obama has planned, it will be to the further detriment of America, and its citizens’ freedom and prosperity.

Just as the Democrats lost congress in 1994 because they tried to take over healthcare, so the Democrats will lose congress in 2010, because they not only tried to take over healthcare again, but also because they tried to give away our sovereignty and wealth to the entire world. These people must be defeated, and ALL of the socialist legislation and agreements they proposed and passed must be repealed, rescinded and made null and void by the new congress in 2011. Then we must never trust these evil, immoral fools with power over this nation again.

Obama, and his slavish congress, has done more damage to America, its prosperity, its citizens and its sovereignty than any enemy has ever been able to do, and he just keeps on working at it.
By Dave King

Does Congress Legislate, or Merely Enable Liberal Lawyers?

During the recent flurry of congressional legislation a question has occurred to any thinking person: do legislators know what’s in their legislation before they vote on it? And to make matters more worrisome was the idiotic statement a few months ago by Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich) when he stated that he felt it was ridiculous to expect legislators to actually know what’s in a bill they are voting on. He stated that to know the contents of a bill would require two weeks and the assistance of two lawyers, meaning, it would appear, that the wording of his own legislation was too difficult for him to understand. Does this sound like an idiotic statement to anyone other than me? How can anyone, in good conscience, vote on something that impacts the entire nation, and not know exactly what they’re voting on? Are all liberals fools, or only the ones in congress?

There was a time when legislators actually legislated, and didn’t just vote on bills placed before them by a staff of lawyers. It seems that our pampered, overpaid legislators are becoming too lazy and self-important for the nation’s own good.

Since congress admittedly doesn’t read the bills they vote on, how can they be certain that one of the actual writers didn’t undermine the bill itself and include wording that would indeed hurt the nation and the reputations of the legislators voting for the bill? If a private business were run with this total dependence on staff, and indifference to oversight, quality control and outcome, congress would be calling hearings, and Obama would fire the CEO, nationalize the company and give all of its stock to a union that donated to his presidential campaign.

If congress actually had to write legislation maybe they would thereby productively occupy themselves and produce less junk legislation that is invasive to our freedoms, and perhaps they would produce legislation that would actually benefit the nation, not destroy it as currently proposed bills would do. And think of the money congress would save if the staff lawyers were all fired. This move would indeed benefit the nation.

The liberal fools who currently occupy the Senate and the House of Representatives must be relieved of their positions in 2010 and be replaced by thoughtful people who will take legislation seriously and not think of themselves as making history by taking over a large portion of the U.S. economy. It’s not the roll of congress to make history. It’s, rather, their role to protect the nation and further the freedoms and Constitutional rights of the nation’s citizens, which is exactly the opposite of what they’ve been doing lately.
By Dave King

ClimateGate: The Good News is the Bad News was Lies

Just when our own congress was on the verge of causing Cap and Trade to tax us into personal and national poverty, and just before Obama is due to fly off to Copenhagen to agree to give our national wealth to “developing” countries in a carbon exchange scam, some divine person has exposed the lies and temperature doctoring of the global warming/climate change industry. Although I’m not a religious person, this is surely proof that there is a God in heaven.

This scandal strikes a devastating blow to the leftists/liars in the global warming camp, but it also hurts science and scientists in general because of the lies that have been told, which were supposedly backed by undeniable science, and which we now know was only politically-correct science. Now all is exposed as lies, and the mutli-million dollar global warming industry is crippled. The major proponents, Al Gore being the most celebrated, are now made to look like the fools and liars some of us have always known them to be. They would never allow debate about the warming scare (although 30 years ago Carl Sagan was crying the blues about a new ice age that was imminent), and any scientist that challenged the “facts” that supposedly proved warming was threatened with having their career ruined by the larger (leftist) establishment. These Stalinists are now exposed and we must push our advantage to the max to stop the Cap and Trade bill now in the senate and be sure it dies a miserable, final death. Write and call your senators to be sure they bury this immoral legislation, and in 2010 vote out the members of the house who voted for the bill when it passed their legislative body. We’re in for the fight of our lives, and a literal fight for our freedom, with the filthy, immoral legislators and president we have in charge of our lives at present. Let’s please not let them have a moment of peace until we can vote them out of office.
By Dave King