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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Democrats Embrace “Collateral Damage” Regardless Of Who Is Harmed

On or about October18, 2018, Nancy Pelosi stated that any “collateral damage” caused by the Democrats’ scorched earth policy in their pursuit of power, is completely good and acceptable.

Does this acceptable “collateral damage” extend to the poor Honduran citizens trekking the length of Mexico to reach America, a hazardous trip encouraged, bought and paid for by American Democrats, even though President Trump has stated that they will not be allowed to enter? And even if some of these travelers should be able to sneak through the border, they will officially be criminals, residing here illegally.

Nancy Pelosi is a very rich woman who knows nothing of the misery, privation and likely sickness of persons she and her party encourage to form caravans and walk hundreds of miles to America. These caravans are a violation of our laws and are only assembled in order to generate negative news reports for President Trump and the Republican party and to get the votes of a new class of impoverished, uneducated, jobless, non-English speaking minorities who will have to depend on government handouts for decades before they are able to finally support themselves. Nancy and the Democrat party are using poor people from all over the world to gain more voting power in America, and they are just considered “collateral damage” and nothing more than pawns to Nancy and her liberal, privileged Democrat party members.

American Democrats know no shame at the misery and suffering they cause with their caravans and their sanctuary cities, but they must be shamed by being voted out of office for their don’t-give-a-damn, anything goes, method of getting votes.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Prediction: The Bombs Were Sent By A Democrat

Our idiotic press, which of course includes Democrats, are all a-twitter at the bombs that were sent to top level Democrats yesterday and today, but I have a position that differs from the conclusions of the Swamp set.

For two years we have been told how awful Trump is, while the only thing he’s done is make Americans more wealthy and more secure. For two years we’ve been treated to constant verbiage of how violent Republicans are, but no violent acts of Republicans have been recorded. Instead, all of the violence and the hateful talk has been from Democrats: From Hillary (she has condemned being civil to Republicans). The DNC: (at Hillary’s direct command the DNC hired union members and unemployed men to beat and harass Trump and his followers). Eric Holder: (when Republicans go low, we kick them). Maxine Waters: (get in the faces of Republicans everywhere).  The Bernie Sanders supporter who tried to kill Republicans playing baseball and seriously wounded several of them. The general Democrat philosophy has been to harass Republicans in restaurants and at airports. So with no Republican violence to report and time getting short to the mid-term elections, the Democrats had some lackey send the bombs to Democrat officials in order to get something to blame on Trump and his followers.

One fool Democrat on Tucker Carlson’s program last Thursday night even laid into President Trump for not telling Republicans to not be violent. The main thing wrong with this foolish statement is that Trump’s followers were not committing violence, so they needed no lecture from anyone; and the second thing is that conservatives don’t need to be told not to act illegally and violently, they just naturally obey laws. But even with all of the violent actions of Democrats since Trump was elected, no Democrat leader has ever told the Democrat mob to halt the violence.

So with everything going against Democrats, they had to do something to offset the notion that only they were the only ones behaving violently, so they sent the bombs. But notice that none of the bombs exploded, and you can draw only one conclusion from this fact: It was a Democrat because they really didn’t want their leaders to be bombed, they only wanted to be able to attack Republicans and the president. And it was a Democrat because of the poor workmanship and the poor quality of labor assembling the bombs.

This desperate act on the part of some unknown Democrat reminds us of the statement of Nancy Pelosi last Thursday. She was railing against Trump and said that any effort Democrats took to regain power was good and that “collateral damage” was acceptable in the leftist drive for power. So, per our Nancy, any person who is attacked and hurt by a Democrat is worth the pain and suffering, as long as Democrats win. This was quite a telling statement coming from a premier Democrat leader, and you can bet she means it.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

The Sovietization Of America

After several decades of a slow but certain leftward drift from the Democrat party, and after having ended eight years of a Democrat president who divided and undermined our nation with identity politics, massive regulations, a promise to Fundamentally Transform America and a rule by executive order, we now see our nation formally and proudly being taken over by Socialists/Communists who call themselves Democrats.

Not only have many Democrats officially proclaimed their intention to change our free-enterprise nation to one that promises all things, all things except liberty, that is, to all of the people via government largess, but in the last couple of months we’ve seen the Democrat party completely violate any pretense of due process, fairness or an assumption of innocence when charging a man with a crime. And when you add to this totally un-American practice the opening of our borders and the protection of certain people we dare not call criminals, our nation and our constitution are being stressed to the breaking point.

And forget that a currently seated, duly elected president is harassed daily with declarations that he must be removed from office, and forget that he is being investigated by partisan Democrats intent on destroying him and his administration, which investigation has found no damaging information with which to charge him. And considering further that the party investigating our president actually practices violence on Republican politicians in restaurants and airline terminals, and just plain citizens who support Trump, and one must conclude that we’re in trouble as a nation.

And the final nail in the coffin is a press that practices their trade by spiking news that they don’t like but that American citizens need to know, and you have a dangerous series of events moving at us rapidly.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Leftist Journalists Accuse Trump Of Killing A Journalist, While They Themselves Oversee The Death Of Journalism

Our beloved leftist, partisan press, after calling President Trump every nasty name in the book since he took office, is now insisting that a journalist of Arab origin, working for an American news agency and having disappeared under suspicious circumstances in Turkey, must be protected by our president, while at the same time these same journalists are naming the Trump administration as being responsible for the poor man’s apparent death, if not the actual cause of his death.

The blindness and total stupidity of American leftists is truly amazing, and the press takes the lead in astounding ignorance as to what they are doing to themselves and their profession.

Leftist journalists don’t just spike news that they don’t want American citizens to see and hear, they take efforts to assure that no word on these stories, dangerous to leftist rhetoric, ever sees the light of day. And while making these efforts to pretend that no policies or persons contrary to leftist positions exist, they undermine the very constitution that protects them and their profession. The constitution protects speech, but it doesn’t protect the silencing of, or just plain ignoring, conservative, anti-leftist positions.

Journalism as a profession is under threat from the very people who pretend to be journalists. Recently there was a story on a leftist cable channel complaining of practices by the Democrat Party that would likely harm them in the upcoming mid-term elections. So how can that cable channel make any pretense of being impartial when they not only act as cheerleaders for the radical Democrat party, but help them in developing winning political strategy?

Monday, October 22, 2018

Republicans Won The S.C. Battle But Could Still Lose The War

It appears that Republicans won the Supreme Court battle with the unprincipled Democrats, but if Republicans don’t learn to fight fire with fire they will lose the ultimate war with the leftist, America-hating Democrats.

Democrats have demonstrated that they will lie, present false information, disobey the constitution and undermine legal due process in order to win any argument with Republicans, and one can be absolutely certain that they will rule with a fascist, iron fist if they ever again get dominance in our government.

Republicans must adopt the policy that Democrats must never be accommodated nor allowed concession in their illegal and unconstitutional efforts to gain the power they lost when President Trump denied Hillary her wish to become president. The only way Democrats can get any following at all is with the aide and assistance of the lying, liberal, radical press, and President Trump has shown Republicans that standing up to every misleading and lying story they produce can defeat them. One hopes that Republicans will quickly learn the lessons Trump has so eloquently taught.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Bill And Hillary’s Excellent “Make The Clintons Relevant Again” Tour

On November 13, 2018, Bill and Hillary Clinton will begin their “conversation tour” in which they will travel around the country and tell stories about themselves. It reminds one of an old Seinfeld episode in which Kramer sells totally fabricated tales about himself to a story writer, pretending his imagined adventures were factual. This pair of hillbillies have been lying to the American public for so long that nothing they could say will be believed by even the most gullible Democrat living in the Arkansas hills.

I believe that most Americans have heard enough from these two fools to last a life-time and I’ll bet that within two weeks their tour is a total bust and a failure, just like Hillary’s last two presidential attempts.

It appears that the Clintons are jealous of the successful speeches that Donald Trump is giving, and since he makes it look so easy to pack a house, they thought they’d try their hand at conning the public once again.

But I suspect that this will turn out to be their “Bite the dust tour” and they’ll halt it early due to lack on interest and bad reviews on their performance, and a lack of substance at the events.

Who in their right mind wants to hear stories about this pair’s adventures? We already know absolutely everything about their lies, crimes and illicit affairs; during the last year Hillary has made excuses with her self-justification speeches all over the place, so how can this “conversation tour”, which can have no conversation at all associated with it, be any different? One suspects that they think of themselves as celebrities and romantic personalities, when actually they are deadbeats that no one is interested in any longer.

And who in the world wants to hear Hillary cackle-laugh one more time, or see Bill bite his lower lip while telling about the marvelous things he “might could” have done given a little more time in the Oval Office.

By the dawn of 2019 we’ll be calling this ill advised tour the “Clinton Embarrassment Tour” and then maybe they’ll go away and stay gone.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

CNN: Kanye West Is A Minstrel. CNN Might As Well Have Called Him Stepin Fetchit In White-Face.

Last week CNN’s Don Lemon insulted and made fun of Kanye West when Mr. West visited the Oval Office and had a conversation with President Trump. Mr. Lemon called Mr. West’s visit with President Trump a “Minstrel Show”. I suppose Mr. Lemon wasn’t clever enough to use more exotic racial references like Stepin Fetchit, black-face or chitlins in relation to Mr. West‘s behavior while at the White House. But the point of Mr. Lemon’s nasty, insulting remark was that Mr. West has no right thinking independently from the leftist party line and that he is out of line visiting the president of the United States and showing support for President Trump’s policies. The reference to being a Minstrel is an indicator that Mr. Lemon thinks blacks could only support President Trump by being buy-outs to the progressive mind-trap and that he was tap dancing to Trump’s tune. But the truth is that many blacks and other minorities see the wisdom of Trump policies and they see a brighter future for themselves and their children if the old, leftist, progressive way of doing political business is changed.

After many examples of Democrats trying to destroy any and all opponents to their big-plantation philosophy where black Americans are concerned, one can understand their opposition and reaction to Mr. West’s anti-liberal speech, made in the presence of journalists and the president, and his mental escape from liberalism to the free states. Mr. West is so famous that liberals, like the talking heads on CNN, had to blast him for his freedom and his willingness to express his anti-liberal thinking on current issues, but they said not one word in specific criticism to anything of substance that Mr. West said during his White House visit.

CNN, which should be a non-aligned, independent voice in America, is a totally-owned subsidiary of the radical Democrat party, and the entire left-leaning world of American politics is running scared in the wake of Donald Trump and his example of how a nation becomes successful and retains success. Democrats must be kept out of political office for the near and distant future, and Donald Trump’s policies must be supported and implemented by the Congressional Republicans.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Do Only White Americans Have “Privilege“?

Contrary to the leftist line of crap currently being distributed in bulk in America, it’s not only whites who have “privilege”, as the left likes to call our liberties and opportunities, in this great and unique nation. On a scale including every nation in the world, every American citizen, and even most people who are here illegally as well, has privilege and benefits not related to race or gender, but is dependent on the American constitution and our free-market system.

“Black American privilege” is certainly a better experience than what any black person living in Uganda experiences, and “white female American privilege” has many benefits over a woman living in Saudi Arabia or Iran. Any race or gender is better off living in America than in most other nations of the world.

If it were only whites and males who could enjoy and benefit from life in America, then why are so many non-white and non-male people from all over the world trying so hard to get to America and bask in the privilege we have here?

The next question for anyone really interested in the pleasant life Americans enjoy might well be: Why is America so privileged over all other nations?

The answer is in our free exchange of goods, our approval of making a profit on your skill and for the goods you sell, our flexible employment practices, the American constitution and our justice system, that assumes the innocence of anyone charged with a crime.

Liberals have recently done everything they could to destroy due process and the assumption of innocence, and have long attacked the constitution, and that is why they  tried hard to prevent Brett Kavanaugh from becoming a Supreme Court justice. Once liberals get an assured majority in the Supreme Court, their next step will be to gut the constitution, create legislation from the bench and treat all political opponents to liberal policies exactly like they treated Brett Kavanaugh during the Senate Supreme Court hearings: anyone who thinks conservatively will be assumed to be guilty of whatever charges they create and the slippery slope will take care of the decision as to their final innocence or guilt.

Democrat candidate Alexandria Cortez has even stated that the Supreme Court is the future for liberals: she stated that when a Democrat becomes president again they will immediately pack the Supreme Court with liberal appointees, and the constitution will be invalidated from that point forward and liberals will rule with an iron fist.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Congratulations Are Due The Kavanaugh Family

America owes thanks to Brett Kavanaugh and his family for standing up to the rabble and fascism of the left when he faced-down the lies Senate Democrats told about him last week, and we wish him congratulations for his elevation to the Supreme Court of the United States.

And now it’s time for the squishy, pussy Republicans in the Senate to make the Democrats, who caused all of this injury to America and to the Kavanaugh family, pay for their lies and perjured testimonies. I want each and every Democrat who was a party to the insulting sham we saw in the Senate last week, starting with Dianne Feinstein and her October surprise, along with her leaking information intended to hurt Kavanaugh in public opinion, to be investigated for their crimes against America and our constitution, and if found culpable, I want these fools removed from office and put in jail. Lock the bastards up!!

And if the accuser, Ms Ford, is found to be a liar, I want her prosecuted as well, and put in jail. If “the girl” gets a softer treatment than a man would get for perjured testimony, then there is no equality under the law, and I insist that men and women be treated equally under all circumstances. The battle for Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court seat has been won, but the larger war with the radical Democrat party will be lost if the fight is not taken directly to them and if they escape punishment for their un-American behavior regarding this issue.

Never again can Republicans allow Democrats to disrupt the Senate’s obligation to seriously and honestly consider judicial appointments by the president and to endlessly stall these appointments, and never again can the Democrats insist on special treatment and white-glove handling of “the girl”. Women can be partisan Democrats, too, and if they misbehave and break laws and traditions, they must be made to pay the price for this misbehavior.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Democrats: Violent Losers; Dangerous Winners

Democrats have lost so many battles for the soul of America in the last year, you’d think they’d have learned their lesson by now. The more they bitch, moan and scream in people’s faces, the more ill feeling they generate against themselves. And when they suggest that an accused person must prove his innocence or be assumed guilty, without a trial nor even a verification of the truth of the charges, they destroy the entire mantle on which our nation is formed.

They lost the presidency. They’ve lost the Russian collusion investigation. They lost the tax reduction fight. They lost the healthcare fight. They lost the Supreme Court fight. They have lost the regulations fight. They have lost the foreign trade/ tariffs battle. They’ve lost the employment/unemployment battle. They should be tired of losing by now, because, as President Trump has repeatedly warned us, we Republicans are getting tired of winning all the time.

But the violent, radical left, which is currently running the Democrat party, will never learn to tone-down their rhetoric, nor just shut up and go away for the betterment of their party, because control and rule-making is all these autocratic fools understand. Most of them have never worked in a for-profit company and know only the soft pressures of academia and government service, or maybe they were a talking head for a Clinton or Obama effort. So now if they’re not colluding with some enemy group trying to undermine America’s economy or our social and legal practices, they would have nothing to do.

On the other hand, when Barack Obama became president with his promise to undo our founding fathers’ excellent constitution as he personally “Fundamentally Transformed America“, along with his massive efforts to use his race to divide America against itself, Republicans refused to take to the streets, and instead began quietly, peacefully and steadily working to get Obama and the Clintons out of public office and began Making America Great Again. And the proof of the superiority of this mature, patriotic policy is the presidency and the initiatives of Donald Trump and his re-establishment of all that makes America great.

If a Democrat should become dominant again in any of the three branches of government they will use that power to undo all of the good work of President Trump, and America will be forced to pay a high price as these Antifa-loving, constitution-hating fools demand that all the things they don’t like be forbidden, and what they do like will become mandatory for all, under penalty and punishment of  law. They must never again be allowed to gain any elected position again.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

This Is America’s Democrat Party

A few years ago, in a speech intended to get Democrats motivated, President Barack Obama encouraged his audience to “take a gun to a knife fight” when dealing with Republicans. In another speech made prior to America’s winter holiday season, Obama encouraged Democrats to “get in the faces” of their friends and relatives during upcoming holiday meals and push leftist politics on them, which would be the typical attitude of a radical, leftist political organizer from Chicago.

Then we have Democrat House member Maxine Waters who has made numerous speeches insisting that her followers harass and disrupt Republicans they may find in restaurants or at the airport or a movie house, or even at their homes, and make life miserable for them.

Eric Holder, now a presidential candidate for 2020, recently made the statement that when Republicans “go low” Democrats should kick them. This from the former chief law enforcement officer of the United States in the Obama administration, and Democrats consider President Trump to have a temperament and demeanor unbefitting the presidency.

We should never forget the Bernie Sanders supporter and campaign volunteer who shot and nearly killed Republican Steve Scalese in an Arlington park, with the full intent of killing him and other Republicans assembled to play baseball. Sanders’ violent speeches had made this man angry at Republicans, and had encouraged him to take his rifle to the park to set things straight.

ANTIFA, the stepchild of the old Occupy Wall Street rabble, is a radical leftist group which beats, threatens and terrorizes citizens going peacefully about their daily routine and inflicts fear on them. One would be safe in calling ANTIFA a domestic terrorist group.

Recall that it was the DNC, at Hillary Clinton’s specific order, that hired out-of-work people and union thugs to inflict violence on the Trump campaign workers and volunteers during the 2016 election season.

And be mindful that Hillary herself recently said that it was not her plan or intent that Democrats would be “civil” to Republicans as long as the Democrat party was out of power. So Republicans are to be punished for her election loss in 2016 and for the votes of the American people that has left Democrats in the minority in both houses of Congress, and now in a minority on the Supreme Court.

Guess where this violent talk and action is headed and which American political party encourages it, and recall periods in history when similar political officials and their representatives were posing the same actions to their followers. Does pre-Communist Russia and pre-Hitler Germany come to mind?