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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

America Doesn’t Need A Ban On Guns, We Need A Ban On Democrats

 Anyone who has paid attention to the school shootings and other murders committed in America, knows that it’s nearly always Democrat-affiliated people who are performing all of the crimes. One look at Chicago will convince any thinking person that Republicans are not the sources of all this death and suffering, because Chicago has a Democrat mayor, a Democrat governor, and the black citizens who are shooting and getting shot are probably Democrats as well. As radio talk-show host Chris Plante is fond of saying, it’s not our guns (who are doing all of the killing), it’s your sons (meaning the sons of Democrats), because it’s young, male Democrats who are rioting, burning, looting and killing from Seattle to Baltimore.

And just when the Democrats are yelling at their pitch level about the school shootings in Nashville, we learn that not only are Democrat men killing at an astounding rate, but now Democrat women, who lean to trans-identity, are joining the fracas. This should make Democrats very proud of themselves, by introducing women to the list of murderers of school children, with this trans woman herself being a trans person taking up the baton from Democrat men and wielding a weapon of death at the most innocent among us. So I guess we can indeed say that Nashville was a successful identity/conversion for the young woman who pulled the trigger, and please be reminded that the weapon she used to kill the children had not harmed a single soul until she loaded, pointed and pulled the trigger of the weapon. This was her fault, not the weapon’s.

Although it’s true that if all guns were removed from the hands of young, male Democrats, the murder rate in America would decrease, we know that there is no way to prevent criminals from obtaining illegal guns and shooting each other. But if this confiscation of weapons by the Biden administration did occur, good, honest, law-abiding people would be deprived of guns and would be unable to defend themselves and their homes from the criminal class, made up largely of Democrats.

So now the Democrat, woke, trans community has joined the killing spree. Soon, one hopes that all Democrats might be professionally tested for their pushing the insanity of sexual and racial identity, and maybe we can put some of these nuts in a facility that can help them regain sanity and rejoin polite society with the rest of us. But in the mean time we need to get guns out of the hands of insane Democrats, and still allow decent American citizens to keep their arms in order to protect their homes and families.

And to demonstrate the lack of compassion Joey Biden has for tragedies like the Nashville shooting, the incident had only just occurred, with three children and three teachers being shot to death by one of Biden’s precious trans/progressives, and the first words out of this fool’s mouth was a comment about liking chocolate chip ice cream, praising his brothers for some idiotic reason, and greeting the children of someone seated in the audience, and only after showing his complete disregard for the people who died in Nashville did he drop his big smile at the thought of ice cream, and begin to speak about the tragedy, which should have been the first thing out of his mouth.

Democrats don’t give a damn about children being killed in school shootings. The only thing they take from such a tragic incident is the opportunity to blame and attack Republicans for all gun-related crimes, and to try to make a case for depriving weapons of self-defense to all Americans.

The Nashville school shooting was a hate crime committed by a woke, trans Democrat against a Christian school, and the DOJ should investigate this crime extensively, or more such crimes will follow.

Thursday, March 16, 2023

And Now It Begins In Earnest: Leftist ESG and DEI Rules Are Destroying Lives

 The political left in America has diverted attention from serious economic and social issues with their ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) and DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) nonsense.

Because of all of the Democrat attention to frivolous far-left issues, while ignoring fundamental economic issues, the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) has been closed and all employees sent home. One hears that the bank employed a dedicated DEI manager, but it had no economic risk manager, and as a result the bank got into trouble with its customers’ money, which is a deadly serious matter, unlike the far left‘s DEI concerns, which are purely political rhetoric.

As a result of leftist, Democrat concentration on sex, race and the lie of global warming, where no such concentration had been considered necessary in the past, this concentration directly led to an ignoring of all of the important things that did get attention in the past, like loans, inflation and FED regulations. The Environment, Social and Governance and the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion craziness of the Biden administration have the entire lefts’ eyes off of economic issues that led to SVB’s failure. The same DEI issues that took corporate eyes off of serious matters like loaning money, instead focused attention on race and sexual identity, which directly led to the disaster impacting thousands of people’s money and businesses.

Switching attention to other issues being undermined by woke, racist, and idiotic leftist thinking, on the horizon for our nation are disasters involving the same ESG/DEI foolishness currently harming our economy, that will impact the military preparedness of the United States, which is a true existential concern.

We’ve already seen a significant drop in recruiting to fill the ranks of our military branches, because more attention has been spent on Critical Race Theory (CRT)  lectures to the troops, intended to make white/straight soldiers, airmen and sailors feel guilty for things they have no control over; and as a result of this woke misdirection and mismanagement, the effort to create a trained, unified, prepared military force that can defeat an enemy in the event of  a war, has been undermined. Our nation and our way of life is at great risk with Socialists and racists sitting in the highest levels of government, which is the essence of the Biden administration, and this fault must be addressed and changed.

Focusing attention on social and racial issues and ignoring real, serious issues facing our nation, assures failures in finances and national defense policies, which are critical issues to overlook and can be life-threatening.

And this discussion of threats to our nation includes the political policies of the Biden administration disregarding equal treatment under the law, where sex, race and political affiliation are the subjects. Examples of the unequal and preferential treatment of radical Democrats would be the perpetual investigations into the dealings of Donald Trump, with the Democrats seeking to find something, anything, in his past that would keep him from running for president again, compared with Hunter Biden and a two year hands-off policy by the FBI into an investigation of his laptop, his weapons crimes, his tax issues and his drug addiction.

Also, one may be reminded of the Summer of 2020 and the leftists who rioted, burned and killed from Seattle to Baltimore but received no imprisonment for these serious issues, but they did get bailed out via the efforts of Kamala Harris and her wealthy, leftist pals, who had money to spring them from jail, compared with the Jan 6 committee that put many people in prison for small offenses much less serious than the Democrats who burned cities in 2020, and many of the Jan 6 participants are still in prison. The Jan 6 committee withheld exculpatory video evidence that allowed this travesty to happen, and many of these unfortunate people are still in prison for their minor crimes, and all for far-left, political reasons.

How many more banks will fail, wars be lost and a national economy be placed at risk of collapse due to a concentration on nonsense issues like DEI, while the Chinese and Russians pay attention to serious issues that really matter in the real world?

Sunday, March 12, 2023

Appraising Kamala Harris’ Mental Health

 A few days ago Kamala Harris went on one of her weird, verbal, adenoidal rants, this time the subject was the leftist lie of Global Warming.

In this particular event she was centered on what she calls “climate mental health”, with the hidden message of children being made fearful of life in general because of the wholly created warming/change fabrication.

There has been much made lately of how children fear the future, which our idiots in the Democrat party have been pushing on them around the clock with stories of the world burning to a crisp in eight, or ten or twelve years, trying to make them good, obedient and fearful members of the autocratic Democrat party, so they will do the ruler‘s bidding just to remain alive a while longer with no regard for our constitution and its insistence on life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Unfortunately the Democrats have been successful with their lie that we will all die on a griddle of a planet by 2030. Democrats have intentionally caused whatever mental health issues children, and adults for that matter, have about their future on planet earth.

In fact all Americans who are able to think are legitimately frightened of Joey Biden and his authoritarian administration, in which we are forced to wear masks, get unwanted and completely ineffective “vaccinations“, and will soon be forced to drive electric vehicles, or simply walk, due to the oft-repeated lie of global warming being related to the use of fossil fuels, which will soon be forbidden by the Biden administration.

Believers of the far left lie of warming/change may fear the future, but we non- believers only fear a lying Biden administration that seeks to weaken America and make it available to China, or any other adversary, whenever the adversary is ready to take us.

Young girls are also mentally suffering, due to Democrat meddling, about the men who are participating and dominating in their sporting events, all at the insistence of Democrats and their worship of trans individuals who are making life difficult for girls and women. One wonders why Democrats want to make children fearful of the future via their propaganda about warming/change, and why they want women to be unsuccessful in their sporting events because they insist that men, who like to believe that they are women, be allowed to compete with women, and too often defeat them. The far left Democrats are causing fear and division in the American population in the hope that these divisions between citizens will assure their continued power and ability to rule America with an iron fist.

Young people are too young and inexperienced to understand the obvious lies the Democrats are telling about warming/change and they have no idea how long leftists have been making these same idiotic predictions about the environment. It’s nothing less than child abuse to make these obviously untrue statements, made for the sole purpose of making children fearful and true supporters of the Democrat party forever.

What leftist Democrats are doing is promoting a religion of the far left in which young, impressionable people will see the Democrat party as their savior and their path to salvation. The big brother thing is alive and well in the anti-American Biden administration.

One can state with certainty that Kamala Harris is the one with a mental health issue.

Friday, March 10, 2023

The Grand-Parents Of Today’s Woke Democrats Would Not Believe The Insanity Their Grand-Kids Are Pushing

 Here are some au courant phrases you may have become familiar with lately:

Birthing people

Gender confirming surgery

Toxic Masculinity

Tampon dispensers in the boy’s restroom

Men freely competing in women’s sports

The chemical castration of “trans” boys

Breast removal of “trans” girls

Gender fluidity 

Non-Binary sexuality

Fifty-seven human genders

Sperm donors

Egg contributors

Trans-women (who are biological men) being incarcerated in a women’s prison

Giving a biological male a  “2023 International Woman of Courage Award”

The above statements and phrases, and many more, are standard inventions of today’s woke Democrats. The problem is that these positions and statements make anyone using them appear to be totally insane and out of touch with reality. There is a real, functioning world out there, and these pretend people are not part of it.

Where did these sincerely held, but nevertheless insane ideas, come from, and why were these biologically incorrect phrasings and wordings, taken to be indeed very politically-correct statements by Biden Democrats, only discovered and identified in the last few years, and why/how have they become strict Democrat policy with the coming of Joey Biden and his band of far-left, woke freaks? 

For thousands of years humans have been ignorant of these new-found Democrat “truths” and tests of political correctness, and only now are they being used in the tilted and up-side-down society of the twenty-first century. How did past scientists miss these new terms that have become used as proof of leftist right-of-passage in the Biden administration?

These Democrat operatives must be stopped in their redefining and renaming the most basic aspects of life, like the male/female relations and roles, and the creation of life, along with the sustaining of human existence, or our younger generation will grow up confused and our society will be unfit for  successful living.

To Be A Woke Democrat in 2023, Is To Be A Total, Unrepentant Misogynist.

 It’s really no surprise to learn that the party of Jim Crow, the party of Democrat governors standing in school house doors, and the party of the use and defense of slavery and support of the Ku Klux Klan, would also wage war on women. And the hate-women movement is happening in spades in the United States.

The man who now calls himself Rachel Levine, was the first “woman” to be made an admiral in the public health service. I guess there were no female nurses or doctors who could have been given this award.

Then, the traitor to her sex, First Lady Jill Biden, gives an award to a man for being the “2023 International Woman of Courage“. One assumes that there are no women in the armed forces who have lost legs or arms defending the nation who could have been given this award for valor and courage, at least as far as the woke Biden administration is aware.

I can’t figure it out, but it would appear that America has a shortage of women, or at least a shortage of accomplished, hard working women, because the ultra-woke Joey Biden is giving all of the women’s awards to biological men.

I don’t know what kind of hold the LGBT-Trans people have on the Biden family, but this nearly numerically non-existent group certainly has power beyond its numerical representation in the nation’s populace.

And then we have the total insanity (and I mean literal off-their-rockers and babbling-in-the-dark insanity) of a Minnesota District Court deciding that men can complete with women on a women’s sports team, and can take all of the trophies and college scholarships from women, along with a career in the sport that girls and women have worked hard to achieve, all of which will be lost to a male who evidently enjoys depriving women of success.

How can a man, who is larger and stronger than most women in any particular sporting event, not feel like an ass and a cad when he defeats women, especially in sports of pure strength, like power lifting? Is there a pride of accomplishment to be had for defeating a person smaller and weaker than yourself? And what of the dashed chance of scholarship money a women may have worked hard to achieve, that is now lost.

Are grown men next going to join grade school and high school teams to prove they can beat children as well?

Maybe Ron DeSantis can invite these loser men to Florida, where misogyny can go to die, along with the plague of wokeness that the Florida governor has already buried and played taps over.

Monday, March 6, 2023

Here’s The Solution To The Pronoun Problem: Your Sexual Identity Is Your Private Matter, And Privacy Must Prevail.

 For years, privacy, and for the political left especially, sexual preference and identity, were the most protected matter that could exist. When the HIV/AIDS issue raised its ugly head during the Reagan administration, the identity of those individuals who were being treated for the disease was kept safer than any military secret, because the radical political left accused Reagan of wanting to exposed them and ruin their lives, so they chose to keep themselves in the closet in order to assure privacy.

But today, for solely leftist political reasons, the closet has not only been opened, but it’s been turned inside-out in order to shove Democrat political agendas down the throats of traditional Americans, who really don’t give a damn what Democrats do with their lives, in the bedroom or anywhere else.

And of course, the radical political left has forced its dementia on the entire nation, to the extent that if a high school teacher or a college professor forgets whom among his/her students is gay, non-binary, trans or whatever else they may identify themselves as, and if that school official doesn’t call them by their preferred pronoun, that professor will be accused of at least a micro-aggression, if not a full civil rights violation, and the leftist students will insist he be fired for this most serious of offenses.

So homosexuals, or LGBT-HUA, or whatever, have reversed roles in this idiotic argument: in the Reagan years this person was a victim if their individual sexual proclivities were exposed, but they are now the attacker, and if their sexual identity is not recognized by all persons with whom they come into contact, they will assume the victim-status once again, if they aren’t granted full identity and recognition by everyone around them.

Common sense is completely lacking in this matter. It’s often difficult to remember a person’s name, let alone that person’s sexual identity out of the fifty-seven flavors identified as being real gender choices, let alone the particular identity and the off-the-wall pronoun the person prefers this week.

But it seems that the worthless, radical, Democrat, political left and the in-your-face confusion and chaos they inspire on this issue is still being allowed to disrupt decent society and our previously successful and pleasant political landscape. These things should be kept private and not forced on the entirety of the nation’s population.

Sunday, March 5, 2023

What’s Worse, Random Violence On A City Street, Or Political Violence In A Federal Court?

 In addition to the random violence Americans have become accustomed to in too many American cities, we’ve also seen Democrat-lead violence in the form of Donald Trump being serially brought before courts or impeachment hearings in Congress; FBI attacks on Catholics protesting abortions; the FBI collusion to keep Trump from being elected in 2016; the imprisonment of many Americans as a result of the Jan 6th dustup on Capitol Hill; the repeat attacks on Kyle Rittenhouse; the FBI attack on Mar-A-Lago and other planned attacks on American citizens, aside from the on-the-street random crimes performed by people who vote for Democrats in every election.

Both the street attacks and the Federal courthouse attacks have been done by Democrats, the street attacks being done by career street criminals, and the court house attacks being done by the career leaders of the Democrat party with their design to attain, keep and exercise ruthless power over those who believe in constitutional law and equal treatment under the law. And both varieties of violence result in a cowed citizenry who are afraid to go out of their homes and who are reluctant to speak up and exercise their constitutional rights of free speech, for fear the Democrats will take offense and have the FBI knock on their door in the middle of the night and whisk them off to prison, or a phony harassment charge will be brought against them by leftist politicians intended to bankrupt them and shut them up.

But the tendency of today’s woke Democrats to “legally” imprison or bankrupt anyone who criticizes their policies is unexplainably offset by the Democrat’s policy of not punishing people who kill, steal or rape innocent citizens, and that non-punishment is what has led to skyrocketing crime rates in Democrat-run cities.

The presidency of Joe Biden has brought the reign of brownshirts down on a peaceful and prosperous nation, and, given Biden’s track record so far, one could say that he’s just getting started with his autocratic rule, and he’s got two years left to finish the job.

Saturday, March 4, 2023

Another, Biden Administration, Woke, Historic Moment, Makes America Proud

 While the Biden administration is patting itself on the back and proudly proclaiming various firsts among Joey’s numerous gay/trans/female/woke administration appointees, we’ve just learned of another historic first that Joey is not crowing about:  A buddy of Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Joey’s Trans Secretary, a gay man named Patrick Wojahn, who, like Mayor Pete, is also a Mayor, this time from College Park, Maryland, and a proud gay man, has been arrested on 56 charges of child pornography.

So Joey can now brag about hitting a double-header (no pun intended) by having two gay, friendly mayors making headlines this last week, and both are, or have been, failures at their mayoral positions and seem to be making every effort to wreck their future political careers as well; Mayor Wojahn with child porn and Mayor Pete by ignoring the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, along with all other transportation issues that have blown up in Mayor Pete’s face since Biden began picking a cabinet for their imagined identities instead of appointing them for their successful past efforts.