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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Thursday, March 16, 2023

And Now It Begins In Earnest: Leftist ESG and DEI Rules Are Destroying Lives

 The political left in America has diverted attention from serious economic and social issues with their ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) and DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) nonsense.

Because of all of the Democrat attention to frivolous far-left issues, while ignoring fundamental economic issues, the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) has been closed and all employees sent home. One hears that the bank employed a dedicated DEI manager, but it had no economic risk manager, and as a result the bank got into trouble with its customers’ money, which is a deadly serious matter, unlike the far left‘s DEI concerns, which are purely political rhetoric.

As a result of leftist, Democrat concentration on sex, race and the lie of global warming, where no such concentration had been considered necessary in the past, this concentration directly led to an ignoring of all of the important things that did get attention in the past, like loans, inflation and FED regulations. The Environment, Social and Governance and the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion craziness of the Biden administration have the entire lefts’ eyes off of economic issues that led to SVB’s failure. The same DEI issues that took corporate eyes off of serious matters like loaning money, instead focused attention on race and sexual identity, which directly led to the disaster impacting thousands of people’s money and businesses.

Switching attention to other issues being undermined by woke, racist, and idiotic leftist thinking, on the horizon for our nation are disasters involving the same ESG/DEI foolishness currently harming our economy, that will impact the military preparedness of the United States, which is a true existential concern.

We’ve already seen a significant drop in recruiting to fill the ranks of our military branches, because more attention has been spent on Critical Race Theory (CRT)  lectures to the troops, intended to make white/straight soldiers, airmen and sailors feel guilty for things they have no control over; and as a result of this woke misdirection and mismanagement, the effort to create a trained, unified, prepared military force that can defeat an enemy in the event of  a war, has been undermined. Our nation and our way of life is at great risk with Socialists and racists sitting in the highest levels of government, which is the essence of the Biden administration, and this fault must be addressed and changed.

Focusing attention on social and racial issues and ignoring real, serious issues facing our nation, assures failures in finances and national defense policies, which are critical issues to overlook and can be life-threatening.

And this discussion of threats to our nation includes the political policies of the Biden administration disregarding equal treatment under the law, where sex, race and political affiliation are the subjects. Examples of the unequal and preferential treatment of radical Democrats would be the perpetual investigations into the dealings of Donald Trump, with the Democrats seeking to find something, anything, in his past that would keep him from running for president again, compared with Hunter Biden and a two year hands-off policy by the FBI into an investigation of his laptop, his weapons crimes, his tax issues and his drug addiction.

Also, one may be reminded of the Summer of 2020 and the leftists who rioted, burned and killed from Seattle to Baltimore but received no imprisonment for these serious issues, but they did get bailed out via the efforts of Kamala Harris and her wealthy, leftist pals, who had money to spring them from jail, compared with the Jan 6 committee that put many people in prison for small offenses much less serious than the Democrats who burned cities in 2020, and many of the Jan 6 participants are still in prison. The Jan 6 committee withheld exculpatory video evidence that allowed this travesty to happen, and many of these unfortunate people are still in prison for their minor crimes, and all for far-left, political reasons.

How many more banks will fail, wars be lost and a national economy be placed at risk of collapse due to a concentration on nonsense issues like DEI, while the Chinese and Russians pay attention to serious issues that really matter in the real world?