Statement from the Candidate

In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Monday, August 28, 2023

The Historical Period Called The “Dark Ages” Was More Enlightened And Logical Than The Current Biden “Woke Ages”

 At least the dark ages had the excuse of a lack of science, a tradition of religious intolerance and a lack of free thought to account for its being called the “Dark” ages.

But the 20th Century and its insistence on free speech, democracy, religious tolerance and a scientific basis for public policy, has been raped and beaten by the Biden administration and its woke 21st Century policies. The Democrat position that men can bare children, that children should be surgically manipulated to be other than their birth sex, that parents have no right to have a say in the education and medical treatment of their children and that men should be free to compete in women’s sports, seem to any thinking person to be straight from the darkest of historic times, but they are actually from the 2020s when Democrats went insane for political power and began an endless racial and sexual rant across America.

Beginning in 2020 the mores and principles that have been common behavior for the last 600 years were discarded by woke Democrats. The fall of the  Roman Empire began the period called the Dark Ages, and the fall of the American democratic government with its enlightened constitution and equal treatment under the law, began the period hereafter to be known as the “Woke Ages” of Joseph Biden.

Future societies will look back at the Biden administration and think of Americans as being the most ignorant bunch of fools in history because of the stupidity of government policy regarding our lack of traditional social mores and practices, such as the principle of locking up political opponents, and when the anti-science movement of the covid 19 period is investigated, people will wonder at the idiocy of forced masking and mandated vaccinations, and they’ll question how such a previously advanced civilization could have gone so wrong, so quickly. 

Thinking people today know that the reason for this societal insanity lies with leftist politicians who want power and take every avenue possible to silence their political opponents via financial bankruptcy, imprisonment on trumped-up and corrupt charges, political allegations and a denial of their formerly constitutionally protected right to free speech and a citizen’s right to seek the personal happiness that they want for themselves.

Saturday, August 26, 2023

One Fears That Joe Biden Has Misunderstood Ayn Rand’s “The Virtue Of Selfishness"

 When Ayn Rand expressed her brilliant idea of “The Virtue Of Selfishness”, her idea of selfishness was very different from our Joey’s blatant acts of selfishness, greed and criminality.

Rand’s notion of The Virtue Of Selfishness was that society is best served when individuals serve their own personal needs and those of their families by working to support themselves and not pretending to be virtuous and supporting ever-higher taxes to pay for those individuals who will not support themselves. When one serves him- or herself by working for their daily bread, all of society benefits, by having this one less family to provide for, and without the resulting need to tax other citizens to support those who will not work to provide for themselves. Ms. Rand never intended that her principle should support any criminal behavior as being a justified aspect of her ideal of selfishness.

So when Joey and Hunter sought the now widely-known selfish ends for themselves and their families, by selling influence to China and other foreign nations in exchange for the millions of dollars paid them by the Chinese Communist Party, the potential dangers this influence-peddling caused to the citizens of America would never be supported by Ayn Rand.

Selfishness is only a virtue when it involves one’s personal, legal striving for a better life, and when one uses an elected position of public trust to be secretly awarded millions of dollars while putting the American public welfare at risk, as the Bidens have done, there is no virtue at all in this practice.

All of this being said, I don’t pretend for a moment that Joey Biden has ever heard of Ayn Rand or her ideas, because he is a rather stupid, crass, political, party ward-boss type of person who only understands an exchange of political forces that serve his own personal desires, and to hell with serving the welfare of the citizens of the nation. He’s just a selfish, greedy old man who is of no use to anyone, except the authoritarian political types who are running him in the Oval Office.

Thursday, August 24, 2023

Biden’s Perfect Storm Is Brewing, And It’s Headed Our Way

 In 2020 the political left frightened us sufficiently, with their lies about the relatively weak covid disease, in order to convince everyone to put on a worthless mask and get the useless covid vaccination.

Then when Joey assumed the Oval Office he immediately scared us again with talk of a world about to burst into flames, and he renewed the long-running and always-proven-wrong warming/change farce, and one of his first actions as president was the undermining of our comfortable lives in America by quickly halting the Keystone pipeline and forbidding any further drilling for oil on federal lands.

For the last two weeks, during a typical August summer,  we’ve heard terrible stories of high temperatures in isolated areas of the United States where temperatures of over 100 degrees have been reported, a rather common occurrence in Texas and Arizona in summer. So of course these seasonally high temperatures have encouraged the authoritarian left in our nation to say they now have proof that the much ballyhooed global catastrophe is upon us. It’s a good thing that these snowflakes were not alive and living in Kansas, Oklahoma or Texas during the dustbowl days of the 1930s; they‘d never have survived.

And now, our government is coming at us again with orders to re-mask, and announcing the development of a new vaccine for the latest covid iteration, all of which precautions were proven to be useless during the former pandemic scare. This has been a good scare inflicted on us by members of our authoritarian government, and a bad lie for our constitutional rights in America. 

The Biden administration is constantly plotting against our constitution and the citizens of America, and when this new era of covid masking orders is combined with the latest lying, screaming and hair-pulling warning about a burning planet, these two lies will soon be manipulated by the woke Biden fools who are intent on destroying the prosperity and freedoms Americans have always had, and they’ll soon have us all masked, with no cars, and no electricity, and with these fool, insane, Democrats in charge. 

The left’s perfect storm of fear-mongering lies has arrived, and one can expect that these two allegedly life-ending forces, working in combination, will be declared a combined Super Health Emergency which will require a new round of shutdowns, and when the leftist press in America pushes for an end to the constitutional principle of citizens seeking their own pursuit of happiness, we‘ll become wards of the intrusive and abusive state that the Biden administration has so carefully constructed.

Thursday, August 17, 2023

Ford Motors Has Learned That When A Leftist Government Demands That You Make Unwanted Products, You’d Better Say “No”

 The red presidency of Joey Biden couldn’t wait a single day of the new administration before attacking the automobile industry and its related industries, when they outlawed a new pipeline and halted drilling on new wells.

The next part of Biden’s radical environmental policies was his mandate (leftists can’t exist without mandates) that Ford, General Motors and Chrysler begin making the very costly and undependable electric vehicles.

Now Ford Motors is going broke after following Biden’s EV edicts and is losing billions of dollars each year by effectively becoming an adjunct to the far left federal government now seated in D.C. And while Ford has dumped billions of dollars into the development of the very expensive EVs, they are ignoring the piston engine side of the business that has made them one of the most successful and respected corporations in the world. Joey Biden likes to stick out his chest and loudly proclaim that he is a capitalist, but capitalism is not run by government. Capitalism is run by corporations seeking profit and the satisfaction of their customers, not seeking some ephemeral social goal proposed and edicted by some commie government.

One may well ask why Ford would make such a foolish and commercially dangerous decision to go along with Biden’s political order. We can no longer pretend that our nation is a capitalist nation if the president can demand that a corporation make and sell products no one wants. The answer as to why Ford and the other auto manufacturers went along and jumped into the EV market is that a leftist, big government president will destroy any company that doesn’t obey the orders from the White House.

If Ford ignored Biden’s demands and refused to make EVs, Biden would sic the IRS on them and inspect every annual tax filing back to the days of Henry Ford, and would inspect the returns with a fine tooth comb and jump on any slight infraction and make Ford pay for it dearly. The Ford Board of Directors and the executive staff of Ford would also have their personal taxes inspected, just as the IRS went after one of the Trump Company’s executives and fined and imprisoned him for past tax issues, because they want to keep Trump from running for president again, and Democrats hope this will serve as a lesson to Trump personally. This is what power hungry leftist regimes do to its citizens: they instill fear, like they did to Trump with two impeachments and now a series of indictments designed to make him go away and let the woke, socialist regime of Biden operate without criticism.

Another tool that the federal government has to punish corporations who don’t obey their mandates is to have OSHA perform minute inspections of past and current safety results, and shut down the corporation on the pretext of dangerous employee safety concerns. Or the NLRB can be called upon to invade the corporation and come up with some unknown labor issues that they will blow out of all proportion in order to stop work at the company.

So Ford obeyed Biden’s order to build EVs, and now they are going broke.

Donald Trump has often said that if the government can defeat him, we, the citizens, are next, and Ford should realize that they, too, are next in line for defeat via bankruptcy due to all of the costs of making a new line of cars  because they did not stand up to Biden and his woke, leftists and did not refuse to make vehicles that no one wants or can afford.

And if anyone wonders why the EV issue is so important to the Biden administration, it’s because China has bought-and-paid-for Joey Biden and his corrupt family. China has access to the rare earth materials needed for the EV cars, that the Biden family influence-peddling helped them gain, which are needed to make batteries for the evil EVs. And China is manufacturing some junky little electric cars they want to sell in America, and they depend on the corrupt Biden family to open this new market for them, which Joey is only too happy to do.  Joey is destroying our economy in order to make himself rich.

And if you combine the EV impact on the US economy with the millions of illegal aliens Biden’s open border has allowed to invade America, aliens who will soon be competing for jobs against job-seeking American citizens, and also recall the American electric generating industries which are now having to utilize wind and solar products insisted on by the Biden administration, which are not nearly as productive nor as dependable as the old coal, natural gas or nuclear power plants. 

Americans should be afraid of the Biden Oval Office; very afraid.

Monday, August 14, 2023

Democrat Politicians Go From Promising A Chicken In Every Pot And Two Cars In Every Garage, To No Pot, No Cars And No Garage

 The difference between the Trump years compared to the Biden years is so stark as to be frightening: Trump offered more industry, more gasoline and natural gas, and assured more prosperity, while Biden offers national poverty and a loss of constitutional liberties, in just two years.

Recently John Kerry, Biden’s climate czar, said that we can never reach the leftist’s desired goal of  net-zero carbon emissions unless the United States halts the farming and food production that is currently feeding not only the United States, but also large parts of the world.

Kerry’s words sound like Chairman Mao’s great cultural revolution in which tens of millions of Chinese citizens were starved to death in what he called the Great Leap Forward, if they were not arbitrarily shot for the slightest offense against the Great Mao. It now seems that Mao’s ideas are being warped and blended into Biden’s woke, radical left mandates, and his administration has no problem imposing and enforcing these radical proposals on the formerly free and prosperous United States.

So the farmers must stop producing any carbon in the growing of the nation’s food, and the rest of the American citizenry must give up their piston engine cars and buy a government mandated Electric Vehicle. But even owners of EVs are getting rid of these auto-company-bankrupting beasts because they are harder to operate and power and are less dependable than the old reliable gas-powered cars.

Why are farmers and city dwellers being told to get used to having less of everything they used to get so easily, readily and without government involvement? Because politicians need the power that the lie of global warming can bring to them, and threatening death on a burning planet allows them to inflict fear in non-thinking citizens, which allows Democrats to declare a new round of covid-like controls and mandates related to climate and health, in order to keep everyone in line with the new reality of living with less, but paying more, in America.

From the American working, saving and investing middle class, the government only takes, in the form of increased taxes and reduced choices, and under Joey Biden the government will continue to take and restrict even more. But now it’s also prohibiting many things that the constitution doesn’t allow it to prohibit, and in fact the constitution was put in place by our founders in order to keep the government from abusing its citizens, which is happening in spades under the Biden administration.

Republicans in Congress must keep investigating the Biden crime family and place every roadblock in the way of their completely destroying America and making us more third world than we already have become under twenty-first century Democrat rule. Democrats must be un-elected from all positions of authority in future elections so America can reverse its slide into perdition, and return to the greatness our founders intended when they wrote our magnificent constitution.

Thursday, August 3, 2023

Even Leftist Progressives Develop Conservative Attitudes When They See The Reality Of What They Ask For

 Leftists are such fools. We recently learned that the Oakland NAACP sent a letter to the city’s elected representatives complaining about the incredible crime rate in that city, a crime rate that was caused by the Defund The Police demands made by progressives, largely black Democrat progressives, a couple of years ago. Now Democrats are sorry for the destruction being done to their cities, and it’s all their own fault.

After strutting about and proudly proclaiming what an immigrant-loving, sanctuary city New York is, and how they love the poor and the downtrodden, the mayor of New York City is suing Texas for sending poor, diseased immigrants to his city. But Joey Biden is the real culprit here, not Texas. It’s Joey who opened the southern border and allowed the uncontrolled flow of illegals to invade America. It’s amazing what reality can do to force some people to correct their crazy, leftist thinking.

The sanctuary of Martha’s Vineyard suddenly became a less welcoming sanctuary for Joe Biden’s immigrants when they were sent to the island. The Democrat leaders on Martha’s Vineyard called the National Guard to remove the immigrants from their white-privilege enclave and stash them on a military base somewhere, anywhere, but their pristine, filthy rich, island. Leftists give lip service to diversity and invite poor people to their sanctuary cities, until those people are close enough to smell them, then they want them removed from their streets.

Conservatives all along have railed against the stupidity of the Defund The Police foolishness, and they’ve known all along the dangerous and unhealthy situation that would occur when millions of illegal aliens were allowed to freely enter the United States and start looking for food and housing. But progressives are unable to see in advance the bad situations they cause with their pretend sympathy for the poor and the hungry. It reminds one of the criminal weakness of not realizing that there is a punishment for criminal behavior, as described in Edward Banfield’s book The Un-Heavenly City. One wonders if this common trait makes progressives look more like stupid people or just plain criminals, since neither progressives nor criminals can visualize the logical outcome of their bad ideas and their horrible actions.

Similarly, Democrats are unable to see that they are undermining our nation’s validity in its citizens’ eyes when they criticize the decisions of the Supreme Court, or leak Supreme Court decisions to the press, or plot to assassinate Supreme Court justices.  Committing vote fraud during presidential elections is also another of the nation-destroying habits of Democrats.

Democrats don’t see a tie-in between infinite national debt and uncapped spending and how that relates to the stability and strength of the dollar. Democrats are too stupid to understand that indicting Donald Trump on phony charges, while the common criminal, Hunter Biden, runs freely and lives on the public dime in the White House with his daddy, Joey, only undermines trust in our government.

And how are we to inspire confidence in our military and keep them a strong fighting force when recruits are called racists and forced to sit in lectures on Critical Race Theory, and must live amongst trans-people in a common barracks, given all of the posturing and parading these people like to do.

Under the mind-impaired presidency of Joey Biden and his third-world idea of how government should operate, our continued freedom and prosperity, as well as our constitutional rights, are in serious doubt.