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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

The Name Ocasio-Cortez Is One Of Conquest And European Privilege

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez burst upon the American scene as a poor, down-trodden, Hispanic minority child who would take advantage of her minority, mistreated status to set things right in this white-privileged and unjust nation of America. But the truth of the matter is that the ancestral name Cortez is one of great European privilege and represents the murder, rape, colonization and enslavement in much of ancient North America, Central America, South America, Cuba and other of the Caribbean Islands, that were conquered and laid to waste by the privileged Europeans that invaded those pristine environments.

When the European Conquistadors (the word means “those who conquer“) invaded the new world in search of plunder in the form of gold and spices, their massive sailing vessels and their well equipped armies of soldiers decked out in chain-mail suits of armor, allowed them to easily dominate and subjugate the indigenous peoples of the target areas they invaded.

The Cortez ancestral family name is prominent among those European names that killed innocent Indian tribes because they wanted their valuables, and they wanted Indian land on which to build splendid mansions from which to rule for centuries. One might notice that the European name of Cortez is constructed quite differently from the original Indian names of Huauchinango and Coatzacoalcos, that are to be found in parts of Mexico, and is representative of the harsh takeover of those non-threatening indigenous peoples living peacefully prior to the rapacious Cortez ancestors, and their ruthless, militaristic tactics.

To this day, the name Cortez can be found at the top of the social listings of Mexico, Cuba, Venezuela, Colombia and other nations who have not allowed the poor Indian tribes to share in the wealth that the Europeans stole from them. And one may notice that the Cortez ancestral family likely introduced Socialism and Communism to many of the former tribal-run nations (Venezuela and Cuba come to mind), and we can see that the European Cortez family profited enormously from the government controls in those nations that subjugated the indigenous peoples living there and kept them in poverty, similar to the political plans for Socialism/Communism that AOC offers America today.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez comes with much ancestral family baggage that the American left would prefer to keep hidden. Despite her pretense of coming from a simple, lower-class up-raising, we know that her family in New York was wealthy and gave her an education at a fancy northeastern college that was superior to what most American kids named Smith and Jones can afford to attend.

The colonization of the New World that the Cortez’s of old accomplished with their manufactured, engineered weapons and galleons of ships, resembles the glorious and enthusiastic burst of energy that Ms. Cortez displayed when she took over the long-held New York, Democrat House seat and began trying to remake America as though it were an old Oaxaca tribe that was ripe for the taking. But many Americans are not going to roll over for her attempted colonization of this great nation to the Democrat cause of Socialism, higher taxes, fewer liberties and the destruction of our constitution.

Everything about Ms. Cortez screams of privilege. Her first name of Alexandra is found frequently in the Imperial, ruling families of Russia and Europe, and the Ocasio-Cortez part of her name is a blending of two powerful European Conquistador names that shared the wealth of the Indian tribes from whom property was stolen. In fact it would not be surprising if one learned that the old European-Privilege name of Castro (as in Cuba’s dictator, Fidel Castro) were not allied with a Cortez at the top of the ruling families of Cuba; and how far from the Venezuelan Socialist dictators of old, with names like Chavez, Gomez, Perez and the current Maduro, can the Cortez family be, given their proclivity for ruling over poor people who cannot oppose their European privilege and be allowed to live freely.

It would seem, to a thinking person, that Ms. Cortez has much privilege to explain away as she parades around like a poverty-stricken waif who is just trying to make Americans pay for the privilege she says they took from other peoples, when the history of her own, ancient family name is replete with events she might like to apologize for.

And finally, as an up-to-date note concerning the destruction done by old colonial rulers like the Ocasio and Cortez families, the poor native populations of Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, as well as the usual Mexican suspects, are all swarming to America to escape the personal and national tragedies that old Imperial, European families, with their Socialism and anti-Capitalist propaganda, have forced on the impoverished peoples of Central America. One could conclude from the evidence of the caravans heading north to America, that the Central Americans are speaking with their feet and would prefer the American, Capitalistic privilege that offers them work and a decent life, to the Ocasio-Cortez promise to make Socialists of them and keep them poor, hungry and subjects of the big-government state that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is now offering Americans with her Venezuelan/Cuban schemes of socialistic ruling.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

When Only Leftist Blather-Heads Control Media Outlets, All You’ll Ever Hear Is Leftist Blather

One may indeed wonder why, during a time of great prosperity; at a time when more people are working than ever before; at a time when serious steps are being taken to halt illegal crossings of our border; at a time when more attempts are being made to halt crimes that are being committed by illegal aliens; at a time when most employees’ 401Ks are the largest they’ve ever been, one may well wonder why all of the news from the leftist, anti-Trump swamp-class is all negative and all anti-Trump.

The problem is that the constitutional right to report the news is left to the honesty and integrity of those entities reporting the news, and since anti-American leftists have neither honesty nor integrity, we are left to hear only the things that the leftist press wants to report, and only those things that make their side look better. Here are some examples:

We know told that President Trump  has a 45 percent approval rating, but when the blathering class speaks of his approval rating they always lie that it’s less than 40 percent and rapidly approaching the damning 30-percent level. And they’ll never, ever, tell the reader or the viewer that Nancy Pelosi’s favorability rating is at the rock bottom, and is much worse than President Trump’s.

President Trump, who alone among the responsible officials in the government shutdown, has been willing to negotiate the issues that caused the shutdown, makes an offer that will hopefully get Democrats to the table, temporarily ends the government shutdown and puts government employees back to work, and the lying press reports that Trump has caved.

In 2018 the liberal press told us repeatedly that there was no Central American caravan approaching our border, even as the Fox cameras showed images of this north-ward movement. And when the caravan got to Tijuana and caused major havoc there, the press was completely silent, and quickly switched to coverage of the alleged crimes of the American border agents when they opposed a violent attack on the border by the very caravanistos whom the blathering press told us didn't exist.

President Trump gets a nineteen-point favorability gain from Hispanics because of his firm stance on putting a wall on our southern border, and the blathering press is silent.

Black and Hispanic employment levels are the highest in history, but the blathering class ignores this marvel and continues to complain about black economic troubles and the racism of Donald Trump.

The blathering class complains about the separation of children from their parents as families illegally cross the border, and they are silent about the fact that the Obama administration did exactly the same thing, because that’s the law.

The United States is safer from terrorism now that President Trump has devastated ISIS, and the blathering class is silent.

Kamala Harris states that we need to stop the illegal flow of deadly drugs into America, and the blathering class fails to mention that this subject is a major part of the Trump administration’s plan for border control.

Kamala Harris claims that prison reform is needed in America, and the blathering class fails to remind her that President Trump has just passed such a measure, at his personal guidance through the lengthy process.

The blathering class is gleeful about former Trump associates being indicted by Robert Mueller, but fail to mention that the indictments are for process “crimes” and have nothing to do with Russian collusion nor with President Trump personally; and they also fail to mention that Hillary colluded directly with Russia on her Uranium One deal (which profited her with more than one hundred million dollars) and that the FBI director himself on July 5, 2016 told the nation that the FBI had solid evidence that she had broken numerous laws, many of which were violation of national security.

And of course when the blathering class sees a story that is favorable to Trump they spike it and never let it see the light of day, which is a direct violation of the constitutional duties of the press, which is to report the “news“.

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Libs Are About To Explode, And AOC Is The Slow-Thinking Fuse That Will Blow Them Up

AOC is so young that she is unaware of the decades of environmental leftists who have previously predicted global warming doom within 5 years, or 10 years, or 15 years, and her ignorance of things that have come before the present day is making her look like a fool with her new 12-years-to-destruction prediction. But at least her time frame is unique, although still ridiculous.

Beginning in the 1970s we have listened to a series of leftists who were unable to get their act together and give us an idea of what they were really predicting, starting with a new ice age dooming the earth, then they switched to a series of predictions of global warming, then climate change, and all of these new and improved predictions differing greatly on when their total destruction would occur and the devastation they would cause.

Carl Sagan, Paul Ehrlich, Ted Danson, Al Gore, Prince Charles, dozens of Hollywood people who have played scientists in movies, and various Democrat politicians who are salivating at the chance to raise the taxes of all Americans and use our economy to take a severe hit, have made their own predictions. These anti-capitalist and anti-American attempts to impose Socialism on the wealthiest nation in the world are similar to the recent violent events in France, with President Marcon’s misguided plans to increase taxes on gasoline in order to stop the lie of Global Warming. These planned tax increases caused the Les Gilets Jaunes riots that continue to this day in France. Leaders intent on dictatorial powers and command-economy dreams always impose strict rules and higher taxes on the plain working people of their nations, and dream fondly of where they will waste all of this new tax money once it is forced, at risk of imprisonment, from the earnings of  their citizens.

All of the ridiculous prophecies of leftists about enormous warming caused by simply driving our family automobiles have been proven wrong, and all of the previous threats of doom in 5 or 15 years have all come and gone with no dire climactic developments that have doomed the world. Leftists have never thought once that, even if a climactic warming increase is approaching, a slowly rising temperature will allow farmers around the world to grow more food for the increasing number of hungry mouths being born into the world each year. A slow increase in temperature is all that has ever been predicted by environmental scientists, with a small increase in temperature being felt in 50 or 60 years, until political scalawags like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez began pitching her bull-crap of imminent disaster. Someone should tell the good lady that we adults have heard all of this ridiculous hyperbole before and we will not fall into line and have the likes of this leftist fool lead us to national disaster with her little 12-year warning.

The lovely and youthful MS. Cortez is so inexperienced and so stupid in her pronouncements that everyone will eventually recognize her intellectual shortcomings as she continues to spew “progressive“ jargon, and her meteoric rise in the Democrat party will burn out, at which time she’ll fizzle as her ideas are buried in the trash-heap of history, along with the Socialist government of Venezuela. One fears that Ms. Cortez, and her co-conspirator, Elizabeth Warren, will cause the formation of an American Les Gilets Rouge as United States citizens tire of our Socialistic, wealthy home-grown leftists trying to deny us our constitutional rights to freely seek our own happiness and prosperity and to be left alone by our ever-more-intrusive, bloated, government.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Joy Behar Revealed More Than She Intended

Recently the lovely, talented, and demented, Joy Behar, she of the television show The View, of which she is the major screeching member, accidentally exposed to Americans the future maneuvering of the radical, Trump-hating, Democrat party.

When asked why liberal Democrats are so quick to criticize anything Republicans do, and everything that Trump does, she admitted that Democrats  are so “desperate” to get rid of Trump that they will over-react, always negatively and often violently, to anything he does.

So now we all know how Democrats will react to any news related to Trump or his policies, even when his policies are exactly what Democrats have previously asked for and often have received, and we can expect them to become outraged and violent on many more occasions during the next two years of Trump’s first term. And may the Lord help defend us against the aberrant reactions of the insane Democrats if Trump is re-elected for a second term.

And looking beyond Joy Behar to other freaky leftist happenings, another revealing thing that has come to light since the Catholic boys had the gall to wear MAGA caps at the Lincoln Memorial: it’s become obvious that radical Democrats have nothing but ridicule and disgust for Christianity, especially Catholicism, but they worship drum-beating, chant-slurring Indians like the lying Nathan Phillips and his pretend religion, who softly attacked the school children in DC. And liberals adore people of the Muslim faith with its mistreatment of women and its radical Sharia law. So now we know everything we need to know about liberals: they hate traditional religions and will oppose everything Trump wants, which is exactly what led to the just-ended government shutdown, even though President Trump has offered the Democrats nearly everything they have asked for in an attempt to get them to the negotiating table, because he insists on a defensive wall along our southern border.

And additionally, when CNN’s Savannah Guthrie thanked Nathan Phillips for his service in Viet Nam (he didn’t serve in Viet Nam, and aside from Phillips’ own personal dishonesty for not making it clear that the intentional liberal lie of his foreign military service was incorrect, and for Ms. Guthrie’s professional failure to know of and expose this critical fact, when was the last time you ever heard a Washington liberal go gratuitously out of their way to thank a Christian American for his/her service in the military, and especially for service in Viet Nam?) he made no effort to correct the record and tell her that all of his service was state-side, and often in the brig, but let the lie slide in his own lying self-interest.

Friday, January 25, 2019

For The First Time In My Life, I’m Ashamed To Be An American

My experience in life has been very different from that of Michelle Obama, so the title of this piece is similar to, but the reverse of, Mrs. Obama’s statement asserting her pride in America, when her husband was nominated for the presidency.

Early Friday morning, in the most hate-Trump maneuver possible, CNN was alerted to a raid on the home of Roger Stone, who at one time worked for Donald Trump. CNN, of course, has cameras, and optics are one of the most valuable things to sway public opinion. And since, so far, Mueller has been unable to get collusion evidence against President Trump, they chose to get video images of armed FBI agents breaking into the home of the peaceful, non-threatening, Mr. Stone. So now the Democrat-generated, abuse of Trump evidence, can be run 24-hours a day in an attempt to persuade stupid people who don’t know how to think for themselves, that President Trump is guilty as charged.

The hope of Trump-haters is that the video will convict Stone of lying to the FBI without any collusion having been found and no charges brought, and they hope the arrest will sink President Trump in the court of public opinion and reduce his support with the American public.

The whole Mueller two-year, phony collusion episode is an outrage against American values, with the lying Hillary Clinton, who did indeed commit numerous crimes, and flagrantly lied under oath, floating free, and Trump’s non-criminal associates being persecuted by the FBI.

What is happening to America when out-right political persecution is being waged against a legally elected president because he is hated by the Democrat swamp in Washington? How can any American ever again trust the FBI and the Department of Justice to obey the law given their attempts to persecute someone holding a differing political opinion from their own?

The FBI obviously alerted CNN to the Stone raid in order to get public opinion on their side and to widely distribute the raid, and get the images out in the public sphere because they are dedicated to removing Donald Trump from office, whatever the cost.

The future of justice in America frightens me after the series of outrages we’ve seen aimed at removing Trump from office, and I’m ashamed of a government that would use questionable law enforcement procedures, that formerly only third-world Banana Republics used, to get their political enemies.

May God help this nation survive all of the filth practicing the law in the Washington swamp.

Is Our Nancy, Getting A Little Antsy?

The beloved and oh-so religious Nancy Pelosi, she who believes that murderers in the form of MS-13 gang members have a “spark of divinity” in them, and that massive numbers of abortions performed by Planned Parenthood to salvage and resell human body parts is acceptable public policy, and who additionally believes that the walls that surround her home, as well as the walls that surround her place of work, are good for keeping bad guys from her personal environments, but that President Trump‘s border wall, designed to protect all Americans from bad guys, is “immoral”, must be getting a little antsy now that several of her fellow Democrat House members have publicly stated that they believe they should start negotiating with President Trump about the wall that he insists be built along our southern border.

Especially disconcerting to Ms. Pelosi would be the high favorable rating of 45% that President Trump enjoys, despite the unending collusion investigation and the endless bad-mouth the leftist media give Trump.

Also a thorn in her side is the fact that there is no evidence that Trump supporters are deserting the president on the issue of the wall, nor the issue of keeping the government closed in order to get the corrupt Democrats to come to the negotiating table. But the out-of-work government employees must be wondering what Nancy is thinking by being AWOL on her endless vacations and for not discussing the shutdown with the president, while they see their credit ratings being destroyed and their homes are being repossessed.

Nancy’s horrible optics cannot be helping her in her struggle with the president: as soon as the shutdown was announced she flew off to Hawaii for a little vacation; then we saw Democrats, en-mass, laying idly on the beach in Puerto Rico; then we saw Nancy and her pals trying to take a Euro-cation while 800,000 Democrat employees were out of jobs and not receiving paychecks because she would not talk to Trump about the issues surrounding the shutdown; then Trump issued a statement giving Democrats almost everything they have ever asked for regarding the issue of immigration, and still our Nancy will not talk to President Trump about protecting American citizens against caravans and hoards of foreigners who are storming our borders.

So the heat is being turned up on Nancy.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

From The Dossier, to BuzzFeed, To Catholic MAGA Caps, Are Americans Finally Aware Of The Destruction Being Done By Liberals?

Americans have finally been shown the lack of honesty and truth in today’s main stream, radical and hateful media. The Steele Dossier was false but was nevertheless used to persecute, and hopefully prosecute, Donald Trump and his supporters.

BuzzFeed lied about Trump and his allegedly telling his lawyer to lie to congress about dealings with Russia. But the fake news gang played follow-the-leader, like good little Communist boys and girls, and picked up the story and told America that President Trump was guilty and would soon be impeached, removed from office and sent to jail.

The Covington Catholic boys and their MAGA caps were simply by-standers watching and old Indian man, who lied about being a Viet Nam Veteran in order to get favorable publicity for his nasty behavior, when he confronted the Covington students while beating on a tom-tom and chanting phony Indian drivel. And at the same time there was a group of  black “Israelite” activists trying to get the students to react to their racial taunts in a violent manner. The Covington students were just exercising their freedom of speech by wearing their caps (freedom of speech is still a constitutionally protected exercise even if the speech favors Trump), but the left-loving press dumped on the boys accusing them of actions, and perhaps crimes, that were subsequently shown to be lies. The American press won’t let their lying reports stop them from publishing even more lies, and we all now know that the original saturation negative coverage of these young men was a total fabrication. And perhaps even more compelling are the lies and racial overtones that the press loves to spread when they can indict conservatives, but absolutely prohibit when the persons guilty of racism are leftists.

Donald Trump is in the process of disassembling the radical, leftist and unconstitutional Democrat, swamp policies established by Barack Obama, and the corrupt press cannot  allow him to proceed for two more years to return America to its pre-Obama liberties and wealth. When we look into radical, Democrat, anti-Trump political thinking and its idiocy, we come across a statement from Joy Behar when she said that the reason leftists jump at every opportunity to criticize President Trump is that they are “desperate” to get rid of him. Her  statement proves that the left cannot even imagine the damage their emotional outrages are causing the nation. When Barack Obama made known his intentions to “fundamentally transform America”, conservatives expressed their fear of what his administration could do to our  democracy, but we didn’t generate entirely made-up documents and events from whole cloth. And even when it was discovered that Obama was actually colluding with Russia, with his plea to Russian Prime Minister Medvedev to tell Putin that he needed more time to get re-elected before he could satisfy Putin’s demands on America’s foreign policy, there was no outrage about “Russian collusion” and not even so much as a yawn from CNN or The New York Times; they simply ignored it. So on top of wondering how serious and concerned the American left is about Trump’s alleged collusion, one seriously wonders exactly what promises Obama made to Vladimir Putin, and exactly what tithes to the Russian dictator he actually did make at America’s expense.

Everything happening in the news today is a horrible joke being played on this great nation, and it must stop soon.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Poor Little Adam Schiff, Sitting On A Plane With His Big-Boy Pants On

Pity the poor Democrats, all decked out for a party in Brussels, but their plans vaporize when President Trump yanks the plane out from under them, and all because of the government shutdown and the Democrats’ refusal to negotiate with Trump about his area of special concentration: a protective wall along our southern border.

After witnessing Nancy Pelosi flying off to Hawaii just as the shutdown began; then watching a gaggle of Democrats laying about on the beach in Puerto Rico while 800,000 government employees are without paychecks, the Democrats are having a bad photo week. And most recently, add to these scandals a crew of Democrats-only, planning to take a multi-nation junket, at government expense, while government employees are still out of work, and you have a bunch of fools in your sights.

Ya gotta love President Trump and his ability to stymie the likes of  our unconscious Democrats with his moves from left field. The arrogant Nancy Pelosi never saw it coming, even though she started it by uninviting President Trump to the annual and traditional State of the Union address. When Nancy made her SOTU-denial move the leftist press thought this action was genius, splendid and tres clever. But when Trump one-ups her with his very well-aimed move of denying her military aircraft to go to Afghanistan for photo-ops, the lying press call him childish and vindictive. But how can the shutdown be negotiated and government employees put back to work if half of the negotiating team, Nancy and her fellow-non-travelers, are not in town to negotiate?

All dressed up for  a Euro-cation, California Democrat, little Adam Schiff, seemed very put out at being denied the trip that his position justified. But aside from the Brussels outing, Nancy and her pals were also going to Afghanistan so they could be seen talking, oh-so seriously, with the military personnel stationed there, and I’ll bet Little Adam Schiff even bought a desert camouflage outfit equipped with epaulets and a canteen strap to show his solidarity with our soldiers, marines and air force personnel who are serving in Afghanistan. Having his photo taken with American citizens who risk their lives every day guarding American interests around the world is the closest he’ll ever get to living with the discomfort and danger that the military experiences every day of their lives.

Go Trump!!

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Democrats Have A Bizarro, Contra-Reality View Of The World

The visceral fear and anger Democrats suffered after Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 presidential election, along with the Democrats’ idiotic, unfounded hate of Donald Trump, has led them to a bad, dark place where up-is-down, good-is-bad and right-is-wrong in their political judgment.

Below are some examples of the current Democrat derangement:

Black members of the House and Senate forever and endlessly call Republicans racists. These black members in the federal legislature were freely elected to their positions and have every right and privilege in those elected positions as any white member has, and yet these fool people call the whites who make no effort to keep them from their elected duties, “racists”!

Donald Trump tries to get a budget approved by Congress that will  allow the construction of a wall to protect Americans from invaders who freely cross our southern border, and Democrats call this effort “immoral”!

The Democrat party, the party of Jim Crow, the party of three-fifths of a person, the party of Democrat governors standing in school house doors to keep black children out, the party of the KKK, the party that dallied and delayed the passing of the Civil Rights Act for years, has the gall to call Republicans “racists”!

Police officers are killed frequently by illegal aliens and Democrats will not allow a wall to be built to keep these murderers out of our nation.

Nancy Pelosi refuses to meet with family members of victims killed by illegal aliens, and she pretends to want border security? Democrats, led by the filth of Pelosi, don’t give a damn about the suffering of American citizens; all they want is to unseat Donald Trump, and if a few more people have to die in that effort, that’s fine with them.

Men have given us the Polio vaccine, air conditioning, forced-air heating, the Empire State building, the Golden Gate bridge, the automobile, jet aircraft, the Nineteenth amendment to the constitution, they gave us the Constitution of the United States that certifies our liberties, a military force that has kept the United States as safe as anywhere in the world, yet Democrats call men “toxic” simply on the basis of their masculinity!

Recently a CNN analyst, Areva Martin, accused conservative radio host David Webb, on his own radio program, of benefiting from his “White Privilege”. Mr. Webb is proudly black, and conservative, and this idiocy of considering a black man to have white privilege proves that this kind of name-calling by leftists has no basis in fact and is just a tool to attack anyone liberals don’t agree with.

Immediately following the government shutdown, Nancy Pelosi flew off to Hawaii for a little vacation, and a slew of Democrats went to Puerto Rico to relax and meet with their rich Washington swamp donors. This fiasco proves that Democrats are the obstacle to achieving an agreement that could end the government shutdown. Donald Trump was at his desk ready to negotiate, but the Democrats were out-to-lunch, lounging on a beach somewhere and abusing President Trump for not behaving responsibly.

And on a related issue of leftist self-identity and the harm it can do to women, leftist, radical, Democrat toxicity should be considered when men who pretend to be women use the latest liberal self-identity fad in order to compete with women in athletic arenas and sporting events. As one might well expect, the stronger, larger, more muscled men beat the women they compete against in these competitions. But no woman is allowed to complain because feminists support and celebrate this very unbalanced sort of competition. One can feel the frustration of a girl or a woman who trains hard in her elected sporting event, and is then defeated by a man who identifies as a woman. This latest fad of the radical left is hurting women, and as a man, I think the way feminists treat women is pure crap.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Enemies Of The People: Democrats Aid And Abet Illegal Alien Criminals And Murderers

Democrats knowingly and willingly, purely for their own personal political purposes, are allowing crimes to be committed, and are doing nothing to halt or even lessen this terrible national tragedy. The sanctuary city scam is the most obvious outrage, where Democrats allow people from every nation on the globe, to cross our southern border illegally to prey on people in America, citizens and non-citizens alike. These good people are preyed upon by the newly-arrived illegal criminal class that the Democrats urge to come from Central America.

Democrats are so dependent on a fresh dependent class to vote for them and their big-government welfare state, that they will allow, and even specifically invite, the suffering  millions of people in order to get caravans of thousands of travelers to plod north to the promised land that Democrats have created in their sanctuary enclaves.

At present there is a government shutdown, caused by Democrats, who in their desperation for a dependent Democrat voter class, oppose President Trump’s urgent insistence on building a protective barrier along the southern border of the United States in order to keep out people who will burden our nation with disease, joblessness and crime if they are not blocked from entry by a sufficiently strong wall or fence.  Democrats claim to want national security but contend that the wall is immoral and will not work, a claim that was shockingly proven wrong by one of President Trump’s most ardent, in-your-face opponents and critics, CNN’s Jim Acosta, when he walked along a stretch of the border in Texas that already is protected by a fence and noted that there were no illegals trying to cross where the fence is located. Mr. Acosta didn’t realize that he was making the president’s point for him: walls work to keep unwelcome people out.

Meanwhile, while Democrats refuse to give President Trump the tools and the money he needs to protect life and property in America, we hear reports of a new and larger caravan leaving Honduras bound for America, which means that more thousands of poor people will make the dangerous trek the length of Mexico, putting more women at risk of rape, and more children at risk of disease, death and slavery at the hands of criminals watching the caravans’ every move. Democrats are directly responsible for the suffering of these unfortunate people because they encourage them to come to America illegally and become the new Democrat voting base, and if the last caravan is any example, the citizens of Tijuana will also be forced to suffer as these additional thousands of people hit a dead end at the border and become a burden for Mexican citizens.

With the almost daily listing of crimes, rapes and murders committed by people in our nation illegally, one would think that this national emergency would get the support of honest citizens and politicians on the political left, to end the government shutdown by backing President Trump’s plan to defend our border from any further invasion with a stable barrier, but Democrat politicians are anything but honest and seek to keep the border open only to further increment their voting base in light of too many existing residents and American citizens not favoring the divisive Democrat party and its plot to raise taxes, create a socialist state of failure and suffering, further divide Americans along lines of false self-identity, and undermine the 2016 election with corrupt, FBI-prosecuted crimes against a duly elected president by spying on him and by generating evidence from whole cloth to try to get him indicted and removed from office; kind of like a third world banana republic would do.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Washington Calls Shutdown Awful And Is No Longer A “Fun-Employment” Opportunity

So now that employees of the federal government are without a paycheck for the first time, Chuck and Nancy claim that the evil Donald Trump is responsible for the employees’ pain because he will not approve a budget that does not include money for a border wall to protect the American border with Mexico. One wonders why Nancy Pelosi doesn’t remind the check-less government employees of the great, unique and mind-expanding opportunity they have at the moment to really enjoy themselves while unemployed and unpaid.

During the Obama years, and the high level of unemployment Americans experienced during those dark days, Nancy missed no occasion in which she could tell people who couldn’t find jobs of the wonderful chance they have to do things they could not do when they had to work all day. She reminded them of the hikes they could take; the pictures they could paint in order to get back in touch with their younger selves; the poetry they could write, now that they don’t have to worry about driving in rush-hour traffic each day. They could consider their lack of employment as “fun-employment“, not unemployment.

The DC swamp’s leaders in the Democrat party are causing great danger and uncertainty to spread across America by not being willing to pay the relatively insignificant sum that President Trump wants, in order to build a wall to protect our southern border from invaders from foreign countries.

So I would advise the government employees, most, or all of whom, vote Democrat in order to keep the government as large as possible and to keep spending deficit money beyond anything this nation can ever repay, to enjoy their “fun-employment” and learn to re-create themselves, just like we lesser, unsophisticated beings out here in fly-over country were encouraged to do by Ms. Pelosi during the years when Barack Obama tried his best to “fundamentally transform America”.

America’s elite rulers are not getting paychecks and the rest of us are supposed to shed tears? Having been without a paycheck once before during a union strike in my own work life, I have no tears to shed for a government that refuses to protect the citizens of this nation from a virtual invasion from every nation in the world, coming at us from south of the border.

Friday, January 11, 2019

American Democrats Are Suckers For The Lie Of Socialism

Venezuela is a perfect example of what the United States fought against in World War II
and in the cold war with the Soviet Union. Venezuela has become a totally impoverished and destroyed nation since its conversion to Socialism, with its citizens trying to escape in the millions in order to get any kind of healthcare and to buy some food for their families, and Venezuela’s  transformation to Socialism was done peacefully, but without public discussion or agreement, when the former dictator, Hugo Chavez, took Socialist control of the formerly fantastically wealthy Venezuelan oil industry and edicted price and wage controls across the entire nation. Chavez’s dictatorial acts ended up killing the goose (in this case the goose was the individual liberty of each Venezuelan citizen) that laid the golden egg.

In America, some of the more radical Democrat members of the newly seated House of Representatives are proposing Socialist, or even perhaps Communist, revisions to our entire economic system. These fool people are proposing these dangerous and destructive changes while living in and enjoying the greatest capitalist economic system in the world, built under our form of Capitalism, when all of the evidence available and all of the nations that have resorted to Socialism would tell them that the economic positions of Socialism never work, and never improve the economic welfare of the nations’ citizens. In fact Socialism is so destructive to the liberty and the comfort of the captive citizens of nations that try it, that dictatorial control usually follows as the public tires of its lack of liberty and the poverty that nearly always resorts from any Socialist rule. Getting rid of Capitalism will plunge the United States into devastating poverty, just like Chavez’s tampering with the economic status quo did to Venezuela.

 But dictator Chavez never suffered after he took over Venezuela and made the nation devastatingly poor. The portly Chavez appeared to put on weight each time a photo was published of him, while it’s been reported that the average Venezuelan citizen lost 20 pounds of body weight last year due to a shortage of food, and I believe that our Democrat congresspersons are being Chavez-like with their proposals: making themselves more powerful and wealthy at the expense of the other 300,000,000 Americans. Liberals are not very smart people, and rarely think at all about the outcome of things they propose to force on American citizens.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

How Is A Government Shutdown Different From A Private Company Union Strike?

The issue of government employees not getting checks during a government shutdown is nothing new in America.  Union strikes are all too common, and union members don’t get paid during the time the union conducts a strike. One thing in the favor of government employees while out on a shutdown is that they will be paid for the time they were out of work, once the shutdown is ended.  Non-government employees don’t have this cushy, elitist benefit.

One would like to know the reasoning for this favoring of government employees, who do get paid after-the-fact, at the expense of private sector union members, who do not get paid while they’re idle. After all, it can reasonably be argued that when government shutdowns are called for budgetary disagreements, the future wage increases of government employees is part of the outcome of the shutdown of their jobs, just the same as the union members’ pay is an outcome of the strike. And sometimes the union members do not get a pay raise at the end of the strike, much less an after-the-fact paycheck; it depends on the negotiations that the union officials and the company management finally agree to.

In matters of private industry labor relations, the union usually makes the decision to strike in order to get more money or better benefits for its members, while in the current government shutdown we’re experiencing, the Democrat leadership made the decision to not give necessary and asked-for money to President Trump so he could build a much-needed wall on our southern border. And since the government employees are largely Democrat party members, they can just blame Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer for causing their wage interruption while the Democrat politicians mope and complain about the latest evil to hit America; Donald Trump and his insistence on protecting the American citizens with a barrier that will block, or at least impede, illegal entrance into the United States.

If Democrat party members, those who are also, as regards the subject of this piece,  government employees, are sufficiently upset about being out of work during the Democrat-caused shutdown, they need to start voting Republican in future elections and get rid of the Democrat vermin who are destroying America with their hate-anything-Trump idiotic positions, and who are leaving our borders open to any diseased, child-molesting, criminal element who want to come here and collect Democrat-promised goodies the rest of their lives.

And we need to stop giving government employees back-pay just because they lacked sufficient foresight to vote Republican, which vote may have avoided the current shutdown that under Democrat leadership seems to have been inevitable, given the radical rabble dominant in the Democrat party leadership.

Democrats Put Emphasis On A Non-Motive Object (a gun), And Ignore The Motive Force that Pulled The Trigger (the illegal alien)

Democrats ignore the evidence of the need for a border wall even after they learn of the killings of valuable citizens like Kate Steinle and Officer Ronil Singh, and Democrats are too embedded in their racist rhetoric to allow themselves to be very concerned about the killings of Americans by illegal aliens, who should never be here in the first place. Illegal aliens get an automatic pass where their crimes and illegalities are concerned. But let one person be injured by a pistol held by an American citizen, and liberals are in motion immediately demanding that all guns be removed from all citizens, even citizens who have not broken any law nor misused a weapon of any kind.

It’s baffling how Democrats overlook the person and the finger that pulled the non-motive trigger in any instance of an illegal alien who has murdered someone, but concentrate on the non-motive trigger of the gun as being the culprit when a non-alien is the shooter.

In general, Democrats often seem uncertain and confused about the world they live in.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Three Observations On America’s Current Political Idiocy

1) What religious faith does Mitt Romney practice? Answer: moron.
He may indeed be a practicing Mormon, and I have no problem with that, but he’s also a moron for his recent nasty, unsophisticated and un-Senatorial, statements about President Trump.

2) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants America to practice “good” Socialism, not “bad” Socialism. You know, only the good kind. Maybe some CNN anchor can ask her to name the nation that is practicing “good” socialism and then have her indicate that nation on a map. Even Sweden is backing away swiftly from the cradle-to-grave Socialism that liberals everywhere have raved about for decades; giveaways will work for a while, but then you run out of other people’s money to spend and the real world smacks you right in the face.
Ms AOC also believes in her heart of hearts that each of us must “pay our fair share” equally in the area of taxes. But she is only interested in adhering to this worn out leftist idea of paying your own fair share when she’s talking about taxing high achievers, because when it comes time to pay for the healthcare we all need, and when it’s time to sign up and pay the tuition for college, Ms Cortez wants these particular costs to be picked up by big government, not by the individuals who will benefit from them. So much for long-held opinion of paying one’s own share.

3) Radical feminists repeatedly express the notion that America needs more women in the various legislatures throughout the nation because men have not been giving women “adequate representation“. But I seem to recall that the nineteenth amendment to the constitution, which gave women the right to vote, was passed by all-male legislators, mainly on the Republican side of the aisle since Democrats fought it tooth and nail. So yeah, it looks like men have really mistreated women all these years since giving them the vote in 1920.
On the other hand, during the Senate judicial hearings last year in which Brett Kavanaugh was accused of sexually attacking a woman 35 years in the past, female members of that Senate committee said that they accepted, without any doubt and with no need for Mr. Kavanaugh to even attempt to, nor be allowed to, defend himself, the accusation of one woman who claimed she had been attacked by Kavanaugh, for which there was never any confirmation nor proof found that she was telling the truth. In fact the female committee members said that based solely on the charges, Mr. Kavanaugh should be required to ask the FBI to fully investigate him on these unsubstantiated charges.
So my impression from the 2018 Kavanaugh hearings is that female legislators are on the war path against males in general, with one Senator from Hawaii telling men to “shut up” and get used to it, and I fully expect that the attitudes of radical feminist Democrat legislators is so radically anti-male, that men will be very poorly “represented” by our increasingly female federal legislatures in the future.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

What Will Democrats Do When…..

What will Democrats do when the non-political Joe Blow out in Kansas realizes the fake news press has been lying to him about the non-existent Russian collusion?

What will Democrats do when the House vote to impeach Trump is successful but the Senate vote to convict fails, or when the Democrats fail to even bring a vote to impeach in the House because they know that the evidence and the proof of wrong-doing just isn’t there? The party of Barack Obama has been raving about impeachment for so long, with no evidence at all to back them up, that if they aren’t able to remove our president, they’ll be toast.

What will Democrats do when Hillary voters begin to see through the veil of Democrat lies and realize that President Trump is a reasonable, sensible man in spite of the insane rantings by the likes of Maxine Waters and of every CNN panel?

What will Democrats do when they learn that President Trump’s policies and achievements are really quite vast and impressive, and are a benefit to every American, and that they have been lied to for over two years about this man being the devil?

What will Democrats do when they’ve heard enough filthy-mouth directed at President Trump by Democrat politicians and suddenly realize that Democrats are vapid fools and not serious, thoughtful people with the best interests of the American citizens at heart?

What will Democrats do when the truth hits them that President Trump’s insistence on a federal budget that includes the money to build a border wall is in the best interest of all citizens, and that it’s the intransigence and obstinacy of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer that is causing a government shutdown which is keeping government employees from getting a paycheck?

What will Democrats do when their followers realize that it was Donald Trump who warned Central Americans to not try to cross our borders, and it was the likes of Pelosi, Cortez, Waters and Tlaib who encouraged them to continue to approach America, which resulted directly in the deaths of several Central American children? Democrats are still insisting that more illegal aliens come to America, which will lead to more weak, sick children being forced to cross the mountains and deserts of Mexico and possibly dying en route, in Tijuana or in some American emergency facility, and all this suffering is happening in order to assure more political power for Democrats.

What will Democrats do when people like Congresswoman Cortez, who argues aggressively that Israel is just an invader of the nation of Palestine and wants international pressure to remove them from that occupying stance; or Nancy Pelosi, who, in spite of all evidence to the contrary, believes that walls or fences don’t work to keep invaders out of the protected area and that walls are “immoral”? Can demonic Democrat politicians possibly address serious issues of national importance like the threat of China or the threat of the spread of disease that accompanies the illegal and uncontrolled crossing of our southern border by diseased people from third world countries? The current Democrat leadership is awash with weak-minded, uninformed people who only seek political power with their cursing and holier-than-thou posturing, which is weakening America in a very dangerous world.

What will Democrats do when they hear a sufficient description of Congresswoman Cortez’s true policy ideas of leftist, Socialist nonsense and realize that she is a total fool?

What will Democrats do when enough evidence leaks through the fake news organizations to permit them to realize that sanctuary cities are destructive to the very people they pretend to protect, as well as being destructive to the nation, and that they undermine the stability of our entire society?

What will Democrats do when Robert Mueller wraps up his fool’s errand of an investigation, and the uninformed and lied-to public sees Donald Trump walk away free and clean as the breeze, with no indictment resulting from over two years of intense and expensive investigations?

When the Democrat hate-filled rhetoric and filthy talk against President Trump finally comes to an end at some point, the Democrat party will begin to look like Bill and Hillary Clinton, who thought that their lies, their glamour and their magic would last forever, launched their infamous speaking tour in late 2018, only to find that no one wanted to hear more crap from these two bozos, and their audiences evaporated, and the price of a ticket to hear these two fools tell more lies about themselves dropped from $170.00 each to $6.00, and then to zero.

But Democrats live in a different world and they are incapable of learning, because they are incapable of listening.

Friday, January 4, 2019

In A World Of Immature, Vulgar, Hateful, Inappropriate Democrat Politicians, Trump Seems Almost Milktoast Normal

We all know of the insane rants of Maxine Waters and her “impeach 45” diatribe.

We all know of Nancy Pelosi’s opposition to an “immoral” wall on our southern border, and her idiotic statement that the MS13 murderers that Trump is trying to remove from our nation have a “spark of divinity” about them.

We’ve all heard the black members of congress call President Trump a Hitler and a racist in spite of the fact that Trump won a greater share of black voters in the 2016 presidential election than ever before and has created more jobs for black citizens than ever before in history, yet they still hate our president.

We’ve all heard radical California congressmen Eric Swalwell and Adam Schiff repeatedly state, with no evidence to back them up at all, that Trump colluded with Russia and that he will be impeached as soon as they take power. It’s comforting to know that radical leftists who have already made up their minds as to Trump’s guilt, will sit in judgment of him while they pretend to hear the evidence against him in an impeachment hearing.

We’ve all heard, or read the print or electronic press state, that Trump’s comments and tweets prove his unworthiness to occupy the Oval Office, mainly because he has stood up to them, called them fake, and has proven that they are just a bunch of radical leftists when attacking him and his administration .

The latest outrage, and it goes a long way to prove that Democrats should hold no public offices of power ever again, was from newly elected, Democrat congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, when she shouted that Democrats will “impeach the motherf*cker”. This woman can be trusted to faithfully judge the guilt or innocence of no one.

In the middle of all of the formerly unheard-of trash talk and abuse waged against our president from leftists, Donald Trump seems to be as normal as the guy next door, and his words are a breath of fresh air to starved Republican ears.

When you consider that Democrats hate Trump, first of all for winning the latest presidential election; then for improving employment statistics for the nation; then reining in North Korea and its nuclear development;  then causing the ballooning of everyone’s 401K;  then for defeating ISIS; then for cutting wasteful and job-killing federal regulations; then for having higher approval ratings than either congress or the press; then for lowering taxes on all Americans; then for exposing and presenting the lies that the fake-news press tells about him; then standing up against the sanctuary cities rabble following the many crimes committed by illegal aliens against peaceful American citizens, and the recent killing of a police officer in California, one can understand why they hate the man who has exposed their lies and their weaknesses and has easily demonstrated how to successfully govern a nation.

And last but not least, they hate Trump for insisting that American citizens be protected by a wall along our southern border and for causing a very non-painful and bland government shutdown, because Democrats insist on opening the border to all poor and diseased people in the world who want to come here and vote for Democrats, forever, in order to get a string of goodies from them in exchange for their votes.

It’s easy to understand the opposition of Democrats to Trump because his ideas help Americans lead a better, wealthier, more secure life, and his policies liberate citizens from dependence on the DC swamp, and from forced dependence on handouts from the Democrat party.