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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Me Thinks John Brennan Doth Protest Too Much

Maintaining the principle that the best defense is a good offense, former CIA Chief and a past voter for American Communist politicians, John Brennan, has been critical and abusive of Donald Trump and his unorthodox way of running government (which is to say Trump uses principles of logic, the constitution and  policies that will work, all of which are foreign to Brennan and other swamp dwellers).

But now that even The New York Times has spilled the beans on the Obama administration and its attempts to get the goods on Trump by having paid informers spy on his campaign staff, Brennan is threatening Trump with unspecified punishment if he continues to try to bring justice and fair pay back to American government and politics.  Mr. Brennan is making himself look foolish by criticizing the very things in Trump that the American people voted for and want to succeed.

One suspects that Brennan fears for his own continued liberty as his lying words, and the under-oath words of many of his leftist colleagues, are considered in the current investigation into the cover-up and the actual commission of the Obama-era political crimes and misdeeds.

If only Hillary had won the White House none of this honesty and transparency would have happened, and the Obama culprits could have sat back and enjoyed the good life at the expanse of America’s future and prosperity. But Donald Trump won, totally unexpectedly, and now the crimes of the left are being exposed, and the rats are beginning to scramble for the protection of darkness. Mr. Brennan’s threats against President Trump are a waste of his odious breath, and hopefully soon, Mr. Brennan will be frog-walked to his jail cell where he can bask in the glow of his formerly lofty, big-shot government perch, where he can fondly recall his abuse of his political opponents, done with impunity, and smile while they protested and twisted in agony at being denied the constitutional rights and protection that were lavished on Democrat operatives.

One hopes the likes of John Brennan rot in hell for the political crimes they have committed. Judgment day is coming, and the truth shall set us all free. Well, all except John Brennan.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Democrats: The Original Dumb And Dumber

In case you haven’t heard the most recent pan-Democrat position, and one hopes that their position is carried into the November mid-terms and the subsequent 2020 general elections, but Democrats, all of them, think that the murderous gang of MS13 are good people who have a “spark of divinity” and deserve respect as humans, per the expressed opinion of the idiot Nancy Pelosi. Democrats took this position in response to Donald Trump’s remark that his administration will make every effort to rid our nation of MS13 because they are “animals”. Of course Democrats will blindly take up the opposite position to any position Trump takes, and since they originally pretended that Trump was talking about all immigrants with his “animals” remark, they tore into him and are now in too deep to admit that they too despise the MS13 animals, so they press ahead and continue their opposition to anything he says.

What in the hell are these stupid, idiotic people in the Democrat party thinking, and what will decent American citizens do if Democrats ever take back power in Congress or, God help us all,  the White House? One can almost understand how Nancy Pelosi sees a “spark of divinity” in MS13 when her party actively and happily supports and promotes abortions so a baby’s body parts can be harvested and sold to the highest bidder. On the surface of her position one can see a logical parallel between the American lefts’ marketing of baby organs and MS13’s raping, beatings and murders. No wonder Nancy sees “divinity” in MS13; she is certain of it in herself.

And it should not be forgotten that, in the Democrats’ chosen role of dumb and dumber, the Trump presidential campaign was actively spied on by the FBI in 2016, under authority of Barack Obama, and there is clear evidence that the current special counsel investigation of our President is based on trumped-up charges and purchased documents used as FBI evidence, which set of facts is about as dangerous to our nation as anything that has ever been seen before.  So Democrats plot their opponent’s defeat under authority of the FBI and the Obama White House, while speaking kindly of murderous thugs who have invaded our nation illegally. Is American in trouble or what?

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Leftist Orthodoxy Must Be Followed, Or Else….

When one studies ancient civilizations such as sun worshipers or Zeus followers, these primitive societies are found to never permit a non-worshiper or a deity-doubter to practice a contrary belief, nor even to remain in the larger society while not adhering to the acceptable, established belief. Those who do not adhere to the established order are often killed or driven out of the society to die alone in the wilderness for their differing opinions. American leftist liberals are quite similar to ancient idol-worshiping societies. An example of the punishment Democrats dole out for independent thought outside their leftist, carefully defined and limited orthodoxy, is the way Kanye West was criticized, discarded and threatened with physical violence for stating that any black person living in Donald Trump’s America in 2018 who is living like a slave, must have chosen slavery as a way of life.

Similarly, the modern Democrat party and their worship of Barack Obama, accompanied by a policy of allowing all immigrant aliens to cross our southern border and join a sanctuary city, are current-day examples of this ancient idol worship from which there are no deviations nor exceptions allowed. Quite simply put, if you don’t believe like a Democrat you can lose your job or live with threats on your life and family. Thankfully the predicted blue wave that was to sweep President Trump and his MAGA policies away has turned out to be only a white-colored ripple on still waters, so with any luck the current society of anti-American Democrats are in their death throe and will become just a footnote to history soon.

California is in the process of disallowing, by statute, any cooperation with federal government attempts to control America’s borders, which control is a constitutional duty left to the feds alone, and under the Obama administration the Supreme Court confirmed that the various states are not allowed any input to immigration control. Isn‘t it odd how anti-American rulings made to benefit Obama‘s dictatorial rule can come back to reverse radical Democrat policy? The Sacramento criminal element running California, via the Democrat party, has established sanctuary cities that harbor criminals who then prey on the non-criminal alien majority and United States citizens alike, with impunity. The federal government must put a stop to this illegal practice and bring California into compliance with federal law and the constitution.

Donald Trump has been able to eliminate leftist schemes like global warming and the very dangerous and destructive Iran nuke deal, and Democrats lose their minds in irrational opposition to this new, non-politician, constitutional actor in Washington, and every action taken by Trump is treated like a rejection of sun-god worship from America’s political leftists.

The old leftist orthodoxy has been voted out of office, but Democrats are unable to adapt to the new constitutional, law-abiding order, so one hopes they resign themselves to death in the wilderness and give up their opposition to America’s return to law-abiding, constitution behavior.

Friday, May 18, 2018

When Leftists Call S**t Hole Nations Paradise, And Vice Versa

One fondly recalls when President Trump was reported to have referred to certain nations as being s**t holes that are so terrible that they cause their own citizens to flee to America for relief. The liberal press and every leftist politician became all incensed and called such language from the president to be racist and insulting to vast numbers of people from perfectly fine, upstanding countries like Somalia, Guatemala and Haiti.

But when liberals were trying to illegally get caravans of mainly Central American refugees into America, the reason they gave to justify the foreign citizens’ attempts to enter America included military dictatorships back home trying to kill them; poverty causing hunger and starvation for their families; a lack of jobs for the invaders back home; no education for the refugees’ children; gangs trying to enslave and kill them and rape their children. In other words, these refugees were coming from s**t hole countries, just like Trump said.

But ain’t it cool to be a liberal Democrat and call anything whatever you want to call it at any time, and then reverse course on a whim in order to get favorable press coverage for your devious schemes? And what does it say about the current state of affairs in the United States that the favorable leftist press coverage is always available to radical Democrats, any time they want it, no questions asked?

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Israel Murdered Innocent Palestinians Like Poland Attacked Nazi Germany

The liberal press in the 1930s dutifully reported that the peaceful nation of Hitler’s Germany was violently attacked by the vicious state of Poland (whose military was armed with swords, bolt-action rifles and moved about on horses in cavalry formations at the time) and Adolph Hitler was, of course, forced to retaliate in response to this dastardly and unprovoked attack by smothering the entire nation of Poland and imprisoning and killing untold numbers of its citizens, mostly Jews, and nearly all of it’s military leadership (and burying these military officers’ bodies in the Katyn forest for the Russian forces to discover years later).

The Polish attack was, of course, a lie, but the “peace in our time” document of Neville Chamberlain was how the liberals at the time patted themselves on the back for ignoring the truth about the outbreak of World War II, while assuring the total destruction of Europe and the deaths of millions of innocent civilians for their blind adherence to appeasing any real totalitarian murdering leader who had the knowledge to spout leftist crap for the liberal press to latch on to.

Likewise, our idiotic leftist, anti-Trump and anti-Israel press accuses Israel of responsibility for the deaths of innocent women and children as organized Palestinian terrorists tried to cause destruction in Israel as the American embassy was moved to Jerusalem earlier in the week. Of course not mentioned by the willfully ignorant press is that the Palestinian leadership strategically placed women and children in the line of fire between the attacking terrorists and the defending Israeli forces, which makes Hamas responsible for the innocent deaths.

But you’d think that Israel and Trump planned the whole thing and wanted the deaths in order for the American press to be able to attack him further.

Where is the common sense and where is the knowledge of history that should enlighten our leftist press? Why do they always come down on the side of killers and murderers (Mao, Stalin, Castro, Arafat, Hamas, Che Guavara) and call peaceful people like Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu villains?

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Does The White House Owe An Apology For The McCain Insult?

The White House staffer’s comment about Senator McCain not being a current political consideration due to the fatal nature of his cancer was made in a non-public, semi-private, closed-session setting within the White House and was duly apologized for, privately, by the perpetrator, to the McCain family. The White House need do nothing more to satisfy the vultures in the press and in the Democrat party, and should move on and pay no more attention to the predictable, bed-wetting hysteria from the left on this subject.

However, the idiot who was in attendance when the comment was made and who subsequently released the words to the panting, blood-sucking press, and the press agency which released the comment for mass consumption, with the full intention of embarrassing President Trump, should be forced to apologize to the entire nation for spreading these possibly hurtful words. It’s not a secret that liberals will expose any soft-spot in Trump’s administration and keep it hurting for as long a time as they possibly can.

The White House should take no more questions on this issue and should not respond in any way to any verbal jabs the press makes regarding it. Just ignore any such comments and if possible, turn their backs, figuratively or literally, on the questioner.

There was never an apology given by Barack Obama for his repeated, public lies to the American public, on dozens of occasions, as he promised we could keep our doctor, keep our plan, and save $2500 a year on healthcare costs, “period”, and to this date I’ve not heard one leftist even suggest, let alone demand, that Obama apologize for his blatant lies in support of his most unpopular policy, which unconstitutional policy financially injured the financial status of many American families as they suddenly had to come up with thousands more dollars a year to buy Obama‘s socialist health insurance. And how about his promise to “fundamentally transform America” as he energetically set about to undermine our constitution by opening our southern border and then to spy on his political opponent in the 2016 presidential campaign using the FBI as the dirty vehicle to deliver this subversion to American tradition and political freedom.

Democrats are behaving like the filth Obama left behind, and the Trump administration needs to stop showing them any form of respect by trying to be civil with them and treat their demands like they have some decent point to make. Trump needs to ignore the bastards and push on through with his marvelous policies to get this nation back on track with its constitution and its tradition of allowing individuals to seek and achieve success and enjoyment in their lives without government interference.