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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Sessions Warns Sanctuary Cities To Obey The Law

The lawless, liberal Democrats who are mayors or governors of sanctuary cities or states are generating a horror that they haven’t thought of yet: not only are they disobeying federal laws designed to protect all citizens of the United States equally, but in disobeying federal laws they teach their citizens to also pick and choose which laws they, as citizens of the city or state, will obey. This type of erratic behavior, which Americans have become used to from liberal Democrat politicians, leads to chaos and more risk on the part of law-abiding citizens. So as lawless Democrat officials set the example of not obeying the laws, they cause the gradual collapse of society as their citizens follow suit and disregard the laws that they don’t like. Everyone suffers eventually from this horrible behavior.

Additionally, if denied federal funds because of their sanctuary status, these mayors and governors will also cause the withholding of funds that the city or state has become addicted to in order to support a fancy life style they couldn’t enjoy otherwise.

Attention Attorney General Sessions: deny the funds to the liberal idiot bastards supporting sanctuary for criminals and placing all citizens of the United States at risk, and do it NOW! Then put these fool sanctuary politicians on trial as criminals for intentionally ignoring federal law that law-abiding governmental entities abide by.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Sanctuary City: Sanctimonious Pity

Remember a few short years ago when Arizona began to enforce its own immigration laws, which were nearly mirror images of existing federal laws, because Barack Obama refused to enforce them? Obama and Holder sued Arizona and won that battle on the basis of the federal government being the only entity with the authority to establish and enforce laws that would control the nation’s borders. And then, of course, Obama returned to the same illegal, demented position of not enforcing the borders he had insisted that only he could control.

Now liberal Democrats insist that federal law take a back seat to local communities who want to harbor and protect illegal, and often criminal, aliens sheltering in their borders. Talk about a bunch of hypocrites.

That was then, this is now.

That was the lying Barack Obama, this is the promise-keeper Donald Trump.

I certainly hope that Attorney General Sessions goes after these illegal cities and states with all the power of the federal government, for their dangerous, unconstitutional and illegal actions. And if they won’t comply with federal law then all funds the federal government sends to these criminal entities must be shut off, period.

And the ultra-left Ninth Circuit Court’s unlawful halt to President Trump’s travel ban is a logical extension of this liberal hypocrisy: Liberals allowed Obama to disregard established, legally legislated laws, but prevent President Trump from implementing and enforcing an order he has every right to issue.

All evidence leads to the conclusion that liberal Democrats are intent on destroying the United States of America.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Ted Koppel Needs To Rethink What He Calls “Facts”

Recently Ted Koppel could be seen lecturing Sean Hannity about Hannity’s and Fox News’ “inaccurate and harmful” position on everything occurring in the world today, and he told Hannity that his opinion program on Fox was misguiding his listeners because his opinions were not factual and should not be spoken.

Does Mr. Koppel equate “facts” with the truth, because if he did make such an equation he would realize that Sean Hannity is more correct, and is right more of the time, than anyone on the liberal side of the aisle.

Does Mr. Koppel believe the “You can keep your plan… and your doctor… and you’ll save $2500 a year with Obamacare” was a true “fact” as stated by Barack Obama?

Does Mr. Koppel believe that Iran has indeed halted its development of a nuclear weapon, as Obama assured us?

Can Mr. Koppel show us any nation in the world where Liberalism has been successful at assuring full employment, better healthcare and a growing middle class for its citizens?

Can Mr. Koppel show us any nation in the world where unrestrained immigration has caused its population to be happier, made the nation wealthier and assured the assimilation of the incoming massive influx? Perhaps he could point to Germany or Sweden as a success story in this regard. And please be reminded, we want “facts” from Mr. Koppel, not his liberal, lying opinion.

Does Mr. Koppel believe that “lying news” from the liberal press is “true” news?

Does Mr. Koppel believe that a $20 trillion debt is good for America? We want just the “facts” now, not opinion.

Does Mr. Koppel believe that the treatment Bill and Hillary Clinton gave Monica Lewinski was the right way to treat women, even for a liberal Democrat President and the liberal Democrat First Lady?

Does Mr. Koppel believe that all lives matter, or only black lives?

Whatever Mr. Koppel thinks of Fox News and Sean Hannity, he will find the opinions expressed by these entities more truthful than anything coming from Barack Obama, Chuck Schumer or Nancy Pelosi, and these three stooges are obviously Mr. Koppel’s source for “facts” in the current American moment.

Things that liberals believe and trust cause unemployment, welfare, police assassinations and decreasing national wealth. That’s a fact we’ve lived with during the eight years of Barack Obama, and the truth is staring Mr. Koppel right in the face, but he refuses to see it.

To Liberals, White Students Don’t Deserve Equal Treatment

According to the LA Daily News, as published on March 28, 2017, the idiots in California’s Student Integration Services Office are threatening to take public school money from school districts in the state which have “too many” white students in the student body. This idiotic move even deprives education money to protected classes of abused students attending the “too-white” school, like females who may be attending the school while white, and would equally negatively impact any minority student attending the “too-white” school.

So now we have a state of affairs where whites are punished for their skin color, even as minorities are rewarded for their parentage. And of course the minority students of the “too-white” school will be able to blame the white students in the “too-white” school for losing the funds that would have otherwise come to them as underprivileged and mistreated students, if not for the large number of whites attending the school. This kind of racial politics only causes more racial friction and bad feelings among people who should be working together to resolve past injustices and seeking a bright future for all students, and one wonders if this artificial friction from liberals is intentional. How stupid can California get?

One also wonders if the liberal state authorities in California have given due consideration for the physically white students who personally self-identify as black or Hispanic, as being exempt from this foolish ruling.  And have officials considered the males in the white student body who imagine that they have menstrual periods to be allowed to self-identify as being LGBTQ converts and thereby avoid the monetary punishment due to their being a member of a protected bathroom class of citizens?

One guesses that the “too-white” school’s students have parents, black, Hispanic and white, who are also paying too-high real estate taxes and personal income taxes, and will these people sit back and take this racial abuse without uttering a word? All races are being abused by liberal Democrats for a situation beyond their control (their race), and this stupidity must be stopped.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Blaming Conservatives For Obamacare Repeal Failure Will Not Fly

Now that the attempts to repeal Obamacare are over, there are suggestions that conservative Republicans are responsible for the failure to overturn that bill’s unconstitutional control over the formerly free state of America. But thinking Americans would refute that contention and convincingly put the blame for suffering healthcare patients on its source: Democrats.

So, when the failing and unsupportable Obamacare dies a horrible death and when that disaster causes major disruptions to healthcare in America, especially in the poorest neighborhoods in the nation, the discomfort and illness that will result will be solely pinned to Democrats and liberal, establishment Republicans, not conservative Republicans.

Democrats were the only voters for Obamacare when it was enacted, with not one Republican voting for its passage, and if Democrats, who all of a sudden, following President Trump’s crusade to repeal the Democrat bill, were reported to have admitted that Obamacare had many bad aspects that needed to be fixed, but the bad aspects had, until Donald Trump came along, been ignored and defended by Democrats and Americans had been left to suffer under Obamacare for as long as Obama held Democrat legislators’ careers in the palm of his ruthless hand, if Democrats hadn’t blocked the repeal with their negativism and obscene criticism, necessary changes could have resulted. So much for the alleged compassion of the liberals in the Democrat party. It wasn’t the conservatives who blocked repeal, it was Democrats and the foul being and dark visage of Charles Schumer.

Conservative Republicans opposed the extension of the worst aspects of Obamacare which were being preserved in the failed repeal bill, and held out for the elimination of big-government controls on healthcare, which were only lessened under Ryan’s bill but not reduced enough, and certainly were not eliminated, while Democrats voted for the same old crap of big-government control over the lives of Americans. I salute the conservatives for standing tall and killing the Republican version of Obamacare.

So there’s no escape from blame for Democrats when the current nationalized healthcare system dies an agonizing death, unless the idiots in the Republican establishment allow this escape from blame to happen. And they probably will.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Trump Check: It Wasn’t Trump’s Fault, But He Could Have Avoided It

The aborted Republican, so-called Obamacare repeal bill, appears dead, and it could have all been avoided if Paul Ryan (hereinafter nicknamed “Ole Binary Paul”) had really tried to kill the Obamacare abortion and allowed the American people to have a truly free choice in their healthcare and not a Republican-designed government bill.

I’m the biggest Trump fan on record, and I don’t blame our President for this monumental failure, but all of this confusion and embarrassment could have been avoided if only he had not blindly trusted Ryan and gone for the first repeal bill to come along, but had really insisted on a non-government-involved bill that erased Obamacare from the Federal record forever, and then allowed Americans to choose their healthcare freely and without encumbrance from Congress. One fears that President Trump may be becoming a bit too political on us, and instead of trying to twist Republican arms to vote for Ryan’s bill, he should have twisted Ryan’s arm to get Republicans to design a true freedom inducing healthcare bill.

The fact that Republicans had formerly produced numerous Obamacare repeal bills, and passed these bills in the House, while Obama was president and while it was a certainty that the bill would be vetoed when it got to Obama’s desk, tells me that Republicans do one thing for public consumption and another thing when the heavy lifting is called for. And I blame Paul Ryan (Ole Binary Paul) for this fiasco. What was the difference between the former repeal bills that passed the House and the current bill that failed in the House?

In my opinion, the bills that didn’t matter called simply for the repeal of Obamacare. But the bill that could have been signed by President Trump and could have gone a long way toward “fixing” healthcare in America, was a big-government creation by establishment Republicans, and would only have modified the problems with Obamacare, and would have resulted in new problems while patching up the old problems.

If one believes in true liberty and freedom of choice, the Republican bill should have repealed Obamacare in its entirety, period, with the sole provision that all Americans who had, under duress, bought Obamacare, would be able to use that plan for up to a year, at which time they would have had time to buy a plan of their own choice, from a carrier of their choosing, at a price they could afford, and after that grace period of one year all Obamacare plans would terminate, totally.

But Ole Binary Paul’s plan had to have big-government provisions, skyrocketing costs and bureaucratic stipulations (many of which were likely left over from the hated ACA bill) that prevented House conservatives from joining the repeal process, and Ryan had to be aware of this problem.

President Trump is still my Knight in shining armor because the things he promised to make happen once he was elected have happened as long as they depended only on his personal orders or actions to make them reality. But I would advise the President that he needs to keep a sharp eye on Ryan, McConnell and the rest of the Republican establishment figures, and doubt them every step of the way the next time an ACA repeal is attempted, and watch them closely as a tax cut bill is proposed. It would appear that our President has no tried and true partners in the Republican-controlled House and Senate, who are serious about saving America from the unconstitutional forces of liberal Democrat, big-government, rule.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Yesterday The American Left Took A Triple Blow To The Nose

The values, if they can be called that, of the American left were shaken yesterday in a series of unrelated events that involved all of the problems America is facing, all caused by liberal Democrats: aliens, terrorists and intrusive government.

A short list of the facts involve a pair of alien males from Central America, now residing in Maryland, who horribly raped and beat a young girl in her school, and Democrats can only express a wasted regret that this event took place, but offer no remorse for the lack of enforcement of existing law that could have prevented it. And then to top that off, the Maryland legislature poked a legislative finger in the poor girl’s eye by voting to make Maryland a sanctuary state, which will assure that more such outrageous crimes are committed, and we’ll likely never hear about them due to the hush that the “sanctuary” foolishness creates; what complete idiots.

Then we have the terrorist killings in London, whose root goes back many years in England, and now unfortunately, America, to a liberal policy of being too politically correct and cute, and refusing to pay attention to the welfare of decent British citizens, and allowing a non-assimilated, anti-British minority to thrive and expand to the point that patriotic British citizens are getting killed.

And finally, we have the event that proves the prescience of President Trump, who a week ago said that he had been “wire-tapped” in Trump Tower, a statement that he offered no proof of, and which was roundly laughed at by the lying press and liberal Democrats, which now, in the fullness of time, produces the evidence lacking a week ago, that proves there was an investigation (or was it simply an example of Obama spying on his political opponent?) of the Trump team, and that very likely a felony was committed against General Flynn as an outcome of the illegal surveillance which caused that gentleman to be removed from the Trump team without justification. One hopes a prison cell awaits the person or persons, all of whom will be dedicated, long-time liberal Democrats, I promise you, who committed this dastardly offense.

Donna Brazile Did Do It, And Donald Trump Didn’t, But Who Cares, Really?

Not that it comes as any surprise, but Donna Brazile now suddenly admits that she did indeed, while working for CNN, secretly slip debate questions to Hillary during the most recent presidential campaign. After months of strongly denying that she performed this deed and even claiming racism and personal persecution when asked about the issue, she now admits that she did the deed. I guess she’s just enhancing her resume for a newly opened position at the DNC, and she’s trying to prove that she’s got what it takes to be a good, lying, cheating, Democrat. Oh, and I almost forgot: the liberal press doesn’t give a wit that she committed a deed that would have sunk any Republican.

On the other hand, and it’s also not surprising, Donald Trump is being let off the hook for the claim of conspiring with Russia to defeat Hillary in the presidential race, but liberals like Bill Maher are still not letting up on their repeating of this lie about Trump, and many liberal audiences will forever scorn the President for allegedly conspiring with Russia during the election, based on the lie, repeated ad infinitum by liberals like Maher. The Democrats have placed the thought in liberal heads and their unthinking followers will go to their graves scorning Trump as a traitor in league with Putin. It’s what Democrats do!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Definitive Proof Of Warming/Change: No Sun Spots On The Sun

Scientists tell us that a lack of Solar activity (ie: a spotless, blank Sun for a record number of days, the third weakest Sun since 1755) for the last two weeks has been noted, so get ready for a warming/change onslaught about the end of life as we know it. Who could have predicted that carbon fuel usage on earth could kill the Sun? I guess this proves that the end-of-the-world gang was right.

But wait, if the Sun is weaker, then how can the earth be getting warmer and approaching the devastating temperature increase of one-half of a degree in 50 years? Oh, my God! This is true devastation!

And this could all have been prevented if our great-great Grandparents had possessed the wisdom to shun their SUVs in 1810 and taken the subway to the corn fields and the barnyard.

Monday, March 20, 2017

House Democrats Put Lies In Director Comey’s Mouth

During the official House Intelligence Committee grilling of FBI Director James Comey today, the Democrat questions were often intended to put words in the mouth of Mr. Comey and make it sound like the Director agreed with their charges and allegations against President Trump, leaving the false impression that those speculative, partisan charges are part of the evidence that the FBI has collected.

The Democrats led Mr. Comey into an extended discussion as to whether Vladimir Putin liked or disliked Trump or Hillary more, and whether or not Putin tried to help either of the former presidential candidates get elected in the latest presidential election. With all the leftist hate-talk about Russia (a nation American liberals loved when it was called the Soviet Union) they seem to forget that tell-tale markers left behind by hackers are often intentionally misleading and that we have equal or greater enemies in the world like China and North Korea to worry about. But the designated subject for Democrats is Russia helping Trump get elected, and they will not be persuaded to look anywhere else. Once Democrats establish a lie, they stick with it.

The planting of thoughts and the subliminal suggestion of guilt was also part of the Democrat playbook during the hearings. During one Democrat’s questioning of Mr. Comey, he prefaced his diatribe by assuring the Director that he understood that he, Comey, could not comment pro or con about the investigation, and then, instead of asking Mr. Comey a question, he began a series of anti-Trump charges that liberals viewing the hearings are expected to assume are true, and that Mr. Comey is in agreement with, based on his adherence to silence as the series of dubious accusations was made. This is how liberal voters get their information: via the planting of false information, and just plain lies.

Republican Legislators Need To Get Their Minds Right

One hears that Republican legislators are reluctant to vote to repeal Obamacare for fear of being blamed for that noble action, even after running for election to their cushy jobs on that very premise. Their vote depends on who Republicans think the voters are and what they want.

If legislators think they serve the Republican, Washington establishment with its go-along-to-get–long, leftist-lite mindset, they would consider that such a vote against Obamacare might hurt their political careers, but I’d like to inform all Republican politicians that the landslide that elected President Trump to the Oval Office will not look favorably on any elected official who does not fully support the total and complete repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

The American people are wakening and they want to get rid of big government with its waste and abuse, and they voted for Trump to achieve the ends of getting rid of big, dominating government. Republican legislators had better learn to serve the customers from whence their votes and their pleasant jobs come, and liberals are not their customers. To fail to understand this reality will get them voted out of office.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Gorsuch Must Be Seated As A Full, Participating Supreme Court Justice

When Neil Gorsuch is finally confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice, the first thing the leftist press and the radical left politicians will belly-ache about is that Gorsuch, being newly appointed by President Trump at the beginning of his administration to a Supreme Court vacancy that occurred during Barack Obama’s presidency, and given his close association with President Trump and his newly minted administration, they will insist that he immediately recuse himself from cases currently being considered by the court, especially President Trump’s travel ban executive orders that the Ninth Circuit Court challenged and placed on hold. Liberals will wring their hands crying that Justice Gorsuch will be unable to make a non-prejudiced decision on President Trumps orders, and must therefore recuse himself from all cases currently in the news or being actively considered by the court, and that he not be permitted to join the sitting court and participate in decisions until new cases are presented after he is confirmed by the Senate.

This is the same kind of crap the loser, idiot Democrats attempted with our new Attorney General and they unfortunately got away with it. President Trump and Judge Gorsuch must be prepared to politely give the finger to all liberals who make such a demand related to the newly appointed Supreme Court Justice, and the Trump administration must demand that the new Justice be allowed to fully participate in all cases before the court.

No more Mister Nice-guy attempts to get along with Schumer, Pelosi and their pals in the legislature and the liberal bench. These cretins are playing for keeps and we must win this battle or we might as well have Hillary sending this craft of government down the river.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Coming Events That Will Destroy America’s Liberal Judges And Legislators

President Trump has done his best to both fulfill a campaign promise and to legitimately protect America from a terrorist attack by issuing two executive orders intended to keep individuals from certain terrorist nations, as identified by the Obama administration, from entering the United States. Both executive orders were predictably blocked by liberal judges of the Ninth Circuit Court.

Similarly, liberal legislators, governors and mayors are in stark opposition to President Trump’s attempt to protect our southern border from invasion and to halt the sanctuary city idiocy that has allowed Mexican criminals to reside in numerous American cities and be sheltered from deportation and even shielded them from the most preliminary vetting.

So when the next terrorist attack occurs, and when the next American citizen living in or visiting San Francisco or Chicago is killed by an illegal alien, the Trump administration and our conservative press must be ready to launch savage attacks against the liberals who have allowed these threats to Americans to exist the last eight years.

Liberals are so ideologically stupid and so wrapped up in their pretense of being such good, compassionate people, that they are unable to recognize the dangers they pose to our nation. Nor are they able to see the damage that will be done to their own political power and influence when attackers strike. They create programs and issue policies that place us all in danger, and are then surprised when a bad actor attacks, at which time they begin pointing fingers of blame at everyone but themselves.

Liberalism is to blame for nearly every problem our nation faces, so we need to gather our resources and prepare to expose and eliminate this threat with withering verbal and written attacks when the next terrorist strike occurs. They’ve set themselves up, and now it’s time that we knocked them down.

To Liberals, Laws Are Just Suggestions For Fools To Follow

Liberals wring their hands and sob at the high murder rate in Chicago and claim that more gun control is needed in the entire nation in order to get the killings under control. But in Chicago, which not only has the most killings in the nation, but also has some of the strictest gun control laws, we find the laws on the books are not being enforced, and that many citizens in Chicago are unable to defend themselves against the gangs carrying illegal weapons, because honest citizens are unable to own or possess firearms legally.

Similarly, liberals allow illegal entry into our nation and harbor illegals in sanctuary cities while moaning and complaining that we need a fundamental, comprehensive revamping of immigration law.

We don’t need new laws to stop crime in Chicago, and we don’t need to create new or additional laws to protect our borders. We only need to strictly enforce the laws already on the books and if we could get liberals to perform this simple task of enforcing existing laws, our problems in these areas would be on the way to being resolved.

Liberals are lawless, racist people who will do anything to overturn any decent policy or law in order to gain power.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Typical Arrogance And Misconduct From The Political Left

After six years of insisting that Obamacare provided competition, choice and reduced costs to Americans, and that it didn’t force people to lose the plans they liked, Obama’s old buddy and pal, Ezekiel Emanuel, admitted on Fox and Friends this morning that deductibles under Obamacare are too high and need to be reduced. The filthy, lying left will never admit that their radical plans are abusive of the people they are imposed upon and that they are always too expensive, until they’re forced to do so.

It hasn’t been that long ago that Nancy Pelosi was typically and idiotically reminding everyone that Obamacare (also officially misnamed the Affordable Care Act) was “affordable, affordable, affordable” and that it needed no changes to the way it was implemented and had been structured. Liberals never see, and will not admit, the weaknesses of their radical ideas until they are hit up-side the head and forced to admit misjudgment.

If the costs of Obamacare, that Mr. Emanuel now admits have been too high all these years, were and are too high, why did the radical left not help the people who were paying too much for healthcare all this time under Obamacare, and lower the costs two, three or four years ago? Instead they allowed working people to have to lower their standard of living in order to pay for the sky-high and rising costs of Obamacare.

Damn and to hell with a bunch of fool liberals, and thank God that Donald Trump came along and made them admit their intentional, wasteful and punitive errors!

Liberals and their policies always work contrary to the benefit and welfare of the people they rule. Yet they constantly and inevitably devise schemes that hurt these unfortunate people while expanding precious government and its control over the population’s lives. And while pushing schemes that hurt people who obey the law, go to work every day and are trying to raise families, liberals hurt these same working families by stealing their incomes in the form of higher taxes so they can better serve the non-working welfare classes that repeatedly vote liberal Democrats into office.

But with the advent of President Trump the radical liberals in government and in the leftist press are being taken to school and taught that their lies will no longer stand and a new day is coming for the United States and its mistreated, hard-working citizens.