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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Saturday, November 26, 2022

Contrary To Popular Belief, Biden’s Woke Policies Have Been Wildly Successful

 One can remember a few years back, when the leftist press criticized Rush Limbaugh after he published an article hoping for the failure of Barack Obama’s leftist policies. CNN and other such rags went berserk claiming that Rush wanted America to fail by undermining Obama’s administration. But Rush was correct in his assertions that if Obama’s far-left ideas were implemented, America and Americans would suffer, because his ideas were and are contrary to the functioning of a peaceful, prosperous and constitutionally free citizenry. But it’s understandable that our leftist media thought that if Obama failed in his attempts to Fundamentally Transform America, the nation would fall apart. After all, Obama claimed that he could halt the rise of the oceans.

Recently (on November 22, 2022) I heard a well-meaning Republican House member once again say that Joe Biden’s policies have been a failure. He was talking about Biden’s policy of keeping our southern border open, but his choice of words were less than specific and he missed Biden’s reason for opening the border: Biden wanted the chaos that the millions of invaders crossing the border has created. He wanted the crowding and poverty and crime that these millions of people will create, and in that light, his policies have been completely successful.

Language is very important in dealing with Democrats. Biden wants millions of new Democrat voters to enter our nation illegally, who will then become dependent on government for their food and housing and will forevermore vote for Democrats to keep the goodies flowing. And his plans have succeeded, in spite of the damage done to America and to existing American citizens who will have to pay the bill for supporting millions of additional people on the dole, and will have to suffer for the thousands of wanted criminals and outright terrorists Biden has allowed into our country with this mass of invaders. One cannot argue with the notion that Old lunch bucket Joey has been successful in creating chaos and disorder with his border policies, with his inflation, with his shutting down of the Keystone pipeline and causing the price of gas and diesel fuel to skyrocket, his supply-line crisis regarding all goods needed by Americans, his forced masking, his lying Green New Deal, his forced vaxxing (even though what the left calls a vaccine is really just a pre-contraction therapeutic, taken in case you catch the Wuhan virus at a later date). 

Biden’s Democrat party thrives on chaos, because chaos and uncertainty causes anger and fear, and that causes people who are unable to think clearly for themselves to want more government protection against the threatening forces out there (like the dangerous and unwashed Ultra-Magers) which in turn gives Democrats more power to control every aspect of America’s life.

Our nation is in the clenches of a woke, violent, America-hating raft of leftist fools, and with some of the lame Democrats who were elected to office in the 2022 mid-terms, I don’t see any relief coming to save us any time soon.

Friday, November 25, 2022

Democrats Resort To The Politicization Of Current Events, Rather Than Responsibly Just Reporting The News

 When Paul Pelosi was hit in the head with a hammer by a man visiting the Pelosi home while Nancy was out of the country, and the police had no idea how this event happened nor why he was struck, Democrats immediately blamed Republicans for the attack because the attacker was obviously someone who had been provoked by Trump or another Republican due to the horrible things Republicans were saying about Nancy and her politics.

A gay bar in Colorado Springs, Colorado is shot up and people are killed, and the Democrats immediately blame Republicans, because of the alleged anti-gay, hateful things they say about the gay population, which things have never been said by Republican politicians.

Asians are attacked and beaten badly (largely by black men, based on the videos played on news channels) and the Democrats immediately blame Donald Trump because his remarks about covid originating in Wuhan, China, have made Americans hate all people with Oriental facial characteristics, which is simply nonsense and an insult to American citizens.

Many anti-black crosses are burned on lawns, nooses are hung, and hateful words are written on doors of black people, which of course are all blamed on Republicans, only to find that in more instances than not the events were staged by the black people themselves, and then that racial event gets dropped by our leftist press, quickly.

Democrats seem to be unable to withhold judgment when major violent events occur in America, and they will politicize these tragic events without waiting for the authorities to investigate and determine what really happened, and who the culprits really are.

Because our leftist news agencies are so corrupt and dishonest, we never hear about the shootings that they can’t blame on whites or Donald Trump.  For example, did you hear about the three black men who shot twenty-two people in Miami in May of 2021? And what about the recently discovered fact that the Colorado Springs shooter is non-binary and goes by non-traditional pronouns? That lost soul is not MAGA material.

And of course CNN and its peers will not identify the people who rioted and burned the entire summer of 2020, from Seattle to Baltimore. And the weekly plague of black-on-black shootings in Chicago and Baltimore are so old-hat that they don’t get any consideration as being news-worthy.

And so, even though nearly all crimes, especially those involving a firearm, are committed by Democrats and other lefties, it’s always Republicans and white males, in the opinion of the leftist press, who are a threat to health and safety in America.

There is no end to corruption on the part of Democrats and all other left-wingers.

Sunday, November 20, 2022

It’s Impossible For The Biden DOJ To NOT Indict Trump

 The political left has been after Donald Trump since he came down the escalator of Trump Towers to announce his candidacy for the office of the president.

They mocked him for a while and snickered at the thought that this successful, but laughable, man could ever become president of the United States.

But when he got the nomination to be his party’s candidate for the presidency the radical left stopped laughing and chuckling among themselves and got busy slandering him and trying to ruin his chances of winning the office he sought.

Thus began the radical-left, Democrat/FBI collusion that gave us the Steele Dossier and the Special Council, that eventually disbanded with no recommendations against Trump, but also made no mention of the FBI’s criminal involvement in the political campaign to remove Trump from the presidency. Should we assume that the FBI investigation into Trump’s imagined Russian collusion found no evidence of FBI involvement, or the illegal spying permits that the FISA court allowed? One doubts it.

What followed were years of a constant, bitter barrage from CNN and other far left news agencies spewing verbal indictments at Trump and his family, which told us of the absolute end of the Trump presidency as legal troubles came to the surface, and they assured us of the prison time that awaited the entire Trump family as the wholly-fabricated, “bombshell” evidence, based on leftist lies, mounted.

We also had two Trump impeachments, which failed to produce a conviction, along with the January 6th TV program that also failed to produce evidence of Trump’s involvement in an attempted insurrection that the Democrats were so hopeful they could manufacture from the little evidence they had available to them to achieve their lying goal.

 A short while ago the Biden DOJ invaded Trump’s Florida home, but found nothing which they could associate with an attempted insurrection charge, nor a charge of a state security violation, and their most recent move is the assignment of a Special Council (yes, another one) to gather planted documents (that’s why they invaded Mar-a-Logo and removed all documents in the first place) and their hope to get indictable evidence against the man whose presidency proved that America would thrive and become energy-free if his old fashioned ideas of hard work and abiding by the constitution and the laws of the land, were followed.

It’s most interesting that the DOJ move against Trump comes on the heels of the Republicans winning a majority of members in the House of Representatives and promising to present their proof of the Joey and Hunter crimes that we already know about, and it followed just a few days after Trump announced he will again seek the presidency in 2024.

The latest Biden DOJ move is being done because:

1) They can, even though they shouldn’t, and even though Trump made no such obvious and blatant political move against Hillary, Comey or Obama, when he had the opportunity during his presidency.

2) Trump has declared his candidacy for 2024 and the Democrats know he’s a serious customer who has proven his ability to demonstrate how dangerous and unworkable the Democrat’s woke, sexist and racist policies are in the real world of actual deeds and consequences, something the faculty lounge policies of the woke left can’t duplicate. The Democrats also fear that the next Trump presidency will indeed present the entire, sordid tale of Joey and Hunter and their influence-peddling of American favors and national security to nations like China (and possibly he’ll finally go after Hillary and her FBI collusion, because she actually committed an act of insurrection against the Trump presidency with her Steele Dossier, and her crime of exposing national secrets via her unsecured email server in a closet somewhere while she was Secretary of State), which evidence is already public knowledge and the FBI has had it for years, but has kept it hidden for purely political reasons.

3) The political left, during the Barack Obama administration, admitted that Obama’s Attorney General appointment of Eric Holder was for Obama’s protection, because Holder identified himself as the president’s “Wingman”, in place to shield him from criminal investigation and prosecution, while Democrats repeatedly accused Trump’s appointments to the AG position as being political appointments that they could not allow him to make.

Biden and his leftist Democrats need the diversion of more trouble for Donald Trump in order to redirect attention from their own political problems, and they need to get rid of the political risk of Donald Trump and his proven success in almost everything he did as president in order to limit the damage they foresee in 2024.

Friday, November 18, 2022

Despite His Protestations To The Contrary, Joe Biden Is NOT A Capitalist

 Our Joey likes to  give lip service to Capitalism, and he loves the fruits of Capitalism, like the wealth that flows from free trade and his beloved Corvette. But he is no Capitalist.

First, Capitalism needs freedom and liberty to operate effectively. Capitalists must manufacture or grow the products that their customers want to buy. But Joey’s administration is telling Capitalists that they can no longer make his favorite car, the Chevrolet Corvette, because Joey’s politics insist on shaming the gas-powered V8 engine and its high-performance abilities that Americans love and want, in favor of the electric vehicle. But to restate my point: without freedom to manufacture whatever a company wants to manufacture without the clenched fist of government getting involved, there can be no true Capitalism. But our Joey and his leftist, anti-Capitalist pals want to edict ESG goals for corporations, instead of letting them concentrate on making a good, safe, popular product that people want to buy, so the entire woke administration in the current White House are strident, anti Capitalists and proud of it.

Second, Capitalism needs profit, and all leftists, like Joey, want to tax and regulate the pants off of every product made, which reduces the profit the manufacturer needs to pay his employees and stay in business. But when government drives the manufacturers to defer the manufacturing part of the cycle to foreign nations, because those companies are over-regulated at home, Democrats appear to prefer that products be made by foreign sources who, like China, may be a threat to American welfare.

Third, Capitalists have to decide, based on human needs and market economics, what products to make and how to make them. Joey’s Green New Deal is forcing General Motors, Ford, Chrysler and all other auto manufacturers, to make electric cars, even though most Americans are perfectly happy with their piston engine cars. And even though gasoline (if Joey would allow its discovery, extraction and refinement) is perfectly safe, plentiful and economical. And it’s a fact that our current power grid is not robust enough to be able to handle the charging of tens of thousands of electric vehicles. Nevertheless, Joey has promised to destroy the oil and gas industry and force everyone into electric cars, even though there may not be enough wind and solar power to allow owners to be able to charge their vehicles so they can drive them. And the reason Democrats are creating this very un-capitalistic energy situation is based on the lie of warming/change, which is not actually occurring and doesn’t present a death threat to citizens of the world, except in the minds of Communists, like Karl Marx, Joey Biden, AOC and Bernie Sanders. 

Leftist governments insist on complete obedience to their mandates and edicts, or else. So if automobile manufacturers drag their feet and try to ignore Biden’s Green EV orders to rebuild their assembly lines so that all they make are electric vehicles, our president will bankrupt them with constant government harassment from the labor department, the IRS, OSHA, the ADA, repeat environmental inspections and shutdowns, investigations of auto executives and their salaries and benefits, payroll problems and the safety of their products, until the reluctant manufacturers either get in line with big government policies or go out of business. So considering the dictatorial powers that Biden will use to get his way, auto manufacturers are quickly gearing up to make electric vehicles, even though their customers are largely not interested in them.

Capitalism also depends on a source of labor where people want to work, but Joey has also tampered with the labor force in America by giving people money to NOT work, and by allowing millions of illegal aliens to cross our borders every year to compete for the jobs that Americans formerly held. So industry suffers, and our nation is less free and prosperous.

Joe Biden is a corrupt, big-government hack, but he is no Capitalist, although he and his  family have benefited from Capitalism all their lives and have become quite wealthy, both by living in a formerly free Capitalist nation, and from being very corrupt influence-peddlers to foreign rulers.

Thursday, November 17, 2022

Beware The Autocratic Excesses Of The Democrat Left

 When President Trump’s family was forced to vacate the White House and retreat to the secure sub-basement of the official residence in June of 2020, due to the rioting and burning of violent, far-left radicals, did Trump initiate investigations into the rioting and try to put every Democrat he could find in jail by calling the attacks an insurrection? No.

Then why did the Democrats go after Trump and all of his associates after the comparatively minimal violence on January 6th?

Did the Trump DOJ try to prosecute Hillary Clinton and the various FBI agents for their attempt to overthrow the Trump presidency by using fraudulent documents like the Steele Dossier, all of which were wholly created by the Democrats and their FBI associates to make Trump look guilty of some imagined crime and get him removed from office? No.

Then why are the Democrats trying to imprison Trump and his supporters for any slight infringement of law involving a president’s retention of documents as he leaves office, like they did with their FBI attack on Mar-a-Lago, or harassing him with possible tax problems involving executives of the Trump Hotel corporation?

Did the Trump DOJ go after Jack Dorsey, the former CEO of Twitter, when it was discovered that his company was taking orders from Democrat politicians to keep “disinformation-misinformation” that was unfavorable to Democrat rule, out of social media? No.

Similarly, did President Trump sic the DOJ on Hillary and have the FBI invade her home, concerning the absolutely illegal destruction of the cell phones a judge had ordered her to preserved as evidence of her misdeeds, or the illegal email server she maintained in an unsecured location, which had classified information on it and was vulnerable to hacking from a foreign enemy? No.

Did the Trump DOJ go after Barack Obama for documents he kept after leaving office? No. But the Biden DOJ went after Trump for the same offense and with no good reason except to hurt him politically, for fear he would run for the White House again in 2024.

But now that Elon Musk, the new CEO of Twitter, has promised to liberate the platform he has acquired, and that he will allow free speech to once again be published there, even speech that contradicts the Democrat prohibition on anti-Biden policies, Biden is pushing the DOJ to investigate Musk and punish him for his “dangerous” idea of freedom of speech.

Today’s Democrats are quick to weaponize any fault they find in their political opponents, meaning political opponents like the Republicans, who are not enemies of the state, as Democrats make the Republicans to be, and they will do anything and say anything to defeat any person who stands in the way of their political power.

A good deal of the attacks on opponents of the Democrat party that they call “disinformation-misinformation”,  are purely fantasy and conjecture. Take for example the lie of climate change, which they say is making the earth much warmer and is melting  the ice in the polar areas, except that the ocean has not risen at all since the industrial age began a couple of hundred years ago. And the AOC and Bernie prediction that life on earth will end by 2030, which fantasy prediction follows the many previous predictions that life on earth would end in 5 years, or 15 years, or that the oceans would be dead by 1984, all of which followed the 1978 prediction that a new ice age would kill all life on earth in the twenty-first century, can be ignored since the precise temperature they say will end life on earth has not been revealed to us, even though it has been four years since those radical politicians told us of the 2030 date of death. And in these last four years the summer-time temperature has not risen one degree over normal, which means that in 2030 there will have to be a radical and sudden increase in temperature in order to reach the 150 degrees or so that would kill all crops and make life impossible on earth. But why would the temperature suddenly spike in 2030 and not increase slowly as pollution went wild, due to our automobiles and air conditioners? The brilliant Democrat thinkers of our time have not revealed this miraculous event to us, because it’s all BS.

Joey Biden has no problem destroying the family budgets of America, especially of the poorest families among us, by halting the drilling for oil that our economy needs, and attempting to prohibit drilling on private land via EPA regulations. Democrats are also using ESG guidelines to keep finance companies from loaning money to oil companies who need long-term loans to perform the lengthy process of discovery and retraction of oil from remote locations.

And old Joey is using the full power of the federal government to threaten automobile companies with the same destruction he is heaping on Elon Musk, if they don’t produce electric cars and trucks to replace the perfectly performing gas-powered cars that we need to live comfortably in this nation, even though our current power grid can’t possibly provide the power to charge the large number of electric vehicles that Democrat edicts demand. And this increased power load would be on top of the current electricity demands of a modern America, which California has already proven can’t be supported by wind and solar farms.

Our pleasant and enjoyable nation has become more uncomfortable and threatening since Joey Biden and his woke White House have assumed control, and it won’t get any better until these radicals are defeated by the new Republican-controlled House of Representatives and finally removed from office in 2024. If the Republicans are so stupid as to not push Biden’s woke ideas out of the lives of Americans and allow us to be free once more then they, too, will deserve defeat and removal from office in 2024. The nation is watching.

Friday, November 11, 2022

Does The Fool Biden Understand The Import And Meaning Of His Own Words?

 Last week at his Union Station speech our beloved president made a vague statement telling Americans to not be upset if we didn’t know the results of the mid-term elections  for a few days after voting ended, or maybe a week or so would go by, as “democracy” was being saved and Democrats scrambled to discover enough votes to win. He insinuated that being impatient for the results of the election, which has always in the past been the morning following each election, would be a “threat to Democracy”, and one got the itchy feeling that insisting on swift results might be a new form of insurrection to Joey, and might get someone in trouble with the FBI. But most of us can remember the containers of newly discovered votes in 2020 that put the Democrat candidates over the top as ballots continued to be counted days after the election was finished.

Then yesterday (Wednesday, November 9, 2022), the fool in the White House said that Elon Musk’s foreign dealings should be investigated out of fear that he is dealing contrary to the welfare of Americans. This move on Biden’s part is obviously an attack on the formerly electric vehicle hero of the Democrat party now that he has upset the Democrat/Social Media collusion between government and the private sector to silence criticism of Biden’s woke governing, now that Musk has bought Twitter and once again assures freedom of speech on that platform.

The self-serving idiocy of Biden’s position against Musk is so outrageous as to place in doubt Biden’s sanity, let alone his already obvious mental decline and inability to speak clearly and make wise judgment about issues vital to American citizens.

The man whose son (Hunter Biden) has broken American laws from sun-up to sun-down, and the sitting president whose own actions have sold American gold to China; who has sold millions of barrels of much-needed oil from our Strategic Petroleum Reserve to China; who has been selling the influence of his high government positions to China and Ukraine for his own personal profit; whose executive orders have caused Americans great personal and financial harm as their own nation’s petroleum is being denied them; whose woke administration, to this day, insists that men can bear children; whose orders have opened the southern border to millions of illegal aliens invading our nation; whose policies have allowed the Mexican cartels to rule the border and import tons of Fentanyl that has killed tens of thousands of Americans; whose warming/change fantasies have caused vast problems for Americans in their homes, finances and travel options; whose continued demands that all Americans get “vaccinated”  when we all know that the current covid “vaccines” neither prevent contraction nor the spread of the relatively weak covid virus; that same Joey Biden wants to investigate Elon Musk, because Musk has broken the government-big tech strangle-hold on the free expression of thought which we all thought was guaranteed by our American constitution.

Joe Biden is either a total fool or just a stupid old man, but in either case the Republicans taking office in January must impeach and remove this fool man so we can end the damage his administration has done.

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

As The Nation Crumbles, The Buck Is Not Allowed To Even Reach Biden

 A very respected Democrat president, Harry Truman, once said that “THE BUCK STOPS HERE“, meaning fault would be addressed at the Oval Office for any problems in his administration. But the Biden administration will accept no blame for anything, even those things that can be traced directly back to Joey’s idiotic orders and policies.

Biden is so removed from any Buck Stopping that he accepts no responsibility for the invading immigrants at our southern border. In fact the official position of the Biden administration is that the border is firmly closed and controlled with no problems that they know of, although people are dying at the hands of the drug cartels and children are being trafficked and killed as a result of the stupidity of Joey Biden and his insistence on reversing every successful policy of Donald Trump, who had a firm hold on illegal immigration and cartel workings along the southern border during his presidency.

Joey is also not aware of any problems with his hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan in which more military personnel died than in President Trump’s last full year in office. And he knows of no American citizens who were left behind by his idiotic withdrawal.

The dithering Biden is also unaware of the diesel shortage which threatens the shipping of food throughout the United States, which lockdown will starve many American citizens and cause long-lasting suffering and misery to our nation. But Joey can get to his favorite ice cream shop, so he knows of no problems that should concern him.

And Joey sees no connection between his woke insistence that police forces be defunded and the unbelievable increase in crime that America is experiencing, especially in Democrat-run cities and states.

But one buck that does stop at the Biden family is the millions of bucks the family earns from China and various other nations for the influence-peddling they do for interests contrary to the well-being of Americans.

The entire Democrat establishment, from state legislatures, to state governorships, to the United States Senate and the House of Representatives, must be cleansed of Democrats in the November, 2022 mid-terms or there is no hope remaining for American prosperity and liberty.