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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Obama, All Of A Sudden, Concerned About National Threats, Warns Trump

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal reports that Barack Obama is warning Donald Trump that North Korea is a serious threat to America, and he is alerting Mr. Trump to be aware of the seriousness of their belligerence.

Really, Barry? And your warning follows eight years of you practicing the do-nothing policy of “Strategic Patience” with North Korea? The only thing your “strategic patience” has gotten us is the threat and the danger that you are now warning Donald Trump to be aware of, and fix, after you leave office. I would call the eight years of your administration “Strategic Incompetence”.

If North Korea is such a serious threat, and most knowledgeable, thinking Americans have known this was true for the duration of your dithering presidency, then why did you ignore them for 8 years while, instead pushing the LGBTQ bathroom issue down our throats, or traveling the world telling all of your liberal national leader pals how unprepared Trump is for the presidency and how dangerous he will be in office, and opening our borders to anyone who wants to be here in order to take advantage of your promised and advertised welfare payments. You, Mr. Obama, have been the greatest threat to national security this nation has ever seen.

Are you next going to tell Mr. Trump how dangerous Iran is and how near they are to getting a nuclear weapon, and that they had better be stopped in that development or they may soon have the nuclear capacity to kill us? Is that the next idiocy to come out of your mouth? If our president Obama had cared a fig about the safety and security of the United States he never would have entered the idiotic nuclear agreement with Iran, which assures that they will have nuclear weapons, and the missiles to deliver them, in the next ten years.

The defense of America in general, and the specific potential nuclear threat of North Korea, has been completely ignored by Obama for 8 years as this community organizer “fundamentally transformed America” to look like a banana republic, giving welfare to everyone who refused to work and destroying jobs with EPA regulations and Obamacare premiums.

Now that our fool president is about to leave office, he is putting on a show of great concern for the safety and national security of America, which has been of no concern to him for 8 years.

I suppose soon he’ll tell Mr. Trump that the flow of illegal aliens across our southern border is a threat not only to national security, but hurts American workers who have lost jobs to this hoard of desperate people coming here to find work, and that this flow must be stopped when Mr. Trump takes office. Old Barry is just kicking the can down the road and passing the buck to president-elect Trump.

This belated national security concern of Obama and his warnings to Trump is one more way for Obama to undermine Mr. Trump’s presidency while covering his own skinny butt, because if any disaster hits America after Obama leaves, he’ll immediately blame Trump for the mess, saying “I told everyone he was dangerous, it’s not my responsibility, I warned him” although it will have been caused by Obama’s ignoring North Korea, Iran, and all other threats, for the entirely of his administration.

If Obama had been a real president and not acted like a community organizer all these years, he could have put policies in place to limit the expansion of North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs, and he could have retained the sanctions that, for a while at least, prevented Iran from building weapons to kill us with. But it’s too late now, and the next administration, the administration of Donald Trump, will have to undo all of Obama’s harm and put in place policies that will defend and protect America from the rogue states that Obama was so close to and so friendly with.

The nerve of this two-bit, out-going punk in the Oval Office to pretend to tell an adult like Donald Trump of the dangers facing America is outrageous, especially because he (Obama) single-handedly caused every one of them.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Left Is Confused On Their Idiotic Criticism Of Trump

Per news reports, the fashion designer who has “dressed” Michelle Obama the last eight years will not “dress” Melania Trump because of the designer’s opposition to Donald Trump’s alleged “rhetoric of racism, sexism and xenophobia”. There they go again.

If Donald Trump is such an exclusionary person with such bad tendencies, why did he just appoint Nikki Haley to the position of U.N. Ambassador, and why is Elton John performing at the Trump Inauguration ceremony and praising the president-elect for his “pro-gay rights” stance?

Setting aside the fact that every decision Democrats make goes through the filter of first race, then sex, then sexual preference, they’ve got a lot of nerve worrying about a man like Donald Trump who has hired women for top jobs and paid them top wages in his Hotel empire.

Sore losers behave badly, and the left is going to pieces trying to find some issue that they can place around Trump’s neck in order to bring him down. And in the process, charges that Hillary Clinton paid her female Senate staffers less than her male staffers, yet at every campaign stop she said that her presidency would assure that women got equal pay, goes in one ear and out the other as they scrape the bottom of the barrel to hang the Republican, who did none of those things.

This Stalinist, scorched earth approach to power on the part of liberal Democrats must stop, because it’s exactly this sort of desperate lying and positioning that caused Hillary to lose the last election. Do Democrats even have the ability to learn from their past failures?

Trump Decides Not To Prosecute Hillary?

I’ve heard that Donald Trump has decided that he will not prosecute Hillary for her various crimes. Although this action in no way dissuades me from fully supporting Trump in the establishment of sanity and reason in government, I sure hope he is not doing this in order to salve the wounds of establishment Democrats and settle the frustration of the Clinton family when their dynasty was denied renewed life. There is no way on this earth that a Republican can get along with a Democrat in the current environment of division that Obama established and that establishment Democrats have reinforced. It’s been tried before by innocent Republicans and when the Democrat Party got power again it was as though the Republicans had made no effort at comity at all.

A few years ago when the Republicans won a majority in the Senate, in order to show that they were not the monsters the Democrats claimed they were, and to prove that they really wanted to just get along, they decided to share the leadership of the Senate with the Democrats.

So did Pelosi, Reid or Schumer return the atmosphere of peace and understanding when they later regained the majority in the House and the Senate? No way in hell. They ruled like dictators with Reid lying about Mitt Romney and Pelosi using disparaging names for Republicans.

It’s a dead certainty that the Democrats would have persecuted and then prosecuted Richard Nixon if Ford had not pardoned him. And I understand that the Obama Justice Department investigated George Bush for over a year after he left office trying to find some prosecutable evidence that the weapons of mass destruction thing, or the invasion of Iraq, or anything else they could drum up, was sufficient to put him in jail. Fortunately they were unable to find such a thing, but they searched a very long time hoping to find it. And let no one have any doubt that they would have put Bush in jail if they could have.

Hillary’s crimes put Americans in jeopardy and made our national security vulnerable, and she needs to be prosecuted for her actions even if this would rile the left to even more rioting and burning than the election of Trump caused. If the swamp is going to be drained and high officials made to pay for their crimes, then this is the place to pull the plug on the swamp and put Hillary on trial.

One thing is certain: If the Democrats had even a weak complaint to bring against Donald Trump they would go to the ends of the earth to bring him to criminal trial or impeachment. It’s what they do. The Hillary situation is one of basic justice and has nothing to do with how it will impact the Clintons. In fact I believe Hillary said at one point that she welcomed a trial so she could prove her innocence and clear her good name. So let’s give her the chance she so wants.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Hate Crime Being Committed By Elite Fashion Designer? Looks Like!

The fashion designer who “dressed” Michelle Obama for 8 years is now refusing to “dress” Melania Trump because of words spoken by her husband, Donald. Sophie Theallet, the designer and “dresser”, said that she would not “participate in dressing or associating in any way with the next first lady” because of the “rhetoric of racism, sexism and xenophobia unleashed by her husband’s presidential campaign”. She won’t “dress” the female Melania because of Donald’s “sexism”? If Ms. Theallet were a good feminist she would take the poor, suffering wife of the “sexist” Trump and lavish dresses on her to help get her mind off her boorish husband.

It appears the famous “dresser” is not even basing her discrimination on what Donald Trump said, but is extending her offended ears to Trump’s campaign staff, and I would like to see what Trump’s staff said that Ms. Theallet thinks is “racist, sexist and xenophobic”. But knowing what Republicans say and what is meant by their words has never stopped a liberal Democrat from calling them racists, etc., anyway, so Ms. Theallet remains in good stead with practicing liberals everywhere.

 I believe Ms. Theallet remembered all of the liberal Democrat talking points to be used when a liberal wants to brand a Republican and destroy their reputation, with her list of imagined offences. Keep in mind that she is refusing to “dress” Melania because of what someone else said, not what Melania said, and that’s a good enough reason for me.

And notice that she is refusing to “dress” a woman, a female person, one of the protected classes chosen by liberals to defend and comfort, and she’s not refusing to “dress” Donald, which rings a little sexist to me.

But my big concern is: Where is the ACLU when such offences occur? When a baker refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple, the baker went out of business and was probably sued for a fortune for her alleged homophobia. And when a pizza restaurant refused to cater a homosexual party, all hell broke loose and they lost their restaurant and their livelihood. Isn’t Melania an American citizen, and don’t all Americans have the same civil rights, even Republican Americans?

I’m simply asking, why is no one concerned when Republicans are discriminated against and denied their civil rights?  And I’m not certain that Melania is even political enough to be a registered Republican; she just happens to be married to Donald Trump. Or maybe the French-born “dresser” has a problem with people born in Slovenia, as Melania was. Either way, Theallet is committing a hate crime and I want her locked up and her business destroyed, just as liberals destroyed the lives of those who preferred to not serve gay couples.

Where am I getting this wrong?

To Enforce Or To Not Enforce, That Is A No-Brainer To Liberals. Of Course They Won’t Enforce.

Under Obama’s rule, when Arizona realized that the Obama administration would not enforce federal law and keep illegal people out of our nation, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer decided to enforce the law on Arizona’s border with Mexico without the help of the federal government. As a matter of course, Obama got all offended and went to court and was awarded the decision he wanted: States do not have the power nor the right to enforce federal law, only the federal government can do that. Unfortunately for American citizens, with Obama in charge, enforcement of our duly passed laws will not happen, which is a violation of Obama’s sworn promise to do that very thing.

Now, with a new administration about to take office and insisting that federal law be enforced on our borders with Mexico, the same idiot leftists who insisted that only the federal government had the power to enforce federal law, now say that they will not recognize Donald Trump’s insistence that federal laws be enforced. Who could have predicted that flip-flop to come from lawless, Democrat, leftist, progressives?

What kind of low-level stupid are liberal Democrats? This kind of thinking is completely lawless and renegade. Go Donald!

Of Trump, Business Profits And Government Deficits

Everyone who pays attention to politics has either overheard the expression, or had the thought, that if a business were run like the government operates, they’d be broke, out of business (and likely in jail) in a month.

Government doesn’t have to be efficient, it doesn’t have to pay taxes, it isn’t burdened with EPA regulations, it doesn’t have to be thrifty, it doesn’t have to pay rent, it doesn’t have to pay Obamacare premiums, it doesn’t have to operate within a budget, it has no competition and it doesn’t have to make a profit. The government can run at a deficit as long as it wants to. If government needs money it’s OK to just go in debt, simply print some more money, or raise taxes on “the rich”.

All of these things, and more, are imposed on businesses, and if a business can’t economize during hard times, or raise the price of its product to match its expenditures, it will go out of business.

Politicians aren’t able to comprehend the idea of doing without, or not spending money for things they can’t afford. Our legislators have grand offices and they are each given a million dollars a year to spend on their staff, so they have no way of identifying with someone trying to run a business from their home and having to first earn the money they spend for staff and equipment, before they can spend it.

The nature of business, and Donald Trump’s insistence on running his administration more like a business, is what’s frustrating and confusing establishment politicians and the liberals press, and I think Trump’s examples and his attitude are both frightening them and are a threat to them. But it’s all to the benefit of Americans if he runs his administration as though he were running a business and doesn’t give in to the group-think that he’s surrounded by in Washington.

Politicians fear that they are going to have to behave responsibly and that they will be expected to take responsibility for their actions, and I think they fear Trump for the example he’s setting.

But thinking Americans aren’t frightened by Trump’s example, they think it’s great. 

Going From Bad To Worse Under Obama

Not only do Democrats continue to riot in opposition to Trump winning the presidency; not only does Chicago continue to see more violence and deaths; not only does Chicago and other Democrat cities pledge to violate the law and remain sanctuary cities; not only do a bunch of rude, ignorant, intolerant actors on Broadway lecture VP-Elect Pence; not only does Obama travel the world warning all nations about the dangerous upcoming presidency of Donald Trump; not only do our borders continue to be trampled by illegals flooding into America; not only does the Democrat president who kissed Putin’s butt and begged for more time to satisfy Putin’s demands on America, lecture Trump in front of the world for not being tough enough to stand up to Putin; but now we have a new wave of police officer assassinations, and our fool president and his cohorts Biden, Hillary and Pelosi, will do nothing, absolutely nothing, to try to stop any of this idiocy from the Democrat/liberal/progressive wing of the stupid party.

How the Obama administration thinks they are exercising any responsibility at all with our nation being torn apart by their riot-and-burn voters is beyond comprehension. These people are just plain criminals with the things they do, and the things they refuse to do.

The pleasant, refreshing, common sense of Donald Trump and his proven-to-work policies will enlighten the Democrats who have been brainwashed by the Obama administration with their lies and divisive tactics. The comparison of Donald over Barry will awaken the sleeping leftist mass of Americans and they’ll be converted to Making America Great Again.

However, one must not mislead oneself, because the far left radicals will always be with us. But with the Presidency of Donald Trump they’ll fade into the background, and probably even the liberal press will stop reporting every outrage they commit. Out of sight and out of mind, they’ll become irrelevant.

Obama and his liberal/progressive pals used the tactic of divide and conquer against our now-divided nation for over eight years. But now Donald Trump and his courage to speak plainly and directly to the American people has caused a division that Obama never thought of: he has radically divided the Democrat party, hopefully permanently, with his miraculous defeat of Hillary.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Donald Trump Will Create Jobs By Rebuilding Detroit And Other Rust-Belt Cities. I Hope That’s Just The Beginning.

Donald Trump says his plan to create jobs and put people back to work will include his plan to bring old Rust-belt cities into the 21st Century by rebuilding dilapidated inner-city neighborhoods, and in the process hire local people to do the work, thus improving the employment statistics in those cities and restoring pride of the locals in their cities and their efforts.

I most heartily salute Mr. Trump for the attention he plans to place on these often tumble-down cities and the improvement this attention will make for the unfortunate people who live there. The residents of these cities should soon realize that they have been ignored and used by their liberal Democrat city and state politicians for many years, and this effort should help the citizens rise from the poverty and welfare dependence that too many of them have succumbed to under Democrat rule, and a brighter future may sway numbers of them from the Democrat Party that has so abused and mistreated them for decades.

But, and I’m sure Mr. Trump realizes this, it must nevertheless be said: government money spent in cities like Detroit will help the local economy thereabouts and will boost employment numbers, but it will do nothing for the broader economy, and the tax money used to pay for the federal effort in these cities will only be a drag on the national economy as taxes will necessarily be yanked from the working class to pay for it all.

Only a for-profit company, being successful, producing products and employing workers, can boost the national economy, and if Mr. Trump will concentrate time and effort on reversing all of Obama’s EPA regulations that have burdened companies that want to grow, or have intimidated start-up entrepreneurship, whose plans died in the conception stage because someone who wanted to start a business was too frightened of Obamacare, government regulations and taxes to spend the time, effort and money to invest in a new company.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Jesse Jackson Solves All Of The Nation’s Problems

Jesse Jackson recently said that Barack Obama should pardon Hillary in order to halt all of the bad feelings currently floating about, and settle the sentiment of anger that is widespread in the nation. Of course Mr. Jackson is talking about the current anger and frustration on the part of Democrat bought-and-paid-for rioters and destroyers who are beating people and burning things because they didn’t get their way in the last election. He is, of course, interested in giving as much solace and support to these thugs as he can; after all, these undisciplined people are his political base and his party’s financial donors and voters. But I have news for Mr. Jackson: even if Obama’s pardoning Hillary would put the minds of Democrats at rest for their former candidate and her dark legal future, his fool fellow Democrats currently burning American cities would not stop rioting in protest over Donald Trump being elected president. And has Mr. Jackson considered how Republicans would feel if Hillary were relieved of any and all responsibility for her illegal actions?

So let me get this straight: Obama pardons Hillary for her crimes against the nation and its citizens, and Republicans are supposed to just sit back, smile contentedly and forgive and forget, while on Mr. Jackson’s side of the aisle there are violent radicals who will not be constrained or silenced, who are rioting and burning in protest over the election of Donald Trump in spite of the fact that the American people overwhelmingly voted for Mr. Trump to be the nation’s president?

I’d like to see what would happen to Mr. Jackson if he confronted the anti-Trump rioters and reminded these precious snowflakes that the most recent election settled the question of who would be our next president, and told the radicals to go home or go back to school and learn something, and be quiet. They’d probably be writing Mr. Jackson’s obituary the next morning.

Why is it always the Republicans who are asked to bite the bullet and shut up concerning issues they feel strongly about, while leftist radicals will never be halted from their passionate, violent, and illogical demonstrations, but are instead encouraged by Democrat leaders like Hillary and Obama, who only make idiotic statements along the lines of “they have a constitutional right to express their opinions” and let the larger issue of Democrat-funded violence and social disruption go unaddressed?

To answer my own question, the reason Republicans are always the ones asked to sit quietly and let the other side riot and disrupt is because Republicans are never the ones to riot and disrupt; it’s always the Democrat/liberal/progressives who are unable to keep cool when roadblocks are placed before them. And because Republicans are the only adults in the room, they are expected to suck up the leftist insults, abuse and destruction and remain silent and calm. May God help this great nation if Republicans should ever become as unreasonable and violent as the Democrat/progressives/liberals.

Friday, November 18, 2016

My Trust In Donald Trump, And My Faith In America

Neither I, nor anyone else, knows what Donald Trump will do once he becomes the occupant of the Oval Office, but I trust the man whose slogan is “Make America Great Again” over the outgoing president whose slogan was to achieve the “fundamental transformation of America”.

Unlike Hillary’s and Obama’s hired, violent thugs who have the liberty, and those two Democrat leaders’ paid-for permission, to tear up American cities and violently interfere with the daily lives of their fellow Americans, I and tens of millions of like-minded Americans who refuse to take to the streets when they are upset about something, have had to sit by and watch Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and their hired bunch of goons do everything in their power to destroy my country via illegal and unconstitutional methods.   
Now our patience and our patriotic, law-abiding behavior, has brought us a victory, by supporting a candidate who has himself obeyed the laws and worked hard to achieve the success he has enjoyed in the business world, and we are going to continue to support Donald Trump as he, to put it in his words, Makes America Great Again.

And to show our true American values and our wishes for prosperity for all, we want all Democrats, progressives and liberals to join us in the renewed prosperity that we believe Donald Trump will allow the nation to deliver, once the job-killing, tax-choking, violence-inducing, resentful Barack Obama leaves the White House. And we don’t wish any ill on Obama either; we want him to be prosperous and happy in his life, but we just want him gone from our lives.

Obama, The Wise, Accomplished, Russia Expert, Lectures Trump

Our Obama is such a great American (except when he promised to “fundamentally transform America” and then began breaking established laws and our constitution to do it) and is so accomplished and widely recognized as an expert in international relations (except for the disasters in Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Crimea, Georgia, ISIS) that one jumps at the chance to latch on to his experience and to learn from his sage advice.

For example he recently stated that he hopes Donald Trump will “stand up to Russia” when Trump becomes president. What a load of crap from this fool man! Obama is the one who laughed at Mitt Romney in a 2012 debate, when Romney stated that Russia can be dangerous to American interests. And Obama’s illogical reasoning for countering Romney’s assertion that Russia has evil intentions toward America was based on his (Obama’s) opinion that Russia is old, Twentieth century news and offers no threat to America in Obama’s new, more sophisticated, more nuanced, Twenty-first century. As usual, Obama could not be more wrong, nor his ideas more dangerous for America. And Mitt Romney was completely correct.

And how can one forget the open mic that picked up Obama in a foreign alcove, heads inclined toward each other and speaking softly with Russian Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev, begging the PM to assure Vladimir Putin that he (Obama) is working hard to do what Putin wants him to do, and to give him (Obama) a little more time so he could win his presidential re-election, and then he’d be free to work deals with the Russian dictator in his (Obama’s) second administration, just as “Vlad” (that’s how Obama addresses his pal, Vladimir) wants him to. Obama is a bought-and-paid-for comrade of Russia, and his pal, “Vlad”. If this begging on the part of an American president, seeking to be given more time by the Russian president to keep that Russian president happy, is “standing up” to Russia, then I’m lost on the English language and the meaning of its words.

The only “standing up” Obama does is to the Tea Party, Israel, the NRA, Christians and similar groups that he knows will not do anything violent or illegal to oppose him. However, his response to nations that hate us and publicly state that they want our national death, (and here one thinks immediately of the world’s leading terrorist nation, Iran) he makes nice with them and allows them to continue to develop the nuclear capacity with which they can eventually destroy America, and then gives them billions of dollars, in a plane-load of cash, which of course they will use to kill more innocent people around the world and further hasten their development of a nuclear weapon. Wow! That’s really “standing up” to the Mullah’s international war of terror, Barry.

Obama is a loser who is scrambling to protect and defend his many failed policies and his teetering legacy, and the election of Donald Trump has been a repudiation of everything Obama stands for.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Trump Should Not Appoint Heads Of The EPA, Education, Energy, Etc.

The bigger and the better organized government becomes, the more powerful, controlling and corrupt it gets, and the more damage it does to the American system and the people it is supposed to serve. That’s why I believe that department heads for Education, Energy, EPA, and Commerce should not be appointed by president-elect Trump, and here are the reasons I’ve reached this conclusion:

Since the formation of the Department of Education, we’ve consistently seen test scores and the general level of education in American schools decline. Our children are being taught liberal-thought and are not being educated even close to the level of education that children got in the 1800s. The education of our children used to be a local function, but since the federal government has taken control of it, it has become more expensive and no longer teaches children the truth about their nation nor how to think freely and logically.

Since the formation of the Department of Energy the ability of our nation, via our energy companies, to extract crude oil and natural gas from the earth has been greatly restricted and controlled by government, and even with a project like the Keystone pipeline, which even Obama and his Secretary of State said was a worthy project and caused no conflicts or problems, government still sets roadblocks in the way of this essential delivery of energy to America, and Keystone is still stalled. And, since the formation of the Department of Energy, the cost of gasoline for automobiles and natural gas for American homes has increased enormously, thus offering confirmation that big government hurts American citizens.

Since the formation of the EPA the number of job-killing, business-hobbling regulations has become equal to the flow of the Mississippi River and has hurt the earning capacity of all Americans. Americans would live happier, more prosperous lives if the EPA were vacated. The EPA and all of its volumes of regulations could not stop a disaster like the poisoning of Flint, Michigan’s water supply from happening, and this socialist, anti-capitalist group should be disbanded and its enabling legislation repealed.

Since the formation of the Department of Commerce an increasing number of corporations have fled the United States and settled in foreign countries seeking fewer restrictions, fewer regulations, lower taxes and cheaper labor. Commerce has been a flop. Disband it.

My plea for Mr. Trump to not appoint department heads for government departments that have harmed Americans and made their lives less pleasant is not a criticism of him and his power-transfer staff, it’s rather a different approach to “draining the swamp”, which I’m pleased to say is under way with this new president.

And with thousands of top government positions to fill, if a few hundred of these positions were left vacant, government would be smaller, less costly, less restrictive, and better. Go Trump! 

Barack Obama Is Stuck With The “Legacy” He Earned And Deserves

When one thinks of historical figures against whom to compare Barack Obama, two personalities come to mind: Neville Chamberlain and Jimmy Carter.

Neville Chamberlain was the “peace in our time” guy who, instead of giving the world peace through his dealings with Adolph Hitler, took Europe directly into World War II with its millions of deaths and its total destruction. Barack Obama and his Nuke deal with Iran was similar to the Chamberlain/Hitler agreement, but more on that later.

Then we have former president Jimmy Carter (pronounced Jumma Cotta by Mr. Carter himself) who is best remembered for wearing a sweater in a cold alcove off the Oval Office in the White House, wringing his hands and waiting for Iran to take some sort of action after capturing the American hostages in Teheran and holding them for an unspecified reason. It was a certainty that Mr. Carter was too immobilized with indecision and fear to take any action against Iran himself.

Like Barack Obama, Neville Chamberlain was so full of himself and his importance that he called the deal with Hitler “peace in our time”, reminiscent of Obama’s ill-thought and totally stupid and counter-productive Iran nuke agreement, which he self-importantly asserted would assure that Iran would never get a nuclear weapon. But unfortunately, the agreement with the Mullahs assures that Iran will inevitably develop a nuclear weapon in a very few years. Plus, our genius president also gave Iran billions of dollars to help them with their nuke development.

As for Jimmy Carter’s influence, Obama just appears irrelevant, much like our beloved peanut farmer president, except when Obama was issuing executive orders and EPA regulations that he assured the nation would “fundamentally transform America”. In all fairness, one supposes one could say that the up side of Obama’s “fundamental transformation of America” policy was that the idea of the destruction of America as we’ve always known it excited Obama and at least peeked his interest and got him off the golf course for a change.

The more we see of Donald Trump and compare him back-to-back with Barack Obama, the more people will see Mr. Obama’s dithering, strutting, boastful, self-absorbed nature, and with such a comparison of these two men, Donald Trump will come out the clear winner.

It’s an absolute certainty that the liberal press will continue to ride Donald Trump like a lame mule, but the worthlessness of Obama will be there forever, for all to see, and the improvements that Mr. Trump will make to America will be recognized by everyone.

A Presidential Pardon For Hillary Would Be An Admission Of Her Guilt

When a presidential pardon is issued there is an immediate denial of justice to the American people who were criminalized against by the culprit, but when the pardon is for a member of the president’s own administration, most people see a tacit admission of guilt, but in this case the culpability is shared by both Obama and Hillary, not just Hillary alone.

We know that Obama knew of Hillary’s illegal email server and did nothing to assure that the messages he sent to her were secure and protected from hacking, and we know he knew of her server’s illegality because he used a fictitious account and name for himself when sending emails to her. So there was something crooked going on here, and if Obama pardons her, we’ll know he was deeply involved in whatever criminal activity Hillary was perpetrating.

Republicans are deeply concerned that Hillary should get her day in court and not have to live with the cloud of guilt hanging over her head the rest of her life. She should not be denied the opportunity to prove her innocence and defend herself, and an Obama pardon would not allow her to mount any defense at all, which would be similar to a miscarriage of justice.

Republicans are additionally concerned that Hillary was not given her full investigatory rights because the Department of Justice never did send her case information to a Grand Jury, where a council of her peers could have seen the evidence and decided whether or not to prosecute. One feels that Hillary was very poorly mistreated by the devious Obama administration and its corrupt Department of Justice.

But, if Obama pardons Hillary then the Trump administration will not be able to investigate her more openly and completely, and no evidence of Obama’s culpability will ever come to light. So I wonder which way Obama will jump on this issue.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Bull-Headed Opposition By Leftists Is Expected

Leftists like anarchy, chaos and are generally lawless in their behavior, kind of like the Hillary and DNC behavior in the 2016 presidential election, and they definitely will not accept a national constitution that attempts to control their behavior and assure a peaceful, prosperous society.

So one should not be surprised by the violent protests resulting from Donald Trump’s election to the presidency, and one should not be surprised by liberal city Mayors who say that they will continue to be sanctuary cities for illegal aliens. The word “sanctuary” means a place where dictators, tyrants and brownshirt troops can’t round people up and imprison or kill them at the discretion of a Communist or Nazi government. What these misguided sanctuary city Mayors are doing is keeping our government from enforcing it duly passed laws, which are not punitive laws but rather are put in place to serve the broader population in a legal and organized manner. No liberal would claim that the Obama administration was trying to get to the illegals gathered in San Francisco and harm them, and neither is Donald Trump. Nevertheless the sanctuary thing has been used throughout the Obama administration, although the meaning of the word gets lost the way liberals use it.

For the last eight years Obama has patted leftists on the head and given them everything and offered them every encouragement they wanted. Now Donald Trump has to enforce laws on these misled innocent snow flakes, deny them federal money if they continue their lying game, and even put the occasional Mayor in jail for breaking federal law, whatever it takes to convince them that they must obey duly passed laws and act like responsible citizens.

The United States is not a leftist nation, we’re a center-right nation and with the election of Donald Trump we have made our sentiments clear: we want a sharp return to law and order and we want everyone, even big-shot Democrat Mayors, to obey the law and the constitution.

As Usual, A Problem Created By A Democrat Will Be Blamed On Trump

I can see the headlines from the liberal rags now: “The election of Donald Trump causes massive unrest and invasion along the southern border”, or “Trump threatens Mexico causing inundation of illegal immigrants”, or “Unease with Trump intolerance causes poor Mexicans to flood into America”.

As usual, a problem created and made worse by a Democrat, Barack Obama, is being blamed on a Republican, Donald Trump, who is at this point only the Republican president-elect and neither has, nor ever has had, official power to establish national policy for anything.

The cause of all of this trouble with illegals streaming across our border in unprecedented numbers is the illegal and unconstitutional orders issued by Barack Obama to get enough illegals into America quickly in order to assure the election of his policy clone, Hillary Clinton, to the presidency. Too bad that trick didn’t work, Barry.

This is exactly the kind of avoidable problem that Democrats are famous for. In this case Obama promised to let in any and all people who want to enter, then once here Obama sets all of the illegal aliens up on welfare, gets them fed and housed, and these people in turn then invite all of their friends and family back home to join them by crossing the open border and taking advantage of the goodies that Obama is handing out.

Then someone, like Donald Trump, who respects the laws of the United States and its constitution, is elected president and all hell breaks loose because the new president-elect has promised to enforce the law and return illegals to their homes as the only sensitive way to reunite the families torn apart by Barack Obama with his enticements to flee their homes and families and come to the land of milk and honey and government-provided cell phones.

Well, we’re all out of milk and honey and Americans are sick of all of these people who are citizens of another country being here illegally, and all too often committing crimes against American citizens while they’re here. That’s why we elected Donald Trump, and we intend that he do what he promised to do.

The problem for Obama is that his fingerprints and his unlawful political decisions are on both sides of the election: he invited people here who should not be here, and the problems that occur after Trump is sworn in are all on Obama’s head because of his illegal actions during his own administration. But Mr.Trump will take the flack for having to fix Obama’s problems and he will deport many people illegally here, because he’s true to his word, he believes in obeying the laws and the constitution of America, and he’s an American patriot.

It’s Obama’s fault that people will now be yanked from the lives they’ve tried to establish in America and be sent home, or perhaps be incarcerated for what they’ve done since arriving here. If we had fewer Democrat politicians in America, we’d have less human suffering.

Hillary’s Logic: The Required 270 Electoral Votes And Trump Loses; A Majority Of Irrelevant Popular Votes And I Win

The lying, cheating, squirming filth on the Democrat side of the aisle is always plotting, always conniving, and always changing the rules (or fixing the rules as Hillary did in order to defeat Bernie Sanders in the primary race, or even breaking the rules and the law by beating Trump supporters or fire-bombing a Trump campaign office in North Carolina) in order to get a leg up on their opponents and keep them off balance.

 The press rarely if ever mentioned the popular vote during the 2016 campaign season and instead, utilizing their laborious, state-by-state description, in full red and blue colors, bored their viewing or print customers to death describing the way Hillary would, without doubt, get the 270 electoral votes needed to become president, while at the same time showing the incontrovertible proof that Donald Trump could never, ever, get the 270 electoral votes needed to win, and assuring the audience that the popular vote is of no importance in a presidential election.

But after the election, and after possibly millions of illegal aliens cast votes in this election (Barack Obama promised during a televised interview to not bring any legal action against any illegal alien who voted in this presidential election, on the sole assumption that all illegals would vote for the Democrat, Hillary), Hillary’s people are now in everyone’s face belly-aching about her winning the popular vote and still not becoming president. Neil Cavuto asked one of Hillary’s more obnoxious spokespersons the other night if they would be so favorably disposed toward the popular vote winning an election if Donald Trump had won the popular vote instead of his winning the constitutionally provided electoral majority, and of course the goon never gave an answer.

But the electoral issue is just one of many examples of Democrats wanting to throw the baby out every time the bathwater is not to their liking. In the next election if the Democrat wins the electoral majority, they’ll be back in line with the constitution, screaming that the popular vote is irrelevant, and liking the electoral idea all the more. It’s what they do.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Obama Still Campaigning After Losing The Election

I can’t recall an American president who continued to campaign and try to convince the nation that the ideas they voted down in the just-finished election were good ideas that had created a better, more prosperous America. Obama was soundly thrashed in the last election and the man just won’t shut up and go away. It’s unseemly, and the world is laughing at this fool man.

Obama’s defenders may well respond that Obama was not a candidate in the last election and his ideas were not voted on and that he was, therefore, not defeated. But this response would be absolutely wrong.

During the Clinton campaign Obama made a nuisance of himself telling audiences that his legacy was at stake in this election and his policies were threatened by Donald Trump and he wanted Americans to vote for Hillary in order to protect his legacy and his policies. Unfortunately for Mr. Obama, he lost that argument and Donald Trump has promised to overturn all of the things Obama put in place.

Obama knows his anti-American and anti-capitalist ideas were defeated and his legacy will be ground to dust, but he just can’t help defending his old, tired, liberal ideas, and at this point sees his once bright, influential future after leaving office turning into one of laughable, Jimmy Carter-like irrelevance.

Bye, bye Obama.

Rahm Emanuel Forgets That Too Often ”You Are Dead In Chicago”

In response to the surprise and shocking election of Donald Trump to the presidency, with his promise to reverse the unconstitutional immigration edicts of Barack Obama, Rahm Emanuel, the mayor of Chicago, said two days ago that “Chicago will always be a sanctuary city” (in other words while he’s mayor of Chicago, he will always defy the laws of the United States) and that “you are always welcome in this city” (one can only guess that he is expressing a welcome to illegal aliens and other law-breakers, and is not welcoming legal American citizens to Chicago).

But the string of “you-ares” in his speech that got my attention was “you are safe in Chicago, you are secure in Chicago and you are supported in Chicago”. What Mr. Emanuel forgot to add to his sibilant list is that, too often in Rahm Emanuel’s Chicago, you are also dead and buried in his fair city, due to the sky-rocketing murder rate there. One could also add that you are too often also unemployed in the liberal paradise of Chicago, especially if you are Hispanic or a-resident-while-black, but one hates to kick a man when he’s down.

Mr. Emanuel is famous for his self-serving statement to “never let a crisis go to waste”, the line that gave Barack Obama the authority to plunge America to a $20 trillion national debt and open our borders to millions of illegal aliens, and he should take this opportunity, and this crisis of killing in his city, to correct the things that have gone so very wrong there and make them right. He’s wasting the chance to join Donald Trump in Making America Great Again.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Until Now I Didn’t Doubt The Intelligence Of European Leaders

A recent article in the Financial Times states that leaders of European countries called an assembly to ‘send a signal of what the EU expects” from Mr. Trump’. That’s why the wording of the heading of this piece expresses doubt as to the judgement and wisdom of the current leaders of the EU. I never doubted the intelligence of European leaders, only their judgement and ability to make wise decisions, and I believe this decision to scold Donald Trump is an example of a losing-liberal gasp for relevance in a world of rapid change that’s leaving them behind.

Following the international disaster of the last eight years of Barack Obama, these European fools are going to pretend to lecture Donald Trump? The proper response from Europe to Mr. Trump’s election should be “Congratulations Mr. Trump on your victory, and thank God that Barack Obama will soon be gone”. But I’m not holding my breath.

But, in all fairness to the EU,  European fortunes have been under attack lately, first with Brexit and now with the election of Donald Trump, who is not of a mind to play traditional ball with Europe any more than he played ball with the American political establishment. EU leaders saw what happened to Hillary Clinton and want to try to intimidate Mr. Trump into giving them some “safe-space”.  We’ll see how Trump responds.

Britain, France and Hungary, by the way, declined to meet with their European compatriots, so we’ll have to wait and see how these three decliners impact the unity of the other countries.

As regards the Financial Times quote of ‘“what the EU expects” from Mr. Trump’, I think they very much want Mr. Trump to agree that the United States will continue to supply the military umbrella that protects Europe, and to keep picking up the tab for EU’s defense. But the politics of the western world has changed in the last several months, and it may continue to change even further as Mr. Trump takes office and shows the world that things will not remain as they have been the last 50 years. And along with this political change has come a change in attitude and financial viability. Europe must begin to foot the bill for their military protection because the United States is no longer willing or able to do so. We want strong and friendly relations with Europe, but the days of playing Santa Clause are over.

The judgement of European leaders has long been in doubt with their weak armies and their willingly allowing masses of Muslim immigrants and refugees to settle within their borders, even while Muslim extremists are declaring that they will kill all non-Muslims and while we have witnessed massive and murderous terrorist attacks on the European population by Muslims residing in Europe. One hopes they are wise enough to work with Mr. Trump to assure continued peace and prosperity between all our nations.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Liberal Press Still Lying And Culpable In The Anti-Trump Violence

The lying, liberal, biased press, the same people who badly and intentionally missed the American public’s sentiment in the recent presidential election, who failed to report the violent and criminal acts of union thugs who attacked Donald Trump supporters at the command of Hillary and the DNC, are still lying and not reporting the news, and instead continue to encourage violence and rioting by young anti-Trump protesters. If there were violent protests against Obama or Hillary the press would be red in the face insisting that they stop and behave maturely. But since it’s Trump that is being abused they have no problem with this “youthful exuberance” and actually enjoy reporting on it.

But doesn’t the press have a responsibility to encourage good citizenship and responsible behavior by all citizens, especially with young people who are still learning how to act in public? Evidently our friends in the press don’t believe that they have any such a responsibility, because they are encouraging the rioting and siding with the rioters by simultaneously declaring that the world is coming to an end because of the presidency of Donald Trump.

The press happily reported Barack Obama’s declaration that “I won” the vote in 2008 and his opinion that “elections have consequences” which he thought gave him the right to disobey the constitution and the written laws of the nation and issue destructive orders in line with his promise to “fundamentally transform America”, and when he did succeed in making America a failing place none of us had ever seen before, the press reveled at his cleverness.

But Donald Trump had better never say “I won” or indicate that he has leeway to act because “elections have consequences”, because these statements only work one way: in a left-wise direction in which the political left gets to set its own agenda and move swiftly to implement its desired changes, but when the political right wins elections they must proceed cautiously and slowly and not make any waves that the leftist press is not in favor of.

The press would be completely justified in giving some leeway to the anti-Trump rioters and their tendency to be violent, if it would remind its readers and viewers that the Hillary Clinton campaign set the negative example for the youth of America by hiring unions to beat Trump supporters and fire-bomb a Trump headquarters office in North Carolina. And don’t forget the rigging of the Democrat presidential nomination process that assured Hillary would win no matter how many Sanders supporters there were, nor how enthusiastic those supporters were. Someone had better shake you and wake you up if you think the press will ever report and condemn violence from a Democrat candidate or her followers.

I don’t expect the press to do a complete about-face and begin writing balanced articles telling the truth about both parties, because that would be a break with tradition for the liberal press.  But when people’s lives and property are at risk the press could at least tell the rioters that what they are doing is wrong and that they need to express themselves in a peaceful way, not like professional Democrats behave.

 Donald Trump won the presidential election fair and square, and the left had better get used to it because four years of a president you despise is a long time to fume, and those of us who are not Obama fans can vouch for that fact (and no one I know did anything violent to oppose Obama).

Hillary’s Silence While Her Supporters Riot Tells Us All We Need To Know About Her, And Them

If the supporters of the leftist, progressive, Democrat, Hillary Clinton, feel empowered to riot, attack and burn in their defeat, can you imagine the destruction they’d cause if Hillary had won the presidential election? Actually one should not be surprised at the violent way Hillary’s people are behaving, because it was Hillary Clinton herself who ordered, organized and paid for the anti-Trump mob violence and bomb-throwing that occurred during the just-completed campaign.

Looking back at the election, any American who thinks clearly can be primarily thankful that Donald Trump won the election, if only for economic and political liberty considerations. But considering the Democrat violence during the campaign period combined with the rioting and burning that followed Hillary’s defeat, one can be doubly thankful for the sound defeat of the violent, Democrat/progressive left, which Hillary embodies, inspires and encourages, because if she had won and become president there would have been blood-shed everywhere as the left proceeded to do what it does best: cause economic destruction, generate chaos and deny liberty to every citizen.

Hillary’s hiring of thugs to beat political opponents during the presidential campaign; her silent support of rioters following the campaign; her giving away American sovereignty to foreign dictators in exchange for them giving the Clinton Foundation tens of millions of dollars while she was Secretary of State; her lying to the FBI about national security secrets she left wide open on her unsecured email server; her personal staff, accompanied by the DNC, plotting within her own party to exclude any other Democrat who would like to run for president, all totaled, make Hillary a criminal gangster, plain and simple. This election has been proof, if anyone needed it, that there must be a God in heaven shining His countenance on America in order to have allowed us to avoid the total anarchy and unconstitutional dictatorship that would have been the result of a Hillary Clinton presidency.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Considering The Leftist “I Condemn Both Sides” Line Of Illogic As A Way To Pass The Buck And Avoid Blame

Recently I heard Geraldo Rivera speaking about the rioting going on in too many cities across America, where we see Hillary’s supporters burning buildings and attacking people as they protest the election of Donald Trump to the presidency. Mr. Rivera self-righteously said “I condemn both sides” for the violence. Since there are no Donald Trump rioters burning things and beating people, I challenge Mr. Rivera’s sharing the blame equally between Democrats and Republicans.

I’m sorry to inform left-leaning folks like Mr. Rivera, but:

Republicans and conservatives don’t riot (even when the president says he will “fundamentally transform America” and then sets about doing it with vigor and determination).

Republicans don’t have illegal and unprotected email service while in official public offices.

Republicans don’t lie to the FBI and congress (and on the odd occasion that one does lie, he goes to jail).

Republicans don’t hire union thugs to beat and fire-bomb their political opponents.

Republicans don’t rig their party’s nominating process so the establishment’s favorite will win
Republican presidents don’t have a history of raping women and don’t stain interns’ blue dresses in the Oval Office.

Republicans don’t expose national security secrets to America’s enemies via unsecure email servers.

Republicans don’t force government-selected and imposed healthcare on American citizens.

Republicans presidents don’t unconstitutionally and illegally open our national borders to all illegal aliens who want to enter.

Republican presidents don’t encourage illegal aliens to vote in national elections.

Republican presidents don’t release the worst-of-the-worst from Gitmo so they can kill again, and so he can close the entire base once he has emptied it of our sworn enemies.

Republican governors don’t release hundreds of prisoners from prison in order to get their vote, once they are released.

Republican presidents don’t try to influence our ally, Israel’s, elections in an attempt to get rid of a leader they don’t personally like.

Republicans don’t make deals with Iran that assures they will possess nuclear weapons soon, and then give them tens of billions of dollars to make sure they can make the best, most destructive nuclear weapon possible.

Republicans presidents don’t call entire city police forces “racists”.

Republican presidents don’t nationalize local city police forces for political reasons.

Republican presidents don’t invite entertainers to the White House if during their performance they Rap about their “bitches” and “hos” and encourage the killing of police officers.

Republicans presidents don’t invite racist, terroristic groups like Black Lives Matter to the White House.

Republican Secretaries of State don’t say “what difference, at this point, does it make” when answering congressional questions about her culpability in the deaths of four Americans in Libya.

Republican presidents don’t beg Vladimir Putin to give them a little more time to get re-elected so they can more easily do the things that Putin is telling them to do.

Republican presidents don’t try to “contain” terrorists, they try to kill them.

Republican presidents don’t allow their appointees to go unprosecuted when the FBI director publicly speaks for fifteen minutes listing the reasons why they should go directly to jail.

Republican presidents don’t strut about importantly, drawing “red lines” in the sand of the Middle East, and then let untold thousands of people be killed when that line is crossed.

Republican presidents don’t, prematurely, on a whim, and contrary to his military advisors’ advice and warning, withdraw troops from a war zone that has been won and pacified, and then a few months later have to put more American lives at risk by having to win the zone back again.

Republican presidents don’t promise to “fundamentally transform America”, although the newest Republican president-elect has promised to “Make America Great Again”, which is pretty much what every Republican wants to do, and I think that’s a good thing.

Most of the time when things go really bad for America it was a liberal Democrat who proposed it, planned it and/or did it, or a Democrat congress that passed the measure, and I’m sick and very tired of having Democrat apologists, more than likely a member of the supposedly neutral and impartial press, “blame both sides” for what Democrats, all alone, do.

Liberal Democrats Believe Elections Have Consequences, As Long As It’s They Who Win The Elections

When Barack Obama became president and began to “fundamentally transform America” and tear it apart, he reminded his Republican critics that “elections have consequences”. He believed that since he won an election, he could do anything he wanted to do, even unconstitutional and unlawful things, and I’ll be damned if Republicans didn’t let him do it.

Even though Hillary and Trump both identified many of the same things that needed attention in a new administration, leftists won’t allow the president-elect, Trump, to address the areas of common concern.

On November 8th Donald Trump was elected president, and the next day paid thugs began to riot, burn businesses and attack Trump supporters in protest. As a point of reviewing recent history, in most of Hillary Clinton’s campaign speeches she told her audiences that America needed to make substantive changes in policy to correct injustices against the American population (but she never went so far as to blame her own Obama administration for causing many of these injustices), a point that Donald Trump agreed with and also wanted to reverse. But before Trump could address the problems that both he and Hillary had identified, and before he could start the process of designing and implementing any of his intended policies that would fix the problems, Democrat paid-for riots began erupting in major cities. I find it odd that Hillary can identify problems that are hurting people and everyone just shakes their heads in mock concern and agree that it’s a shame how mistreated people can be and how noble and brave Hillary is for voicing her concerns for the common man, but when Donald Trump identifies some of the same issues that need to be corrected and promises that he will definitely fix the problems and not just talk about them as Hillary and her liberal pals have always done, leftists start breaking things, beating people and burning buildings. Liberal Democrat protesters not only refuse to allow Trump to exercise the power he won as a result of the election, they violently deny that the election had any consequences favorable to Trump, and want the same old problems to continue into the future, just as Democrats always have in the past. And to show the intelligence of the rioters, they are reported to have taken some of their complaints to their local city halls to be addressed. How clever is that?

America just had a very divisive presidential campaign. Liberal policy has been rejected and repudiated, Hillary and her third term of Obama’s rule was rejected, and the poor losers that Liberals are immediately take to the streets and behave violently. Typical of thugs and criminals, liberal Democrats believe in the consequences of an election only if they win the election.

It’s what they do.