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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Send Fauci And Birx Back To The Lab

I’m sure that Doctors Birx and Fauci have done some good and important work these past few weeks, but now, all we hear is their advice to keep the lockdown in place and expect a much more severe second wave of the virus that will cause more destruction to the American economy, thereby damaging the lives of our citizens with unconstitutional commands and edicts from limp-headed mayors and governors.

President Trump should thank both of these good doctors, and now let’s send them back to their offices and their labs and leave the rest of us to hell alone and get on with our lives. Their modeling-predictions of over two million deaths from the virus was way too high. Their predictions of the severity of the virus was way too harsh. Their predictions of a new outbreak of a more dangerous and deadly second wave of coronavirus, I’ll bet money, will be wrong, too.

We must free our nation from the illegal imprisonment we’ve been subjected to by our state and local politicians and free us from having to watch valuable jobs being lost, with many of them never to return again if this reign of terror from politicians and bureaucratic scientists continues.

In the Future, Pandemics Must Be Fought By Doctors, Not Politicians

I’m sick of politicians, who seem to pay no attention to the evidence of how weak this coronavirus actually is, making decisions as to what citizens are permitted to do, and what businesses must close or are allowed to remain open.

I’m sick of the leftist press blaming our president for deaths that happen during this disease.

I’m sick of watching America’s economy being destroyed by arbitrary decisions made by not-too-smart governors and mayors, mostly Democrats, who naturally have the tendency to issue demands simply because they can.

In short, I’m sick during this pandemic, and my suffering has nothing to do with the virus, but rather it has everything to do with my fellow Americans and our dictatorial rulers. Politicians will always use politics to defeat other politicians, so they should stay out of decisions pertaining to quarantines and economic shutdowns, because citizens are the unnoticed victims of political fights.

During past disease invasions we only had to suffer the disease, and not a combination of a disease, joblessness, political insults and a loss of income caused by politicians.

The researchers tell us that hundreds of thousands of Americans have been infected with this current virus, and the infected persons either had no symptoms of being sick, or the thought they only had a mild cold. Has a decision been made that we will shut down our nation and destroy our way of life each cold and flu season as one or another virus begins to make people feel bad? And this year we’ve also seen that the shutdown has caused many hospitals to lose sufficient funds via the prohibition to treat anything but the coronavirus, and that many will go bankrupt, thereby not being able to help sick people back to health. Why are we doing this to ourselves? We’re hurting not only ourselves, but we are making life dim and dark for our children, and all to assure that Trump isn’t re-elected in November?

We must keep the idiot politicians out of our medical decisions.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Lessons We Hope America Has Learned Via Past Mistakes

As our nation has become internationally involved with things like transforming dictatorial nations and guiding nation change for third world countries, both of which are good and sincere things to try, we have learned that not only do these things often not achieve the intended outcome, but too often the result is contrary to our own nation’s interests and leaves the target nation in worse shape than before. It’s time that Americans realized that the waste done to our own citizens and our own economy, are not worth the effort.

Here are three examples of national mistakes America must not repeat:

George  Bush, with the best of intentions, told Americans that all people want to be free and live prosperous lives, so we launched into Iraq, only to find that its citizens, once they were free of Saddam, were not particularly interested in having a democracy and were not dedicated to working to keep it once it was established. And the loss of life and limb our own women and men experienced in the military effort to free the nation and its unappreciative citizens was a terrible waste.

Starting with the Nixon administration, we developed the notion that if we build up the economies of Communist nations and make them semi-capitalists, that they would see the error of the principles of Communism and would drop their evil, conquering intentions toward their neighboring states, and that their citizens would become more free and prosperous as a result. But China has proven the opposite: When Communists are made more wealthy, they are better able to develop more dangerous weapons of invasion and destruction toward their neighbors with the newly enriched economy, and their citizens don’t gain one iota from the wealth of the rulers of the nation. Additionally, we’ve been forced to realize that allowing a Communist state to manufacture our products and our medicines puts America in a dangerous and unhealthy position when we need the medicines or the products for our own use. Communists are evil people and when they see an opportunity to weaken us, or even do some serious military harm to us due to our dependence on them, they‘ll take advantage of the opportunity every time.

America’s far left press corps is not interested in reporting the news, it is only interested in getting rid of all opposition to the “fundamental transformation of America” that they seek, and is desirous of “restructuring things to fit (their) vision”. The cat is out of the bag on this radical left corruption since President Trump became a presidential candidate, and then subsequently became president. With the FBI spying on him and the press and a special council trying to frame him with charges of collusion, followed by the press lying about everything he did related to the coronavirus and his attempts to limit its damage, Americans know that the press cannot be trusted to give the nation the honest truthful news about anything.  Democrats cannot be trusted to pass emergency legislation that helps those Americans in need, because they will always serve their ultra-left ideals first and foremost by adding pork and walking-around money to the legislation, and the welfare of American citizens can go to hell as far as they’re concerned.

The lesson we’ve learned is to never try to remake a nation in our own image, to never trust Communists/Socialists, and to never trust nor believe Democrats nor the American press.

Monday, April 27, 2020

If The Coronavirus Is “Death” And Requires A Shutdown, What Other Outlandish Democrat Disasters Will Follow?

Recently, in a defensive posture while being challenged by a reporter as to why the virus shutdown was continuing in New York state, Gov. Andrew Cuomo justified the continuing clamp-down by stating that the disease is “death“, meaning that all citizens would certainly die if the stay-at-home order was lifted. Does the governor mean that all persons who contract the disease die? It certainly sounds like that’s his message.

Gov. Cuomo’s insistence that only his order to keep New Yorkers off the streets and in their homes was keeping the population of the state, and the nation, alive and healthy, suggests that if the order is lifted it would lead to the death of nearly all citizens.

But he’s wrong that the virus equals certain death, because we know that there is a ninety-eight percent survival rate among those stricken by the disease, and tens of thousands of these people had only a slight reaction to the disease, if they had any reaction at all.

Gov. Cuomo’s harsh, authoritarian reaction to the disease is what frightens thinking people about  Democrat decision making. To say that letting citizens go about their daily business would kill them, which is virtually what he said, is his lame justification for locking everyone in their homes and shutting down their places of work.

To extend his logic further, the fact that tens of thousands of people are killed each year in automobile accidents could easily be justification for outlawing personal automobiles. And each cold and flu season tens of thousands of Americans die of these annual diseases, so are we to destroy our national economy and unconstitutionally lockup our citizens each year to prevent these deaths? Guns in Chicago and Baltimore kill hundreds of those cities’ citizens each weekend, but there’s no demand to keep all of those citizens locked in their homes from Friday to Monday each week.

Another fear that informed Americans fear from the political left is that they will take advantage of anything to gain political power and restrict citizens’ rights. AOC thinks that the cleaner air resulting from there being fewer cars and trucks moving about in our cities as a result of the lockdown, and the recent collapse of the price of a barrel of oil on the international market, are good things. So she proposes we should therefore keep all automobiles and trucks off our streets in order to keep our air cleaner, and of course, save the earth from the lie of warming/change, which is now only ten years in the future, two years having lapsed of the twelve years she originally told us we had to live until the end of all civilization, and we‘ve seen no increase in the summer-time temperature these last two years to indicate that AOC and her leftist pals are anything but lying fools.

The political left, which is where the Democrat party resides, love power; they believe their ideas of what’s good should be mandatory for all American citizens, and what they think is bad, they want prohibited. The political left in every nation, like Cuba, North Korea, Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia and Venezuela, endanger  the liberties all citizens are entitled to, so it’s wise to keep them far away from power ever again.

Saturday, April 25, 2020

I Risked My Life Joining The Army In 1964, But Can’t Even Visit A Neighborhood CafĂ© In 2020

Liberalism, as practiced by today’s Democrats, is so convoluted and dictatorial that it bears no resemblance to even the Democrat party of John Kennedy or Jimmy Carter. Today, when we hear the old saw of “thanks for your service” offered to first responders for their dangerous dedication to their chosen fields of work, this expression coming from the mouths of dope-smoking Democrats, and this includes the phony, form-letter verbal thanks that Gov. Andrew Cuomo, he of the elaborately enunciated, precisely stated and slowly pronounced words, as though the words were coming from the stumbling mouth of Forrest Gump, I don’t take his or any of his cohorts’ statements as having any basis in sincerity. It’s all done for show, as American society is lulled into the corruption that accompanies Democrats every place they go, and the anti-constitutional behavior they profess on their way to absolute power.

The fact that I gave three years of my life serving in the Army, with the possibility of losing my life altogether if assigned to a dangerous location, as so many brave young men and women have done, plus the fact that I’m a very healthy 77 years old, it’s outrageous that I’m treated as a fool who is unable to make his own decisions about his life and have to have some leftist Democrat tell me what I can do, and what is forbidden for me to do. That I have to listen to the faulty thinking of these self-centered leftist idiots who never sacrificed anything for any reason, and who were famous for demonstrating against any form of authority in their college years, and were so fond of burning the flag or beating conservative students at any insistence that they obey laws and act like adults, much less spent years of life in the discipline of the military, is a very sore spot for me in today’s life of lockdown and having to listen to Democrats tell me what is best for my health and for the well-being of society.

These two-bit Democrat politicians who now control the lives of every one of us, and are using their positions as governors and mayors to campaign against President Trump and keep the rest of us from living real, constitutionally assured lives of liberty, can go to hell.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

For Democrats, A Lesson Learned Is An Oppression To Be Repeated

The much-repeated philosophy of an old drunk who just wants to drink and remain drunk all day long is that it’s always five o’clock somewhere. And for Democrats who have learned how easily the American economic system can be destroyed, and why not do more of it, their philosophy is that there’s always someone sick somewhere, so they will forever hereafter, insist that all businesses must shut down at the first sign of a cold or of the flu, and that all persons must remain in their homes and all businesses remain closed until all illnesses are cured. Period.

This policy of anti-constitutional and anti-capitalist dictatorship is right up the Democrats’ alley. It is also an anti-science position, because we’ve never done anything as drastic as the national shutdown when Polio was ravaging the nation, and it’s never been done for the annual cold and flu seasons, which kill tens of thousands of Americans each year, and our nation has weathered these diseases very successfully and still maintained constitutional liberties, and we’ve remained employed and able to pay our bills as well, even at the worst of times.

Democrats learn quickly how to weaponize everything that occurs in daily life, and they now know how to use illnesses to control economic output to keep the nation on the cusp of poverty all the time. And their plea, or better stated, their club, used to get submission and to rationalize their leftist policies, is always that it’s for the good of the nation and for the sake of the health of the American people.

Poor old Obama thought he had devised the secret to making Americans obey his every order by taking their healthcare away and forcing Obamacare on them. If only he had had the foresight to use the swine flu, which occurred during his administration, as the Democrats are using the corona virus today, he would have had the perfect and complete package to “fundamentally transform America” and make the nation as he thinks it should be. He would have had the tools to keep everyone unemployed and silently at home, while using the power of the government to provide housing and food for those who were quiet and kept their mouths shut about watching our constitution be destroyed.

Although it’s too late for Obama to take advantage of an illness to serve his political purposes, today’s Democrats are up to the task of using whatever the next crisis or disease that comes along to increase the power exercised by big government. Democrats love the personal power they can enjoy by using the absolute power wielded by a corrupt government, and the opinion of Americans who are forced to live under their filthy rule can be damned.

Monday, April 20, 2020

Nancy “Antoinette” Pelosi Says: Let Them Eat Ice Cream

When the woman who is keeping many needful Americans from being able to make their mortgage payments and who fear losing their homes because that woman is ensconced in her palatial mansion in California, admiring her side-by-side, built-in, Sub-Zero refrigeration/freezer complex, in which she stores her enormous cache of ice cream with which to comfort herself, and which woman is not in or near her High Office in Washington where she should be, crafting legislation to help her less fortunate fellow citizens survive the catastrophe that the Democrat party is overseeing, then we are looking at a vile, selfish, disgusting woman who is causing pain and suffering in spite of the fact that she has the power of doing good, if that good fits her political goals to do so. Unfortunately, “good” is not one of her goals; but “power” is.

She reminds us of Marie Antoinette, who misunderstood that the French peasants simply wanted scraps of bread to fill their empty stomachs, and likely had never tasted, nor even seen, cake.

But Ms. Pelosi considers herself a good Catholic, so one is forbidden to examine her far-left politics and the negative impact it’s having on America. She sits in splendor, eating her ice cream, and looks down on her subjects while others in Washington, namely at the  White House, fight hard daily to save lives and help American citizens weather this rather severe economic storm begun by too many experts having too many misguided and misunderstood “models” of viral disease spread, control, direction and eradication for anyone to be able to use them for anything but the bottom of the bird cage.

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Libs Argue That Trump Killed People, But More Lives Are Lost When The Economy Is Destroyed By Democrat Governors

Democrats are lamely arguing that President Trump reacted to the coronavirus too slowly, thus causing more deaths from the virus. But, aside from the fact that President Trump blocked all incoming flights from China when numerous Democrat leaders said that there was no threat from the disease, along with Trump being a racist for halting the flights from China; and aside from the fact that Nancy Pelosi was encouraging Californians to visit Chinatown and have a nice Chinese meal there while the disease was building strength; and aside from the fact that the result of the disease is not much greater than a normal cold-flu season, the greatest threat to life in America is the destruction of the economy that the Democrat governors are causing with their reluctance to allow their citizens to return to work promptly. More people die from poverty each year, through malnutrition, drug use and suicide resulting from financial woes, than from a case of the flu, which all the virus is.

The longer Americans are kept from earning a living and supporting their families by the anti-Trump Democrat governors, who are keeping their stay-at-home orders in effect until who knows when, the longer the negative effects of being jobless continue. Using up all of one’s savings, and the constant knowledge on the part of the younger generation that their futures are being limited by the intentional hobbling of the American economy, this shutdown is enough to destroy many lives. Diseases kill quickly, but a bad economy can kill slowly for generations as the destitution continues.

Of course people like New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, he of the pounded-upon desk and the demand that Trump give him 40,000 ventilators immediately, has used very few of the ventilators he was given by the president, and is in fact giving hundreds of the machines he received from the federal government to the states of Michigan and Maryland, because he never actually needed them in the first place. He just wanted to raise a life-and-death issue to use against President Trump. And of course this “gift” of his to the other states is without recognition that President Trump pushed many buttons and rang many chimes to get them manufactured quickly and sent to Albany.

But who expects a Democrat to behave like a normal, considerate person, and thank someone of the opposite party for any help they provided at a time of emergency? In fact Gov. Cuomo is now taking advantage of the crisis to push the leftist screed of a new series of post-corona political issues: a new normal in public health, a new normal in environmental issues, a new normal in the economy, a new normal in civil rights and a new normal in social justice. Democrats will bring race, class and their hate of Trump, laws and of the constitution into every aspect of their duties. And as the Governor of New Jersey said last Wednesday night when Tucker Carlson challenged him about ignoring the constitution when he closed down the beach and all city parks from New Jersey citizens: that’s beyond his grade level, and he never thought of constitutional rights when he made that decision. The damned Democrat tyrant had better start thinking about the constitution, because our leaders are supposed to swear allegiance to it and not to Karl Marx’s idea of an ideal society based on Communism.

Democrats never think of the constitution when they step on citizens’ rights. All they think about is power and controlling peoples’ lives, which is all Democrats are interested in, aside from putting President Trump in a bad light and hopefully hurting his chances of being re-elected in November.

Friday, April 17, 2020

The Pandemic Results In A Dem-Panic

For over three years the Democrats have plotted to get Donald Trump in a position where they could rid themselves of this sometimes crude, but always slippery and elusive, political novice.

They have always missed the mark on attempts to back Trump into a corner, and then along comes a Communist Chinese flub-up which introduced a new, deadly viral entity to the world that has impacted our economy disastrously, and the Democrats believed they could see the light at the end of the tunnel, and began gleefully wringing their hands with joy as the economy sank and millions of Americans lost their jobs amid national confusion, fear and despair. But the light they saw at what they thought was the end of the tunnel turned out to be the bright-orange headlight of the locomotive named Donald, coming right down their throats.

During the unprecedented disruption and outright fear of the coronavirus, President Trump demonstrated why he was such a success in the real estate industry, and allowed the nation to daily see his intelligence and his organizing skills. He took the advice of his medical advisory team and shutdown the nation’s economy, which left the Democrats imagining his total destruction as citizens lost jobs and sank into poverty, as money ran out and every thinking person feared the nation might collapse under the burden of the viral threat and cast the nation into an unknown, dark landscape.

But as President Trump participated in and led the daily televised virul taskforce briefings and the nation saw strength in his conducting of the events, his approval ratings rose as the nation watched progress under a capable leader and president. And now President Trump has declared that the national shutdown is swiftly coming to an end and America can see a return to normalcy in the near, and brightening, future.

So now, with Democrat state governors sinisterly political insistence that the shutdown should continue for another several weeks or months as the nation sinks into poverty not of our making, and with President Trump’s medical advisory staff fully supporting his decision to end our self-imposed recession, the tables have abruptly begun to turn on the followers of  team Pelosi-Schumer. These same Democrat governors, now caught in the middle of a Dem-Panic at the sterling performance and leadership of President Trump, are somewhat belatedly predicting a “new normal” having been established during the shutdown that will allow the advancement of their far left, radical, anti-American wet dreams (New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo refers to the miraculous discovery of a new normal of public health, a new normal of environmental issues, a new normal in the economy and a new normal of social justice), but Democrats are instead caught in a political reality headed by our president as we move to an actual new normal of glory days for America, with a re-growth of our economy and the re-election of Donald Trump in November.

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Lives Could Have Been Saved If America Had Bombed Wuhan in May of 2019

One would be wise if one thought that the title of this piece is ridiculous. After all, you might argue, we didn’t know that Wuhan was making a virus that was a threat back in May of 2019, and to bomb a city in another sovereign nation would be a monumentally risky action, way back in 2019.

But the leftwing, radical press is making similar, offensively ill-timed charges against President Trump and his various actions during today’s low-spot in American history. They are repeatedly claiming that Trump delayed action opposing the Wuhan flu and that this delay caused many Americans to die of the disease. But at about the same time that Dr. Anthony Fauci was saying that the flu is not something that Americans should worry about, President Trump was halting all flights income to America from China, and was being called a racist by Democrats because of this defensive action. So it‘s a case of damned if he does and damned if he doesn‘t, and he will be attacked by our corrupt press for doing both, whichever way he goes.

In order to stick a finger in President Trump’s eye, Nancy Pelosi, at about the same time as the Chinese flight blockade, was telling Californians to visit Chinatown and enjoy a good meal while strolling around and seeing the sights. New York’s Mayor Bill de Blasio was at the same time telling New Yorkers to eat out and take in a movie, and all Democrats are now calling President Trump out-of touch and not prepared to do the job, while he was all along trying to contain the virus and the Democrat leaders were making purely political appeals to the public that would spread the disease. But Trump’s actions are twisted out of all recognition to what happened, and Democrat leaders’ ill-advice to the public is not mentioned.

A little look at history and the timing of events is helpful and instructive at this point:

If Barack Obama had not initiated his fast and Furious scheme to outlaw weapons in America, many Mexicans, and at least one American, would not have been killed as a direct result of his action. The fact is, however, that he wanted exactly those deaths to occur, so his fault is even more unforgivable than if he were innocent of the deaths. But the killings happened on his watch and at his bidding, and the leftist press is silent on the matter.

If Obama had not tried to end the ISIS killing spree by “containing” them, there are thousands of Middle Easterners who would not have been tortured and killed by those monsters. But the press remains silent.

But Obama’s deadly policies get a pass, and Trump is blamed for doing something too early, or too late, or at just the wrong time, even if the thing being discussed was the correct thing to do, just not when Trump did it and certainly not when it was Trump doing it.

So given the above overview of current events, why would it not be logical for radical leftists to blame our president for not bombing Wuhan, thereby also removing the threat that the left thinks is so ominously hanging over our nation today? And if they could get away with blaming Trump for something he didn’t do, but should have done, last May, then they could also blame him for not doing it even sooner.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Proof That Democrats Want The Nation Poor, Unemployed And Dependent On Them

During the recession the nation experienced during the Obama administration, I distinctly recall Nancy Pelosi effusively and happily explaining to the nation how pleasant and lovely joblessness was. More unemployed people meant that there were more Americans with the time to take up pottery, play with the kids and to learn how to paint pretty pictures. Or maybe, since many people had no money to actually travel during this idle time, perhaps they could consider it a “stay-cation” with their families, and just pretend that there was a beach or a pretty mountain scene for them to look at. By the way, the “stay-cation” thing was an attempt by Pelosi to be cute, so there you are.

Today, with every level of government insisting that the entire nation should “shelter-in-place” and that all businesses should be shut down due to the virus pandemic, we are experiencing round two of the leftist destruction of America, with the next round being the fruition of at least a two-part, multi-trillion dollar recovery bill that will likely cause inflation and devalue the dollar, making it worthless, or at least worth less, around the world.

Next, as the threat of civil disobedience seems to be building, comes the leftist attempt to force us into accepting the will of big government by removing all rights to own a firearm, which was the position of every Democrat 2020 candidate for president. President Trump wants all Americans working, investing and improving their futures, but Democrats have a more devious plan in mind, one in which we will obey their every command, and simply trust that our homes are not invaded, as we sit defenseless.

This is the second time we’ve seen Democrats try their best to assure that every family is dependent on government for personal protection, income and food, and our nation needs to wake up and pay attention to the threat they present, or these fools will succeed in destroying our lives.

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Guess Who Wants Voting Via Mail-In Ballots?

You might know that they party best known for voter fraud, the party who never finally was able to determine the winner in their last primary caucus in Iowa, and the party for whom it took about two weeks to finally determine the vote count in their latest primary in California, now wants the entire nation to revert to write-in ballots for every election in every state. Of course, it’s the Democrat party.

The party that claims Americans have lost faith in the American system of voting, now proposes that we implement a system that is the easiest to fraudulently subvert and falsify, and which would result in the public not trusting the outcome of any election, ever again. Democrats have become addicted to chaos and want to create more of it during elections.

There has forever been early voting and absentee ballots in most jurisdictions, but to allow every citizen to cast a paper ballot, via the mail, and then to have those ballots honestly counted, by whatever political hack is appointed to do so, and then to get the vote logged as the voter intended, is too much for an honest person to agree to. I believe it was Joseph Stalin who said that it’s not the voting that matters, it’s who counts the votes that determines winners and losers in an election. So, once again, Democrats have learned from, and follow the teachings of, Communist dictators.

One can recall a past Florida election that tied up a tabulation of votes for weeks because of a hanging chad. Then there was the Miami election where the vote count changed daily, until a box of ballots was found in the trunk of a Democrat operatives’ car. And now the crooked Democrats want to upset the entire nation at election time, not just their own, corrupt, fiefdoms.

Scoundrels are always looking for a way to establish a system that would allow them to win every election, and that’s all this movement by Democrats is all about.

Saturday, April 11, 2020

You Almost Have To Feel Sorry For Poor Old Barack

When Barack Obama stated that, as president, he intended to “fundamentally transform America”, he was basing this promise on taking over the nation’s healthcare system with Obamacare, and using the lie of global warming in order to outlaw automobile usage, halt commercial jet airline travel, convince people to stop using air conditioners in the summer, and generally to put an end to comfortable living in America.

But if only President Obama had had the coronavirus, which even under President Trump has indeed caused a significant transformation of America by shutting the nation down socially, financially and economically, he could have really wrought havoc on this nation and kept us under wraps for decades, if not forever, in pursuit of his radical left goals.

And even though we can daily recognize the lies we are being told about the virus by our government medical elites, we are unable to stop their foolishness and get our nation back to work again.

But one thing is certain: Someone on the radical left will take the lesson learned by the current virus shutdown and the destruction of our economy, and use such a future event to permanently keep our nation under wraps and weaken it to the point of death.

Just imagine how much more dire our national situation would be if Donald Trump, who sincerely wants to get the nation back to normal again, were not in the White house. Can anyone really suggest that if one of the Democrat candidates for president, people like Warren, Harris, Sanders, Biden and Booker, were president, that they would not keep the nation locked-down in order to lower the disastrous CO2 level that is allegedly destroying the earth? And would they not attempt to nationalize the companies that were being ruined by inactivity and a lack of income? If a Democrat were in office today, the sermon of fear for this rather tame virus would be preached every day from every left-wing cable network and make people fear death if they even left their homes.

The power of big government is endless, and the willingness of Democrats to wield that powerful hammer is infinite. So, if a Democrat is elected president in November, expect the next flu and cold season to be named as the most serious threat to health that the universe has ever faced, and a replication of the Fauci-Birx shutdown will be implemented and likely allowed to last a long time, making poverty the “new normal’ in America.

Poor old Barack missed his chance to deliver America from the jaws of wealth and liberty, but there will be another crazy leftist loon along in the future, so the left need not give up hope of burying America and our constitution just yet, because the future lies dark ahead.

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Wuhan And The Perfect Commie Storm

America’s Socialist party, also known as the Democrat party, has been given the prize of their lives by the Communists in China.

Barack Obama had his fantasies of the “fundamental transformation of America”, and now the Wuhan Virus seems to be the delivery vehicle for Obama‘s dream. It’s a cinch that Nancy Pelosi, she of the Green New Deal and the global warming money all cynically packed into one scandalous coronavirus financial recovery, House of Representatives bill, would not delay one minute to extend stay-at-home, shelter-in-place and other counter-productive rules issued by big, intrusive, government. The things Nancy Pelosi wants will make America’s recovery from the coronavirus more difficult, if not impossible, thereby destroying our economy and setting big government up as absolute ruler over our great nation.

Even at this early date, and having passed only a single trillion-dollar recovery bill so far, America is beginning to resemble a third world nation with an out-of-work workforce and a suffering economy. It doesn’t have to be this way, but Democrats, intent on “not letting a crisis go to waste”, are searching for more trillion-dollar bills into which to pack more of their far left wish list of taxpayer money and economy destroying debt. Socialism has already failed all over the world, but American Democrats have to try it their way, which will fail like all of the other poverty-stricken nations, and allow themselves to run the nation with an iron fist.

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Trump’s Fauci-Birx Medical Advice Team Rewrite Medical Procedures

We’ve been told by President Trump’s medical advice team, who are dealing with the coronavirus, that it may be another 6 to 18 months before the shelter-in-place order that is destroying our nation’s economy and keeping all of us in a state of economic lockdown, can be lifted, and the lifting depends on finding a vaccine for the virus that can be used to immunize all Americans. All of this pain and national suffering is for a disease that ninety-eight percent of all victims survive and live normal lives thereafter. This seems to be a complete rewrite of longstanding medical logic and procedure.

Is the advice of these people in keeping with standard advice given in similar circumstances in the past?
Have doctors advised a complete national lockdown to treat the common cold, which kills may people annually? No.
Have doctors advised locking down the nation to prevent flu contagion, which in the past has been a deadly disease? No.
Did doctors ever advise locking down the nation to prevent Polio contraction? No.
Have doctors advised a national shutdown in order to fight cancer? No.

It’s a shame when the smartest people in the nation make really dumb decisions and then force the nation to suffer as a result, but that’s what has happened with the Fauci-Birx team. And one can only wonder if politics plays perhaps a small role in their advice.

With an election coming in November, it would help the Democrat candidate for president win the election if the stock market was in the tank, which it is; and if businesses were failing left and right, which they are; and if the jobless rate were not the highest in history, which it is; and if personal investments and 401Ks were not causing shock throughout the nation, which they are.

In the past, doctors quarantined those who were sick to prevent them spreading the illness, but today we are locking up the entire nation, healthy or not, to prevent the spread from carriers of the disease. And on top of that disturbing fact, if someone dies of a heart attack while being tested positive for the coronavirus, the death is officially listed as being the sole fault of the virus, not the bad heart, which skews medical record-keeping and arrives at a false conclusion.

I have my doubts that this team is giving President Trump the best advice possible on this subject, and I can be certain that their advice is contrary to the welfare of America‘s citizens.

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Life And Death In The Age Of Wuhan

The world has been hit with a pandemic called coronavirus, but unfortunately America has been hit even harder with something worse than a virus, and it’s called radical Democrat scheming, and the Democrats are headed by a sinister old witch named Nancy.

The virus will go the way of all previous such illnesses; viruses are a part of nature and nature gets rid of them eventually.  But radical, selfish, illogical, anti-American, radical Democrats are not controlled by anything in nature, they just keep on making a bad situation worse. The way America’s Democrats behave today is how Socialists and Communists impacted such nations as Germany, Russia, China, North Korea and Cuba in the Twentieth Century, and we know the massive tragedies caused by Communism and Nazism in the 1900s.

So far, America’s Democrats have busied themselves with trying to end the Trump administration using the usual political tactics of lies and misrepresentation, but now that they’ve seen the value of having a disease to give them cover to shut down our entire nation for weeks, if not months, at a time, they’ll never be satisfied with just plain old politics again. One single piece of legislation, the coronavirus financial relief bill, allowed them to try to pack the bill with trillions of dollars of Green New Deal spending that would have crushed our nation forever if President Trump had not refused to attach his signature to it.

But even the final, resulting bill, which in itself calls for trillions of dollars to be spent to help keep our economy afloat and our entire citizenship out of poverty, could bring our nation to its knees, and the commands from various levels of government that everyone remain in their homes and not travel about, is enough to make us all feel that we no longer have a constitution that even pretends to protect the rights of citizens.

It’s inevitable that Democrats are already taking the lessons learned from this virus scare, which has tied up our lives and the nation’s economy for who knows how long, and are planning more such “emergencies” to award themselves with more trillions of dollars so they can complete Obama’s “Fundamental Transform of America”, and to keep people in their homes so they don’t congregate and maybe somehow protest having the constitution erased.

The way this current health-scare has been handled demonstrates to us how easily a strong nation can be crippled with one command based on “the public good“, and the radical left is known throughout history for devising means of keeping a population occupied while their lives are destroyed. We can’t sit by quietly while this is done to America.

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Stop The American Shutdown, Now!!

President Trump’s presidency, and our economy, along with liberty and the prosperity of the citizens of the United Stares, are being destroyed by the misguided, if well-intentioned, national shutdown.

I would much prefer to risk infection by the virus to sitting by and watching the ruination of our great nation. And on top of this destruction, the Democrats are already preparing another multi-trillion dollar “stimulus bill” in addition to the one just passed, that will only add to the national debt and would allow them to fund their ultra-left Green New Deal foolishness that will end freedom and prosperity in America forever, if these fool Democrats are allowed to move forward with their ridiculous legislation.

President Trump must issue an order allowing all doctors the freedom to prescribe hydroxychloroquine for patients they feel can benefit from this drug, which has already been proven effective and beneficial, because it‘s been learned that the Democrat governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer, has forbidden doctors in her state to prescribe hydroxychloroquine. Of course the only reason she has issued this prohibition on a known effective drug is that President Trump has spoken favorably of its usefulness, and Democrats will idiotically oppose anything and everything Trump says, even if his opinion can save lives. Democrat politicians, like the above-mentioned Michigan governor, seem to have corruptly bought into the Obama administration’s cynical ideal of “never letting a crisis go to waste”, and they’re using this crisis to attack Trump, while also ignoring the suffering and economic loss of American citizens.

We must use hydroxychloroquine immediately, because the CDC will take too long to develop, test and approve any new drug, and they seem to be dragging their feet on even using this already-proven drug, that has been used effectively for years, as a fix for coronavirus. I’m tired of doctors stating that it will be September, at the earliest, before a new drug can be developed. Don’t we have a “right to try” policy, put in place at Trump’s initiative?

Let’s get moving on testing for symptoms of the virus, treat those who have symptoms using drugs we already have, and let’s get America working again.

Friday, April 3, 2020

Democrats And The Theory Of “Containment”

If one recalls the Obama years, when the terrorist group ISIS was committing atrocities on a daily basis, torturing, raping and killing people throughout the region of the Middle East, President Barack Obama was satisfied and pleased with himself for his policy of dealing with the terrorists by simply “containing “ them. The problem with his theory was that ISIS was spreading out over a large area of geography in the Middle East with no end in sight. This same basic theory of containment works for Democrats in all parts and aspects of government.

For example, if a Republican is accused of attacking a woman, and even if this accusation is obviously a lie, Democrats know that they can lie and get the press to print confirmation of the lies in order to get the Republican punished. But when the sitting Lieutenant Governor of Virginia,  a Democrat, is credibly accused by two women of having raped them, Democrats simply “contain” the issue, talk about it for a while, and eventually the scandal goes away, with the spiking of the subject in the leftist press being the classic example of their blatant corruption.

Lois Lerner used the IRS to discriminate against the Republican party as Barack Obama was running for his second term as president. Democrats, and the leftist, lying press, simply ignored the illegal actions of Ms. Lerner, probably because an investigation would lead to the Oval Office, so they simply “contained” the issue and it went away after a period of time, with Ms. Lerner being comfortably retired with full benefits and Barack Obama having served two full terms in the White House and having “fundamentally transformed America“ a little bit more.

In 2016, when the FBI, the CIA, the State Department and the FISA Court were all politically weaponized and used to assure that Donald Trump was never elected to the White House, Democrats and the extremely corrupt press both “contained” the scandal and then expanded it by initiating a two-plus year investigation by a Special Counsel into the lie of Russian collusion, and then impeaching Trump for the lies of collaboration with Russia against American elections, and because they just didn’t like him.

Democrats practice the most corrupt, partisan politics ever seen in the United States, and their reign must come to a halt in November.

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Why Joe Biden Would Make A Great President For The Democrats

Aside from the fact that Joe Biden appears to be slipping mentally and at times doesn’t literally know what state he’s in nor what elected position he’s campaigning for, he would probably be as good a president for the Democrats as they’ve ever had.

If you recall the IRS scandal during the Obama administration, Lois Lerner was suspected of discriminating against Republican political campaigns by using the IRS to be sure Republicans got reduced tax exempt treatment from what Democrats received. There was never any evidence found that Obama was involved in this scandal nor that he instructed Ms. Lerner to act illegally to hurt the Republican campaign effort. Ms. Lerner knew, without being told, how to arrange things to hurt Republicans and give Democrats an advantage, and this left Obama free to look innocent. With Joe Biden in the white House, Democrat operatives, like Lois Lerner, would be free to deny Republicans any political rights at all, and old Joe could nap all day with no suspicion that he was party to any of the usual Democrat crimes.

In the case of the Trump campaign being illegally spied on in the 2016 election, the FBI, the CIA and the State Department, along with various FBI agents who were virulent Trump haters, all knew that what they were doing to defeat the Trump presidency was wrong and blatantly illegal, but as good supporters of the Democrat party, they knew, without needing to be told what to do by the president himself, what was required of them to keep Trump out of the Oval Office. So once again, Obama gets a pass, although he and his party were greatly served by these illegal acts. And also once again, Biden would be presumed to be completely ignorant of any wrong-doing on the part of his subordinates were he the president. It would not be arguable that Biden was ignorant of what was going on in his administration, and his leftist “staff“ could run things from the shadows of the government.

Using the Democrat policy of letting the lower ranking Democrats use their own initiative to serve the upper ranks of the party, Joe Biden would be perfect for the job. Not only can it believably be argued that Biden is so out of touch that he could never have been involved in a scandal, but the truth is that he doesn’t need to be involved because leftists up and down the totem pole know their jobs are to protect the ruling class, so they commit crimes to protect those above them, and the crimes the lesser staff commit will never be investigated by the Department of Justice nor any Attorney General.

If elected, Biden would be surrounded by party hacks, probably all selected by the crooked Clintons or the corrupt Obamas, who would make all decisions and appoint all of the staff and cabinet positions, and Joe could just squint, hug the ladies and smell their hair, and look official while others, probably the entire, corrupt, Hillary campaign staff, ran things and made all policy decisions.

If China misbehaved and caused an internal incident during Biden’s administration, or if Venezuela starved all of its population to death under its version of Socialism, the Biden administration could pound the desk and act offended, and then quickly move on to “the people’s business” and bury the whole international incident. On the other hand, if a Republican made a cross statement or if Israel injured a Palestinian terrorist while he was throwing a bomb into an Israeli restaurant, all hell would break loose: the Republican would go to jail and Israel would be denied any self-defense assistance from the United States.

All of this would allow squinty Joe to sleep all day, stammer and stutter a lot, if they ever allowed him to appear before a camera or in public at all, but his staff and the press would know, instinctively how to cover for him so his administration could run smoothly and be scandal free.