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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Maybe Biden Knows Something About National Security He’s Not Telling Us.


Maybe Old Weeping Joey is more clever than he’s given credit for. The thing that most frightens China and Russia is a strong and free America whose personal freedoms on the part of its citizens may tempt the Chinese and Russian citizens to want to overthrow their dictatorial governments in a desire to be free like Americans are.

As a result, old Joey may be more clever than we realize, by ignoring our constitutional rights and mandating things that have never been controlled by government in our history. So once America’s liberties go away, the United States will no longer be a threat to Russia and China, and voila: peace is achieved. Could that be what our mentally challenged president has in mind?

After all, we don’t see the current dictatorial states of Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela, Russia or China threatening each other, so maybe Joey is just trying to make America safe from an attack from our current enemies by making our nation more like theirs, while at the same time making us less free within our own borders. In Joey’s wisdom, it’s a tradeoff of safety and security on the one hand, for less liberty to vote and move about our nation freely on the other, all for the sake of national security.

History may actually support Joey’s theory: rarely have leftist dictators attacked each other, as Hitler and Stalin did in World War II. And make no mistake about it, fighting between Germany’s National Socialism and Russia’s Communism in 1941 was indeed one far-left government attacking and killing another far-left government. But war was already underway when Hitler made his surprising move on Russia, because poor old Adolph needed territory and a victory quickly, so it was a bit of an unusual situation for the thugs involved in that battle, that made their fighting unique among dictatorships.

So, for better or worse, and American citizens can be sure it’s going to be worse rather than better, our president is dividing America and socializing our laws and our economy, but at least we’ll be controlled by our own woke, racist, prejudiced leftists, not a Russian nor a Chinese leftist. 

The stumbling block with Joey’s mandatory and unconstitutional rulings is that only a fool would exchange liberty for security, because once liberty is lost, security is in the hands of the dictator, and there is no security at all in that indefensible situation.

But just remember what the old-west cowboys said when it was time for a cattle round-up and they had their branding irons heated up preparing to brand some steers: Boys, LET’S GO BRANDIN’.

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Biden Wishes Americans A Year Of Misery And Death

 Reverting back to his horse-whisperer days, in a televised speech on Tuesday, our lame president hoarsely wished Americans a year of misery and death in 2022 because of the variant Omicron (pronounced “Omnicron” by sleepy Joe, and it must be said that there has been only one death from this new variant, and this single death was probably experienced by someone already sick with another disease, with all other persons having a “case” of this weak disease very likely feeling no worse than the normal cold at this time of year). Joey also fearfully anticipated the enormous burden that will be placed on hospitals because of the Omicron (although the “cases” in other countries have decreased and the same thing will likely happen here).

Weepy Joe is a shaky old man who is using a disease to attempt to keep Americans under his firm control and get used to taking orders, while he diverts attention from his Afghanistan disaster and pushes his nearly equally disastrous Build Back Badder bill through congress.

But after wishing Americans to have a deadly year, Joey sprang quickly into a hard sell of his terrible BBB scheme, a scheme which will fulfill his prediction of a painful 2022 for all Americans, and then ran from after-speech questions that the press threw at him about the latency of available of tests for this latest variant, which of course Joey didn’t want to hear, so he just left the room.

What our dithering and foundering president doesn’t realize is that Americans don’t believe a thing he says and that we only want this old man to go away and take his woke, ultra-left administration with him, and stop trying to dictate our every move and personal decision to us.

Biden is neither the wise old grandfather figure he thinks he is, nor the savior of America he pretends to be. He’s just a dumb, stumbling old man who has trouble using the English language and states an idealistic national direction that everyone can see for the lame, misdirected sentiment his ideas are, while he believes he’s leading the nation to a Democrat salvation. Go away old man, and leave this once great nation alone.

And in response to weepy Joe’s insistence on blaming non-vaccinated Americans for all of the evils of the world, has any of Joey’s woke, White House staff members thought of tell this doddering old fool that fully vaccinated people are also getting sick and dying of  covid?

One wonders whatever happened to Joey’s promise to shut down the virus. I guess this was just another promise not kept, but instead he weaponized the nation’s medical forces against the citizens of America.

And finally I must say that although I wish total failure on the far-left Biden administration and his BBB fiasco, I can also say in complete honesty that I wish him and his family, including his unmentioned and ignored Arkansas granddaughter, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Thursday, December 16, 2021

UFOs And Covid: Should We Be Afraid Of Either Of Them?

 At this point in time we have been aware of  Flying Saucers, now called Unidentified Flying Objects, for about 70 years, and not one of these objects has harmed anyone that we know of. So it appears that we have nothing to fear from these beings, because with the apparent powers they have, they could attack and defeat us easily at any time, given our relatively less developed technology. But if the command of the UFOs was to revert to a new leadership that was not so kindly disposed to earth-bound humans, we could at any time be threatened by them, and fear would be justified in that event.

On the other hand, covid is one of many viral invaders that have infected humans forever and which we have survived rather well. This current version of covid has proven itself to be quite survivable to normally healthy people and to children, but is now being treated by the Biden administration as though it leads to the demise of humanity on earth. We’ve been told by our corrupt government that we must fear it and wear useless masks to prevent infection, that only the vaccine can save us from certain death, (although we know that otherwise disease-free people easily survive the disease), that normal individual immunity and herd immunity do not exist with this disease (although it‘s been no more deadly than the normal, annual cold and flu season). All of this conjecturing is in spite of the fact that even fully vaccinated people can become infected, can infect other people, and at times vaccinated people even die of the disease.

It seems illogical that the term “vaccine” would be used by government medical experts to describe a drug that does not prevent infection from the disease it‘s intended to prevent, but that’s the state of medicine in America today. Rather, the “vaccine” is used more like a therapeutic that’s consumed prior to contraction of the disease, which lessens the severity of the disease if it is contracted.

Like the above example of the UFOs, since the beginning of the Biden administration on January 20, 2021 a new commander has taken office that insists that we all fear this relatively weak disease, that we must all wear useless, porous masks and that the entire population must be vaccinated or we’ll all die. And please be reminded that even fully vaccinated people can become sick from covid, can pass on the disease, and many such vaccinated people have died, even though they were fully vaccinated. And still the unvaccinated are said to present a threat of contagion to the vaccinated, a threat that can kill the vaccinated, without mentioning that the vaccinated have been infecting and killing each other some time now.

The illogic of this vaccinated/unvaccinated situation doesn’t prevent the authoritarian Biden administration from trying to keep non-vaccinated people off of commercial airline flights, out of department stores, from celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas with family and friends, and Biden has prevented unvaccinated Americans from serving in the armed forces, on medical staffs and in hospitals. The Democrat governor of New York even threatened to close down hospitals by issuing a masking mandate for her state because one or two people in her state became infected with the most recent variant of covid, even though this infection has produced no actual illness or death, but just because she’s a Democrat in good standing and will issue nonsense orders at-will, and will keep people who need hospital treatment from getting the medical attention they need because of the lack of medical assistance, with non-vaccinated doctors and nurses being forced out of their jobs. What good is a well-trained and equipped medical population if sick people are kept out of hospitals because the illness-of-the-day has been detected? There are even Democrat thinkers who suggest that non-vaccinated people should receive no medical treatment at all if they get sick from covid, or anything else, but these same Democrats would not suggest that AIDS treatment should be withheld from homosexuals who have been practicing their dangerous personal habits with knowledge that they could contract a deadly disease, nor that a bicycle rider should get no medical attention if that person were injured while riding without a helmet. Democrats are making critical medical care a political issue.

The Biden administration has politicized covid in particular and medical health practices in general with lies about this Wuhan-created disease, and they should be ashamed of themselves.

So even though our experience would inform us that we have nothing to fear from UFOs, our world since January 20, 2021 proves that we do have much to fear from our government. Covid has proven itself to be survivable, but an authoritarian government that tells the nation that white people and their racist attitudes are the greatest threat to America, and that unvaccinated people should be left to die even when medical assistance is available, should frighten us to our very core.

Saturday, December 11, 2021

The American Political Left And The Power Of “NO”

 It would be easy for our ailing, far-left president to say “yes” to citizens’ desires to travel freely, to not have to cover themselves with useless masks, to go to work, to eat at a restaurant, to not be mandated to get a vaccination against the weakest disease we’ve seen in a long time. But “yes”, recently requested from the leftist thugs denominating the Biden administration, was denied by them although such permission has never been needed in America in my memory, because Americans have always been free to exercise their constitutionally protected liberties. But in the age of covid, permission to live the life we desire to live has repeatedly been denied by our Democrat commissars because “yes” gives the administration no power over the populace at all.

Power in government work resides in the word “no”, which Joey Biden and other members of the ruling Democrat autocracy have been using voluminously for the past year. “No” you cannot travel without a mask; “No” you cannot enjoy and celebrate Thanksgiving with family; “No” you cannot assemble with friends to watch a football game.

Talk-show host Dan Bongino brought these powers of denial of constitutional rights performed by government to the fore in a recent broadcast, and radio talk-show host Chris Plante has spoken several times of leftist politicians allowing citizens to do anything, as long as it was declared mandatory by the leftist rulers, and forbade citizens from doing anything that the political left prohibited. For the government to allow citizens to exercise the liberties of travel, to go to work, to meet with other people, does not require government to say “yes” to these things, because the government has always been silent on such issues simply because American citizens have been free to do them without permission from the ruling class. But when government says “no” to these same freedoms, they grow powerful immediately and gain more control over those whom they deny. The political left nations like Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela, the Soviet Union and Communist China have remained in power by saying ”no” to anything their citizens wanted to do, thereby preserving the power of the state over the citizens.

The power of “no” is always seen to expand where authoritarianism is concerned.  First comes the mask, then two masks, then a vaccination, then a vaccination followed by a mask, then a booster shot, then an additional booster shot followed by a second vaccination, because now a new strain of the Wuhan has developed, so we have to start the process all over again, even though very few people are getting sick, and almost no one is dying, and those who do die of covid are already weakened by another ailment that has saturated their immune system. So logic would tell us that soon the government will mandate a new lockdown to further wreck our economy and ruin lives, because if the emergency declaration and fear are removed from the equation, Biden’s power diminishes accordingly, which is something that leftists cannot allow to happen.

And children, the people least likely to get sick, and almost zero percent of children die from the disease, are now required to get a vaccination, using drugs which have not been fully tested and which are only being given under cover of an emergency health assurance effort. Recent history tells us that fewer children have died from the covid than typically die each year during the common cold and flu season, and nearly every child that has died of covid was already weakened by another illness or health problem. And because the government cannot be sued unless they allow themselves to be sued, any illness experienced by children resulting from prematurely giving the vaccinations to children will be ignored and buried by the leftist news agencies like CNN, WAPO and NYT as simply a thing that must be done in order to get through the pandemic, which has not been a pandemic for months now.

Sunday, December 5, 2021

When A Nation Like America Begins To Fail, It’s The Politicians Who Are At Fault

 The current troubles that America is having with expensive oil, gas, and soon, costly electric and natural gas sources of home heating, have nothing to do with America’s ability to provide our own sources of power, because the Trump administration had made America free of dependence on foreign sources of fuel by allowing petroleum companies to produce domestically what our own nation needs. But Joey Biden, at the influence of Bernie Sanders and other warming/change advocates in the government, made America once again dependent on Saudi Arabia for fuel when he shut off the Keystone pipeline and forbade any new drilling on government land.

Along the same lines, Biden and America’s Socialists, have devised a scheme whereby our plentiful sources of electricity will become scarce in the near future, with the Socialists’ insistence on wind-power, and turning their backs on, and eventually outlawing, the coal-powered plants that now provide power to homes and businesses in the United States. Their big current push is to have everyone in the nation driving electric cars ASAP, but when the coal plants are idled, there is no way that wind-power can provide enough power to meet our current electrical needs, especially with millions of electric cars added to the power demand, as our government insists. The CEOs of Toyota and Tesla have stated that there is not enough electric power coming from America’s current coal-powered plants to be able to support millions of additional electric cars, as is being pushed by the Biden administration, let alone trying to move the current mega-watt load to the less efficient wind power sources and then adding millions of electric cars to the mess on top of that. California’s brown-outs and black-outs will become common for all fifty states if Biden’s plans are allowed to continue, and then just try to charge your Tesla when the wind-power goes off.

In other areas of governmental corruption, the government of weeping Biden has created a supply chain problem where none existed before, in part because too many goods come from China and other foreign nations, and partly because Biden’s staff has no idea what is going on, so of course they have no ideas of how to fix the problem of getting products into the nation following the Biden mandates of lay-offs of all truckers and dock workers who refuse to get vaccinated, and given the restrictive trucking regulations that exist in ultra-leftist California.

And delivery of domestically manufactured and grown goods are also threatened by Biden’s covid mandates and the enormously more expensive fuel needed to get the products and food distributed throughout the nation. And Biden is, of course, issuing new and more restrictive regulations on businesses that negatively impact trucking, dock workers and everything in between.

Add to this mess the fear and saber-rattling we are getting from Russia, Iran and China, a threat that didn’t exist during the Trump administration, because Trump was the essence of power, and Biden is the perfect example of a pussy-wussy who can be dominated by even the weakest nation if they only raise their voice against our weak president. And when you recall the influence that China has on Biden’s personal finance, and on Hunter Biden’s entire income, we can see the danger that our president has delivered to this once great nation with his influence-peddling to nations like Ukraine and China.

The whole mess of covid can be blamed on government, too. Trump shut down the nation because his government “medical science” advisors told him that millions of Americans would die of the Wuhan flu if he didn’t close all business down. But by the time Biden took office we knew a lot more about the disease; we had a vaccine that Trump had pushed to delivery, and we knew that the death rate of covid was less than one-percent for otherwise healthy people, but Joey insisted on turning up the imaginary threat and issued mandates intended to force all Americans to wear the useless masks, and to get vaccinated if they wanted to keep their jobs, so the population remained locked down even though most of the threat was removed with the passing of time. Of course, Democrat governors willfully imposed restrictive masking and vaccination mandates in their states in order to align with the Nazi-like orders of the president, so the misery is still being felt as new variations of covid appear, and even though these new varieties provide little threat of death to otherwise healthy people. The Democrat habit of frightening the population in order to keep them in line with official presidential edicts is still in evidence as they continue the drum-beat of certain death about everything from the lie of warming/change to a new covid variant, and healthcare becomes a political issue, not a medical one, under Biden.

Then Joey introduced his idiotic idea that “white supremacy” was the major threat to the nation, in spite of the hundreds of black-on-black murders seen from Chicago, Baltimore, New York and many other Democrat-run cities that had non-stop riots, murders and burning the entire summer of 2020, that were led and encouraged by Black Lives Matter. The very pasty-white Joey was only stirring up trouble and causing more fright, but that’s what Democrats do.

The leftist government of Joey Biden is causing the murder rate in America to sky-rocket, mainly because Democrats insist on the idiotic policy of defunding the police forces and blaming police officers for the violence and mayhem in Democrat-run cities. We must get rid of Democrats in positions of power. Big government is the problem, and voting the bums out is the only solution.

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Reflection On Democrats And Their Idiotic Concentration On “Root Causes” To Society’s Ills

 The Democrat Mayor of Chicago says she can do nothing about the murders being committed in her city until the “root causes” of this horrible situation have been addressed, and Kamala Harris, our Democrat vice president, says nothing can be done about the disastrous immigration invasion of our southern border until the “root causes” of the exodus from Central America have been addressed. The “root cause” to anything may take years or decades to discover and fix, but punishing people who commit crimes promptly will halt a crime-wave in its tracks, NOW! But since Democrats thrive on chaos, they prefer to do nothing, and allow crime to run amok.

Although “root causes” to society’s ills must eventually be addressed, the current murder rate in Chicago and the millions of illegals crossing into America could be easily fixed if Democrat leftists would apply a little common sense and some intellectual firmness to the issues. After all, Trump stopped the immigration influx with his policies, and Chicago didn’t have the current crime rates until Democrat leftists began cozying up to BLM, defunding the police forces, issuing wrist-slaps instead of prison sentences for murder, and ordered policeofficers to not pursue criminals. And if some bad guys were accidentally caught by law enforcement, they were released almost immediately and returned to the streets to commit more crimes, because judges and DAs are too left-oriented to treat bad people like the scum they are.

The truth of the matter is that Democrats don’t have the courage to stop crime because the people who commit the crimes are usually good Democrats, living in Democrat-run cities, who can be used to allow Democrat politicians to wring their hands over the pitiful lives of poor people in racist America and point to the need for people to become criminals in order to make a living, as proof of the hateful, racist state of life in America.  We know for certain that the reason Democrats want to allow convicts to vote from prison is that all convicts vote Democrat in order to keep the big government goodies flowing and keep the light touch on criminals in place in Democrat jurisdictions.

Mollycoddling criminals allows Democrats to pontificate about the plight of the poor and the down-trodden, while honest, hard-working poor people are made subjects to the violence of criminals, with no end in sight.

One is suspicious that the reference to “root causes” being the reason for our national destruction is that this lying crap is the leftist’s way of saying “never mind”, and then doing nothing about real causes of crime and poverty, and proceeding to further undermine Americans’ liberties and prosperity in a Socialist dystopia of their creation. Republicans/conservatives are not willing to watch their great nation be destroyed by racists and Communists, and we must vote responsible people into positions of power, people who will correct the leftward drift of America and restore our tarnished honor, and to hell with “root causes”.

Friday, November 12, 2021

Less-Cold Weather Is Not A Convincing Argument To Support The Lie Of Global Warming

 Over the years since all of the environmental idiocy began in the late 1960s, we’ve heard dire predictions of the polar ice melting and the oceans flooding all coastal areas, inundating New York and Miami, and drowning millions of people. The Mediterranean Sea was also reported to be dying, with all of its life-supporting nutrients disappearing. These were lies of the political left.

Ted Danson told us of certain global destruction in a specified period of time, which period of time has passed with no evidence of the promised death and destruction. Prince Charles also predicted environmental disaster in a specific period of time, which also did not occur these many years later. Paul Ehrlich predicted the starvation of the planet with his 1968 book, and that false balloon is now over 50 years old and still the predicted destruction and misery are unfulfilled. Many other celebrities and experts have come and gone with their predictions of the end of life on earth, but the planet is still running as it always has, with change being the norm and the occasional severe storm causing local destruction, and some days being warmer or cooler, which is completely normal.

So in November of 2018, when AOC and Bernie Sanders told us we had only 12 years of life remaining, leading to the great over-heating of the earth, many believers would logically expect to see a constant warming, with especially hot summers and constant severe storms battering the dying planet. But we’re now three years into those alarmist’s prediction, a quarter of the way to the environmental disaster they warmed us about, (and, again, 40 to 50 years into the predictions of Danson, the Prince, Ehrlich and many others), and even though recent winters have produced less severe cold and freezing in my area of the United States, our summers have not increased to the 120 to 130 degree heat needed to threaten life on earth.

The leftist geniuses have not explained this lack of proof of their predictions, but I expect to hear at any time that, of course, the warming will sky-rocket to life-ending levels in only the last year of their fictitious end-date of 2030. But if American citizens allow the Green New Deal taxes and economic destruction to take place in Washington, which is happening with Biden’s Build Back Badder plan, there will be misery, suffering and poverty that will be greater than the ice caps melting, as we allow the Capitalism and liberty that America has developed to be wiped out with a big government takeover of our nation, while inflation rages and our great society shuts down under the pawl of leftist dictatorship, which would be much worse than the covid closures and the masking mandates of 2020 and 2021.

Our nation is threatened, but not from environmental warming. Rather, the threat is from the false, politically over-heated verbiage from foolish, far-left Democrat politicians and their Socialistic power grab via their multi-trillion dollar government spending, and an artificial banning of cheap sources of energy which will prevent our society from conducting our personal and business dealings like free people. 

Thursday, November 11, 2021

I’m A Seventies-Something Man, Wearing Glasses, Jeans And A Blue Shirt, And I Go By He And Him

 The idiocy this nation is facing, closing pipe lines while the nation faces severe energy shortages; a shortage of consumer goods in the greatest Capitalist nation in the world; bare grocery shelves in the breadbasket of the world; gender fluidity in denial of common sense and science; forcing all citizens to get vaccinated against the most survivable and least deadly disease ever seen; firing police officers while crime is soaring; having government positions filled with people based on their sex and race, who have no understanding of how businesses and the economy work; firing emergency employees in 2021, who in 2020 risked their lives working with the sick in spite of an unknown disease, because they have not been vaccinated, could only happen under a fool old man like weepy Joey Biden.

So now, with a biological male, Rachel Levine, appointed as the first “woman” to be a four-star admiral in the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps, (Joey could obviously not find a capable woman to get this assignment, instead of a hideous man posing as a women), and with Microsoft having its employees introduce themselves by first name, hair color, dress code and preferred pronouns they identify with, this asinine woke policy and behavior must end, and we need to get serious people back into positions of public trust, not the racist snobs the Democrats prefer.

Friday, November 5, 2021

$450,000 To Illegal Aliens, While Americans Are Left Behind In Afghanistan To Suffer

 Just when the idiot presidency of weepy, sleepy Joey Biden appeared to reach a failing apex, these anti-American fools decided to give nearly $1,000,000 per family to people who broke American law and invaded our borders. And the fact that the Biden’s leftist Department of Justice came up with this stupidity, and one can be sure that a large percentage of this windfall will go to the aliens’ lawyers, with a large percentage of that legal fee finding its way into the DNC coffers, proves the Democrats’ total corruption.

It’s a certainty that there are other illegals waiting in the wings for their turn at claiming racist mistreatment at the hands of Uncle Sam, and Democrat lawyers will push each case with vigor to enrich people who broke our laws, while tax-paying Americans to foot that enrichment bill and see prosperity evaporating with Joey’s inflationary multi-trillion dollar spending spree.

Of special interest on the subject of the cash-for-invaders decision, is that the obscene give-away has been discussed for over a week, but only two days ago, when Biden was asked about its validity, he said that it was garbage and that such a thing would never happen. But now the administration lackeys are telling us that our vacant-headed president is on board with the hand-out. So it appears that the Biden administration is a dictatorship run by persons other than the elected president, so who the hell is really running things in the Biden swamp?

And while all of this is taking place, perhaps thousands of Americans are left to suffer in Afghanistan following Biden’s disastrous exit from that unfortunate nation. Maybe the money going to law-breaking aliens should be reserved for the unfortunate Americans held hostage in Afghanistan, if they ever return home alive. But weepy Joey never says a word about the Americans in danger in Afghanistan, seems to be completely uninterested in the welfare of the American hostages suffering there and is not trying at all to get them released from the threat of their terrorist captors.

Our beloved Joey’s mind is so far gone that I believe he actually has no idea of the terrible decisions made at all levels of his administration and the Democrat party, and by the far-left press that supports and covers up for the Democrats. But the horrendous decision to fire police, military, nurses and doctors who have not been vaccinated, may be the worst decision of all.

The Biden administration has gone completely ape-s**t with power, with no end in sight to their insanity as they march forward to Fundamentally Transform America. Biden’s entire Build Back Badder scheme must be blocked, now! Call your legislators and tell them to stop this fool man and his dictatorial urges.

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Extending The National Motto Of “Never Forget” To The Biden Administration

 A week or so ago the leftist National School Board Association (NSBA) sent a desperate letter to Biden’s esteemed Attorney General, Merrick Garland, asking him to investigate all persons who demonstrated against the far-left Critical Race Theory currently being presented to children in America’s classrooms. The A.G. responded willingly and happily to the request, and sicced the FBI on anyone even remotely involved in these important demonstrations against the racism coming from the political left and from teachers and their unions. There was never any evidence of terrorist activities by the concerned parents who were the subject of the NSBA letter, and Garland’s sole proof of such activity was the phony letter sent by the far-left NSBA. So with no evidence of any criminal activity, let alone any terrorist activity, Biden’s attorney general attacked concerned parents with the full force of the FBI.

But now that the American public has had time to absorb the radical politics coming from the Biden administration, and from the school boards at too many locations across the country, and have begun to push back against the leftist racism being taught to our children, the school board association sent another letter to Garland retracting the charge of domestic terrorism against concerned parents, and apparently the ever-obedient Garland has told the FBI to back down on investigations regarding parents being considered terrorists.

I’m sorry, but I cannot and will not forgive the National School Board Association for identifying and charging parents as terrorists, and I’ll never forgive the Biden administration for responding to the fictitious charge with the full force of the federal government’s ability to destroy innocent people’s lives, when the parents were only, and solely, trying to protect their children from racism and from Democrats who are trying to shove racist crap down the throats of America’s school children.

Under Merrick Garland’s corrupt, leftist leadership of the Justice Department, the FBI was charged with investigating those parents who resist having racism become a part of their children’s education curricula, while the FBI sat on their rear ends and did nothing in 2020 while ANTIFA and BLM rioted, burned and killed all summer long, with little or no punishment being meted out to those radical-left criminals who performed the terrorist actions.

America must never forget the ease with which the Democrat party, under Joe Biden, responded to unfounded accusations against fellow citizens, and the willingness of our leftist Democrat party to take our constitutional rights away and put all who disagree with their fascist/socialist principles in prison in order to shut us up.

In addition, we must also never forget that the Biden administration is lying about the danger of covid and is trying to force us to take the covid vaccine even if we don’t need to or want to, and at a time when cases of the disease have declined greatly.

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

The Political Left Has A Dangerous Relationship With Police and The Law

 All summer of 2020 we witnessed daily rioting, burning and killing from the political left, all of which confusion ended up with many Democrat-run cities pressing, illogically, to defund the police. Cities from Seattle to New York City to Austin have tried to fire or imprison all persons whose job it is to assure safety and peace for the citizens of those cities, and that pressure has all been from the political left.

Now along comes the “Let’s Go Brandon” movement and leftist schools like Virginia Tech call on police officers to monitor football games in an attempt to keep students from chanting the anti-Biden sentiment. Talk about the lefts’ tolerance and love for free speech! It’s interesting that free speech is considered dangerous when exercised by conservatives who oppose schemes of the political left, and that Democrats rely on the police to stop anti-Biden chants, but they had no problem with daily rioting in 2020, and blamed the police for much of the violence that occurred that summer.

In addition to Virginia Tech we also have the January 6th march on the Capitol building that the FBI has stated was neither an insurrection nor a riot, but Democrats have been having a heyday accusing Trump and his supporters of trying to take over the government on that date, when the actual worst they did has break a window or two and enter space they were not welcomed to enter. But the police and even the National Guard were called in to patrol and fence the area around the Capitol building at the insistence of fools like Pelosi and Schumer, because after-the-fact they needed the police to attempt to make a case against Republicans and what a threat to public safety they were.

When any group or party uses the law enforcement agencies to strengthen or support their causes and interests, while attacking those same officers when the Democrats’ far-left interests are threatened, danger lies ahead. On solid proof that Andrew McCabe lied about the frame-up of Donald Trump for colluding with Russia, he was denied retirement benefits from the FBI and was fired. But his benefits have been restored under the Biden Justice Department because he was a good soldier for the political left and took many slings and arrows in their fight against Trump, so he has been restored as a hero, and will probably be hired by CNN as a political strategist for their network. 

To borrow a phrase from Forrest Gump, crooked is as crooked does. The closure of McCabe’s case allows the FBI to keep under wraps any further criminal behavior that may have been uncovered if the McCabe case had proceeded and additional facts had been produced. When the law is used to protect a political party, then there is no longer any law. The lies told by the anti-Trump Democrats are forgotten, and the political persecution experienced by Donald Trump and his supporters goes on.

Democrats want life their way: get rid of police who sincerely try to support the law and assure peace, and fire police forces when Democrat operatives are involved with illegal acts.

Monday, October 18, 2021

If You Want Evidence Of The Evils Of Socialism, America Under Biden Is Providing It

 We no longer need the Soviet Union nor China to inform us of the reasons that Socialism is bad. And the lessons of Venezuela and Cuba, former wealthy nations now suffering from the unending poverty and suffering of Socialism, are also unnecessary to learn the lesson of the horrors of Socialism/Communism. Under the Biden administration, with the Squad and the Commie Bernie Sanders screaming in the background, American citizens are witnessing the nasty and criminal nature of the fascist, far left world that up to now we’ve only suspected.

In a capitalist nation there should never be a shortage of anything, because the constant and smooth supply and flow of goods keep corporate profits high and customers happy. But under Joey Biden everything that’s been pleasant under Capitalism is falling apart, with the most recent example of the international supply-chain no longer being able to bring products to American buyers. So hundreds of ships carrying millions of dollars worth of giant containers of goods sit off-shore and wait their turn to off-load, if the products survive the long wait. 

But even prior to the shipping container problem, our nation was nearly totally shut down and destroyed due to something that occurs regularly and with greater or less outcome: the common flu/virus now called covid. Businesses were closed. People went without work. Social lives of citizens were completely halted, causing drug and alcohol use from the loneliness, and suicides increased enormously. People could not leave their homes to buy milk and bread without wearing the mandated face mask, at risk of arrest by local police forces.

The next step in the politicization of life in America was the thing that at first was bad-mouthed by Democrats, but with the coming of Joey Biden, the vaccine, which was hated and criticized under Trump, became the determiner of whether or not you were a decent person or a mass murderer. And Joey mandated that vaccinations be one-hundred percent in America in order to protect those already vaccinated (if you can believe the idiocy of that policy from the mentally challenged Biden) and mandated that corporations must fire all non-vaccinated employees under penalty of federal law. This policy caused enormous suffering, most of it yet to be seen, as police and hospital staffs are reduced to dangerous levels at the same time that Biden’s criminal action of opening or our southern border has produced over a million people illegally entering our nation, carrying who-knows-what diseases, and as the crime rate in Democrat-run cities escalates to all-time highs.

But as to Capitalism itself, in the past, with the possible exception of the administration of FDR, we have never seen the most proper and profit-driven corporations bend to the political will of far-left Democrats, to the point that corporate CEOs have begun to speak out on the subjects of politics and legislation, something forbidden until the coming of Obama/Biden.

Under Obama, and with increased acceleration under Biden, government has begun to use its power to control and regulate in order to get formerly independent corporations to speak out on political subjects.

Coca Cola, AT&T and Major League Baseball, among other big companies, took up sides on the voting rights legislation implemented in the state of Georgia, actually yanking business from that state, because Democrats didn’t like the laws, and causing economic harm to the city of Atlanta in particular, while negatively impacting the incomes of citizens throughout the state.

And who would ever expect the automobile manufacturers, after decades of making their internal combustion engines more powerful,  longer-lasting, and more efficient; and after developing multi-speed transmissions that saved fuel and reduced emissions, all done at the insistence of big government, would them turn their backs on this massively expensive progress and now revert to vehicles powered by batteries, on the false pretense that battery-powered engines are cleaner to run and operate than gasoline engines. This demonstrates the power of a far-left government that can frighten companies to behave in political ways out of fear of regulation, and companies potentially being driven out of business due to their political beliefs.

At least the Soviets and the Chinese had the decency to outright kill their opponents and not pretend that the populace welcomed these examples of government over-reach, but that is where America is today, and you’d better like what’s being offered by the Democrats, because America is the only free nation left in the world, it’s fading fast, and there is no where else to go to find liberty and prosperity.

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Biden Imports Millions Of Diseased People, Then Fires Medical Staffs Across America

 If you’re trying to find and reward the stupidest fool America has ever seen, Joey Biden must be the subject of that award. This ignorant oaf allows millions of people from the entire world to pass into America carrying who-knows-what diseases, then he follows that folly by firing entire hospital staffs of medical employees and hundreds of police officers, because they prefer to not receive a vaccination. This man is mega-dumb, and the real shame is that he is probably so far gone mentally that he neither remembers the firings nor the reason behind them.

Joey flubbed the Afghanistan withdrawal; he opened the southern border; he angered France with his big-shot, foolish decisions; he sides with the radical left of his party against the greater prosperity and welfare of the citizens of America; he repeatedly references the lie of warming/change; he killed the energy industry in America just as they were making American energy independent; he allowed the imprisonment of at least two fine soldiers when they criticized the botched military decision behind the Afghanistan exit.

Biden issued a mandate that is causing medical staffs to be dangerously short of personnel just as the need for these people is greatest; police officers are being laid off just as crime rates are soaring; his Attorney General wants to investigate parents for protesting poor teaching standards in schools across America, and wants these parents to be prosecuted for domestic terrorism; he has caused food and fuel prices to soar. And finally he has caused the incoming shipping industry to not be able to off-load and distribute goods destined for the U.S. market, placing a traditional Christmas in some jeopardy of not happening this year. And then he has the nerve to blame private companies for the shipping container problems, and to threaten them if they don’t fix the problem that Joey himself caused.

Friday, October 15, 2021

Kamala Changes Her Tune On National Discovery

 By this time we’re all familiar with our national history being torched by far left Democrat fools who deface monuments and tear down statues of national heroes, and all because a foreigner like Christopher Columbus took the risk of sailing from Europe and “discovered” the new world in North America. Everything else that’s happened in America, like prosperity, improved healthcare, representative government and comfortable living, stems from Columbus’ dangerous trip over 500 years ago.

But idiot Democrats can’t learn from the lessons of history, so this week we are seeing the total fool, Kamala Harris, breaking with her anti-discovery, anti-European explorers, anti-America political party, and she’s now praising the idea of discovering outer space in a completely rehearsed and staged video where she pretends to be excited to share her love of “discovery”  and her absolute fondness for moon craters with students, who (oops) were hired actors for the filming event. But moon craters are exciting to Kamala? I seriously doubt it.

The directing for this little film (can it accurately be called an Indie?) was horrible, with Kamala waving her over-demonstrative hands and screeching with delight as she describes the joys of space travel and experiencing new thrills on space rocks, something she‘s never shown any attraction to in the past.

Why the hell is our vice president making phony and insulting recordings and not doing something about the disastrous border situation? Was she not appointed to be the Czarina of the border by old numb-nut Biden?

With her evident hate for America, one wonders why our Kamala doesn’t return to one of the s**t-hole countries that her parents came from, who of course selected America as a nation in which they could live well and live free. And one also wishes Kamala would leave and take her cackle and her adenoidal speech pattern with her.

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Joey Biden And America’s Various Crises

 Whether it’s international relations, the retreat from Afghanistan, rising food and gas prices, fighting the covid disease, the supply crisis we see at our sea-ports, or any of a mass of problems that have come to light during Biden’s failing administration, our mentally challenged president is causing irreparable harm to America and to its citizens.

To elaborate on this theme, have you ever heard a Democrat politician say that masks save lives and that these life-saving devices will be required for all customers and employees of shops in a particular city or state at the beginning of next month? The implementation date to save lives will not be immediate, but rather a week or two away!

Or maybe it was Joey Biden himself, or some Democrat governor or mayor, who said that the vaccine saves lives, therefore vaccinations will be required of all employees of the government beginning the first day of next month? It’s always a week or two away that we’ll begin to save lives, not immediately.

If masks save lives and if the vaccine saves lives, how can an honest president or governor wait weeks or months before implementing the devices to save all persons in their jurisdiction? What kind of real medical or health emergency can wait for a future date to start saving lives? One begins to suspect that this entire covid thing is a scam to get control of citizens’ lives and make them behave as the Democrat Party wants them to behave, with no questions asked.

In our personal lives, no parent who discovered their children playing with matches or fireworks or a pistol, would tell the children to stop playing with these dangerous things in five hours. Knowing the danger presented, the parents would immediately take the danger away from the children so they would not be harmed. But Democrat politicians seem to get a form of sexual pleasure by issuing orders and mandates, when they tell Americans that they are protecting them by removing their freedom to decide their own risk/liberty level and mandating the wearing of masks or being vaccinated. But our Democrat leaders don’t consider the situation sufficiently urgent to order a mask/vaxx fix immediately, and I don’t either.

Similarly, are restaurants who demand that customers wear masks upon entering the establishment, in order to protect other customers and staff, but once seated at their table, the masks may be removed, suggesting that once the party is seated the danger from the disease disappears completely?  Make no mistake about it, the reason restaurants do these illogical things is for reasons of liability protection and because Democrat mayors or governors mandate that they be done, so although I appreciate the dilemma that the owners of the restaurants are faced with, these procedures are still at odds with the real world and common sense. But they at least allow citizens to have a pleasant night out with family and friends while allowing the restaurant to stay in business and entertain the public while seeming to follow rules set by idiot Democrat politicians.

This whole covid thing is a put-up deal by authoritarian Democrats who want American citizens to jump and obey their every command. I hope Americans are smart enough to tell them to go to hell with their mandates.

Monday, October 11, 2021

Biden’s Border Policies Deprive Americans Of Their Constitutional Voting Rights

 One of the most visible and sacred indicators that an individual is a citizen of a free nation is that they have a vote so that they can help decide who runs their country.

But when Joey Biden opened the southern border and allowed untold waves of foreigners to enter our country, each of these invaders nullified one more vote of an American citizen, which means one more American’s vote no longer mattered, because Joey and his corrupt Democrat pals plan to have all of these millions of new Democrat voters in place and actively voting in short order.

And if you don’t believe that nullifying citizens’ votes is the Democrat aim, they’re already doing it on the local level in San Francisco, and that’s partially why California is in the process of falling off a very high cliff as a functioning state of this formerly great nation.

This elimination of a citizen’s vote, along with the Democrat efforts to win elections via vote fraud, piled on top of millions of invaders who are bringing disease and crime to America, spell doom for America and our constitution. Along this line, the unscientific, leftist partisan and science flip-flopper, Anthony Fauci, insists that the millions of disease carriers entering our nation from various third-world countries have nothing to do with the spread of covid, but if an individual, healthy American citizen chooses to not get a vaccination, this person is accused of killing people and being a threat, perhaps even being called a domestic terrorism threat by the liar Joe Biden, to all who have been fully vaccinated against the disease. This nonsense thinking and illogic from the American political left is bringing America down hard.

 It’s the end of science and personal liberty when healthy people who decide against taking a vaccine for this or that disease are called names and accused of crimes simply for refusing the vaccination, while at the same time known carriers of those same infectious diseases are illegally allowed entry to our nation, be identified as innocent asylum seekers, and are quickly and silently shipped, by the corrupt United States government, throughout the nation, with no control and seemingly no concern about the invaders’ condition nor about the condition of American citizens they may come into contact with, and possibly infect with a deadly disease.

To hell with Biden and his anti-American policies and ideas, and to hell with Fauci and his, at best, confused science. The evil Democrats must be opposed by patriotic Americans or our next election will be our last election as a free and prosperous nation.

Friday, October 8, 2021

Killing And Burning All Summer of 2020: Completely Understandable. Parents Protesting Bad Education For Their Kids: Domestic Terrorism.

 The entire summer of 2020 gave us an endless stream of violence, killing, burning, police officers injured, and if any of the criminal BLM and ANTIFA thugs who perpetrated those horrific acts was punished for their crimes, I’ve not heard about it. In fact the current Vice President of the United States organized and approved a fund that would bounce any of the criminals who burned and beat all summer long, if they were accidentally arrested and charged with their crimes.

Additionally, with the idiocy of the Biden administration, 1.8 million illegal aliens have crossed our southern border since January, bringing untold disease and criminal activity with them, all of which will be used to make life dangerous and deadly for American citizens. And not only is a gang of between 69,000 and 400,000 people, who fully expect to be welcomed with open arms, marching to our border, but we have three-and-a half years left for more of Biden’s stupidity to be shoved down our throats.

But let some America-hating, left-wing, nut-case school board member in Virginia be criticized for introducing racism into the minds of our children, calling the students racists and their nation a racist nation, and the poor dear member runs crying to the Department of Justice to make the mean old parents stop calling him names. And then the Biden administration takes the side of the racist board members and threatens to imprison and financially ruin any parent who complains about the filth being pushed on our children as education.

All Americans would be well advised by the sentiments of Rand Paul as he alerts us to fear our government, because the Biden administration cares more about foreigners and illegal aliens than about American citizens, and Joey is not looking out for the welfare of American citizens.

The fool in the Oval Office must be opposed in his every move and mandate, and the Republicans in the House and Senate must be pushed to turn a thumbs-down to all of Joey’s dictatorial ventures.

Monday, October 4, 2021

Now Democrats Are Polluting And Politicizing The Military

 Our fearless and courageous leader, Weepy Joe Biden, the same man who repeatedly blesses our military personnel at the end of many of his speeches, undermined those same military forces when he ordered, contrary to Trump’s plan and contrary to Joey’s own military advisors, the evacuation of Bagram Airbase prior to the withdrawal of civilian personnel from Afghanistan. This idiotic order by Joey also got thirteen Marines and Sailors killed by a suicide bomb at Kabul airport, and another of Joey’s orders got numerous Afghan civilians and children killed when he thought he was killing a terrorist.

As if this wasn’t enough to cause our young and patriotic men and women to reject joining the military with a lame-brained Commander in Chief in the Oval office, Joey is now presiding over the imprisonment of two Marines we’ve heard a lot about lately. Lt. Col. Stuart  Scheller and Lance Corporal Hunter Clark are both wasting away in jail because they let it be known that they are not happy with the way Afghanistan was conducted, so they may rot for years in prison. If either of these men had criticized the Trump administration they would have been treated as heroes, but a leftist Democrat in the White House must never be spoken ill of. These cases of military imprisonment are in direct keeping with the Biden administration running soldiers out of the National Guard guarding the Capitol building in D.C. if they hadn’t voted Democrat in the last election. Leftists insist on everyone agreeing with them or losing their rights as American citizens.

The Generals who run the military are either leftists themselves or desirous of covering for Joey’s dementia and remaining in the good graces of Democrat leaders like the fool Nancy Pelosi, with whom General Milley conspired against the then-president during the Trump administration.

Biden and the insane Democrats are doing deep, lasting and irrevocable damage to America, Americans and to our children’s future. The Democrats currently serving in office were placed there under an oath to protect and defend the constitution along with a tacit understanding that they would obey the laws and make America more free and prosperous than when they took office, not less so. These lying fools must be opposed without letup in the upcoming elections.

And we now know that Democrat candidates’ intention is to make America more indebted and less prosperous, and to create a government that will allow them to rule with an iron fist and imprison anyone who gets in the way of their personal power.

Is America in trouble, or what?

Thursday, September 30, 2021

The Dems And Weepy Joey Offer Americans A Deal They Can’t Refuse

 The filthy Democrats are dealing in dangerous territory. If you don’t obey your wiser and political betters and get a covid vaccination, you’ll be fired from your job  and made penniless for the rest of your worthless life. This is the message from Biden and the Democrats, and that’s the deal they are offering patriotic, tax-paying citizens of America. It sounds exactly like part of the script of one of the Godfather movies in which some honest sap is forced to do something he doesn’t want to do, but has no choice. This sort of deal is absolutely un-American and filthy dirty.

The immediate and most shameful part of this unconstitutional deal is that a vast number of the employees being fired are healthcare workers, nurses, aides, technicians and doctors, who worked in the dangerous and unknown world of covid all of 2020, risking their lives treating the sick who had contracted the disease, who know all of the arguments for vaccinations, pro and con, and have decided to not take this drug for purely personal reasons. But with leftist Democrats, you must not be permitted to make your own decisions, they’ll decide for you.

And the overriding and single most shameful thing about this coercion is that the proponents of this crime against fellow Americans can’t list one solid reason why anyone should fear an unvaccinated person. Those who have been vaccinated can’t be harmed; they‘ve been vaccinated after all. Children aren’t much effected by the covid (they are much more at risk of being killed by the annual flu each year, by being involved in biking accidents and from drowning, than by covid contraction) so the only persons at risk are the unvaccinated, who are either willing to take the risk of becoming infected themselves, or are immune to infection.

The best guess as to the reason for this stupid shaming mandate by the Dems is the 2022 election. Democrats want to lay a firm foundation of political hate on which to defeat the Republican(s) running for office in 2022 and 2024, but also to establish a curtain of hate against all non-vaccinated Republican citizens in the hope that they will inspire Democrat voters to vote for Democrats, in spite of the horror Bide created when leaving Afghanistan, the corrupt Hunter laptop, the open southern border, fraudulent presidential elections and other reasons why a sensible person would never vote Democrat again.

In a recent speech, Weepy Joey stated that he understood the frustration and anger that unvaccinated Americans feel against people who are not vaccinated. So asking people to vote against the non-vaccinated Republican and even permitting violence against Republicans (like the violence Democrats committed against the Trump campaign in 2016) so the plague of the unvaccinated can be eliminated and America can become clean once again is not only tolerated, it‘s firm political policy. And Democrats pretend to be the party of tolerance and diversity holding these ideas.

The Democrats have politicized a disease, and if one thing is true throughout history, there will never be an end to diseases. So be prepared to have your life controlled by leftists and get used to the hoops you will be required to jump through in order to remain in the good graces of hateful Democrats, year-after-year.

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

The Stench From Biden’s Washington Gets Worse By The Hour

 Now we know that the Democrats attempted to frame Trump for the phony Russian collusion lie; we know that Hunter Biden’s laptop emails were legit; we know that Joey and Hunter were selling their influence to China; we know that Joey got American service personnel killed getting out of Afghanistan and that they blamed this horrible incident on Trump, whose exit plan was ignored by Biden; we know that Trump was key to the production of  covid vaccination and that Joey and Kamala bad-mouthed anything that Trump had a hand in developing; we know that the border was under control with Trump in charge and that when Joey opened the border, the invasion of America began; we know that under Trump, America achieved energy independence, and that under Biden we are once again dependent on the Arabs because Joey killed the Keystone pipeline, thereby causing gasoline prices to increase vastly; we know that France is mightily angry with the U.S. since Joey stiffed them on the submarine deal, thus causing a major rift in NATO relations that survived the Trump dues negotiations that the Dems were so worked up about in the rose-colored days of the Trump administration.

And now we have the president of the United States swearing to punish and fire one of his own border guards, before any hearings or a trial can be held to determine what actually happened at the border-crossing in Texas. The actions taken along the violent border were in direct line of duty and training for the guard, with his government-provided horse and his government-provided reins. The guard was hired to control entry of all persons seeking to illegally pass into the United States, and this control is why Joey has his knickers in such a twist. Of course Democrats fall back once again on their charges of racism when they defame the guard. Their charges of the guard beating a Haitian with a whip are still unfounded and highly doubtful, but the fact that Joey opened the border in violation to United States law is fact, founded on a firm understanding of settled law, and is to Joey‘s detriment.

Joey’s policies related to the border have caused a million-plus illegals to cross the border with no checks as to their character or health, and have made the border guards’ job infinitely more difficult, and illegal passage has escalated to the point where the Texas guard had to twirl his reins to get a Haitian to cease his efforts to illegally cross the line presented by the several guards who were on duty that day.

Joe Biden is the only person at fault here, and any human suffering, whether of guards or invaders, is completely on his shoulders, just like the deaths in Afghanistan were the fault of this stupid old man.

If Joey does independently punish the guard for his actions, and if the remainder of the other much-maligned guards decide they don’t want to risk punishment for simply doing their jobs and resign, just as police officers throughout the nation fear legal punishment at the hands of the defund-the-police leftist loons, how will any resistance be offered at our border as an entire world of poor people try to get here for Joey’s offering of health care and government support for their families? Without doubt, that was Joey’s intent all along: to gain millions of Democrat voters entering our non-existent borders and keeping Dems in power forever.

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Biden And The Democrats Are Crumbling

 For a while following the 2020 election the future looked rosy for the far-left Democrat party. They got their fraudulent election handed to them and placed the idiot Biden in the White House, plus they got the House and the Senate loaded in their favor. At this point the sailing looked good for their complete take-over of America and for Obama’s Fundamental Transformation of America. 

And remember that just prior to the Democrats winning big in the fraudulent 2020 election, Donald Trump had been found innocent of all collusion charges and had defeated two stupid impeachment votes brought by the corrupt Democrats.

But then reality came along and beat the Dems over their anti-American heads. Joey opened the southern border; he killed the Keystone pipeline; he yanked the troops out of Afghanistan, leaving thousands of Americans behind; he mandated masking and vaxxing for all Americans; he proposed borrowing and spending trillions of dollars that we don’t have; the border situation still gets worse every day with additional thousands of illegal immigrants invading America and being secretly shipped throughout the nation.

Hunter’s laptop and its resident emails have been confirmed as the real thing by the FBI, and now Hunter and Daddy-Joe are charged with not paying taxes on millions of dollars of income, in direct contradiction to Joey’s insistence that everyone must pay their “fair share“, whatever that means.

And most recently crime is wildly out of control and increasing in Democrat-run cities, while at the same time the Dems are firing police officers en masse in their idiotic defund-the-police efforts. Possibly diseased immigrants are being distributed to all states by the Biden administration. And the January 6th video tapes have been released and show that the alleged “insurrectionists’ at the Capitol had no weapons, were not violent and were mostly taking selfies as they walked the corridors of the Capitol building; the whole January 6th thing was a lie from the lying Democrats.

Biden’s favorability rating is quickly seeking the floor and thinking people want the fool man gone from their lives.

It’s amazing how quickly a bright and rosy beginning can turn to darkness and defeat when the subject is about the satanic Democrats’ lies and their unconstitutional policies.

Thursday, September 23, 2021

It’s No Longer Possible To Believe That Joey And The Democrats Want The Best For America

 After witnessing the Biden administration in particular, and the American political left in in general, for eight months, it’s no longer possible to believe that America’s best is the goal from America’s lefties.

From limiting the availability of monoclonal antibodies for people suffering from covid; to opening our southern border to terrorists, drug dealers and human slavers; to instilling fear into Americans to force them to wear masks and get vaccinated against the most survivable disease we’ve seen in a long time, and in spite of millions of Americans having natural immunity to this disease; to the disastrous retreat from Afghanistan and leaving Americans behind as hostages; to creating the idiotic phrase “berthing person”; to prohibiting an energy-independent America and mandating masking and vaccinating every American, the Weeping Biden administration has shown itself to be anti-western, anti-constitution and anti-American.

In 2015, then-vice president Biden stated that the opening of our border to black- and brown-skinned people would be the greatest thing that could happen to America, with different-colored people taking charge. This idiot statement makes Joey sound like Karl Marx and his Communist Manifesto, in which Marx called the take-over of production by the working class to be inevitable, but the “inevitability” required old Karl to lead it, just like the perfect nation of America under minority rule needs old weepy Joey to assure its fruition.

Biden’s 2015 statement is the most racist remark made by any administration in our nation’s history. As a Senator, as Vice President and as President, Joey swore to defend our nation and our constitution, and so far he’s served nothing but his own racist fantasies and those of his handlers, who evidently have a great deal of influence over him and his delusions.

Then, it follows from previous utterances, Biden’s asinine statements about the Taliban being “businesslike and professional” prove the old fool is out of his mind and must be removed from office immediately. Among the millions of illegal immigrants Biden has allowed to pass unchecked into America are certainly hundreds, if not thousands of people who hate America and are trained, equipped and willing to practice terrorism on Americans and their cities, because the idiot Biden thinks that will bring about the perfect world in which America can live comfortably.

Joey Bien is a weak, stupid, ridiculous, corrupt old man with grandiose ideas of his personal greatness, who has no idea how foolish he looks in public and how happy our international competitors and enemies are that he has three-plus years left in his administration to sell America to hell while he grins, self-satisfied, like a mental-defective.

Every decision and policy from the Biden administration is contrary to the prosperity and liberty of American citizens, and contrary to the continued success of America as a free and constitutional nation.

Monday, September 20, 2021

Remember The 911 Plea To “Never Forget”? Well, Weeping Joey Forgot


One of the most meaningful and wise pieces of advice that came from the 911 commission investigating causes for the attack on the World Trade Center in 2001, was to closely investigate and track all persons entering America to determine whether they’re friend or foe.

But our dithering, weeping president, he of serious mental decline, ignored the commission’s advice and opened our southern order, thereby allowing up to a million Central Americans and Haitians to flood across the river and invade America, with absolutely no ability to vet them and determine who really wants to enter our nation for a better life, and who wants to visit evil and destruction on America. And now tens of thousands of Afghani refugees are also being located in America, and Central Americans and Afghanis alike are free to travel throughout the U. S. with no idea, on the part of Biden’s administration, what the hell these people are doing nor of the diseases and crime they may be spreading as they move freely about. Thanks a lot, Joey.

The weeping fool in the White House won’t listen to advice from people who have good sense, so he needs to be impeached as soon as Republicans take the House and Senate in 2022. One clearly understands that upon his successful impeachment and conviction the idiot Kamala, who is also a fool and is in way over her head as VP, won’t do any better if she gains the Oval Office, but she sure as hell can’t do any worse than old Joey has done. And maybe Joey being forcibly removed from office will cause her to get advice from intelligent people, not party hacks, and follow wise advice instead of destructive anti-American, Democrat party political policies.

If Kamala proves to be as stupid as Weeping Joey, then she’ll be the next to go. One can’t help but wonder how the working and effective policies of Donald Trump weren’t kept in place on the border, or weren’t reverted to once it was obvious that Biden’s open border was going to do serious harm to America and its citizens.

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

As Alfred E. Biden Would Say: What, Me Worry About The Taliban?

 At this point most Americans are less worried about the Taliban than they are about the Biden administration. We all have a pretty good idea what the Taliban is capable of doing, but what concerns us is what Weepy Joey and his band of incompetent Oval Office planners and schedulers will do to inflation, race relations and the economy, and what they’ll surrender to the Taliban, perhaps opening up our nation to a new post-Biden era of terrorist Mullahs, given the mass of weapons that Joey left behind in Afghanistan and the unwarranted trust Joey is likely to place in them and their “professionalism“.

Anyone familiar with the movie The Mouse That Roared knows what’s next in line with our relations with Afghanistan. The weak-kneed, addle-brained Joey Biden will try to make everyone believe he is a genius at nation-building in reverse, and to prove his brilliance, he’ll try to cozy up to the Taliban dictators with piles of cash so America can be shown his beautiful plan at having left Americans stranded in that hell-hole nation. 

He’ll likely give them a few billion dollars in foreign aid and hope to hell that they will not use the massive stockpile of military hardware he left behind in Afghanistan to terrorize us with another 911-type attack, like when Joey’s attempt to design a military retreat at the end of August blew up in his stupid face.

Our fool president must be discouraged in this attempt to prove that his gifting billions of dollars can bring peace from an Islamic nation that has sworn America‘s death and destruction.  Our Joey foolishly trusted the Taliban to guard  the Kabul airport and allow Americans to pass the perimeter and board aircraft home, and he was proven to be a fool for this misplaced trust.

And leaving hundreds of American citizens behind in spite of insisting that we would keep a military presence there until all Americans were home again is almost traitorous.

Joey Biden is a small-thinking, unimaginative, weak-minded man with more power than he can handle, and too many ideas that are completely wrong.

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

It’s One Thing To Have To Fight Nazis, Communists And Terrorists In Order To Remain A Free Nation, But It’s Quite Another To Have To Defend Against Our Own Government As Well

 Since Joey Biden has assumed the presidential position in the White House our nation has taken on new problems and threats to our prosperity and liberty, like the opening of our southern border and it’s millions, so far, of Central American invaders who have had no checks against who they are nor what they want here, they just pass on through to a destination no one knows, spreading disease and too often crime as well, as they go.

Joey has proposed trillions of dollars of new borrowing and spending in order to reward his party members for getting him elected. He has mandated masking, economic shut-downs and vaccinations as being required to continue to be a good American citizen, and he’s certified that it’s perfectly okay to hate anyone who refuses to be vaccinated. So far he has not approved attacking these non-vaxxers and beating them, but he still has over three years in office left.

When will this stupid, woke, weeping old man start behaving like a president and stop trying to be our mother? He’s spending more time lecturing us citizens for behaving like responsible people, balancing risks and rewards while living our lives and taking care of ourselves, than he is trying to protect us from threats like China, North Korea and the Taliban. And to these foreign threats to America, does anyone believe that if China (the great benefactor to the Biden family with millions of dollars granted to them by the Chinese government) Russia or North Korea launched a nuclear missile at America, that our pussy president would retaliate in kind and try to save our nation? I’m certain that he would not. I’m more easily persuaded that the old fool would dither (and probably require a nap) and fret while America was destroyed, and destruction is exactly what Joey is doing these last eight months with his open borders, mask and vaccine mandates, persecution of Republicans for the January 6th event, although the destruction we’re drifting toward with Joey’s policies is a little less dramatic than a nuke attack. 

If leftists like Joey really want to protect the American population, especially the children, from harm and death, they’d do more good by outlawing bicycles and swimming pools, which injure and kill more kids each year than covid does, than to try to unconstitutionally shove vaccines down our throats, or in our arms.

Saturday, September 11, 2021

With Joey Biden As President, The Term “Never Forget’ Takes On A Whole New Meaning

 For the last 20 years, the generally understood meaning of the term “Never Forget” was a reminder to keep the 9-11 world trade Center in mind so it would not happen again.

But with an idiot like Joey Biden in the White House it’s become necessary to re-imagine the phrase with Weepy Joey in mind:

Never forget the Afghanistan withdrawal disaster caused by no one but old Joey.

Never forget the thirteen military people killed due to Joey’s stupidity.

Never forget Joey’s the non-stop masking mandates.

Never forget Joey’s mandate that every single American must get vaccinated, period!

Never forget Joey’s multi-trillion dollar spending packages.

Never forget the January 6th persecution of Trump supporters.

Never forget Joey’s charge that America is a racist nation.

Never forget Joey’s charge that America consists of white supremacists.

Never forget Joey stumbling up the jet aircraft loading ramp.

Never forget Joey’s mumbling, fumbling and stammering any time he tried to talk.

Never forget the open southern border that has allowed diseased people to flow into our nation and end up who-knows-where as Joey distributes them throughout the nation.

Never forget Joey’s injury to our nation with his warming/change legislation.

Never forget the wokeness that has allowed our nation to drop its defenses, which could be just another deadly mistake under Joe Biden.

Never forget the fear imposed by Joey’s administration on gullible Americans through his masking mandates and his vaccination orders.

And never forget that the Democrat party was fully behind old Weepy when he pulled his endless shenanigans against American citizens.

The original intent of the “never forget” phrase was to keep America on guard against further attacks like 9-11, and it’s self-centered people like Joey Biden who consider their meaningless political objectives and personal aggrandizement to be more important than our national defense.

Friday, September 10, 2021

Weeping Joey Advocates Hating Non-Vaxxed Americans

 In his urgent, selfish and rushed objective of putting his Afghan loss of American lives behind him and get the subject changed immediately, Old Weepy Biden gave a talk, perhaps better described as a lecture, to Americans today, (September 9th) in which he specifically said he was understanding and good with everyone hating fellow Americans who have not been vaccinated against the covid disease.

The same lying, piece of crap president who swore he would bring Americans together under his administration, just officially gave his permission for a major percentage of Americans to hate, and possibly to punish, a minority element of the population, based solely on their status with the vaccination. Joey really knows how to unify a nation.

And what exactly is the crime that the non-vaxxers have committed? They’ve risked catching the disease themselves, based on their status of natural immunity, and are a threat to no one else.

And who is likely to suffer if one of the non-vaxxed individuals gets the disease? Only themselves and no one else. So what the hell is Joey so livid about? If adults choose to do risky things like riding a motorcycle without a helmet, swimming in the ocean, traveling in commercial or private aircraft, racing automobiles, cliff climbing or just driving to work, who the hell is the government to take them to task, and especially who the hell is the mental retard, Joey Biden, to be the accuser and punisher of these American citizens?

But Joey allows no excuse, like having already survived the disease and now having the best immunity one can have, as a pass for not taking the vaccine. Joey will tell us when we must, and when we must not, get vaccinated, period. Thanks, Joey. 

Joey did not mention the fact that vaccine shots supposedly protect the vaccinated from catching the disease, so he didn’t tell us how an unvaccinated person could possibly infect a vaccinated person. If this is indeed happening, then maybe Joey’s vaccine is not worth taking in the first place, given the problems that a minority of people have had with the after-effects of the drug. Neither did he tell us that vaccinated people are now getting the disease from other vaccinated people, which seems to undermine his entire pitch to get vaccinated.

Science is irrelevant to our mumbling, stumbling president, he just demands that we follow his orders and will allow no deviation from his self-designed rules. And keeping science in mind, one might also wonder how the disease can ever be controlled and gotten rid of given the hundreds of thousands of Central Americans he has invited to cross our southern border, with no idea of who the people are nor what disease they may be bringing to America, but we know that many of them have tested positive for covid, and then were released into our nation with no idea where they went nor whom they may be infecting. And now we can add thousands of Afghanis to the list of the unknown and possibly diseased that Joey is bring to America. Does this fool old man have any common sense at all? His remarks made no sense, they ignored science and they are unconstitutional and just plain wrong-headed.

But the idiot in the White House will do anything to divert public attention from his scandalous withdrawal from Afghanistan, which left at least thirteen American military personnel dead, and unknown hundreds of American citizens hostage and at risk of being killed by the Taliban savages, because the withdrawal plan was not fully thought out and attention to proper detail was beyond the ability of our failing president to attend to. And as a result of Biden running from the blame that he deserves for the Afghanistan disaster, he’s insisting that we all look at his heroic efforts with the covid disease, which are personal decisions that individual American citizens should make, not our fool president and future dictator.

The pressure Joey is placing on the un-vaccinated citizens in America with his charges of them infecting vaccinated Americans and his opinion that hating these fellow citizens is understandable, is more pressure than he is willing to place on the killing machine we call the Taliban. But the thing that really upset the Biden White house about the Taliban is not their killing and torturing and enslaving women to endless rape, but rather that the Taliban government organization “lacks diversity and inclusion“. This woke bunch of fools working for Biden care more about skin color, sexual orientation and self-identity in Afghanistan than they do about constitutional freedom and liberty in America.

And we still have over three years of this childish, foot-stomping and unconstitutional foolishness to look forward to under the leadership of a man who no one would hire to sack groceries in a super market.

Friday, September 3, 2021

Build Back Badder Biden Still Doesn’t Get It

 Friday, September 3, 2021:

America’s national fool and embarrassment just spoke from the White House, and his message was loud and strong: Stop talking about Afghanistan.

Old weepy also mentioned two or three times in his presentation the subject of Americans worrying about being able to “take care of their aged parents”, or something very close to that, which concern would be paid for by Joey’s insistence that government will accept the burden of providing for nursing homes for the old folks along with paying for education, for healthcare, for childcare and anything else that would gain him support by the public.

But what Americans are really worried about is who will “take care of” the aging, clueless idiot who repeatedly makes stupid decisions negatively impacting this great nation while making a home in the White House. He has opened our southern border to an avalanche of invaders; he has caused death and suffering in Afghanistan and still has an undisclosed number of Americans “stranded” by the Taliban in that hell-hole nation; he still is responsible for a stagnant economy, even though he insists on talking about the wondrous economic gains he’s created in “my administration”, as he calls it.

And old Joey is still insisting that all Americans be forced to get vaccinated against the most survivable virus our nation has ever seen, even though many of us have already contracted and then shed the disease and need no further protection; he presides over certifiably insane Democrats who still want to defund the police, release criminals on their own recognizance, want forgiveness for those who commit violent crimes by the very people who were attacked, wants no-cash-bail for violent criminals, wants additional trillions of dollars to be authorized by congress to spend on his leftist and wasteful projects that he falsely claims will create prosperity, doesn’t even mention the continuing daily black-on-black murders in Chicago and other Democrat-run cities and insists that white males are the real threat to American society due to their privilege and their racism.

Joseph Biden must be held responsible for the horrible policies that have caused our nation to suffer with unemployment and joblessness, and he must be impeached for the horrendous decisions that got thirteen military people killed in Afghanistan along with an unknown number of people still being held hostage in Taliban hands.

Why is God punishing this once great nation with the idiocy and mental incapacity of Joseph Biden and his administrative crew of America-hating fools?

Thursday, September 2, 2021

Democrats Mandate Limitations On Masking Choice, But Republicans Cannot Conversely Mandate Liberty And Freedom?

 Currently America has in place in Washington a far-left administration which is fine with governors of blue states mandating that citizens wear masks, which are proven to be worthless in controlling the spread of disease, which is among the most personal limitation of behavior and personal choice anyone can have placed on them, to include imprisonment if those residents disobey the governors’ edicts. But conversely the power structure in America will defame Ron DeSantis and attempt to destroy his life if he tries to mandate to the citizens of Florida free choice and liberty on the subject of masking. 

In other words, DeSantis allows the wearing of masks by those who wish to do so, but the leftists will not allow adults to not wear masks, and will not allow those adults’ children to not wear a mask in school if that is their choice. Democrats want control, Republicans want freedom and liberty.

In a constitutional republic this situation of not allowing personal choice is beyond belief and is contrary to everything America stands for. When will such meddling in private family and personal affairs end? Sadly, it will never end under Democrat control, but will grow to make American citizens slaves to the will of the government, and all because the leftists in Washington have found a way to require certain actions on the part of the public, in this case the phony declaration of health emergencies that everyone must obey under penalty of imprisonment.

It doesn’t matter that the covid disease is one of the least deadly diseases to be seen in a long time (in 2020 fewer children died of covid than died of the annual flu), because the government has pushed the fear factor to the point where otherwise intelligent people believe that death is imminent if a mask is not worn at all times.

The masking thing is part and parcel to the phenomenon developed during the Clinton administration which puts forth that a crisis should never go to waste. The current crisis de jour is the weak covid virus, and a crisis soon to follow covid on a larger scheme for the big-government, far left in America, is the lie of warming/change that the left crazies say is going to destroy the earth (these nutty people have been predicting the end of the earth for the last fifty years with no evidence that the end is any nearer now than it was fifty years ago). Once the lying left puts forth efforts to make the public respond to this created-from-whole-cloth emergency, then they’ll be able to force every citizen to give up their piston-powered cars in favor of an electric vehicle, and they will make our homes colder in the winter and hotter in the summer as coal-fired power plants are forced off-line in favor of the less dependable wind and solar sources of power, and all under the lying scheme that the phony warming/change thing is at heart a health emergency, and who can possibly oppose that?

There are real crises, and then there are phony crises created to direct behavior in a direction desired by government, and the pushers of these emergency events will force us to do their bidding, for our own good and the good of the nation, of course.

Supposedly in a capitalist society, we should be using the most efficient, the most productive and cheapest form of every aspect of our lives, and this form of production should be the one that best serves the lives and futures of the citizens. But the corrupt Biden administration won’t allow our capitalist economy to exercise these freedoms, and is instead forcibly steering America to authoritarian government and Socialist control.

This sort of control over American citizens’ lives and decision-making has never been done before. Measles, whooping cough, Polio, AIDS and other contagious diseases, and even the annual flu, which kills thirty thousand to eighty thousand people every year, has never been allowed to strip citizens of their right to work and play as they see fit, with or without a mask and/or a vaccination, but we’ve never before had the corrupt, anti-American and anti-constitutional type of government that is in place with the Biden administration, either.

To rephrase a quote from Forrest Gump: “Evil is as evil does“, and pure evil, which we may well regret some day soon, is coming out of Washington D.C. And if those evil persons are not voted out of office, and soon, our pleasant lives will become very unpleasant. 

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Our Weeping Joey Seems To Be A Little Confused About Events

 If Weeping Joey weren’t so mentally feeble one would be persuaded to demand that he pay attention and remember what events have happened recently. Specifically the subject here is the way Joey represents recent events in Afghanistan: No one objects to our getting out of a losing and expensive war that’s 20 years old, it’s how we got out that is objected to, so please take your mental acuity meds and pay attention, Joey. 

Old Weepy fully expected to be swooned over and thanked profusely for getting our troops out of Afghanistan, so he gave no real thought as to how American forces were to leave the country. By closing Bagram air base first and then pulling our military people out, American citizens were left with no way to get out of Afghanistan without depending on the Taliban for help, which is the entire complaint Americans have about Weeping Joey’s performance these last 30 days.

By putting American citizens in harm’s way by insisting on a confused sequence of withdrawal, and then having to send troops back into danger, our fool president made things worse and negated the good thing that was done, which was always based on Donald Trump’s original plan.

And Joey gets no credit for the air-lift that got thousands of people out under extreme pressure, because the extreme pressure was met with true bravery by the  personnel who took the risk and helped people in danger, but the heightened danger was Joey’s fault, and the thirteen military deaths were the fault of the Dunderhead-in-Chief who gave the idiotic order that has now left 200 Americans stranded in Afghanistan.

So I hope old Weepy can get the story straight and stop making angry speeches telling us how great his leadership is and how unappreciative everyone else is for not recognizing what a smart leader and commander he is. Joey got people killed, period. Now let’s get on with life under Joey. And we certainly hope that they next decision he makes doesn’t get more Americans killed, which is a tall wish, because with more military hardware than most nations have (equipment Joey left behind for the Taliban, by the way), the Taliban will feel great pressure to use that destructive power somewhere, and America has to be at the top of their attack list.

Thanks, Joey.

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Frightening Similarities Between The Taliban And Weeping Joey’s Administration

 After the Taliban took over the capital city of Afghanistan they released thousands of violent terrorists from prison and turned them loose to commit more crimes of terror. After the woke, defund-the-police, Democrat allies of Weeping Joey took their positions in California and New York, thousands of murderers, rapists and muggers were released from California and New York prisons, to prey on citizens all over again.

The Taliban has confiscated all private weapons held by citizens in Afghanistan. Democrats, along the same vein, are trying to take weapons from Americans, or will tax weapons and limit the production of ammunition to effect the same end, which is a violation of our constitution and our right to defend ourselves.

The Taliban force all women to wear masks. Democrats force all American citizens to wear masks.

The Taliban leaders are aged, hard-line, anti-Western freedom haters. America’s president  is an old, mentally failing, woke, progressive, hard-line, constitution-and-liberty-destroying Democrat.

If the Taliban doesn’t like what citizens say, they imprison them or kill them outright. If woke, leftist Democrats don’t like what a citizen says, or doesn’t like the questions a citizen asks, even if that citizen is the president himself, they hire big-tech giants to silence them.

The Taliban won’t allow a trusted and free election of officials to rule Afghanistan. In America, Democrats will not permit elections free of fraud.

Americans like to think we’ve been fighting terrorism in Afghanistan and Iraq the last 20 years, only to find that our Democrat leaders want the same thing the terrorists want: the silencing of citizens’ statements and questions that threaten Democrat power.

Friday, August 27, 2021

America’s Weeping-Pussy President Must Go

 It has become almost physically painful trying to watch our weeping-pussy president lie to the American people and blame Donald Trump for his every mistake, and then cry and bow his head because he’s too stupid and brain dead to be able to address the critical issues our nation is facing.

For a year and a half no deaths were reported in Afghan, and now that Biden has been president for a few months he gets a dozen or more military people killed because of his poorly-thought-out policies and military decisions. The man’s a fool.

As Joey was speaking on Thursday afternoon he gave us some John Wayne, tough-guy lingo by claiming that the deaths would be answered in the future, at a time and place of Joey’s choosing. This idiot president will never do anything to punish our enemy for the deaths of these brave Americans. What this fool man should have said to the stone age psychos who killed our American soldiers is:

A cruise missile has been launched and targeted at the American Embassy in Kabul. This missile     will arrive at its destination in seven minutes. Have a nice eternity!

And then other missiles should be launched at whatever Taliban encampments we can locate, and then maybe they would believe that weepy Joe Biden means business and will do more then just talk mean for public consumption. But that will never happen.

During the Thursday speech, called to explain what went wrong in Afghanistan, Joey took time out to tell us a little story about his son, then he quoted from the Bible, and then he asked for a moment of silence for the dead Americans whose deaths he is responsible for, and then he bowed his head in complete retreat from his duty to defend this nation and its citizens.

I’m sorry, but a man who became president under fraudulent voting circumstances and who has been parading around mandating one idiotic order after another in contradiction to the constitution is not a person I can stomach nor have any compassion for. This old man should never have even been considered for the Oval Office, his family should be put in jail for abusing the old cogger, and his White House staff should all be fired and sent home to reflect on their participation in the traitorism that was the Biden Presidency.

America’s Thanks Go To Afghan Joey

 Because of the historic goof-up committed by America’s aged and mentally-ailing leader, NATO no longer trusts America to conduct successful military operations, and has removed America from their list of nations to call for assistance in case they are attacked by a rogue power. Joey and his Build Back Better Bulls**t logo has turned America into a nation that shows its back when the going gets tough and runs away from responsibilities.

China is laughing at America and is getting sophisticated military hardware from the weapons and planes left behind in Afghanistan as Joey cut and ran last week. I guess our idiot president’s actions were just a pay-back to China for all of the money that nation has given to Joey and Hunter these many years.

And Russia is laughing at America for the incompetence of our Afghan failure. I guess they, too, can be thankful for all of the money they’ve given the Biden family over the years and can count these gifts to the Bidens as a good investment, which Joey is only now repaying.

America is seeing our constitution destroyed by Joey demanding the masking of our nation and mandating vaccinations for our citizens who neither need nor want them, and for investigating Trump for his alleged collusion with the Commies. Our once great nation is also suffering from the unconstitutional frame-up that Trump and his supporters have received following the January 6th chaos at the Capitol building, where the FBI and ANTIFA generated an attack, the blame for which was conveniently redirected at patriotic conservatives and Republican citizens, while Hunter’s illegal gun purchase, his drug use and his at the very least improper influence in peddling his father’s V.P. position in Russia, Ukraine, China and beyond have gone unnoticed by our press and big tech, and the Biden family likely will never get the punishment they deserve.

Joey must leave the White House immediately and retire to Delaware so we can try to salvage some national reputation and get America moving again.

Thanks, Joey, and goodbye.

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Biden Is Fulfilling Obama’s Fundamental Transformation Of America

 Anyone who thinks that the vast destruction done to America in just eight months of the Biden administration is just happenstance needs to think one more time. Always a good political soldier, although largely unable to think clearly and act sensibly on his own, Biden is fulfilling Obama’s intent to Fundamentally Transform America. Joey needs the approval of his hero, Obama, and taking up the reins to America’s destruction is a good way to get that approval, even though Obama has openly stated that Biden can goof up even the best paid plans.

One doesn’t even need to mention the destruction done by Joey on the domestic level, with the opening of our southern border to the rabble of the world. Our Joey has also weakened America internationally by making our military and our diplomats look like fools to the world, and now our mentally challenged president has made an international catastrophe of the Afghanistan withdrawal by leaving tens of thousands of Americans Afghans and even Europeans serving there, stranded with little of no hope of getting out before the Taliban reek havoc on all foreigners.

So while over a million people have invaded our southern border, now we have tens of thousands of Afghanis who need to reside here, with the Democrats patting themselves on their backs for the great job Joey has done establishing millions of new Democrat voters throughout our nation.

So while the press criticizes the Biden idiocy in removing American troops from Afghanistan before they safely removed American civilians and our allies, they still adore the way Joey has undermined the American political landscape with foreigners and people who will inevitably have to depend on government to get the goodies they will so desperately need to survive as new citizens of America, and who will vote Democrat in order to keep those goodies flowing.

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Who Is Surprised That The Woke Group Who Think Men Birth Children, Can’t Even Retreat From Battle?

 Let’s all hope and pray that our nation is not attacked by a non-woke, serious military power during the Joey Biden administration, because the idiots currently running America can’t even retreat from battle in a distant, very backward country, let alone defend the nation from a real attack at home, without screwing it up and causing a national disaster. Our top military commanders are so worried about imagined white supremacy terrorists and rumors of racism that they can’t even plan a retreat from cave dwellers and goat herders in Afghanistan.

It’s a shame that the American fighting forces, once the greatest in the world, are now more interested in serving the mentally challenged Commander In Chief’s wokeness than with doing their one and only job: defending American citizens from foreign bad-actors. Politics will destroy, and is destroying, our military preparedness, and with the increasing power and aggressiveness of China, a nation that our idiot president has been playing footsie with for many years, and getting millions of dollars richer by doing China’s bidding, America should seriously fear an attack by this real enemy, even though Joey has reassured us that China is no threat to America.

If our nation doesn’t begin firing a bunch of politician/generals soon, this once-great country may pay a heavy price in the real, non-woke world of  threats, actions and irreversible outcomes that can’t be undone once committed. Our national leaders must ignore fantasy and wokeness and pay attention to the real, and very threatening, world outside Washington.