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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

What The Hell Is Bernie Sanders Talking About?

Poor old Bernie Sanders is all over the idea of allowing illegal aliens into our country with no restrictions and no security checks at the border, yet Tuesday night during the Democrat debate, when asked how he would protect the nation from an invasion of bad people crossing the border, he said he will have “strong border protection”.

One wonders what this fool man is talking about.

How can our border be opened for all to pass through and still have any controls on the persons passing through it? How do you have border control while, at the same time, you fire all of the border guards, as nearly all of the Democrat presidential candidates intend to do?

Bernie is not only a fool radical, he’s a dangerous, fool, radical.

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Mueller, Democrats And The Lie Of The “Purview”

During the Democrat’s hate-Trump show-trial last Wednesday in the House of Representatives, one Republican asked Mr. Mueller about the Steele Dossier and the Fusion GPS aspects of his two-year investigation, and Mr. Mueller very quickly, perhaps a little too quickly and sounding a little too rehearsed, stated that those things were beyond his “purview” during the investigation. In other words, during his investigation he believed he was allowed to look at the 20-year old financial dealings of Paul Manafort, dealings that occurred long before Manafort ever met Donald Trump and concerning things that happened years before Manafort began working for Trump, but he was not allowed to look into critical aspects of the Trump investigation that involved illegal dealings of Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration denying the Trump campaign basic legal and human rights that, until now, were standard operating procedure in the United States of America.

If what Mr. Mueller said was truthful, then his purview was obviously to get the goods on Donald Trump at all cost and at any pain it may cause to ancillary persons associated with Trump or his campaign, and leave Hillary Clinton and her crooked associates-in-crime out of the picture completely.  This purview, of course, places a Democrat above the law.

So by Mueller’s own admission, Russia, a nation that Hillary colluded with much more closely that Trump could ever do, and contrary to all claims that the Democrats have advanced for over two years, was not a subject of the investigation; the only objective in the two-year fiasco this nation has been subjected to was the destruction of Trump and any of his associates that Mueller and his vicious investigators could get their legal claws on. Now that’s a “purview” in the tradition of the Democrat party, and that’s a purview that I can believe, because that is exactly how the two-year national embarrassment was conducted, whether Mueller is alert enough to be aware of it or not.

The whole Special Counsel thing was a Washington swamp attempt to get rid of Donald Trump because he actually abides by the constitution and accomplishes things and does what he promises he’ll do, unlike the parading, pompous fools who make up the largest percentage of our national government, who disregard the basic tenants of decency, of our laws and of our constitution.

Thursday, July 25, 2019

What’s Worse: Russia Helping A U.S. Political Candidate, Or A Sitting U.S. President Corruptly Destroying A Candidate?

We have the administration of Barack Obama to thank for the horrible political corruption they put in place when they lied to the FISA court and allowed the FBI and the State Department to illegally spy on the Trump presidential campaign and accumulate false data to be used against Trump as “insurance”, in the texted words of FBI investigator, Peter Strzok, one of the chief FBI investigators assigned to get dirt on the Trump campaign, to assure that Donald Trump would never occupy the Oval Office.

During the Mueller investigation thirty indictments not related to any collusion on the part of Trump people, were activated against people for events distantly, or not at all related, to the Trump presidential campaign. At the same time there were no indictments against anyone related to the Clinton campaign, even though the current FBI Director at the time, James Comey, listed on a public television broadcast, the many crimes he knew Hillary had committed, but he decided not to present the evidence he had on her crimes to a Grand Jury because he believed her crimes were unintentional.

Is it appropriate for  an investigator to wear a blindfold while investigating a crime, ignoring the crimes of one culprit and going after people distantly related to another? It has become obvious that investigating criminal activity during the 2016 presidential campaign was not the intent of the Mueller investigation; the only outcome Democrats and the Washington swamp wanted was the destruction of President Trump, and our Donald out-smarted them all.

Anyone who watched the Mueller fiasco when he appeared before the House Democrat attack committees on Wednesday will come away convinced that Robert Mueller was AWOL during the entire investigation process attempting to bury Trump, and because of his lack of knowledge of any part of his published investigation report, it’s obvious that the pro-Hillary and anti-Trump forces were in total control of the investigation, and that the evidence presented against Trump during this two-year travesty was all fabricated.

Unfortunately for Robert Mueller, his name will forever be linked to the final nail in the Democrat collusion coffin and he will go down in history as a partisan, uninformed hack in whose name the greatest political disaster and scandal, and the highest level of traitorous corruption ever committed against the constitution of the United States and the American citizens, was perpetrated.

Let there be no mistake about it, when leftists control policy, they destroy everything they touch, and beginning with the Obama administration and its radical leftist turn, our legal system of investigating crimes has been badly injured, and the assumption of innocence for people suspected of crimes and the legal, transparent investigation of wrongs, has been overturned by the radical leftists in the DC swamp.

Thanks, Obama.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

What Is A Person Of Non-Color?

Since the beginning of Barack Obama’s presidency, and in recent weeks radical, regressive government leftists have pushed the subject to extreme levels, one has heard a lot about people-of-color being mistreated, abused or discriminated against. The majority of these people-of-color are so light-complexioned that we have to be told they are indeed people-of-color in order for us to know they fit this category.

Actually many of those people complaining about being discriminated against are themselves quite successful and wealthy, and many of them are elected government officials who are at the top of the national pecking order and have nothing to complain about regarding treatment or income. America doesn’t care much about skin color because our system rewards individuals based on their value to a profit-making enterprise, so people who work hard and produce are rewarded with greater pay and benefits. It’s not based on skin color, it’s based on ability to produce.

In truth, all skin has “color” so the claim of liberals about people-of-color is somewhat lame and vague. There are no persons of non-color, but we do have leftist Democrats who use skin color to get what they want and to punish people who block their corrupt power grabs. To use skin color for punishment or reward is a dirty thing to do because no one can control the color of their skin.

But, of course, we know that this select protected group of people-of-color consists of Democrats who, in their own opinion, are not deferred to freely enough, but one wonders, with all of this discrimination going on, why so many dark-skinned people living in America are multi-millionaires. One also wonders how Hispanic and Arab people were able to jump on the people-of-color bandwagon and partake of the benefits intended for the descendents of slaves, who were genuinely injured by just being someone else’s property, and often they were the property of other “people-of-color“.

Idiotic people like AOC and her two Muslim fellow America-haters, Representatives Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, collectively better known as the “Squad”, all of whom are as light-skinned as President Trump is, constantly complain about how mistreated they are because of their skin color and how their pigmentation is the reason why they are repeatedly abused by the House of Representatives leadership, when it’s their own anti-American mouths that cause them trouble. These self-identifying “colored people” should be ashamed of themselves for taking a serious subject, intended to right America’s past wrongs, and maddeningly using the subject as a tool to get sympathy for themselves and to more conveniently bad-mouth America and further divide the American citizens along racial lines.

Friday, July 12, 2019

Freedom Can Be A Dangerous Thing

AOC, as well as being stupid, is also free and is a powerful elected Representative from her home district in New York, and as a result of her guaranteed freedom to say idiotic things, she is at liberty to also say anti-American things that threaten our great nation. When people with power say things that undermine our constitution and the laws of the nation, the citizens of the country are directly threatened with a loss of liberties and their economic prosperity.

The liberty to speak one’s mind comes with some responsibility and assumes the speaker has an idea worth hearing, and it also assumes that the speaker has enough intelligence to express decent, well-thought-out opinions, and that a real resolution to the problems being expressed will be forthcoming. But with the current radical Democrats in our government, no worthwhile ideas are expressed and no solutions to any of our national problems are proposed. All we get out of Washington is political and racial division that is hurting our nation.

I was thrilled with the victories of the women’s soccer team, but they’ve undermined their great success with their politicization of the game and the misuse of their fame. They’ve also mocked and insulted President Trump by turning down his invitation to visit the White House to celebrate their victory. They love the radical AOC and the crazy Nancy Pelosi but publicly ridicule our president, and that is a slap in the face of all who voted for Trump and support his policies.

Therefore, I want nothing to do with the women’s soccer team from this point on and I’ll not watch any more of their games, just as I’ll watch no sport in which Colin Kaepernick participates. I’m sick of a few pampered, celebrated and over-paid American citizens making fun of the people who make America function, and I’ll not be a party to their further celebration.

Freedom comes with responsibilities, and when freedom does not accompany responsibility, it can become dangerous and threatening to those of us who don’t have celebrity status and must sit quietly by while our nation is torn apart by people trusted and sworn, under oath, to protect it.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

AOC Is Absolutely Not AOK

Prior to the Democrat takeover of the House of Representatives in 2018, Nancy Pelosi alone represented everything anti-American in America’s current political world. Then along came an unknown woman named Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who was probably just interested in having a good time with her friends at the local pub, and all of a sudden this woman knew everything about everything and she was an expert on every subject know to the human race, and she also knew that global warming, which was of course caused by the United States, was the downfall of the earth, and she knew exactly when the warming would extinguish life as we know it. 

Except she didn’t know the difference between pronouncing the name of the nation of Chile and the soup called chili. And she didn’t know what a garbage disposal unit was. And she was amazed at seeing vegetables grow out of dirt. And when questioned about her 12-year prediction of the end of the world due to the lie of global warming she said that she was just speaking rhetorically and didn’t mean to be taken seriously with the 12-year thing.

With her lack of ability to relate to things beyond her limited experience tending bar and waiting tables on Long Island, she took up the cause of immigration and immediately blamed President Trump for all of the suffering of the invading criminal people who have crossed our border illegally, and she bought the lie that Trump had people drinking out of toilets.

Additionally, our dear AOC has not shied away from the job of blaming America first for all of the world’s ills. This stupid, clueless restaurant server is so wrong about so much that one would think that she would slink away in shame for her many ignorant utterances. If we need someone to push a Cloward-Piven movement against America she’d be the one to take on the task, but I’ll bet she has never heard of Cloward-Piven in spite of the fact that she carries their message everywhere she goes and pushes their anti-American diatribe at each and every occasion.

The woman is not well, but that will not stop her from shooting her mouth off and proving how vapid she is. She and her kind of Democrat politician must be defeated in the next election or serious problems facing our nation will never get discussed, let alone solved, in the swamp of Washington.

Monday, July 8, 2019

There Is No End To The American Left’s Re-Writing Of History

Recently we’ve seen attempts from the pro-Socialist leftists in America to re-write history, and un-write it as well, and their insistence on being ridiculously reactive to events that happened hundreds of years ago. We’re told on a daily basis that America is a racist nation because we won’t allow illegal Central Americans to freely enter our nation so they can collect welfare and get free healthcare from big government, with no consideration being made to protect our unique and peaceful society from disruptive entities from more emotional and unlawful invaders.

Democrats love this name calling of the greatest nation on earth because it fulfils and furthers the Cloward-Piven philosophy they adhere to of putting such enormous demands and strains on our economy that the nation will go bust trying to support more millions of freeloaders, thereby giving Democrats the opportunity to take dictatorial control and run the nation any way they want when the crunch finally arrives.

In the past year we’ve gone through a period of time when statues, and in nearly all cases the statues have been of Democrat personalities, have been torn down by leftist rabble because they were said to represent racist causes, and in the last couple of days a mural in California has been found of George Washington pictured unflatteringly with slaves and Indians. The lefty governor of California stated that he will have this fifty-year old mural painted over because of the shame it represents, so now George Washington is on the chopping block, and we’ll probably hear more about his short-comings in the near future, and no attempts to praise him for the good things he did for America will be allowed. The Nazi’s burned books, and American Democrats are trashing statues and destroying works of historical art. Two years ago Americans could never have imagined such vandalism and anti-American destructiveness taking place in this nation, but one fears that Democrats are just beginning their destruction of America, and to a large extent their acts of domestic terror are influenced by skin color: in other words, they are the racists they have been looking for.

The thing that leftists don’t understand is that if all statues and paintings are destroyed,  there will be no trace left of the regrettable things done in America in our distant past, therefore allowing some revisionist in the future to perhaps claim that slavery was never practiced in America, and that American Indians were never mistreated as Europeans moved west, because all of the evidence will have been removed. We need to keep these reminders in front of us so similar practices can be halted if such things are contemplated in the future. And if all traces of past abuse are erased, there will be no way to measure the progress American has made to correct the injustices of the past, and this is probably the cause of the Democrat insistence on tearing everything down: it does not serve their rhetoric to have proof of our progress toward equality under the law, and of our good and sincere intents in this area of our national existence.

We should also have reminders of past events and attitudes so we can discuss why people believed the things they believed one hundred years ago, and come to some conclusion as to how their thinking was wrong. And since most of the statues that have been torn down were of Southern Democrat heroes, America should further discuss the racism that the Democrat party practices to this very day.

While America is being criticized daily as a racist, violent nation, people like Fidel Castro, Che Guevara and Mao Tse-tung are worshipped by the political left as heroes, even though they leave behind them a chain of misery, suffering and death, mostly among the poorest people on earth, as they murdered their own fellow citizens in order to make themselves more powerful.

There is no escaping the degree of anti-American and anti-constitutional attitudes of the American left, and these people are serious customers who will undo our nation with glee if they are allowed to gain power in 2020

Friday, July 5, 2019

Democrats Were Wrong Again About Trump, As Usual, As Always

One would think that after being wrong about President Trump at every turn for the last two years, Democrats would be a bit more circumspect in their negative and hateful remarks about our president. But, unfortunately, the radical hate from the left allows no adult, intelligent thoughts to be part of their political comments, proposals and planning.

The week prior to the July 4th celebrations in Washington, DC, all we heard from Democrats was the claims that the militarization of the event, by displaying a couple of tanks along the parade route, would be used by the president to make himself appear more powerful in an attempt to gain popular support, and leftists complained about the predicted celebration and elevation of himself in the speech he was to give in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

The actual event, however, proved the Trump-haters wrong once again. The parade and the display of military hardware was all tasteful and was a celebration of the people who serve the nation in the various branches of the military, and the president’s speech was solely and only an expression of gratitude of those who have served, and to the many who have lost their lives, serving in the United States military.

In similar presidential speeches in the past, Barack Obama used personal pronouns by the dozens to brag about his success and his brilliant presidency and the great things he has done (like giving Cuba everything the Castro brothers asked for in an attempt to keep those rogues in power, and giving the Iranian Mullahs billions of dollars to help them develop a nuclear weapon and to continue to spread terrorism around the world) and I don’t recall any single reference made by President Trump in his speech yesterday to anything he has personally done or to the numerous successes his administration has accomplished, in spite of partisan investigations from the day he took office. All of his comments were in celebration of America and in honor of those who selflessly serve the nation.

At this point it’s obviously impossible for Democrats and their allies in the press to admit that President Trump is a decent man who is serving the citizens of this great nation. But it’s necessary to remind all right-thinking citizens of just how wrong the radical leftists are about everything they say and about all of the policies the Democrat candidates are espousing, in the tragic event that one of them should get elected to the presidency in 2020.

Intelligent people will be aware that rogue, dictatorial nations are born when leftists push a Socialist agenda every day of every week, whether in a political season or during a non-political year, and they’ll recall that it was Democrat presidential candidate, Howard Dean, who advised his party to wage a political campaign year-round, and that this has led us to having our president criticized every day of his presidency for imagined wrongs and misdeeds. Democrats will not relax their radical leftist agenda for one day and won’t even take time out on July 4th to celebrate our nation and our military heroes, and instead keep up a steady campaign against President Trump.

The United States is headed toward the political and economic failure that we see worsening daily in Venezuela, and unless American citizens reject the ultra-partisan lies and proposals coming from Democrats, we’ll one day join that Socialist and ruined nation on the trash heap of history.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Free The Shoes!

One sadly reads that the sport shoe maker, Nike has removed a line of its shoes from public access because one fool, stupid football player says they are offensive to him and not up to his standards and that he can’t endorse them. And my response to his being offended is, So What! To think that a shoe manufacturer will no longer sell shoes that some out-of-work jock doesn’t like is confusing.

Does Nike not want the profit that would come from the sale of the shoes? Do they not care about the buying public and what we want to buy? Do they think that we give a damn what an ex-football player thinks of any particular shoe style?

It seems that this former athlete objected to the American flag on the shoe. If that’s the case, then I support his decision to not support the shoe, but be reminded that this idiot jock would never have to buy the shoes; they would be given to him by Nike, along with the multi-million dollar endorsement fee he would be awarded. So his opinion is quite weak in my opinion.

One would suggest that Nike do two things immediately:
1) Fire Colin Kaepernick as a paid spokesman for the company.
2) Free the Betsy Ross shoes so people who love America can buy these shoes.

Companies like Nike should bury the radical politics inspired by people like Kaepernick and concentrate on making their business more of a success. The governor of Arizona, Doug Ducey, did the right thing when he decided to pull financial incentives from Nike following this political stunt. Americans are sick of seeing their nation abused and insulted with political tricks like this one, and we’d like them stopped.

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

These Damned, Two-Faced, Hate-Filled Democrats!

When Barack Obama went to Cuba and gave the murderous Castro brothers everything they wanted from America to help them survive the poverty they created in their Communist Island paradise/prison, without getting anything in return from the Castros to benefit America nor to give relief to the thousands of political prisoners held in Cuban dungeons, the American press and the Democrats swooned over how well the Cubans received Obama and how great Obama was for helping to bailout the dictatorial regime only 90 miles from Key West.

But when President Trump goes to North Korea to speak with Kim Jong-un about reversing his nuclear policy, a move that would make America, Japan and South Korea safer and more secure, the leftist press and the idiots who are running for the 2020 Democrat presidential nomination all scream bloody-murder about President Trump kowtowing to the North Korean dictator. And one must be reminded that Obama was giving stuff away to a dictator, whereas President Trump is just trying to convince Kim to stop doing things that threaten America and the entire Pacific region.

Does the American left not know right from wrong, good from evil? Do they so hate President Trump, and do they so want to deprive him of basic foreign relations successes during his administration, successes that would be good for Americans, that they will oppose his attempts to make the world safer and help get rid of nuclear threats, with their constant harping about him and his policies?

The Democrat party, and this includes the national, liberal press corps, too, has shown itself to be not only anti-Trump, but anti-American as well, and they can never be forgiven for these wrongs against America.

Monday, July 1, 2019

Now Democrats Are Calling Each Other Racists

Thursday night during the second Democrat debate, Kamala Harris berated Joey Biden for being a racist. Be reminded that Lunch Bucket Joe was Barack Obama’s hand-picked choice for Vice President in both of Obama’s administrations. Is Obama a fool who ran for office with a racist on the Democrat ticket without ever knowing it?  It was kind of fun watching Biden squirm as Harris dumped on him.

One can assume that all of the past racist charges against President Trump were not enough to get Democrats where they wanted to go with them, so Democrat candidates are now forced to viciously attack their own leading candidate for the nomination in order to position themselves as the top rated politician in the current campaign. Democrats have always found it easy to brand someone a racist hoping it would shut the person up and make them go away, but turning on old Joe with such a charge seems strange and extremely desperate.

The nasty mouths of Democrats don’t display them in a favorable light, but at least they are using their nastiness on other Democrats and are leaving President Trump alone for a change. As interested observers watch this casual name-calling by Democrats, more and more Americans will realize that Democrats are simply mean, unprincipled people, and this realization will harm them in the general election in 2020.