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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Friday, May 29, 2015

If Republicans Allow The Destruction Caused By Obamacare To Be Blamed On Them, Then They Are Idiots And Deserve The Blame

Obamacare was forced on Americans under cover of night with only Democrats voting for it, and they strutted like roosters in celebration of their taking over one-sixth of the U.S. economy and forcing every American to knuckle under to their leftist dream bills.  Repeat: No Republicans voted for this unread, lengthy piece of legislative crap!

But now that Obamacare is threatened, either because its provisions are failing or because the Supreme Court finds it to be unconstitutional, CNN, MSNBC and other leftist groups are suggesting that Republicans will suffer along with Democrats when it dies.
If Republicans allow any argument from the left to affix blame to them for a lack of insurance coverage or increased medical costs resulting from the ACA, then they’re fools and deserve the blame they will get.

Republicans voted one-hundred percent against the bill; they tried to repeal it or defund it; conservative radio, TV and print groups constantly argued against it and warned of the destructiveness of its provisions and alerted all who would listen of the destruction to America’s healthcare that would result from it.  So when leftists try to blame Republicans to cover their rear ends at the demise of the ACA, Republicans must shove the blame right back down the progressives’ throats.

Nancy Pelosi said we had to pass the bill to find out what’s in it, and after finding out how destructive the bill is and after living under its provisions for some years now, we all know it’s a socialist failure and that it will eventually consume the entire nation if it’s allowed to progress as Democrats want it to, and becomes a single-payer system under total government control.
Obamacare is a wholly-owned dream of the Democrats/progressives, and we must all write to our legislators and tell them to defend themselves with the truth about the ACA and its destruction when the deluge of blame comes from the revisionist Democrat leftists.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Hillary’s Positions Are Just Dumb And Economically Thoughtless, But Her Democrat Voters Don’t Object. Why?

Hillary, a woman who is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, argues that the rich have too much power and influence and that they must be brought into line by the federal government that she will administer as president, in order to gain economic justice for all citizens.  Why doesn’t this un-American, unconstitutional, hate-the-rich position of Hillary make her rich, influential,  liberal supporters afraid of the confiscation of personal wealth she seems to be in favor of?  Because they know that she is liar and will impose no such policy on her friends.  She just uses this argument to get votes from the traditional Democrat voters who depend on government for their housing, food, and cell phones, and who are jealous of everyone who has worked hard and accumulated some wealth through working and saving their money.  Under Hillary, rich Democrats who are paid by the government, work as liberal reporters or as actors in Hollywood will retain and probably gain more of the influence that she pretends to dislike.

In addition, Mrs. Clinton complains that the rich get too many benefits from their wealth and elite positions, which conflicts with the fact that she used her influence to obtain a six-figure job with NBC for her daughter, who had recently graduated from college.  Chelsea did nothing to deserve her elite, fake job, and did nothing to earn her fat income while she had the job. And just recently Chelsea bought a 10 million dollar penthouse in Manhattan, probably using the money she made from her fake job with NBC, and all because she has an influential, rich mother.  So Hillary’s supporters know she is a liar who will not reduce her own nor her rich pals’ influence and power in the real world if she is elected president.

Another of Hillary’s most idiotic and illogical appeals for votes is that she wants to restore trust in government, after she illegally ran emails from her own personal server as Secretary of State, then illegally erased the email data base of messages she didn’t want anyone to see, lied about the cause of the attack on our embassy in Benghazi which resulted in the deaths of four of her employees there, and lied about an airplane landing in Bosnia, supposedly made under sniper fire while she was first lady in the Clinton administration.  She’s not only a flaming liberal, she’s a liar and a law-breaker and must not be elected to the Oval office.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

When A Community Organizer Tries To Address Difficult International Issues Bad Things Can Happen, And We See Evidence Of Them Daily

It’s obvious to all who honestly observe current domestic policy and Obama’s executive actions, that liberals (Democrats in other words, and Obama in particular) have caused great harm to our nation, and particularly to America’s poorest citizens with its vote-getting handouts of goodies and welfare payments.  The third-world neighborhoods created by Democrats in the slums of the most prosperous nation in the world (America) is solely the responsibility of leftists in the Democrat party, and Obama, the experienced community organizer who is currently destroying America, has added greatly to the abuse of poor people through the imposition of Obamacare, Obamaphones and the frightening increase of welfare and unemployment.

But when our petulant, know-it-all president addresses international problems we see not just abuse and poverty, but also death, rape and slavery as the result of his liberal decisions.  Because Obama removed all U.S. troops from Iraq and laughed at the ISIS uprising when it began, we now see the rape and enslavement of women, the murder of homosexuals, the arming of children who are forced to go into combat for ISIS and the wholesale elimination of Christians in Iraq, Syria and other middle east countries where ISIS is winning one battle after another, while Obama claims ISIS is on the decline and will soon be defeated.  But in spite of this disastrous series of events that threaten millions of people abroad and the entire population of America, which ISIS has promised to reduce to rubble, Obama thinks that the lie of climate change is the most serious challenge facing the nation today, and he spends more time making speeches about it than he does about defending this nation and working to help our allies defeat terrorism.

What streets in Miami and Manhattan are underwater due to climate change?  Which beaches in California and Hawaii are inundated by waves that weren’t there 50 years ago?  Certainly not the Hawaiian beach housing the Obama’s recently obtained mansion.  And when Obama is not lying about climate change and trying to control the lives of Americans and their use of gasoline and electricity with punitive EPA regulations and a new carbon tax, he’s blaming the police forces in one city after another for violent outbreaks and rioting, and threatens to nationalize the nation’s local police forces, while denying them weapons they need to defend themselves, and their cities’ citizens, against criminals.  Obama is making the world more vulnerable, both internationally and domestically, by his idiot executive rulings and non-policies, most of which are unconstitutional.  When will this man’s stupidity end and allow America to rebuild in his absence again to the great nation it was prior to his arrival?

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Philly Train Wreck Encourages Dems To “Let No Crisis Go To Waste”, Again

Right on schedule, literally minutes following the disastrous train wreck in Philadelphia, the filthy Democrats/progressives/liberals that are ruling and destroying our nation are claiming that we have not spent enough money on “infrastructure” and that the accident is the fault of the nasty Republicans with their sequestration and their stinginess and their disregard for the safety of American citizens.

We are to forget that the cause of the accident was that the train was traveling at twice the speed allowed on that section of the track, probably due to human error.  We are to forget that speed regulators have been ordered but that the Obama administration will not install them until the end of this year.  We are to forget that Amtrak was fully funded by Republicans and the money made available to the Obama administration.  We are to forget that Obama got his trillion-dollar stimulus to spend on “infrastructure” issues years ago, but instead spent the money on liberal job-saving, vote-getting, waste-time projects, and not on Amtrak speed regulating devices, nor on our decaying bridges and hi-ways.  We are to forget that the sole policy interests of Obama has for years been hating the police, criticizing Christians, defending Muslim murderers, changing his mind on homosexual marriage, releasing terrorists from GITMO, opening our borders for any illegal who wants to enter, and other endless, related liberal, anti-American projects his pals could think up, with no time left to consider Amtrak safety.

We must let our Republican legislators know that they must not buckle under to this illogical pressure from the lying Democrats and their attempts to politicize a tragic accident.  These evil progressives must be stopped from further undermining the prosperity and happiness and sense of community that has long prevailed in America.

Obama has been the president of the United States for the last 6 years, but it’s the Republicans who are to blame for all of the problems facing our suffering nation.  This illogic cannot continue much longer.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Obama And His Liberal Pals Bring Terrorism To America

If anyone ever wondered why Obama used his false executive powers to bring tens of thousands of illegal aliens into this country, and why he has placed hundreds of thousands of additional Americans on welfare during his presidency, just look at the rioters in Ferguson and Baltimore.  In this mass of violent people are a few who crossed our borders for the sole purpose of causing and participating in the troubles and disruption that Obama and Sharpton relish and need, and some of the remainder of the unemployed and needy that Obama’s administration has purposely caused make up the “occupy Wall street” crowd that seems to be taking over America.  The “occupy” gang now has full employment in its future attempting to tear America apart to serve Obama’s ends of “fundamentally transforming America”.

Aside from these intended disruptions to American life is the willful appeasement to tyranny that we have seen since Neville Chamberlain bought into Hitler’s lies and led Europe to World War II and the deaths and suffering of millions.  On both the macro level (Chamberlain) and the micro level (Baltimore) we can see the liberal tendency to allow, and in fact encourage, the most vile and destructive behavior in order to get the violence out of the systems of criminals and bring about temporary peace by handing out goodies that hard working Americans will have to pay for via taxes and a weaker economy.  The mayor of Baltimore even admitted that, in order to appease the “occupy” destroyers, she gave the rioters some buildings and other personal property to destroy.  Note that it wasn’t her property that was sacrificed and burned, so what did she care if a lifetime of building a business was destroyed in a few minutes because of her liberal/Democrat appeasement tendencies. But the permitting by the mayor of the destruction of someone else’s personal property did not satisfy the violent trouble-makers, it only whetted their appetites, and days more of trouble ensued.

The evil of Obama and his pals will be with us for a long time, and if the thousands of illegals he has allowed to invade America are given the power of the vote, our children’s futures will be dim at best.
Baltimore and Ferguson are the new face of terrorism in this great nation, so get used to it and you can thank Obama and the liberals for bringing it here.