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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Friday, May 21, 2021

A Gasoline Distribution Outage In An Anti-Oil, Pro-Electric-Vehicle Administration? What Am I Missing Here?

 Let me see if I have this right. In the last 40 years the political left in the United States has told us that gas-powered cars are causing the globe to heat up and we must get rid of them or the world is certainly doomed to over-heating and complete destruction. In reality it has only been three years ago that our political left advocates told us that we only have twelve years left to live (now only nine years are left of that original twelve years) until the earth heats up to a point where no life can be sustained on its surface. So with only nine years left to destruction, how unusually hot was the temperature in July of 2020? I remember it being about the same temperature as the previous fifty or so years, which is nothing for a logical person to worry about, and it‘s certainly not hot enough to make the oceans boil. But the warming lie is a subject to be discussed elsewhere.

In the 2020 presidential campaign the Democrats included a green new deal angle to their political appeal to America, which included phasing out all gasoline-powered vehicles in favor of electric vehicles. This appeal was not based on the public voluntarily buying electric vehicles and rejecting gas vehicles, it was a top-down, government edict intended to save the world from certain death by over-heating (which is not happening), caused by the evil internal combustion engine. Then the green candidate won the White House and immediately issued an executive order to shutdown the Keystone pipeline, which would soon help America become energy independent from the rest of the world. So it’s clear that the Biden administration was not trying to convince us of the need to switch to electric cars, he’s trying to force us to change to electric, against our will.

Following on the heels of this anti-America and anti-drilling administration taking office, in May of 2021, America experienced a major gasoline pipeline shutdown causing a severe gasoline outage for the eastern part of the United States. During this outage, Biden’s new Secretary of Energy, Jennifer Granholm, a major investor in electric vehicle charging station manufacturing stock, assured the nation  that the outage was an act of terrorism and would only be temporary, and she stated that gasoline would be flowing soon. But a week later the outage continues in many cities.

And on top of these developments, we learned that Michigan Governor, Gretchen Whitmer, has ordered the shutdown of another pipeline from Canada running under her state, so it appears that the Democrat party, the members of which hope to profit from expanding electric vehicle sales, is working against the energy welfare of America and is angling for more gasoline outages in order to convince Americans that their interests are best served by buying electric cars, which would be impossible for most citizens to do because of the outrageous costs of these vehicles, and because Americans are still financially reeling from the national covid shutdown which was implemented, at least in part, by policies and lies of the Democrat party.

What kind of fools does Biden’s party think Americans are? For years the anti-auto political left has been condemning oil and gasoline products and usage, and predicting that electric is the mode of the future for America, and then we get a far-left Democrat administration that has been advocating this idiocy, and all of a sudden the pipelines providing gasoline to the nation are being destroyed by “terrorists” and being shut down by Democrat governors, and we are to believe that the Colonial outage is just temporary and that the Biden administration will assure that such an outage never happens again? What a load of crap!

And this lie from the Biden administration follows a year-long series of lies about an “extremely deadly” covid virus that is over ninety-nine-percent survivable, but nevertheless required a shutdown of all businesses, the wearing of masks by every citizen, everywhere we go, and even the wearing of masks after we’ve been vaccinated, and we must keep our children out of schools and masked at home, for their own good. And then, voila!, all of a sudden we can remove our masks and our children can go back to school. This is obviously another load of crap from the lying Democrats, who have denied actual science related to covid from the very beginning of the pandemic.

The American public knows we are being lied to and manipulated by our rulers in Washington, and we resent it.

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Is America Still A Government “Of The People”, Or Have We Become A Government Of The Politicians?

 The tradition forever in America has been that our elected politicians made every attempt to keep the citizens who voted for them employed, healthy, wealthy, protected by the local police force and defended by our armed forces, and for this attention to the citizens’ welfare on the part of the politicians, the citizens would re-elect them every election time, and everyone was happy.

But in 2021 the rules and the roles changed to the detriment of the citizens. The Democrat party is raising taxes, causing the price of gasoline to increase significantly via a pipeline shutdown, opened our southern border to allow Central Americans to flow across without any resistance at all, for which the Central Americans will take American jobs, introduce diseases that we haven’t seen for years and commit numbers of crimes against Americans. And in addition, Democrats have caused untold misery and suffering for the citizens of this nation by defunding police forces everywhere they can, and leftist officials are releasing criminals onto our streets in record numbers, after which they commit new crimes.

No longer do Democrat politicians try to please Americans and see that no harm comes to them. It appears these politicians are actually intent on visiting harm on Americans, by allowing criminals to roam freely with little or no resistance. The reason for this new dictatorship from the top of the political structure is that Democrats think they have designed a method of voting by which they can fraudulently get their candidates elected, as happened in the 2020 presidential election, thereby not needing a satisfied voter base to vote for them, which allows them to rule as they want, and no one is allowed to speak to the contrary.

Masking happens to be a favored subject of irritation for many Americans, with contradicting orders being issued by the CDC, by Dr. Fauci, by Democrat governors, by Joey Biden and by the teachers’ union, all of whose masking orders have now been proven to be contrary to science and common sense, and was always contrary to the will of the people.

Joey Biden’s Secretary of Energy, supposedly a person who would work tirelessly to keep  gasoline flowing through the various pipelines and into consumers’ gas tanks, just oversaw the energy starvation of the east coast of the United States when a Colonial pipeline was hacked and the gasoline flow was interrupted. The good secretary seemed to brush off this energy interruption and smiled when she said the service would be restored soon, and still, several days later, many gas stations on the east coast are still without gas for their customers. 

Looking a little closer at the energy situation in the Biden administration, the Energy Secretary happens to hold millions of dollars in stock in a company that serves the electric car industry, so I doubt that her personal enrichment during the gasoline outage has caused her to become very upset by the inconvenience of citizens who can’t get gas for their cars, nor will she take any substantive steps to increase the drilling and distribution of oil in the U.S.. And considering that the last few years witnessed Democrat politicians arguing strongly for the elimination of cars with gasoline engines, and they’ve been doing everything they can do to force all of us to buy electric cars, even though we like our internal combustion engines, it’s no surprise that the image of risky gasoline has been promoted by the Biden administration. 

We know the justification for an all-electric nation are leftist predictions of warming/change which are nothing but a bunch of lies, put forth so the government can force the elimination of gas cars under the authority of emergency health and safety orders, just as they shutdown the nation and destroyed tens of thousands of businesses under the phony emergency orders of the covid lie.

The leftist government of Joey Biden is not serving the needs nor the will of American citizens, but they don’t care and they will not listen to any protests, because they are satisfied that they will be elected forever with rigged voting systems and millions of Central American immigrants swarming over our borders who will vote for Democrats once they are here and start getting goodies from government.

America is faced with a dictatorship from the political left, and we’d better wake up soon or the American dream will become a societal as well as a political nightmare

Sunday, May 16, 2021

It’s What Biden Has Learned From Covid Masking And The Colonial Pipeline Shutdown That Frightens Me.

 One might think that the government overkill of the Covid lockdown and the forced masking of the nation would have taught the Biden administration a lesson or two about lying about science and causing the entire nation to plunge into a near-depression in order to block Donald Trump‘s bid for re-election. But they haven’t learned a damned thing.

Allow me to rephrase that: they did learn a lesson, but it was the wrong lesson, and one that will hurt America for a long time to come. Biden and his band of radical leftists appeared to have had their hats handed to them when we learned that the radical teachers’ union actually wrote the political masking/spacing policy for the CDC, the policy that denied personal liberty for Americans and promoted the continued shutdown of schools for American children. But public knowledge of this embarrassing scandal didn’t impact nor slow down the Democrat politicization of healthcare for one minute.

One might also assume that Biden’s policy of pressuring people to get vaccinated and then telling them that they still needed to wear a useless mask, now admitted to be contrary to any scientific considerations, should have humiliated them, but it didn‘t. And how about the quick turnaround from forced masking to suddenly permitting the nation to remove our masks, a policy of actual science, that was kept from us by the Biden administration for over a month while we wore the uncomfortable and idiotic masks.

But instead of learning the logical lesson of allowing citizens to be free to decide for themselves whether or not they would mask-up, and whether or not to attend gatherings that might cause people to stand close together, they actually learned that politicians can lie and generate fear across the nation, and wring their hands about the false value of wearing a mask, and you can bet your butt they’ll lie again in the near future when another opportunity comes along to frighten us and make us cower in our homes, while the government pushes unscientific lies down our throats and cancels the constitution and all of our rights under it.

Leftists know nothing about being caught lying and looking like the fools they are. They only understand power, control and order-giving, and all they want is to win, at any cost.

On the subject of the Colonial pipeline shutdown, there’s not a chance in hell that the Biden administration feels bad about the misery and fear this event caused for millions of Americans as they went without gasoline. Democrats have told us for years that they are going to take away our gasoline-powered cars and force us to drive electric cars, or drive nothing at all. Per their line of bull, it’s the destruction of the planet they are trying to prevent here, don’t you understand? And since Biden’s new Secretary of Energy is Jennifer Granholm, who has invested millions of dollars in an electric car-related company and stands to profit from the Colonial outage, you can bet that they are overjoyed and laughing at the shortage of gasoline that caused so much misery, worry and inconvenience for Americans in May of 2021. And this sort of thing is assured to happen again soon, because the green new deal, which Democrats have already begun implementing, depends on making Americans doubt  that we can continue to drive our gasoline-powered cars. 

And if you doubt that we’ll have more fuel emergencies with Biden in office, just recall that the first executive order he issued in January of 2021was the killing of the Keystone pipeline, with another pipeline from Canada now on the chopping block under an order from the Democrat governor of Michigan. So the only thing Biden is worried about is forcing Americans to switch to electric cars ASAP, and that means less gasoline fuel for our basic transportation needs as far as the eye can see, as restrictions are placed on pipelines, petroleum refining, and the driving and operating of gas-powered cars, and as the green new deal strangles carbon usage and the government destroys another industry.

And just wait until more people begin driving electric cars and we start having electric brown-outs and black-outs, like California has each summer. At least with gas-powered cars we can still travel during a brown-out to buy food and additional gasoline, but with electric cars we’ll be stuck at home or at some remote place when the lights go out, and then the game is over. And one must recall that the CEOs of Tesla and Toyota have warned us that America doesn’t have enough electricity generating capacity from our existing power plants (most of which are coal- or gas-powered, by the way, which the green new deal has promised to eliminate completely) to support a large increase in the number of electric cars being charged every day. So Biden and his hate-America pals are going to destroy our lives any way they can, with one or all of their leftist projects.

Democrats wish Americans only ill, and they’ll teach us how to be good followers when we are buried under their useless masks and environmental regulations that will leave us sweating all summer and freezing all winter, and with no transportation to get us away from the misery. Welcome to the 21st Century, brought to you by the Democrat party.

Friday, May 14, 2021

Why Would Anyone Call A Desire To Breathe Freely, An Act Of Privilege?

 I recently saw a video of an unmasked woman standing in a check-out line at her grocery store, being screamed at and verbally abused by a masked man who said that she was demonstrating “privilege” and a lack of concern for other people by not wearing a mask when out in public.

My major concern for the masked man who was berating the woman, is that this sort of person seems to be so frightened by a non-masked face that they may become violent and physically attack any person who is not wearing a mask. We’ve had annual viruses for decades, and annual vaccinations to ward off each annual disease, but we’ve never had wide-spread masking as a tool in fighting the annual cold and flu season, and we’ve never had people become unhinged at the site of an unmasked person.

So what is the reason for this current societal fear of a disease that is less than one-percent fatal to those few people who contract it (the normal annual flu kills 30,000 to 80,000 people a year and no one takes any particular interest in this number of annual deaths) and why does the covid disease tie our nation in knots of worry and concern for a very survivable illness? And, most important of all, why do masked people feel free to abuse non-masked people? This last question is easy to answer: because Democrats, mainly Joey Biden and his leftist party, have made citizens who don’t believe in masks the culprits in the politics of health he is conducting, and in politics it‘s fair game to attack your opponents any time and in any way you can, in order to win, at all costs..

The most likely reason for the total immersion and fear of this disease is the involvement of government and the insane alarms government officials have raised about it. It’s been clear to everyone for some time that the reason no particular alarm was raised for annual virus seasons for the last 15 years, but suddenly attracted so much attention for the covid variant in 2020, was that Donald Trump was running for re-election in 2020, and big, leftist government could not pass up any attempt to foul his re-election chances, so they jumped on the covid tool with both feet.

Americans have become such cowards and have been so frightened by the constant warnings of the CDC about masking, double masking, vaccinating, then wearing a mask even after being vaccinated, then warning about the non-existent danger of wearing a mask out of doors, then keeping distance from other people near-by, and then vaccinating their children, even though this idea is against medial advice and may be a bad policy, that we’ve become a nation of fools.

But back to the masked man who was calling the unmasked women “privileged“. One wonders exactly what is privileged about wanting to breathe freely and move about without the constant irritant of a useless mask. The woman was not insisting that other people go without a mask, she was acting alone and without any desire to sway anyone to her way of thinking and acting. But the man, who was verbally attacking her, was demonstrating privilege by angrily insisting that all people behave as he was behaving, and wear a mask. Our nation is falling apart under the influence of such fools as the masked man, and the government that is responsible for the masked man‘s attitude.

I have just one question that should be put to this man to demonstrate how idiotic and unscientific he was behaving: If your mask really protects you from covid infection, then how can the woman not wearing a mask harm you in any way? Is it because of the fact that you were forced to have to suffer wearing a mask, so then everyone has to suffer along with you, which only a stupid person would propose. Or do you not really believe that the mask protects you, in which case you’re a fool for wearing one and for not carry on with your life as the mask-free woman was, and as you’ve done during the previous cold and flu seasons we’ve experienced for at least the last decade or more.

America should get ready for our government telling us of variants of the covid each and every year for the rest of our lives, because with this covid evidence that our nation can be brought to a subservient halt by government edict, we could all be forced to wear the absolutely useless and porous masks again in the future. Government leftists will do exactly that, and those of us who insist on living freely without masking will have hard times in the future, especially under the completely unhinged Biden administration and its insistence that we citizens obey the government’s every unscientific or unconstitutional edict, and its insistence that everyone be vaccinated, and then wear a mask, and even a double mask, after being vaccinated.

America is being ruled by totally stupid, dictatorial, anti-science people who demand obedience and praise for their every announcement. And our constitution cannot protect us from such people, because dictators cannot be stopped and will not obey any rules of decency or legality, except their belief that government cures all ills and makes no mistakes when they lie about things they don’t understand. Democrats want to make those traditionally non-political things political, or even criminal, in order to get obedience, and they will refer to “compassion” and “science” as their guiding light and justification for their every rule and order.

Those fools who insist that everyone must wear a mask are the privileged ones, and the woman the masked man was yelling at, have become the objects of the privileged class’s anger and frustration. And the next under-class of people to be yelled at, abused and denied constitutional rights, are the people who personally desire to NOT be vaccinated, but are healthy and active because they’ve achieved herd immunity on their own. These people will be made to suffer for their lack of privilege.

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Who’s A Threat To America? Joey Biden Is A Threat To America.

 Peace between Israel and the Arabs in the Middle East broke out under Trump,

But Israel is now under a missile attack from Palestinians under Biden.

Vaccines were developed quickly under Trump,

The government requires all Americans to get vaccinated, under Biden.

We saw an expanding employment rate under Trump,

But we now have a slowed employment rate under Biden.

Pleasure/vacation  travel expanded under Trump,

But now there’s no gasoline for vacations under Biden.

There was little or no inflation under Trump,

Now we have sky-rocketing inflation under Biden.

Vaccines were developed under Trump,

But masks are still required, even after being vaccinated, under Biden.

Free speech was preserved under Trump,

But now pronoun Nazis attack anyone and everyone who misspeaks under Biden.

American fuel independence was achieved under Trump,

Gas shortages and long gas lines are here under Biden.

A tamed and quiet Iran existed under Trump,

But we see resumed nuclear development and threats from Iran under Biden.

A safe and controlled southern border was created under Trump,

A massively dangerous and disastrous border now exists, under Biden.

Quick responses and sound, clear, thinking were common from Trump,

Slow, muddled, demented responses and thinking are common from a masked Biden.

A quiet North Korea was achieved under Trump,

A renewed threat and acting-up has begun from North Korea under Biden.

Nationally disastrous green new deal proposals were denied under Trump,

Green new deal impositions are being forced on America by Biden.

Plenty of gasoline was available under Trump,

Long gas lines, as long as the lines we saw under Jimmy Carter, are back, under Biden.

The word “infrastructure” was clearly understood under Trump,

But “Infrastructure” means whatever the hell the radical left wants it to mean, as the Dems seek to spend and waste more tax money, under Biden.

Yesterday Biden was pushing electric cars on America,

Today there is no gas for American gasoline automobiles under Biden.

Fake-news cages for children on the border were alleged under Trump,

Real cages and long retention periods of young immigrants exist under Biden.

A political frame-up, prosecution and harassment were directed at Trump and his supporters,

Hunter and Joey still have not been punished for political profits and influence they benefited from, under the Biden DOJ.

Israel has been attacked and Israelis killed by Palestinian missiles under the Biden administration, 

But Biden is silent, and no retaliation has been seen from the Biden White House.

America’s constitution assures citizens equality under the law to seek and fulfill their own individual happiness,

But under the Biden administration, Democrats demand “equity“, so they can get handouts and free stuff, rather than “equality” to achieve their goals.

Biden’s Socialistic green new deal is being imposed on America, not by laws passed by Congress, but by massive numbers of executive orders, administrative staff regulations and illegal activities in the Biden White House. This fool man we call president must be opposed at all costs and by all legislators, Republicans and patriotic Democrats alike, or our nation is doomed.

Sunday, May 9, 2021

The Biden Chronicles: Part 2, In Which The Fool Finalizes Obama’s Fundamental Transformation Of America

 Being a life-long believer that Capitalism serves humanity better than all other attempts to run the economy of a nation, I always scoffed at the Marx/Engels idea of the inevitability of the demise of Capitalism. But in 2021, with the advent of the Biden administration, we are witnessing the fruition of the Marx/Engels prediction, with the final phase of the Barack Obama effort to Fundamentally Transform America.

The odd thing is that Capitalism is not being crushed by the uprising and growing hate of the masses making up the American middle class as Marx predicted. Rather, the Communist Party of China is proving it is better at Capitalism than America is, and the Communists are using the Biden administration, along with America’s largest corporations, to hasten the downfall of the American economy. So some select Capitalist corporations in America are serving the ends of the Communists at the expense of American citizens, at the urging of Joey Biden and his band of anti-American leftists. Thanks, Joey.

The evidence of this happening is that our largest corporations and our leftist news media are helping the Chinese Communists, who remain in power by using slave labor, imprisonment and torture to subdue their subjects, and too many U.S. corporations are serving the Chinese government with the tools to keep the citizens of China subjugated while complaining about the a new voter law in the state of Georgia.

Big Baseball, Big Basket Ball, Delta Airlines, Coca Cola, AT&T and other large corporations are actually attacking duly passed state and federal laws in the United States, in an attempt to gain favor with the Biden regime, as Democrats assume more political power and control over the nation. Recently  major corporations in the state of Georgia attacked legislation enacted by the Georgia legislature, and these corporations asserted, just as the Democrat party wishes them to assert, that the voting laws were unfair to black voters, while many other U.S. states had existing laws on the books that are more restrictive in many respects than the Georgia laws that are being criticized. And Georgia’s voting laws are not nearly as restrictive as the blatant slavery practiced in China, and our corporations are not opposing any national practice of China, because China offers such a large market for American corporations to function in and make profit from, at the expense of their American customers, and the unfortunate citizens of China.

America’s big tech companies are leading the way to America’s demise and giving in to China by providing high-tech applications to the Chinese that will allow them to spy on and punish their citizens for using the internet or their iphones in a way that China’s leaders don’t approve of, kind of like the canceling of our own citizens when we tweet things that big-tech doesn’t approved of, and as when President Trump wrote truthful things that did not meet the approval of our lying, leftist press. These malpractices halt a free exchange of ideas and discussions and only hurt our nation while silencing true and honest expressions, and only the conservative side of the aisle is silenced.

News reports that were of public interest prior to the 2020 election, that may have harmed Biden in his campaign for the presidency, were eliminated from social media, where many unfortunate and uninformed people get their news. And CNN and other leftist “news”  outlets also voluntarily blocked the Hunter Biden scandal and failed to report about the riots that burned American cities from Seattle to Baltimore all summer long last year.

News contrary to what the government wants us to know about, like the covid lies, the constant leftist rioting, the rapidly increasingly murder rate in big, Democrat-run cities, the continued persecution of Donald Trump and his supporters, just goes away and is unnoticed as though they never happened.

It appears that fascism and Communism are indeed taking over our traditional Capitalist society, but not at all in the way Marx and Engels predicted. With the open border policy of Biden and the massive waves and caravans containing tens of thousands of Central Americans swarming across Mexico headed for the United States at Joey’s invitation, apparently because our big corporations want a supply of cheap labor in order to make greater profits. And with that greater supply of untrained and uneducated labor, thereby harming the employment options of current low-wage American citizens and threatening the prosperity and stability of our society, the nation suffers.

And don’t forget the corruption that led to the extended societal lockdown caused by covid, and the forced wearing of useless facial masks. And probably the most corrupt thing the Biden administration has done was to allow the corrupt teacher’s union, who refused to allow in-class teaching in 2020 and 2021, to write the alleged “scientific” justification and rules for the CDC that permitted the teachers to remain out of classrooms and demanding higher pay for the better part of two years. These corrupt, unscientific practices harmed American children’s health and futures, as the Democrats and the teachers waltzed together to the anguished pleas of out-of-work citizens and out-of-school children. This was destructive political corruption of the worst kind, and was proof of the demented politics of America’s Democrat party.

So, given that Biden has re-initiated Obama’s Fundamental Transformation of America, what gives these fool leftists the right to destroy my nation and its constitution for their own dictatorial purposes? The liberty-choking boot that the far left Democrat party has on America’s throat could very well end our personal freedoms and our nation’s prosperity forever, unless we unite to fight this evil that confronts us.