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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Sunday, May 16, 2021

It’s What Biden Has Learned From Covid Masking And The Colonial Pipeline Shutdown That Frightens Me.

 One might think that the government overkill of the Covid lockdown and the forced masking of the nation would have taught the Biden administration a lesson or two about lying about science and causing the entire nation to plunge into a near-depression in order to block Donald Trump‘s bid for re-election. But they haven’t learned a damned thing.

Allow me to rephrase that: they did learn a lesson, but it was the wrong lesson, and one that will hurt America for a long time to come. Biden and his band of radical leftists appeared to have had their hats handed to them when we learned that the radical teachers’ union actually wrote the political masking/spacing policy for the CDC, the policy that denied personal liberty for Americans and promoted the continued shutdown of schools for American children. But public knowledge of this embarrassing scandal didn’t impact nor slow down the Democrat politicization of healthcare for one minute.

One might also assume that Biden’s policy of pressuring people to get vaccinated and then telling them that they still needed to wear a useless mask, now admitted to be contrary to any scientific considerations, should have humiliated them, but it didn‘t. And how about the quick turnaround from forced masking to suddenly permitting the nation to remove our masks, a policy of actual science, that was kept from us by the Biden administration for over a month while we wore the uncomfortable and idiotic masks.

But instead of learning the logical lesson of allowing citizens to be free to decide for themselves whether or not they would mask-up, and whether or not to attend gatherings that might cause people to stand close together, they actually learned that politicians can lie and generate fear across the nation, and wring their hands about the false value of wearing a mask, and you can bet your butt they’ll lie again in the near future when another opportunity comes along to frighten us and make us cower in our homes, while the government pushes unscientific lies down our throats and cancels the constitution and all of our rights under it.

Leftists know nothing about being caught lying and looking like the fools they are. They only understand power, control and order-giving, and all they want is to win, at any cost.

On the subject of the Colonial pipeline shutdown, there’s not a chance in hell that the Biden administration feels bad about the misery and fear this event caused for millions of Americans as they went without gasoline. Democrats have told us for years that they are going to take away our gasoline-powered cars and force us to drive electric cars, or drive nothing at all. Per their line of bull, it’s the destruction of the planet they are trying to prevent here, don’t you understand? And since Biden’s new Secretary of Energy is Jennifer Granholm, who has invested millions of dollars in an electric car-related company and stands to profit from the Colonial outage, you can bet that they are overjoyed and laughing at the shortage of gasoline that caused so much misery, worry and inconvenience for Americans in May of 2021. And this sort of thing is assured to happen again soon, because the green new deal, which Democrats have already begun implementing, depends on making Americans doubt  that we can continue to drive our gasoline-powered cars. 

And if you doubt that we’ll have more fuel emergencies with Biden in office, just recall that the first executive order he issued in January of 2021was the killing of the Keystone pipeline, with another pipeline from Canada now on the chopping block under an order from the Democrat governor of Michigan. So the only thing Biden is worried about is forcing Americans to switch to electric cars ASAP, and that means less gasoline fuel for our basic transportation needs as far as the eye can see, as restrictions are placed on pipelines, petroleum refining, and the driving and operating of gas-powered cars, and as the green new deal strangles carbon usage and the government destroys another industry.

And just wait until more people begin driving electric cars and we start having electric brown-outs and black-outs, like California has each summer. At least with gas-powered cars we can still travel during a brown-out to buy food and additional gasoline, but with electric cars we’ll be stuck at home or at some remote place when the lights go out, and then the game is over. And one must recall that the CEOs of Tesla and Toyota have warned us that America doesn’t have enough electricity generating capacity from our existing power plants (most of which are coal- or gas-powered, by the way, which the green new deal has promised to eliminate completely) to support a large increase in the number of electric cars being charged every day. So Biden and his hate-America pals are going to destroy our lives any way they can, with one or all of their leftist projects.

Democrats wish Americans only ill, and they’ll teach us how to be good followers when we are buried under their useless masks and environmental regulations that will leave us sweating all summer and freezing all winter, and with no transportation to get us away from the misery. Welcome to the 21st Century, brought to you by the Democrat party.