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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Friday, April 29, 2022

How Absolutely Appropriate: The Biden Administration Creates A Board Called “Disinformation”

 Anyone who has read the Ray Bradbury novel Fahrenheit 451 knows the story, easily applied to today’s Democrat party with its lies and deceit, in which the fire department established by the government becomes the group that sets fires to the property of political opponents, instead of extinguishing those fires. And, as nearly everyone knows by now, the Biden administration just established a new federal board that seems to be tracking on the Bradbury book about government overreach and hypocrisy, by calling this group of leftist politicians the Disinformation Governance Board. So the group that lied everyday about the alleged danger of covid and withheld some common, life-saving drugs from the public while awaiting the development of a vaccination that didn’t work, but was nevertheless mandated for every American, is now going to pass judgment on American citizens as to what is the truth and what is a lie, as expressed in our daily interfaces and news reports. Not only is this a Fahrenheit 451-related entity, it’s also has a Big Government Is Watching tie-in from George Orwell’s book 1984.

So guess what this new bureau of disinformation will do to America. The name of the Bradbury book title refers to the temperature at which the printed paper in books will ignite and be consumed by this new fire department described in his book, and the new Biden government board of “Disinformation” is the social temperature at which our society will ignite and be destroyed by an unconstitutional, intrusive, dictatorial government that denies the freedom of speech all Americans depend on.

So now a leftist group of Democrats, which name (Democrat) is itself the label of misinformation and disinformation, that was responsible for the lie of Trump-Russia collusion; the lie of Hunter’s laptop being a Russian plant; the lie of the southern border being safe and secure; the lie that the Steele Dossier is real; the lie that the covid vaccine prevents contraction of the disease; the lie of warming/change being an existential threat; the lie that masks will protect against the spread of covid; and now this group of lying thugs establishes a bureau called “disinformation”.

Are Democrats so completely brain dead that they can’t see the danger of their Communist/Fascist ideas and plans, and can they not see the destruction they are doing to American society? On the other hand, the destruction they are doing to America is an indicator of their power, and they don’t give a damn what happens, as long as they are the rulers at the end.

And what a coincidence that the new government disinformation board goes live after the Democrats lost the Twitter platform that has been silencing conservatives for years. It just proves that Democrats have multiple avenues to domination of the citizens of the United States, and they never stop trying to rule like fascists.

And then to top off the display of total incompetence on the part of the Biden administration, they appoint a person, Nina Jankowski, who has done nothing but lie and spread disinformation about a variety of political topics that have happened in America the last several years, to head the department of disinformation. At least they’ve named a tried and true subject-matter-expert to head this well-named group.

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

April 25, 2022: The Day The Democrats’ Whole World Reversed Polarity

 On April 24, 2022, a billionaire owning Twitter was acceptable to Democrats. On April 25th a billionaire owning Twitter was the end of democracy in America, per the Democrat party.

On April 24th the rejection of a conservative political voice on Twitter was just doing business as usual, nothing to see here. On April 25th the assured free expression of all parties on Twitter was the end of free speech in America, per Democrats.

On April 24th the Democrats had the ability to keep conservative ideas and anti-American news reports from being expressed on Twitter. On April 25th Democrats were told that all ideas, from both the left and right, would be available for airing to Americans, and Democrats exploded in anger.

On April 24th Hunter Biden’s crimes were ignored on Twitter, as they had been ignored leading up to the presidential election in 2020. On April 25th Hunter’s laptop was once again fair game as free speech returned to Twitter, to the Democrats’ everlasting chagrin.

On April 24th Democrats fought against any regulation that could open up Twitter to new ideas and more conservative thought.  On April 25th Democrats were pushing for legislative, governmental control over Twitter to put restrictions on free speech via that platform, now that Elon Musk owned it.

Elon Musk must be a force of nature, because on April 25, 2022 he reversed the polarity of the far-left Democrats’ entire world and made them gasp for air, now that their real anti-American and unconstitutional policies were exposed for all the world to see.

Democrats are now having to explain some of their former policies, from spiking any news favorable to Trump in the 2020 election; to allowing a flat-out-invasion of illegal immigrants to explode on our southern border; to Biden’s explicit condemnation of the alleged horseback whippings of immigrants on the Rio Grande river, which an investigation soon proved to be a lie from old Joey; to the drowning of a National Guard hero as he tried to save drug smugglers from drowning on the border, to which tragic death no recognition was expressed by the Biden administration; to causing the skyrocketing of violent crime across America via the Democrats’ hateful and much repeated Defund The Police rhetoric these last three years; to the federal government promising to give way all sorts of goodies to American citizens and non-citizens alike, thereby causing inflation to cast a pawl over America; to Joey’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan; to Biden‘s idiotic green plans for the future of America, which have caused great pain and suffering on the part of all Americans as gas prices escalate.

Democrats are melting down now that all of their big plans to Socialize America are being dashed to bits in the failing administration of Joey Biden and the fool, Kamala Harris, and all I can say is good riddance.

Monday, April 25, 2022

Woke Leftists Use Corporations To Further Their Political Ends

 About thirty years ago I first heard a manager of a corporation speak of serving “stakeholders” in addition to customers and stockholders of the company. It was an interesting concept and seemed to make sense at the time. Most corporations do indeed serve the larger community with their services or products, so this seemed like a good point.

But wokeness has come along and polluted everything it’s touched in our society, including the “stakeholder” thing. That’s how Major League Baseball, AT&T and Delta Airlines got wrapped up in protesting the voting rights bill issued by the legislature of the state of Georgia some months ago, when they caused a major baseball game to relocate outside of Georgia, with a loss of revenue for the good citizens of Atlanta, because the companies took up for the side of Georgia Democrats and made a big fuss about something that was not AT&T’s nor Delta’s business. But they pretended to be outraged by the lie of some of their “stakeholders” being hurt by the Georgia legislation.

So a corporation can no longer take pride in simply providing jobs for employees, making a good product or service for customers and a profit for the investors. They must also consider the third tier of people who exist outside their realm of direct influence: the stakeholder. Democrat politicians and rabble-rousers don’t care a whit about profits, unless they think the profits are too high to be woke-worthy, and in fact they think that making a profit at all is a bad thing, and they now insist that corporations, like Disney and it’s attempted denial of parents’ rights to be in charge of their children’s futures and education, must be in line with far-left, radical policy as defined by the radical group of fools who have the time and money to protest for the cameras and make selfies to post on Twitter and You Tube to support their ridiculous ideas.

Some teachers in Florida were recently seen marching and shouting “don’t say gay” when the Florida legislation about parental rights they were protesting said not a word about being “gay”, nor even about the subject of “gayness”. They were simply Democrat leftists who saw the Florida governor and legislature denying them the things they wanted, so they threw a public fit, with the foolish Disney management backing them up.

But we’ve very recently seen push-back from employees and stockholders against big companies who were engaging in politics, warning the CEO and the Board members to stick with the business of the company and stop dabbling in politics. Even the enormous famousness and wealth of Elon Musk wasn’t enough to convince the Twitter board to sell him the company’s stock at a profit for stockholders, until Musk reminded them of their fiduciary duty to make a profit for those who hold stock. And Governor Ron Desantis issued a similar warning to the Twitter board based on the large chunk of stock that the state of Florida holds for the retirees of the Sunshine State, and if the Twitter people do not decide to accept Musk’s offer of a significant profit, he would sue them.

It’s about time for decent Americans to take back their country from the idiot rabble that has caught public attention recently.

Then today (4-25-22) WHAM!!, we learn that Musk owns Twitter! No we await information as to how corrupt Twitter was under radical, leftist ownership and its algorithms and codes and suspension of customers who were conservative.

Elon Musk has begun the butt-kicking of leftist Democrats that we’ve all dreamed of, and we must all join him to reject woke-ism in all its forms. The tide has finally turned to sweep away far-left radicalism from our great nation.

Sunday, April 24, 2022

Biden Is Not Governing With “The Consent Of The Governed”, He’s Ruling And Mandating Against “The Will Of The People”

 As all of the job approval ratings have shown lately, Americans don’t like you, Joey Biden, nor your dog, nor your wife, nor your druggie son. We especially don’t like your mandates, your open borders, your inflation and your spending. We don’t like the stuttering and stammering you always bring with you when you speak. We don’t like the fact that you always make policy decisions that are contrary to the American constitution and to common sense, and then you plow ahead with these bad ideas in place and persecute the American public with your stupid ideas, seemingly without end.

We resent the hell out of your attitude of ruling a free American citizenry and your constant mandating how we live and behave.

We’re weary of having to witness your mental decline, which offends Americans and insults our nation when paraded in front of the entire world.

We’re tired of your woke, far-left staff of over-Ivy-League-college-educated stooges issuing orders and mandates, while you drool in your apple sauce and mashed potatoes and pretend to be important in the role of a big shot president.

You’re too steeply declined in cognitive functioning, and too stupid to begin with, to realize how utterly ridiculous you look issuing orders that are nearly always rescinded or completely redone by your woke staff, and being forced, by an aide in an Easter bunny suit, to stop talking to citizens in a crowd because your mind doesn’t function well enough to know when you are making a fool of yourself.

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Joey Biden Has Blinked On The Subject Of Banning Oil Drilling

 While he was a presidential candidate, Joey Biden promised that he would bury and terminate the oil and gas industry and halt their production of the black gold that makes America, and the rest of the modern world, function.

But reality finally caught up with Joey and his far-left ideas, when he killed the Keystone pipeline and took off of the table, large chunks of government land formerly identified to be drilled by oil companies. And after pretending to “try every tool at his disposal” to halt rising gas prices and the inflation that accompanied it, and only making the situation worse for all Americans, his administration finally did the one thing that could enable Americans to be able to afford to drive to work each day: he opened up oil fields for drilling again. Of course this announcement doesn’t keep the Biden EPA from imposing regulations and administrative rulings that will delay the drilling and pumping of oil, but it proves that Joey’s crumbling approval ratings have forced him to face the real world that his green foolishness had allowed him to ignore for the first year of his struggling administration.

Joey also stated on many occasions that he is a Capitalist, but part of his latest deal of opening oil fields on government land to drilling is a claim for money up-front, in the form of royalties that will cause Americans who have invested in oil company stocks to lose dividends from their investments. In other words, Joey is using the heavy hand of big government to take money and profits from American citizens, and that is not being a Capitalist, as Joey pretends to be, but is harming his fellow citizens who actually are good Capitalists.

But with this announcement, Joey will undoubtedly puff himself up, stick out his chest and claim to be a hero for this latest, and likely too late, desperate effort to halt sky rocketing inflation, after he made the useless withdrawal of millions of barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserves (which could hurt and restrict future military needs for fuel to fight battles and respond to attacks on America that Joey’s weak, idiot presidency has invited) and it’s likely that his latest limited effort will also not work to lower gas prices, because we’ve seen how much the Biden administration despises oil drilling and the free movement of Americans in their own nation, and we know that he’ll revert to kind after this incident has passed and will resume his attack on oil revenues and oil production, via new regulations on the one thing Americans cannot live without: energy.

One hears Democrats criticizing oil companies for making a profit, and often stating that these profits are price-gouging their customers, when actually it’s government and its excessive taxes on gas and oil that are causing inflated prices to have to be paid by Americans for gas that was affordable under the Trump administration, because the government has absolutely no role to play in the discovery, drilling, refining and distribution of gas and oil, but they take money off the top of every gallon of gas sold to American citizens and deprive corporate investors of profits they could otherwise make, and all persons who drive an automobile have to spend more money for a gallon of gasoline, just because of the greed of big, leftist government.

One will easily recall the former green revolution sainthood of Elon Musk as he developed and sold his Tesla, all-electric car, a product that enabled Joey and the radical, far-left, environmental greenies to insist on eliminating the gasoline-powered cars that the vast number of Americans drive every day for pleasure and to get to work, which includes the trucks that provide us with our food and all other goods that Americans use each day.

But as soon as Musk made an attempt to get control of Twitter and its ability to silence all conservative opposition to Joe Biden’s radical plans for America on that platform, he became the devil incarnate and is now the subject of powerful attacks on him and his investments, and is proof of the political left‘s vicious behavior when they don‘t get their way in all things political.

In America today, if you cross the leftist Democrats they will “cancel” you and make certain that you are never heard from again, and that’s exactly what they’re trying to do to Musk, because he upset their apple cart of control over thought and speech in America, and that is unforgivable to all dictators, even if they call themselves patriotic Democrats. 

Sunday, April 17, 2022

Shaking, Rattling And Rolling International, Radical Leftists

 Here are two examples of international leftists, which are usually led by American Democrat leftists, demonstrating how their plans are being upset by current events at a time when they thought they would be ruling the roost and not suffering from their own exploding, anti-American policies:

1)  Elon Musk buys Twitter, the company that trashed the American constitution by denying free expressions of thoughts and comments on current events, and even banned the president of the United States from posting comments, while allowing the Mullahs in terrorist Iran to post all of the “Kill America” comments they wanted, and the political left goes completely nuts protesting the fact that a billionaire, Mr. Musk, would rule the content and posting rules of the Twitter platform, in spite of the fact that Jack Dorsey, also a billionaire, currently runs the platform and denies conservative Americans the ability to post comments on it, and the far left sees nothing to worry about with that denial of constitutional rights. 

2) Vladimir Putin launches a war against Ukraine, and after a month of vicious fighting the advantage seems to have shifted to the Ukraine military, which has destroyed many of Russia’s tanks and recently sank a major Russian battleship in the Black Sea, and has withstood the withering Russian army attacks, which were largely horrendous attacks on civilian populations. So now, with a badly beaten Russian army, the world may no longer have to fear how strong the Russian forces appear to be, but will be willing take a stand against Putin and call his bluff if he tries to throw his weight around in the future, because with an army that is currently tied down and fighting for its life in Ukraine, there’s not much fighting old Vlad can do in other parts of the world with his attention directed at little Ukraine, with no relief in sight.

The American left and the Russian Communists are losing their wars on the idea of Western Freedoms and free speech, and they are learning that the freedoms represented by America will not be denied to people who actively defend themselves and our constitution.

Friday, April 15, 2022

Democrats Believe That Political Success Is All About “Messaging”

 In the current state of American politics, Democrats have been so successful with their lies about Trump’s collusion, about all Republicans being racists, about the southern border being secure and safe for Americans, about the coast-to-coast riots of 2020 being “mostly” peaceful, that when they have an aging, losing dud in the White House, like weeping Joey Biden, they think that they can keep themselves above the waterline by lying about everything negative that’s happening in the country, which lying they call “messaging”.

But Biden’s favorability ratings with American citizens are in the tank and sinking further each day, as Americans suffer with a border invasion, with increasing costs of gasoline, with run-away inflation, with fear of a food shortage, with the knowledge that our president is a bumbling fool who doesn’t know what day it is, with predictions of another lockdown for whatever “emergency” the idiot Biden wants to proclaim, and all of these Biden-caused things are obvious to all who have eyes. So the phony hype that Democrats have always depended on to get them through difficult times is no longer functioning, and Joey’s advisors and supporters are out of ideas as to what to do to revive the sinking Biden ratings. Even CNN has stopped making lame excuses about the disaster the woke Biden administration has been, so the people’s dislike of Joey is probably even more disastrous than the average citizen knows.

Success in any job depends on getting things done for the boss, not a bunch of lying messages or images of Democrat wokeness pretending to be real accomplishments in an increasingly dangerous world. Biden has dropped the ball on everything that has occurred during his time in the White House, with the possible exception of his practice of using blatant racism with his celebrated appointments of inexperienced minorities into positions where they can push their radical agenda to change the course of America and steer this ship of state to the far, ultra-radical left.

But the boss in this case is the American people, and they are not buying the lying, leftist “messages” of a successful Biden administration they have been offered by CNN and the other leftist reporting wings of the Democrat party and its apologists. In November America must dump all of the Democrats on the ballot who have furthered Biden’s policies and begin a correction to the course America is setting.

Monday, April 11, 2022

The More Democrats Are Rotated In-And-Out Of Elected Political Positions, The More Their Bad Policies Remain The Same

 Americans, and especially New York City citizens, thought that getting rid of the absolute fool they had for mayor, in the form of Bill de Blasio, would allow them to resume life as free, unmandated and unchained American citizens. But the new mayor, Eric Adams, has proven that Democrats in elected positions will never stop being tyrants and bullies, so getting rid of Democrat politicians completely is the only answer.

After being pleased that a man, Eric Adams, who had himself been a police officer, had been elected mayor of NYC last November, I became sadly reluctant to believe that the leftist hold on New Yorkers was lessening when I heard Mayor Adams state clearly, in a rather lengthy diatribe on the subject of nutrition which including meat in a person’s daily diet, that he intended to convince New Yorkers to become vegans during his term in office. 

Mayor Adams, as the leader of the nation’s greatest city, was facing an escalating crime rate; homelessness; high taxes; a police force that was retiring or resigning at an alarming rate; citizens screaming, illogically, to both fix the crime rate and defund the police; hundreds of millions of dollars had evaporated during the de Blasio administration, a crime that needed to be punished; and the new mayor could take time from these serious societal matters to address and lecture citizens on their diet? Maybe New York City would be better off with the idiot de Blasio back again.

And then Mayor Adams made the decision to allow unvaccinated, multi-millionaire celebrities to perform in New York City while firing hundreds of low-level, average income city employees because they would not get the worthless Wuhan vaccine, which we now know is not an actual vaccine but is rather a before-the-fact therapeutic that is applied in advance of contracting the disease it was designed and advertised to prevent.

Damn Democrats, their dictatorial tendencies and their refusal to just do the job that serves and protects citizens, as they were elected to do, and not try to become Super Heroes by mandating every aspect of our lives. 

The next four years will be a long period of suffering for the citizens of New York as they wait for the opportunity to get rid of this current bad apple running their city. And the next three years will be a long and threatening time for all of America, as we try to get rid of the Biden crime family while avoiding the Harris fool-idiot who will constitutionally replace Joey, and the octogenarian who is currently the leader of the House, who should replace Harris if she should be removed from office for sheer idiocy.

When will the political stupidity end? Or, expressed in a more matter-of-fact way: when will  voters stop casting ballots as though the Democrat party was still the formerly great party of Truman, Stevenson and JFK, and stop voting for the anti-American candidates like Obama, Pelosi and Biden?

Monday, April 4, 2022

Disney Used To Be The Source Of Fantasy And Fun, Now It’s Becoming Famous for Indoctrination, Wokeness And Abuse

 The confounding thing about the Disney corporation going for leftist causes and allowing its executives to “queer” children and take radical positions describing explicit sexual contacts, viewing sex acts with children as participants, and even going so far as to trying to persuade children to get sex changes, was that they determined these things to be acceptable in their theme park dedicated to children.

It hasn’t been that long ago that corporations dedicated themselves to serving their employees and customers. But now too many corporations are taking political positions about everything. AT&T and Delta Airlines, among many other major companies, publicly opposed a voting rights bill that passed in the Georgia legislature a few months ago, and made a big political deal out of their position of opposing the legislation, with Major League Baseball even relocating one of their major games scheduled to be played in the city of Atlanta. Businesses traditionally paid attention to their corporate bottom line and left legislation to the city, state and federal legislators, but now corporations are becoming political, and guess which side of the political aisle they’re siding with: radical Democrats, every time. 

It’s the Democrat party that wants to cancel and remove individuals from their jobs or destroy their personal reputations based on their positions on local and national events. But for a corporation, it’s exclusively the leftist Democrats that will destroy a company that doesn’t toe the radical leftist party line by using regulations, various procedures involving safety, cleanliness, taxes, and lawsuits for imagined racism and sexism. Withholding government contracts against a company that is not playing by the leftist songbook is a proven way to bring a wayward company back into the leftist, Democrat party‘s good graces. And the old trick of “cancelling” a corporate executive who refuses to remain separated from leftist politics and just wants to run a good, prosperous business, is a good way to make him or her think right again.

The official name of this leftist punishment and the re-ordering of corporate America based on the political behavior of the company, was set forth by the World Economic Forum (WEF) in a book called The Great Reset, whereby government intrudes in the lives of Americans, and issues an Environmental, Social and Governance index (ESG Index) which generates a behavior score for companies, just like China has a social index for its citizens which keeps them in line with the official government position on everything. This same evil social indexing tool in America allows the Biden government to grant or withhold favors and rights from companies, depending on whether or not the companies have obeyed the Biden administration on policies and practices. If the index shows that the corporation has not been sufficiently subservient to the far-left Biden edicts or mandates, then the corporation will suffer under the many tools at government’s disposal to cause them harm.

So it’s possible that Disney is just playing the Democrats’ anti-American, corrupt game of seeking favor from Washington by hiring and promoting woke, gay and trans groups, hoping to keep their corporate ESG index score sufficiently high so that they can continue to operate as a theme park. But parents are justifiably up in arms because the latest Disney moves threaten their children’s enjoyment, health and even their futures.

And the idiots in the corrupt Biden administration are doing the same dangerous thing to the United States armed forces, by promoting men who dress like women instead of sincere young people who want to actually risk their lives in serve to their country, and hiring men who wear earrings and lipstick instead of strong men who want to kill our national enemies and keep America free. The military is not a place you want to tamper with the defense of the nation, but that’s exactly what the fool Biden is doing.

There is nothing proper, and definitely nothing constitutional, about big government getting in the business of private companies or private individuals and using the incredible power of government to keep its subjects in political alignment with the ruler’s policies. America must rise up and let our legislators know they are displeased with these new and unconstitutional practices. The social media giants’ policies of keeping Donald Trump and the New York Post from tweeting because Trump and the Post are not leftist hacks is abhorrent to patriotic Americans, yet big tech allows the Iranian terrorist leaders to tweet and spread their lies with no restrictions, which is complete idiocy, and it must stop.

If you run a business, are you sufficiently serving the radical-left, woke policies of the Biden administration to be able to stay in business when they generate your company’s ESG index?

And as an individual, is your social index sufficient to keep you in good standing with the leftist ruler in Washington?

This idiot crap must be put to an end, immediately!

Saturday, April 2, 2022

We Used To Call Them Cute, Disney Cartoon Characters, Now We Call Them Perverts And Criminals

 Who in the world, and in their right mind, would destroy the generations-old reputation of Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck? The answer to that question is: the same woke, radical-leftist people who would falsely charge Donald Trump with colluding with Russia; impeach him twice; charge him with insurrection in the January 6th Capitol building invasion; and force the first family to retreat to the secure room in the basement of the White House, while ANTIFA attacked and burned buildings adjacent to the White House and attacked and injured police officers in the streets outside the White House. And these are also the same people who insist that everyone buy an electric car, or give up driving altogether, in order to protect the world from the very obvious lie of warming/change.

These people are the ones who have been repeatedly calling Americans racist, while the Biden administration is hiring minorities in great numbers, nearly all of whom are graduates of Harvard or Yale (but did you, as an American racist, get to attend Harvard or Yale on full scholarship?) to work in the White House. They are radical left, big government socialists who will not be content until they have impoverished American citizens via confiscatory taxes or impossibly high gasoline costs, for the sin of living free and becoming prosperous, while the Socialist/Communist world has remained poor and miserable, because their governments will not allow Capitalism and freedom to exist in their totalitarian nations. The huddled masses in Africa and India are poor, so America, with its constitution and its prosperity, are all racists.

One fears that the Disney Mouse and Duck will not have long to live once leftist radicals have had time to bring them out-of-the-closet as being gay, and in need of a sex-change, in order to bring them up to woke-speed with the Democrat party. Soon we can expect gay and trans characters to be presented by Disney that will become the new stars of the Magic Kingdom, and we know this because one the executives of the Disney corporation has been bragging about the top corporate executives allowing her to repeatedly “queer” kids, which was a pleasant experience for her.

One of the objections of traditional Americans to gays being accepted as equal citizens to straight people, was fear that the gay/trans groups would try to gain access to our children, and now it appears that that’s exactly what the Disney corporation is seeking to do: get children exposed to pornographic materials, discuss in detail with children, aspects of homosexual sex, and deprive children of an innocent childhood, like Mickey and Donald have always presented to generations of innocent children. And then these perverts can talk to children about changing their sex, without the knowledge of parents, causing young children to become confused and frightened, and their young lives will be changed, medically or chemically, forever. If these things are allowed to continue, either at the Disney complex or in our local schools, the nation will really go to hell, with a confused, corrupted generation of young people taking leadership roles in our nation’s public dealings.

The voters in Virginia voted down these types of practices in their schools, and Florida’s governor, Ron DeSantis, is fighting the Disney perverts in order to stop these fools from pushing their criminal, abusive agenda any further.

Everyone should be outraged at what the political left, urged on by the Democrat party, CNN, MSNBC and the usual cast of anti-American suspects, are doing to this once great and prosperous nation, and we must all speak out against what the Democrat party is doing to us and our children.

Friday, April 1, 2022

Disney Versus American Parents, Not A Good Place To Be For An Entertainment Business

 Gays and Trans, by definition, have no “natural” children, so how can Disney push an agenda of allowing the innocent children of other people to be burdened with the details of sex, sexual perversion and gender choice of children too young to even know what those terms mean?

The radical gay-lesbian movement threatens public rejection of the advancements and societal acceptance they’ve made in America, because now it’s plain to all who have eyes to see that, at least the Disney gays, are indeed after the children of America, period. Disney executives are destroying that corporations’ unique and valuable place in our nation by pushing an anti-parental-rights agenda. Walt would be horrified if he knew. Children have no concept of sex and must be left alone to grow up without having perverse ideas thrown at them each day at school, or at play in a theme park.

If an adult wants to change his/her gender, no one objects, although there have been many adults who have undergone such a change, via operations or chemicals, and have regretted it the remainder of their lives. But the Disney people want to force this horrific and anti-nature practice on innocent children. This sort of intrusion on a child’s unreal and protected life must be more frightening to them than Dracula or Frankenstein stories.

Ron DeSantis is becoming an American hero as he stands up to these freaks who want to damage children before they can have any informed input on what’s happening to them. DeSantis is supporting parental rights and keeping leftists, gay or otherwise, from abusing children.

The idiocy and untruth of the “don’t say gay” initiative is a movement that will backfire on the radical, political left, and it’s their own fault because they insist on politicizing everything, instead of enjoying the societal gains they’ve made in America and living their private lives like mature people.

The gay/trans movement is a “look at me and see how cool I am” movement in which the participants get pleasure by showing children pictures of themselves having relations with their “partners”, preferably showing themselves having sex with others of their kind.

Has everyone in this once great nation gone completely insane? With Disney messing around with “gender theory” (gender is no “theory“, it’s the reason we have young people being born to replace old people) and a Disney executive bragging about the corporate leaders allowing her to promote queerness among kids, I believe these fools should be imprisoned for child abuse. But they certainly are not in the entertainment business when they go out of their way to present inappropriate adult subjects to children and try to persuade them of things that their parents object to.