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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Trump-Hate Is Putting Democrats In A Disastrous Political Position Going Forward

In his book “The Unheavenly City” Edward Banfield concluded that the reason criminals commit crimes, and all too often, continue to commit crimes repeatedly, is that those individuals are unable to foresee the punishment that awaits them following the commission of the crime; they are unable help themselves and apply critical thinking when tempted, they just go with the flow.

Democrats currently holding office in Washington are in the same position as Banfield’s common criminals because, in their hate and confusion, they are attacking Donald Trump and his unprecedented actions and initiatives to protect Americans, and, as Banfield stated, Democrats are unable to see the blame and contempt that will fall on them from every corner of our nation when the next terrorist attack takes American lives. And the blame will rest with Democrats for obstructing the Trump moves, which were voted for by a majority of Americans in the last presidential election, and which are needed to protect our nation from the filth residing beyond our borders.

Why can’t the fool Democrats, and the clownish Senate leader, Chuck Schumer, not recognize that the American people voted for Trump in reaction to eight years of Obama, during which nothing was done to protect America from terrorist attacks, and we’re fed up with it and demand change.

But here come the leftist Democrats opposing Trump for doing things that the American people want accomplished and voted in favor of, and in their self-righteousness Democrats are working in contradiction to the will of the American people.

The formerly politically astute Democrat Party was just skinned alive by the upstart Donald Trump because the American people approved his message and disapproved the same old crap (high taxes, unconstitutional healthcare grab, open borders, dangerous agreement with Iran, insults to England, abuse of Israel, ignoring red lines in the sand, begging Putin for more cooperation) from Hillary and Obama. But along comes the totally confused and clueless Democrats directly opposing the will of the American people.

The deluge of blame and criticism that will rain down on Democrats following the next attack on America will bury these fools forever, but they are too stupid to see what’s coming their way, just as they could not see the political threat of Donald Trump until it was way too late. And the liberal, mainstream press and its never-ending attack on Donald Trump and their fake, lying “news”, will suffer right along with the Democrats.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Trump Responds To Terror Threats Before Anyone Dies, And Libs Protest.

The enemies of America, many of whom are American citizens who vote the Democrat Party line, are beside themselves with President Trump’s decision to halt immigration from certain majority-Muslim nations based on the threats those nations pose to America. This new order by our president is a very sensible thing to do, given that the FBI says there are ISIS camps in all 50 states and we need to prevent even more enemies of America from entering our nation.

Here’s my question to the always-hate-Trump crowd: Would it be responsible for a president to respond slowly to an imminent attack on America, or should he move quickly and decisively to pre-emptively halt any possible attack and protect American lives? It seems to me that the latter approach provides better protection against a terrorist attack than the former, and that’s what President Trump is proposing with his executive order.

Barack Obama was a slow responder to terrorist threats, and Orlando and San Bernardo were the result of his inability to recognize the threats and move decisively to stop or prevent them. Obama was also content to “contain” ISIS, which clever policy didn’t keep them from spreading and polluting the entire world with their murdering ways. 

Donald Trump, on the other hand, is a responsible president and is dedicated to the proposition that we keep suspect individuals out of our nation until such time as we can properly vet them, because there is no current possibility of properly vetting anyone from Syria if there is no government in Syria with whom to vet.

Donald Trump promised to perform extreme vetting of people from the Middle East and now he’s keeping his campaign promise, and I respect him more each day for keeping his word and for taking the flack of the leftist radicals who cannot appreciate the good thing our new president is doing for the nation.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

California Threatens To Stop Payments Of Funds To Washington; Trump Quaking In His Boots

According to a recent article attributed to San Francisco CBS station, KPIX, the liberal Democrat leadership in California is planning to go Donald Trump one better if he follows up on his threat (one hopes it’s a promise and not just a threat) to withhold federal money from the law-breaking states which have sanctuary cities coddling and protecting illegal alien criminals and breaking federal law.

The article informs us that California is “studying ways to suspend financial transfers to Washington” if President Trump follows through on his campaign promise and withholds federal money from the law-breaking sanctuary cities.

California is already going broke and is pimping for any tax dollars it can coax from its already over-taxed citizens, and then pretends that it doesn’t really need the millions of dollars it gets from Uncle Sugar? Just wait until the highly taxed citizens of California catch on to the Democrat leaders’ scheme and themselves try the logic of not paying Sacramento the taxes it demands of private citizens. This scheme to oppose President Trump as he tries to get control of America’s immigration problem may explode in their faces.

And what about the states and cities that do not participate in the sanctuary scheme and are paying money owed to the federal government as they should? Most states smaller than California who have relatively smaller geographical size and fewer citizens, continue to pay proportionately more in taxes to Washington than do the larger states, and to let the needy, highly indebted or just plain broke, states such as California, Illinois and New York avoid the same taxes other states pay, just because they are practicing illegal immigration policy, is just plain nuts. The lesser states who are behaving legally are already paying higher per-capita taxes/money transfers to Washington in order to support the larger states who have more people, more welfare and much higher indebtedness than their smaller counterpart states. The reason states like California and other sanctuary states are having financial troubles is a package deal of behaving illegally, practicing socialism and being run by Democrats.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Lie Of Global Warming Gets More Convoluted All The Time

California has a record-breaking drought, of course caused by global warming, and then suddenly the situation reverses and California is having record-setting rains and flooding, once again attributed to global warming. Leftist Democrats want you to forget that California has always had severely alternating drought and rain, usually on a seasonal basis, with the most recent drought lasting much longer than its seasonally allotted duration. But the interesting thing is that global warming was to blame for the drought, and now is blamed for the rain. As the old joke’s punch line goes: “How do it know”?

One might well pose that same question to America’s leftists and elitists: How does the god of global warming know, at any given time, whether to cause drought or rain, and never anything in between; good weather is never blamed on global warming. To warming fans it’s either feast or famine.

Too many Americans bought the global warming lie of the last 20 years and didn’t realize that there were anti-warming positions to be taken, because our leftist government had spoken and the poorly read and occasionally thoughtless population of America bought the lie and failed to question it further. But with the presidency of Donald Trump, and the way he’s rewriting how government functions and what government does (or does not do) people are beginning to realize that they’ve been lied to and taken for a ride by the warmers, and national opinion is changing because the disasters predicted by Ted Danson and Al Gore and the international calamities promised by Paul Ehrlich have not come to fruition, and people realize they’ve been lied to by their former leftist rulers.

We’ll see how this experiment in fooling all the people all the time that leftists have been trying to do for years, pays out with the plain-speaking Donald Trump ripping traditional liberal thinking and acting to shred and replace the lies and unconstitutional behavior of the Obama administration with sensible thought and behavior. And it’s fun watching the Democrats riot and curse and pull their hair out because the once firm status of Obama’s lying, liberal government is being dismantled and the truth and the constitution are once again being followed by an American administration.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Obama’s “Finger In The Eye” Manner of Governance

Say what you will about Obama being a radical and hating America, all of which is true, by the way, but one can still not fail to make the observation that Barack Obama just likes to stick his finger in the eye of “the man”, which for eight years was the entire citizen population of the United States.

It goes without saying that the beneficiaries of Obama’s actions were always leftist groups interested in gaining control over blocks of Americans based on the identity politics that the left so loves. But some of the idiotic stuff Obama did was little more than just sticking his finger in the eye of the constitution and reversing the established ways that Americans do things.

The LGBT restroom thing was of course done to show the left that he loves them, but it was really done just to aggravate decent Democrat and Republican citizens across the nation and get people riled up at this finger-in-the-eye from our leftist president, because it did not accomplish much else.

But a more serious action that Obama took unnecessarily at the very end of his term in office, along with allowing the United Nations to condemn Israel for building homes for its citizens in its own country, was to give Israel’s sworn enemy, the terrorist-related Palestinian Authority, $221 million dollars just hours before leaving office. What a waste of tax-payer money, and what a waste of effort when Obama could have done something good for a change, because he could have chosen to end his term in office with dignity and on a high moral ground. But Obama had to descend to the gutter and take one more knock-out swing at our only ally in the Middle East, and take one more sucker punch at America.

It’s as though Obama is just a child doing little things to aggravate his parents, but many of the things he’s done, such as the nuke agreement with Iran, can lead to the deaths and suffering of millions of people. But Obama is such a small person that he gets great pleasure out of just poking and irritating, because he had just been completely humiliated with the vote of non-confidence when his intended successor, Hillary Clinton, was soundly defeated by Donald Trump on November 8th, and he just could not resist jabbing America one more time with a closing chapter in his promise to “fundamentally transform America” by giving a dedicated terrorist organization more killing money.

Thankfully America has a president in Donald Trump who has the energy, the integrity and the intellectual honesty and capacity to hurriedly reverse the anti-American policies and actions of Barack Obama. And getting a president with this high quality, after eight years of the trash and filth we formerly had in the White House, is, indeed, proof that there is a God in heaven.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Democrats Lost The Election, Now Rage Against Trump With Domestic Terrorism

With threats like “blow up the White House” and actions like setting fires and breaking windows of businesses, the Democrats are taking to the streets following their loss in the latest presidential election, and they’re thumbing their noses at the citizens who voted against them in a typical Occupy maneuver taken from nineteen-sixties radicals, who are now close pals and confidants of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, who killed police officers and bombed banks and generally made their era an angry and violent time.

The leftist radicals are at it again, and all because a man who promised to Make America Great Again replaced a man who swore to “fundamentally transform America”. It’s true that the campaign promises and slogans of Obama and Trump were clever and got attention, but the reality was that Barack Obama really did try to destroy America with his unconstitutional orders and actions, like his takeover of healthcare and his flood on job-killing EPA regulations. So unless one agrees with these impoverishing and unconstitutional things that Obama did (and therein lies the problem, the current-day radicals did and still do agree with Obama and all of his destruction) it seems sensible that a well-meaning person would prefer to Make America Great Again rather than burn buildings. But unfortunately the burners and bombers have taken over the Democrat party.

Even the people we think of as part of the Democrat establishment, like for example, Chuck Schumer of New York, whom we would assume wants a functioning government in line with the citizens’ choice from the latest presidential election, has become a radical and is blocking Donald Trump’s cabinet selections, and his obstruction has a negative impact on the security of the American populace.

I don’t believe the descriptive term “Domestic Terrorists” is too harsh to use to describe the likes of Schumer and Madonna who are encouraging the disruption of peoples’ lives and destroying their property.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Lesson For A Slow-Learning President: Rule By Edict, Die By Edict

When a president rules by edict and intimidation and by-passes the constitutionally provided legislature, especially when that legislature is the cowardly bunch of Republicans we had in our nation’s capital during the Obama years, who allowed their fear of being called nasty names by Democrats and the press to silence them and offer no opposition to Obama’s dictatorial rule as he trashed the constitution, it means that his policies are put in place, often with constitutionally questionable means, just as he wants them to be. But it also means that as soon as the president is gone his policies can be blown away as easily and quickly as they were established. Additionally, when a president rules by edict you can bet that the laws he establishes are not appropriately thought through and are not vetted sufficiently to have any lasting value and meaning with the citizens that the laws were imposed on.

At the close of his administration, Barack Obama attempted to explain, and even seemed to wish he could take back, some of his unconstitutional actions, and he even used words that suggested his fear that his Obamacare (which was never discussed in public and was passed hurriedly by a Democrat-majority legislature without even being completely written nor read by those doing the voting) was going to be repealed as soon as Donald Trump took office. And it appears he was right about the repeal. Obama’s error was that in his complete self-absorption and self-centeredness, he assumed his policies would reign forever with the inevitable Hillary Clinton administration to follow his own eight years. But Hillary proved to be less inevitable than the arrogant Democrats thought, so Obama’s reign ended in a puff of smoke as his pen-and-phone administration headed out of Washington, with Donald Trump’s inaugural tongue-lashing of a speech echoing in their heads.

Big-shot Obama can consider it a lesson learned, though belatedly, and Republicans will neither make law the way Obama did nor repeal laws that way; Republicans will be deliberate and will include Democrats in all discussions prior to voting on the measure. Obama is just the latest in a series of rulers, throughout time and all over the world, always on the left, who rule by the fist and allow no real opposition as they move forward with their repressive and destructive agenda. Leftists must always be suspected of dealing dishonestly when it comes to the subject of power.

And on the subject of lawless, destructive power, the radical left has taken the election they lost to the streets and are, in their idiotic violence and their rejection of the vote of the majority of Americans, further alienating decent Americans from their radical cause as they attempt to fulfill Obama’s pledge to “fundamentally transform America”. During Obama’s term of office he made great strides to fully implement his anti-American “transformation” pledge, and now his paid rabble are destroying private and public property to extend the damage Obama did. But it ain’t gonna work! Americans oppose the destruction of the last eight years, and the more the Occupy crowd acts up, the more decent Americans will deny them legitimacy.

Friday, January 20, 2017

The Donald Trump Administration, And Symbolism From Above

A cold, cloudy day of gloom ushered in a bright and shining future for America as Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States, and the symbolism provided by nature could not have been more prescient.

As the Obama administration fades into history, our nation has a future that is no longer limited to what the government will allow us to do, and not dictated by what the government orders us to do, but returns the nation to a state more closely aligned with the Constitution and the liberties promised under it to American citizens, and the controls and limitations the Constitution places on government.

Trump’s acceptance speech was to the point, harsh, plain-spoken and just what we needed to hear from the man who plans to return the nation, after an eight-year gap in which the former president tried to “fundamentally transform America”, to greatness. One prays that he will move swiftly and immediately, to undo the entire Obama “Legacy”, from Obamacare to the Iran nuke deal, to close our borders down immediately and completely, and shut down the EPA by withholding funds from that leftist, anti-American, radical organization.

After eight years of a badly divided, highly unemployed and much less wealthy America, trying to function under the abusive and anti-American Obama administration, the symbolism of the dark and failed Obama administration being swept out on a wave of anti-Obama sentiment by the voters, is significant.

But a second opinion of the cloudy day symbolism was given by Franklin Graham following a prayer he gave at the end of the event: he said that the Bible often considers rain, which began falling just as Trump stepped to the podium to give his speech, to be a sign from God’s blessing. So either way, the Trump administration is off to a good, honest start.

Trump’s Inaugural Speech Was Not About Him, It Was About Liberty And About America’s Future

One thing I listened closely for in Donald Trump’s inaugural speech was the words “I” and “me”, and I believe that there were two times that the word “I” was used and zero times the word “me” was used. This lack of a personal pronoun referring to himself is significant because we’ve gotten used to hearing Obama refer to himself dozens of times in every speech he gives. Obama loves to regale us with how smart he is, and how hard he’s worked for Americans, and how much influence he has with world leaders and how much they all love him, and how he’s created so many millions of good-paying jobs in his tenure as president, and how he’s stalled Iran in their attempt to develop a nuclear weapon, and how he’s cut the cost of healthcare for all Americans and assured health protection for twenty million Americans who formerly did not have health insurance, all of which are lies, but that never stopped Obama from claiming credit for them anyway.

But Donald Trump’s inaugural speech specifically used words like “we” and “the American people” when referring to his policies, which is exactly what we want to hear after eight years of Obama designing more government programs to serve his agenda and to make government bigger, and to make the American citizens more dependent on establishment bureaucrats.

Trump was also clear that he believes government is too large and too self-serving and must be made smaller, thereby granting American citizens more liberty to live their lives. The speech was perfect in content and length, and I’m personally excited about the future of America with our new leader.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Forget Hollywood Blacklists, Now It’s Hollywood Death Threat Lists

One recalls the 1950s and the Hollywood blacklists that kept actors, who leaned toward Russia and Communism, from being employed in their acting careers, and oh how the leftists squealed about that. But now Hollywood believes that threatening death to Trump entertainers is a less serious threat than the 1950s blacklists? Is that the thinking of these clowns?

At present, we have a role reversal with our liberal Democrat friends, based solely on a political expediency: now, after a period of time in which Barack Obama dealt secretly with Russia’s Vladimir Putin, and was at one point caught on tape begging Putin to give him more time to be re-elected to his second term as president so he could be more accommodating with his pal the Russian dictator, we see liberal Democrats pretending to be fearful of Russia and are calling Russia a great threat to America (the exact opposite opinion from what Obama had in 2012 when he scolded Mitt Romney for saying that Russia is our biggest enemy) and we discover that Democrats, who originally abhorred the Hollywood blacklisting of enemies of America and who loved and sympathized with Communism and Communists, are now threatening death to anyone in Hollywood who supports Donald Trump or who volunteers to perform at his inauguration celebration parties, because they now fear Putin’s Russia. Do I have that correct?

Democrats are a bunch of sick people and it’s becoming impossible to follow their likes and fears as regards enemies of America, but the one entity that Hollywood will never sway from hating, year after year and election after election, is patriotic, American, Conservatives and Republicans, and right now Donald Trump is the greatest threat to the Democrats’ continued political existence. So now, logically, they have sworn to kill anyone, even a member of their own Hollywood entertainment group, who sings to him or otherwise consorts with him as he becomes our next president.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

To Democrats, Liberty and National Unity Are Threats (From Blacklists To Death Threats)

During Hillary’s presidential campaign we learned that her supporters, at her specific command, used threats and violence to try to intimidate Trump supporters, and in at least one case they fire-bombed a Trump campaign office in North Carolina.

But Hillary lost the presidential race to Trump and the Democrats in turn lost their minds, then decided to update the intimidation practices with death threats against any entertainer who had the nerve to agree to perform at a Trump inaugural celebration.

It is impossible to believe the tone deafness of Democrats, who were soundly and surprisingly defeated in the latest election, not only because they had a bad candidate, but also because Americans viewed the party of Clinton/Obama as being corrupt and they wanted a change, and did not want four more years of the ultra-leftist Obama policies that Hillary represented.

And now that we hear of  a vast number of  Democrat death threats against entertainers who just want to join in the celebration of a new president, the American public once again sees the corrupt, violent, Democrat Party that they just voted out of office, and the inability of the Democrats to understand the public outrage for their un-American behavior shows that they learned nothing from the most recent election losses and will continue to lose into the future as they barge ahead with the same old Nazi tactics.

Sadly, even the Democrat’s black “intellectuals” like Marc Lamont Hill are practicing racism by calling any black who supports Donald Trump a “mediocre negro” and consider those blacks who have their own independent opinions to be traitors to the struggle. Regardless of race or gender, if you don’t support the establishment Democrat cause from A to Z, you become the enemy and are either cast out or threatened with death. It’s what Democrats are and it’s how they behave.

To demonstrate just how out-of-touch Democrats are, old squinty-eyed Joe Biden recently gave a speech in which he decried the decline of traditional liberal thinking and decency in the word, as though his and Obama’s own administration weren’t in power the last eight years and didn’t encourage and cause the current status of war and terrorism and anti-American attitude around the world. And it’s finally encouraging, although a little too late to do any good, to hear Biden blame Russia’s Putin for much of the world’s troubles, because five years ago it was Barack Obama who was secretly pleading with his buddy Vladimir Putin to give a him a little more time to get re-elected so he could be more flexible and accommodating in his dealings with the Russian dictator.

As the Obama administration flies off to Palm Springs and retirement I say good riddance to very bad people. Now it’s time to let Donald Trump get our nation back on course once again.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Americans Finally Have A Non-“Racist” President

It’s refreshing to finally learn that Americans have elected a president who will not hold his tongue, nor his tweet, when attacked by a minority politician. Keeping in mind the absolute truth that to attack someone based on race, or to not attack or respond to someone based on race, are both racist acts, which has been the policy of establishment Republican politicians for years: let a black politician like Barack Obama propose and do the most outrageous things, and disobey the constitution, but don’t criticize him for these malicious actions out of fear of being called racists. But Donald Trump is a true non-racist person, and he responds to political criticism honestly whenever, and from whomever, it comes.

So recently John Lewis, a black, liberal Democrat member of the House of Representatives from Georgia’s fifth district for 29 years, made a statement on NBC in which he called Trump an illegitimate president because he believes that “hacking by Russians had helped Trump…get elected in November”. Someone had better advise Mr. Lewis that Hillary won the popular vote, so it appears that the actual outcome of any alleged hacking by Russia favored Hillary Clinton and not Donald Trump, who won only the more important electoral vote.

John Lewis, and most liberal Democrats, whether black or white, have for years, with justification, complained about the plight of black Americans who suffer a life of higher unemployment rates, higher than average murder rates, lower earned income rates, live in more dangerous neighborhoods and other conditions that the average American does not have to endure, but these liberal politicians have no explanation as to how this disparity exists after they have spent decades in Congress approving more welfare money each year, supporting the horrible American education system and it’s leftist, politically correct curriculum, supporting public schools and denying vouchers for minority students to attend the much better private schools, and doing nothing to prevent the high murder rates of black-on-black crimes.

Then along comes a non-politician who has promised to improve the conditions of our poorest citizens along with the conditions of our poorest and most dangerous cities, and all the likes of Mr. Lewis can do is bring up the untrue, but much repeated, Russian hacking issue and call Donald Trump an “illegitimate” president.

After years of effort and the expenditure of trillions of dollars, liberal Democrat politicians should be taking credit for completely eliminating poverty and homelessness in America. But what has actually been accomplished by the expenditure of trillions of dollars spent on this effort? Nothing! Because Democrats need the constant underclass to vote for them, and to whom politicians can dole out more cash and free cellphones and pretend to be helping, when the welfare state just feeds on itself and creates more and more poor people.

I firmly believe that Donald Trump and his insistence on fighting crime, providing more jobs and improving the living conditions in poor communities, rather than handing out more money in those communities, which only further traps poor people to a life of welfare instead of working for a living, will improve the lives of all Americans, especially the poorest among us. And that’s what frightens the professional class of politicians, like Mr. Lewis. They fear Trump’s success and the weening of the poverty class off of handouts and onto the roles of working Americans who no longer need the goodies that are used by liberal politicians to tempt them into voting for Democrats election after election, as they get poorer and poorer.

But to return to the intended subject of this piece as written in the title, after Mr. Lewis made the statement about Trump being “illegitimate”, Trump fired back with “All talk, talk, talk-no action or results. Sad!”  And it is sad that all of this nation’s efforts so far have neither eliminated nor even reduced the poverty level in the wealthiest nation in the world.

It’s so frustrating to know that the solution to poverty and high crime rates is known and has been proposed by Donald Trump, and still the liberal Democrats try to frighten their poorest and most dependent constituents into protesting the very programs that could set them free of dependence on government handouts and make them proudly financially independent of government, and in many cases, they could retire from a lifetime job as wealthy people. But this will never happen if poor people continue to listen to Democrats and reject reformists like Donald Trump.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Obama’s Cuba Policy Only Serves The Castros

Obama makes a big deal out of opening up relations with Cuba and everyone thinks, assumes and hopes that he’s concerned with the plight of the Cuban population who are virtually, and all too often literally, imprisoned in Castro’s paradise.

However, when one reflects back to the beginning of the opening of relations with the Cuban government, I don’t specifically recall an incident where Obama made a big point of freeing Cubans and assuring them of their God-given civil rights and his intention that they would soon be voting for the people who run Cuba and who run their lives. But I do recall his drinking an iced beverage with Raoul Castro while watching a baseball game in Havana, and that’s about as involved and concerned as Obama got with the virtual imprisonment and enslavement of the citizens of Cuba.

When you consider the mental posturing of Obama, you have to come to the conclusion that Obama only opened trade with Cuba to show off for his less wealthy but more successful authoritarian competitors in this game of dictatorial rule (the Castro brothers were the winners in this competition for dominance over a nation of subjects when compared with Obama, because although Obama disobeys the constitution hourly and breaks US laws every day, he still can’t lock up his political enemies without some semblance of due process, as Raoul Castro can do) in an effort to keep them under his control and begging him for money to help relieve the constant impoverishment of a once vibrant, modern and wealthy island nation.

But the real test of the slight-of-hand that Obama likes to play, is that his recent claim that he will deport any Cuban who comes illegally to the United States, is belied by the fact that Obama is not at present deporting anyone who comes into the United States, especially if they enter illegally. So if no one is being vetted, detained or questioned at the border, how can anyone be discovered as being Cuban and be deported? And wouldn’t deporting only Cubans among the infinity of nationalities currently passing freely into America, be discriminating against Cubans?

A little deeper thinking will bring up yet another idiocy of Obama’s newly installed Cuban non-policy specifically, and any of Obama’s decisions in general: Wouldn’t deporting only Cubans not only undermine Obama’s reputation for favoring Hispanic persons who enter America freely and illegally seeking a better life for themselves and their families, but would it not also be halting and deporting individuals based on their country of origin?  I pose this question because Obama is firmly on record for criticizing Donald Trump for wanting to keep Syrians and other radical Muslims out of the United States based solely on one identifying aspect of their lives, which in the case of radical Muslims would be their religion, like, for example, when the lying, two-faced Barack Obama first became president and forbade Iraqi refugees from entering the country based solely on their nation of origin.

So at least one can summarize Obama by not only reminding friends and family that if Obama is talking, he’s lying, but also include the information that if Obama is talking, he’s also speaking out of both sides of his mouth.

Friday, January 13, 2017

I Know Why Dems Don’t Want Rex Tillerson In The SecState Job

Liberals hate big oil and they hate private corporations who strive to make the hated profits that have made this the most wealthy and comfortable nation in the world. And most significantly, liberals know that corporations and corporate leaders are held to an infinitely higher standard of conduct, behavior and accomplish than are government employees. Private company CEOs are easier to punish than any government official (that’s why Bill and Hillary are still walking around polluting the air with their very existence and enjoying freedom instead of a prison cell). Therefore, liberals are reluctant to have the successful Tillerson in a government position that has traditionally been beyond criticism and beyond removal from office.

What makes liberals mad is that when Rex Tillerson becomes Secretary of State they will have a much harder time trying to get him into trouble than when he ran Exxon; firing and removing the CEO of an evil oil company for pollution under the lie of warming/change is easier than anything facing a Secretary of State (Hillary was a liar, a leaker of government secrets, a money launderer, an influence peddler, was under FBI investigation for a very long period of time, yet she kept her SecState job with honors and praise for her persistence).

What Democrat liberals fear most is that Tillerson, being the excellent and accomplished negotiator he is, will convince our allies, and probably our enemies as well, that warming/change is a lie and a scam and cause this phony crisis to be opposed by more nations around the world as the fraud it is.

How Dangerous And Careless Are Democrats?

After a year of Hillary defending her unprotected email server, in an unsecured bathroom in her home, and after at least six months of her complaining about the DNC database allegedly being hacked by Russia, and ruminating about how odd it was that the RNC didn’t also get hacked and trying to blame this coincidence on Trump colluding with Putin to assure Hillary’s defeat, we finally learn the whole truth: Democrats are too stupid to recognize potential danger when it’s staring them right in the face. Donald Trump, a successful and smart businessman, realized the danger of cyber warfare and did two things: he stopped using email and he got the best firewall protection money could buy to keep people out of the RNC data base.

One could inquire further into the minds of the dangerous, stupid Democrats by considering why they allowed Obama to pretend that Iran has been halted in their development of a nuclear device just because he signed a one-sided agreement with them, and then give them billions of dollars (which they will certainly spend on their nuclear program), removed most Iranian sanctions, and to this day Obama ignores all of the reports that Iran is still spinning its centrifuges and cheating on Obama’s idiotic agreement with them, by buying nuclear supplies secretly on the black market.

And wrapped into this package is the fact that the Office of Management and Budget and other federal agencies have been repeatedly hacked, because our president, Barack Obama, is an innocent, anti-American, doddering fool and did not insist on adequate firewall protection for illegal net access to our governmental agencies. Of course there’s always the possibility that he intentionally left the electronic gate to our agencies open, but one hates to think that.

Democrats are dangerous people because government, to them, is a game, played at their leisure and on their terms, and they don’t stop to realize that Americans can be hurt by the establishment’s lack of attention to the real and dangerous world surrounding us. They are rich and powerful and don’t see the need to raise an alarm, or are just simply too stupid to see an alarm when it’s flashing in front of their faces.

We can thank our lucky stars we have Donald Trump to recognize dangers and protect the nation as we move into an increasingly unstable and dangerous world.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

All Partisanship Aside, Obama Has Been An Absolutely Successful President

At the outset of his presidency Obama swore that he would “fundamentally transform America”, and by God, that’s exactly what he did. Anyone who listened to Obama knew that of all his promises (to achieve full employment, to make America respected in the world again, to allow everyone to keep their doctor and their plan and to save $2500 a year on healthcare, to defeat or contain ISIS, to be the best friend Israel has ever had, to convince North Korea to halt their nuclear plans, to retain traditional marriage, to keep Iran from proceeding on their nuclear project, to lower the oceans, to keep terrorists out of America, etc.) were just so much talk, typical of a Democrat. But the “fundamental transformation of America” statement had a little different timbre to it than his other idle promises, and he sounded as though he was a little more personally involved in that promise, and it’s probably the only promise he kept.

But of course, because he was a Democrat, and the first black president at that, he was above reproach or criticism, and the chicken Republicans just sat back and watched him destroy America so as to not be labeled racists. One could suggest that by not opposing Obama’s plans to destroy America, due to his being black, could be taken itself as a racist act, but that’s water under the bridge.

But our Obama opened our southern border illegally; he disobeyed the constitution by numerous times legislating from the Oval Office; he allowed Iran to continue developing their nuke; he made no  attempt to halt North Korea’s missile and nuke development; he furthered violent sentiments and resentment against America’s police forces; he begged Putin to give him time to get re-elected so he could serve Putin’s ends against America’s interests; he issued volumes of EPA regulations that killed millions of jobs and increased the unemployment rate.

In short, Obama was completely successful in everything he did, because his entire intent was to hurt America and take us down a notch or two, and that’s exactly what he did.

So in spite of one’s wish that Obama’s eight years had ended differently, one must say, in all honesty: “job accomplished, Obama”. At least next time maybe we’ll recognize an America-hating Democrat when we see one because, after all, we seem to be surrounded by them.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Trump Shows Respect For Winston Churchill And Our Ally, England

I understand that Donald Trump has requested that England, with respect, and I hope with the apologies of every decent American, please return the bust of Winston Churchill that Barack Obama so rudely, spitefully, disrespectfully and outrageously discarded and shipped back to England at the outset of his administration, so that this great man and our very close ally, who served as England’s Prime Minister during World War II, can be duly respected and remembered while on display in the White House.

My man! Go President Donald.

Typically Dumb, Liberal, Partisan Grilling Of Rex Tillerson

Just a short while ago I was watching the televised questioning of Donald Trump’s appointee to the position of Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, by the United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, and was unfortunate enough to hear Senator Cardin, a Democrat from Maryland and a scowling, disagreeable looking man, list the many problems existing in our government and in the world, and grilling Mr. Tillerson as to what he would do, if he is approved as the new Secretary of State, to fix these serious and numerous problems. One wonders why Senator Cardin wasn’t sufficiently concerned by these problems to present them to Barack Obama, the current sitting president of the United States, who either caused these several problems, or sat by idly while they developed and got worse.

The good Senator mentioned the serious situation that Israel is in and the dangers this sole democracy in the Middle East faces, and of course dutifully asked Tillerson whether he shares a concern for Israel’s welfare, but didn’t seem to remember that Barack Obama had made Israel’s position in the world much more dangerous and threatening by not vetoing the punitive measure introduced by the scoundrels in the United Nations a few weeks ago. Because of this silence, while an ally of the United States was being diplomatically attacked by the U.N., I doubt Senator Cardin’s sincerity in this matter.

If Democrats had opposed the many mis-deeds and mal-deeds of the Obama administration, deeds that they now present to the Trump administration in an accusatory way, the world would be a safer and more pleasant place. But of course, Democrat legislators remained silent during all of Obama’s atrocious actions and inactions and just allowed these boiling pots to fester to the point of explosion.

It’s all well and good that Democrat legislators would expect the Trump administration, and Rex Tillerson, to address the problems left behind by Obama, that’s why Americans elected Donald Trump to the Oval Office, but why does Obama  get a pass for eight years of his horrendous presidency, from these Democrat, legislative idiots and fools?

Republicans Had Better Not Fail To Repeal Obamacare

The basic point of this memo is that there is no need for a new, legislatively designed healthcare plan to replace Obamacare. All the House and Senate need to do is repeal Obamacare, and then leave the replacement phase to Americans and the various insurance companies.

The reports are that Republicans are afraid to repeal Obamacare because they can’t agree on a replacement healthcare plan for Americans, but the whole idea of repealing Obamacare is that the decisions of government are usually bad decisions, and American citizens want government out of their healthcare; all they want is the liberty and freedom to negotiate with an insurance company and decide their plans for themselves. To hell with legislators designing a new plan, it’s not needed, nor is it wanted.

The reason Americans voted for Donald Trump for president and retained Republican majorities in the House and Senate is because we want government out of our healthcare and out of our lives, and for legislators to think that they have to design a replacement for Obamacare is pure big-government thinking and folly. If we have to select from Republican plans we’ll be as angry as when we had to select among Obama’s plans.

The only sticking point to a non-government-designed rollover plan is coverage from the time Obamacare is repealed to the purchase of new insurance by Americans who are free to do so, and that sticking point can be easily fixed by leaving Obamacare, and all who are currently covered under it, in a state of suspension following repeal, until a replacement policy is bought by each individual.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Hooded Klansmen Protest Against Sessions In Senate Hearings

In a display of truth and honesty that they never intended to demonstrate, Codepink soldiers donned Ku Klux Klan hoods and robes and protested Donald Trump’s appointment of Jeff Sessions to be America’s next Attorney General.

Actually, the Codepink crowd are against Jeff Sessions becoming Attorney General, but they wore KKK apparel, and if the robes had been worn by real KKK men they would be, in the demented, pretend, upside-down minds of the Codepink protesters, chanting in favor of Sessions (who Codepink wants us to believe is a racist). But in this designed-for-TV case the hood and robe bearers were Codepink liberals chanting taunts against Sessions, so one employs literary license in order to state that Sessions was being protested by the KKK. Get it? I’m not certain I do, but we’re dealing with lunatic, radical liberals here, so our imagination has to play a part in understanding the situation and the picture that Codepink is trying to paint.

Conservatives should thank these people for their apparent admission of their true fascist, disruptive leanings, and we thank them for telling anyone who didn’t already know what poor losers they are when their ultra-liberal candidates don’t win elections. This demonstration also proved the inevitable fallback position that all liberals resort to when they can’t convince the American public to vote for their candidates, and when their in-your-face, and often violent, confrontations don’t make their opponents run and hide: pure, unmitigated racist rhetoric and accusations. They are completely unable to make a sensible, persuasive argument for their radical positions on anything, so they resort to racism and violence to get their way.

Think Climate Doubters Currently Get Abuse? You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet.

Democrat liberals, who espouse free expression, free thought, tolerance for opposing opinions and diversity in all things, are about to lower the boom on everyone who disagrees with their totalitarian, big-government policies and positions.

And they won’t limit their punishment to climate change doubters, although these people will be their first targets, because the United Nations wants America buried under regulations and high monetary penalties for its economic success and wealth, and our lackey Democrats want to please the filth that is currently contaminating the U.N. building in New York City.

New legislation will permit a variety of acronym groups, centered on and controlled by our Secretary of State, to control the press by labeling articles the government dislikes as Fake News being distributed by foreign enemies. Forget about Obama begging Putin to give him more time to get elected so Obama could more flexibly give Putin the things he demanded. Russia, after a century of being loved and adored by American liberals, has become the latest enemy of America, based on the lie of their winning the election for Donald Trump, and the Democrats will label everything that counters their leftist, totalitarian policies as being influenced by foreign powers, or as Fake News, which can be punished in our courts.

Isn’t it odd that the leftist press, the very people who invented and perfected the use of Fake News in order to get what they wanted and hold power over the heads of the political enemies,  are part of the political party that will now dictate the proper beliefs to hold, or else?

When the subject is climate warming/change there are currently many people being punished and having their careers destroyed by not toeing the party line and supporting environmental regulations designed to destroy American industries and millions of jobs, and the punishment for these uncooperative folks may become official under the authority of our Secretary of State and put people in jail for making statements big brother doesn’t like. The group of those selected to be punished will increase greatly as the government goes after citizens who want to live under the American constitution and not the ruler of the moment.

The new laws are variously named: National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017; the Defense Authorization Act; Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act of 2016 (also called the Ministry of Truth Act); Countering Information Warfare Act of 2016; Countering Disinformation and  Propaganda Act; and they established a new agency called the Center for Information Analysis and Response that is intended to “pinpoint sources of disinformation, analyze data and develop and disseminate fact-based narratives to counter effrontery propaganda”. It all sounds a little too Orwellian for my taste.

Before long the government will establish correct positions to hold and to believe, and if you don’t agree with that position you’ll be labeled a foreign agitator and be locked up. The Democrats may now, suddenly hold Vladimir Putin to be an enemy of America, but they’ve adopted the old Soviet method of controlling society and keeping the masses in line.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

As Usual, For Republicans It’s Damned If You Do and Damned If You Don’t

Mark Steyn made a very piquant observation while guest-hosting the Rush Limbaugh radio show on Friday, and it tells a great deal about the enormous divide between the people who elect presidents, as the American people recently did, and the opposition press and Hollywood punks who tell the American public what they should think and who they should elect to the White House.

George Bush, following the attack on the World Trade Center that occurred on September 11th, 2001, accepted the judgement of the CIA, and all of our allies’ security forces at the time, that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction, so to avoid the possible use of these weapons on the world at large, and to retaliate for the attack on 9-1-1, Bush ordered the invasion of Iraq, and has been thrashed and berated by Democrats and the liberal press ever since taking this action, even though he took it with the CIA’s concurrence, because Bush, regardless of his security organization’s advice, and regardless what our allies’ security groups told him, should have known better, should have questioned the advice given by the CIA, and should have sought better advice.

But when Donald Trump became suspect of the security advice he observed the CIA giving Barack Obama, related to Russia allegedly being the driving force in hacking the DNC and meddling with our presidential election, the liberal press began thrashing and berating him for doubting the advice and recommendations of the CIA. There is no way to win against the gale-force wind coming from the liberal, Obama-loving, Trump-hating press.

When Obama became president and began getting slanted and politicized reports from America’s security agencies telling him how great his beautifully planned and executed military operations were going and how decimated the junior-varsity forces of ISIS were becoming under Obama’s clever maneuvering, the press was silent, which means that they were not reporting news (which means that by their silence they were reporting Fake News, as in “no news is good news”, which traditionally meant that an absence of news indicates no bad things have happened, but the meaning in the isolated case that the liberal press uses it, means that no news that might be embarrassing to liberals will be reported).

One only hopes that Donald Trump can withstand the withering abuse he’ll receive from his opponents and that he presses for the changes he promised to make during the election. So far, he’s doing a good job.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Solution To Covering Healthcare, While Getting Rid Of Obamacare, Seems Simple

There is much hand-wringing on the part of liberals who believe that Obamacare must never be repealed because it would throw the entire idea of healthcare in America into chaos. The word chaos is appropriate when discussing Obamacare, but to get people moved to private or employer-provided healthcare again could be handled very simply and logically.

Given that the whole idea of repealing Obamacare is to allow Americans to be empowered to select their own coverage for themselves and their families and make the government a little smaller and less threatening in the process, all legislators have to do is repeal the ACA but leave its provisions and existing coverage in place for six months. Then make a big deal out of asking insurance companies, those chosen to be carriers under Obamacare and those that were excluded from offering coverage, to begin immediately contacting every client they lost under Obamacare and offer them the same, or better, coverage now that Obamacare has been repealed.

During the six months from the repeal of Obamacare and its final demise, every American who buys coverage from a private company would be rolled off Obamacare and onto their new plan and this would leave no one being covered by Obamacare in a very short time, with the exception of those who never had insurance coverage in the first place, and those with pre-existing conditions. The selection of an insurance company that would allow each American to roll off of Obamacare and onto their own individual plan would apply to individuals who were self-insured and also to companies who had plans to cover their employees.

Since all thinking people know that healthcare is not to be found in the constitution, the various states, with a variety of ideas and plans, would provide coverage for people still left stranded on Obamacare, and the federal government would be out of the picture. There are state plans and programs on this subject that have been around for years and with a little effort all Americans could be placed on some kind of healthcare plan that would be better than no plan at all.

One very important aspect of repealing Obamacare is that insurance companies would be allowed to offer coverage to all Americans, across state lines, from coast to coast and from border to border. This would assure competition and innovation that would certainly be less expensive than a governmentally ordered plan that was only intended to redistribute wealth in the first place.

Imagine the glorious joy as a family that was paying $1000 or more a month, with a $7000 annually deductible, could see their costs be cut in half and only a fraction of the Obamacare deductible being imposed on them. They would have more money for eating out and for taking trips, and they would once again be free and living under the constitution of the United States and not some big-government, leftist freak who was trying to “fundamentally transform America”. And those citizens who don’t want healthcare coverage in any form, or those with enough wealth to pay for their own health needs out-of-pocket, would be free of government coercion to buy and pay for things they don’t want or need: it’s called freedom and liberty.

The same massive beaurocracy that was administering Obamacare would be directed to process and coordinate the changes in coverage with the doctor of each client that is moved from the ACA to private coverage. After this final task is completed the ACA (Obamacare) bureaucrats will be out of a job and their salaries will no longer be a burden to American tax payers.

There is no doubt that there will be bumps in the road and additional steps will probably be needed to assure insurance coverage for every American, but keep in mind that once we have people back on their own, chosen, private plans, there will be no further government interference, costs or edicts, and this knowledge that Americans are free of a corrupt, coercive government is worth the cost of repealing Obamacare.

Liberals Suddenly Discover Russia To Be An American Enemy

Forget the mass murders and entire geographical areas starved to death by past Communist dictators like Joseph Stalin. Forget the virtual slave camp that Eastern Europe was under communism following World War II. Forget the mysterious and unpunished murders in Russia that have accompanied elections during the Putin years. Liberals would not admit, until now, that Russia is a bad country, probably because Russian communism is so closely related to American liberals’ socialism that to point a finger of accusation at Russia would be to point a finger at western liberals’ goals and outcomes as well.

But contrary to any perception that Russia is just another nation operating differently from our own, American liberals have worshiped the tyrannical regimes in Russia, most recently evidenced when Barack Obama was filmed begging Putin to give him more time to get re-elected so he could have more flexibility to give Putin what he wanted regarding the removal of American missiles from Eastern Europe. And don’t forget the verbal lashing that Obama gave Mitt Romney during the 2012 election campaign when Romney said that Russia is not our friend and Obama made fun of him for being old-fashioned, stating that Russia is not a problem in the 21st Century. Obama evidently knew something the rest of the nation didn’t, and still doesn’t know, regarding his relation and secret dealings with Vladimir Putin.

To learn what American liberals have thought about Russia and Communism for the last 70 years, see the reporting in the New York Times by Walter Duranty in the 1930s on the enlightened vision and wisdom of Russia during what were actually very dark days for the people who had to endure totalitarian rule at that time.

Why has the liberal press and their Democrat allies suddenly changed their tune and are now frightened of Russia? Because of the financial dealings that Donald Trump and his newly appointed Secretary of  State have had with Russia, and the left’s expressed fear that Trump will make deals contrary to the welfare of America? Not Hardly. Nor is the current fear of Russia because of the alleged Russian hacking of the DNC files. The only thing that motivates American liberals is losing an election, and having lost the presidency to Trump that are animated to find any slight thing to use to undermine the Trump administration even before they take office. Donald Trump has done more favorable things for the American economy and its constitution as a president-elect than Obama did as president for eight years. But Democrats are dead-set on crippling the Trump administration and halting any plans Trump has for the future of this nation.

And now with Obama dispatching American troops to the Russian border with Lithuania, Obama is just placing an exclamation point on the anti-Trump verbiage and the accusations that Trump is a tool of Putin, when Obama has all along been playing Reset Button footsy with Putin. Obama turned his head and ignored Putin’s invasion of Crimea and his occupation of eastern Ukraine, but in his last 15 days in the White House he suddenly realizes the threat Russia is to the interests of western civilization and is sending troops to Russia’s border and kicking Russian diplomats off U.S soil? Not likely. It’s all done for politics and to harm his successor.

Liberals are grasping at straws to try to retain some of their former power, and Obama’s decision to retire to D.C. so he can hold news conferences to counter any and all of Trump’s presidential actions, is just too cheesy and obvious for Americans to bear. I predict that Obama will be more poorly thought of following his future anti-Trump news conferences than if he had just shut up, accepted the dress-down he was given by the American citizens on November 8th and went away.

Monday, January 2, 2017

The Leftists’ Actions Confirm Their Prejudiced And Harmful Attitudes

Kellyanne Conway can’t find a private school for her children in the Washington, DC, area because the liberals who mostly run such schools there want to be seen denying anyone related to Donald Trump any services at all.

Music celebrities will not perform at Trump celebrations because they, too, want to be seen and known as anti-Trump people.

But is it that they are really so opposed to performing for Trump, or are they just advertising that they will go with the flow, be like all the other celebrities and deny their services to a conservative? Or are they perhaps just cowards who are frightened of being different and being shunned by other celebrities if they don’t conform to the expected dictates and enforced uniformity of the left?

I would say that in both examples there is evidence of discrimination, intolerance and a lack of open-mindedness, which, in the case of liberal movements, could lead to violence from leftist groups, as we saw from the Hillary and DNC camps in the recent presidential campaign.  This threat of violence from the liberal side of the aisle should frighten leftist celebrities, for fear they will be retaliated against if they don’t toe the line and behave (and perform) as they’re told to behave. Liberalism is a hateful, violent way to spend one’s life.

Looked at from the perspective of the liberal press, why would liberal publications want to be honest in their reporting and publicize news of the problems that Donald Trump and his staff are having contracting with liberal groups and individuals who advertise their services to the public? Would the inclusion of such articles in liberal publications be proof of how prejudiced and close-minded liberals are by behaving in such a manner? One would think that they would not openly want to be seen as discriminating against anyone when their every word is about diversity and inclusiveness, especially when we recall the outrage these people expressed when cakes were not prepared for homosexual weddings and homosexual parties were not catered to by religious, conservative individuals who objected to such events.  

Everyone knows of the misogynistic and anti-police language that Rap groups include in their performances, and there was much publicity a few years back when at least one female singer/dancer performed for the Libyan dictator. Leftist performers will accept money for performing for murderous dictators and will vilify the police during their performances and that’s OK, but to perform for the duly elected president of the United States is too much for liberals to bear? So how is Donald Trump a valid object of ridicule compared with these hateful liberals and their authoritarian, violent customers?

One arrives at the conclusion that the press plays the role of the enforcer in this anti-Trump, anti-conservative movement, and they provide this enforcement by issuing their publicized warnings and letting the liberal population of America know what is acceptable from them and what is not, where musicians can perform and where they cannot. It’s similar to a leftist Mafia that enforces its own rules without ever actually advertising what the rules are.

To be honest, I could find no articles by any leading liberal newspaper reporting the difficulty Trump and Conway are having with the liberal establishment. I was only able to find lesser-known liberal publications that are not mainstream, but this absence of news from the New York Times and the Washington Post reporting on the political discrimination directed at Trump and his staff demonstrates the prejudice leftists have toward him and is a classic example of the dominant press and their dependence on Fake News: spiking a real news story that Americans should know about is Fake News, or in other words, they are lying when they publish nothing about the entertainment Trump blackout and let the lesser known press inform the liberal population of their expectations.

For the dominant liberal press to not report an important, anti-liberal story that describes how non-inclusive they are, is the ultimate case of Fake News. It’s also an example of the way the Nazis behaved.

Limerick To Barack With A Capital “O”

One hears that Barack Obama will soon no longer be the ruler of the United States, and that an unprepared, unproven upstart named Donald Trump will take his place. One also hears that Obama has promised the frightened citizens of America (oddly enough, the frightened citizens of America are the same people who voted for Donald Trump in a landslide to be their president over Obama’s hand-picked choice of Hillary Clinton, so I’m not sure who the idiot Obama thinks he’s trying to protect the American population against) that he will “be there every step of the way” (what Obama means by this promise is that he will live in Washington, DC and hold news conferences hourly or daily, as needed) to alert the “frightened” population to the dangers of Trump and to counter any and all changes Donald Trump tries to make to Obama’s Socialist States of America as the evil Trump administration tries to undo Obama’s legacy of crap.

So here’s my opinion of Obama’s promise:

Soon Barack with a capital “O”,
From the White House he will thankfully go,
He said that with us he will stay,
Every step of the way,
But all I can tell him is “NO”.

Have nice life Obama, and please stay out of mine.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

After Having A Miserable Eight Year At-Bat, Obama May Have Just Swung On His Third Strike, And He’ll Soon Be “Out”

Poor Obama. He finally locates a little testosterone, finds his Commander in Chief voice, puts on his big-boy pants and issues an order to expel 35 suspected Russian spies from America in order to punish Russia, via their Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, for the alleged hacking of the DNC data base during the just-completed presidential campaign, and Putin just laughs at him. And then, to add insult to injury, Putin refuses to retaliate in-kind against American diplomats in Moscow, and instead invites the Americans to a New Year’s party in the Kremlin, calling Obama’s aborted and totally unproductive expelling of Putin’s diplomats from American soil an example of “kitchen diplomacy”.

Obama’s discomfort must be extreme at this point when one considers that Trump was supposed to be the impetuous, unstable, unprepared candidate with a lack of judgement when dealing with international situations, but here’s the sophisticated, urbane, diplomatic Obama being spoken down to by a two-bit dictator like Putin as though he were a child being scolded by his mother. It’s absolutely delicious.

In his waning days Obama is striking out and has only maybe one more pitch he can miss before he’s called “OUT” by acclamation, by even his slavish supporters in the liberal press.

But don’t bet that our Obama won’t hit a few foul balls before he strikes out and is sent packing on January 20th. It’s what he does.