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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Monday, January 2, 2017

The Leftists’ Actions Confirm Their Prejudiced And Harmful Attitudes

Kellyanne Conway can’t find a private school for her children in the Washington, DC, area because the liberals who mostly run such schools there want to be seen denying anyone related to Donald Trump any services at all.

Music celebrities will not perform at Trump celebrations because they, too, want to be seen and known as anti-Trump people.

But is it that they are really so opposed to performing for Trump, or are they just advertising that they will go with the flow, be like all the other celebrities and deny their services to a conservative? Or are they perhaps just cowards who are frightened of being different and being shunned by other celebrities if they don’t conform to the expected dictates and enforced uniformity of the left?

I would say that in both examples there is evidence of discrimination, intolerance and a lack of open-mindedness, which, in the case of liberal movements, could lead to violence from leftist groups, as we saw from the Hillary and DNC camps in the recent presidential campaign.  This threat of violence from the liberal side of the aisle should frighten leftist celebrities, for fear they will be retaliated against if they don’t toe the line and behave (and perform) as they’re told to behave. Liberalism is a hateful, violent way to spend one’s life.

Looked at from the perspective of the liberal press, why would liberal publications want to be honest in their reporting and publicize news of the problems that Donald Trump and his staff are having contracting with liberal groups and individuals who advertise their services to the public? Would the inclusion of such articles in liberal publications be proof of how prejudiced and close-minded liberals are by behaving in such a manner? One would think that they would not openly want to be seen as discriminating against anyone when their every word is about diversity and inclusiveness, especially when we recall the outrage these people expressed when cakes were not prepared for homosexual weddings and homosexual parties were not catered to by religious, conservative individuals who objected to such events.  

Everyone knows of the misogynistic and anti-police language that Rap groups include in their performances, and there was much publicity a few years back when at least one female singer/dancer performed for the Libyan dictator. Leftist performers will accept money for performing for murderous dictators and will vilify the police during their performances and that’s OK, but to perform for the duly elected president of the United States is too much for liberals to bear? So how is Donald Trump a valid object of ridicule compared with these hateful liberals and their authoritarian, violent customers?

One arrives at the conclusion that the press plays the role of the enforcer in this anti-Trump, anti-conservative movement, and they provide this enforcement by issuing their publicized warnings and letting the liberal population of America know what is acceptable from them and what is not, where musicians can perform and where they cannot. It’s similar to a leftist Mafia that enforces its own rules without ever actually advertising what the rules are.

To be honest, I could find no articles by any leading liberal newspaper reporting the difficulty Trump and Conway are having with the liberal establishment. I was only able to find lesser-known liberal publications that are not mainstream, but this absence of news from the New York Times and the Washington Post reporting on the political discrimination directed at Trump and his staff demonstrates the prejudice leftists have toward him and is a classic example of the dominant press and their dependence on Fake News: spiking a real news story that Americans should know about is Fake News, or in other words, they are lying when they publish nothing about the entertainment Trump blackout and let the lesser known press inform the liberal population of their expectations.

For the dominant liberal press to not report an important, anti-liberal story that describes how non-inclusive they are, is the ultimate case of Fake News. It’s also an example of the way the Nazis behaved.