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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Democrats Create A “Humanitarian Crisis”, Then Shrug It Off

The flood of Central American immigrants the Democrats said was not coming north but would be peaceful when it got here, has arrived, and is both here and violent.

The Mayor of Tijuana is so concerned about this mass of humanity and it’s adverse health impact on his city, that he has proclaimed this invasion force to be a “humanitarian crisis” and has appealed to the United Nations for relief. Thanks Democrats, and muchas gracias Obama.

American radical Democrats arranged for this mass of people to approach our border in order to embarrass President Trump, and then, in the midst of these thousands of Central Americans and their suffering, the Democrats give us the old Emily Litella: “Never mind”. How can America’s progressive Democrat politicians pretend to be helping poor people when they abuse those who listen to their crap, and then desert them at their hour of greatest need.

With a population containing ten percent criminals (Democrats swore that there were no criminals in this invasion force) and being made up mainly of young, military-aged men (Democrats swore that the caravan was all families seeking refuge and having over fifty percent women and children) this crowd is a threat to Mexico and the citizens of Tijuana, and is representative of the invaders’ threat, via the leftist “sanctuary” effort, to America and its citizens.

Everything Democrats do has an unintended negative consequence on American citizens, and one wishes that progressive Democrats would consider America’s interests in the world, and the future interests of their own children and grand-children, and stop tampering with the success the United States represents, which the world sees and loves, as proven by the dire efforts of many people to get here from less fortunate countries, at great risk to themselves

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Democrat “Sanctuary” Enclaves Now Extend Into Mexico

If anyone thinks that the invaders from south of the border are any different from invaders who have already successfully entered our nation and established “sanctuary” enclaves throughout the nation during the Obama administration, they need to think again.

Jim Acosta, the self-identified celebrity CNN reporter, and his assurances that the caravans would never get to America and would never be violent if they arrive aside, the caravans carry the same people as already reside in the increasingly unpleasant sanctuary of California.

Probably the first thing any sensible, non-progressive observer saw during the violent melee on the San Diego border last week, was that women were offering their children to tear gas, rocks and other thrown missiles in an attempt to gain sympathy for the poor caravanistas, but after living through the various Middle East and Israeli wars and terrorist incidents in which women and children were sent ahead of the weapon-wielding soldiers to provide cover and to discourage defensive fire, we know and understand the Nazi tactics of these subhuman creatures, and we‘re seeing it again displayed on the California border.

Given all the belly-aching coming from Democrats about tear gas usage, it appears that the hate-Trump camp would have preferred, or at least have been no more outraged than they currently are, if the American border agents had used live ammunition to protect themselves and the American citizens in the nation behind them, and not the harmless tear gas they actually did use.

It’s a certainty that American liberals don’t care a pinch for the injury of peasant children. All Democrats want is to use these poor, unfortunate people to gain political power and to remove Donald Trump from office.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

America’s Leftists Constitute A Criminal Enterprise

At the moment, our radical Democrats and their wholly-owned members of the press have their panties in a twist for rumors that President Trump “thought” about prosecuting Hillary Clinton for the crimes she committed while serving as Barack Obama’s Secretary of State.

Here are two reasons why America’s leftists are absolutely out of line with their abuse of President Trump on this particular matter:

1) James Comey, at the time the Director of the FBI, on July 5, 2016, made a public statement in which he enumerated, for about fifteen minutes, the various crimes that Hillary Clinton had actually committed while serving as Secretary of State. However, Mr. Comey said that he didn’t believe that Hillary had intended to commit the crimes (which included using an illegal email server, erasing thousands of emails ordered preserved and protected by a federal court, smashing and bleaching equipment that might hold incriminating evidence, lying to investigators about her various activities in making highly classified email messages available to any who might be interested in undermining the security of the United States, etc.) so he would not seek a Grand Jury in order to start prosecution for these serious crimes. One must remember that it’s not the purview of the FBI to seek or not seek prosecution. It’s up to the Department of Justice to do that, and Loretta lynch sat on her sizable backside and did nothing to contradict Comey, so Hillary skated free of any real investigation, and absolutely no punishment.

2) Barack Obama not only “thought” about using the FBI and the DOJ to go after his political opponent, Donald Trump, he actually did use the full force of the United States government, including spying on Trump and his election team, to try to keep Trump out of office, and then when he won the election anyway, the FBI and the DNC still used illegal tactics and illegal procedures, to try to remove him from office.

Our liberal press will use any lie, and attempt any tactic, to protect Hillary and Obama and to prevent fully exposing their crimes, and that’s all one needs to know to understand that today’s Democrat party is a corrupt and criminal enterprise, and our radical press is their protector.

Every sensible, logical person in America thinks that Hillary should be in prison at this very moment for the various and critical national security crimes she committed, and since the FBI has already investigated her and knows chapter and verse of the specifics of her crimes, and only failed to put her on trial because James Comey, a political operator in FBI clothing, wanted to be in her administration after her assured election in 2016, why hasn‘t an official in the Trump DOJ revived her case for a second look?

So Americans can only look on as Hillary floats freely about in her pajamas and her unwashed hair and lies her huge butt off about all of the nasty things President Trump is doing. I for one want this woman in jail!

Sunday, November 25, 2018

The Left’s Checkered History With “Immigration”

When one considers the left’s attraction to the cause of immigrants entering a nation, one looks for clues of consistency or contradiction in their actions.

England’s leftist Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain, gave every appearance of being an admirer of Adolph Hitler and assumed that Hitler’s invasion of Poland in 1939 was made simply as an armed form of “immigration” as the Germans rightfully entered Poland and took what they wanted, things that were improperly taken from them when the former Prussia was reconfigured following World War I. Old Adolph was probably just trying to make a better world for Germans when he signed the Peace In Our Time agreement with Chamberlain, just like the current American left tells us that the invaders from Central America are just escaping oppression from their home nation and only want to work for America and pay American taxes; invaders always claim to want to make things better for the citizens of the nations they invade.

Cuba has had little experience with people trying to get into Castro’s island paradise the last 50 years or so, but they did seem to really hate it when Cubans tried to leave their little piece of heaven and “immigrate” to the United States. Death or imprisonment under the Castro regime was the price to pay for trying to get out of Cuba and into Florida. But Castro reversed his stance against his citizens leaving Cuba when he arranged transport for them on the Muriel Boatlift, which, like the current caravans from Central America, also dumped hundreds of criminals from Cuban jails into America, and poor old Jimmy Carter took the bait hook, line and sinker. Jimmy bought the story of the Muriel boat people just seeking a better life in America and he probably thought they desperately wanted to contribute by paying taxes in their new country.

The Soviet Union agreed with Castro’s policy of forbidding their own Russian citizens from leaving Mother Russia, or, one might say, immigrating outward, from this Communist nation, and they even built a wall which, unlike the American wall whose intent is to keep people out, the Russian wall kept Russians in, sort of like a prison, and was therefore a denial of the international right to “immigrate” anywhere at anytime, as leftists all over the world would phrase it. However, at the time the Soviets were forcing Russian citizens and Eastern Europeans to live under their brutal dictatorship, the leftists of the world , and most telling, Democrats in America, were silent on the principle of allowing poor people to flow freely across borders and into any nation they thought would be a more pleasant place to live. Leftists were silent with Soviet totalitarian rule, but discovered a new right to leave and enter a nation at will, only when America was pronounced by Democrats as being the bad guy for trying to keep illegal aliens from swamping our borders, and when they could heap abuse on Donald Trump.

Sweden, France and Germany all willingly allowed tens of thousands of Middle Easterners to enter their nations, but they have come to regret this kindness because the immigrants will not allow any religion except Islam to be worshiped nor any legal system other than Sharia to be practiced. So northern Europeans are suffering for letting in the unwashed masses from Syria, etc.

American leftists love the idea of a flood of Central Americans entering the United States and voting for radical-left Democrat candidates, but these phony, oh-so-caring persons live largely in the northeastern states of America or in northwestern coastal areas, and the immigrants are stacking up far away in Tijuana at the moment, so the threat seems far away to these precious, political leftists.

It’s plain that the leftists of the world don’t care a whit about the “rights” of immigrants. Their main concern is with destroying capitalist nations by allowing as many poor people to invade a western nation as possible, and American leftists have added the additional incentive of opposing everything that President Trump wants to do, especially if his goals undermine or reverses anything Barack Obama did in his destructive eight years in office.

Friday, November 23, 2018

The Caravan Busts Tijuana

One would think that the citizens of Tijuana, Mexico were firm Trump supporters from the statements they are making about the newly arrived Honduran caravan invaders,  ultimately bound for the United States. The caravan members are stalled at the border awaiting entry into California, which illegal entry a liberal, American judge has determined is not only legal and proper, but mandatory for anyone who wants to enter America and bask in it’s quickly evaporating social and financial pleasures.

Cries of “it’s an invasion” and demands by Tijuana citizens that its mayor get the bums out are frequently heard, which are the kind of statements and attitude that American liberals refer to as racist sentiments, are now being heard from the mouths of  other Hispanics living in Mexico, which is exactly what President Trump has been saying about the caravan all along. The liberal American press just blew Trump’s sentiments off and called him a racist, but it’s a little more difficult to call Mexicans racists when they want relief from an invasion by other Hispanics. Hopefully, since the Tijuanans are expressing the same sentiments about the Central American caravan invaders that President Trump has been saying all along, maybe more attention will be directed at the situation at the border and perhaps some real, honest thinking will be coming from the American press. But don’t hold your breath.

Americans, and Tijuanans as well, can be thankful that Donald Trump is in office and opposes the destruction and the ongoing attack on our southern border. If these people are allowed to enter America, then entire populations of nations south of the border will empty as they flock north to the United States. This idiocy of allowing anyone in who claims to be a victim of something, somewhere, must stop.

The mayor of Tijuana wants the caravan members to go home and the city is being overwhelmed by the mass of invading Hondurans now packed into it.  They violently forced their way into Mexico and injured numerous police officers in that conflict, they are forcing themselves on the citizens of Tijuana, who are opposed to the crime and the filth the caravan has brought with it, and it’s a foregone conclusion they will cause trouble once they are in America and the sanctuary fools throw up a protective barrier around them.

Given the violence they have already practiced by forcing their way into Mexico, why does the liberal sanctuary-government of California think these people will act differently and more pleasantly when they finally gain access to California? They’ll just be bringing violence, disease and a demand for Democrat-promised goodies with them, and the tax-payers will be on the hook to pay for these invaders.

The Left Denies Real, True “Nature” For Their Artificial Self-Identity

No matter what crock of malarkey the self-identity political left wants us to believe, each one of us, as individuals, has two and only two parents, a male and a female, and all of the other self-identity sexual choices area a bunch of radical, leftist, self-identity crap.

Leftists wring their hands and moan about their allegedly poisoned, impure and unnatural environmental surroundings, their polluted water, their artificial food, pesticides and GMO products, but they ignore the essence of Nature by elevating and celebrating same-sex, non-sex or other-sex persuasions, which are unable to reproduce themselves. They are also unable to see what is right before their eyes in the male/female makeup of creation, which is the basis of continuing life on earth, and the only way a species can reproduce itself.

Is there a leftist out there who was conceived by two men or two women? No! Reproduction requires a male/female union or there can be no new life created.

“Not that there’s anything wrong with that“.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

The Liberal Idea Of Self-Identity And Tribalism Is Inherently And Intentionally Divisive

When a member of an identifiable group states that they and their side are better than other sides, or when they claim that the members of their group are more abused than other groups because of their race or their sex, they are on the way to separating themselves and their clan from the rest of America.

But division and negative feelings between fellow Americans is exactly what Democrats need in order to remain in power. They promise each and all sides a piece of the power-pie if they will vote for Democrat candidates. The latest appeal is to the Honduran caravan now perched just south of San Diego. Democrats need these people in order to beef up their voting base, but in appealing to this group (after having paid millions of dollars supporting the trek north through the length of Mexico) they are causing enormous angst within the population of the United States, which is a benefit to Democrats who only want to divide and conquer.

We are now seeing the unexpected and surprising anger from the citizens of Tijuana, Mexico as this band of invading Central Americans halt in this besieged city, waiting for and demanding entry to America. The Mexicans don’t want them, Americans don’t want them, but the Democrat party is desperate for them to enter California and become part of the sanctuary mess that is already destroying the left coast, because they need the tribal vote coming from Central America as they welcome this new group of dependants among all the other special interest groups already in place and vying for government goodies, and against the more established American population.

Newly Empowered Democrats Are Already Feeling Their Oats And Threatening Dire Acts When They Rule The House

California Democrat, Eric Swalwell, is already beginning to exercise the powers Democrats will have when they take control of the House of Representatives in January, 2019. He recently stated that, under Democrat control, the government would begin taking guns from Americans, and that the full force of the American government would be employed in this effort. He further stated that Democrats will use any and all weapons against American citizens in order to remove their guns from them, including the use of nuclear weapons if citizens resist. That is exactly what this fool man said, and I’m inclined to believe he actually means it literally.

And isn’t it a scandal when the same Democrat party that sought in the 1980s, at the insistence of the Soviet Union, to disarm the United States of its nuclear weapons, would now even raise the most remote suggestion that nuclear weapons be used against patriotic American citizens? These Democrats, led by Mr. Swalwell, are viciously dangerous to this nation.

Mr. Swalwell’s idiotic statement should be taken literally and seriously, just like American citizens should have taken the radical environmentalist’s statements literally in the 1980s when they talked of denying Americans an innocent cigarette once in a while, and then pushed their anti-smoking stupidity so far that many cities and neighborhoods won’t even allow individuals to smoke in their own homes any longer. Decent Americans could not believe that radical Democrats could be so stupid and illogical as to take the draconian steps they proposed, but they did.

With the appearance of Donald Trump on the American political scene, Democrats, and Mr. Swalwell in particular, have lost touch with any judgment or common sense and are truly in a scorched-earth frame of mind to force all Americans to obey their edicts, or else.

Anyone able to use his or her brain knows that the average gun owner has never, and would never, use their rifle or pistol in a violent or illegal manner, unless defending themselves or their family. But people like Swalwell would deny ownership to everyone, even though we all know that if all weapons are taken from law-abiding citizens, only criminals will have guns.

Power-mad Democrats will be dangerous enough when they take control of only the House of Representatives in January, but imagine the damage to our nation and our constitution if they ever again became the majority in the Senate as well, or if they took possession of the White House. Unconstitutional acts and dictatorial rule are what they believe in, and it’s what they’ll do if they consolidate power further in the future.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Liberals Discuss What To Do About White Men

About the time of the mid-term elections, CNN’s Don Lemon informed America that white American men are a danger to society and are, in fact, terrorists.

So what exactly should we do about these evil white men? Shall they be lined up and shot? Shall they all be put in prison? People like Mr. Lemon would also use as proof of the validity of his argument the false charge of sexual abuse by Brett Kavanaugh and his automatic quilt, even though the there was no evidence of his ever even being close to incidents of sexual abuse, and all witnesses put forth by his accuser, Ms. Ford, conceded that he did not commit the alleged crimes.

So, one supposes,  American white males will be replaced, at the insistence of the Democrat party, by the caravans of mainly males-of-color invading our nation from Central America? That should be pleasant for the advancement of the nation. And as evil white men are carted off to prison, they should also be able to deny the remaining society the use of their inventions, like electricity, the phone, the automobile, air conditioning, forced air heating, life-saving drugs, etc.

No one asked Mr. Lemon about the threat of death to young black men in Chicago, Baltimore and other cities run by leftist mayors, from other young black men in these out-of-control cities, but we all know this vein of young Americans threaten our entire society with their wanton, violent destruction of formerly prosperous cities and the killing sprees they conduct each and every week.

I know nothing of Mr. Lemon’s position on race in general, but what he said about white men is an absolutely racist position and reverses the leftist’s formerly stated position that condemning an entire group or block of people based on race or ethnicity is bad policy and just plain wrong. Also, in his effort to identify actual threats to western society, he overlooked Islamic terrorists, who have sworn to kill all who do not believe as they do, and have taken large steps in the direction of killing any person who disagrees with them.

The Democrat party has moved so far to the radical left that they are being driven out of their minds by their own hateful rhetoric, and the leftist press never questions or challenges unspeakable trash, like what comes out of Don Lemon’s mouth, but is a wholly-owned, in-house organ of the radical Democrat party which insists on defending and furthering racist, sexist, hateful positions in furtherance of Barack Obama’s intent to Fundamentally Transform America.