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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Political Role Reversals: How Progressive are “Progressives”? vs Conservatives Seeking “Change”

If the word “Progressive” indicates a party that has imagination, new ideas and wants to try new things in the public policy arena, then the “progressives” in the Democrat party are not what you want to hear from because they are definitely not progressive in the sense that they want to move forward on new fronts of liberty and economic security for the nation. They are instead mired in their old desire to grow government and give stuff to people in order to buy their votes.

On the flip side of the political coin, conservative Republicans, (and to a great extent this does not include establishment Republicans who want to compete with Democrats in handing out goodies) want to try new things and find new methods that will reverse the current trend of concentrating power in Washington    and further depriving citizens of the liberty promised by our constitution.  For example, when the healthcare issue was raging and ended up giving all power to the federal government to decide what type of coverage you should have and how much it would cost, conservative Republicans wanted to allow the market place and individual citizen choice to help control medical insurance costs by allowing all one thousand-plus insurance companies in the nation to compete in all 50 states for their customers.  This marketplace competition would have quickly reduced costs of insurance and increased the options that customers could choose from. Instead, from so-called “ progressives” we got plans that covered less and cost more, making Obama’s lies of keeping plans and doctors and reducing insurance costs, the lies we knew they were.

The only thing Democrats could think to do, and this is obvious from the Obamacare bill, is to take their usual path to government-controlled, single payer healthcare coverage by shoving Obamacare down our throats. I don’t consider destroying the world’s greatest healthcare system and placing it under the control of government bureaucrats to be “progress”, but the “progressives” on the left side of the aisle do. And when you consider the way Democrats colluded to get this monster bill passed, it was like something out of Nazi Germany (the legislation was so massive that no one was able to read it; it wasn’t debated; budget resolution was the path it took to become law so Democrats could keep the details from being exposed; Obama repeatedly said it would fix all of our problems, period; and finally, only Democrats voted for it).  So there was no “progress” to be had with Democrats in charge, only more of the same old nationalization of everything (General Motors, Healthcare, opening of our borders to aliens) which are all standard operating procedures for un-progressive Democrats.

In the current presidential election process, across the board Democrats use their old lies and hates to get votes (examples of their lies: Republican War on Women; equal pay for women; the party of “NO”; never doubt a woman who says she was raped, unless it is Bill Clinton being accused of the rape, then Hillary dismisses her as being a bimbo who must be silenced by the Democrat party, which really does have a war on women).

Democrats continue the old, tried and true line of crap about Republicans hating gays and wanting black people to be held down, when the truth is that during the seven years of the Obama presidency blacks have been the most hurt with Obama’s economic non-recovery, and we see blacks now being unemployed and showing up on welfare rolls at far greater numbers than their representation of the population would indicate.  And the only solution that Obama can come up with to increase employment is to issue massive numbers of EPA regulations and make increasing demands on employers to provide edicted benefits to employees, all of which only increase unemployment to greater levels.  And this is not even taking into consideration the increased unemployment that Obama’s opening of our southern border has caused, with the rush of foreigners entering our country seeking work which is then deprived of American citizens. 

The old “progressive” ideas have failed the nation as a whole, but have failed the poor and the young the most. The sooner we get rid of “Progressive” ideas, which are really regressive ideas, and get back to common sense principles and a government that is under control and spends within its means, the better off we’ll all be.  The only party seeking real progress for the entire population are conservatives, who are currently represented by the Republican party.

Friday, January 29, 2016

The Government Lives On Borrowed Money, So Why Do We Pay Taxes?

Ever wonder why we pay taxes to the government, and do you hear in disbelief that the tax revenue to the federal government is the greatest haul ever, achieving untold billions of dollars taken from us citizens, and then learn that we are then still borrowing trillions of additional dollars each year on top of the billions we all send to the IRS?  Well, the reason we send so much money to Washington is not to pay government bills. It goes to control “we the people” and direct our money where the government wants our money to go and not in a direction of our own choosing.

The best example of the control exerted by the government is the Lois Lerner scandal. Ms. Lerner was a director in the IRS who illegally withheld tax exempt status from conservative groups prior to the 2012 election in order to increase Obama’s chances of re-election by eliminating his blooming and expanding conservative opposition. Of course no charges of criminal actions on her part were ever brought, and she lives comfortably in the DC area with full retirement benefits, paid, again, by we the people, via our taxes.

The IRS is now, under a progressive/liberal/Democrat president, controlling conservative political speech, with liberal groups getting tax-exempt status as a natural, normal process of government. But government control goes even further than this single item.  Remember that now all healthcare in the nation is controlled by the IRS. You can be sent to jail for not buying the insurance Obama thinks you should buy, and you must pay the price he thinks you should pay or be audited and prosecuted. Never mind that under Obamacare most people are paying higher premiums and higher deductibles for less quality of care, with many families not being able to afford to pay the deductible fees they previously did not have to pay when they had coverage their employer provided or that they bought privately, before ever reaching the level where actual insurance coverage kicks in. In reality, many families now have no insurance coverage at all, but are still out the money Obama tells them they must pay for Obamacare.

This is your IRS at work. The greatest fear most citizens have is a letter from the government announcing that they are being audited.  Lois Lerner lied about her role in the IRS scandal; the IRS lied about missing emails (later found on a distant server) and documents requested by congressional investigating committees were never produced, but Obama forgave her for simply being a poor manager and for her department being somewhat inert.  But if you, as a tax payer being audited, are unable to find the slip of paper that proves you made a donation to the Salvation Army five years ago, for which donation you took a tax deduction, you can be fined or imprisoned.  That’s the control government has over each and every one of us, and they will not let go of that control.

Tax payers foot the bill for borrowing trillions of dollars that the government spends on studying, among numerous other wasteful subjects, why consuming vodka makes us drunk; or the millions that the government gives to radical, violently anti-American groups like ACORN; or the millions that the government spends to relocate Syrian “refugees” to America, knowing all along that many ISIS terrorists, who have sworn to kill Americans, are in that group of people they are importing. Instead, the money paid in taxes could be used by we citizens to buy a larger home, a new car, pay for children’s education, or invest for retirement, but it can’t go toward these things and still go to the government, so the government gets first dibs on your money, not you, the earner.

And consider what happens to the money you send to the IRS compared to the use you and your neighbors could make of the money if you were allowed to keep it and spend it more wisely than the government does.  The money spent on Syrian “refugees” or housing Mexican illegal aliens goes to further grow big government.  Obama needs billions of dollars to buy or lease government aircraft to transport refugees, and they need to rent buildings to house people who cross our southern border (and don’t think that the aircraft manufacturers and the motel owners don’t appreciate the government sending them money for these uses, and don’t think that donations to Liberal/progressive/ Democrat election funds do not follow these government expenditures, thus growing government even more by the minute).

But if you were allowed to spend privately and personally the thousands of dollars you send to the Department of Revenue, there would be economic growth we haven’t seen for decades, with unemployment going down steadily, and people on welfare being able to get jobs and feel the pride of supporting their families that comes from shedding the smothering cloak of big government.  But this liberating of the underclass of our nation is what government fears and wants to avoid, because now the promise of welfare recipients getting more goodies from the government is what keeps them voting for Democrats, which keeps the IRS in control or our lives, and allows the government to borrow even more trillions to do whatever it wants to do.

It’s a vicious circle that will not end until we advance to a Fair tax and get rid of the IRS and its control over our lives and over our nation, via its ability to punish us for spending our money as we see fit.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Danny DeVito Admits His Racism, But Offers No Oscar-Denial Remedy

As a result of all of the uproar with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences members not nominating any black actors for an academy award, Danny DeVito stated recently that Americans are “a bunch of racists”, thereby being honest to a fault, by admitting that he is a racist, but he makes no statement as to how he is going to correct this flaw in himself nor in AMPAS, he just accuses the entire nation, this being the racist nation that has twice elected a black man as president.

In reality, Mr. DeVito is only indicting Hollywood liberals, who are, along with himself, the politically correct, holier-than-thou, sanctimonious crowd who like to tell the nation how we should live our lives. It’s not we common folk who Danny says voted with racist intent, because no one in Florida or Wyoming votes for the Oscar nominees. At the same time he’s also including in his indictment of racism those AMPAS members who are gay and Hispanic, and he ignores the fact that probably many of the members actually did vote for black actors and actresses to receive an award, but not enough voted for the same candidates so as to establish a nomination for them.

At least one Hispanic member of AMPAS has written a letter to the president of the organization asking how he is a racist for voting for his honest choice of best actor and asks how his possibly not being allowed to cast a vote in the future is not racism being turned back at him, as a minority. One has to love the ridiculous spots these liberal Hollywood fools place themselves in with their pretentions of being so clean, honest, open and better than anyone else.  One interesting and informative thing no one has mentioned, that somewhat offsets the racism charge, is the number of black, multi-millionaire actors who are prosperously employed in Hollywood and can afford to live in gated mansions in Beverly Hills.  It would seem to most out-of-work (thanks to Obama’s non-recovery) Americans, that simply being employed and making extravagant salaries would be more valuable than a lump of metal (or are these Oscars plastic?) award.

Several remedies have been suggested as to how to cleanse Hollywood of their alleged racism and fix this awards problem: a trophy could be given to all movie stars, or maybe trophies should be given only to black actors, but perhaps only in proportion to their racial representation in the Hollywood movie scene.  It’s also been suggested that the tried and true affirmative action program should be imposed on Hollywood just as this fiasco of an idea was originally imposed on corporate America. I’d like to be the one to set the standards for this affirmative movement and be the one to decide when fairness has been achieved, just as some liberal governmental agency at one time decided when AT&T and Ford had sufficiently cast off racism in their companies. Hollywood types cannot be allowed to decide when they themselves have cleared that hurdle, because, as Mr. DeVito has claimed, they are a “bunch of racists”, and he should know.

This entire Oscar nomination thing is idiocy and was brought up by people like Mr. DeVito so they would appear superior and better than everyone else for their sensitivity and compassion. The whole Hollywood scene is repulsive to real people with real jobs who must go to work every day and save their money in order to live in this once great, now socialist nation, a nation that too many people in Hollywood seem to hate.

Bernie Sanders, With a Net worth of $528,014, Believes in Socialism?

How can anyone who claims to be a Socialist, as the Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders does, be worth $528,014, have a family income of $200,000, own a condo in Vermont worth $100,000, have a median household worth that is 7.8 times the national average and whose net worth ranks him as number 86 of the 100 Senators in Washington?

The man with all this wealth, which has been accumulated during years of relatively low tax rates, which low rates made his wealth possible because in his life he has not had to pay the high tax rates he now claims he would impose on young people in America just beginning their wealth-building years, must be the fraud of the century for not practicing what he preaches.  If he really believes that people should not be allowed to keep ninety percent of what they earn, how is it that our Bernie keeps his own money and spends it on himself but doesn’t give money from his own pocket to needy families in DC or his home state of Vermont? A half-million dollars would go a long way toward helping the poor.

The money figures above come from the Money Nation web site and could be greater or less than they have posted, but the fact remains that old Bernie is worth some serious cash and is not spending it on people who don’t know where their next meal is coming from or who are being evicted from their homes, possibly because of high real estate taxes that they can’t afford in the Obama non-recovery.  Bernie is proof that Democrats are liars and charlatans who, while pretending to be so concerned about the poor and underprivileged, look out for themselves first, but will take your money in a minute, via the IRS, and under penalty of imprisonment if you don’t pay, in order to be able to give it to someone the Democrats have probably caused to become jobless because of the EPA and healthcare regulations Liberal/Progressives have imposed on the nation and on industry, in order to get that poor slob’s vote as thanks for the handout.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Considering Obama’s Idea Of Give-And-Take In Government

Obama’s idea of a give-and-take administration is not along the line of traditional, in good faith negotiating with his political opponents as equal partners and allowing both parties to win and lose on various points. Obama moves alone, like a dictator, as, for example, when he decided, all on his own, to give a nuclear device to Iran, or to give billions of dollars to the Iranian Mullahs, and to give sanctuary and shelter to any Mexicans and Central Americans who can get here and illegally cross the border, and then to take credit for establishing a legacy for himself with the Iran deal and taking away the nation’s right to a secure border against invaders from the south.

On the other hand Obama takes a go-to-hell attitude toward his fellow American citizens and ignores Republican legislators by taking the opportunity to issue executive orders in rapid succession, claiming that he must do what the Republicans won’t permit him to do in order to better serve the American people.

Obama gives George Bush a hard time for invading Iraq, then takes credit for successfully defeating Al-Qaeda there, then gives Iraq to ISIS by taking all of our troops out too soon.

Obama takes away the healthcare we like and can afford and gives us Obamacare which is more expensive and provides less coverage.

Obama took the opportunity to give a lecture to Republicans, telling them that listening to Rush Limbaugh was not the way to get things done in his Washington.

Obama gave the nation a stimulus which required massive borrowing and in so doing, took America’s economic stability away.

Obama and Hillary gave us the Benghazi attack, which took the lives of four Americans.

Obama illogically claims to seek to give Americans added security from terrorists by attempting to unconstitutionally take away our right to keep and bear arms.

Obama’s EPA gives massive numbers of job-killing regulations to an already over-regulated nation, thereby taking thousands of existing and future jobs from unemployed Americans.

Obama takes the time to explain that he can’t unilaterally open our borders to illegal aliens, then gives the House and the Senate the presidential finger by doing exactly that and excluding them from the process.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Obama Thinks Republican Vision For America Is “Unrecognizable”

The man who claimed that his presidency would “fundamentally transform America” has the gall to state that the current Republican candidates for president, who only want to return America to liberty and prosperity again following the Obama’s literal “transformation of America”, which has indeed transformed America into something “unrecognizable” during Obama’s disastrous reign, this same man complained in a recent interview, about the Republican candidates’ expressions of frustration and anger at the current state of affairs in America.  I sure hope the Republicans express frustration and anger, because that’s exactly what millions of people who are paying attention feel about the people, inside and outside the Obama administration, who are running, and destroying, this great nation.  We’re all angry at a president who has killed jobs, who has unconstitutionally and unlawfully allowed hundreds of thousands of illegal and unvetted immigrants to enter our country, who has undermined the viability and honesty of the stock market, who has spent and borrowed money beyond our ability to ever repay it and who has intentionally created massive racial divisiveness in the nation under his dictatorial rule.  We should all be damned mad at what’s happened to America under Obama, because his actions have absolutely made America “unrecognizable” from the prosperous, energetic nation it once was. That said, Obama is way out of line to refer to the Republican candidates’ opinions as being anywhere near unrecognizable, they are only seeking to return our nation to normal.

Mr. Obama had the nerve to further state that, in the past, former Republican presidential candidates’ campaigning always remained “within our political dialogue” while seeking votes. But Obama’s own campaign speeches, on the other hand, clearly went outside the parameters of traditional dialogue with his references to a “fundamental transformation of America”, and more recently, as president, his massive unconstitutional and unlawful acts are outside the bounds of any presidential actions our nation has ever seen. The man is looney.

Our dear president also stated that politics is “meaner” than when he took office.  Duh!  With a president who makes unilateral, unconstitutional decisions that not only exclude the legislature, but also ignore established laws and governmental procedures in order to do whatever the hell he wants to do, Obama alone has made life in America meaner.  And when Obama sides with criminals and blames the police for violent acts that destroy cities and lives, he has made life not only meaner, but more dangerous than when he entered office.

Obama also swears he will allow large numbers of foreign “refugees” to enter the country without properly screening them, even though he has certain awareness that this mass of people have some members among them who are affiliated with the terrorist group ISIS, the militant group that has sworn to destroy America. Life seems just a little meaner and intentionally more dangerous under Obama’s radical administration.

But the most frightening thing about Obama is that when he makes his idiotic statements we expect to see an Alfred E. Neuman rambling on. Instead what we see is an apparently sincere man speaking from the podium, which makes Obama more dangerous than a Hitler or a Stalin, because he really seems to believe the lies he’s delivering to us in his talks.  It’s terrifying to think that millions of non-thinking and ill-informed people are persuaded by the lies Obama tells and actually believe this lunatic. The only thing “unrecognizable” in America today is the horrible state of affairs, domestic and foreign, that Obama is leaving for the next president.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Mother Nature Proves Establishment Republicans To Be Fools

Snow has shut down the eastern seaboard of the United States, including Washington DC.  Shutting down Washington DC means shutting down the federal government, something that frightens establishment Republicans even beyond losing the next election or not being invited to a rich Senate Democrat’s next cocktail party, and so far no one in America has starved to death nor frozen in the cold because of the government not operating for a few days.

But the thing that most frightens establishment Republicans is standing up to a dictator like Obama and taking a principled position against funding Obamacare, or against funding Obama’s Syrian or Mexican illegal immigration scheme, or against borrowing another trillion dollars that we can’t pay for, because it might make Obama angry, and he might then speak harsh words about you nasty Republicans, which words would probably include: racist, hateful, deniers of healthcare for the poor, the party of “no”, the party that won’t cooperate with Obama, etc.

I would remind the Republicans that the words racist, party of “no”, hateful, don’t want the poor to have healthcare and being uncooperative are what Obama and the Democrats call you every day of the week during the times when you agree with, and vote for, every leftist, anti-American scheme the Democrats propose to you, so what are you protecting yourselves from?  Certainly you’re not protected from Obama’s and the Democrat mafia’s abuse, and absolutely certainly you’re not protecting yourselves from the name calling that you get anyway, so why do you continue to play footsie with the Democrats at the expense of your grandchildren’s futures and the continued prosperity and liberty of the United States and its citizens?

So let’s sum up (and I’ll leave out the part about you not being invited to the next fancy Democrat cocktail party for purposes of brevity):

Snow falls, government shuts down and everything runs fine,

You’re going to be called names by the press and the Democrats anyway,

So, why not refuse to borrow more trillions of dollars we can’t pay for, and why not refuse to fund Obamacare, and why not refuse to fund Obama’s scheme to locate tens of thousands of Syrian “refugees” to the United States (many of whom, we have been promised, will be ISIS operatives determined to destroy America, and none of whom can be properly vetted to be sure they’re really refugees and not terrorists) and why not refuse to increase the cost of government in general at the expense of ruining the futures of all Americans? Why not do the right thing next time and say “no” to Obama and his desire to “fundamentally transform America”? If you took a principled stand against Obama and allowed government to shut down in order to get your way, you’d be no worse off with Obama and the Democrats, and the people who actually voted you into office would be very appreciative, and maybe we’d even vote for you the next time you’re up for election, but you’d better quickly change your ways and how you deal with the people who are determined to destroy this nation. And besides, this current snowstorm was heaven-sent to prove to the nation that a government shut-down is not painful at all; but I’d like for it to be painful the next time the budget is voted on, painful for the Democrats.

Democrats Follow The Outline Of A GEICO Commercial: They Attack Opponents Viscously And Dishonestly, It’s What They Do

Under the “It’s what they do” category, Hillary just launched an attack on Michigan’s Republican Governor, trying to blame him personally for the Flint, Michigan, water pollution issue that has endangered the health of millions of lives in that city.  Hillary could foresee the largely Black population of Flint as being a convenient place to advance a blame-the-Republican environment and immediately placed all blame on the governor and his party of hate.  Now we have learned that a high-level EPA official has been dismissed in the case, and that the Obama administration let the issue slip through the cracks and get progressively much worse, thus allowing more people, many of them children, to become more negatively impacted than if the pollution had been addressed quickly and properly at the outset. We also now know that the city council of Flint changed their source of water from the clean Detroit water system to the suspect alternate, but cheaper, current and polluted source. It doesn’t appear that the Republican governor forced the change nor that he told the city and the EPA to drag their feet on a solution, but our Hillary knows only partisan attack as a response to everything. One only has to notice how silent the Obama White House has been on this issue to understand where the real blame resides: big, intrusive government.

My wife and I recently saw the movie 13 Hours. The film made the clear point that the attack on the American compounds in Benghazi were not the result of an odd video that accidently caused the Libyans to take up arms and temporarily lose their temper at Americans.  But that’s what Hillary and the Obama administration, for days after the event, claimed happened, and Hillary still seems to want to push that lie when the subject is brought up, even after years have passed and the lie has been proven wrong. The point to take from this is that the first thing that Liberal/Progressive/Democrats do immediately after a questionable event occurs is to launch an all-out, dishonest attack on someone, usually a Republican, under the thinking that a good offense is the best defense. This procedure places Republicans on the defense with the understanding that the liberal press will maintain the assault on Republicans, thereby protecting Democrats and establishing the case that the Republicans are obviously wrong and deserve condemnation.

Following the Benghazi terrorist attacks, the Obama administration immediately flooded the liberal cable channels with Susan Rice lying about what happened in order to deflect any blame for the American deaths from Hillary and Obama.  The press dutifully followed suit and kept the lie going with the report that the maker of the alleged video has been arrested and was being interrogated.  Now that we know that the whole Obama production was a lie, we get a “what difference, at this point, does it make…” response from Hillary in the hope that everyone will forget the event and Hillary’s culpability in the deaths, but still blame the Republicans for picking on the girl. But a question that still rankles and has never been answered is: where was our 3AM president, Barack Obama, during this entire event and why didn’t the military get involved more rapidly in an attempt to save some lives?

Considering an older subject, but one that continues to haunt America, Democrats have long sought to give goodies to poor people in order to buy their votes. The process went from food subsidies, to full-time unemployment assistance to complete housing and food coverage for the poor, thereby trapping poor people in perpetual poverty and dependence on government, and most recently these lucky souls got the Obamaphone offering, for the illogical reasoning that these tax-payer funded phones will help unemployed people, currently on the dole, find a good job soon (but someone in Washington forgot that there are few if any jobs to be found under the Obama economy, so the poor have free cell phones, but no jobs). Obama then made the already bad unemployment issue even worse with job-killing Obamacare mandates and EPA regulations issued in rapid-fire order.  And the blame for all of these craven policies, elevated unemployment rates and tax-payer giveaways is placed squarely on the Republicans as being the party of “no”, of not caring, for not working sufficiently with Obama on his socialist agenda and for hating poor people. This is typical Democrat problem solving: blame Republicans for the problems Democrats create.  It’s what they do.

Take the issue of women not getting paid equally with men for equal work.  Hillary did not pay her Senate staff females an equal salary to her male staffers, yet every other word from her foul mouth is that she will see to it that women get equal pay, even if she has to unconstitutionally dictate pay levels to corporations from the Oval office. The woman is a veteran liar, yet she is allowed by the establishment Democrats and the liberal press to continue to tell the most blatant and embarrassing lies and get away with them.

The left’s phony “war on women” is another lying issue that Hillary pushes, even though she led the “bimbo eruption” assault on any woman who complained about her husband Bill’s unwanted   amorous attentions when he ran for president in the 1990s.  The woman will do anything for power.

Also consider Hillary’s lies about her email server, claiming it was secure (it wasn’t), claiming that no Secret or Top Secret messages passed through it (many high level security emails did indeed, pass through it) and claiming that the off-net server was legal (it wasn’t). Her immediate lies and accusations against Republicans for once again attacking her with their “vast, right wing conspiracy” was at the ever-ready as a defense as she again went on the offense.

It’s what they do.

Friday, January 22, 2016

A Campaign Season Gone Completely Insane, And A Nation At Great Risk

Consider the following and see if America is not severely challenged:

We have a Clinton candidate for president losing in polling to a virtual unknown socialist.

We have an unknown socialist/communist out-polling the Clinton political/attack machine.

We see Mr. Slick (Bill Clinton) actually being held accountable for his sexual problems.

We have a Republican presidential candidate (Trump) who is at the top of all the polls even though he repeatedly makes comments that have in the past doomed a candidate.

We have a Democrat candidate for president who is being investigated for serious national security violations committed while serving as Obama’s Secretary of State.

We have a president who insists on bringing massive numbers of people (Syrians) into the country in spite of the nation’s security people stating that they are unable to properly vet them, and in spite of ISIS claiming that they have infiltrated the immigrant population with their terrorists, and further in spite of a vast array of attacks by these same Syrian immigrants on the citizens of Germany, Sweden and other European nations that were kind enough to allow these monsters to cross their borders in massive numbers.

We have a president who insists on releasing prisoners from Guantanamo even though congress specifically opposes the releases and even though past experience proves that these same people will war again against America in the future.

We have a president who has signed a losing, idiotic nuclear agreement with Iran assuring that Iran will develop a nuclear device within a few years, and assuring that the billions of dollars released to Iran as part of the agreement, will be used for terrorist purposes.

We have a stock market in the process of a soft crash, proving that the Obama “recovery” is a lie and our economy is a great risk.

We have a president who reaches an international agreement on warming/change in spite of the fact that every thinking person knows this farce is a lie, and knowing that nations like China will never abide by any such agreement under any circumstances.

A president who has illegally opened our borders to untold millions of illegal aliens to our south, and is planning to make them citizens soon in the cynical attempt to assure Democrat-majority voters in all future elections.

But one should take heart for the future of America in that the two leading Republican candidates are campaigning contrary to the Republican establishment, and that’s critical at this point.  It’s also reassuring that Democrats are no longer swooning over a candidate who has behaved criminally. We can only hope that the changes and damage we’ve seen to this great nation in the last seven years have not permanently destroyed the traditional American spirit.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Government Simply Will Not Leave Us To Hell Alone

Even with Hillary and Bernie telling us that Obamacare is one of the great accomplishments of Barack Obama, they still want to push harder with more government control of healthcare for all Americans.

Even with the Dodd-Frank regulation tying banks into knots and causing banking failures, Hillary and Bernie still want to hit America’s finance system harder with more restrictive regulations.

Even with public education’s results at an all-time failing low, Hillary and Bernie want government to take more control of the nation’s education.

Even with the EPA causing destruction to corporations all over America with the constant issuing of new and more restrictive regulations, and also considering Obama to be a great success with the international agreements on Global Warming, Hillary and Bernie want more intrusion into our lives to stop the liberal lie of warming/change.

Even though taxes in the United States are among the highest in the developed world, Hillary and Bernie want more taxes to impose more government control on Americans and make them poorer.

Even though Gays and Trans are the new models for America’s youth and are a new protected class in America, Hillary and Bernie want to give them more attention and make them more attractive so as to be seen as trend-setters.

Even though unemployment is actually at an all-time high, Hillary and Bernie want government to act to control businesses more thoroughly.

Even with massive national debt acting like a cloud over the future of our grandchildren, Hillary and Bernie want to borrow more and spend more borrowed money, and further drive us into perpetual debt and poverty.

The insane idiocy of liberal Democrats is that after praising Obama for his “fundamental transformation of America”, a promise he has fully accomplished, to, in his words, make America more perfect, the likes of Hillary and Bernie talk as though none of what Obama has done is worth a hoot, and the nation must proceed pedal-to-the-metal to additionally “transform America” from the mean, racist, restrictive place they think it is.

It’s impossible to accept that these liberals really believe that the further “transformation of America” is really needed, it’s simply that they want more control over our lives, with the only logical end being the total and complete submission and empowerment of America under their absolute control.  America was the leader in every category of liberty sand wealth when government was small and the nation was fully employed and wealthy.  We can be that way again, if only government will leave us alone.

Do We Really Need An Affirmative Action Plan To Help Black Multi-Millionaire Actors Living In Beverly Hills Mansions?

I agree that black actors should not be excluded from receiving Oscar awards because of their skin color, but it’s hard to feel sorry for some of the wealthiest people in America, living in the most up-scale, gated communities in the world, who may also have BET awards on their fancy mantels at home, who lack an award that they feel they should have, based on their skin color. And just maybe their lack of an Oscar is not based on skin color at all, but rather on acting ability and box office draw. I’m just saying.

I have no doubt that Hollywood and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences may occasionally make decisions based on race when voting for acting awards (after all, Hollywood is full of two-faced, liberal people), but are we really expected to feel sorry for these wealthy swells, even the ones with dark skins, just because they don’t get an award in addition to their enormous salaries and their world-wide celebrity status?  At a time when Hollywood’s chosen president, Barack Insane Obama, is destroying jobs, ruining healthcare, issuing regulations that are anti-business, “fundamentally transforming America”, exposing America to terrorist attacks and causing enormous jobless statistics that negatively impact the average American wage earner (and joblessness most negatively impacts young black people looking for jobs that no longer exist, thanks to Obama), it’s hard to feel sorry for multi-millionaires when they feel slighted.

The Hollywood wealthy who don’t like the way they are being treated should get into their Rolls and Bentley limos and move to a place that will treat them better. Good luck on finding such a place, because aside from Hollywood you’ll never be able to find a job that pays as well as you currently are. 

Friday, January 15, 2016

Obama Thinks He Has A Legacy? What Legacy?

Barack Obama’s slavish followers and apologists claim he is creating a legacy for himself with Obamacare and the Iranian nuclear agreement, but those misguided things are as much a legacy for Obama as Neville Chamberlain’s “peace in our time” agreement with Adolph Hitler was a legacy to Mr. Chamberlain’s memory, but instead of providing a favorable memory for Mr. Chamberlain, his “legacy” led to the destruction of Europe and the suffering and deaths of millions of people. A legacy is usually considered to be a large beneficial gift to one’s relatives and countrymen, much like the United States Constitution was a legacy from our nation’s founders to every American to live here in the last 200-plus years. But Chamberlain’s agreement with Hitler assured that a world war would follow the signing, and today Chamberlain’s big success is considered an unbelievably huge failure. And this failure was made by him in spite of advice to the contrary, along with warnings of Hitler’s treachery and dishonesty.  But our Neville was wiser than his advisers and moved ahead in search of a legacy, much like our attention-starved president is doing.

Obama’s nuclear agreement with Iran so precisely parallels Chamberlain’s agreement with Hitler that the similarities are startling, and only a self-centered, ideological big-shot like Obama would even consider it. His agreement assures that Iran will get a nuclear device in a few years; it assures that no alarms indicating a violation to the agreement will be raised during the development interval and it assures that even if an alarm were to be raised, nothing will be found by the time a team can be assembled to investigate, so the illegal development will continue apace. And we also know that the much advertised “snap-back” will not be applied even if a violation to the agreement is noticed and challenged. Iran’s recent testing and further development of a missile with which to deliver the nuke, coming just weeks after Obama signed the agreement, is proof of their treachery and their total disregard for the agreement, and Obama’s failure to do anything to challenge the Iranians proves that his idiotic desire for a “legacy” will stop at nothing.

On the other hand, if Obama really thinks that his Obamacare legislation assures a positive legacy, then he’s not only crazy, he’s also stupid. We already see many people, suffering after being forced off the healthcare plan they liked and could afford, now having to take less coverage for higher premiums and higher deductibles under Obamacare, and these higher fees must be met before the insurance even kicks in. So just wait a few years, when all of the Obamacare provisions have been fully implemented, (as proof of liberal fears of the general population learning how extensively bad Obamacare is, full implementation has been repeatedly delayed in order to not alienate voters when elections were near) when healthcare under Obama is proven to be a disaster and when the actual working plan is considered by the liberal press without the personality of Obama to intimidate them, we’ll see a great change of heart as to the benefits of government-run healthcare.

If Obamacare and the Iran nuke deal survive a few years beyond the passing of the Obama administration (and intelligent people pray that they will not), Obama’s legacy will change into that of a laughingstock, just like Neville Chamberlain’s memory is that of a fool.

America’s Bully Pulpit Is Now Occupied By A Real Bully

The very same president who said that he could not unilaterally make laws without legislative approval, and then, on his own, went ahead and did it anyway, now promises in his final year to further and more radically “fundamentally transform America” in ways that will stagger the imagination of the citizens of the United States. One would make a grave mistake to not believe that Obama will do things that will threaten our very existence as a nation, and will certainly undermine our prosperity and security. When the most powerful man in the world threatens to make significant and radical changes to this nation unilaterally in spite of opposition, and despite his sworn oath to protect and defend the constitution, every American should be frightened of the destruction he will do.
Obama’s willingness to break the law and defy the constitution proves his hate for America, and for the Americans who have elected Republican majorities in both houses of congress in an attempt to oppose Obama’s dictatorial tendencies, we unfortunately discover that the legislators have expressed an unwillingness to exert any real pushback to Obama in his quest to destroy America.

Having lied about every topic he mentioned in his recent state of the union address to congress, Obama is now intent on making “transformative” changes that will inhibit the ability of Republicans to win elections in the future, and he will make changes that will place America in greater danger from our enemies, who have increased greatly in number during Obama’s administration.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

POTUS Was Untruthful During SOTU Address Last Night

One hates to dwell too long an anything a veteran liar like Obama says, but his basic message last night in his State of the Union Address was “be nice and do what I tell you to do”.  The message was delivered in his usual staccato, bursty manner with his hands lightly striking the podium to emphasize each brief, and uniformly untrue, point while maintaining a haughty, better-than-thou, nose-in-the-air posture as he read the text of his message.

In an attempt to correct a few of the errors our great leader made last night I have this to offer:

He appointed Joe Biden to head the cancer cure research team, forgetting that the Obamacare taxes on new drug development will surely slow the development of any new drugs being planned. And Barry seems to have forgotten the billions of stimulus dollars still unaccounted for that good old Joe was going to oversee in an attempt to restore prosperity and job creation in America following the recession.  Where is the restored prosperity and job creation that Joe was going to see to, and where are the missing funds that have mysteriously disappeared under his oversight? I don’t think that smiley old Joe Biden is the right person for this or any other job.

Obama said that we have to kill and destroy ISIS and other terrorist groups, but that’s not what he has tried to do the last few years in Syria; he specifically stated, just before Paris was attacked by Islamic terrorists last November, that we were just trying to “contain” them.  Which the hell is it, mister president, destruction or containment? I believe with an untruthful, ideologically self-centered man like Obama, that he really believes the last thing he says about an issue is the absolute truth, even if it contradicts everything he has said and done previously on the subject. And that trait is what makes Obama dangerous to a free and prosperous nation.

He also stated that he is emptying Guantanamo because it’s too expensive to keep prisoners there, but completely overlooks the multi-trillion dollar national debt that he has almost personally generated during his administration, which will make our grandchildren poorer while trying to pay just the interest on the borrowed money, let alone the principal. And aside from the cost aspect of Guantanamo, he said that its very existence generated recruits for the ISIS terrorists, as though Obama’s bombing of terrorists camps in Syria and his ordering the killing of Osama bin Laden are broadly applauded by the terrorists. The fool man makes no sense.

There were numerous other lying points that Obama paraded before the American public, but as previously stated, it’s useless to list the lies of a liar because liars don’t know the difference between the obvious truth and their lies.

Monday, January 11, 2016

The People Are Speaking, In Spite Of the Hot Verbal Air Of Politics

The establishment Republican’s candidates can’t get any traction against Trump, Cruz or Carson, and for the Democrat leadership, Hillary is looking increasingly weak and threatened against Bernie Sanders. The people out here in fly-over country are speaking via candidate opinion polls and the politicians from both parties are frightened about what is happening to their hand-picked candidates, and they don’t know what’s hit them.

Of course the Democrat-assured candidate may soon be making license plates for her email and national security scandals, along with her financial corruption and influence peddling while serving as Obama’s Secretary of State, and these facts also are certainly shaking up the professional Democrats, as well as the unbalanced and unexpected polling against Sanders is disturbing them.

Then, looking to the future, consider that the professional Democrats and their allies in the liberal media, in addition to and made even worse by Sanders’ own personal far left and anti-capitalist rhetoric, are alienating future Democrat voters by calling Trump prejudiced, racist and divisive for his speeches and positions on refugees and illegal aliens, at a time when many traditional Democrat voters are attracted to Trump’s truth-telling and America-favoring, given all of the lying, abuse of the constitution and political correctness they’ve seen throughout the Obama administration.

So far we only have polling to indicate voter inclinations, with the actual casting of votes to follow later. But Trump and Cruz have been so dominant for so long that it’s safe to assume the votes will follow the polling for these two candidates and take a serious bite from the percentage of the population that votes for any Democrat candidate.

And then one can never ignore the personal appeal of a candidate in a national election: Hillary is so sloppy and unpresentable (especially with her unwashed hair, which unpleasantness has lately been only partly offset with her new habit of wearing a wig) that she makes Israel’s former Prime Minister, Golda Meir, look pretty. Ahh, the good old “pretty in pink” days are long behind us.

Friday, January 8, 2016

There Is No Doubt You’re A Liberal If…

You believe Hillary landed in an aircraft in Bosnia while under enemy fire.

You think “what difference, at this point, does it make” was a good response for Hillary and excused her from culpability in the Benghazi terrorist attack and the resulting murders of her staff there.

You think the wholesale release of enemy combatants from GITMO is good idea and makes America safer.

You think Hillary’s use of an unsecure email server handling Top Secret memos was legal.

You think Hillary’s appeal to women, using sex-offender Bill Clinton as her spokesman, is a good idea.

You think defying the constitution with executive orders is “what we are” as Americans.

You disregard and dismiss Obama’s repeated lies of the past, but believe his new lies about global warming and climate change.

You believe prosperity can be restored to America with government issuing all the rules for the conduction of business, and the EPA issuing new regulations controlling businesses every week.

You believe that videos of Donald Trump making speeches actually recruits Muslims to kill Americans, but don’t believe that Obama bombing ISIS camps in Syria or killing Osama bin Laden 
angers them.

You don’t believe that Obama inviting immigrants to illegally cross our borders, thereby causing young children and girls to make the trip across Mexico alone and likely being sexually attacked, raped and at times enslaved into prostitution by the gangs resident in Mexico, is child abuse by the Obama administration and punishable under American law for intentionally putting children in harm’s way.

You think that Hillary, as part of the Clinton Bimbo Eruption in the 1990s, abusing and threatening women who spoke out against their attacker, Bill Clinton, is not conducting her own “War On Women”.

If you believe the things above you are not only a liberal, but you also buy the tooth fairy thing.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Will We Ever Learn The True Relationship Between Obama And Iran?

 (Obama And The Iran Nuke Deal: From Stupid To Dangerous To Criminal)

Ever since the early months of the Obama administration, when Obama allowed Iran to imprison, torture and kill the young people who made up the Green revolution in that country, I wondered what hold Iran had on our Obama that allowed him to turn his back on people trying to rid themselves of religious persecution and throw off the yoke forced upon them by the Mullahs.

Since that time Obama has proven himself to be quite a fan of Iran and seems to favor that terrorist dictatorship over any other nation. The recent foolish and idiotic Iran nuke agreement has proven that Obama and the Mullahs have a suspicious pact going that the rest of us aren’t privy to.

I have two questions that might express the major areas of concern with Obama’s Iran deal:

Why would Obama sign an agreement with the terrorist-state of Iran that even members of his own party believe is harmful to America?

Why would Obama still move forward with the agreement and still consider waiving sanctions on Iran when the Mullahs have already broken the deal with a missile test, and while Obama’s beloved United Nations is investigating the test, which violates its resolution 1929.

When the idiotic Iran nuke deal was negotiated by the Obama administration we were assured that if Iran violated the deal the violation would be noticed (except that we later found out that we had to depend on the Iranians themselves to report any violation, not an independent observer) and upon learning of a violation the “snap-back” provision would automatically happen and the sanctions would be immediately placed on Iran again (but then we later learned that Iran has 24 days following the reporting of a violation before inspectors could actually visit the violation site, and we also later learned that America will not be allowed to perform any after-violation inspections).  As usual with the lying Obama administration, his promises and assurances are worthless.

As thinking people everywhere knew all along, the idiots Kerry and Obama negotiated a piece of crap agreement with Iran that is working (as intended) to the harm of America and Israel. Why would Obama, in his expressed intention to “fundamentally transform America” not negotiate an agreement that would also “fundamentally harm America”?  Harming and weakening America is what Obama is all about. What hold does Iran have over our Obama?

And now, after Obama’s bad nuke deal has been signed and our ruler is proceeding to give Iran everything it wants just to keep them happy, we learn that the genius lawyers in the Obama administration have missed legislation that Obama himself signed into law in 2012, which forbids provisions in the nuke deal that are important to Obama and his legacy. If a corporation had negotiated such a deal in violation of U.S. law, Obama would have them in chains in five minutes and would be berating them daily as evil capitalist corporations plotting against the laws of  our nation and the welfare of all Americans. Fortunately for Obama, laws don’t keep him from implementing his favored policies. He’s part of enlightened government and immune to mere laws.

PS: At this time we see that other Middle East players (Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Sudan, and UAE) are currently at serious odds with Iran, with war seeming to be inevitable soon if the tension doesn’t lessen, following an attack on the Saudi embassy in Tehran. Obama’s much-sought legacy is continuing to play out with death promised to many innocent people all over the world because Obama is weak and indecisive and desirous of a legacy, any legacy, even if it’s bad.  Plus there’s his suspicious, incestuous dealings with Iran that we may never learn the truth of.

Obama’s Tears Increase America’s Fears

As predicted, our Barry unconstitutionally went after guns again yesterday (January 5, 2016), and he laid it on emotionally and shed a single, completely phony tear as part of his act. This man who so hates America that he swore to “fundamentally transform” it doesn’t give a crap about school or theater killings nor about the constitution, and he will do anything and take advantage of any lame excuse to do harm to America and its people, and that’s what frightens Americans about this fool man.

In part the theatrics were for the benefit of the liberal press to demonstrate that the emotionless Obama can emote and that he is making an appearance to save the children from an evil, lone pistol roaming out there somewhere in search of someone to pull its trigger.  Like our lip-biting former president Bill Clinton, Obama feels our pain, and he’s willing to shed a tear to prove it. After the event Obama decided to go back to the Oval Office to decide what he is going to “fundamentally change’ in this nasty country next.

I guess the past school and theater shootings did not impact our Barry sufficiently to do anything about them at the time, so what propelled him to broach the subject yesterday?  After all, he has allowed the EPA to destroy the coal industry with new regulations, thereby placing electric power generation at jeopardy; and he has dallied long enough in Syria to allow ISIS to get good and strong and spread its evil power well into Iraq; and we can’t forget that our very own Obama agreed to let the Iranians develop a nuclear device that they have sworn will be launched at America and Israel once they also develop the missile to deliver it; and he has just gotten the Republican legislators to fully fund his Obamacare plan and his scheme to get Syrians and Central Americans into America and settled and comfortably on welfare, even if some of these aliens are illegal and even if they are members of ISIS and may be planning terrorist attacks on American cities. Obama doesn’t care about any of these outrages, as long as he gets more potential voters to come here and vote Democrat. So, with all of these scandals on his plate, why now with the gun control thing?

With Obama’s tears, America fears what is next for us as this evil man nears the end of his administration and his ability and willingness to shove dictatorial orders down our throats. We fear Obama for his failures: the Russian reset; a jobless economic “recovery”; Infinite national debt; the Syrian red line; opening America’s borders to all comers; the Iran nuke deal; Putin laughing at Obama and moving into Syria; vacating and abandoning Iraq after it had achieved peace; releasing Guantanamo prisoners; declaring police departments racists for performing their difficult and dangerous obligation to society.

Most Americans now see Obama as a small-thinking and highly prejudiced and opinionated man who is intellectually stuck in the chaos of the 1960s and is intent on pushing his leftist policies on the nation to our great collective harm.  The more Obama fails in his policies the more frustrated these failures make him, so he wants to push radical changes on us in hopes of finally producing something successful, thus being able to take credit for being wise and right for a change instead of the string of failures his policies have produced.

The pretend tears Obama shed are the tears of frustration for being made to look like a fool and for being laughed at by the rest of the world. Even his beloved Iranians ignore the recent nuclear agreement/legacy-generating deal with Obama and continue to develop a nuclear device and the missile to deliver it to America, Europe and Israel. Obama is a poor, misunderstood waif who is now criticized even by Democrats for his stupidity and naiveté and he now sheds tears for himself and will only feel fulfilled when his leftist ideals are accepted by all Americans.  So he’ll keep pushing his junk thought until January 2017, and, I fear, even beyond.

Are Establishment Republicans Stupid, Or Do They Just Play Stupid After Being Elected to Office?

A few weeks ago Republicans (who run both houses of Congress, by the way) fully funded Obamacare for another year, and today House Republicans voted to repeal Obamacare in its entirety.  Stated differently, recently Republicans handed Obama the money to fully implement Obamacare (and in the process further destroy healthcare in America), yet today they symbolically voted to repeal Obamacare (which they know will not survive an Obama veto).

So what the hell are these fools doing with this symbolic vote that means nothing after they’ve given Obama the money to actually do what they pretend to oppose? And please be informed that I have no problem with the vote to repeal, it’s what they should do whether or not Obama can block it, but they could have absolutely prevented Obama from implementing Obamacare if they had denied him the money to do so.

And don’t say that they could not withhold funds from Obama because that would have left them open to criticism by Democrats for shutting down the government.  If Republicans had any sense and any guts, and if they really understood the difference between right and wrong, they would have shut down the damned government by withholding all funding for all of the liberal, destructive programs the budget will pay for. And also don’t suggest that Republicans just want to play nice so the independent voters will like them, and so the Hispanic voters will not think badly of them.  Any block of voters that has bought the liberal lie will not vote for a Republican, and only a strong conservative stance on issues facing our nation will win the vote of independents.

 Unfortunately establishment Republicans are not in that body of solid stance conservative politicians.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Someone Please Tell Obama That the Following Things Are Not “What We Are”

Right off the bat it must be said that none of Obama’s actions and policies are “what Americans are” as a nation.  The phrase “not what we are” is a popular one with our Barry as he tries to convince us that we should behave as a nation just as he declares we should, even though his actions are contrary to anything we’ve ever seen or done before as a nation.   Here’s a short list of what America isn’t and what we, as citizens of the country that Obama currently rules, don’t want it to become:

America doesn’t sign treaties with terrorist nations that assure that those nations will soon develop nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver those weapons.

American presidents don’t blame America for the suffering and misery one sees in too many dictatorial nations around the world.

American presidents don’t allow the IRS to discriminate against their loyal political opponents.

American presidents don’t allow their Secretary of State to violate national security by operating an unprotected email system.

America does not allow illegal aliens to freely cross our borders in order to either live off welfare at the expense of the American tax payers, or take jobs that Americans could use under Obama’s jobless “recovery”.

American presidents don’t publicly insult Israeli prime ministers when they visit the White House, nor do they blame Israel for the suffering of Palestinians on the West Bank and in Gaza.

American presidents don’t violate the constitution by taking weapons needed for self-defense, from American citizens.

American presidents don’t lecture their fellow-citizens and call them racists when they want to defend the nation from the terrorists that Obama insists he will resettle here.

American presidents don’t allow the EPA to issue illegal, job-killing regulations that do nothing to protect the environment and are contrary to the EPA enabling legislation passed by congress.

American presidents don’t arbitrarily outlaw our major source of electric power generation: coal.

American presidents don’t violate the constitution and attempt to establish laws in the form of executive orders, which orders are in violation of the will of the people who have rejected his radical administration by placing a majority of Republicans in the House and Senate in order to block his dictatorial tendencies.

American presidents don’t deny Americans free choice in their selection of healthcare providers.

The things listed above are not what America is and not what American presidents have ever done before, but Obama has done, and is doing, each of them and more.