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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Democrats Follow The Outline Of A GEICO Commercial: They Attack Opponents Viscously And Dishonestly, It’s What They Do

Under the “It’s what they do” category, Hillary just launched an attack on Michigan’s Republican Governor, trying to blame him personally for the Flint, Michigan, water pollution issue that has endangered the health of millions of lives in that city.  Hillary could foresee the largely Black population of Flint as being a convenient place to advance a blame-the-Republican environment and immediately placed all blame on the governor and his party of hate.  Now we have learned that a high-level EPA official has been dismissed in the case, and that the Obama administration let the issue slip through the cracks and get progressively much worse, thus allowing more people, many of them children, to become more negatively impacted than if the pollution had been addressed quickly and properly at the outset. We also now know that the city council of Flint changed their source of water from the clean Detroit water system to the suspect alternate, but cheaper, current and polluted source. It doesn’t appear that the Republican governor forced the change nor that he told the city and the EPA to drag their feet on a solution, but our Hillary knows only partisan attack as a response to everything. One only has to notice how silent the Obama White House has been on this issue to understand where the real blame resides: big, intrusive government.

My wife and I recently saw the movie 13 Hours. The film made the clear point that the attack on the American compounds in Benghazi were not the result of an odd video that accidently caused the Libyans to take up arms and temporarily lose their temper at Americans.  But that’s what Hillary and the Obama administration, for days after the event, claimed happened, and Hillary still seems to want to push that lie when the subject is brought up, even after years have passed and the lie has been proven wrong. The point to take from this is that the first thing that Liberal/Progressive/Democrats do immediately after a questionable event occurs is to launch an all-out, dishonest attack on someone, usually a Republican, under the thinking that a good offense is the best defense. This procedure places Republicans on the defense with the understanding that the liberal press will maintain the assault on Republicans, thereby protecting Democrats and establishing the case that the Republicans are obviously wrong and deserve condemnation.

Following the Benghazi terrorist attacks, the Obama administration immediately flooded the liberal cable channels with Susan Rice lying about what happened in order to deflect any blame for the American deaths from Hillary and Obama.  The press dutifully followed suit and kept the lie going with the report that the maker of the alleged video has been arrested and was being interrogated.  Now that we know that the whole Obama production was a lie, we get a “what difference, at this point, does it make…” response from Hillary in the hope that everyone will forget the event and Hillary’s culpability in the deaths, but still blame the Republicans for picking on the girl. But a question that still rankles and has never been answered is: where was our 3AM president, Barack Obama, during this entire event and why didn’t the military get involved more rapidly in an attempt to save some lives?

Considering an older subject, but one that continues to haunt America, Democrats have long sought to give goodies to poor people in order to buy their votes. The process went from food subsidies, to full-time unemployment assistance to complete housing and food coverage for the poor, thereby trapping poor people in perpetual poverty and dependence on government, and most recently these lucky souls got the Obamaphone offering, for the illogical reasoning that these tax-payer funded phones will help unemployed people, currently on the dole, find a good job soon (but someone in Washington forgot that there are few if any jobs to be found under the Obama economy, so the poor have free cell phones, but no jobs). Obama then made the already bad unemployment issue even worse with job-killing Obamacare mandates and EPA regulations issued in rapid-fire order.  And the blame for all of these craven policies, elevated unemployment rates and tax-payer giveaways is placed squarely on the Republicans as being the party of “no”, of not caring, for not working sufficiently with Obama on his socialist agenda and for hating poor people. This is typical Democrat problem solving: blame Republicans for the problems Democrats create.  It’s what they do.

Take the issue of women not getting paid equally with men for equal work.  Hillary did not pay her Senate staff females an equal salary to her male staffers, yet every other word from her foul mouth is that she will see to it that women get equal pay, even if she has to unconstitutionally dictate pay levels to corporations from the Oval office. The woman is a veteran liar, yet she is allowed by the establishment Democrats and the liberal press to continue to tell the most blatant and embarrassing lies and get away with them.

The left’s phony “war on women” is another lying issue that Hillary pushes, even though she led the “bimbo eruption” assault on any woman who complained about her husband Bill’s unwanted   amorous attentions when he ran for president in the 1990s.  The woman will do anything for power.

Also consider Hillary’s lies about her email server, claiming it was secure (it wasn’t), claiming that no Secret or Top Secret messages passed through it (many high level security emails did indeed, pass through it) and claiming that the off-net server was legal (it wasn’t). Her immediate lies and accusations against Republicans for once again attacking her with their “vast, right wing conspiracy” was at the ever-ready as a defense as she again went on the offense.

It’s what they do.