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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Liberals Finally Admitting Obamacare Is A Disaster

Chelsea Clinton recently voiced the official Hillary admission that Obamacare is a disaster and that its costs are “crushing” many Americans financially. It seems to me that Hillary is a little late in this realization.

Where was Hillary when we had a chance to halt the Obamacare insanity before it was enacted? Did she not read the bill (oops, no one was allowed to read the original 20,000 page bill before it was enacted by Democrats only, along strict party lines). Did she not hear conservatives say that exactly what is happening with the ACA would inevitably happen (oops again. Republicans and conservatives who mentioned the destructive aspects of Obamacare were branded as obstructionists and racists who hated poor people)?

Of course Hillary will not propose repealing Obamacare and restoring the nation’s healthcare to a policy of allowing competition and individual choice among free citizens. She will not allow competitive, cross-state-line insurance offerings in the 50 states. Nor will she allow the consideration of tort reform to reduce costs and liability. And she doesn’t like the idea of medical savings accounts that allow Americans to be responsible for their own lives. Her only acknowledged idea for helping the middle class afford health care is to tweak the bill here and there while retaining complete government control. Obama’s “legacy” needs to be completely gutted and repealed in order to “fix” it.

Although Hillary pretends to oppose Obamacare, two articles from The Hill have headlines that strongly suggest otherwise. On September 15, 2014, they wrote: “Hillary Clinton’s fingerprints are all over Obamacare”, and on January 27, 2016, Hillary is quoted as saying: “It was Hillarycare before it was Obamacare”. So it’s obvious that Hillary wants to have the discussion both ways: she takes credit for giving Obama the idea for Obamacare and wants uninformed people to thank her for this plague on America, and at the same time wants to appear to be a great reformer who will undo the excessively expensive Obamacare and save American families money. One can only hope that Americans voters are smart enough to not fall for Democrat lies again and will vote for a Republican president who has promised to repeal Obamacare, period!

One wonders what other horrible, destructive things that Obama has cooked up the last seven years that liberals pretend to like while their ruler is in power, but that they will disdain in the future as the destructiveness of the Obama administration becomes apparent. Will they realize the absolute terror of the Iran nuke deal? Obama’s blaming of Israel for the Palestinian problem? The opening of our borders to allow all who want to enter illegally be welcomed to do so? The relocation of Syrian “refugees” into our country? Forced location of welfare housing projects into middle class neighborhoods? Trying to “contain” ISIS instead of totally destroying it? Dancing on television while Brussels burned? And how about Obama’s plan to “fundamentally transform America”? Was that really a good idea?

Democrats, regardless of age, seem to be stuck in the stage of brain maturity where the prefrontal cortex is not fully developed, which process usually completes by age 25, thereby making their decisions brash and irrational and not fully thought through and properly considered. This immaturity among Democrats/liberals/progressives is dangerous.

But they are what they are: Democrats behave like impulsive teenagers who will not listen to conservatives as they make unwise decisions that negatively impact every American, while calling conservatives who give wise counsel obstructionists, old-fashioned, racists and bigots who just want to keep liberals from having fun. Parents with teenagers will recognize these responses coming from Democrat/liberal/progressives for what they are: immature and thoughtless.

It makes one sad to consider the blessings this nation could have had, and the tens of billions of dollars we might have saved, if Obamacare had been rejected and real, meaningful healthcare revisions and improvements could have been introduced instead of the government taking over the constitutional rights of Americans in the running of their lives. It’s been a tragedy, and it’s on the heads of the thoughtless, immature Democrats.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

If White/ECO Extremist Groups Can Be Tracked by the FBI, Why Not Radical Islamic Groups?

As recently as June 28, 2015, National Public Radio broadcast a program having this title: “Home Grown Threat: FBI Tracks White Separatists, Domestic Extremists”.

I found this interesting because every time Donald Trump or Ted Cruz make a statement of trying to uncover the next bombing and mass murder by Muslim extremists, and we know one is coming, by having the police quietly track them and listen in on their planning, liberals fly into a rage at the nerve of anyone suggesting that our law enforcement agencies actually invade the privacy of Islamic groups. It amazes me how liberals can be so short-sighted and pretend that their own family members may not be the target of the next bombing of an airport or a shopping center by radical groups, and it amazes me that they are content with letting such violent planning proceed with no attempt to halt it by allowing the police to intervene beforehand.

Well, if white groups can be tracked and invaded, why not Muslim groups? After all, a white group may want to separate from the country and may demonstrate hate for all or a part of the rest of the nation, but they don’t claim to want the destruction of the country as a whole, which radical Islamists chant all the time is their goal. Plus they want death to Israel, and want the destruction of the very liberal nations of Europe to boot. They just hate everyone who is not a Muslim and want them dead. And is anyone pretending that the Ku Klux Klan wasn’t surveilled by the FBI?

White supremacists and Islamic groups are both full of hate, so why should one be protected from surveillance and not the other? Closely watching any type of violent group would protect many innocent lives. A report dated September 2012, detailed how law enforcement derailed radical eco-terrorist groups. I would never say that if we let one radical group practice their violence and hate that we need to let them all do so, but that seems to be the essence of what liberals believe, except that Muslim groups want total death to all non-believers, and other radical groups don’t. We may well be fighting for the survival of all of North America if Islamist groups get their hands on a nuclear weapon, so I see nothing wrong with trying to stop these radical religious groups just as we have other, more “traditional” groups. Our lives may depend on it.

A BlitzKrieg On Brussels! War While Obama Basks in Cuba. Remedy: A New Crusade On ISIS.

Obama needs to be praised for at least his imagined “containment” of ISIS because his wasted words tell us that the thought had at least entered his vacant head, but unfortunately the real world has caught up with our dallying president, and while he basks in a hero’s glory in Communist Cuba and soaks up the sun with the Castro dictators, ISIS has once again proven our president to be a fool and a liar: he hasn’t contained anything but the American economy and our constitutional rights, and ISIS is on the loose pulling a blitzkrieg in Brussels.

Political correctness is destroying Europe, and America is close behind.  Nations like Belgium have welcomed the suffering refugees from the Middle East with open arms, and they are in turn rewarded with high welfare roles, no-go areas of their cities where police refuse to enter, and are experiencing numerous bombings, killing many of the good citizens of that nation.

Hillary would be no better than Obama has been at reducing the threat to America from these terrorists because she is so full of the leftist kumbaya crap, and her Sec State experience is so weak on dealing properly with the forces that threaten us, that if president, she would only insist on accepting more refugees into America and want to dole out more economic aid to the nations harboring these criminals.

What we need is a Trump or a Cruz in the Oval Office, both of whom are willing to get real and launch a modern-day Cruz-ade (pun intended) on our sworn enemies while giving conservatives a rest for a while from the constant and unrelenting abuse they’ve taken from the leftist press and the two Democrat candidates, for remarks about keeping suspect people out of America while the threat to our lives and liberties are being investigated and resolved. If France and Belgium had ignored political correctness, kept trouble-makers out of their countries and not allowed entire neighborhoods become terrorist training and breeding camps, Paris and Brussels would have possibly avoided the horrible attacks they’ve experienced recently.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Obama Thinks Seeking His “Legacy” Means Playing The Fool

Obama makes a nuke deal with Iran with no pre-conditions, assures Americans and the world that nuclear weapon development will not be allowed to continue, and then gives Iran everything they demand as part of the deal. Obama gets nothing in return for his efforts and now we find out that Iran is indeed continuing to develop a nuclear weapon, as well as otherwise breaking all of the articles to the agreement, which Iran still refuses to sign by the way, and which our fool president insists is a good deal for the world and enhances his legacy. And all of this is after Obama ignored the Iranian green revolution in 2009, thereby dooming all of the young people who risked their lives in an attempt to overthrow the dictatorship of the Mullahs in Iran.

Now Obama is rewarding the criminal Cuban dictatorship for their years of terror on the Cuban population by sealing a deal in which he restored diplomatic relations with them. This weekend Obama traveled to Cuba in hopes of being received like the hero he thinks he is. But, Surprise! Our idle-minded president was insulted and snubbed by the Castro brothers and left alone and lonely at the airport. But, true to his attitude toward dictatorship regimes, he just kept on playing the game, grinning his Alfred E. Neuman grin and pretended he didn’t catch the insult he got from the Castros.

What does Obama not understand about national pride and personal legacies? Why can’t this man understand that history will laugh at him in the future just as Iranian and Cuban rulers are laughing at him today, and as we all laugh at Neville Chamberlain for his idiotic, legacy-building, Peace In Our Time deal with Hitler? Recall when Obama whispered to Russian President Medvedev that he would be able to deal more freely with Vladimir Putin if Vlad would only give him time to win a second term as American president, at which time he would be free to give the Russians everything they want? When you consider the whipping Putin later gave Obama in Syria, it’s plain to see that, once again, Obama played the fool to Russia and got his head handed to him. International dictators are a little more difficult for an American president to deal with than are local community ward-leader Democrats and PC-terrified corporate CEOs, and Obama is now way out of his depth. He is no longer the sharp Chicago Community Organizer and rabble rouser he once was. He’s now a failed president leading a once great nation on a downward path to oblivion.

Obama obviously loves and admires absolute power and dictatorships with whom he can make deals. It’s equally obvious that he hates American constitutional government which places obstacles in his way when he wants to act like a Putin or a Castro. Obama’s presidency shows us that he’s made every effort to become a dictator here at home. But one wonders if Obama is as stupid as he seems to be and if there is not some personal reward coming his way after he leaves office for allowing our foreign adversaries to walk all over him while serving as president. After all, if Obama is held in low regard, all Americans are held in low regard as a result, and this pleases our enemies greatly. Elections have consequences and our national embarrassment is one of the negative results of Obama being president.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Obama’s Advice for A Failed Cuba: Blame America And Drop The Embargo. Obama’s Advice For A Failing America: Continue On Obama’s Same, Failed Path.

When Obama decided that we need to start bailing out Castro’s failed paradise in Cuba the situation became a classic case of “blame America first”.  He told us that the terrible fault with Cuba was not the Communism/Fascism practiced by the Castro brothers, but rather America’s meddling in Cuba’s business, and as a result America is destroying the futures of every Cuban citizen and we need to cease and desist immediately, restore diplomatic relations and start pumping some dollars Castro’s way.

Even though we have numerous Cuban refugees in America who say that making Fidel wealthy will not only not improve the condition of the Cuban citizens who have suffered greatly these last 60 years, but would only reward Castro for bad behavior and further separate him from the real, desperate lives of Cuba’s citizens. Obama didn’t address Castro’s jails, which are packed with people who spoke up or acted against Cuba’s totalitarian regime.  Nor did he tell us how the lives of those who object to complete control by big government would be improved by the restoration of relations between our two nations.

So now we have it on record that Obama believes that if one tries for several years to punish the Cuban leaders by enforcing an embargo against them, and if the dictatorship remains in power years later, Obama’s advice is to attempt change in a different way: remove the embargo and restore trade and travel between the two countries. Applying this principle to America, the Obama regime has experienced nothing but failure in all measurable ways resulting from his “fundamental transformation of America” via radical executive orders, overbearing regulations and his personal non-compliance with laws he doesn’t like. When I say he’s “seen nothing but failure in all measurable ways resulting from his “fundamental transformation of America”’ I mean things like his failed economy, a failed immigration policy, failed national security considerations, an increased unemployment index, more people on welfare, and more killings on the streets of Chicago and Baltimore, among other things. But Obama measures his success not in how well or badly Americans live and see their lives, but rather he gauges success on how much of an American’s life is controlled by the government, so he will allow no departure from his increasing control over the lives of American citizens and will not lighten the burden of big government on our lives and liberties. So much for his idea of rectifying a failed policy by trying something else.

For seven years Obama has steadily increased the influence of big government in everyone’s life from Obamacare to Obamaphone; to opening our southern borders to all illegal aliens; to encouraging people to go on welfare; to making minorities feel abused, resentful and downtrodden; to investigating police departments to make them appear to be acting criminally; to never defining an Islamic attack as being terrorism (rather calling the acts work place violence).  And even for those who would consider each of these things something they would hold against Obama as being bad for the nation and bad for every individual citizen, each one has been good for Obama because they have given him and his liberal/progressive party enormous power over three hundred million American lives, and that’s what a “fundamental transformation of America” is: taking freedom and prosperity from the citizens and transferring it to Obama’s supporters and establishment politicians in both parties.

Both Parties Unify Themselves And Reject Old Establishment Politics, But The Result Is A Wider Divide Among Americans

The good news in the most recent primary elections is that the strong Republicans on the one hand, and the anti-Clinton/Obama theme of Bernie Sanders on the other, soundly thrashed their opponents (in the cases of Trump and Cruz in the Republican race) or have mightily frightened the opposing contender (in the case of Bernie Sanders on the Democrat side). It now appears that conservative ideas and ideals will be represented in the Republican Party in 2016 (to the chagrin of the old establishment Republicans) and that leftist/socialist ideas will carry the day for the Democrats.

So one can truly say that each party is unifying its base, but the party unification now creates two very different cliffs with a wide canyon between them at the national level. There will still be moderates on both sides that will interact with the dedicated conservatives and liberals in the respective parties, but the general drift of the two parties is to put more ground between them and have less cooperation and overlap in their policies.

Back in the 1950s and 1960s it was said that America was a peaceful, happy democracy because most people did not vote at all since the two parties shared so many ideas and principles of how government should be run that citizens felt they didn’t need to vote in order to remain free and prosperous. But this idea is no longer true and many people now fear losing the liberties and wealth they had ten years ago.

Bernie’s Democrats want more government handouts and goodies regardless of what the constitution says and regardless of what the cost is, and conservatives want much less government involvement and control in their lives. The divide could not be more clear, nor more threatening to our nation.

Is It 1968 All Over Again? Or Are These Latest Leftist Acts Just Micro-Terrorism?

I don’t think that the self-righteous left, the people blocking Donald Trump from making a speech a week-ago Friday, and the two groups demonstrating against Trump and causing trouble today in New York City and in Phoenix, are smart enough to understand that they are generating support for Trump from many who were undecided, and locking in support for him by those who were already attracted to his no-nonsense, anti-political correctness attitude. As usual, these leftists are attempting to be important by pretending to be above-it-all and superior with their marching and chanting and their waving of signs.

In New York I understand that the marchers got violent with the police and several were arrested, and in Phoenix there may have been peoples’ health and welfare threatened if those individuals trapped on the blockaded highway were trying to get to a hospital or were driving to pick up a child.  I equate this uncalled-for involvement in other peoples’ lives to be a form of violence, and the threat is coming only from the left, not from Donald Trump, who is the person being protested against and whose speech and movements are being restricted by the micro-terrorists.

I really resent these mainly young, inexperienced people pretending to tell me not only whom to vote for, but trying to make my side of the political divide look like the side of hate, intimidation and intolerance. The persons on the left are always intolerant.

These young people have no idea how negatively Hillary, Bernie and Obama’s open immigration ideas will impact their lives and their economic futures if the left wins the next election. They are blind to the negative impact on their lives via Obama’s EPA and his disastrous Affordable Care Act, and the limitations placed on job creation that his policies have caused.

Given that the campaigning has a long way to go before the November election, I expect the intolerant left to become more unhinged and violent due to their literal, although unjustified, fear of Trump and Cruz, in the months ahead.

Damn these fools for their self-centered misplaced superiority and for limiting my liberties and freedom in their abuse of the candidate I choose to listen to and will vote for if he becomes the Republican candidate. The more the punks demonstrate, the more set against them I become, and I’m not alone in this attitude.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Obama Has Already Destroyed World Order, So What’s The Beef About Trump?

There are time when one looks at wonder at the bizarre world we are in. Obama trashes the constitution; he disobeys laws (he even disobeys his own laws); he lies about healthcare; he lets the EPA rape personal real estate holdings and corporate manufacturing sites; he runs up an unpayable national debt; he allows international criminals to kill-at-will in Syria and Iraq; he oversees the highest unemployment rate in years; he pulls our troops out of Iraq and allows that relatively settled country to revert back to chaos; he opens the borders to all who would like to come illegally to America and partake of the goodies he hands out to them; he is willing to accept Syrian “refugees” even if they are infiltrated with ISIS killers; he forces nuns to provide abortions to church employees; he allows Iran to continue to develop a nuclear device; he develops plans to force middle class neighborhoods to accept buildings of welfare recipients to be constructed in their midst; he oversees more murders in Chicago and Baltimore than one can believe; he repeatedly tries to devise ways to take guns from American citizens; the nation’s welfare roles have greatly increased under Obama’s administration; our national credit rating has been down-graded under Obama; the police forces in America are under violent attack because of Obama’s Justice Department; he swears to “fundamentally transform America” and seems to be doing a great job of it; he provides money and personnel to overthrow Netanyahu in Israeli elections; he goes out of his way to make enemies of nearly every ally we have in the world, while simultaneously getting up-close and personal with Vladimir Putin, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and the Castro brothers; and someone is worried about what Donald Trump would do to America and the World Order? Anything would be an improvement over the fool now occupying the Oval Office.

If our political ruling class has any trust in Americans to make decisions that best-serve their own and America’s fortunes, they’d better let the current primary process reach its natural conclusion and stop telling us how stupid we are out here amongst the unwashed masses, because it’s the smart set in Washington and New York who have dropped the ball and allowed liberalism/progressivism to control our lives and threaten our nation’s demise.

If Donald Trump is such a problem and will be so easily defeated by Hillary Clinton in a general election, then why are the leftists giving him so much negative attention and not simply allowing him to hang himself with his statements and positions?  And why, if Trump is such an awful politician, is Republican turn-out at the primary elections setting new records while the Democrats are seeing shrinking numbers of voters turning out to vote for them? The truth is that the Democrats are frightened of Trump and know that Hillary will lose to him in a general election, while the Republican establishment fears that he will upset their carefully planned self-serving applecart if elected, and that he will concentrate on things that matter to real Americans and their families instead if pushing the politically correct crap that the Republican establishment has allied themselves with the Democrats to enact.

Obama Uses A Sitting Judge To Force Republicans To Accept A Leftist For The Supreme Court

Judge Merrick Garland was sobbing as he thanked the America-hating Barack Obama for appointing him to be Antonin Scalia’s replacement on the Supreme Court. Mr. Garland had reason to shed tears because Obama is shamelessly using him as a flag of war being waved at Republican Senators who have already stated that they will not consider anyone appointed by Barack Obama in the last few months of his administration. The Republicans stated that their lack of consideration for any appointment Obama sends to them is in keeping with the Biden Rule, which our idiot Vice President used in past years to block a Republican president from making a late-term appointment.

It’s typical of Obama to use as a foil anyone and anything he can possibly throw at a Republican, knowing that the Democrat Party press will take up the charge and abuse the Republicans for finally taking a principled stand against Obama’s “fundamental transformation of America”. The New York Times stated that Obama’s appointment is a dare “to Republican senators to…block consideration” of Mr. Garland for the open Supreme Court seat, knowing that the liberal press will side with Obama on anything he suggests and will savage Republicans for stalling on the latest political manipulations of Obama. So even the NYT agrees that Obama is just playing politics with a man’s career and knows that consideration of the new appointee will amount to little or nothing.

It’s entertaining to watch Obama self-righteously insist that Republicans rigidly follow the guidelines of the Constitution when it comes to his appointments to the judiciary, while he actively and repeatedly defies and trashes the constitution concerning the rights of Americans to own weapons with which to defend themselves; and when he illegally allows tens of thousands of illegal aliens to freely cross our borders; and when he unconstitutionally forces Americans to buy the government-edicted healthcare coverage that no one likes or wants.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Liberal Press Dumps On Trump Off-Hand “Riot” Remark, And Ignores Democrat Plans For A Violent “Democracy Spring”

In a completely innocent remark Donald Trump recently stated that if he has sufficient primary votes to win the Republican nomination and if the Republican establishment refuses to recognize him as the candidate to represent Republicans as their presidential candidate in November that this dereliction of duty will cause a “riot” from Republicans who voted for him in the primaries. Of course the next thing the leftist press could think to say was that Trump was calling on Republicans to riot and cause trouble at Trump’s bidding. Why should one be surprised when the context of a statement by a leading Republican would be completely distorted by the leftist punks in the media? It’s obvious that Angry White Males don’t have time to riot, they have jobs and families to attend to and have never become an “occupy” movement.

On the other hand, the Drudge Report is the only place I’ve seen reference to the plans being laid by George Soros and Move-on.Org (a pro-Bernie Sanders group) for a violent Democracy Spring demonstration across the United States to generate a “fire that transforms the political climate in America”. Leftists, in an effort also backed by the AFL-CIO, fully intend to riot beginning in April because, well, just because. Has anyone heard the liberal press insist that Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton reject and condemn the Democracy Spring movement? No, and you never will. It just never comes up in polite conversation.

So the left plans and announces violent demonstrations this spring for purely political reasons, and Trump is savaged for simply stating that his followers will be angry if electoral justice is not done after a season of peaceful voting.

If one looks closely at the words of the Democracy Spring bunch, they’ll notice that they use wording similar to Obama’s “fundamental transformation of America” when they claim they will ignite a “fire that transforms…America”. But does the press claim that Obama has inspired specific leftist plans to become violent in this political year? No. It’s those pesky “angry white males” that are destroying America, by going peacefully to their polling place and voting for their chosen candidate.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Those Angry White Males….

The liberal/establishment press attributes the latest Republican/conservative primary election wins to “angry white males”. I believe women also voted in those elections, along with blacks and Hispanics, but when you want to undermine a vote and a large section of the American population, you go after the “angry white males” because they are a safe target, and we all know how crazy and out of control these white male people are. Take for example the white males on the editorial staffs of the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and the Washington Post if you want to see some crazy angry white males.

But is one “crazy” when one sees their lives and all they’ve worked for being destroyed by socialist/leftists and make a peaceful, legal attempt to halt the destruction by actually voting? There are no city blocks of Ferguson or Baltimore being looted and burned by white males. There is no equivalent to the Occupy Wall Street movement with riots and raping and city parks being used as public toilets. The press expressed understanding when these nuts took to the streets, and even made convoluted attempts to justify the planned violence in Chicago last Friday as leftists halted a Trump speech. But if a white male votes to re-establish sanity and constitutional principles to his government and his daily life, he’s declared to be out of control and “angry”. In this way the liberal press can then ignore the white male voting block and make pitches for more destructive and intrusive government.

One supposes that white males are singled out in today’s political environment because they have largely been silent and accepting of social changes as long as these changes didn’t infringe on him or his family’s lives. But Obama’s “fundamental transformation of America” and Hillary’s and Bernie’s out-right socialism have awakened these men, and now they want their country returned to sanity and are voting for Cruz and Trump to get it back.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Romney Trashes His Former Voters

Mitt Romney, the loser in the 2012 election, who lost to the most radical, offensive, destructive, anti-American candidate America has ever had (Barack Obama), is now bad-mouthing one of the most winning presidential candidates the nation has seen (Donald Trump) and Mitt is seemingly asking for the coach to put him into the game against Trump for the presidential nomination for the 2016 general election.

I don’t think so.

Mitt has now resorted to poking fun at and ridiculing the unsophisticated, uninformed rabble who voted for him in 2012, the very people who now, in an uprising that is shocking the Republican establishment, oppose his getting back into the race.

Mitt is acting the part of the Republican establishment by opposing Trump, and very likely opposing Cruz as well, because these gentlemen represent the correctly outraged American population, male, female, black and white, who want the old time Republican establishment properly defeated and silenced in order to elect the candidate who is determined to put America back on the road to liberty and prosperity once more, and stop the PC crap that causes us to apologize for our nation’s wealth and power internationally; causes us to allow college campus demonstrations and big city riots that destroy property and risk lives at the domestic level, in the embarrassing effort to “understand their rage”; and opens our borders to any illegal alien who wants to pass into the country because they have it so bad at home.

We must stop this idiocy and begin to worry about how decent, law-abiding American citizens are living and try to resolve the issues that are bothering them and keeping them from reaching their full potential in this great nation.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Obama Plans To Punish Change/Warming Deniers. So Much For Free Speech And Liberal Tolerance.

In Nazi Germany the storm troopers would shoot anyone found giving shelter to a government-proclaimed sub-human Jew or Gypsy.

In ancient Egypt a solar eclipse frightened the villagers so much that they sacrificed people to please the spirits.

In early America an Indian tribe could send a woman into the wilderness to die of starvation and exposure for passing in front of the chief’s tent while she was pregnant.

In 2016’s America the Obama administration is considering putting anyone who denies climate change/global warming, or who doesn’t believe the ice bergs are melting and flooding the world’s land masses, in jail. Once again Obama is undermining and shredding the constitution. This is an example of the open minded, nonjudgmental left doing what it does best: crush any resistance to its edicts and its schemes. It’s what they do: they devise a scheme to make people feel guilty and stop enjoying their lives, they raise taxes to fund the implementation of the scheme, and then to make everyone toe-the-line, they place non-believers in jail. This is what the Obama administration has come to.

And, of course, they claim to have precedence on their side. They list the old case of the tobacco industry denying that smoking cigarettes caused health problems, which was proven to be a false position and for which the tobacco industry was duly punished, as sufficient legal case evidence that they can now have American citizens sent to prison because they don’t believe the government position that the oceans are rising. It’s true that the tobacco industry did withhold information that proved their product was harmful, but right there is the difference: the corporations withheld information they knew proved them wrong, and there was actual scientifically provable evidence of the potential harm from their product. In the current case of warming/change no one is withholding any information because there is no information to withhold. The government is making a claim of warming/change for which there is no actual, provable, scientific evidence to back them up, only computer programming that produces the outcome they want, but doesn’t track with the real world.

The term “climate change” is intentionally unspecific because the temperature changes all the time, season to season and day to day. Satellite data proves that there has been no rise in the temperature of the earth in a long while. But the left has been scaring us for years with horror stories of first a new ice age, and then fears of warming and death to our entire society if we don’t make draconian changes that give central government much increased power over each citizen’s life. Paul Ehrlich predicted a massive human die-off in the 1970s as the population of the world grew so rapidly that our food supply could not keep up and food-wars would result in total chaos and destruction. But this prediction did not happen. Then in the 1980s Ted Danson said that by the 1990s the oceans would all be devoid of any life, but that didn’t happen either.

Then seven years ago Obama took up the mantle of scare mongering and said at his inauguration that he would save the planet and halt the rise of the oceans. But oddly enough, he’s not taking credit for stopping the rise of the oceans, which I would think he would do since there is no salt water running in the streets of Miami, Long Beach or New York City. The reason he’s not asking for credit is that there never was a threat of the oceans flowing into American cities. But Obama is still stating that this threat continues to this moment, and he is still predicting death and destruction and trying to convince the citizens of America to give up their autos and air conditioning in an effort to save the polar bears. This pitch is unseemly and a lie, and it is simply a power grab and wealth redistribution scheme, the likes of which Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton would love.

If anyone should go to jail it’s the Obama administration for allowing the EPA to issue massive environmental regulations that invade the liberty of every American citizen and kill thousands of jobs, forcing people who were once employed and independent of government control over their lives, to have to accept food stamps and welfare in order to support their families.

Death Valley and the Sahara Desert used to be oceans, but forces beyond our comprehension caused the water to evaporate, the land dried up and deserts formed. So how do liberals explain this naturally changing occurrence, which happened prior to any human occupation, and certainly before the evil automobile or a coal-fired power plant can be blamed as a source of pollution that caused the drastic change in the environment, similar to what is now supposedly destroying the world? Liberals don’t explain their radical plans. They just tell people to shut up and do what Obama and his liberal pals tell them to do, or go to jail.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Know The Political Parties By Their Characteristics

Democrats seem to identify the world by misrepresentations and crises. They claim that the Republicans have a “war on women”.  Can anyone who is able to think at all really believe that Republicans are waging war against their sisters, mothers and daughters? And the phrase “war on women” is directed at women in the Republican Party as well as men. What form of idiot would say such a thing? A modern Democrat, that’s who. If Democrats could control themselves to state that only Republican men hate women then maybe they could make the case.  But to say that Republican women hate their own daughters and mothers, and by logical extension, themselves, is totally absurd. But that’s the Clinton-Obama Democrat for you.

Republicans are “sexists, racists and homophobes”. These things can’t be believed by a reasonable person when one understands that each of the hated groups listed are also represented in the Republican Party. A woman, a black and two Hispanics are/were Republican candidates in the 2016 race for president, so how can Republicans hate the people who are their neighbors and fellow political allies, and for whom they are voting?  Democrat charges are idiotic and make no sense.

On the crisis side of Democrat campaigning is Global warming/Climate change. President Obama recently said that Miami is having a problem with a rising ocean, but failed to tell us what street in Miami now has salt water running in it. The fool man is a liar, but a lie that frightens you is a lie that will open your pocket book and will convince you to surrender your freedom for the sake of safety, so the liberals attack on this flank every time they can. I have a little sympathy for Paul Ehrlich, Ted Danson and other of the earlier global warming supporters because they were only believing the lies/miscalculations of the warming/change schemers. But now we’ve lived long enough with this filthy lie to know it’s a total falsehood and to know that there’s no basis to it at all. Barack Obama is lying through his teeth when he advances his assertions of rising oceans, and I know that he is only furthering his “fundamental transformation of America” when he mentions this subject.

The Democrats try to scare people and develop hate and envy toward Republicans, whereas Republicans try to use logic and the furthering of one’s own interests in himself/herself and their families to get votes.  This approach by Republicans is a bit more difficult to sell because it requires thought, an open mind and the logical processing of ideas. Some examples are:

Republicans believe in rewards for the work that each individual performs.
Democrats believe in resentment and envy for the rewards that others receive for their work.

Republicans believe in the constitution and the rule of law.

Democrats believe that they should be able to manipulate the constitution and the laws to better serve their latest projects and vote-getting schemes, like allowing illegal aliens on a wholesale basis into our country while ignoring the future damage this will do to our nation and the resulting lack of availability of jobs for future Americans.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Democrat Slave Plantations No Longer Look Like The 1840s

Today’s liberal/Democrat plantation has little resemblance to the cotton fields of the Old South.  There are now food stamps instead of the slave kitchens. Cable TV is common. And automobiles and air conditioners can be seen at most of today’s Democrat slave quarters.

The daily existence of Democrat-sponsored slaves in America is more pleasant than it was 150 years ago, but rest assured: the poor welfare recipient today is as enslaved by the liberal/Democrats as the cotton pickers were in the pre-Civil War South.

The Democrat Party has been cleansed of the likes of West Virginia, Democrat Senator Robert Byrd, former Grand Kleagle, Grand Wizard and Exalted Cyclops of the KKK, of whom Hillary spoke so fondly and adoringly at his passing a few years ago. The new Democrat KKK has shunned the bed sheets of old and now wear Saville Row suits with silk ties and speak of Republican sexism, racism and homophobia while trying to make themselves believe the lie of rising oceans and global warming.

The log cabins are long gone and replaced by the failed streets and projects of Detroit, which city was destroyed by repeated Democrat mayors who chased away Ford, GM and Chrysler with their high taxes, crumbling infrastructure and a soaring crime rate. The high paying jobs went away with the auto manufacturers and were replaced with homelessness, poverty and hopelessness as one liberal/Democrat administration after another used race and a resentment of wealth to assure that the votes from the poverty-stricken population kept them in power.

The new broader-defined plantation now also has some Hispanics in its midst. The lesson of Detroit and why the federal government had to bail it out hasn’t been learned by Barack Obama, because he is letting more tens of thousands of Mexican and Central American illegal immigrants into our country in hopes of their becoming the new slaves that vote Democrat regularly in exchange for a bare subsistence to keep them alive and voting. The problem is that crime, whether in Detroit or Chicago, always follows poverty and lives in its midst.

Sanctuary cities, while formerly having a good reputation of providing actual “sanctuary” for those escaping mistreatment in their native country, are now used as cover for illegals and other criminals, and these scum prey on the decent people seeking real sanctuary and trying to live better lives than they were allowed to have in Mexico or Guatemala.

The “sanctuary” thing is what is wrong with this whole immigration idea as it is being practiced today: Those escaping unemployment in Mexico are just bringing the problems of that country to America where it will swell and hold new-comers in the poverty they are trying to escape. Those enclaves will only contribute to a feeling of resentment as Democrats hold them hostage for their votes, and when no improvement is seen to their economic and housing situation under Democrat rule they will lash out, and the Democrats will once again direct the hate and blame at Republicans, who would much prefer legal immigration in which people can get assimilated and become prosperous, as their predecessors did upon coming to America: learn the language, get a good job and not have to live in Democrat-provided tenements.

Be assured, Hispanics who are assimilated and part of the middle class, fear these illegal arrivals as much as any other American citizen fears them, and we see the proof of this in the number of Hispanics who are swelling the Donald Trump and Ted Cruz voter bases.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Hillary Accuses Bernie Of Deserting The GM Auto Workers, Whom She Voted To Bail Out

Hillary is again having an argument both ways. She is criticizing her opponent, Bernie Sanders, for voting seven years ago to not bail out General Motors when it went through its bankruptcy troubles. At the time Hillary was in the Senate and did vote for the GM bailout.

However, it hasn’t been that long ago that Hillary was blaming the filthy, old-tech auto industry for causing the lie of global warming, which her liberal Democrat crowd claims is melting the icebergs and drowning coastal areas like Manhattan Island, Miami, Daytona Beach, The Bahamas, Key West., etc. But if you know, as anyone with any measure of common sense knows, that these places are not threatened by rising oceans, then someone needs to tell our ruling liberals in Washington, because they believe that it’s happening and they believe that your rights to live your life as you want to live it should be curtailed in order to limit the amount of carbon you use as a part of your daily life. Washington liberals intend to use the EPA to continue to issue new, more restrictive regulations to force you to live as they believe best. In fact Obama just a month or two ago reminded us, inaccurately, that Miami is suffering from rising waters. His warming was intended to let the EPA charge ahead and issue some more job-killing regulations. This effort on Obama’s part is completely in keeping with his promise to “fundamentally transform America”, and he’s actively doing just that.

Anyway, Hillary seems to be unable to understand that she can’t ride both sides of an issue to victory in her campaign against Bernie. Either the auto industry is bad because of the polluting cars and trucks it makes along with the automobile plants themselves causing pollution, or it’s good because of the jobs it creates and the wonderful products it makes to satisfy the wants and needs of her voters. She is taking both sides at different times, but it appears that her Democrat voters aren’t deft enough to see her slight-of-hand. So Hillary will likely succeed in taking credit for both positions because it appears Democrats have such hate for Republicans and for American capitalism and prosperity that they will buy every lie Hillary tells.

The Terminator Is A Kasich-Endorsing Girlie Man! Who Knew?

So we now learn that Arnold Schwarzenegger has endorsed John Kasich for president.  This rather undermines Arnold’s reputation as a manly-man by his endorsement of the wussiest candidate in the Republican stable.

What a strange political period we live in. John Kasich is the candidate who refuses to argue issues face-to-face with the other candidates, nor will he address possibly divisive issues in debates when the moderator specifically presents the occasion to do so to him. He’s the adult-in-the-room who at every turn reminds us that he is the revolutionary governor of Ohio who has done marvelous and wondrous things by reaching across the aisle, which is exactly what conservatives don’t want to happen any longer.

Conservatives in the United States are voting to demonstrate that they are sick of Kasich-like milque-toast candidates who call themselves Republicans, and the Republican establishment had better begin listening to its base.

Poor Arnold! He no longer gets good movies to star in, is looking rather old, and now supports the candidate for president who is in dead last place among his candidate peers.

And Mitt Romney, whom I fully supported and voted for in the 2012 election, can shut up and just go away with his abuse of the 2016 Republican candidates.  Mitt is a great man, but he’s a political loser and needs to keep silent from now on.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Obama Treats His Presidential Daily Briefs (PDBs) Like A Pair Of BVDs

President Obama repeatedly and always states that when major events occur he didn’t know about them until he saw the news report on cable news. What Obama doesn’t understand is that it’s difficult to keep up with events from a golf cart. He has advisors all over his administration, at taxpayers’ great expense, to keep him informed so he can anticipate troubles both at home and abroad and try to reduce their impact on our nation and our economy. But the fool man will not pay attention because he doesn’t care. He prefers to appear cool, relaxed and uninvolved.

The day after Obama said he had been successful at “containing” ISIS, terrorists attacked and killed 130 people in Paris, and not long after that, terrorists attacked San Bernardino killing at least 15 people who were attending an innocent party.  Obama lacks skills at containing terrorists, and terrorism seems to thrive with him as commander in chief. While Obama pretended to bomb ISIS camps in Syria, ISIS flourished and spread into Iraq, from which the great military commander, Obama, had withdrawn our troops shortly prior. We also saw the introduction of Russia into the area under Obama’s watch, which makes everything more dangerous and more inflammatory. This giving of superior military position to our enemies is what Obama calls “winning”.

Obama has no idea of how dangerous Iran and North Korea are to America because he will not attend Presidential Daily Briefs, but instead prefers to “read” them. If he reads his PDBs like he follows the news on TV our nation is in serious, imminent trouble. One only hopes that no serious attacks occur on Obama’s watch these last few months of his disastrous administration or millions of Americans will suffer and die, and that’s the truth.

Obama needs to put on his big-boy BVDs and listen to his PDBs.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

As Usual, Democrats Condemn Republicans For Their Words, When Democrats’ Actual Deeds Are Much More Offensive

As one could predict, Hillary is criticizing Republicans for what they are saying during their campaigns, when the actual actions of Bill and Hillary Clinton throughout their political lives are much worse than anything the Republicans could say.

When Donald Trump made the reference about Mitt Romney being on his knees, it could well have been a reference to Mitt begging for Trump’s endorsement during Mitt’s presidential campaign four years ago, or maybe not. But it’s a certainty that Trump’s words are nowhere near as bad as Bill Clinton’s actual actions in the Oval Office with a young lady, while using a cigar and her blue dress as entertainment. And what about Bill Clinton testifying in court that oral sex is not really “having sex” in any conventional way, thus insinuating that his actions in the Oval Office should not even be mentioned or considered. Was that a “presidential” way to behave? And it’s not his words that are as offensive as it is the actions that his words attempt to excuse.

Similarly, Hillary is saying that corporations should treat employees better and not ever lay them off or fire them.  Evidently the good lady has conveniently forgotten that she fired the entire White House travel staff without cause during the Clinton administration, and replaced them with personnel provided by a friend of the Clintons. The staff she fired had served many presidents over many years, and one of the staff was nearing retirement when the ax fell. But in order to serve her friend for financial gain, the entire staff was dismissed by Mrs. Clinton.

The White House travel staff, unlike a private company, did not need to make a profit, it was a government agency paid for by the tax payers, so it was just for her own personal-profit reasons that Hillary fired the staff. But a corporation must make a profit or the entire base of employees will be without jobs, so occasionally staffing adjustments have to be made by the leadership of the company to protect the whole corporation and allow it to profit and continue to employ people. This sort of thing goes on in companies all the time, whether the leadership of the company is of a conservative or liberal political leaning, while the firing of the White House travel office by Hillary Clinton was mean, selfish and unnecessary.

Hillary also forgets that she paid her female Senate staff members less than she paid her male staffers, but every time she opens her mouth she is heard belching her usual rhetoric about making certain that women are always paid the same as men. No wonder Hillary is thought of as a liar and not trusted by a majority of Americans.

If Hillary didn’t have two faces she would have no visage at all. She is a complete and unapologetic liar, but that’s what it takes to win in the Democrat party.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Hillary Says That What America Needs Is More Love. That Sounds More Like Something Bill Would Whisper To Monica.

After beating Bernie Sanders badly in primary voting two days ago, Hillary told her audience that “What America needs is more love and kindness”. Aside from sounding like a 1960s Dusty Springfield top-hits song, her words almost sound like something Bill Clinton was whispering in the ear of Monica Lewinski as he prepared to stain her pretty blue dress in the Oval Office one day during his presidency.

Hillary is a throw-back to the 1960s with her idiotic expressions of love, kindness and compassion, while her party ruthlessly holds millions of poor people in poverty and dependence on government and exposure to high crime rates, and while her party encourages millions of illegal aliens to cross our borders to spread disease, generate more crimes in sanctuary cities, take jobs that Americans could use and eventually vote for more of the same as good, bought-and-paid–for Democrat voters.

Meanwhile she lies to her hapless, faithful listeners about the evil Republicans and their sexism, racism and homophobia. Maybe she could tell her admirers the truth: that her unprotected email server was assuredly broken into, an opinion expressed by General Michael Hayden, former director of the CIA and the NSA, thereby allowing the Chinese, Russians, Iranians and North Koreans to get state secrets from her and likely endangering the lives of many foreign nationals who secretly worked with Americans to assure the protection of our nation and our population.  She could let them know that she in under investigation by the FBI for her illegal server usage and the Top Secret messages she passed through it. That honesty would be an ultimate expression of love on Hillary’s part. Or she could remind her followers of the tens of thousands of Syrian “refugees” Obama is promising to bring here in spite of ISIS claiming that there will be terrorists in their midst when they finally arrive in America. After all, Hillary was once a part of the Obama administration and must take some responsibility for the danger those two fools placed the nation in.

Hillary would better serve her followers if she would inform them of how they are being mistreated by high taxes, unlawful EPA regulations, an inundation of illegal aliens who are taking their jobs, and about the horror of Obamacare which is destroying not only healthcare but also is eliminating jobs in the private sector, and how Obama’s “fundamental transformation of America” has caused every aspect of our economy to perform worse than it did twenty years ago. But that would call for her telling the truth and breaking ranks with Obama, and that’s not going to happen. So she falls back on the hippie, pot-smoking illogic of her 60s youth and appeals to
“love and kindness”, which may sound cool when you’re in a drug-induced haze, but will not save you when Islamic terrorists shoot AK-47s at you.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Why Do Republicans Go Out Of Their Way To Defeat Themselves? Mitt Attacks Donald, Leaves Hillary Untouched.

Republicans still have plenty of time to defeat their own candidate for president, and Mitt Romney is the latest voice assuring a Democrat win in November. Recent articles demonstrate the unattraction of Hillary (on March 3, 2016 the NY Times reported “Hillary…Turnout Trouble”) and the support for Trump (on March 2, 2016 the AP reported “Trump Dominates With Huge Turnouts, Wide Base Of Support”).

And there’s recorded support on the part of Mitt Romney for Donald Trump: Back on February 23, 2016, You Tube posted a video of Romney expressing complete respect for Trump. On March 2, 2016 The American Mirror quoted Romney as saying “I’ll support the Republican nominee”.

So today (March 3, 2016) we awaken to the AP reporting that Romney is calling Trump a “phony” and urging Republicans to shun him.

What the hell is going on with the idiot leaders of the only political party that can possibly save America from the assured destruction of Obama and Hillary? Is it something in the imported Swiss artesian water that they’re drinking? Has their Chateau Lafite Rothschild been spiked? Perhaps the caviar is not to their discriminating taste? These fool idiots are destroying that last best hope to save America and are ignoring the will of the people, expressed in their votes for Trump only two days ago, and a bit more distantly in other primary elections. And the fool Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House, refused to express an opinion about Mitt’s AP quote in Fox’s morning talk show today (March 3, 2016).

And while all of this directed opposition to the votes of average, frightened and angry male, female, black, white and Hispanic Republicans across the nation is going on, these same elites leave Hillary untouched and basking in the praise of those who would destroy this great nation. Romney lost the last presidential election, so how does he become the advisor as to how to win the next election? 
Actually the best idea for how to win the 2016 election is to NOT listen to Romney this time, since he lost last time.

Americans had better rise up and tell Mitt to keep his remarks to himself and leave the fly-over crowd to decide the direction America will take via their votes, because the Republican establishment is a big part of the problems this nation faces, and they will only make things worse if they dominate the discussion.

Hillary Is Under FBI Investigation And Her Voting Base Is Staying At Home, And The “No Trump” Farce Is Appropriate How?

The more one sees reports about current political events the more one doubts the sanity of America’s political class. Last night on Fox News Channel’s Special Report, panelist David Gregory, a liberal NBC reporter, stated that the No Trump movement is important because Trump is divisive and he uses bad language occasionally, so he must be prevented from running for president in the Republican Party. I appreciate the great concern that Mr. Gregory has for the presidential aspirations of Republicans and I know he has only the best wishes for Republicans in the 2016 election cycle, but when the hell did a liberal give a twit about Republican successes? The only reason liberals are forming the No Trump movement is that Donald Trump is being very successful getting followers and their votes, and because he is unifying not only Republicans, but he’s attracting many voters from the failing campaign of Hillary Clinton and here dangerous liberal/socialist tendencies.

I think that the push by the left should be “No Hillary” because of the dangerous legal position she is in, with her email secrets being made available to China, North Korea and Iran, her use of an illegal email server, and the investigation of her selling of influence in exchange for cash investments in the Clinton Global Initiative to foreign leaders while she served as Obama’s Secretary of State. And even the likes of General Michael Hayden, who is a former head of the CIA and the NSA, said that in his opinion, our enemies did absolutely hack into Hillary’s unprotected email server and got whatever secret information Hillary left exposed there, and she definitely placed American interests and American and foreign agents at risk of death with that hacking.

Even though she is beating Bernie Sanders in the rigged Democrat primary voting, the Democrat-base turnout has been shockingly low and unenthusiastic. It might therefore be best to dump this so-yesterday old liberal candidate and allow someone who actually inspires and excites the voters to take her place.

Democrats are frightened at the enthusiasm Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are getting, and fear the  Clinton era is at an end, so they are making an attempt to get rid of the Republican threat to power that they so desire. I offer my sincere thanks to Mr. Gregory for his great concern for the welfare of the Republican Party, but I must turn down his offer to stop the Republican path to victory. I also wonder why the Fox panelists let his anti-Trump pitch go unchallenged. It appears that even many conservatives don’t understand what’s in play here, and what is at risk with the constant battering of our leading Republican candidates.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Republican Establishment Harms The Republican Cause

Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell and speaker of the House Paul Ryan were all over Donald Trump on Tuesday for allegedly not adequately turning down an offer from David Duke, former KKK member, to endorse Trump’s candidacy for president. From what I’ve heard of the chronology of Duke’s offer and Trump’s non-acceptance of it, our two establishment Republican leaders were just blowing off their mouths in typical establishment fashion, because Trump lost no time saying no thanks to Duke. It’s not pleasant to watch McConnell and Ryan self-righteously bark at Trump and lecture him in front of the nation. Trump has upset the establishment Republican applecart by not kissing their rings and for taking a hard stance against the things that are hurting America and placing the nation at risk, and the Republican establishment is scared witless.

The lecture they gave Trump would have been easier to take if they had kept their word following the last two elections when they said that if they could get Republican majorities in the House and Senate they would undo Obamacare and all of Obama’s unconstitutional and illegal string of national disasters. So the responsive American public gave them majorities in both houses and they blew it; they passed a budget that fully funded Obamacare, Obama’s dangerous immigration policy, all of the EPA’s job-killing regulations. Obama’s socialist America is still in place and thriving, with Republican help. His enormous spending is still in place. His high unemployment rate is still in place. He’s still allowing tens of thousands of illegal and potentially terrorist-related immigrants to pass freely into the United States. The national debt is still growing fearfully. And Obama’s probably immediately giving illegals welfare payments as they enter the country, in order to keep them in the Democrat camp until he can issue an executive order to allow them to vote. In short, America continues to deteriorate, and McConnell and Ryan are largely responsible, so they scold Trump.

It may have been helpful to the cause of freedom and liberty in America if McConnell and Ryan had, instead of bawling out Trump about David Duke, reminded the nation publically how the idiot Hillary Clinton eulogized former KKK member and Democrat, Robert Byrd, upon his death, calling him a friend and mentor and praising him lavishly. Trump tells Duke to take a hike with his endorsement and gets whipped for it, Hillary praises Byrd, gets no bad press for doing so, and still gets away with calling Republicans sexists, homophobes and racists. Is there no longer any common sense or decency in politics? Indeed there is not.

It’s a sign of the times that Republican leaders feel they have to attack their own in order to stay in the good graces of the liberal press and liberal Democrats in Washington, and that’s why Trump is not thought well of by establishment Republicans: he won’t play the politically correct game and instead tells the truth about what’s happening to our great nation, and that’s why Trump is getting the adoration and the votes of real Americans who are fearful of losing the nation they know and love.

It’s a shame that the Republican establishment would rather lose to Hillary in November than to win the next presidential election with Trump. But, sadly, that’s exactly where they’re leading us.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Like Mother, Like Daughter (Democrat Hate And Lies From The Clinton Women)

Chelsea Clinton recently spoke out of both sides of her two-faced mouth to a group of 75, largely older, women (she really packs ‘em in). In her talk she said that Hillary will “stand her ground and give no purchase to the racist, homophobic, sexist rhetoric and policy ideas…of the Republican side, it’s also important to have a president who knows how to find common ground”.

Setting aside the fact that the Republican party has many blacks and women in its membership, and that one of each of these target groups of the evil Republicans were themselves Republican candidates for the presidency that Hillary also seeks, and forgetting that Chelsea’s father has been accused of raping several women and was convicted of sexually abusing at least one woman, what are the idiot Democrats taking about?

If what Chelsea said was true about the Republicans, what Democrat in their right mind would ever want to “find common ground” with a “racist, homophobic, sexist” ? If what Chelsea is saying were true, the Obama administration would have the whole bunch of them in jail, or at least under investigation. And what does Chelsea’s charge say about Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson, both of whom were (one still is) Republican candidates for president? Is Carson a racist and Fiorina a sexist? One holds out hope that young Democrats will actually begin to speak the truth and make logical arguments that deal with reality and lay off the BS crap that Hillary spews, but the lovely Chelsea seems to have only Democrat lies and talking points to discuss. And also forget that the Republicans have two young Hispanic candidates vying for president and then bounce that fact off of Hillary’s attempt to defeat an old Jewish man and you may wonder if she is practicing Jew-hatred with her candidacy against Bernie Sanders.

But to make one additional flash-back to Chelsea’s “common ground” reference, it’s always the Democrats who insist that Republicans join their side in any argument or policy issue, not the other way around.  A Republican will always either agree specifically with a Democrat proposal, or will agree in principle to a Democrat scheme but will tweak the specifics of their proposal and respond with a compromise position.  This is what happens with the Democrat position that immigration laws are broken and that we need to rewrite all related legislation to correct the fatal flaw causing all the trouble along the border. Instead of telling Democrats “NO” and informing them that the problem with immigration is that the Obama administration will not enforce the laws already on the books and is illegally allowing all comers to illegally enter the country, the idiot Republicans agree to rewrite the law, with the Democrats insisting that the new legislation permit illegals already here get permanent citizenship, to get free healthcare, to get immediate welfare and that the American government will transport the families of all illegals already here into America so that the families can remain together (the families could have stayed together in Mexico or Central America, but that makes too much sense and doesn’t serve the broader issue of the Democrats which is to get as many poor, uneducated, dependent people here as possible) and then give illegals the vote so Democrat politicians can remain permanently in office.