Statement from the Candidate

In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Friday, November 3, 2023

Who’s In Charge Here?

 On Tuesday, October 31, FBI director Christopher Wray spoke to congress and explicitly stated that a terrorist attack could be coming to America because of our insanely open borders.

One assumes that Mr. Wray, with his public warning, would honestly prefer that the border be secured, as it was when Donald Trump left office, and not allow another four million unidentified aliens to cross into America to do who-knows-what.

My question is: why isn’t Mr. Wray explaining the damage that the open borders are doing to our nation, and the threat of a terrorist attack that is part of that damage, to the man who opened the border: President Joseph R. Biden. I fear the answer to the question of why the FBI director is not pushing the president to secure the border has three options:

1. Biden doesn’t want to hear about the problem.

2. Biden is too stupid to understand the damage he’s doing and his role in the problem.

3. Biden is so mentally far-gone that he has no idea what is happening and has no active role in the decision-making that has caused the problem.

The last option seems to be the most convincing one and the most constitutionally dangerous for America. During the brief and rare occasions when Biden is asked questions by the press or the public, he either gets mad and yells at the questioner; stumbles from the scene with no answer; or he looks away from the questioner, utters some incomprehensible, illogical response, and stumbles away to take a nap.

It seems unlikely that the person with the title of president is making any decisions at all, although with the horrible policies coming from the White House causing enormous damage to America, and conflicting and contradictory orders being issued all the time, they could be coming from the dummy called Joey. But who is actually making these decisions and why do they insist on making things even worse for American citizens?

One fears that with all of the existential threats and policies coming from Washington at a time when we know we have a serious terrorist threat to our population, along with the enemies of western ideas which are popping up all over the world, we likely are being run by the politicians who promised to Fundamentally Transform America, just prior to the Trump presidency.

When Trump took office Barack Obama had his evil plans for the destruction of America all lined up in a neat row, which President Trump began discarding immediately. And that’s why the Democrats created the Russia/Russia/Russia ruse and the other attacks and phony investigations on the Trump administration, recently followed by all of the current federal and state indictments, in order to keep Trump busy defending himself and hoping that all of the attacks on him would damage his chances of getting re-elected in 2024.

Trump’s effective, easy-to-understand, straight forward policies during his four years in office proved that conservatism is the hope for a good life for Americans and is the best hope for the rest of the world. Most thinking people prefer western values to the mean, harsh lives of barbarians, so the radical left Democrats must prevent Trump’s re-election or forever lose the battle to destroy America.

So maybe Mr. Wray, who has always seemed to be a leftist, Democrat team player to the casual observer, has run out of options and is really appealing to congress for a way to change border policy and secure our borders, because he can’t get anyone in the Biden administration to listen to his pleas for common sense control over the borders, so he‘s finally going public seeking help.

After all, the Biden administration has the FBI so busy investigating Catholics, lying about the fictitious anti-Muslim extremists that Kamala wants investigated, persecution of J6 suspects, parents seeking some control over school boards which refuse to educate children but rather insist on indoctrinating them, rounding up the white men who are alleged to be the greatest existential threat to America, and the ultra-MAGers who Biden can’t stop blaming for all of the ills of our nation, that the FBI has no time to investigate anti-Semitism and possibly prevent terrorist attacks.

If all of this is true, America is in deep s**t.

Thursday, November 2, 2023

Remember The “Never Forget” Reminder Of The Horror Of Terrorism Following 911? Well, Democrats Forgot!

 Christopher Wray, the Director of the FBI, was speaking to Congress on Tuesday, and he stated that the current administration’s open borders policy may allow terrorists to enter the United States and commit crimes against the nation.  Of course when he mentioned the danger offered by open borders he conveniently forgot to mention that Joey Biden was the one who opened Donald Trump’s secure borders, so we now have confirmation as to how tightly the Washington swamp crowd stick together and protect each other.

So why did Mr. Wray wait until October of 2023 to raise this alarm about non-secured borders, that conservatives have been speaking of repeatedly for three years while attempting to get the attention of our officials and reverse this illegal and dangerous practice.

Wray and other loyal, dues-paying Democrats have been silent on this most serious of subjects for the nearly three years of the idiot Biden administration, and only now that Biden (and don’t forget the completely stupid Kamala Harris, who is supposed to be the border czar) has allowed over four million illegal aliens and an unknown number of terrorists to invade our country, and only now does he articulate the very real danger that confronts us.

Those members of our government officials and Democrat politicians that have been quiet and said nothing about the invasion of America due to our open borders, are traitors to this nation for allowing this most existential of threats to build, and only when the threat is imminent do they pretend to be concerned about the actual danger they have allowed to build.

The big question is: why is Wray only now raising this alarm that conservatives and Donald Trump have been screaming about for three years, and why is he telling Congress about it and not sitting on Biden’s desk and demanding the closure of the border? Perhaps he suddenly feels guilty about our nation’s danger that he’s ignored for years.

When the inevitable terrorist attack does occur and Americans are killed and maimed, it will be on Biden, Harris and Wray for not doing their jobs while playing big-shots in Washington, while the man who did secure the border and made elaborate attempts to protect America, Donald Trump, is standing trial in various locations and defending himself against a slew of phony, B.S. charges trumped up by our glorious Democrat officials in Washington.

I don’t believe this nation can survive its current list of limp-wristed, fool leaders, and we must vote these idiots out of their various offices in 2024, and get Trump back in charge and behaving like a serious adult once again.