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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Tuesday, October 31, 2023

The Political Left Are Violent Racists, And They Are Proving That Their DEI Bunk Was A Load Of Crap All Along

 Ultra-MAGers are not rioting in rage at the religious minority in Israel, the political left is.

It’s not Donald Trump’s followers that are smashing and raiding stores to the extent that a massive number of large chain department stores have permanently shut down these last two years; it’s Joe Biden’s supporters who are doing all of the smashing and grabbing.

It’s not Christians or Jews who are performing surprise military raids on innocent civilians, hacking, shooting and raping everyone in site; it’s Muslims who are doing all of these things.

It’s not the Trump administration that found itself in two wars, forced Americans to suffer their borders being invaded by millions of illegals, saw known terrorists freely entering America through those open borders; it’s Biden’s weak, appeasing administration that is responsible for all of these things.

It’s not Christians and Jews who are expressing religious intolerance; it’s the American political left and Muslims who are intolerant of people different from themselves.

We’ve never seen Christians and Jews crash commercial passenger jets into skyscrapers; but Muslims have done this on American soil in order to prove that they really do hate America.

Trump didn’t allow Iran, the nation that has sworn to erase America and Israel from the face of the earth, to regain it’s wealth and wage an attack on Israel, but Biden did.

It’s not Conservative colleges that are teaching and encouraging their students to riot, physically threaten minorities and call for Jewish deaths; but the Democrat left’s Ivy League colleges are doing exactly that.

And as an afterthought, when Conservatives take a trip to China they don’t take the word “trip” literally, but a show-off, fool like Gavin Newsom, actually trips on his trip, falls on a Chinese kid and makes an international fool of himself. Maybe that’s why Gavin has become known as  Gavin “Nuisance” to those who follow his tricks and antics.

Sunday, October 29, 2023

Gavin Newsom, America’s Lockdown Governor, Visits The Chinese Commie Slave-Labor Premier, Xi Jinping

 Last week we saw two of the most totalitarian rulers in the world get together in China: California’s governor Gavin Newsom and China’s dictator, Xi Jinping. The man who strangled San Francisco as mayor, and then set about destroying the entire state of California as governor, resulting in today’s complete lawlessness and violent destruction of America‘s most beautiful state; and the Chinese dictator who bought and paid for the influence of Joseph Biden which enabled China to catch up and likely surpass the wealth and power of America, and forget about the thousands of Xi’s own Chinese population he keeps in camps for use as slave labor to keep his economy strong. These two evil men deserve each other.

And if you’ve seen photographs of these two as they met, one might notice how proud and happy Newsom was to be in Xi’s presence. He was just like the idiot Joey Biden when meeting with Xi, grinning from ear-to-ear, making certain his smile was caught on camera and posing as a big shot. And why would Newsom or Biden not be grinning when with Xi, given that Biden was given millions of dollars by the Chinese government for the American governmental and economic influence he peddled to China at America’s expense. During the meeting with both Newsom and the former meeting with Biden, Xi always had a shit-eating grin on his face indicating that he’s the boss now, and these American visitors are his lackeys. But the far-left Americans really seemed to believe that meeting with the Commie dictator was the event of a lifetime and a real resume enhancer, instead of being a meeting with the devil incarnate, who would happily destroy America completely if he could.

One can only speculate as to why American Democrat leaders would be so ecstatically joyful in the presence of a demonic, ruthless and evil slave-state leader, but one can easily imagine that Xi’s total and absolute power is exactly what any modern, woke American Democrat wishes he could exercise over the American population, if only that bothersome constitution were not in the way. But the way Newsom ran California, with a complete iron fist during the covid years, he’s demonstrated to us that he’s accomplished at ignoring the state and national constitutions and ruling in an absolute manner, even with the constitution screaming silently for him to stop.

It’s likely that Newsom assumes that the millions of dollars Biden and family got from China is a symbol for what awaits the next crooked, Democrat president of the United States, and simply wants to keep his hand in the influence-peddling game. And the always grinning Xi is plotting the ways he can use Newsom as a tool to undercut and destroy America, like he used Biden.

The toothy, greasy-haired Newsom was grinning more during the visit to China than he did when he sized up the White House during Biden’s absence earlier this year. One can assume he felt that he had no need to pander nor to explain his presence to the weak, fool Biden and could take advantage of the sitting president’s absence to make his intentions known regarding his own eventual occupation of the Oval Office.

The one thing we know for certain about Mr. Newsom is that he is the ultimate example of Democrat privilege, and that he thinks he is superior to the rest of us peons. Who can forget his lavish dinner at the French Laundry restaurant in Napa Valley, while he commanded everyone else in the state to wear masks and remain at home during the covid scare?

Privilege and influence peddling are the hallmarks of current Democrats, and American voting patriots must assure that we keep these anti-American idiots out of elected positions from here on out.

Thursday, October 26, 2023

America’s College-Educated Youth Are So Stupid That They Will Side With Terrorists Sworn To Kill Them

 Do our idiot college youth not know that Iran and its various terrorist nations and groups in the Middle East have sworn to kill all Americans? Are they not aware of the World Trade Towers that were destroyed on September 11, 2001? Have they not heard radical Muslims swear to kill the small Satan (Israel), and then kill the Great Satan (America)?  Terrorists say these things all the time.

On the other hand, have college kids ever heard Israel take an offensive position against any nation or organization, as long as they are left to their own business and not threatened? Such things are never said by Israel.

Given the horrible attack on Israel on October 7, can there be any doubt as to the sincerity of the murderous people who constitute Hamas? And from the affection and respect we’ve heard expressed for Hamas by spoiled college students, do our college-educated upper class really believe that killing children by beheading and burning them, and then raping, killing and taking prisoners of the remaining adults, is a good bunch to associate with and support?

And aren’t today’s college students, the same numb-skulls who think homosexuals and sex-warping people are the dearest and most mistreated people in America, aware that the religion of Islam regularly kills homosexuals and other deviants who offend their Islamic religion? Israel has homosexuals living peacefully in their country as their fellow-citizens, but Hamas certainly does not.

Yet these self-righteous fools parade and shout anti-Israel slogans and give support to the very people who would gladly slit their ill-educated, loud-mouthed, throats.

And the crap the college crowd is chanting about colonialism proves their stupidity. In the long-ago age of colonial powers, the dominant nation colonized the weaker nation, and America was one of those weaker, colonized, nations at the time. And the intent of owning a colony was to gain wealth from the natural resources of the weaker nation, which leaves Gaza completely out of the picture, because they are among the poorest people on earth.

So one wonders, what resources do the Gazans have that Israel wants? They have absolutely nothing Israel can use or wants. In fact Israel tried to buy peace with Gaza by giving them the utilities they couldn’t provide for themselves, and the Gazans are so devoid of any industry or any natural resources that they have become a total loss to Israel. Israel tried to live peacefully as equals among the Gazans but finally had to build a wall around Gaza (which is many square miles of ocean-front property for any peoples with initiative enough to try to develop it and become fabulously wealthy) when the murderous Hamas repeatedly bombed  restaurants and shopping malls, killing Israelis.

And the idea that Gaza is a colony of Israel is proven to be a lie when one understands actual history and realize that the state of Israel was created by the United Nations in 1948, in order to provide a place for Jews to live and not be sent to concentration camps and gas chambers as when they lived under rulers of other nations. One must assume that the protesting college students favor the practices of Nazi Germany, which their grand-parents fought to defeat because of their hate of Jews.

The things young people and other Democrats are supporting when they side with Hamas is not just another position taken to shock their parents. These Middle East radicals play for keeps, and when they turn on you, you’re dead.

Sunday, October 22, 2023

How Can Supposedly Peaceful And Compassionate Democrats Put Up With The Hate And Filth In Their Own Party?

 Even Old Joey Biden, the author of repeated diatribes against “Ultra-MAGA” Republicans, and declaring a threat to our national survival from white males, recently stated that we have to get rid of hate in America. And who can forget Hillary Clinton’s declaration that we must have Trump supporters “deprogrammed” when Democrats win the 2024 election. When the subject is hate-filled people, you’re talking about Democrats.

But the most outrageous expressions of hate and intolerance have come from the female Democrat House members known as The Squad, who simply hate Israel and continue to attack Jews even after Hamas had many Israeli citizens murdered on October 7, and the hate-filled Squad never even mentioned the Americans who have been killed and captured by Hamas. It’s a good thing that Hitler ran Germany in the 1930s and 40s and not 2023, or the Squad would be on Hitler’s side concerning the holocaust, and World War II may have turned out very differently than it did.

And what, exactly, is there about Israel that is so offensive to the woke fools on America’s political left, that they should want all Jews killed? Israel has the only democracy in the Middle East; they have thousands of Arabs living peacefully in their country and exercising the same rights as citizens, that the Jews exercise; their people live comfortably and are happy with life in the Jewish nation in spite of being surrounded with nations that have sworn death to Israel; Israel gave Gaza their water, electricity and natural gas, and expected nothing in return for these gifts, but to be left alone; they gave the Palestinians Gaza, a piece of land with an ocean-front exposure and a beach over 20 miles long, that the Gazans could have used to live in luxury and could have become a major tourist destination to equal France’s Cote d’Azure, but instead they chose to fight Israel and bomb, rape and murder Israeli citizens; Israel even gave Gaza a lengthy warning before they retaliated for Hamas’ surprise attack on Israel, so the residents of Gaza could get out safely.

 So now the entire world is protesting Israel and repeating the lie of Israel bombing the hospital in Gaza, that was destroyed by a Hamas missile, and at the same time ignoring the murderous attack on Israel civilians on October 7 by Hamas terrorists.

And if, by chance, one would respond to the question posed in the title of this piece, that there are various flavors and opinions among members of the Democrat party, I would just remind that person that Democrats always respond in unison and en masse to any situation, including the various votes in the House of Representatives currently being performed, in which the Democrats have voted as a single, thoughtless unit against all Republican proposals for filling the speaker’s open seat in the House. Democrats follow the leader, and Republicans, sometimes to a patriot’s dismay, think for themselves, and the people who voted them into office may believe that a little more stick-togetherness would be preferable at times.

Friday, October 20, 2023

White House Website Email Sent To Joey On October 20, 2023

 I want our dear president to know that we do listen to him, even if he's a complete fool and everything he says is a lie or just plain wrong, so I sent this email from his website the day after his weak, at best, speech on Thursday. I hope I speak for thousands of other people, but if not at least I can speak for myself until the Democrats win the presidency in 2024, and then, per Hillary's warning, we'll all be "deprogrammed" and silenced. Here it is:

“I’d like to rephrase and redirect Joey’s don’t, don’t, don’t warnings to Iran, and I’d like to use Joey’s intention to give money to the murderous Hamas as the subject of the redirect:

Don’t give any money to Hamas. Has Joey forgotten that these evil criminals killed Americans on October 7 and are still holding Americans hostage? Only a fool would give money to a band of criminals and not expect them to use the money for their own personal pleasure, and not give a cent to the citizens of Gaza. Who is making such idiotic decisions in the White House? I want none of my tax money sent to Gaza.

Don’t tell Americans there is a tie between Ukraine and the Hamas criminals, and then try to sell Americans on the idiotic wisdom of supporting war on two fronts.  America was at peace under Trump, and we’ve had nothing but war and threats of war since Biden took office.

Don’t try to convince Americans that we don’t need money spent on our southern border, which is allowing Middle Eastern foreigners of doubtful intent to cross daily and in numbers. Any one of these anti-Semitic individuals could be planning an attack on America just like they do to Israel on October 7. We want the border closed, not revamped to tabulate who passes into America.

Don’t try to tell Americans that our SPR doesn’t need to be built back up after being depleted by Joey. 

Don’t tell us that our military weapons supply is not dangerously low, because Joey has been giving the store away in order to look like a strong leader, when actually he’s the weakest fool ever to occupy the White House in history, with the obvious proof that he‘s giving away our self defense weapons.

Don’t try to place any limits on how Israel responds to the Hamas attacks. America carpet bombed Germany for occupying Europe and killing Jews, and we dropped an Atom bomb on Japan for attacking Pearl Harbor, so let Israel take care of Hamas, and keep America’s hands off!”

Tuesday, October 17, 2023

It’s Amazing How Awakened Democrats Have Suddenly Become, After Calling Republicans Racists And Haters For 20 years

 Does anyone else recall the self-congratulating attitudes of Democrats following the destruction of the towers on 911, which put on full display what Islamists intend for America? We were severely warned and lectured by Democrats that it could be considered racism and religious intolerance if anyone, in any form and at any time, dared to warn Americans that Islamic people might be of danger to our persons or our nation.

The likes of CNN, NYT and WAPO took any statement made by a Republican that there are dangerous people in the Middle East who mean us harm, as an act of treason, and we were called intolerant and hateful if such comments were made. And there were even counts of how many times a week Democrat celebrities in the news business heard anti-Islamic comments, and Republicans were all called racists. 

But now that Israel has been hit hard with anti-Semitic murders and kidnappings, all of a sudden it’s woke and stylish to call out Islamic murderers as criminals.

Here are some recent examples of these formerly racist words now being mainstream and acceptable in polite conversations:

Christopher Wray, the FBI Director, referred to a “spike in domestic threats linked to Israel’s war against Hamas militants”.

Eric Adams, the Mayor of New York City said: “We are not all right when we see grandmothers being pulled away from their homes and children shot in front of their families. We are not all right when Hamas believes that they are fighting on behalf of something and the destructive and despicable actions they carried out”.

Mayor Adams also said “This was intentional. This was something that shows Hamas must be disbanded and destroyed immediately”.

Question: What were these two good Democrats and woke believers of the very leftist society of Joseph Biden talking about with these statements? They were talking openly about Muslims, and they were using language that would have gotten Donald Trump branded as an Islamic hater and a racist if he had uttered such statements.

But now that Joey Biden has said that he sides with Israel and that he condemns what the Hamas criminals have done in Israel, it’s suddenly acceptable to speak the truth about the Islamic murderers and to warn Americans to be on the watch for such people, and even fear them for what they might be planning to do to you and your family.

And now that Joe Biden’s wide open border has encountered some Lebanese and Syrian people of interest trying to cross illegally into America, including about 10 million other illegal invaders who have illegally crossed into our nation these last three years, viola!, it’s time to worry, now that immense damage has already been done to the security of the United States by our Democrat president, with the opening of our national border to any group that wants to come here, for whatever purpose. And now the reality of the danger of militant Islamists is staring us right in our faces. Up to this point we have been warned by our lecturers in the Democrat party to not take Iran’s threats of death to Israel and America seriously, because the good intentions of Joey Biden and Chucky Schumer would keep us all safe and we needn’t worry about any attacks from the playful Muslims who have threatened us every day and who are developing nuclear weapons as quickly as they can.

It was the wise and sage Barack Obama and his dummy side-kick, old Joey Biden, who allowed Iran to keep working on a nuke, and it was Joey who wanted to give Iran six billion dollars in exchange for five hostages they were holding. These people are complete fools, and America must, in the future, keep these ignorant and dangerous Democrats out of public life, forever.

But it may already be too late.

Monday, October 16, 2023

If It’s Not Already Too Late, America Needs To Learn From Israel How To Handle Our Enemies

 Israel has a wall they constructed around Gaza to keep Hamas bombers and other terrorists out of their peace-loving nation and prevent additional civilian injuries and deaths.

America has a partial wall along our southern border with Mexico to keep foreigners out of our nation. This wall would have been completed by this time if Donald Trump had been permitted to be a full and functioning president, without the Russia-Russia-Russia crap that Democrats pummeled him with constantly for four years.

But Democrat harassment of Trump kept the wall from being completed and we’ve already seen injury done to our nation and to American citizens by diseased and violent criminals crossing our border without challenge or accountability as they enter our once pleasant and secure nation.

To be sure, Biden now claims, after allowing 10 million illegal aliens to enter America, that he will begin completion of the border wall, because, don’t you see, it’s “required” by law, per our president; as though Joseph Biden obeys any law he doesn’t like. So if he does actually start work again on Trump’s wall, it will only be equipped with a turnstile so he can more accurately tabulate the number of illegals crossing our border daily, so they can be added to the Democrat voting roles of whatever state and county jurisdiction he wants their votes to be registered in.

Israel has Hamas terrorists on the other side of the Gaza wall that they are now, reluctantly forced to get rid of, and only after themselves being horrifically attacked by Hamas. And in all fairness it must be stated, that Israel has spent days issuing warnings to innocent Gaza residents to leave before an attack is initiated.

America has Mexican drug cartels on both sides of our border with Mexico, but in spite of all of the dire warnings of the extreme danger of these cartels, and in spite of the evidence of human trafficking, drug sales and murders being a part of the cartels’ operations, the idiot in the White House  will do nothing to close our southern border and begin protecting American citizens.

Israel is finally forced to clean up Gaza after many of Israel’s citizens have been kidnapped and killed, but stupid Joey is going to wait until more Americans are killed by illegal aliens before he will take any action to secure our border, and then he’ll blame Trump for not seeking “immigration reform” legislation that would legally open the gates for the entire world to flock to America. But in spite of any reform legislation, our border patrols have reported a vast number of Middle East terrorists have been intercepted at our border, and Joey appears to be happy to welcome them to this great sanctuary of a nation.

God may be merciful, but He can’t protect stupid people from causing their own suffering and injury.

 Got that, Joey?

Sunday, October 15, 2023

Pampered, Spoiled Palestinians And Their Phony “Jihad” In The Streets Of New York City

 On Friday, October 13, 2023, Palestinians around the world performed a pretend Jihad against Israel by safely and securely standing around and speaking angrily of Israel in particular, and Jews in general. These Palestinians are very “brave” people  when they speak negatively about Israel, which puts them in agreement with CNN, NYT and WAPO, and in contradiction to good sense and fair treatment for Israel.

The founding charter of Gaza was written by the Hamas hierarchy which stated clearly that all Jews are to be killed on sight. But Palestinians in New York City are not in Gaza opposing Israel’s IDF forces as they invade Gaza in an attempt to recover the hostages that Hamas kidnapped last Saturday when Hamas suddenly invaded Israel and began killing civilians and children at random. The Hamas mouthpieces in New York City are out of any danger from Israel and are only spouting the lies Hamas wants to spread to a gullible American population.

Who are these cowardly Palestinians, living safe and snug in New York City, while their fellow-Palestinians are fighting Israel in Gaza? Of course, the New York City Palestinians claim that the October 7th invasion of Israel by Hamas, in which Israeli babies were decapitated by Hamas terrorists, never happened, and they claim that the Israeli IDF forces are simply Jewish murderers intent on eradicating Palestinians from the region.

With the world watching, and even the far left press accurately reporting the atrocities committed by the Hamas terrorist invaders, the lying Hamas apologists in New York City claim the horrific attacks by Hamas are just fabrications created by Americans as they defend the Israeli invasion of Gaza. Unfortunately for the Hamas mouthpieces in New York, the entire world of reasonable people know the truth, that Hamas is responsible for the terrorism unleashed on Israel, and they must pay the price for their crimes against other humans.

The truth about Israel is that thousands of Arabs live peacefully in Israel and have the full rights and privileges of Israeli citizens, while anyone living in Gaza is a powerless subject of the Hamas rulers. The people of Gaza should fear Hamas, not Israel. And the only reason Israel built the wall around Gaza was to keep the Hamas bombers and gunmen out of Israel and behind a wall.

But the leftist Democrats in America will not willingly call Hamas the terrorists and murderers that they are, and will not call Palestinians in New York cowards who, while hating Jews and lying about the Israeli Defense Force, would rather talk than have to fight Israel.

Palestinians should be opposing the evil and hateful Hamas, not the decent soldiers of Israel, who would prefer to be doing personal and family things rather than donning a uniform and going off to war in Gaza.

But there could be another side of the young, idle, jawing Palestinians comfortably residing in America (which country they also claim to hate). While all the time giving lip service to their weak, lame Jihad, maybe they are residing in America, and in other nations around the world, while serving as terrorist plants, awaiting orders from the cowardly Hamas bosses living comfortably in Arab countries in the Middle East, to lash out around the world at the nations who allow these Hamas trouble-makers to live pleasantly in their midst. And when given the signal, they will launch a real, murderous Jihad on the peaceful nationalities they live among, especially if the resident nation defends Israel for trying to protect their population.

It may be interesting to know why other Arabic and Middle East nations don’t offer their nations as a place of sanctuary where Palestinians could go to get away from the allegedly evil Israelis, and the answer may well be that Palestinians are an unpleasant, troublesome people, and, quite honestly, no one wants them nor the trouble they cause.

One wonders if it wouldn’t be just like the far-left Biden administration to have intentionally reduced the police protection in so many American cities, under the idiotic banner of Defund-The-Police, thereby leaving American citizens without any protection at all in the event of an uprising from terrorists on American soil, while also trying to force Americans to give up their weapons of personal self-defense, and all occurring within our borders which are wide open, at Biden’s order, allowing any criminal or terrorist to enter our nation at their leisure.

Thanks Joey.

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Iran’s Plan Of Attack: First Israel, Then America

 By now everyone is familiar with the horror of the Hamas monsters invading Israel and making war on civilians, torturing, raping and killing at their leisure and for their pleasure. And one must also recall that this invasion, supported and planned by Iran, is at least partially the fault of Joseph Biden, the alleged president of the United States, following his giving a formerly frozen fortune to Iran in exchange for American hostages they were holding.

And now, keeping in mind the hoard of Hamas animals crossing the border from Gaza into Israel and attacking as many civilians as they could find, one reflects on the millions of illegal aliens that Biden has allowed to cross America’s borders and be settled throughout the nation, with no knowledge of who they are, how healthy they are, whether they are terrorists or criminals in their home nations, and one is rightfully justified in assuming that America is next on the list of nations to be attacked by absolute animals like Hamas. America’s illegal alien invaders have had months residing in our nation to get settled, form up into gangs, get weapons gathered and make plans on which targets to go after first, wherever the resistance is weakest, which is everywhere, because the defund-the-police movement, strongly supported by Biden and his woke Democrat party have removed much of our first line of defense, our police forces, from the scene, mostly in Democrat-run cities and other islands of “sanctuary” offered to the citizens of the world, most of whom hate America.

Imagining the devastation these foreign invaders can do to this nation, and recalling that Democrat policy has been to force Americans to surrender our weapons of self-defense, and with little or no police protection, terrorists can loot, burn and kill for hours before any organized resistance can be engaged to stop them. We’re already familiar with the daily looting and beating rampages in San Francisco, New York and Chicago caused by our own citizens, and thinking of the damage and death that foreigners, who have been trained and encouraged to hate America can do, is frightening.

The Little Satan (Israel) is currently under attack by the forces of Iran, and the Great Satan (America) is next on the list for destruction.

President Biden took the day off Monday, three days after the Hamas attack, while our main ally in the Middle East fought for its life against barbarians, and Joey took the time off from being a responsible president and leader because he needs hours of rest and medication in order to appear and act like a normal human being, and he gave a televised speech Tuesday to belatedly address this most serious Israeli situation. But even with hours of rest and whatever pills he’s taking, he stutters, stammers and aspirates his words so much that no one can understand what the hell he’s trying to say. But one thing he did not mention on Tuesday is that Trump had peace in the Middle East nearly sewed up with his Abraham Accords, and Joey immediately pooped on those Middle East accords when he took office.

It’s appropriate at this time to mention that, whatever the subject you want to discuss, everything Joe Biden has touched these last three years, from the border, to national defense, to public safety, to inflation, to the economy, to race relations, to the price of fuels for home and auto, our idiot president has made all situations much worse than when he took office, and this fool man still has a year remaining in his term of office to finish his destruction of this once great nation. And so far no restrictions on invading our borders by the millions has even been suggested by the idiot Biden administration.