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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Adolph Hitler May Have Been The Essence Of Evil, But At Least He Wasn’t A Traitor To His Own Nation, Like Joe Biden Is To Ours

 Whatever one feels about the Socialist/Nazi dictator, Adolph Hitler, he never sold out his own nation, as Joseph Biden is doing to America.  As history progressed during and following Hitler’s dictatorial rule, Germany ended up a bombed-out shell of a nation torn apart by the Allies in World War II, but a shining Germany dominating the entire world was his intent, and he wanted all non-Germans kept out of Germany so as to not weaken the misguided state he wanted to build.

All of the policies of our Joey are designed to take our powerful, wealthy, successful and largely happy America apart at the seams by allowing the invasion of our nation by millions of uninvited persons from all over the world, in line with Barack Obama’s proclaimed Fundamental Transformation Of America, and the theories of Cloward and Piven, which schemes are already on the way to bankrupting America as millions of foreigners enter our nation, and we have no idea what evil they may be planning for us once they get here and get comfortably settled. 

Our cities are being destroyed and the daily lives of American citizens are being dramatically disrupted as the invaders occupy our airports, our bus stations, our schools, our hospitals, privately owned hotels, and very likely, they will soon be occupying our private homes as the idiot Joey becomes desperate for pleasant places for these invaders to live, and begins to implement the final phase of the “sanctuary” scheme that the Democrat party has been self-righteously blathering about these last ten or so years. And don’t doubt for a moment that Joey’s autocratic government will use the full force of the government to get these uninvited invaders the pleasant life-style he has in mind for them, and never mind the misery it may cause for American citizens, in their wealth and their property.

One can point to many other reasons to fear the future that Obama/Biden have set for America, like Joey’s forced, dictatorial masking and vaccinations; his never-ending lies about the non-existent, non-event of warming/change; his shutting down of pipelines and drilling that America needs for the discovery and refining of energy products; his push to force everyone into the horrid EVs; his jailing of parents who express themselves in school board meetings; his undemocratic persecution of Donald Trump in order to keep Trump from running against the mush-minded Biden in 2024; his intention to bury free speech with his continued insistence on controlling misinformation/ disinformation by using a campaign that will crush and silence anyone who opposes any of Biden‘s far left, Socialist opinions. But Joey’s intentional destruction of America via the massive invasion of our nation by foreigners is something even the evil Hitler would not have done to Germany.

Then in just the last couple of days we’ve seen the result of Biden’s weak presidency and his suck-up relation to Iran. After over 160 un-responded-to attacks on American forces in the Middle East, we have three soldiers dead and many seriously wounded in an attack by Iran-backed militia groups in Jordan. But Joey and his Defense Secretary have been mostly silent on the issue and have only said that they are really, really miffed at Iran for the attack, and Joey may actually retaliate like a big-boy at a later date, and he made his anger clear by telling the Mullahs to “don’t, don’t” do that again. With the pussy Joey in the White House, war in the Middle East can’t be far away, and the Biden administration may wait to make their retaliatory blow until after Iran has fully developed their nuclear weapons program, along with a delivery vehicle to reach Israel and the United States, and then the consequences will be beyond our comprehension.

Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Biden’s Woke, Far-Left White House Staff Should Realize That Biden’s Low Approval Rating Harms Their Professional Reputations As Well As Biden’s

 When the boss of a corporation has made such a mess of a product that both the boss and the company are held in disregard by the public, a wise employee would get out quickly before that employee is associated with the failing entity and their reputation is forever associated with failure and their future is negatively impacted. But since there have been no defections from the Biden administration, one can assume that Biden’s White House staff favorably identifies with the loser-in-chief and believe that they are doing good work for the American citizens, in spite of everything in America going to hell under Joey‘s authoritarian rule.

Even with an idiot as the key-man in the White House and being the apparent cause of the damning and insultingly low opinion of the Biden travesty, the woke but seemingly slumbering members of the current White House staff continue without a pause to reflect their far-left, anti-American ideas that have caused the historically low ratings.  It seems like someone along the way would wake up to the reality that Americans don’t like them or their policies, don’t trust them, and will not vote for a Democrat president in November.

One would assume that intelligent staff members would be able to read the writing on the wall and bail out of the ship that Captain Biden in sinking, and perhaps get a better job before they are associated with the failure that is Joey Biden.

So one wonders exactly what is happening at the head of America’s government. What do these people know that is keeping them in place as America becomes a laughing-stock to the world and our enemies attack our military outposts with no fear of any real retaliation, and as American citizens turn away from the Biden cabal and their destructive policies? Perhaps they know of a scheme to keep Trump out of the White House even if he wins in November. We have already seen Democrats try to get rid of Trump with  the Russia, Russia, Russia special council investigation, two failed impeachment attempts, various after-office indictments like nothing America has ever seen before, all of which Democrats will be responsible for as history tells the true tale of their perfidy. And now we are witnessing state legislators and state supreme courts trying to remove Trump from those states’ voting/election process. And with all of this corruption, Democrats have the nerve to talk about Republicans harming democracy in America.

And rumors of the American military being able to keep Trump from becoming president are flying. One wonders how the military can do such a thing, since the military is subordinate to the president. The only way military personnel can keep a newly elected president from taking office is at the barrel of a gun, and isn’t that the treason and sedition that Democrats are so huffy about and willing to pin on people who voted for Trump in 2020? This all sounds rather third-world to me, as the American political left tries to consolidate its power under the radical banner of the frail Joey Biden.

 The 2020 vote fraud that won Biden the presidency probably cannot be used again without a severe backlash from Americans fed up with the incompetence and corruption of the Biden administration and the millions of illegal aliens he has allowed to invade and destroy America. 

When one hears the rumor that the military will be used to keep Trump from taking office, and with January 6 still fresh in the nation’s memory, how can this plan be used without everyone associating it with a treasonous, illegal takeover of the government that the Democrats claimed was the crime Trump committed, which could cause a backlash that would cause the imprisonment of many Democrats involved with that sort of plot?

Monday, January 15, 2024

Let There Be No Mistake About It: The Political Left’s Opposition to Donald Trump Is Not Because Of His Weaknesses, But Because Of His Strengths

  We repeatedly have heard and still hear, both from radical Democrats and from spineless, middle of the road Republicans, that our nation cannot afford another Trump presidency because of the chaos and violence that accompanies Trump wherever he goes. 

One would then ask the question of exactly what Trump did to invite four years of Russia, Russia, Russia; seeing his children called before congressional panels and grilled under oath; being called a murderer because he resisted wearing a mask or mandating vaccinations; being called a racist because he wanted to keep our national borders safe and secure (as required by law) and keep hoards of illegal aliens from crossing our border; being labeled an extremist because he objected to harming our economy and limiting citizens’ liberties by opposing the total lie of warming/change; being falsely impeached two times; having his Florida home invaded by the FBI searching for classified documents that every president (even old Joey Biden) had more of than Trump did; being indicted by numerous federal and state jurisdictions for crimes that no one has been indicted of before, especially not a former president.

The reason Trump has been forced to suffer so badly and with such ferocity by far left Democrats, is that he opposes all of the woke, unpatriotic idiocy that the Democrats have been trying to shove down the throats of Americans for decades, and he stood tall in front of their united mass and told them to kiss off. That serious offense of calling open borders, creeping Socialism and abuse of the laws, bad things that he would not accept, is what has created the chaos that surrounds Trump.

The chaos that accompanies Trump is the most assured proof of his correct policies and the need for his reoccupation of the Oval Office, because he has placed himself between the abuses of government that always accompanies leftist rulers, and the general population of America, and the left fears him and knows that if his policies are followed our constitution will be saved, and prosperity and liberty will return to America, the very things that Democrats oppose with every fiber of their being.

Without the Democrats’ desperate plotting and scheming to get Trump out of office and then attempting to keep him from being re-elected for a second term, there would be no chaos and we would still be living in a nation that didn’t fear a swat team battering down your front door because you attended your child’s school board meeting last week; or you would not be paying four dollars for a gallon of gas that forces you to cancel the trip to the beach you were planning with the family next summer; or you would not be fearful of losing power to your home as Biden’s green revolution phases out your local power generating facility, or at least promises brown-outs and black-outs from your electric power source; or you would not have to cut back on nice cuts of meat and fresh vegetables due to Biden’s inflation and his costs of shipping food on the highways and roads of America; or you wouldn’t have to worry that a spare bedroom of your home would be taken over by a family from Guatemala because the millions of illegal aliens Biden has unleashed on America have nowhere to sleep tonight, and radical Democrat governors and mayors who bragged about welcoming refugees to the sanctuary of their leftist cities have run out of solutions to the wave of illegals drowning their cities with mountains of bodies with no place to go; or you fear not being able to get gasoline for your car so you can get to work, because Biden would not allow the expansion nor the upgrade of active petroleum refining facilities and suddenly, because of Biden‘s inattention to the Iranian threat in the Middle East, we now see a shortage of fuel coming from that part of the world; and perhaps because Biden used our Strategic Petroleum Reserves for purely selfish, political purposes, and now our military is considering having to fight in the Middle East  and we neither have the fuel storage reserves we had prior to Joey or all oil is shut off from the Middle East because Iranian proxies are bombing oil shipment vessels in the Red Sea and Joey has not allowed domestic oil companies to supply enough diesel and gasoline to meet our civilian nor military needs.

The above list of grievances against the Democrats in general and Joseph Biden in particular are all things that people living freely in a capitalist economy should not have to worry about.  But we must worry about them, thanks to the fool old man in the Oval Office who is intent on showing Barack Obama that he can be woke and radical, too. All of Biden’s appointees to positions in the White House should be ashamed of themselves for imposing autocracy on the American people, and the American people who voted for Biden should be ashamed of themselves for believing the obvious crap put out by Democrats, that Trump causes the chaos that follows him, when Trump is the principal target of the chaos that Democrats create.

No thinking person can think anything other than that the United States is in a world of hurt with any Democrat currently practicing politics in America being in a position of power, and especially with the idiot known as Joey occupying the White House.

Sunday, January 14, 2024

When The Number Of A Nation’s Takers Is Suddenly Out Of Proportion With The Number Of Workers, Disaster Follows

 Throughout my lifetime the ever-critical and mostly-leftist press has constantly warned us that our nation is becoming over-populated. And even if one agrees that there seem to be too many people within a city that was comfortable in the 1950s and 1960s, the fact that American citizens were causing the population growth via normal attrition meant that the nation was able to compensate for the pressure of more bodies and a balance was maintained between the makers and the consumers. But then the woke and far left Joseph Biden became president, and to spite the successful and America-friendly policies of Donald Trump, he opened the border of hell and invited a deluge of people to prey on American citizens.

When the idiot radical Joey Biden took office he immediately opened up our borders to every non-English-speaking, poor, sick, mostly young males, likely criminal, and all committing a criminal act just by being here, all of whom wanted to come to America’s land of milk-and-honey. And after ten to twelve million of these people spread out over America these last three years, we even have many of the once sanctuary-proud Democrat mayors complaining about the serious over-crowding currently being experienced in their cities caused by non-citizens in need of a place to sleep or eat, which is resulting in American citizens having to surrender the use of public buildings that their tax dollars paid for, so illegals can live there. And one fears that soon a private family’s home’s spare bedroom may be commandeered by Joey’s government in order to house members of the invading mob.

At the same time, we are seeing low-paid American citizens losing their jobs to the foreigners who will work for less than poverty wages just to get some money to spend, thereby causing suffering and unemployment on the part of low-wage American citizens, in their own country. And after a few years of this less-than-poverty work by illegals, who will likely see no increase in their living conditions, or who will become tired of big government handouts supporting them, these people, who again are mostly young males, will begin to seek other people living in equally miserable conditions, and they’ll take violent measures against American citizens who seem to be continuing to be wealthy and well-fed while the illegal foreigners remain poor, even after steady work at low wage jobs.

At this time the number of illegal takers is totally out-of-balance with working citizens who make America function, and it all crumbles when, as we see in Chicago and New York City, where Democrats used to strut around and tell us how compassionate and caring they were for inviting illegals to their cities of sanctuary, the result is a vast over-crowding that these fool Democrats are dealing with. It’s a shame that only now are Democrats learning that comfortable cities and neighborhoods have to be earned by people working to create and sustain nice places to live, and not dependent on Socialist give-away schemes to uninvited invasion forces.

When foreign, unemployed, poor young men begin assembling on street corners and alleys and comparing how mistreated they’ve been by the nation they’ve invaded, as we’re now beginning to see, wide-spread violence will result, and the rioting and burning of the summer of 2020 will likely repeat itself in American cities from coast to coast, especially when the Democrat party aids the rioters with transportation and weapons, as they did during the riots in 2020, and most assuredly if Donald Trump is elected president for a second term in November. Democrats will make certain that there will be no peace in America if Trump is voted into office a second time.

We have the Democrat party and Joey Biden to thank for all of the ills we are now beginning to see on America’s city streets, and still additional thousands of refugees pour across our border every day.

 Thanks, Joey.

Monday, January 8, 2024

As Much As An Election Is About Gaining Power For The Winner, It’s Also About Surrendering Power For The Loser, And Democrats Will Never Allow That To Happen

 For the four years of Donald Trump’s presidency he was accused, lied about, attacked and impeached in an endless attempt to remove him from power in the White House and to keep him from getting the political corruption out of Washington.

Every thinking person knows that the far-left swamp that is ever-present in Democrat DC and many state governments, gamed Trump’s defeat in 2020, which was just another anti-Trump move so familiar to Americans these last seven years.

Then after Trump left office and gave indications that he would seek the presidency again, here came the renewed attacks from Democrat officials, along with a slew of indictments and state supreme court and leftist state legislative decisions deciding that Trump must be prohibited from running for president again.

All of the above attacks on Trump were attacks on the American citizens and their right to elect the person they want to be their president, and current-day corrupt Democrats are resolute in their insistence that they will not surrender the power they have under Biden, meaning that they have made, and will continue to make, every legal and illegal effort to keep Trump from office, short of directly taking his life.

Trump, and DeSantis as well, frighten Democrats because Democrats know that a truly conservative Republican will rid this nation of Biden’s disastrous open border and the woke, idiotic policies residing in the Biden White House. A Republican will reverse Biden’s forever-harmful green revolution and pronounce warming/change to be the monstrous lie that it obviously is, and America can become free and prosperous again.

But the big question hanging over our nation as we approach our next general election is what will the already-proven-corrupt Biden administration, and the various far-left state sanctuary-loving governments, do to prevent Trump from taking office if he wins the election in November 2024. Thinking people must fear the violence that the far-left will unleash on American cities, like they did during the summer riots of 2020, in an attempt to prevent a new Trump presidency, during the two-month period following the November election and Trump being sworn-in as president in January 2025. 

There can be no doubt that Democrats will create chaotic trouble prior to Trump’s actual swearing-in ceremony, during which time Biden’s army of leftist radicals will be willing to unleash hell on the Trump transition team, not only to stop Trump from taking power in 2025, but to avoid and bypass the transition and allow Biden to retain power. And all of this is in the offing in spite of Biden‘s and the Democrats‘ repeat protestations that a Trump presidency will mean the end of democracy in America.

 Be very afraid of any Democrat politician during this period, because current Democrats have proven that they will stop at nothing to prevent the surrender and transition of the presidency to a Republican, especially with all of the legal troubles facing the Biden family, which requires Joey to hang on to the corrupt DOJ which is shielding his entire family from prison as long as he‘s the president.

I believe that at this point in America’s political history even the optimistic Rush Limbaugh would agree that it’s time to be fearful of the unprincipled, power-hungry Democrats ruling our nation, and their attempts to kill democracy and end prosperity in America.

Thursday, January 4, 2024

Why Are Democrats The Cause Of All Problems In America?

 Last Tuesday, the second day of the New Year, radio commentator Erick Erickson brought up the subject of Democrat insensitivity to problems caused by themselves and by government in general, and further considered the harm done to the larger population via Democrat lies and their support of obviously failed and failing policies.

Of course the subject of our open southern border came up as the best example of societal harm done by leftists. Even though we know that all the Democrats want to achieve with the open borders and the resulting deluge of illegals entering America, is to get as many poor, desperate people into America as possible so they will forever vote Democrats into office in order to get the goodies that Democrats and our leftist government promise them.

But when the subject of the dangers that ten million foreign, non-English-speaking people flooding our country causes our society and our citizens, the political left, and especially Biden’s idiot press secretary, assures us that the border is securely closed, but that Republicans are causing all of the trouble at the border because they will not support comprehensive immigration reform, and we’re expected to ignore the fact that the two hundred thousand illegals who entered America in December 2023 were the direct fault of stupid ole Joey Biden, not Republicans, and assuredly not Donald Trump, who had a firm grasp on the border, in part by putting pressure on the Mexican president to hold all people traversing his nation until they had been screened to enter America.

So not only are Democrats blind to what they are doing that causes misery in America, but they blame Donald Trump and Republicans for their own, Democrat/Socialist, failures, which in the case of illegal immigrants is a political policy put in place by Democrats for their own power-grabbing considerations.

Democrats never mention the horrors experienced by the immigrants themselves, especially the women and children walking hundreds of miles across Mexico and Central America, nor the very serious social, medical and economic problems these tens of thousands of poor people cause the American border states, especially Texas, which is already an Ultra-Mega enemy in Biden’s mind simply because they have a Republican governor, until the problem reaches atomic mass and causes problems for Democrats further into the country, like the mayors of New York City and Chicago, both of which cities were and still are proud sanctuary cities, but we now see their Democrat mayors squealing like stuck pigs and trying to blame the governor of Texas for sending bus-loads of illegals to their cities.

And still, even after admitting that our open southern border is a problem impacting sanctuary cities as well as Republican states and cities, the Democrat mayors prefer to blame Republican governors for their misery, and  absolutely refuse to blame President Joseph Biden, the real culprit in this story of suffering and destruction.

The simple truth is that selfish and self-cornered Democrat politicians ignore a problem if it doesn’t directly impact themselves and their families, and will instead blame Trump and Republicans, and blindly refuse to insist that Joey Biden, their own fellow Democrat, close the dangerous border he has opened and which is now passing dangerous people into our nation, in direct dereliction of his duty to protect America and its citizens.

And we see this same blind, woke stupidity on the international front as well, when Biden talks nice to China and Iran, while those nations openly plot and plan the destruction of America and Israel, and are developing dooms-day weapons with which to accomplish that goal. Americans are in a world of hurt with a Democrat in the White House, especially the one called Joey, and don‘t even mention the fool of a V.P. we have; the one who speaks in tongues that no one can understand, and then laughs like a hyena.