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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Monday, January 15, 2024

Let There Be No Mistake About It: The Political Left’s Opposition to Donald Trump Is Not Because Of His Weaknesses, But Because Of His Strengths

  We repeatedly have heard and still hear, both from radical Democrats and from spineless, middle of the road Republicans, that our nation cannot afford another Trump presidency because of the chaos and violence that accompanies Trump wherever he goes. 

One would then ask the question of exactly what Trump did to invite four years of Russia, Russia, Russia; seeing his children called before congressional panels and grilled under oath; being called a murderer because he resisted wearing a mask or mandating vaccinations; being called a racist because he wanted to keep our national borders safe and secure (as required by law) and keep hoards of illegal aliens from crossing our border; being labeled an extremist because he objected to harming our economy and limiting citizens’ liberties by opposing the total lie of warming/change; being falsely impeached two times; having his Florida home invaded by the FBI searching for classified documents that every president (even old Joey Biden) had more of than Trump did; being indicted by numerous federal and state jurisdictions for crimes that no one has been indicted of before, especially not a former president.

The reason Trump has been forced to suffer so badly and with such ferocity by far left Democrats, is that he opposes all of the woke, unpatriotic idiocy that the Democrats have been trying to shove down the throats of Americans for decades, and he stood tall in front of their united mass and told them to kiss off. That serious offense of calling open borders, creeping Socialism and abuse of the laws, bad things that he would not accept, is what has created the chaos that surrounds Trump.

The chaos that accompanies Trump is the most assured proof of his correct policies and the need for his reoccupation of the Oval Office, because he has placed himself between the abuses of government that always accompanies leftist rulers, and the general population of America, and the left fears him and knows that if his policies are followed our constitution will be saved, and prosperity and liberty will return to America, the very things that Democrats oppose with every fiber of their being.

Without the Democrats’ desperate plotting and scheming to get Trump out of office and then attempting to keep him from being re-elected for a second term, there would be no chaos and we would still be living in a nation that didn’t fear a swat team battering down your front door because you attended your child’s school board meeting last week; or you would not be paying four dollars for a gallon of gas that forces you to cancel the trip to the beach you were planning with the family next summer; or you would not be fearful of losing power to your home as Biden’s green revolution phases out your local power generating facility, or at least promises brown-outs and black-outs from your electric power source; or you would not have to cut back on nice cuts of meat and fresh vegetables due to Biden’s inflation and his costs of shipping food on the highways and roads of America; or you wouldn’t have to worry that a spare bedroom of your home would be taken over by a family from Guatemala because the millions of illegal aliens Biden has unleashed on America have nowhere to sleep tonight, and radical Democrat governors and mayors who bragged about welcoming refugees to the sanctuary of their leftist cities have run out of solutions to the wave of illegals drowning their cities with mountains of bodies with no place to go; or you fear not being able to get gasoline for your car so you can get to work, because Biden would not allow the expansion nor the upgrade of active petroleum refining facilities and suddenly, because of Biden‘s inattention to the Iranian threat in the Middle East, we now see a shortage of fuel coming from that part of the world; and perhaps because Biden used our Strategic Petroleum Reserves for purely selfish, political purposes, and now our military is considering having to fight in the Middle East  and we neither have the fuel storage reserves we had prior to Joey or all oil is shut off from the Middle East because Iranian proxies are bombing oil shipment vessels in the Red Sea and Joey has not allowed domestic oil companies to supply enough diesel and gasoline to meet our civilian nor military needs.

The above list of grievances against the Democrats in general and Joseph Biden in particular are all things that people living freely in a capitalist economy should not have to worry about.  But we must worry about them, thanks to the fool old man in the Oval Office who is intent on showing Barack Obama that he can be woke and radical, too. All of Biden’s appointees to positions in the White House should be ashamed of themselves for imposing autocracy on the American people, and the American people who voted for Biden should be ashamed of themselves for believing the obvious crap put out by Democrats, that Trump causes the chaos that follows him, when Trump is the principal target of the chaos that Democrats create.

No thinking person can think anything other than that the United States is in a world of hurt with any Democrat currently practicing politics in America being in a position of power, and especially with the idiot known as Joey occupying the White House.