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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Needy People Always Vote With Their Feet

Why are war-torn refugees, now plaguing America and Europe, not flocking to Russia for safe refuge? There is no end to the line of needy people trying to get to the West, but none are going to Russia. For the last 80 years American liberals, socialists and communists have done nothing but try to destroy America and our economy as they sought to make America more like the Soviet Union, with its state-controlled production system, its poor living standards, its block after block of hideous state-provided residential buildings thrown up for its unfortunate citizens, its collectivist mentality, a central leader who makes all decisions for the entire population and its lack of a constitution to protect citizens’ rights.

America and Western Europe have had to viciously resist our own liberals for decades as they tried to undermine our pleasant way of life, and we have fortunately escaped the worst that socialism has to offer, in spite of the efforts of our own unappreciative, leftist citizens.

But with all of the negative press and constant demonstrations expressing American Democrat leftist opinions as to how bad America is, how is it that Syrians and other Middle East refugees are trying to come here and not Putin’s Russia? And in particular, with all of the leftist rioting and burning as protest to the alleged evil, racist, misogynistic, anti-Muslim Donald Trump, now our President, why do refugees continue to come here in their thousands and tens of thousands?

People in need always know where to gravitate for help, even when those fortunate people who are already residing in the target nation claim that it’s hell on earth living here. And that’s why Russia is free of a refugee problem.

That’s also why Democrat Party liberals, with all their belly-aching about how bad America is, still remain in the United States and don’t themselves go to the peoples’ paradise of Russia.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Trump Check: Not Attending White House Correspondents’ Dinner Is A Good Idea

President Trump is completely correct to not attend the White House Correspondents’ Dinner this year. The jokes normally made during such past events were always based on mixing truth and political humor to create good, funny quips and perhaps winning some respect and new friends along the way. But the atmosphere this year has the liberal press literally hating Trump and lying about him, and President Trump is understandably and justifiably resentful of the personal lies that have been told about himself and his family, so he decided not to attend. And it’s not as though he is officially boycotting the event as liberals like to pretend, because he’s not asking anyone else to stay home, plus he good-naturedly wished the attendees a pleasant evening along with his response to the invitation.

On the other side of America’s political environment we can find many Democrats and liberal organizations who have spitefully announced that they will not attend the President’s speech to the joint session of Congress on Tuesday, which seems like it may actually be a boycott without it being announced as being such, with so many leftists refusing to attend. And this latter point goes to the contention that the Democrats don’t need a “finely tuned machine” in order to wage their war against Republicans and the American people; the mental attitude of liberals always works in unison and they don’t need a leader in order to work as a team and use their exhibitions of hate against a foe (remember that Lois Lerner, of IRS scandal fame, and Eric Holder, Obama’s deviant Attorney General, didn’t need to be told how to work their demented political deals in order to remain in lockstep with Barack Obama’s far left, unconstitutional administration. Such maneuvering comes naturally to liberals).

Abusive and fake news is enough reason for President Trump to withhold his personal presence at the Correspondents’ Dinner, and by himself staying away, he removes the attraction that most people would have to attend or watch this event, so it will thereby be poorly attended and watched, and the internet news channels will suffer a ratings drop. The strange thing is that Democrats don’t recall President Bill Clinton in the 1990s calling a St. Louis radio station and railing against talk radio in general, and Rush Limbaugh in particular, for their daily expression of opposition to the Clinton administration, and Clinton cried of his anger that there was no truth detector out there to attack talk radio when they attacked him. Clinton was effectively asking the nation to boycott conservative talk radio, but President Trump is just and only stating that he, personally, will not attend, thank you very much.

Maybe next year the liberal press will show some respect for our President, allowing him to attend the Correspondents’ Dinner, and see a resurgence in the networks’ ratings. It’s up to them.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Trump Check: For Democrats A Finely Tuned Machine Isn’t Necessary

When President Trump stated recently that his administration was running like a finely tuned machine I believe that he was correct, but that finely tuned machine can’t compete with a Democrat machine, which is a completely different type of animal altogether. Liberal Democrats are all of the same frame of mind in that their objective is power, control and the undermining of the restrictions on their exercise of power and control as enumerated in the constitution. And don’t forget that the liberal press is on the side of the Democrat Party and will at every opportunity praise them for the power attempts and give the impression that their policies are all great, that they serve the general population, and that they further constitutional protection of the citizens’ rights.

When Democrat presidents have officials like Lois Lerner, Eric Holder and liberal judges on the ninth circuit court embedded in their administration, fine tuning is not needed because there is never friction between the operating parts as each official tries to consolidate their personal power and control and defeat the common enemy, the Republicans. Democrats will take every opportunity to change and undermine the constitution, because the constitution reduces their power individually and as a ruling party. And Democrats will never raise the alarm about another official Democrat gathering too much power, because power is all that Democrats care about and they all keep the omerta of silence in order to further the liberal cause of power-grabbing.

On the other hand you have Republicans who want government run within the confines of the constitution, and they welcome restrictions on power, even limits on their own personal power, because they understand that power, if taken to its ultimate extreme, leads to dictatorship. So, since Republicans respect the limitations of the constitution, there is often friction among the members as each tries to exercise his or her power within constitutional limits, and all the oiling and fine tuning in the world can’t prevent this friction.

So President Trump can fine tune all he wants and he’ll never, to his credit, have a machine that runs as smoothly as the Democrats because they know no limits on their grasp for power and in their attempts to by-pass the constitution, and the press is always cheering them on and praising them.

So the Democrat machine is the better running machine, except that the American people have voted Democrats out of office at the federal level, and at the state level in many states, and the American people want a party that will abide by the constitution and allow individual citizens to exercise power separate and distinct from the federal, monstrous, leviathan in Washington, and they want limited control at the federal level based on laws, not personalities and the latest liberal fad, like the idiocy of sexual-identity restrooms.

President Trump’s policies and agenda are on the path to the strengthening of America and its citizens’ liberties and wealth, and one sincerely hopes he continues on that path and that he succeeds, because the Democrat’s policies lead to destruction and a loss of liberty for all Americans.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Passive, Uninsightful Liberals Further The Suffering Of Illegal Aliens

No one wants to see people already in a bad situation suffer more, but Liberal politicians are taking the easy route when they support sanctuary cities and promote illegal entry into their nations, and any citizen of a stable nation would have to be a fool to support an immigrant strategy that only undermines the future pleasant, prosperous lives of their children and grandchildren. But in an attempt to appear to be a feeling, compassionate person, and to illogically oppose President Donald Trump, that’s exactly what liberals are doing.

It’s becoming increasingly obvious that liberalism is a mental disorder that prevents otherwise intelligent people from making logical judgements. After years of increasing social unrest in Europe, and crimes being committed by immigrants fleeing the failures of religious, political and economic policies in the Middle East and north Africa, and considering the terrorism these people have brought with them, we still have fools like Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, stating that he will accept immigrants entering his country illegally.

The United States appears to be one of the few nations in the world, thanks to our new President, Donald Trump, with the common sense to attempt to halt the inflow of humanity that has sworn to destroy us and kill all of our citizens.
Mexico, as well as being itself a source of illegal immigration, has long been a conduit of illegal entry into America for Arabs, Chinese, Central Americans and others, and now the United States will extend that pipeline of humanity as the unwelcome illegals pass on to Canada for shelter when they understand that they are no longer welcome here.

How long will it take Canadians to realize that illegals are a non-stop drag on their economy and that the traditions, customs and religious practices of the illegals are often contrary to those of Canada and its citizens? Angela Merkel, Germany’s Chancellor, has learned this lesson way too late, to the detriment of Germans, and may not be able to stop the social and criminal disintegration happening in her country, but you’d think that Mr. Trudeau would be able to realize the problems seen elsewhere and stop them before they pollute Canada.

Americans are fortunate to have elected Donald Trump as the policy maker and agenda setter for our country, and hopefully his policies will halt the inflow of people seeking work and welfare in the United States, and with any luck many of those persons here illegally will continue to travel north to the rather cold pleasures of Canada.

Americans love Canada and have great respect for Canadians, but the Canadian government is acting irrationally, and I’m certain that most of  Mr. Trudeau’s pro-illegal bluster is simply a way that he believes he can become a hero to America’s Hollywood and liberal upper class crowd for his anti-Trump stance. I wish him good luck with that bunch of fools.

If only we could get intelligent politicians to make sensible judgements and get this issue of illegals behind us, as immigrants learned that they will not be accepted as illegals anywhere, and that they would be better served to push for reforms in their own nations, and not run away from their problems at home and interrupt the lives of successful nations elsewhere.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Trump Check: Liberals Are Being Played And They Don’t Know It

Just consider for a moment that you are the newly elected President of the United States and have enemies that will rage at you for any move you make, they have been rioting and burning and destroying private property across the nation in complaint at your election, and they have the entire liberal press in which to express that rage and describe in very abusive terms how much they hate you. What would you do?

Well, if one of your main campaign promises was keeping immigrants who wish America ill out of our country, you would quickly issue an order to keep out persons traveling from certain Muslim, terrorist nations, using a list generated by the president just leaving office who was and still is adored by the leftist press, then sit back and wait until the liberals revolted to your order and masses of liberal bought-and-paid-for protesters rioted and made a big deal of your completely legal and sensible order.

Then, after your political enemies blow up and defame you once again, quietly and patiently take steps to modify the immigrant ban order to satisfy the idiots on the Ninth Circuit Court, and process a modification to your original order, changing a few words here and there that will please them. President Trump has successfully done all of these things.

At this point the President has the leftist haters in the palm of his hand and they don’t even know that they’ve strung themselves up from a tall gallows. Not only has the President demonstrated that he is reasonable and that he insists on fulfilling his campaign promises and protecting Americans from terrorists, but he’s also in a position to place the blame for the next series of terrorist attacks, and we all know they’re coming, firmly on his political enemies in the streets, in the press and on the judicial bench, and make hay all day long decrying the political actions by leftists that led directly to whatever terrorist attacks may follow, for years to come, and laying the blame for any Americans killed by said terrorists right at the feet of the leftists, where it belongs.

From here on President Donald Trump is clean as the wind-driven snow, and his political enemies are left to wring their hands and worry about how President Trump will vilify them at the least provocation of an attack coming from foreigners.

And don’t forget that our new President has made a big deal of the lying, fake press and how it generates false stories critical of his administration out of whole cloth, and he’ll also be able to use this angle against the press and other liberal Democrats when the next terrorist attack occurs, and he’ll point to the lies the press told about his original immigrant travel ban, which might have prevented the latest attack if it had been left in place, and how the Ninth Circuit Court used personal instead of legal arguments to block his first ban order, and he’ll gain many allies by making the case once again of the unjustified and insane hate the press has for him and the lies they tell about him.

The President will certainly trump the press for the hateful, illogical and insane way they’ve treated him since his election. Go Donald!

Monday, February 20, 2017

French Officials Apologize To Immigrants For Inconveniencing Them

Now we have published proof of how mean and dastardly the French government is toward immigrants who only want to sleep in the streets and harass and beg from tourists in cities like Paris. The proof was published by the Associated Press on February 16, 2017, in an article titled Paris: Boulders block migrants from sleeping, prompt debate.

It seems that some boulders removed from a work site in Paris were placed, for temporary storage, under a bridge where immigrants like to gather to make camp, sleep and possibly plan their next terrorist attack on France. An unspecified “Aid Group” claimed that this blockage of immigrants from a place they want to be (but have no right to be) was “part of an ongoing police crackdown on immigrants”. What a crock of crap! France has for over 100 years been a refuge for displaced people around the world, from persons fleeing the Russian revolution, to those fleeing persecution in Cambodia, and refugees fleeing Nazism before World War II, and for anyone to claim that the French are arbitrarily trying to “crackdown” on immigrants, I believe is not true, and it’s a harsh accusation to make against the citizens of France, who have extended a hand of help to so many refugees for so many years.

But just maybe the good citizens of France, and the residents of Paris, are fed up with dirty people sleeping in their parks and on every corner of their city, begging for handouts and harassing tourists all day long, every day.

And just maybe, but not likely, the “Aid Groups” could blame the countries that the immigrants come from for the horror that the immigrants visiting France are facing as they roam Europe searching for a home that probably will not materialize for people with no skills, no education, no desire to assimilate and a hatred of Christians. Maybe the “Aid Groups” would make more sense if they blamed the non-capitalist governments that these people are fleeing and not the government of France or Paris. And blame could also be placed on the countries of origin for these displaced people for not being able to defend themselves and for crumbling under pressure from Islamic radicals who are killing people around the world as they try to establish a new Caliphate.

Isn’t it typical that people who cannot take care of themselves seek help from those who have been successful at prospering and being self-sufficient, and then blame the prosperous people if they don’t give the beggars everything they want and all that they demand? It won’t be long until these unfortunate beggars have us all wondering where our pleasant world went and why even the simplest tasks have become so difficult to accomplish as our lives drift away.

Paris, and France, have nothing to apologize for, but if they continue to accept into their country people who only intend them harm and who have no intention of assimilating into the French culture, their situation will only get worse until it’s fatal.

The Warming Issue Is Slowly Drifting Away, Thanks To President Trump

On February 17, 2017, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution published an article about Al Gore holding a global warming/change meeting in Atlanta. The meeting was originally scheduled to be a three day hand-wringer sponsored by the Center for Disease Control, but since Donald Trump won the White House the CDC dropped out of the picture and Gore stepped in, with the meeting being reduced to only one paltry day in length.

It’s encouraging that the meeting was not finally sponsored by the government, and it’s also encouraging that President Donald Trump completely ignored it. After all, as a former president once said, “elections have consequences”, and this reduced status event is the proof of that statement.

Paragraph three of the article summed up the meeting by stating, “But it was science—not politics—that carried the day”. Actually, there was no attempt in the article to present one scientific piece of evidence that may have been used by Gore to “carry the day”. But there was fear mongering and a recitation of the same old lying crap that Gore has been spewing for the last 20 years or more.

During the meeting Gore told of parts of the Middle East and North Africa that will soon be uninhabitable because of rising temperatures, but he failed to mention that these areas of the world are, and have been for the last 200 years, uninhabitable deserts with very high temperatures. It only seems to be natural that if these desolate desert areas have been the hottest spots on earth for millennia, it should not shock a logical person if they got even hotter over time. And the subject of part of the earth being too hot to live in was presented by the author of the article as being a new revelation being presented by Gore for the first time anywhere, when warming is all the fool Gore has been talking about for the last 20 years. Where has the author of the article been the last few decades to pretend that this is new territory for the former VP? And where was the “scientific” discussion about the rising oceans that Gore has been so fearful of in recent years? Why was that item suddenly dropped from the discussion? Oh, now I remember: Barack Obama fixed the threat of rising oceans and its endangerment to humanity during his eight years of attempting to “fundamentally transform America”. We can all sleep better now.

To take Mr. Gore’s lying story and make a positive out of it, if the temperature in the Middle East continues to rise to uninhabitable levels, as he says it will, maybe this event will defeat Iran and ISIS and reduce the terrorism that these entities have been responsible for and save the rest of the world time and trouble.

There were also quotes in the article from two attendees to the conference that were so naïve and uninformed on the subject of warming/change that one has to wonder where these people have been for the last three decades.

Unlike past rants by Al Gore, the article gave no indication that he was blaming his predicted temperature increase on American living standards and that Americans will have to become less free and less comfortable to make the rising temperatures stop. Instead, Gore is quoted as saying that the climate problems can be fixed simply with a flip-of-the-switch solution when he said “We have solutions that are now readily available”. So Mr. Gore left unmentioned the enormous taxes he has, in past speeches, demanded that Americans be forced to pay for his “readily available” solution, and the freedom we’ll lose when the government tells us what we can and cannot buy, and where we can and cannot live.

We can all thank our lucky stars that Donald Trump is the president and not Hillary Clinton, because if a leftist were president this meeting would have been expanded to a week and would have been all that the liberal press would cover for a month, around the clock.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

It’s Not Fake News, It’s Lying, Leftist, Political Propaganda

One hates to appear naïve, but until the Trump campaign and his administration began making a big deal of the press lies that were and still are being told about him, I’d never thought of the news as being “fake”. Of course I knew the liberal press always lied in favor of Obama and his socialist causes, calling his ideas job-producing, good for America, helping the poor and the needy, and they always told stories favorable to Obama. But I always chalked it up to being the way the world works and didn’t associate a larger, more sinister design to it.

So it wasn’t until the press began telling bold-faced lies intended to undermine and harm the candidacy of Donald Trump that it occurred to me that the press was telling outright lies, intentionally and with malice, in an attempt to defeat my candidate, Donald Trump, in his run for the presidency. And after he became President the untrue stories got even more outlandish and more frequent and forceful as the leftist press attempted to destroy President Trump’s administration before it could get off the ground.

At this point President Trump began putting a name to it, and it began to resonate with everyone how fabricated liberal news is. Since he’s become president, Donald Trump has escalated his attack and his accusations against the press and their anti-Trump rhetoric, and now it’s common knowledge that what one reads in the papers and hears on the news channels and on the liberal web sites is likely to be lies, and very often the truth is directly opposite of what the liberal press is lying about.

In the current leftist, hateful environment America finds itself in, we must be very doubtful of anything we see or hear from the liberal press. The political left makes politics out of everything, even the most simple and benign subjects, and they are fighting for their political lives as they oppose our sitting President. So expect even harsher and increasingly violent lies to be told as President Trump fulfills his promise to reverse the political and financial idiocy of the last 50 years.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Trump Check: Why Do We Allow Defeated Democrats To Set The Agenda?

So now, in order to deflect attention from the Clinton Email scandals and the IRS scandals of Obama, and to take popular attention away from President Trump’s tax reduction and the planned dismemberment of Obamacare by the congressional Republicans, the lying press has effectively hung General Flynn for supposed illegal activity, and they’re attempting to take President Trump down with him.

As usual, Republican Senators immediately joined the leftist chorus and began to threaten President Trump with all sorts of investigations for his imagined pro-Russian tendencies. Why can’t Republicans instead try to deflect the radical left criticism and defend their own party members as the Democrats do? Are Republicans so naive that they think that Democrats want only fairness and truth? Democrats want only to defeat President Trump, who has been cleaning their clock the last two weeks.

But Republicans seem to only be interested in making the Democrats successful in reversing the election that gave the Republicans the White House, along with the House and Senate, and they should know that if the Democrats come out on top of any battle, they are only interested in furthering Barack Obama’s “fundamental transformation of America”, which means the destruction of America.

Republicans should be constantly on the offensive against Democrats, because if liberals are given time to lick their political wounds and get back on their feet, they’ll take us back to the days of Obama and the destruction that reversal would bring with it. Republicans will never gain favor with the press nor the Democrat establishment, all they can hope for is to bury Democrats politically and keep them out of office.

Trump Check: The President Schools The Lying Press

Yesterday President Trump took the lying press to school and told them things that every American citizen who put Donald Trump in the Oval Office wanted to tell them.

The press’s blatant lies, their hopes for his impeachment and even their suggestion that maybe he should be assassinated are all a package that seeks President Trump’s failure as a president, which would be a failure for the millions of Americans who voted for him.

One hopes that the President continues to address the press briefings in person and continue taking his message directly to the nation, because only he can cause such an impact and deliver such a message.

Mr. President, please keep up the good work.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Trump Check: Trump Is Tearing Families Apart? Really?

Jorge Ramos was on Sean Hannity’s show the other night and dramatically tore up a picture of a Mexican family, then blamed the destruction of that family on Donald Trump and the recent arrest of persons known to be criminals here illegally. Ramos seemed to be suggesting that no criminals should ever be apprehended and imprisoned for their crimes because they may have children who need them. One would then rejoin that maybe the criminals should have thought of their children before they committed the crime. But Mr. Ramos is, of course, also insinuating that no illegal aliens should be punished for anything.

As President Trump continues to keep his promises and do what the American people want done, by rounding up criminals who don’t deserve to be here and don’t appreciate the value of being here, liberals complain, as they have in the past, about the destruction to immigrant families who are now illegally in America, as family members are arrested. This idiotic argument could be made about any American family that suffers when a bad actor in their midst breaks the law and is subsequently put in jail. Should Americans treat illegal aliens criminals differently from our own citizens and give them a pass when they break laws?

Liberals have long pulled their hair and shrieked when an illegal is sent back home to their country of origin, claiming the sin of separating family members from each other, when nearly all illegal aliens had to pull the family apart when coming here in the first place, and they had to disrupt the lives of spouses and children as they left their home country and their spoken language and came to a foreign country where the language and many of the customs of Americans is much different from the old country.

Mr. Ramos, a little common sense would help you make a more digestible point, and then maybe you’d be taken seriously for a change instead of being laughed at.

“A Day Without Immigrants” Strike? Can These People Be Serious?

If you’re ever tempted to declare that you are on strike from your family and that they will just have to suffer through a day without your presence, you’d better think twice. Your family may very well take a cool trip somewhere without you and in the future be able to bring up the pleasant experience and preface the memory with something like “Remember that fun day when Dad was on strike and we took that cool trip to the railway station and had a wonderful lunch without him?”

Well, evidently immigrants in America are not so circumspect and are behaving rather too boldly, because they are officially taking a day off from serving us evil American citizens, and they think that this will teach us devils to appreciate, perhaps even adore, the immigrants in this country for the essential services they provide, with special attention given to the illegal aliens living here.

What a load of crap! When the people who occupy the lowest rung on the economic ladder think they’ll punish us with their absence, I see only disappointment ahead for them. What kind of idiocy would make people who often speak English haltingly and poorly think that they can hold us hostage to their presence, or lack of presence? Usually people who are new to a nation and are trying to establish themselves by buying a home, raising a family, getting a good job, increasing their standard of living and hopefully becoming wealthy one day, will work hard and diligently to improve their lives and convince possible future employers that they are serious and hard-working and will perform work dependably.

But here go the newest and most needy members of our society, not showing up for work, in an attempt to show us how dependent on them we are, and how much we need them. And I say “Bullshit”.

My day is going fine, thank you. I have not been stupid enough to make my life dependent on a bunch of immigrants who work at the lowest wage and benefit levels and who could at a whim deprive me of the things I need and want in my life. The more these fools strike and withhold service, for work that we have been repeatedly told “no American will do”, they more they’ll find out that we can do without them and their low skills, and that there are many Americans who will indeed do the work immigrants are too haughty to perform.

Liberals who organize and encourage such behavior as this strike only add to the resentment that Americans feel toward our uppity immigrants who believe they have a constitutional and God-given right to be here and live off of our generous nation and its willingness to help the needy and the newcomers. This kind of demonstration is why Americans voted for President Donald Trump and not the socialist Hillary, who is probably behind this misguided affront to Americans. This is not helpful.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

I Want Someone In Jail

Knowing the Washington, DC situation as I’ve come to know it the last eight years, I have no doubt that retired General Michael Flynn, former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency and President Trump’s choice to be his National Security Advisor, is innocent of any wrongdoing related to the Russia influence peddling situation that erupted this week. All of the lying, so-called evidence against Mr. Flynn comes from an intelligence community rife with Obama administration holdovers who hate Donald Trump and would like nothing better than to embarrass him and make his administration stumble.

Whoever arranged the intelligence leak, and those who participated in it, must go to jail, and the facts must be gathered very quickly in order to provide protection to the American people, because whoever did the leaking is obviously intent on keeping any real intelligence away from President Trump and likely providing him with false intelligence data.

President Trump must quickly determine the source of the leaks and get that person or persons fired, and then the suspect parties must go on trial for this most horrible of deeds. Everything in this nation is such a pack of lies that it will be necessary for President Trump to take this situation by the horns and be sure it’s completely and thoroughly investigated and that no one culpable is allowed to get away with it.

Democrats Are Unable to Keep Their Lies Straight

With all of the lies about warming, about Obama’s glorious agreement with Iran, about Obama being a hero for killing Bin Laden, about Hillary being the greatest Secretary of State the world has even seen, I can understand how some more recent lies are getting the Democrats a little tongue-tied and confused about their message.

For example, we’re told by our one-time leftist Democrat rulers that candidate Donald Trump was on very close and friendly terms with Vladimir Putin, and that the Russians hacked Hillary’s web site and email system to get information that they used to swing the election in Trump’s favor and assure a loss for Hillary in the latest presidential election. But then the lying press blames Trump for making enemies of Russia and Putin as an explanation for Russian jets buzzing our naval ships and for Russia locating a spy ship off our east coast. How can both things exist at the same time?

On the other side of this coin the lying press paints Obama as being a real opponent of our nation’s greatest enemy, Russia, but refuses to address the video and hot-mic meeting Obama had with Russia’s Medvedev in which Obama, leaning in very close to Medvedev and whispering very confidentially and softly that he (Obama) would like Putin to give him some time to get re-elected so he could be more flexible with Putin with the things Putin wanted related to removing our missiles from east European NATO countries. How can Obama be anti-Russia and at the same time beg for more time to act favorably toward Putin and his demands? And since Obama’s pleading was way outside of diplomatic channels, why was there no Congressional investigation of Obama and his illegal meeting with Medvedev?

But any pretense that liberal Democrats felt anything but love and affection for Russia is put to rest when one learns that Ted Kennedy actually went to Russia in the 1980s and tried to give the Russians information on how to deal with President Ronald Reagan and defeat Reagan’s international diplomatic policies during his administration. And who can forget the cute little Reset button that Hillary, all full of smiles, chuckles and clever asides, gave to Russia to show the great regard and affection she and Obama had for our supposed enemies, as liberals now call them.

One only hopes that President Trump can survive the unbelievable deluge of lies and accusations he’s being presented with by our lying press and the corrupt Democrats, and even a surprising number of establishment Republicans, who are still doing Obama’s bidding and trying to “fundamentally transform America” even though the American people sent Obama’s ideas to the laundry last November.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Radical Democrats Allow Their Crazy Behavior To Limit Their Political Future

One thing that Democrats should have learned from their shellacking last November was that fire-bombing the Republican candidate’s campaign office will cause the bombor, not the bombee, a political loss. Also learned, but apparently soon forgotten, was that hiring union thugs and out of work criminals to threaten and beat Republican supporters will also not gain you any favor with voters. But in spite of all the learned lessons, Democrats continue to make the same lame, politically damaging mistakes.

Mature people learn how to control their emotions and keep themselves under control, but here go the leftist crazies burning the campus of U.C. Berkeley, lying about members of President Trump’s staff and cabinet, childishly dragging their feet on the President’s nominations, blocking his promised and necessary orders to keep terrorists out of America, and embarrassingly calling the President names and insulting his intelligence and character.

Hillary Clinton lost the last election because of all of the above, plus her intention to continue the unconstitutional practices that Barrack Obama had put in place. Americans are sick of the leftist politics as usual, accompanied by the fascist burning and destroying, and they want people in government to be adults and not wage personal or physical attacks on their opponents. But Democrats seem to not be able to comprehend these things, because all they’ve done since Donald Trump took office is attack, attack, attack.

As one sees the Democrat Party marching toward self-imposed destruction and fading off into the trash-heap of history, Americans bid it a fond, much-deserved, farewell.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Trump Check: Judges Behaving Badly Must Be Impeached And Removed

Most people reading this piece are as angry as I am about the liberal Federal Judges blocking President Donald Trump’s much-needed immigration ban. There are two large problems with their committing this unconstitutional act: The Judges are behaving in contradiction to the constitution by getting involved in executive branch matters, and in the instance of Judge James Robart, he didn’t even base his unconstitutional decision on the law, but rather he expressed his personal disagreement with the President’s order based on his leftist attitude and grade school logic. Federal Judges cannot be allowed to get away with this kind of misbehavior. Americans voted for Donald Trump to be their President and we want him to get the respect due a President.

Below is a suggested statement that everyone should mail or paste into an email to their legislators to let them know how angry we are at the liberal judges who are blocking Trump’s legal, constitutional and much needed orders, and these rogue judges, in their splendid ignorance, are potentially inviting more terrorist attacks on America. But whether you use my suggestion or create one of your own, we must show our support for President Trump and our contempt for activist judges:

Dear Mr. /Ms. Legislator,

Seattle Judge James Robart recently blocked the urgently needed Immigration ban issued by President Trump. Judge Robart issued his ban unconstitutionally and involved himself in matters specifically reserved to the Executive branch of government. I want all liberal, activist judges behaving unconstitutionally removed from the bench, and I want to start by having you, my Legislator, tale the lead and begin impeachment proceedings against Judge Robart and any of the Ninth Circuit Court who voted to back his ban. This lawlessness must be stopped, and I want you to take leadership on this most serious matter.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Trump Check: ACLU Ambulance-Chasers Now Chasing Boeing Aircraft

So now we have liberal, activist judges on both coasts working against the protection of American citizens, with another judge, this time a New York Federal judge, Ann Donnelly, exciting the ambulance-chasing lawyers at the ACLU into such a flurry that there were more lawyers at the airports carrying briefcases and foreign language translations devices than there were passengers carrying boarding passes and carry-on luggage.

President Trump is creating more jobs for Americans, exactly as he promised to do, but in this case unintentionally favoring immigration lawyers, as they pimp their way to every person impacted by the terrorist ban with false tears and a sob story as long as your arm.

To add insult to injury, the New York judge, in her remarks favoring a nationwide stay from deporting those individuals impacted by President’s “new Muslim” (her words) ban, actually used the words “imminent danger” relating to those trying to enter America as she attempted to undermine Trump’s completely legal and appropriate ban on persons coming from known terrorist nations, and applied the phrase to the stranded travelers and not the very real imminent danger that the American public is faced with in this increasingly insane and dangerous world.

So while a New York liberal, activist judge was blocking our President from doing his constitutionally defined duty to protect the American population, and as she intentionally gave legal shelter to people who may well have bad things planned for Americans, protection from which was also a major promise Donald Trump made to the American people who flocked to vote for him last November, the Trump administration was moving ahead with raids in Los Angeles where people who were suspected of having no legal right to be in this country were being detained and questioned as to why they are, indeed, here.

But referring again to the first pack of legal, Federal bench fiction writers who penned briefs blocking President Trump’s attempts to protect America, “The ninth will be the first” place Americans will point a finger of blame when the next terrorist attack occurs on American soil, and one can only hope that our wussy, go-along-to-get-along legislators in DC will have documents at the ready to press for the impeachment of the entire Ninth Circuit Court following the next attack on America. Not only were the judges on the Ninth derelict in their duty, they were creative in undermining federal law and the welfare of America.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

With Liberals Around, What Good Is An Election?

We finally get a president in Donald Trump who wants to protect Americans from terrorist attacks and liberal legislators, judges and the leftist press throw a fit and attempt to override the President’s immigrant control order.

We finally get a president in Donald Trump who will approve a repeal of Obamacare, and Republican legislators make noises suggesting they will not repeal and replace, but would prefer to fix Obamacare, and it may take a year or more to do even that.

We finally get a president in Donald Trump who denies the lie of global warming and wants to roll back punitive and job-killing EPA regulations, and Republican legislators want to dump a carbon tax on the American people.

When Obama was elected president and promised to “fundamentally transform America” he arrogantly stated that his election had “consequences”, but when a conservative Republican is elected, liberals obstruct at every possible opportunity, and we’re stuck with the same old crap that Obama left behind.

What the hell good does it do for citizens to vote, if liberals undo and undermine the vote of the citizens of the nation?

President Trump is doing exactly what I want him to do, but we’re going to have to push the Republican legislators to move in the direction the voters want. Legislators seem to be a little slow in getting the message they’ve been sent the last several years that gave Republicans the majority in both houses along with the presidency, so we’re going to have to email and call them to let them know how we feel, and to get them to support President Trump with his agenda.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Trump Check: Liberal Judges Hate Trump, Endanger The Nation

Insanity is obviously caused by the loss of political elections, and it must also be contagious, because it’s spreading like wildfire among liberal Democrats across the nation, and has even infected the Federal Judiciary.

The insanity is caused, of course, by the election of Donald Trump to be the President of the United States, and it was made even worse when the stuttering Democrats realized that the new President would keep his campaign promises and actually reform and protect America. This last realization among liberals made the contagion nearly fatal among their number, but they still press on with their hate, their lies and their abuse of an America governed by the Constitution.

It’s bad enough when leftist Democrat legislators and the ultra-partisan liberal press lie about the things President Trump is doing, but when the Federal Judiciary gratuitously sticks their nose into the mix and undermines presidential powers, one fears the nation is trodding on slippery, treacherous ground.

When the liberal Federal Judiciary begins to make official, from-the-bench arguments based on opinion and not the law, and when their opinionated arguments are made from a Constitutional position reserved exclusively for the Executive branch, as President Trump’s recent immigration ban order was, and not the Judicial branch, one really fears for the safety of the nation in a dangerous world.

When the next terrorist attack occurs I hope all conservatives remember the meddling of the Ninth Circuit Court into exclusively Executive branch affairs, and heap blame on them for staying the immigration ban of potentially dangerous people into America, a ban President Trump has so courageously and correctly ordered.

Trump Check: Education Reform Has Been Approved

I believe Donald Trump would agree with the proposition that the American education system is worse today than it was when the Department of Education was established in 1980. That statistic alone would strongly suggest that the fault for the dumbing-down of America lies with the liberal establishment and their Department of Education. And although thinking people may suggest that the best way to begin education reformation in America is to ban and abolish the Department itself, President Trump decided to reform it from the inside instead.

Similarly, education is more political than ever, and children are learning less, with the poorest children in the nation being the most abused and left uneducated by our federal education system. The most obvious problem is the political mafia who rule via contacts with the teachers’ unions, which are beholden to, and donate millions of dollars to, the Democrat party.

Short of repealing the enabling legislation that created the Department, the only way to reform it and change the leftist corruption is to get a reformer into the Secretary of Education position, and President Trump’s nominee, Betsy DeVos, was confirmed to that position yesterday, after the unbelievable, unjustified and abusive opposition of Democrats in the Senate.

This is another triumph for our new President and his attempts to rid the Washington swamp of all the corruption that liberals have filled it with the last 50 years. But don’t think that this victory for American education and for our new President will not meet even more insane, dishonest and outrageous opposition by the diminished but even more dangerous and loony leftist Democrat party and their allies in the liberal press.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Trump Check: He’s The One They’ve Been Waiting For

When the Democrats controlled both Congress and the White House and shoved Obamacare down the throats of an unwilling America, Republicans told us that if they got control of the House that they’d be able to at least de-fund Obama’s favorite bill if not get it repealed. So the American people elected Republicans to majority status in the House.

Then Republicans said that with only the House they were not able to overcome opposition from the Democrat Senate, and that they would need a majority there in order to get Obamacare repealed. So the American people elected Republicans to a majority in the Senate as well as the House.
But, of course, even with a majority in the House and the Senate, the Republicans began bellyaching about not having enough of a majority in Congress to overcome a veto by Obama when the two houses of the legislature pass bills to repeal. At this point the Republicans claimed that if only they had the White House as well as both houses of Congress they’d be able to get rid of Obamacare with no problem. So the American people elected Donald Trump to the presidency with the assumption that repealing Obamacare would be a cinch, right?

 Not so fast.

Now the fool establishment Republicans in Washington claim that they may only “repair” Obamacare and fix the bad parts, when all along they’ve been promising to repeal and replace this disastrous bill in its entirety. And they project that this next step of repair-only may take up to a year to get done.

What I believe is happening now, is that Republicans want to replace Obama’s big-government bill with a big-government bill of their own, but one that assures more competition than Obamacare. The idea of competition and no government mandate is a good one, but why does government have to interfere with citizens’ choices of insurance coverage at all? All the Republicans have to do is pass a clean bill to repeal Obamacare and leave anyone currently on that coverage in-place for a year, at which time all coverage under Obamacare will end, completely. That would allow a year for anyone on Obamacare to talk with various insurance companies and choose the plan and cost that best fits them, and the deal is done. No one would have lost coverage and everyone would have the plan they chose for themselves and their families. And if anyone is stupid enough to remain on Obamacare during the twelve-month grace period and lose coverage after the grace period ends, then they can seek coverage under one of the various state plans to cover people with no insurance, or go without insurance if that’s their decision.

President Trump promised to get rid of Obamacare, and with all of the other initiatives that he’s put into place in his first two weeks, I believe he would accept any bill that repealed Obamacare, if only the fool Republicans would get such a bill to his desk. Republicans need to get off of their butts and do what they promised to do, and what we voted for them to do, and do it now! Trump is the President that Republican legislators have been asking for, so the ball is in their court.

Republicans, pay attention: Americans elected Trump, now let him do his job.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Behavior Of The Democrat Left In Defeat Tells Us What America Is Up Against

As long as the left had a charismatic leader in Obama, no matter how flawed that leader was, and as long as they had the expectation of a certain heroine (Hillary) next in line to the presidency to continue the charismatic leader’s anti-America agenda, along with comfortably seated members of congress, the leftist Democrats played nice and for the most part played by the rules.

But with the surprising election of Donald Trump to the presidency all pretense of Democrats being patriotic competitors for power and influence went out the window, and violence, confrontation and lies have been their defensive fallback position.

The violent left has taken their gloves off and are attempting to burn and beat their way back to power. They believe, as their type will, that they can’t allow Donald Trump and his ideas and policies, to be successful in restoring the security and prosperity that Obama, with his “fundamental transformation of America”, stole from the American citizens, and they’ll never stop lying about the alleged racism, persecution and religious discrimination they claim are Trump’s goals.

We’d better be prepared for more violence like Berkeley from the radical left, because that’s the essence of their M O.  They know nothing else, and actually seem to prefer the violent life, and they will surely escalate their resistance to the democracy that defeated them in the most recent election.

To the left, the era of post-prosperity and un-accomplishment contained in Obama’s “transformed” America and its once free and proud population, are to be concealed hoping that the idle and the in-attentive among us will believe the leftist lies and ignore the destructive reality of the Obama years.

The federal education system lies about American history and the beacon of light that America offers the world. So now instead of the Statue of Liberty holding a torch to welcome people “yearning to be free”, the left prefers to fly in refugees who likely wish our nation ill, and then distribute them throughout the country with no record of where they were settled, while concurrently we permit people from south of the border to come here illegally for free medical treatment and to live on welfare and hide from the law in sanctuary cities.

The way patriotic Americans will save America from the leftist Democrat rabble is to encourage President Trump to continue to move aggressively, quickly and assuredly to implement the things he promised to do during the campaign, and his programs, when successful, will eventually convince enough people of the value and effectiveness of those programs to provide the support and encouragement needed to convince even poorly informed Americans to support his restorative plans for America. President Trump is off to a marvelous start with his decisive orders, and one just hopes he will continue to move even more rapidly in the future.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Democrats’ Hate And Shock, Blind Them To The Reality Of Their Actions

The Democrat party, at the exact moment when they thought that Barack Obama’s illegal and unconstitutional actions and orders had paved the way for their unending power and control of the government, were brought up short by the defeat last November of the next Clinton designated to rule the nation, and they are still shell-shocked by that rejection from the citizens of America, to the extent that the Democrat power structure now only has the ability and power to throw up roadblocks for President Trump’s proposals and executive orders, and, by opposing everything Donald Trump proposes, they are offering the middle finger to the Americans who voted Trump into office in the latest presidential election.

Why can’t Democrat understand that when the next terrorist attack occurs, and there will be more attacks on America, that their childish opposition to the sensible procedures that Donald Trump has proposed to make our borders strong and keep America safe, will cause public opinion to crash down on their fool, leftist heads.

But taking a reverse-image view of the way Democrats have reacted to President Trump’s immigration control proposals, they should be able to recognize that they have made a Teflon man of Donald Trump: no matter how disastrous the next terrorist attack on America is, Trump will be able to say “I told you so, but you opposed my every attempt to protect Americans”. From here on out President Trump can never be blamed for an attack, and the Democrats will have to absorb all of the culpability.

And even if liberals continue to cite the idiotic position that by limiting the inflow of people from the seven Muslim nations that Barack Obama listed as the major threats of future terrorist attacks, all that Trump has to do is remind them that Barack Obama strutted for weeks bragging that he had killed the terrorists’ hero, Osama bin Laden, and the death of this man had to be more maddening to the terrorists than a mere ban on visas or refugees from Syria.

No matter how you measure it, the Democrats, under the fool leadership of Chuck Schumer, are waging a lose-lose battle from which their party will never recover.