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Monday, February 20, 2017

The Warming Issue Is Slowly Drifting Away, Thanks To President Trump

On February 17, 2017, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution published an article about Al Gore holding a global warming/change meeting in Atlanta. The meeting was originally scheduled to be a three day hand-wringer sponsored by the Center for Disease Control, but since Donald Trump won the White House the CDC dropped out of the picture and Gore stepped in, with the meeting being reduced to only one paltry day in length.

It’s encouraging that the meeting was not finally sponsored by the government, and it’s also encouraging that President Donald Trump completely ignored it. After all, as a former president once said, “elections have consequences”, and this reduced status event is the proof of that statement.

Paragraph three of the article summed up the meeting by stating, “But it was science—not politics—that carried the day”. Actually, there was no attempt in the article to present one scientific piece of evidence that may have been used by Gore to “carry the day”. But there was fear mongering and a recitation of the same old lying crap that Gore has been spewing for the last 20 years or more.

During the meeting Gore told of parts of the Middle East and North Africa that will soon be uninhabitable because of rising temperatures, but he failed to mention that these areas of the world are, and have been for the last 200 years, uninhabitable deserts with very high temperatures. It only seems to be natural that if these desolate desert areas have been the hottest spots on earth for millennia, it should not shock a logical person if they got even hotter over time. And the subject of part of the earth being too hot to live in was presented by the author of the article as being a new revelation being presented by Gore for the first time anywhere, when warming is all the fool Gore has been talking about for the last 20 years. Where has the author of the article been the last few decades to pretend that this is new territory for the former VP? And where was the “scientific” discussion about the rising oceans that Gore has been so fearful of in recent years? Why was that item suddenly dropped from the discussion? Oh, now I remember: Barack Obama fixed the threat of rising oceans and its endangerment to humanity during his eight years of attempting to “fundamentally transform America”. We can all sleep better now.

To take Mr. Gore’s lying story and make a positive out of it, if the temperature in the Middle East continues to rise to uninhabitable levels, as he says it will, maybe this event will defeat Iran and ISIS and reduce the terrorism that these entities have been responsible for and save the rest of the world time and trouble.

There were also quotes in the article from two attendees to the conference that were so naïve and uninformed on the subject of warming/change that one has to wonder where these people have been for the last three decades.

Unlike past rants by Al Gore, the article gave no indication that he was blaming his predicted temperature increase on American living standards and that Americans will have to become less free and less comfortable to make the rising temperatures stop. Instead, Gore is quoted as saying that the climate problems can be fixed simply with a flip-of-the-switch solution when he said “We have solutions that are now readily available”. So Mr. Gore left unmentioned the enormous taxes he has, in past speeches, demanded that Americans be forced to pay for his “readily available” solution, and the freedom we’ll lose when the government tells us what we can and cannot buy, and where we can and cannot live.

We can all thank our lucky stars that Donald Trump is the president and not Hillary Clinton, because if a leftist were president this meeting would have been expanded to a week and would have been all that the liberal press would cover for a month, around the clock.