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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

The Dangerous, Destructive, Demanding Dummies Of Davos

 We have met the enemy, and they are in Davos, Switzerland.

Ole Al Gore was on a tear at the World Economic Forum in Davos lately, along with his goose-stepping, extended-right-hand-saluting and German-accented compatriots who believe they are the master race of the world and we must all bow to their will and do their bidding as they take over the world for the god of Socialism and the already-wealthy.

The boiling oceans and the rising tides we heard of in Davos were all in the wake of Gore’s violent, unhinged verbiage and the carbon footprint wake of his private Lear Jet as he lectured Americans about driving their gas-powered Chevys and trying to live lives without deteriorating our pleasant society to the level of the Middle Ages, which seems to be his intent.

The very wealthy members of the World Economic Forum (WEF) are once again lecturing people who simply want to live comfortably and enjoy their lives, and they’re stressing the officially approved way the WEF Gnomes insist that we should live those lives. And of course the Gnomes will enjoy their personal jets and their mountaintop mansions while we peons live without cars and are no longer allowed to travel on commercial jets or keep our homes warm in the winter nor cool in the summer.

The WEF are an elitist band of fools who like to quote the lying idiocy of Paul Ehrlich and his always-wrong positions on everything for the last 60 years, including the lie of warming/change, which they are trying to use as a health emergency issue in order to force common folk to live like paupers.

The “important” people who meet in Davos annually and who decide and make demands on the rest of us poor slobs who don’t have the advantage of billions of dollars at our beck and call, are closely allied with the United Nations and its design on taxing America to death because we’ve been successful in our legal and peaceful accomplishments, and the Red Presidency of Joey Biden with his repeated designs to give the wealth of America away to fools like the UN and the Davos schemers.

The wealth of America has been built on two centuries of poverty and hard work as the colonies and later the United States, so why should America, or Europe for that matter, want to go back to the anguishing poverty of our ancestors and give up the wealth that our forebears have given us?

I say we tell these elites to stuff their demands and leave our lives to hell alone. We will not surrender our comfortable transportation nor our air conditioning to these creatures of dominance and superiority.

In The Woke Biden Administration, There’s A “There” Everywhere

 When the idiot old fool we call president recently said that he has no regrets for his now expanding documents scandal, he also said that “there is no there, there”. But the truth is that Biden has a “there” everywhere:

The Hunter laptop cover-up.

The open border.

The Mexican drug cartels operating with impunity in American territory.

Thousands of Fentanyl deaths annually due to the open border.

At least thousands of deaths of poor people attempting to illegally enter America at Joey’s request.

Borrowed money in the hundreds of trillions of dollars that can never be paid back.

The destruction of many American cities due to crime and homelessness.

The increasing dependence on foreign energy sources on Joey’s watch.

The Afghanistan tragedy.

The labeling of Trump supporters as terrorists.

The January 6th scandal.

Pushing the warming/change lie in order to get government control over the lives of all Americans.

And now, one can only hope, the final “there” is the stolen security documents that have surfaced every place Joey has resided or visited the last 50 years, and the old fool will soon be put out to pasture, or put in jail.

Saturday, January 21, 2023

The Infiltration Of Woke/Progressive Policy Weakens Our Nation

 Lately this poor nation has had numerous investigations into the actions of a sitting president, and the most memorable of these investigations has been performed by administration lawyers or the DOJ investigating its own president. The problem with the increasing woke/Progressive influence being imposed on our nation is that the legislature should be investigating issues involving the president, not his own administration.

Formerly in this great nation the national press corps was anxious to report an issue involving either political party and make it widely known. But now they spike any scandal on the Democrat side and perform a 24/7 running dialog about how guilty a Republican politician is.

In the past the FBI would jump on any political crime and root our wrong-doing on either side of the aisle. But for the last two years Hunter Biden has been able to live free even though the evidence against him seems to be a slam-shut case of at least tax evasion, if not more serious crimes. Similarly, Hillary Clinton skated after she destroyed thirty cell phones that certainly held information that would have put her in jail, but the FBI refused to pursue her. And Joe Biden has been able to strut around like a big shot even though he’s broken federal law by allowing millions of illegals to invade our nation.

The old Twitter platform allowed itself to be pressured to cancel and remove anyone contributing information or opinion that the Biden administration and the FBI didn’t like, even if that opinion was obviously true.

The completely untrue and unsubstantiated warming/change, green boondoggle we’re experiencing has been used to completely re-order the lives of Americans by declaring gasoline to be a threat to the health of Americans and the world, thereby allowing the Biden administration to use executive orders to change the way Americans live.

Biden’s press secretary has proven herself to be an idiot while carrying the Democrat’s water for them and reading her responses to press questions from written texts given her by the woke/Progressive Biden administration.

The radical leftist scheme of insisting that LGBT-HUA persons are mistreated and need special protection and selective set-asides for them only, has become a scandal. And the federal government calling white males the greatest threat to the welfare of America is asinine.

The treason that was committed against Donald Trump with the FBI participating in a frame-up of him, his family and his supporters is outrageous, but no one has gone to jail for it so far, and probably never will.

The treatment of the numerous people, innocent or guilty, who have been charged in the Jan 6 fiasco at the Capitol building is unforgivable. And this entire incident was created to cast a shadow on Donald Trump in an attempt to keep him from running for President again. And while trying to get to Trump, the fools in the Democrat-run House of Representatives have destroyed the lives of many people who were likely guilty of no crime at all, while the rioters, arsonists and murderers who burned cities from Seattle to Baltimore during the summer of 2020 get no punishment at all.

Progressive, Marxist/ Leninists have had a fatal influence on many foreign nations, while woke/Progressives are too often having a fatal impact in America, and these criminals must be brought to justice now that the house is run by Republicans, who know right from wrong.

Thursday, January 19, 2023

Some Questions About Biden’s Secret Documents That Have Not Been Asked Of Our Lying President

 When Joe Biden was Vice President in the Obama administration, was he given a Top Secret security clearance? Given the embarrassing and derogatory comments Obama has made against Biden, top clearance may not have been given to him, VP or not.

It’s interesting that with the Trump secret documents situation, that the Archives Department knew of the documents being held securely at the Trump residence and they were negotiating for their return, so they knew of the removal of the documents and we know the documents had been taken legally. So the dominant question with the Biden documents found stored in his garage is: did the Archives Department know about the existence of the documents that were missing from their possession? Further, did they even know that the documents were missing? Had they tried to get the documents back to their possession? And were the documents properly signed out, and by whom?

At this point, it appears that the documents were likely not known by Archives, which would strongly suggest that the documents were stolen, and this makes Biden the holder of stolen Top Secret documents, which is a serious crime.

The president of the United States is so cool, the way he parades around bumbling everything he touches, and insists on letting us peons know that he has a classic Corvette in his garage, right next to the secret documents he took and has never returned.

Because Biden is a big shot, he had documents he needed to sign flown to him while vacationing in the Virgin Islands, because he was too absent-minded and short-sighted to have the documents included with him on his trip to his vacation spot. Never in his weak mind was there a thought about the enormous carbon footprint this flight created, but we all have to give up our piston-engine cars, which Biden doesn’t like because they allegedly cause the lie of warming/change. His Corvette, which is also gasoline powered just like your car and mine, is exempt from his ban on carbon products because he’s a big shot.

Our big-shot president has the attitude that he’s president and you aren’t, and he has a Corvette and you don’t, and he’ll never let us forget what peons we all are. And although he can remember to brag about the Corvette, he has no idea how secret documents got to his garage and he knows nothing about what use they were put to.

One can only wonder what other memory failures our cognitively failing president has had, like recalling the daily nuclear “football” codes; did he forget to close the border after he opened it as a display of spite for Trump’s successful border handling; did he perhaps declare war on some nation recently and then forgot to tell the military about it?

The old man in the White House is slowly destroying America, and congress had better get busy and do something about the fool man.

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Beware Ye The “Progressives”, For They Mean You Only Harm

 At its most basic level, life is a fifty-fifty deal: Either you’ll have breakfast in the morning or you won’t; you’ll either get sick tomorrow or you won’t; you’ll live to be 100 years old or you won’t. It’s all a 50/50 toss of the dice.

At the societal level a nation will either progress or degrade, depending on that nation’s leadership. Under a leader like a Adolph Hitler, who presented himself to German citizens as a “Progressive“, Germany degenerated and was destroyed. The same national degeneration occurred in Russia, Cuba, Venezuela and East Germany because of “Progressive” leadership. Leftist “Progressives” assure national destruction.

America, a nation which, under Capitalism and a belief in Jewish/Christian principles, has made the most measurable progress in the human condition the world has ever seen for over 200 years. We cannot any longer say that we are continuing to make similar progress under Democrat, “Progressive” rule and influence.

“Progressives” in America have given us over five million illegal, poor, non-English-speaking and possibly criminal invaders advancing across our southern border since Joe Biden, an admitted and proud “Progressive”, took office.

Democrat “Progressives” have given us the raging inflation we are all suffering under. They’ve given us a woke, racist leadership that is dividing our nation under leadership that seriously asserts that men can have menstrual periods just by identifying themselves to be female. They’ve insisted that our language be changed so that common words like male and female can be manipulated to take on totally different meanings, and they’ve actually changed the definitions of man and woman in on-line dictionaries in order to suck up to woke, revisionist, “Progressive” power brokers.

Our “Progressive” president has re-ordered our formerly pleasant, prosperous nation so that we must get rid of fossil fuels that have given us pleasant lives and made us all healthy and satisfied with life, instead of having to live dull, government-run lives of five-year objectives as they do in Communist countries. Government rule by present-day “Progressives” is taking our lives backwards, not forwards.

Government has told us that we must all begin driving electric vehicles, but that we can’t charge these unwanted vehicles on our inadequate and shaky electric grid. And they’ve told us that we can no longer prepare our meals on gas-burning stoves, but must have them removed in favor of electric stoves, which are also at risk on our relatively weak electric grid.

So now the poorest families must get rid of their piston-driven automobiles in favor of the electric vehicles that, in addition to California dictating the hours of day they may be charged, are too costly and unpredictable in varying weather conditions and the availability of electric charging stations, and we all must rip out their less-costly-to-use gas ranges and buy a more expensive electric range. In the 1960s and the 1970s “Progressives” insisted that the government stay out of their bedrooms, and now “Progressives” are intruding themselves into our garages and our kitchens.

With the release of Elon Musk’s Twitter files we’re beginning to wonder exactly how progressive our ”Progressive” Democrat politicians are when they collude with the FBI and the CIA to keep the truth about Democrat politicians from being known and reported to American citizens via social media, all under the control of our government.

At the supporting base of all of the evil that “Progressives” wish to inflict on America and its citizens, is the lie of warming/change, which can be proven wrong by any sensible, sentient person who daily witnesses the lack of global warming in that person’s home city, or of any real change in the weather compared with last year’s, and last decade’s, weather and temperature. It’s all a lie coming from our control-freak government.

And, of course, we have just barely escaped from a pandemic in which “Progressives” mandated that we all be masked and vaxxed, with a vaccine that is not really a vaccine but is instead only a therapeutic that doesn’t work and has been found lately to too often inflict more harm than good when trying to prevent a disease that is relatively harmless to other-wise healthy people, but for which draconian measures were taken by “Progressives” in order to keep us citizens under their constant control while making them all fabulously wealthy from the profits of the worthless vaccine.

The only way life gets better, or progresses, is if individuals are free to make their own decisions about their lives and how they run them, and when government intervenes to dictate the way the way you drive, the way you prepare meals and what news you may see or hear in order to be able to vote intelligently, that’s a threat to liberty and freedom, and that’s what Democrat “Progressives” have in store for us.

Saturday, January 7, 2023

With Their Leftist Views, They Spike The News, So Now It’s Time To Light A Fuse

 The leftist “news” agencies were silent when Biden broke the law by opening the border, and when the Obama FBI was spying on candidate Trump and attempting to frame him for Russian collusion, so now it’s way past the due date for Republicans to get to the bottom of the fascist press, the illegal and treasonous political operations of the FBI and the far left Democrats and bring some smoke on these anti-American fools.

But if Americans still refuse to be alerted to the destruction of our nation once the facts are known and made pubic, then there’s not much that can be done to correct the wrongs Republicans have screamed about these last several years. But at least we will have tried and didn’t just sit silently by while our nation dies.

With the power to investigate now in the hands of the House Republicans, if they don’t awaken know-nothing Americans by using their power to call persons to be questioned for past wrongs, then it will never get done and crimes will not be punished.

The American people must be presented with the facts, and if the mainstream press still ignores the actual news and instead point their fingers at Republicans as being filled with hate and racism, then there’s not much else we can do, and we at least fought the good fight to save our nation.

Thursday, January 5, 2023

Why Doesn’t The Warming/Change Crowd Just Stick Out Their Chests, Say They Won, And Take Credit For Saving The Earth?

 Back in 2011 when Barack Obama won the Democratic primary, he claimed that his presidency would stop the rise of the oceans. So why don’t leftists simply claim that their solutions and schemes have won the battle with carbon, take credit for saving the earth and move on with pride?

Answer: Because, they want the wealth and power that the green revolution holds, not any credit for doing good. So they’ll continue to warn us of total world destruction, the latest prediction being promised to occur in 2030, then probably another calamity will be predicted for 2045, then another in 2060 and on into the future, just like their numerous previous predictions, all of which have been proven wrong since Paul Ehrlich wrote his book The Population Bomb in 1968.

But there’s a simple test to determine if the warming crowd was really correct about the end of the earth due to over-heating: there’s no salt water in the streets of New York, nor Los Angeles, nor Miami, etc., which means that there is no warming and no melting of the ice caps. So either they were wrong or Obama really did halt the rising of the oceans, but either way these fools should just shut up and go away. But political leftists are too insanely anxious for personal power and wealth to end their quest for dominance just because they’re always wrong. So you might begin looking at ESG standards, or EPA rules, or Biden’s executive orders limiting the production of much-needed oil and gas, or even the World Economic Forum’s plans for your life and your future, to see what awaits Americans in the Democrat‘s dystopian schemes.

Many of us sensible people of a certain age have followed the left’s claims of environmental destruction for over 60 years, and they’ve always been wrong. And now we’re about half way to the latest predicted doom date of 2030, and there’s been no incremental warming of temperature since AOC and Bernie made their latest loony claims in 2018.

These people are not just wrong about warming/change, they’re lying scoundrels of the left who hate Capitalism, hate to see people enjoying themselves and living good lives as they wish to live them, and hate to see people living in any way not bound by the Socialist controls they insist we obey. Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot and Castro would be proud of them.