Statement from the Candidate

In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Democrats Live In A Simple, Black-And-White World

When you’re a Democrat, life is much simpler than the lives of the majority of American citizens. They have fewer decisions to make that could slow them down on the way to destroying America.

Democrat thinking goes something like this: Tornadoes are caused by global warming; hot weather is caused by global warming; cold weather is caused by global warming; floods are caused by global warming; droughts are caused by global warming. Democrats will never go to the effort to get to the truth of things. No matter what happens in nature, global warming is the cause. After all, the idiot-savant, AOC, informs us that we have  only eleven years until we approach the warming that will doom the entire earth, and we know she’s a complete fool because in the fifteen months since she announced her 12-year-to-doom deadline, neither the summer nor the winter temperatures are any different than they were two years ago, or fifteen years ago. There is zero evidence of any warming that is detectable. All that the political left has to offer as evidence of warming is a computer program that they loaded with garbage that would produce the outcome they desired for their political purposes.

Another example of the ease of life for Democrats is that everything that occurs in our lives, especially our political lives, is a racist act. A glass of water is racist; to utter a word of disagreement with a person-of-color is racist; the investigation of the cause and cure for the Corona virus is racist; soup is racist, even the term black-and-white is racist. Aside from global warming, which is actually also racist, everything is racist. This black-and-white view of the world makes life easier for Democrats and reduces the actual effort of thinking and problem-solving on their part. And their racist, sexist opinions also cause division in the American population, which they think aids them in winning elections.

But in addition to Democrats’ insistence on blaming everything in society on climate, sex, race or sexual identity, is their ability to lie openly and frequently. Like their Socialist/dictatorial counterparts abroad in Venezuela, Cuba and North Korea, or their heroes Stalin, Mao, etc., American Democrats are born liars. They have to lie about their intentions and their results because they are always wrong and their policies never work.

Adam Schiff lied repeatedly about having seen definite, producable evidence that President Trump colluded with Russia. Barack Obama lied repeatedly about we American citizens being able to keep our doctor and our existing healthcare plan under his unconstitutional Obamacare. Following the completion of the Mueller investigation, and having found no facts that led to President Trump being found guilty of any collusion whatsoever, Democrats still insist that he was guilty.

Democrats will conveniently forget that bussing to achieve racial integration was hated by blacks and whites alike, but nevertheless they lie that their coarse methods of achieving racial integration worked then and still work now. Democrats turn a blind eye when blacks, who are freely admitted to the top colleges in America, room in dorms separately from whites and have graduation ceremonies separately from non-black graduating students, which is proof of Democrat social failures in these areas of our society.

The Democrat candidates for the 2020 presidential election propose free college for everyone, even though this proposal will assuredly destroy higher education in America if implemented; they want a guaranteed annual income, which will encourage many people to live in semi-comfortable poverty and never try to better their circumstances; they are for legalizing marijuana and other drugs, which will attract weak people to a life of living in a daze and may lead to dependence on drugs and an early death; they’re for removing criminal punishment for acts of theft, which only encourages more of this type of crime and makes citizens distrustful of their government and of the police because no anti-social acts are punished.

Democrats are always wrong because their thinking and their policies are always wrong, and they will not take time to listen to and consider opposing ideas, such as Capitalism, which always works to elevate all levels of society and makes everyone more wealthy. Or maybe they are just thick-headed people who are stuck in their medieval world of subsistence and cannot join the rest of us in the twenty-first century.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Now We Have The Corrupt Democrats Right Where They Placed Themselves

Ever since the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917, Republicans have been warning of the dangers of Communism, while Democrats have been adoring the wonders of anything created by Stalin, Mao or Castro and literally worshiping these international criminals.

Also one may recall the breathless articles written by Pulitzer prize winner Walter Duranty and published by the New York Times in the 1930s, in which Duranty found nothing but praise for Joe Stalin and his Communist Soviet Union, while the ruthless dictator was killing thousands of his own citizens, allying Russia with Hitler’s Germany and planning the takeover of all of Europe.

But then in 2016, in a desperate attempt to eliminate Donald Trump from the American political scene, American Democrats reversed course and began warning us of the danger of  Russia, with special emphasis on collusion between Putin and Trump and the threat this imagined collusion presented to our political system and our elections. This two-faced position on the subject of Russia has placed Democrats in a position that they never thought they’d get caught in. They are speaking out of both sides of their lying mouths, and the strongest political Democrat candidate for president in 2020 is an old, Russia-loving man who honeymooned in Moscow, has proposed economic shenanigans for America that even Uncle Joe Stalin and Karl Marx would blush at for their stupidity, and this old fool leading the Democrat party is not even a Democrat!

Democrats have worked for nearly 100 years siding with everything Communist, only today, to find themselves in a terrible political position that there is no way out of, and they deserve all of the pain that will follow.

Friday, February 7, 2020

From The “Spark of Divinity” To The “Sanctity Of Life”, Do You Really Believe In Either Principle, Mrs. Pelosi?

A few months ago, while fighting President Trump and insisting that our nation have open borders, resulting in a massive influx of illegals invading our nation and killing other illegal aliens as well as American citizens, House leader and Democrat, Nancy Pelosi, the leading Democrat in the nation, defended the MS13 murder gangs by stating that they have a “spark of divinity” and should not be kept out of our country nor be forcibly expelled from America once here. Her position seemed to be that she wanted them to come here, stay here, and murder here, under the protection of a divine love that her questionable religious beliefs could illogically support and rationalize.

At the other end of the political spectrum, on Thursday morning, February 6, 2020, President Trump spoke at a prayer breakfast in Washington of the “sanctity of life” that is the center of Christianity, and is at the very heart of Mrs. Pelosi’s Catholicism.

One wonders how the irrational illogic of Mrs. Pelosi’s belief in “the spark of divinity” when applied to machete-wielding murderers, squares with her all-out support of abortion on demand and the killing of the most innocent and defenseless among us, the unborn babies. Do the unborn not have a “spark of  divinity”? Does Mrs. Pelosi not believe in the “sanctity of life“, which President Trump speaks of? Does Mrs. Pelosi not believe in punishment for terrible crimes committed by illegal aliens? Is Mrs. Pelosi not able to get radical leftist politics out of her head for a minute and speak like a feeling, religious person for a change? Her church’s position on the sanctity of life is pretty plain for all to see, but she is not following the Church‘s preachings, even though she pretends to be a practicing Catholic.

But how can someone pretend to be a religious, practicing Catholic while defending the killing of babies and the coddling of ravenous murderers? It would appear that Mrs. Pelosi sees a “spark of divinity” only in winning political battles with the president and tying our nation in knots for years attempting to impeach him.

With today’s Democrat party, everything is based on politics, and principles of liberty, freedom and religion all take a backseat to winning elections and dominating, to the point of eliminating all opposition to their rule. These dangerous Democrats must be defeated in the next election.

Thursday, February 6, 2020

First The SOTU Speech Text Is Shredded, Then The Constitution

No sensible person can doubt that Democrats have been tearing up the fabric of America for many years with their unconstitutional healthcare take-over, their sexual self-identity farce, their calling everyone that disagrees with them racists, their open border immigration policy, their sanctuary city idiocy, their insistence that men can have babies, and other really stupid ideas. But following the State Of The Union speech last Tuesday, Nancy Pelosi establish a new level of Democrat destruction of a free and prosperous America by tearing up the official House of Representatives copy of the president’s SOTU  speech, which President Trump dutifully handed to her prior to the beginning of the speech. With this evidence and knowledge in our possession, we can be certain that the constitution, always a suspicious and threatening document to the Democrats, due to its limitations on the powers of government, will be next document for official destruction.

To Democrats the shredding of President Trump’s State Of The Union speech is merely symbolic of their disdain for the president in particular and the “deplorable” people who voted for him in general. But to any thinking American, the destruction being done by Democrats to our constitution is game-changing and dangerous, and Democrats must be defeated at the ballot box in November or they’ll actually perform the constitutional destruction that so far they’ve just been talking about.

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Who was Nancy Talking To?

Aside from behaving like a complete, petulant ass Tuesday night at the State Of The Union address, Nancy Pelosi seemed to be occasionally carrying on a conversation with someone as the president spoke. Usually moving lips from a Democrat means that they’re  lying, but this went a creepy step further than normal, and viewers could not see anyone at hand for her to talk to.

Could Nancy be taking up a friendship, in Hillary’s stead, with Eleanor Roosevelt’s ghost? Or perhaps she just speaks with phantoms in general all the time. At any rate she was talking to someone, or at least thought she was, and at one point in the speech she even pointed to the balcony of the chamber and seemed to be lecturing or scolding someone about something. Maybe she has just gone completely nuts from losing each battle with President Trump, and has finally cracked.

But it was the old, familiar poppy seed stuck in her dentures that she had the most trouble with, rolling her jaws constantly and looking uncomfortably and furtively around the room. Surely her liberal, big government has a dentist that can help Nancy with the stuck poppy seed .

Aside from the above, Nancy and several other Democrats in attendance, behaved badly and in a creepy manner during the speech, but when, at the end of President Trump’s remarks, Nancy tore up the copies of the speech that the President had handed to her at the beginning of the evening, carefully ripping each sheet in two so the cameras would be sure to catch her childish action, she offended we “deplorables” who voted for Trump once and will surely do so again in November. She was making the point that to Democrats our vote for president doesn’t matter, and she was figuratively ripping up our votes which were, and will be, cast for President Trump.

Trash like Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Nadler and Chuck Schumer, behaving like the filth they are at such national events, leave no doubt in anyone’s mind doubt as to their low character. And these are the people who want to run our nation and dictate our laws.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Democrats: The Party Of Blowin’ It

The once great Democrat party has been taken over by “progressive” subversives who hate America as it was founded, and hate it even more for the way it’s evolved over the centuries. And now they’re blowing the former good will of American citizens and the Democrats’ chances of ever being elected to the presidency in the future, because they’re too sophisticated to be able to recognize or admit their political and social mistakes.

Democrats blew the 2016 presidential election while running the most intelligent and deserving female candidate in history.

Democrats blew the Cross-Fire Hurricane episode.

Democrats blew the Russian corruption investigation.

Democrats blew the House impeachment investigation efforts, thanks to California Congressman, Adam dip-Schiff.

Democrats blew the televised impeachment hearings in the Senate, thanks again to Adam dip-Schiff.

Democrats have already blown the 2020 presidential campaign by offering radical and corrupt candidates like Warren, Sanders, Biden and Mayor Alfred E. Howdy.

Democrats blew any chance of being taken seriously after repeatedly claiming that Russian/Trump collusion won the 2016 presidential election for Donald Trump, but were silent about any election tampering or any Trump collaborating when the Democrats took back the House of Representatives in the 2018 election.

And now Democrats have blown the Iowa caucuses with an App that went ape, while the Republicans completed their causes process and re-nominated President Trump with no problems at all.

And so, of course, the leftist, elitist press is blowing their pretense of political non-alignment and fairness, by defending and making excuses for the Democrats’ Iowa farce.

And then there’s Bill and Monica in the Oval Office, but that’s a subject for another time.

Today’s Democrat party is full of anti-American, constitution-hating, radical, fools who are drifting to political disaster in November, so please, don’t blow that.

So who’s the mentally deficient, rube, laughing-stock now, Don Lemon? We’re all laughing at you and your superiorist, leftist pals.

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Just Imagine…

Just imagine an America without Donald Trump in charge to demonstrate to the world how a president should behave.  No president has been so successful in sparking the economy and attending to the security, liberty and finances of American citizens as President Trump. Imagining another Obama, or even another George Bush administration, is frightening in comparison with the Trump presidency.

Then imagine an America with corrupt people like Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer in charge. You’ll also be well advised to recall the false charges and illegal activities of the FBI and the FISA court under the Obama administration, and the KGB-like investigations that were begun and conducted under a radical Democrat administration.

Imagine an America which is not burdened with radical, leftist corruption, which is what the Democrat party represents. Imagine how free we would be without the corruption that is endemic with Democrats, and that lingers with us today with leftist causes like Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA, gender and racial identity foolishness and sanctuary cities.

Imagine an America not over-run with illegal aliens roaming America and killing American citizens with knives, guns and cars.

Imagine an America where the constitutionally protected press actually reported news and investigated political wrong-doing, which wrong-doing the leftist arm of the Democrat party, also known as CNN, WAPO and NYT, are currently guilty of.

Imagine an America in which the FBI and the FISA court aren’t parties in framing  and attempting to imprison incoming Republicans, duly-elected by a free electorate and sworn into office.

There is no need to imagine the path to destruction that America is facing when radical-left Democrats are at this very moment attempting to remove the sitting president. All you need to do is look at Cuba, North Korea, China, Venezuela and Russia, and the horror of living and trying to enjoy life and prosper under these nations’ total dictatorial rules, and then apply this reality, offered by Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and the other Clinton/Obama look-alikes, trying to become rulers of our lives.

Not a pleasant image, and we must destroy these radical-left people with our votes in November. Just imagine America with the expressed policies of the insane, dictatorial Democrats in charge, and re-elect Trump for another four years.

Friday, January 31, 2020

I Extend My Finger To The Impeaching House Democrats

In case there is any misunderstanding with the title above, I’m not extending the finger of friendship to Schiff, Nadler and Pelosi. It’s the middle finger of derision and disregard that I have fully extended to these fool people and their attempted impeachment of President Donald Trump.

One of the most popular quotes coming from the lying mouths of the newly defeated Democrats was the illogic that there can be no acquittal if there was no trial. But the Democrats’ arrogance misses the point that if there are only poorly thought-out and incomplete charges brought with the impeachment, the trial can’t even begin. And that was the mortal failure of the Democrat impeachment charges. It was as though children playing games were the managers of the House impeachment team. The charges were complete crap from beginning to end and didn’t deserve the few days that Mitch McConnell allowed them to proceed, once the dithering Democrats finally got around to presenting the articles to the Senate.

Today’s Democrats are so insane and blinded in their blunt hatred of President Trump and their fear of the miraculous job he’s done for America these last three years, that they rushed to impeachment with faulty-at-best, lame evidence believing that the stupid Republicans would allow them to continue to add charges to the impeachment articles and would allow witnesses to be called to speak to how unfit President Trump is and how dangerous he is to our nation. But their brow-beating of Republicans and claiming that Senate Republicans were blocking a real trial into actual wrong-doing by the president finally ran out of juice and they were told that they could call no witnesses and that they should go home and sulk.

Of course, the Democrats will just create another breathless set of charges against President Trump, who coolly and calmly goes about his job of making life better for all Americans in spite of the personal attacks on him and his family and all of the chaos that surrounds him. But maybe with this latest highly unpopular and nationally insulting presentation from the Democrat House, the chicken Republicans have learned a lesson, developed some gumption, and won’t be sucked into another such void by the idiot Democrats.

Maybe Republicans will learn from this latest demonstration exactly how unhinged Democrats are, and perhaps they’ll follow President Trump’s example of mocking the fool Democrats at every turn and will just rubber stamp the Democrats’ next impeachment and file it in the trash instead of putting the entire nation in peril with the radical left idiocy we are becoming used to from the once great Democrat party.

When people say stupid things, intelligent people have the right to ignore them, and if the idiocy reaches the point of becoming disruptive or even dangerous to our national balance, the stupidity (for example, the Democrat insistence that men can become pregnant or that there are more than two biological genders among humans) must be called what it is, and it soon becomes necessary to make the offensive party put a halt to their disruptive words. We’re almost at that point, just as President Trump’s tweets have been warning us for three years.

Thursday, January 23, 2020

A Simple Question For The Democrat Simpleton, And Chief Idiot, Adam Schiff

For over three years, California Congressman Adam Schiff has been assuring Americans of the Trump/Putin collusion, that he alleges won the 2016 election for President Trump, but which has never been proven in spite of the multi-year investigation that the Democrats ran, with full federal investigative and financial support.

I have a question for Mr. Schiff: If Putin and Trump are working to undermine American elections, and if this collusion was the reason that Trump won the presidency in 2016, then how in the hell did Democrats win a majority in the House in 2018, an outcome that reduced President Trump’s ability to implement his policies? Is it that the president has lost his influence with Putin? Or did the Democrats cheat and stuff the ballot boxes in the 2018 election? Or, just maybe, it was a legitimate election and expressed the will of the voters.

Mr. Schiff recently stated that future United States elections cannot be trusted to fairly represent the desires and the votes of American citizens because of this imagined foreign collusion. Even President Obama scoffed at this notion of election tampering in the fall of 2016 when he said that American elections are so spread out and so diverse that there is no way to illicitly access them in order to manipulate the results.

But Mr. Schiff, having made his stupid and dangerous statement of not trusting the outcome of future elections, makes it seem not only logical, but inevitable, that Democrats will devise a way to undermine any future election that they don’t win, thereby invalidating the votes of Americans in those elections, just as Democrats are today trying to invalidate and overturn the 2016 election of Donald Trump with their impeachment stunt. The impeachment scheme is not only attacking President Trump at a time when he is trying to finalize major international agreements on behalf of all Americans, but it is a direct attack on our constitution and on the citizens of the United States, and it is a promise from the evil and dangerous Democrats to deny the will of the American citizens, and assure Democrat political dominance over this once great nation. Every fool Democrat participating in this impeachment fiasco must be defeated in 2020, because they cannot be trusted to assure constitutional freedom and liberty for our nation any longer.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

J’Accuse: When Democrats Can’t Beat Their Opponents,They Accuse Them

The Democrat governor of Virginia, uncomfortable with the uprising of Virginia citizens against the leftist government’s plan to take their guns from them, and concerned with the planned anti-gun-control activities due to happen yesterday (January 19th), did the only thing a leftist, control-freak, Democrat government can think to do: they accused the protesters of planning a riot combined with plans to use their weapons against the Virginia governor and legislature, so they called out the state police to guard the capitol and protect the government from its own citizens.

Of course, as we now know, nothing violent or improper happened yesterday, even though many protesters brought their guns with them for show. But the governor made his lying point and the record will forever show that the Virginia capitol city, and the newly elected leftist legislature of Virginia, had to be protected by armed guards from gun-totting, violent citizens bent on making trouble.

All of the anti-gun hype, and all of the governor’s promises of deadly violence at the hands of farmers, hunters and sport-shooters, was all for no other reason than to indict and stir  publicity up against the lawful gun-owning protesters in advance, and to redirect political attention away from anti-gun groups (in other words, Democrats) all over America.

Also please note that there has been no admittance among any Democrat organization anywhere, and especially not from the Virginia governor nor any legislator in Virginia, that the protesters were peaceful and that they behaved themselves with honor in spite of the lies that were told about them in advance.  But if the protesters had been from the far-left ANTIFA group, the governor would have been silent about the planned gathering in the capitol city, and following the violence that always accompanies this group, the governor, the NYT and CNN would have called the resulting riot “mostly peaceful”. But there is no Democrat brave enough to call decent, law-abiding Americans, who want only to keep their second amendment rights, “peaceful”.

No one is fooled by this turn of events. We all know that violence comes from the political left, not the center or right, and those who practice violence are nearly always Democrats; just ask Steve Scalise and other baseball-playing Republicans about the truth of this statement. Democrats learned the lesson taught by their mentors, Stalin and Hitler, and they insist on causing Americans to be without a means of self-defense by passing laws denying peaceful American citizens a way to protect themselves and their families. Then they will incrementally take our other constitutional rights away as well. And don’t think that the Democrat left’s simple act of transference, i.e., accusing Virginia citizens of exactly what their government itself is doing, is an accident. It’s all part of the Democrat plan to make America obedient, and unarmed, again.

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Democrats Celebrate Women Being A Majority Of Workforce

One hears that women now make up over 50 percent of America’s workforce, and the sexist/racist Democrats are excited and happy about this fact. But what do women think about this “accomplishment”? Are they proud that a smaller percentage of men are working? Are they happy that they have to do the majority of the work that men will no longer do? Are they proud of now spending more time at work than they do at home with their families?

If women want to work and enjoy a career outside of the home then this is great news. But I wonder if there may not be a great many women who would prefer to stay home with their children, especially during infancy and the pre-kindergarten years, and not have to trudge off to work each morning leaving the kids to fend for themselves. Maybe mothers would like to volunteer at their children’s school so they could at least see what the children are doing each day without them. Perhaps mothers would like to assume some of the teaching chores at their children’s school. And then maybe childless women would like to have an opportunity to become mothers, but they are working too many hours to make ends meet to be able to do so.

But in spite of this welcome new-majority news from the leftist commissars in the Democrat party, CNN and MSNBC will not utter a peep about the strong Trump economy being the enabler of this employment surge among women, who are helping financially to serve the bottom line of their families. Nor will Democrat rulers be mindful that inflation, a high tax burden and more regulations on corporations, regulations put in place by the Obama administration and causing family expenses to increase, requires women who may otherwise prefer not to work outside the home, to now have to do so.

And along a related line, the fact that women now make up a larger percentage of college students than men will not cause Democrats to bemoan the fact that now more women will be further burdened with college loan debt than previously, because more women in college is good news for college administrators and professors, whose salaries have spiked greatly in the last twenty years due to greater attendance at college and more liberal education loan policies, with a related increase of tuition costs and the need for loans that were not as needed, nor as large, in the past when per-hour tuition was less.

Yes, it’s a working-women’s world, but one wonders if the women being asked to assume a larger share of punitive college loans and work more hours at a job than their mothers, would agree.

Friday, January 17, 2020

“Trump Will Always Be Impeached” And Nancy Pelosi Will Always Be A Fool

The quote above comes from Nancy Pelosi at the ceremony in which she signed documents referring the impeachment of President Trump to the Senate for trial. The purpose of her childish statement fits in with the entire House process and the entire last  3-years of investigations, threats of investigations and the House impeachment fiasco just now winding down: everything the Democrats and the leftist press have thrown at Trump the last 3 years has bounced off him with no harm done, but President Trump will now be known as a president who was impeached, even though it’s unlikely he will be convicted by the Senate. This action is the only stone cast at him that has any clinging power, and we all know that it will be known as a farce and a miscarriage of justice, but the Democrats will hold this impeachment dearly to their breasts and chant the childish phrase indicative of scandal that Mrs. Pelosi used at the signing: Donald Trump was impeached, blah, blah, blah.

To add to Mrs. Pelosi’s personal and tacky aggrandizement at the “solemn” occasion of the impeachment signing, she handed out personalized ball point pens, paid for by America’s tax payers, that she used to sign the document that was forwarded to the Senate. Mrs. Pelosi must think herself a great and noble public servant and obviously thinks she’s already the president, because until this time we have seen only presidents, signing treaties and laws, using multiple souvenir pens to do so. Now she’s a big-shot. Even though Mrs. Pelosi stated that the impeachment process was “solemn”, she was apparently celebrating her put-down of President Trump, smiling, posing for photographers and generally enjoying herself and her new star status in this decaying nation.

The entire impeachment process reminds one of the Soviet Union’s process of sending innocent people to the Gulag when Joseph Stalin wanted them out of his way.  Democrats created a weak charge against Trump; they presented their own lying witnesses to speak against Trump, to the exclusion of any witnesses defending him; they politicized the entire process using CNN, MSNBC and other non-news, news organizations as a conduit; and then they held a farce of a signing process that our Nancy called “solemn”. And, of course, the multi-week delay in getting the impeachment papers to trial was timed for the referral to the Senate to happen at the same moment that major trade deals with China, Mexico and Canada were being signed by our president, which was just another example of the petty, childishness of the Democrat party to deny President Trump credit for the literally unbelievable things he has accomplished in three years, in spite of all of the attacks he has weathered from the scum Democrats in those three years.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Democrats Worry And Fret About Violence Against Black-Trans-Sexual Women

The Democrat 2020 presidential candidates are all in a twist about the violence being committed against black-trans-sexual women, and are making a big campaign push to stop it. But since this identity-category of Americans is something like 0.0001 percent of the nation’s population, one might not be too far off base if they called their concern for this particular, almost nonexistent group, an intentionally misleading political point. After all, Chicago, a Sanctuary city run by Democrats for decades, sees dozens of young black males killed nearly each weekend, and these black men make up a much larger percentage of the population of the United States than the black-trans-sexual women. Maybe the radical left Democrat party should start worrying about these much more plentiful deaths than the unspecified “violence” against the trans group.

But while the leftist Democrat candidates worry themselves silly about a very small percentage of their political support and ignore a much larger block of the minority community who are being slaughtered wholesale, Republicans have for a long time wondered when the Democrat mayors and governors would do something to halt the mass murders in Baltimore and Chicago and develop a plan to prevent all such violence among the entire American population. Democrats make hay defending miniscule, select, privileged self-identity groups and step up for those people to the exclusion of more populace groups, and even ignore the entire population which is experiencing an increase in violence throughout the nation. Call me old-fashioned, but I thought government’s job was to protect and serve the entire population, not just a select group or two. However, today’s Democrats have only a leftist agenda to serve, which means trouble for all who are not on their favored list.

And the 2020 Democrat candidates are also worried to distraction about the menstrual periods of trans-women (in other words, biological men) and are additionally supportive of their right to have abortions on demand. Of course anyone with any sense knows that biological men, even those who dress like women, talk like women and behave like women, are physically unable to menstruate and can never become pregnant, and therefore have no need to even think about having an abortion. But these mentally disturbed people still demand of their Democrat political enablers the same abortion rights that other, real women, have, and the fool Democrats are all on board with the trans group’s demands for the right to have these impossible things.

One wonders who’s the greater fool here, the trans-women or the Democrat politicians who encourage this supreme stupidity. Let your decision as to whether these unbalanced, leftist Democrat politicians are thinking clearly enough to protect America’s national security in a dangerous world, and whether they even realize what constitutional rights for normal people are all about, and use this as a guide for your vote for president in November.  Our nation and our lives depend on that vote.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Here’s Proof That Democrats Are Anti-Democracy, Racists

Democrats, swooning over their lovely racial, ethnic and gender diverse candidates for president in 2020, while demonstrating no diversity in the slightest regarding political and economic positions, are now only identified as far-left, radical, big-government, Trump-hating, fools.

Democrats believe that their identity with race and ethnicity first and foremost make them more agreeable to Americans, when actually what they are doing is dividing America based on things that have no relation to a strong, functioning constitution nor a concentration on fair play and a belief in abiding by the law.

But now that the field of electable Democrat candidates is down to basically white, old, men, most of whom are filthy rich, and Democrats are beginning to turn on themselves, with many of their number stating that the party is racist based on this recent development of having no blacks on the ballot. These Democrats do not realize that the reason most of the people-of-color who have been eliminated from the 2020 competition were voted out by their own Democrat citizens of all colors, who have expressed their preference for a candidate to run against President Trump in November who is not running on race and is not a crazy leftist, because most of their votes have nothing to do with race. In reality, the fact that Democrats pay so much attention to race, and talk so much about it, clearly demonstrates their ever-present infatuation with skin color, instead of observing differences between people as a natural, unremarkable thing, like Republicans do. Republicans see racial distinctions among people, but we don’t base our party and our lives on this difference, nor do we place inherent value on race, and we don’t waste time discussing race as a replacement for policy discussions and the way policy impacts our lives and our pocketbooks.

The political class of ruling Democrats are clearly racists, because they always concentrate on race, not the character that Martin Luther King asked us to notice and judge people based on. If pontificating Democrat politicians cared so much to have a non-white president, then Bernie, Warren, Biden and the other whites would step aside and let only the black candidates run; but of course they don’t, because they’re liars and hypocrites.

With Democrats calling their own base racists, how successful can they possibly be in the next election?

Saturday, January 11, 2020

This Tragedy Couldn’t Have Happened To A More Deserving Nation, At A Better Time

Iran has been mortally pestering America, Israel and the rest of the civilized world for decades, and finally, on January 8, 2020, it’s acts of terrorism caused the deaths of 176 innocent people trying to leave that horrible nation on a commercial jetliner. The majority of the fatalities were themselves Iranians, so the terrorists are now killing their own population, while Americans and Israelis watch in horror, this time having had no casualties from their own nations for a change.

Let this be a lesson to rogue nations that care nothing about civilian casualties nor concern for human lives and have become used to killing just for the fun of it, that over time their murderous inclinations will catch up with them. After days of proclaiming and insisting that they had no involvement nor responsibility for the deaths of all of the passengers in the aircraft, the bearded devils finally had to fess up and admit that they did it.

But even killing their own citizens is no big deal to the Mullahs. Only a week or so ago there were over a thousand Iranian citizens killed or beaten and imprisoned because they demonstrated against the dictatorship that Iran has become under its “peaceful and loving” Islamic rulers. And there is no telling how many Iranians lost their lives during the Obama administration and the uprising called the Green Revolution.

Of course, American Democrats are bending over backwards to blame President Trump for the incident, using the idiotic logic, which Americans have become accustomed to when listening to Democrats, of stating that if our president had not killed one of the Iranian bad guys a week ago, there would have been no hostilities last Wednesday that led to this airliner being shot down. But of course, when Obama took out Osama Bin Laden, only praise at the fearless and brave leadership of Barack Obama issued from the mouths of Democrats. The only emotion that current-day Democrats consistently exhibit is hate for America’s duly elected president and all of his supporters

Whether it’s demonic Iranians or just plain stupid, anti-American Democrats that threaten our constitution and our liberties, America presses on, and our president continues to make America oil-independent, lower our taxes, boost the IRA and 401-K values of Americans’ investments, make our borders safer and further assure that America remains strong and safe in a world of death and insecurity. May the good Lord have mercy on America if a Democrat becomes president in the near future, because we’ll need it.

Friday, January 10, 2020

Score As Election Approaches: Democrats 0, Trump 307. Trump Wins.

I’m not certain what the actual win/loss ratio is involving the show-downs between President Trump and the leftist press and the corrupt Democrats, but I know he’s winning, just as he said he would. And, by the way, we’re not tired of it yet.

The poor Democrats have been shown up once again with the latest Iran event, overseen and controlled by our winning president. The Democrats claim that chaos has ensued in the Middle East following President Trump’s order to kill the Iranian terrorist general a week ago, but the only chaos I can see is in the radically demented minds of Pelosi, Schiff, Warren, Sanders, AOC and the radical liberal-left press that so hates Trump. These hateful folks are losing to him because he is appealing to Iran to become more of a “normal“ nation, not the killing empire that Obama supported, which is an appeal for peace, and may hopefully be positively responded to by the Mullahs if they understand that they can’t defeat America with Trump at the helm.

President Trump has Democrats speaking in tongues because he does everything unlike these things have ever been done before, and he seems to win every time he attempts something new. Democrats claim that Trump has so messed things up with Iran in the last week that the Middle East will by unrecognizable in the morning. That sounds like good news and progress to any thinking person: a Middle East that has gone from terrorism, war, killing and suffering a week ago to a hope of peace and prosperity in the region today, which is what Trump offered the Mullahs in his speech Wednesday morning, would be a very good thing for all parties involved.

But we know the Democrats and the far-left press will reject and criticize anything President Trump does, so we can discount the CNN and NYT news reports from here on out, and just be thankful we have a real man in the White House.

November 2020 prediction: Trump wins, again.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

I Believe I Finally Agree With Adam Schiff On Something

One hears that Adam Schiff, the biggest liar the lying Democrats have ever come up with, has decided to add the “crime” of terminating the life of an Iranian general who has made a career of killing Americans,  to the House impeachment charges against President Trump. I’m anxious to see these fool Democrats dig themselves into a deeper and larger grave than this insane, hate-Trump impeachment hoax has already been. Democrats pretend to want to know the reason for the attack on the Iranian general and how thoroughly the administration thought through the future ramifications of this act and what possible violent actions the Iranians may take in retaliation. Kind of like when Democrats wanted to know the ramifications of Obama’s killing of Osama Bin Laden and whether or not he had thought the situation through, which was not at all.

Our wise President Trump didn’t give a heads-up to Congress of his intention to perform the termination of the murdering Iranian, because the Democrats do so hate our president that they would have leaked the information and made the incident impossible to accomplish, and their leak would have likely made the technology and the processes used in the maneuver visible to the Iranians. So he kept it a secret and the incident against the general was successful, leaving one less threat to Americans and other peaceful people around the world. And besides, the president doesn’t owe his political enemies, who pester him all the time with their petty crap, any explanations at all, and the Democrats did not wring their hands wondering if Obama had really thought through any of the numerous drone attacks on enemy combatants and the future ramifications these attacks could present. In my opinion, President Trump has been correct in all of his major decisions these last three years, so there is no chance he didn’t anticipate the violence likely to flow from this latest enemy force reduction move via drones and missiles.

Given the past violence presented to us from the Mullahs in Teheran, we can always be assured of some form of retaliation, as surely as Jimmy Carter was president in 1978, and last night’s the Iranian missile attacks on Iraq military bases where our soldiers are being housed were a weak retaliation to the loss of their top general.

So go ahead, Mr. Schiff, and make a greater fool of yourself than you already have.