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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Democrat Politicians Could Learn A Lesson From George Costanza

 Is being “woke” the smartest and best way for an individual to think and behave? Andrew Cuomo is woke, but his decision to house covid patients in New York nursing homes killed over eight-thousand nursing home residents who were otherwise not infected with the virus. So Cuomo is maybe woke, but he’s dumb as well, and makes dumb, and fatal, decisions as the governor of New York state.

Barack Obama was woke and took healthcare from many Americans who had private health plans that they liked and could afford, and against their will he moved tens of thousands of these unfortunate Americans to the Affordable Care Act which was more expensive and provided less coverage. This was another dumb decision from a supposedly woke, smart guy.

Joe Biden is woke, but when he was consulted about the military raid that ended Osama Bin Laden‘s filthy, murderous life, he advised against killing Osama. This decision by Biden to allow one of America’s most murderous and destructive enemies to continue to live was also stupid, which advice from the mentally challenged Biden was, thankfully, overridden by other Obama advisors.

Joe also wants to immediately raise taxes on Americans once he is sworn in, which is a bad idea common to leftist Democrats, because taxation deprives citizens of the money they earn and that they need for their families’ lives, and taxes especially hurt people in the lower income levels the most. More tax revenue to the government also means that big government gets more money and spends more money, and this increased government spending hurts every American, both rich and poor, because government wastes fifty percent of its money on useless crap.

AOC and Bernie Sanders are definitely woke persons who support everything related to the lie of warming/change. But should a person who is a non-believer in the hoax of warming/change even have to say that the green new deal is a bad idea that only weakens America and harms everyone living here? It’s obvious that harm will be done to America if the new environmental legislation is passed. Un-woke people are generally smarter than woke people.

Leftists want to end fracking, which will make America once again dependent on Arab nations for our energy. This doesn’t sound like a good idea to me, but it‘s a great idea to all leftist, woke Democrats.

Joe Biden has stated that he will impose another national covid lockdown as soon as he’s president. I fear that old, addled Joe doesn’t think too clearly any more, because we now know that the first lockdown didn‘t rid us of the disease and only hurt people who must work outside the home in order to feed their families. So let’s do it again? Only a stupid, woke man would suggest such a thing.

Biden has also stated that he will re-establish relations with Iran once he’s in the Oval Office, with the possible result of the Mullahs nuking Israel soon thereafter. This doesn’t sound like a good idea, either. The outcome of such an attack would cause a lot of dead Israelis, both woke and un-woke, and death throughout the Middle East generally, when Israel retaliates for such an attack, or strikes to prevent one.

I trust that I’ve made the case that woke, leftist people often make dumb mistakes that negatively impact this nation and its citizens. This being the case, maybe Democrats should be shown the Seinfeld episode where George Costanza learned that has initial tendency on every action he took was a bad, counterproductive decision, and that if he did the opposite of his first reaction, that the outcome would be more favorable and pleasant. Democrats could learn from such a lesson themselves and begin making decisions 180 degrees opposite their initial inclination, and things will come out better for the nation, as a result.

The beauty and value of President Trump was that his decisions were always the opposite of Costanza’s leftist, woke decisions, and were therefore the correct decisions for Americans every time. One hopes and prays that the Trump legal team can prove the vote frauds that we know Democrats perpetrated on the American people in the 2020 election, and that Biden will be sent home to his basement to wear his beloved mask to his heart’s content and not stand in the way of the unending progress President Trump has made in his presidency, and the future progress he‘ll make if he serves another four years.

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Biden Plans To Tax Already Bought-And-Paid-For Weapons

 Joe Biden has sworn all along that he would take weapons away from owners, but his plans for accomplishing this task are not clear. He’ll make it up once he’s in office, if that dire occurrence should transpire, but it looks like he plans to tax weapons so the owner will give up and surrender his guns to the government.

This gun confiscation/tax thing has the taste of ex post facto laws, which prohibit going after someone for a crime that was not a crime when he/she committed the act. And it’s kind of like the difference between being taxed this year for income you earned this year, as opposed to being taxed this year for income you earned and paid tax on in previous years. Biden is possibly proposing a form of double jeopardy with his free-wheeling taxation for a purchase made years ago, because taxes always accompany purchases as the initial purchase is completed, and now he‘s generating a latent, add-on tax.

This has some resemblance to Obamacare: when the former president was trying to sell the ACA to America and get legislators to pass the ACA law, the charges for this healthcare bill were called “user charges“, because the word “tax” was unpopular and not sellable to the American people. But when the Supreme Court was considering the constitutionality of the bill, Chief Justice John Roberts replaced the “user charges” with the word “tax”, because the constitution does not allow the government to force the sale of any product or service on citizens, but it does allow government to levy taxes on them. So “tax” was the word used to get the unconstitutional bill passed.

A tax on guns when they’re bought is one thing, but a hidden, future tax on weapons already owned and paid for is another thing entirely. Where will this kind of obligation on citizens end? Will I get a second tax bill for groceries I bought and paid for a month ago? Will my car be sales-taxed again later at the whim of Joe Biden?

And Old Joey seems confused with terms like “magazine” and “assault“. During one interview he referred to a magazine as anything having multiple bullets in them. Gee, Joe, I thought that multiple bullets is why magazines were developed in the first place. Who would have known? 

And the definition of an “assault weapon” still escapes leftists; they only know that they hate guns in the hands of peaceful patriots who have never committed a crime except to buy a perfectly legal rifle or pistol for sport or personal protection, and then expect to be able to keep it thereafter. 

As Chris Plante is fond of saying, “where do we find these people“, and how is it that these fools are now our rulers and decision makers?

Sunday, November 22, 2020

The Nature Of Our Two Political Parties Couldn’t Be More Starkly Different

 There was a time in America when citizens often decided not to vote in any election because no matter which party won the Congress or the White House, life went on pretty much as it had the previous several decades. Those comfortable days are gone forever.

When Republicans vote for a political candidate it’s usually the candidate who will intrude the least on the citizens’ lives that will get the vote. A second  matter for Republicans to consider for their vote is the tangible benefits the candidate will enact for the nation: lower taxes, an advancing stock market and guarding our borders from invasions of all kinds would be some of these concerns, among others that benefit everyone.

But Democrats in 2020 have a very different reason for voting: they want “stuff” and they want their highly invasive schemes to be funded by the candidate receiving their vote so they can keep getting more stuff.

Here are some examples of the above political positions: When Donald Trump was sworn in Republicans felt a sense of relief that they would be able to live quietly without fearing a secret and unannounced big government program, like Obama’s Fair Housing fiasco, would be put in place under darkness of night, while they were tending to their own personal business, paying their taxes and obeying the law. They wanted nothing from President Trump and made no demands on him to use his power to give them anything. They just wanted to quietly live their lives while government oversaw the general and broader welfare of the nation.

But Democrats have become agitated and animated with the future Biden administration, assuming it will become a reality.  Many different groups, from race hustlers, to warming/change believers, to foreign war lovers, are demanding that Biden support their side of every ultra-left issue, because they supported Biden’s candidacy and helped him get elected and they expect a pay-back with their pet policy issues.

Republicans look at the greater good of America and just want to be left alone while the president watches out for the welfare of America. Democrats push for more leftist programs, more taxes, more intrusion into the daily lives of American citizens and less freedom and prosperity all around, as things deteriorate.

The selfish policies of Democrat politicians assure their re-election by voters who receive goodies from them, and the nation becomes weaker and more corrupted as the left wields power over our lives.

The corrupt, far left visions of Joe Biden will have competing demands made on it by ecstatic Democrat mobs, and at this unusually divisive point in American history, Biden will also have many enemies among those Democrats he will not and cannot share power with, plus he’ll also generate enemies from those who simply want to live their lives in peace, without demands for higher taxes and more restrictions being made on their daily lives, like being forced to remain at home to avoid the least deadly virus our nation has ever seen, and leftist demands to wear totally useless masks every day.

Then, consider the politicization of the covid virus and forcing citizens to wear masks that, if not absolutely counter-productive to health, are at least of little or no use, and further consider the lockdowns ordered by mainly Democrat mayors and governors that have bankrupted businesses, caused the loss of family homes, caused collateral sickness and mental health problems related to fear and idleness, and have caused many children to lose educational experiences that they may never recover from, and all because idiot mayors order the closing of all schools. These orders and lockdowns are far removed from any logical health practices, they are the result of leftist, control-freak Democrat schemes to keep a thumb on an unruly population. They are the boss and you will obey them, period!

And on top of these horrible official acts by Democrats, are the riots that occurred all summer long in many Democrat cities, in which none of the rioters were arrested and prosecuted for the burnings and killings that occurred. And even though the summer of 2020 was the lead-in to a general election, not one Democrat official told the leftist criminals doing damage to American cities to stop the violence, and the leftist news agencies pretended that no such thing as massive, day-after-day rioting was even occurring.

And yet again on top of all of the above atrocities from the political left, was the leftist demand that police forces be defunded (because all police officers are racists and killers, don’t you know). Once police forces are forced to disband or just stop responding to crimes they are not allowed to investigate, or to be themselves attacked by leftist mobs, crime skyrockets and citizens are then forced to protect themselves against criminals, until Democrats confiscate weapons from law-abiding Americans, as they‘ve promised to do, at which time citizens will be  left completely vulnerable to crime against those citizens’ homes, families and persons. And that’s exactly where America is today. Democrats will not admit that violent crime overwhelmingly comes from bad actors on their side of the aisle.  And the leftist press spikes all news reports that point at ANTIFA and BLM as being violent, and will take every opportunity to place the blame on Republicans for any violence, anywhere. And they especially like to blame Donald Trump for all of the nation‘s woes, even if he makes a reference to something as innocent as the color green or a beautiful sunset, leftists will call these racist references, if the words are uttered by a Republican named Trump.

Friday, November 20, 2020

Per Joe Biden, Both Sides Need To Stop The Violence

 Who was it that rioted and burned buildings and businesses all summer long in Democrat-controlled cities?

Who was it that beat Trump supporters just last weekend in D.C.?

Which party supports ANTIFA and allows them to continue to riot and loot?

Which party supports BLM and celebrates their “mostly peaceful” building burning?

The answer to the first and second questions is ANTIFA and BLM who burned cities all summer long and beat peaceful Trump supporters last weekend in our nation’s capitol.

The answer to the third and fourth questions is that it’s the Democrat party that supports ANTIFA and BLM and says not a word about their burning, rioting and beatings.

But when Joe Biden, or any other leftist radical speaking from a news desk or at a political podium is asked if they will condemn the rioting and property destruction our nation has become all-too familiar with these last couple of years, all they will say is that “both sides must stop their violence“.

What a crock of crap!

Tell me the violence that Trump supporters and voters have caused these last four years.

Tell me the Republican or conservative group(s) that have been involved in rioting and burning.

What is the fool Joe Biden talking about when he doesn’t have the courage to tell his own storm troopers to stop beating citizens and stop attacking and killing police officers? Is he afraid of his own party and their violence-prone tendencies? Could it be that Democrats would be able to get to Biden and cause him personal harm if he blamed his own violent supporters for their actually quite violent acts?

All of the news organizations, including Fox and certain of their employees, like Neil Cavuto and Chris Wallace, make the same lame statement about “both sides” contributing to the elevated level of violence in America, especially in Democrat-run cities and states. They hate President Trump so much that they can’t be honest about the hate and violence coming exclusively from the political left, and feel they must place some of the blame on Republicans, Trump supporters and Donald Trump personally.

To say that both sides of the political framework contribute to the obscene violence America is being subjected to this political season is to tell a blatant lie, and to not place blame on Democrats, who even encourage such acts of violence by not allowing punishment of leftist criminals after they‘ve been caught, is to just ask for more of the same lies and criminal activity . During some of the rioting in northern states this summer the staff supporting Biden in his bid for the presidency contributed to a fund that bailed out some of the most violent rioters and property burners, and once these people were released their cases were quickly and conveniently dropped, so it’s a certainty that these thugs will return to burn more buildings and beat additional people as Democrats see a need for such actions on the national political stage of 2020.

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Breath

 Who are these bozo politicians who are forcing us to use the ridiculous facial masks?  And what good is the still-being-developed vaccine going to be to anyone who has been active and healthy these past several months, even with all of the fear and hand-wringing that our politicians have been proclaiming? 

Stated differently, if I’ve been healthy and active during all of the deaths that the Democrats claim were caused by the Wuhan virus, in spite of the fact that I have worn a mask only when businesses I want to visit demand I wear one, why would I want to take a vaccine at this late date? I’ve never taken a flu shot and I’ve always been healthy, so why would I take a new and different shot now?

We need to be honest about the current situation in America: our leftist politicians will never allow us to move about the nation freely ever again; they’ll never allow us to throw the ridiculous masks away and breathe freely again; via this disease politicians have found a way to force us to do things we don’t want to do, because if you don’t wear a mask, they’ll call you an attempted murderer, they’ll say you’re unpatriotic and they’ll probably find a way to imprison you for not following the totalitarian rules sent down from above.

After all, if the masks we are required to wear every waking moment of our lives were so great and so protective, then only people who actually feared the covid would be required to wear them and the rest of us could breathe freely again and live our lives without sucking air through a mask and having to recycle our own breath every time we inhale and exhale. It appears that mask aficionados don’t trust their personal mask to protect them, so they insist that everyone around them also wear a mask. But if the other guy’s mask is as inefficient as the aficionado’s mask, then what the hell are we wearing these tools of the devil for anyway?

I say let those who want to live their lives in their basements watching reruns of  The Beverly Hillbillies and never get out of confinement in their homes and into the fresh air ever again, be allowed to do so. I believe if someone wants to wear a mask because they think they are saving lives and are being good people by doing so, to go ahead and do so. But I also believe that if a person believes that he or she is a thinking adult and is willing to risk contracting the least deadly disease we’ve seen in a long time, by walking around without a mask, they too should be allowed to do so, and big government and the  totalitarian Democrat leaders of our nation should back off and read the constitution for a change, because our founding document does not allow our rulers to force isolation and a mask on us. We are supposedly free people living in an increasingly un-free nation.

For additional proof that our Democrat, political rulers don’t believe the lies they’ve been spreading about the effectiveness of masks, one has only to observe the recent news report that California Governor, Gavin Newsom, was recently seen, sans mask, at a fancy restaurant in Napa Valley. From this report, one must assume three things about Mr. Newsom: 

1) He is a hypocrite for insisting the entire state of California wear the useless masks while he, himself, does not have to wear one.

2) He has information that we don’t have that tells him to have no fear of the disease and its extremely low mortality rate, because if the lies about covid were true and if it was honestly a very deadly disease, he’d be wearing a mask all day and all night in order to protect himself.

3) He’s been told that the simple piece of cloth or paper that masks are made of provide minimal at best protection for the wearer and for those persons near the wearer, so don’t waste your time donning a mask.

America is now entering a new round of nation-wide lockdowns, imposed by Democrats like Gavin Newsom, who, as reported above, refuses to wear a mask in his personal life. Unlike the common California citizen who is not a party boss, Gov. Newsom will still be free to move about regardless of the lockdown. So while the wealthy political class get regular paychecks and can escape the edict about wearing a mask, the average working American is losing his or her home and car due to lack of an income.

This next lockdown will only cause more misery and joblessness for additional tens-of-thousands of American citizens and will not impact the spread of the disease at all, as we saw during the first round of lockdowns. That first lockdown was ordered so as not to over- burden hospitals receiving so many sick people that the medical personnel would be unable to provide proper care during the surge. That emergency of the Wuhan surge has past and now this new lockdown is just a poke in the eye at citizens to prove that radical Democrats can force us citizens to do their bidding, and we’d better shut up about it and obey or they’ll lock us down again with greater restrictions than we’ve seen so far.

We are way beyond the much-feared surge now, with deaths decreasing steadily and positive tests telling us that even when infected people are found, they often feel great and are otherwise active and healthy. But even if sick, they are ninety-nine percent likely to survive the illness, like President Trump did. Another lockdown is pointless and is just an exercise in keeping people under control and continuing to frighten them into obeying the rule of the political left.

Monday, November 16, 2020

Biden, Pelosi, Schumer And The Gang That Couldn’t Lie Straight

 For decades Democrats have been pushing Republican administrations aside as the Dems  progressed toward the leftist Valhalla of Socialism/Communism, and to hell with what American citizens wanted or objected to.

And then along came Donald Trump and the rules changed. Trump was a non-political, self-made man who loved America, not power, adoration or praise, so he set out to make life better for Americans, and he was wildly successful. Trade deals were re-balanced, the stock market grew and expanded, a beautiful wall was built along our southern border, and Americans were better off and freer than they had been in twenty years.

Illegal immigration was slowed significantly, if not stopped completely in many places. Blacks and Hispanics, along with all other American minorities and non-minorities alike, had more money and better jobs than ever before.

Then the Chinese released the Wuhan virus and President Trump took the unprecedented action of halting all flights from China entering our country in order to curtail the spread of the disease, and then did the last thing he wanted to do, a thing that was to do more harm to America than the virus itself: after conferring with his health and medical advisors, he locked-down America. Then he took the lead to assure a continued healthy America by accelerating a vaccine development, personal protection for healthcare personnel, equipping emergency hospitals and hospital ships, encouraging the development of pharmaceuticals that he himself needed when he tested positive for the disease. The need for the shut-down soon proved to be ill-advised, but he had relied on the word of his mostly-leftist, big-government, swamp-dwelling, health advisers who were all too favorably disposed to imposing big government on America. At the outset of the disease these advisors had presented soon-to-be realized faulty models showing the devastating advance and lethality of the disease, which was grossly exaggerated.

Too many people died from the disease, but not the two million people that the overly-pessimistic models predicted. Pre-existing conditions or a sickbed in one of Andrew Cuomo’s state-controlled nursing homes caused most of the deaths, and we soon learned that the disease was ninety-nine percent survivable if you were otherwise healthy.

The lockdown had side affects much worse and longer-lasting than the disease it was intended to end. Depression, alcoholism, drug overdoses, suicide and no school for children became the enduring tragedies of the controlled destruction of the U.S. economy.

So with the to-be-expected extreme attacks on President Trump in which he was personally blamed for the deaths he fought hard to limit, and in line with his own opinion that the lockdown was ill-advised in the first place, President Trump called for the end of the lockdown, and all political officials, except Democrat mayors and governors, began lifting the onerous controls on businesses and personal liberties in an attempt to return life in America to normal and to get citizens back to work and prosperity again.

At about this point the ever-more-confused Joe Biden fraudulently got a electoral advantage over President Trump in the 2020 election and immediately promised to impose a new lockdown on the struggling nation, and swore that everyone would be required to wear a facial mask into eternity. One waits with bated breath to see how psychotically animated and dangerous Biden and his advisors become when the annual cold and flu season arrives on top of the covid threat. The controls these fools may put in place could destroy the American economy for decades.

This threatening situation demonstrates the difference between Republicans and modern-day Democrats: Democrats want control and power over the ignorant masses out there in fly-over country, and once they get that power they use it to the fullest extent to stifle any complaints and opposition that citizens may have. The Democrat position is, that if you refuse to wear a useless mask then you are selfish and unpatriotic and a threat to anyone you may come into contact with, so it’s prison for you for not obeying your Democrat bosses.

This totalitarian behavior of Democrats is an example of the philosophy of President Clinton’s advisor, Rahm Emanuel, when he stated that in order for the political left to get and retain power, “no crisis should go to waste”, and the Democrat reaction to the covid threat proves they are using Emanuel’s advice and milking this current health threat for all the power and control over Americans that they can get from it. Americans can certainly and unfortunately expect ramifications from this disease to continue to cause pain and suffering for a long time as Democrats use it to halt personal liberty in America.

President Trump had greater access to power than the Democrats did as this disease presented itself, power that Joe Biden may unfortunately gain in January of 2021. But Trump didn’t use that power to forcibly lock people into their homes and lose their livelihoods. He imposed the lockdown briefly, in response to his health advisors, and then advised the nation to lift the lockdown regulations completely, and he promised to never impose such a devastating order on the nation again. But old Lunch Bucket Joe has promised to re-impose the lockdown on America again as soon as he becomes president, and he’ll order all persons in America to wear the worthless facial masks every day of their lives.

President Trump believes in personal liberty and individual decisions when considering the risks citizens are willing to take with their personal lives, while Democrats allow no personal decisions to be made by individual citizens as to the risks they are willing to take as free people. Democrats believe in raw power and the fist to keep people under control.

Related to this current viral crisis, one must also keep in mind Barack Obama’s promise to “fundamentally transform America”, and this “crisis” of the Wuhan virus gives an unprincipled leader like Joe Biden the power to completely transform our formerly free nation into a land of drudgery and misery.

Sunday, November 15, 2020

The Chinese Wuhan Disease And The Democrat Promise To “Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste”

 Democrats crave power and never take a moment to pause and reflect on the harm they may be inflicting on American citizens before using whatever power is at their disposal.

Barack Obama promised to “fundamentally transform America” and to halt the rise of the oceans during his administration, and then set about doing just that by shoving his Obamacare down America’s throat, outlawing private healthcare, and forcing many Americans to buy a more expensive and largely unwanted and useless government-issued healthcare that is identified with his own name.

Ultra-leftist Rahm Emanuel had, during his service in the Clinton administration, opened the door to authoritarian rule by adopting the philosophy of never letting a crisis go to waste, which inspired Democrats to create and encourage crises that didn’t otherwise exist. This expression of anti-democratic and totalitarian thinking from a leading Democrat brings us to the current covid situation in which we’re getting thousands to “positive” tests daily, which are being used by a lying press to indicate that the disease is spreading and causing deaths by the additional thousands. But the “positive” results of the tests are actually good news because very few Americans are being hospitalized, most of those being tested and getting the positive results feel fine and are perfectly healthy, and have resisted the disease via the Swedish example of herd immunity, which allows people to live normal, happy lives in spite of some people with unique pre-conditions becoming sick with the disease. Democrats suggest that the positive tests are a  bad thing and this devious attitude is leading to Biden’s promise of a “dark winter” on the horizon for America.

This current health “crisis”, which came from China, is largely weak in its severity and lethality but is being used by Democrats to gain power and control over our nation, including control over each citizen’s personal freedom to move about, dine out and go to work. Democrats are in the process of creating a nation of people fearful of their next breath and totally dependent on big-government to protect them.

In the 1930s the Nazis created the lie of a Polish invasion of Germany in order to establish the “crisis” they needed to persuade the German people to surrender their rights and liberties and give support to the war effort the Nazis wanted to wage, a war that cost nearly all Germans their lives or their wealth, or both in many cases. Today Democrats have as their crisis du jour the mostly weak and easily survived covid disease, using the good-news positive tests as a negative outcome in order to scare people, which, in turn, will allow them to start down the dangerous path of authoritarian rule, for the citizens’ own good, of course.

Friday, November 13, 2020

Now Those On The Political Left Are The Narrow-Minded Bigots

 I recall a not-too-long-ago time when a narrow-minded bigot was a little old man who recoiled at the thought of rock music and nudity in the movies, sitting alone in his church pew clutching his well-worn Bible, sitting up straight and patiently waiting for the sermon to begin.

The new narrow-minded attitude is provided by the bigoted and out-of-touch Joe Biden, squinting at a teleprompter, saying what his handlers want him to say, stammering and slurring his words, asking us all to get with his program and come together as one happy family after name-calling Donald Trump for four years, expressing fear of the covid vaccine that was hastily developed at President Trump’s urging and direction, and not trying at all to halt the Democrats who threaten to punish anyone who supported or worked for President Trump. Only two weeks ago Biden was calling Trump a racist and his followers chumps, and today he is asking everyone to bury their divisions and join him in an administration we know nothing about, because Joe takes opposing positions on nearly every issue, every other day.

 Now, replacing both of these images of a narrow-minded person, is Donald Trump, a swinging, conservative, happy, entertaining, open, honest, fun-loving older man with a youthful appearance and persona, who loves to innovate, and has gotten rich thinking outside the box. He has caused peace to break out in the Middle East between Israel and the Arabs, oversaw the greatest financial surge in the nation’s history, and was responsible for the greatest turnout of blacks and Hispanics ever to vote for a Republican. Talk about an end to divisiveness and everyone working together: Trump did it while Biden just talks about it.

And Joe Biden is still under investigation by the FBI for working with the Chinese and Ukrainians to use his VP position under Obama to enrich himself and his family with influence peddling. But big tech spiked the reporting of these illegal dealings, and the slavish press joined in to keep this sandal a secret, so few people know the truth about the crooked Biden.

The reason Joe Biden is still not meeting with the press to discuss his new administration is that he is not in charge of the policies of the Biden administration, and the closest he gets to actual policy statements is reading the script his controllers put on the teleprompter, and they don’t trust him to intelligently answer questions from the press about his pretend administration and its anti-American and unconstitutional intentions.

Narrow-minded, reclusive, basement-residing people like Joe Biden are unable to formulate their own, independent policy positions. All Joe knows is the crap that he learned and regurgitated when he was Barack Obama’s lackey, and he obediently did Obama’s bidding. There was no independent thought on Joe’s part during the Obama years, but those policies are as close to independent thought as we’ll get from old Lunch Bucket Joe.

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

It’s Biden Time In America?

 The terror squads haven’t burned an American city in the days since Biden took the lead in the electoral count, so it’s obvious that the rioters and burners we saw  all summer long were Democrat stooges all along, and a halt to the violence is the only thing about Biden’s apparent success that we can be thankful for.

Biden talked on TV recently and said nothing at all except what a hard battle he fought for the election, from his basement bedroom. He stumbled over the words displayed on his teleprompter and squinted his eyes a lot, but at least he got through the ordeal without thanking his voters for re-electing him to the Senate one more time.

Biden is completely without a clue about the issues facing America on either a domestic level or an international one. Without his teleprompter he would have no way to express any understanding of international trade and would have no ideas at all about protecting American corporations from the complex issues that the Chinese and Iranians would throw at him if he attempted to negotiate with these rogue and hateful nations.

Biden is totally dependent on his ultra-left advisors on nearly any issue. One can be certain that he will give another billion or so dollars to the Iranian Mullahs if he ever occupies the Oval Office, which will allow the Iranians to once again resume their terrorist attacks on New York and Paris, which attacks President Trump has successfully halted.

On the other hand, the radical left has brought terrorist attacks back to America using domestic attackers from groups like ANTIFA and BLM, so what’s the difference? And if we didn’t have Fox News to report the violence being imposed on many of America’s largest cities from left-wing Democrat groups, as we saw all last summer, we wouldn’t know about those radical attacks at all. There was a nearly total blackout of those riots from the mainstream media.

We know that a larger chunk of American business, especially small businesses and restaurants, have been destroyed by the combined threat of domestic, Democrat terrorists, and the leftist politicization of the virus. With Democrat lockdowns and mandatory masking, the fool Biden has promised to make this bad situation even worse by doing it all over again and wiping out the few small businesses still able to continue operating.

It’s a certainty that Biden knows nothing about the success of Sweden and their handling with the covid virus, due to their lack of a lockdown and the spread of the herd immunity, while allowing the Swedish citizens to continue working, dining out and enjoying life. However American cities, especially those having Democrat governors and mayors, are suffering in the midst of plenty. Biden’s far-left handlers have convinced him that only the strong-fisted, determined leadership and a flurry of unconstitutional orders will work to fight to end the least deadly virus our nation has ever seen.

Saturday, November 7, 2020

How Confused Is Joe Biden?

 With Joe Biden running ahead of Donald Trump in the post-election electoral count, Biden begs Republicans to come together and move ahead as a united nation, as the fool  becomes president.

He also asked that Democrats and Republicans alike set aside their differences, and he assured us that he will govern the nation as one happy family with no serious quarrels to divide us. He has declared that he will equally serve Republicans and Democrats as good Americans, under his administration.

What a load of crap!

Joe Biden is the same fool man who has led a party that during the last four years has referred to President Trump as  a dictator, a misogynist, a racist, and worse than Hitler. Hillary called Republicans “deplorable” and Biden referred to Trump supporters as “chumps”. The Democrats impeached Trump for a phone call he made to Ukraine, when all Trump was trying to do was have the Ukrainians investigate the political influence-buying of Old Joe himself, when Joe had an investigation of Hunter Biden ended in exchange for a loan to Ukraine from the Obama administration. Democrats investigated Trump and his staff and family for three years under the umbrella of, as it turned out, non-existent  Russian collusion. The Democrat news organs have exposed so many “bombshells” intended to end the Trump presidency that there is no way to keep count of them.  And now old, demented Biden wants us to all live together under his administration and be cuddly and tranquil together. And please be reminded that Biden remained silent as ANTIFA and BLM rioted and looted freely all summer long, because these jack-booted thugs were acting as Democrat surrogates to stir up trouble and then blame the sitting president, Donald Trump, for all of it.

Although it’s entirely possible that Biden has once again forgotten what office he has been campaigning for, and probably cannot be certain of what day of the week it is, and he is confused about what city he is in, but we’ve all heard enough about what he and Kamala will do in office to know that the Supreme Court will be packed with leftist, radical justices; that our taxes will be raised; that gas for our cars will become harder to find and will cost more; and the energy we need to keep our homes warm in Winter and cool in Summer will experience brown-outs just like they’re having in California, or maybe it will be a total blockage of the electrical grid, because of the leftist lie of global warming/climate change and the rapidly rising oceans. And our borders will once again be opened to any person who can stumble across and enter America illegally, because Biden promised to provide healthcare to illegals who are within our borders, and since these people will soon be citizens, Democrats will keep their word to these dependent, Democrat voters.

ANTIFA and BLM cadre will roam the streets of our cities to replace the Police forces that Democrats have defunded or fired. Biden is good with the occasional BLM/ANTIFA “peaceful” burning or stabbing, so our streets will begin to look like Baltimore and Chicago by March of 2021, as more businesses are looted and burned and our cities look like ghost towns from the old west.

And we will all love old Lunch Box Joe when he locks-down America once again, destroying more restaurants and businesses and making food hard to find in even affluent neighborhoods. And don’t forget the very attractive masks that we will all be required to wear, with imprisonment being the punishment for wanting to live freely once again without the uncomfortable, non-functioning things attached to our faces.

And how can one forget the retribution that Democrats have promised for anyone who supported or voted for Donald Trump these past four years? But Joe has the nerve to suggest that Democrats offer an end to divisiveness and that we should join him in his peaceful and inclusive administration.

Joe Biden wants us to support his presidency and to fully support his policies, even though it was the sole purpose of Democrats for four years, to end the Trump presidency in any cheap, lying way they could.

Friday, November 6, 2020

Who Built The Cages, Joe?

 Nothing better illustrates the insane lack of logic, common sense and the dishonesty of today’s radical Democrat left than the presidential debate between Trump and Biden when the subject of cages along the southern border was mentioned.

The chain-link “cages”  were constructed during the Obama/Biden administration to contain and protect young Mexican and Central American children from the rapists and slavers who were moving them across the border with Mexico during the chaotic times created directly by Obama/Biden as they encouraged southerners to come north and illegally enter America.

The Obama/Biden cages were a good, temporary idea at the time and served as protection to the children, but when the Trump administration continued the use, the radical left identified them as mistreatment of children and attempts to divide families and called Trump a racist.

But all the lame-brained, mentally addled Biden could do when Trump challenged him on the lie of imprisoning children, was to give a stupid grin and hang his confused head in dumbed silence. And now we have the danger and the national threat of this non-functioning man becoming president and running the nation in the same, upside-down, idiotic way that Democrats approached the border cages: Obama built them and used them because of his chaotic, nonsensical, open-border policy and the predictable overcrowding and unsafe conditions his policy created, and as soon as Trump began using the same cages, Democrats raised the phony, lying alarm of dividing families and imprisoning children.

Overlapping with the leftist outrage of the cages was the completely false Russia hoax that continued for four years, and was another example of the danger of the Democrat left. They tried to remove a sitting president using false FBI and CIA data, while at the same time Biden was using his position as Vice President under Obama to make sweetheart deals with Ukraine, Russia and China for his personal enrichment and the enrichment of his family, creating a situation in which this illegal activity could make Biden liable for blackmail if he becomes president.

These and many other unscrupulous dealings by Democrats demonstrate the crooked mature of the Democrat party, with the current ballot chaos being only the latest example, but one of the most dangerous for the future welfare of the citizens of America. Joe Biden is confused all the time and is being used to present a friendly face to voters, while scheming, America-hating people lurk in the background to run him like a puppet and do their bidding in order to gain power for these radical members of his staff.

Monday, November 2, 2020

Two Leftist Democrats Who Have Proven Their Racism And Hate

 Don Lemon:

Mr. Lemon recently stated on the air that he was going  to “drop” some of his friends because they listen to the conservative views of Fox News and these friends really believe that conservatism and limited government are the best way to run a nation. Their conservative leanings make them unacceptable to him so he will end their friendship, if such a relation can be called friendship.

One wonders whatever became of the liberal idea of diversity and the acceptance of differing views among different people? Mr. Lemon doesn’t sound very forgiving for a good leftist who boasts of his ideas being diverse and non-judgmental. In fact Mr. Lemon sounds very judgmental and prejudiced against people who have befriended him. The fact that these Fox listeners are still befriending him, a black, homosexual, far left CNN personality, sounds like conservatives are less judgmental and more open-minded than our Mr. Lemon. And for an alleged reporter of the impartial “news” spewed out on CNN, he’s the last person we can trust to give his viewers the true news of the day, as he rejects and discards people whose politics he disagrees with.

Mr. Lemon says that he hates the politics of Fox News, but his far-left news channel reported the lie of President Trump’s Russian collusion for three years, repeatedly announcing “bombshells” that CNN hoped would destroy the Trump administration, all of which scandals and news reports have been proven to be false, and still he hates Fox, even though they were correct about Trump’s innocence all these years and CNN was wrong. Time after time leftist fools like Adam Schiff, along with his corrupt pals John Brennan and  James Clapper, declared that they had seen the evidence of Trump’s collusion and treason, all of which were lies that have now been dropped from discussion. But still Mr. Lemon states that Fox and anyone who listens to Fox are wrong-headed, and that the liars at CNN are correct and justified in their continued attacks on President Trump.

Mr. Lemon is a prejudiced, narrow-minded, simple-thinking Democrat leftist, and his ignorance and hate is plain for all to see. Mr. Lemon’s conservative friends still associate with him in spite of his being a black, gay, narrow-minded man, but if his friends express anything contrary to his block-headed leftist crap, he drops them.

Chelsea Handler:

Ms. Chandler’s male companion, 50 Cent, has recently announced that he likes Trump’s low tax ideas and favors his re-election. Mr. Cent may also have noticed that President Trump’s economic and business policies have made many blacks in America more wealthy and comfortable in their lives, and this may have added to his support of our president.

But Ms. Handler wasn’t having any of it, and spoke up immediately to contradict Mr. Cent when she responded to his support of President Trump, in a manner completely in line with the Democrat party’s treatment of blacks since the Civil War: Declare that blacks cannot have ideas contrary to leftist Democrats. Tell blacks that their ideas and preferences are in error. Tell blacks that they need Democrats to do all of their thinking for them. Tell blacks to shut up and return to their subservience to the Democrat party and its racist policies. 

This tendency of Democrats to stifle and oppose the Conservative views of American blacks is similar to the left’s reference to “man-speaking”, but in this case one would suppose the term should be “Dem-speaking”, when they talk down to black people who are not far left fools like Ms. Handler.

In short, Ms. Handler insulted and demeaned Mr. Cent by bawling him out in public for making any remark favorable to President Trump, and she forced him, according to news reports, to state that he will vote for the village idiot, Joe Biden. Ms. Handler is a typical Democrat, plantation racist, still spouting the racism of the Democrat party. And one hopes that Mr. Cent will exercise his freedom from the racist Democrat party and follow his wise intention to cast his vote for President Trump. He’ll be glad he did.

Friday, October 30, 2020

One Serious Question About The Left’s Insistence On Everyone Wearing A Mask

 When I was serving in the Army in the mid-60s I watched the South Korean citizens seemingly always wearing facial masks, and I now believe that our leaders, nearly all of whom are on the political left, are taking me and America back to those ancient times and those obnoxious practices. The South Koreans were and still are a very industrious and hard-working people, but they looked like mindless slaves with their useless facial coverings.

I personally believe that masks are worthless in protecting anyone except for direct bursts of breath, such as coughing and sneezing, and I wear a mask only when a shop I want to enter insists I do so, and I will never wear a mask out of doors. So I have one question that I believe sums up and destroys the political left’s constant insistence that everyone must wear a mask for protection, at all times, which is the direction I see this idiotic practice heading: If your facial mask is really as good as you say it is at protecting yourself and others surrounding you, then why do I have to wear a mask as well? 

If indeed your mask will not protect you, then my mask won’t protect you either, and the only reason leftists insist on wearing the worthless things is to continue the left’s policy and practice of always using the fist and a good helping of fear to keep people under control. But if your mask will protect you, then there’s no need for me to wear one and look as stupid as you do, with the mask obstructing your face and your breathing.

For purposes of personal liberty, I’m willing to risk infection by never wearing a mask, and at the age of seventy-seven I’ve been perfectly healthy these last several months as the left has attempted to frighten everyone with certain death and coerce them into doing the radical lefts’ bidding while threatening to lockdown down the nation once again. If your mask really works and protects you from infection, as you repeatedly state that it does, then why do I have to wear one as well?

The Most Frightening Thing

 During that shameful period when President Trump was being framed and investigated by Democrats, the FBI and the CIA, and when he was being persecuted on a daily basis for the lie of Russian collusion, the leftist press, and his radical Democrat accusers, at least appeared to be interested in the law and protecting America from foreign enemies and corrupt politicians.

But if any proof were necessary to convince us that they were just trying to crush the political threat that Donald Trump presented to them, and that they cared not at all about the law and the numerous foreign threats to our freedom and prosperity, the Joe Biden/Tony Bobulinski incident has brought it home to Americans in flying colors: all the American left is interested in is raw political power and the subversion of our constitution’s first amendment protection of a free press and freedom of speech for Americans.

All of the “evidence” of Trump collusion with Russia was either false and was generated by forces allied against him, and the “evidence” that fools like Adam Schiff raged about all the time did not exist at all. But we now have plenty of real and actual evidence and documented proof, via Hunter Biden’s laptop computer and documents provided by the Biden corporate advisor, Tony Bobulinski, that presidential candidate Joe Biden was exchanging the influence his name and position in the Obama administration could provide, for money from foreign powers. But the press, instead of investigating their Democrat preference for the Oval Office, chooses to spike the story so the American citizens and voters will hopefully not find out about this scandal that identifies the idiot Biden as a person who has positioned himself so he could be blackmailed into doing the bidding of China, and likely Russia and Ukraine as well, if he were to become president.

And it’s especially pointed that during this last week of October leading to a general election on November 3rd, the press is refusing to even discuss the scandal and is anxious to keep voters from learning about the Chinese making personal and shady financial deals with the Biden family, some of which dealings were contrary to then-current U.S. laws and to the security of the United States.

And when you include into the equation the fact that the Democrat party is proposing Socialist/Communist policies and legislation if they get the presidency and achieve a majority in the Senate, this is the most important and dangerous election of our nation’s history, and Democrats must be kept from gaining the power that they are willing to obtain by any means necessary.

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Democrat Lies Are Without End, And Always Have Been

 Do you recall Obama’s promise that Obamacare would allow you to keep your current healthcare plan, and that you could keep your old doctor, and that you would save $2500 a year with the ACA? That was all a lie. Tens of thousands of people lost their beloved healthcare plans, and lost their doctors, and the ACA cost them additional thousands of  dollars a years on top of sky rocketing deductibles that prevented them from even using their plans. Well, Democrats are back with more healthcare threats and their promises of cost savings and improved healthcare seem a little hollow at this point.

And do you recall that Obama placed old Lunch Bucket Joe Biden in charge of the trillion dollar stimulus package that was going to lift America out of a depression? What happened to all of that money? Where is the proof that Joe did anything except skim a million or two off of that money to enrich himself and probably his son Hunter, with nothing being done to restart our economy until Donald Trump brought America’s economic life back to prosperity long after the Obama/Biden administration was gone?

Now we hear the competing promises from Biden that he will halt fracking as soon as he becomes president, and his assurance that he will not touch fracking, ever. But putting an end to fracking is an important part of the Green New Deal that Biden has promised will save the world from the lie of warming/change, and we know that his  promise to halt fracking was intended to gain favor with AOC and her band of Socialist, America-hating fools, so where does the truth lie? I believe we all know the answer to that question. The more leftists talk about prosperity they more they plot to destroy our economy; it’s what they do

And Biden assures us that he has never taken any money from any foreign source, ever, in spite of the revelation of the Hunter Biden laptop that has thousands of emails proving the opposite, and the statement from the Biden business CEO who stated that Biden’s son did take at least millions, if not billions, of dollars from Russia and China, and that’s why Old Joey can assure us that he never took any money, because he arranged things so that his son would get the money, and then pass a percentage back to old Lunch Bucket himself with no money-trail to cause concern to the IRS.

Monday, October 26, 2020

Democrats: The Idiotic And Corrupt Dogma Of Their Radical Political Faith Lives Deep Within Them

 The title of this piece borrows wording from Senator Dianne Feinstein when this stupid woman bawled out Amy Coney Barrett for her nerve at practicing her Catholic faith while serving on the federal bench. No one has ever said that Senator Feinstein should give up her seat in the United States Senate because of her Jewish faith or her adherence to Democrat leftist policy with all of the radical dogma it contains.

Currently running on television is an anti-Trump political ad blaming our president for the Wuhan virus and for the violence committed by the leftist BLM and ANTIFA terrorist squads. How is it possible for otherwise intelligent and thoughtful people to put forth the message that any president can halt a disease, or that a Republican president can control Democrat-run terrorist groups like BLM and ANTIFA? And, of course, any racial division America may be experiencing is automatically blamed on President Trump and his “racism“, and is not attributed to any leftist policy that may actually be at the root of a policy problem.

One exception to those humans who lack the power to control nature and radical leftist groups was Barack Obama, who declared at the outset of his presidency that his administration would halt the rise of the oceans. Despite the evident fact that the oceans were not, and still to this day are not rising, it appears that Democrats of the 2020s doubt and question the supernatural powers possessed by Mr. Obama, because they are still spouting the same old worn out crap of warming/change, just like Obama did when he said he would single-handedly end them, because Democrats have recently proposed their worthless and dangerous Green New Deal, which, if implemented, would strangle and destroy America‘s economy and our pleasant and abundant way of life.

President Trump has Democrats frightened to death because he really can fix America’s racial divide, just like he’s fixing the centuries-long divide between Jews and Arabs in the Middle East with his peace initiatives with Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Sudan and other formerly anti-Israel nations. Democrats for years have depended on various political and racial divisions to keep attitudes stirred up and keep arguments, resentments and accusations alive among Americans so leftists could feed off of them to retain power over those dependent on Democrat policy for handouts and goodies. An America at peace with itself would collapse the power structure of the Democrat party, and would undermine and weaken the murderers in the Middle East, like ISIS, which President Trump defeated quickly and easily when he took over the United States military policy from the terrorist-loving Barack Obama.

Whether the subject is race, economics, the Middle East, taxes, the environment, illegal immigration, sanctuary cities, the virus, the Supreme Court, global warming or any of the other multiple and many issues facing our nation, we can’t afford to have Joe Biden practicing his anti-American, lame-brained idiocies and taking our nation down the path to destruction. We need Donald Trump’s steady, America-loving, non-political hand on the tiller of America in order to save our nation for future generations of Americans.

We must re-elect Donald Trump based solely on his merits and accomplishments demonstrated so far in his presidency.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Democrats Are Politically Near-Sighted And Tone Deaf

 In the current atmosphere of leftists criticizing the constitution and our national founders because of the way the founders lived their lives 200-plus years ago, these leftists leave themselves wide open to criticism as life continues to evolve and change.

In today’s world, Western culture has moved sharply away from acceptance of slavery, which is as it should be in the Twenty-first century. The political left is blind to the slavery still being practiced in less-developed parts of the world, and they allow these backward cultures to slide without criticism and avoid condemnation, while at the same time these hate-America leftists fiercely criticize and condemn our national founders because slavery existed in America hundreds of years ago, and they conveniently ignore the fact that the slaves that were captured and shipped throughout the world in the 17th century came from the same backward nations that still practice slavery to this day.

The United States has changed for the better, with people from all over the world coming here to live a better life, while the nations that originated slavery are still practicing this immoral deed to this day and remain impoverished hell-holes as a result if their continued immorality and abuse of other humans.

Democrats, for political reasons, will give no credit to the United States for advancing our current status of rejecting slavery, but these same leftists are condemning themselves to future ridicule by their insistence on, and open acceptance of, their own immoral behavior, which will condemn them eventually. Killing unborn children on a wholesale basis is at least as immoral as slavery, and is done proudly by the American left. It seems inevitable that in a few years, thinking, feeling people will wonder how a civilized nation could have aborted human lives on a production-line basis while considering themselves to be enlightened and superior to everyone else as they terminated tens of thousands of innocent lives.

Abortion, the political left’s willingness to pack the Supreme Court, their willingness to wage wars across the globe in a never-ending display of carnage that kills and maims thousands of America’s youth, the rioting and burning at the slightest imagined slight to the lefts’ sensibilities, their insistence on identifying and seeking out police for assassination, their policy of entrapping millions of American citizens in poverty and servitude to the government of big brother politicians who also created the virtual enslavement of sanctuary cities, the left’s worship of violent Communist/Socialist storm troopers named BLM, the denial of Joe Biden that ANTIFA is a violent, terrorist front group working for the Democrat party, will cause the Democrat party to suffer condemnation one day when our shocked nation begins to heal and restore itself back to sanity.

In the mean time we badly need to allow President Trump to re-up for another four years so he can complete his plan to Make America Great Again.

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Democrats Come Full Circle On Their Lies About Masking

 At the outset of the Wuhan virus infection, the now-revered Dr. Fauci said that the disease was not to be feared and that wearing a facial mask would do little or no good in preventing contamination of the disease to the wearer.

Nevertheless, leftist Democrats took up the banner of the mask anyway, because it gave Democrat mayors and governors a way to undermine President Trump in the political season of 2020, so they mandated facial masking as a political way for the public to stay fearful and miserable as Democrats blamed the Wuhan disease on President Trump.

But reasonable people saw the Democrat, control-freak, lie for what it was and decided that they could risk a little temporary illness if, by chance, they were among the very few citizens to contract the virus, so many people elected to not wear the worthless masks for the little or no protection it would give them. These select mask-refusers gained a lot in personal freedom and health by rejecting the Democrat edict to wear the mask.

So then Democrats changed their story and said that mask wearing was critical, not to protect the wearer of the mask, but to protect people that the wearer may come into contact with during the day. So then the logic of the leftists became that a mask-denier was a thoughtless, inconsiderate, public-health-threatening person who was putting other people at great risk of death and illness for not wearing a mask.

And then President Trump tested positive for the disease, so Democrats completed the full circle of lies and then told the public that masks protect the wearer, and that the refusal of the president to wear a mask all the time put him at risk, and they called him a disturbed, unbalanced and inconsiderate person who was deserving of being ill for not wearing a mask all the time and for conducting out-of-doors campaign appearances with  crowds largely refusing masks as well.

Democrats have displayed their political corruption with a willingness to dictate to the American citizens how to behave, what to wear and when to wear it. Now that Democrats have found this new power to strike fear into citizens and to force them to adhere to authoritarian control, one fears for the next cold and flu season when they will claim that these annual diseases will be much worse and more deadly with the corona virus still active, and one fears for other power grabs that Democrats may resort to, beginning with unsolicited ballots already being distributed by mail to citizens of many states, for the election in November. And when you combine the above opportunities for anti-American forces to cause trouble on top of the summer of radical left rioting and burning, just get ready and stand-by for a winter of more-of-the-same from Democrats as the results of the next presidential election are tabulated.

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Give Me Liberty, Or Give Me The Wuhan

 There are things that are worse than death, and Democrats and their politicization of the Wuhan disease appear to be planning the forced imposition of a life of masked imprisonment in our own homes, and that would be worse than death.

The stupidity of people like New York’s Governor Cuomo and New York city’s Mayor de Blazio and their ignorance of the success of Sweden in fighting the covid outbreak by not shutting down that nation, which wise policy resulted in shortening the life of the disease and immunizing the population more quickly, is astounding. America and other less successful nations, did shutdown and lockdown, which has proven to be an extender of outbreaks of the disease, not an eliminator of it.

Sweden allowed the disease to create its own immunity by allowing it to spread while the population built a natural resistance to it, but the New York governor, whose disastrous, personal nursing home policies caused the deaths of eight thousand elderly people, is now promising another state lockdown, thereby causing a predictable increase of new positive tests for the virus, and probably more deaths in New York, which is already leading the nation in dead people caused by the Chinese Wuhan virus. 

So now it will take New York, and therefore America as well, even longer to achieve positive tests found in citizens who are a-symptomatic, feel fine and can live with the disease and never know they had it. The leftist hope for a 100 percent negative test for all people tested for the disease is unlikely to happen, which means that if Democrats win the next presidential election in November, the testing, the masks, the fear-mongering and the lockdowns will go on as long as Democrats make public health decisions.

The filthy Democrats must be kept from any position of power until they stop being insane and hateful, which is not likely soon.

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Who Are The People Who Wish To Rule America?

 Just as it’s obviously true that only crooks and criminals would seriously propose defunding the police forces in America, as the Democrats are currently trying to do, it’s equally true that only people who hate America and who seek dominant control over public policy would propose such things as the Green New Deal, which Democrats are actively proposing, packing the Supreme court with liberal nominees and forcing all citizens to wear a worthless mask to prevent contagion to the least deadly disease we‘ve ever seen, all of which controls will destroy the freedom and prosperity of America.

Presidential candidate, Joe Biden, recently said that if he is elected to the White House in November, he will change the nation. While considering the idiotic words of Lunch Bucket Joe and what his real intention is for seeking the presidency, one may recall that his shared eight-year administration with Barack Obama had an even more dire slogan, which was their promise to “Fundamentally Transform America“. So we know where Joe Biden and his party of radicals stand on the issue of obeying the constitution and adhering to law and tradition: they want to destroy America and bury our constitution.

And when we’re reminded that Biden’s intended appointees to top positions in his future administration are avowed Socialists like Bernie Sanders, who has laid plans to reform America along the lines of the impoverished, Socialist state of Venezuela, and his naming  Kamala Harris, the most radical leftist in the United States Senate to be his Vice Presidential running-mate, we know that the Democrat party is corrupt and intends only ill for the future of America, just so long as they are in power.

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Capitalism Giveth, And Big, Leftist Government Taketh Away

 No matter where one looks in the world, one can find the negative impact of big, intrusive government.

The Socialism of Venezuela has destroyed the formerly comfortable lives of the citizens of that nation. The capitalism of the energy industry that made Venezuela wealthy has been ended by the Socialist regime in power and only misery and suffering remain for Venezuelans.

The former wealth of Cuba now lays in waste at what the Castro revolution caused, and the migration of thousands of Cubans trying to escape Castro’s Socialist paradise, and who adopted America as their new home, has benefited the United States by their presence, to the detriment of Cuba, because of the Communism that drove them away.

Meanwhile, here at home in America, the unbelievable destruction of New York, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Baltimore and other leftist-run state and city governments is disturbing to look at and difficult to absorb. Capitalism made these and other cities shiny, bright and pleasant to live in, and big government shutdowns, sanctuary cities, and leftist Democrat policies have left them broke, burned, ugly and vacated, with nothing but devastation where neighborhood restaurants and shops once stood. And aside from the buildings that have been destroyed by a summer of BLM and ANTIFA rioting, one must remember the tens of thousands of jobs that have been lost along with the burned out buildings.

And it’s not only the commercial districts that have died in many of our major cities due to the rioting and the national shutdown of  businesses of all types. New York’s theater district is dead, and museums are closed in order to prevent insane Democrat, leftist, radicals from destroying works of art and antiquities as thoughtlessly as they have been tearing down statues on Christopher Columbus and Robert E. Lee.

The American left, headed and encouraged by the Democrat party, destroys everything it touches. Next up on their playbook is the Green New Deal, which will demand that the public use less fuel, live less well, drive smaller cars (assuming the public is allowed to drive personal vehicles at all), consume fewer kilowatts of electric power on heating and air conditioning, take fewer vacations and stay closer to home, because commercial airlines will be limited in their own consumption of jet fuel and carbon emissions. So there will be much less travel in America, and much less of the “good times” America has taken for granted these last 100 years or so, if Democrats ever get political power again.

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Trump Tests Positive For Wuhan, And Democrats Flip-Flop On The Reason For A Mask

 For the last many months the radical left has repeatedly told us that wearing a facial mask provides protection for people near anyone who might be carrying the disease, and this explanation by the party of Joe Biden has allowed Biden voters to scowl at us mask deniers as we went about our personal business with a free and liberated face. One has even heard tales of mask-people attacking non-mask-people, because, they said, the refusal to wear a mask allowed the exhalations of the non-mask person to inflict the disease on everyone around them.

But now that President Trump has tested positive for the disease (this test does not indicate that he is sick in any way, only that his body has been exposed to the virus, just as millions of other Americans have been exposed and are living comfortably and healthfully in spite of the Wuhan), radical Democrats are saying that the president’s reluctance to wear a mask is the reason he is now testing positive.

So the Democrats and the leftist, lying press, are, as usual, exposed as flip-floppers on the issue of the mask, like they flip-flop on so many other issues. If, as Democrats have said all along, the masks are to protect those people who may come near an infected individual, how can Trump be blamed for testing positive when he is the recipient of the virus, not the donor? And include in the calculation as to his guilt or innocence, that fact that he resisted wearing a mask as often as possible these many months since masking became radically chic. Is it now the leftist position that the mask was lacking on another person, probably a Democrat, and that the maskless Trump was simply an innocent victim?  Or is there something more sinister to Trump’s contraction of the disease than we are being told by the same radical, far left press who devised the Steele Dossier and the Russia collusion investigation of our president?

There’s no doubt that regardless of how President Trump contracted the disease he’ll be blamed one way or the other by the hateful left who have politicized the disease, but the fact is that the nation can only be safe when we’ve all been exposed to the virus and have survived, or when an increasing number of Americans who test positive are a-symptomatic and never knew they were infected in the first place.

And the militant left would be wise to recall that it was no less a prophet than Dr. Fauci himself, at the outset of this Wuhan scare, who said that masks have little or no ability to halt a disease.  The best thing for all of us is herd immunity, which is the reason for the success of Sweden’s dealing with the disease, but we’ll never get there with idiots like Cuomo and de Blazio repeatedly locking down the state of New York and extending the time it takes to attune our bodies with the threat of the Wuhan disease.

Sunday, October 4, 2020

The National Danger This Time Around

 The test of a good government, one in which its citizens are comfortable, happy and don’t feel threatened by those who govern, is one in which a low voter turnout of citizens casting their ballots frequently happens at election time.

Typically in America, which is largely made up of citizens who are satisfied with their lives and not threatened by those who govern the nation, voter turn-out has been relatively low, to the point that many policy wonks have complained that Americans should show more interest in voting for those who represent them. This low voter-turnout rate has been referred to as citizens having no interest in government, while actually American citizens are interested in retaining their liberty and prosperity, but have been satisfied that the government presents no threat to their lives.

But in 2020 the attitude of many formerly happy Americans has made a 180 degree change. Many of our major cities are burning; riots are the norm; police officers are being assassinated; entire police forces are being disbanded; and the Democrat presidential candidate has mentioned packing the Supreme Court and adding states to the nation in order to get more Democrat votes to assure leftist, radical success in future elections. 

If president Trump had not kept his promise to continue building the border wall, you can bet that millions of illegal aliens would have crossed our border by this time in order to join the various sanctuary cities that far left Democrats have established across the nation. If the wall had not been built at President Trump’s insistence, then the votes of each illegal would be assured for Democrat candidates in all future elections, in exchange for the delivery of goodies from the ever-more-Socialist government that Democrats have promised to deliver the next time they are voted into the White House.

This election promises to produce a record turn-out of citizens anxious to cast their ballot against the rioting and burning in American streets and to defeat the Democrat party candidates across the board, who have all promised to destroy the long-functioning light-touch philosophy of government in which citizens are allowed to run their own lives and make decisions about themselves and their families, without the heavy, authoritarian rule of big government.

Friday, October 2, 2020

Why Decent, Thinking Americans Love Donald Trump

 During the Obama administration, one will fondly recall the “pony-tail guy” who told Obama in an open meeting that he wanted the government to take care of him and his healthcare needs, and he wanted Papa Obama to give him the stuff he wants and needs in order to live. One wonders if the “pony-tail guy” has come to regret turning his life over to the government, now that most Democrat state and city governments are forcing their citizens to wear the ridiculous and useless face masks wherever they go. 

Conservatives absolutely and definitely do not want to be treated as children, with our president taking the form of the father-figure. Instead, conservatives love Donald Trump because he trusts citizens to make their own decisions about life and to be responsible for their own welfare, and because he has rapidly gotten up-to-speed on the workings of the Washington Deep State, has found ways to speed up necessary changes like his tax reduction, and has taken steps to the halt criminal activity of such groups as BLM and ANTIFA, both of which are criminal and terrorist organizations. Trump has said he regrets having begun the national Wuhan shutdown tragedy, which was recommended by his medical advisory staff, and which he said he will ever do again because of the national devastation this radical move has caused for the entire nation.

President Trump has warned Americans of the Democrat attempt to defraud their votes in the upcoming election, with their fraudulent use of un-requested mail-in ballots. We feel comfortable with President Trump and his attempts to halt the dangerous spread of Chinese militarization, his renegotiation of international trade agreements that formerly placed America at a disadvantage, and his strengthening of our military preparedness while at the same time getting our military out of wasteful foreign, hostile engagements that only get Americans killed and wounded for no good reason.

We respect his continuing to build the border wall even as he has been bitterly savaged by the main stream press, plus he has protected us from judicial activism with his appointment of many new judges and three Supreme Court justices.

The mandatory mask thing has made Americans aware of the corrupt, radical objectives of America’s Democrat party and their insistence on unconstitutionally controlling every aspect of the daily actions of American citizens.

American conservatives don’t want a daddy in the Oval Office, we want a strong figure who understands the Deep State and its corrupt and dangerous dealings and plottings. 

In the first presidential debate between President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden, held last Tuesday night, the president was facing not just one opponent, but two, during the evening’s proceedings: Joe Biden and Chris Wallace. President Trump was prepared for the backtalk and arguments from Joe Biden, but Mr. Wallace, the never-Trumper moderator, occasionally bawled Trump out and chastised him repeatedly for speaking over and challenging Biden, which was beyond the job description for Wallace’s duties that night. He was supposed to be facilitating real debate between the two candidates, but the night ended up with both Wallace and Biden criticizing and yelling at Trump, when all the president was doing was trying to get Biden to state his position on important duties he will perform if he becomes president, and to make Biden stop lying about everything.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

The Next Wuhan Lockdown Should Be To Make All Politicians Stay Home

 The political fools who control the lives of formerly free Americans are wringing their hands because they’ve learned that Wuhan virus testing shows a possible up-swing in positive test results among those newly tested.

Of course the only thing that has been discovered with these recent tests are cases of people who have tested positive, but have no symptoms, are otherwise healthy, and who feel fine. In a sane world these healthy carriers are what we would want to find, but our leftist leaders recognize a chance to exercise their ill-gotten power over us peons, and by God that’s exactly what they’ll do. They ignore the fact that the lockdown was simply implemented to flatten the curve of those who became sick from the disease so hospitals would not be swamped and unable to deliver help to those who needed medical assistance, and they deem that finding more healthy people with evidence of the virus in their systems is a reason to imprison and force unemployment on everyone all over again.

The fools in charge of our lives refuse to recognize that the national lockdown did nothing to stop the virus; it only caused bankruptcy, joblessness and misery for the Americans forced to participate in it. So, in their stupidity, our rulers will likely try it again.

I propose that the next national lockdown should leave the citizens alone and instead should lock all state and national government offices and keep the bums away from any position of responsibility. And we need to be sure that no paychecks are written for any government out-of-a-job official. And if that works maybe we can get rid of these creeps for good.

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Democrat Politicians Kill The Patient While Pretending To Save It

 The Democrat party has methodically destroyed tens of thousands of lives and ruined thousands of businesses with its corrupt mayors and governors insisting that businesses be locked down and that all persons in their jurisdictions must wear a facial mask. Additionally, Democrats use the idiotic justification for these misuses of political power as being the Wuhan virus, which has proven to be perhaps the weakest such disease our nation has ever seen. Democrats are lying about the severity of the disease and have made every effort to scare citizens into abiding by their insane control efforts and convince them that President Trump is to blame for the virus that Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Bill de Blazio originally ignored. At the dawning of the virus, Democrats stated that Trump’s concentration on the disease was just a distraction to divert attention from the Democrat’s soon-to-be delivered impeachment trial. If true honesty concerning the politicization of the virus were of concern to Democrats, voters should be informed and reminded that Pelosi and de Blazio early-on invited and encouraged their followers to go out, have a nice meal and enjoy an evening on the town, completely ignoring the disease that President Trump was trying to prevent and control.

From riots to shop burnings, to a national shutdown, to forced business closings and legal consequences if a citizen was found not wearing a mask, all of these things have frightened many people into being shut-ins, causing a greater use of liquor and drugs and have resulted in depression and many suicides, all because Democrats want to exercise dictatorial control over the population, and they want upset citizens, hoping they would hold President Trump responsible for the disease, which was caused exclusively by the Communist Chinese government.

The American radical, political left is so insanely fearful of President Trump being re-elected to a second term of office that they are letting out all the stops to assure that he is defeated in November. His patriotism scares them, his insistence on really educating children in government-run schools threatens them. His insistence on removing our military forces from pointless foreign assignments upsets them.  His insistence that rioters, murderers and arsonists go to jail threatens the Democrat storm troopers who commit these violent acts. His plea to Democrat governors and mayors to open their cities to prosperity and liberty for their citizens is scoffed at and ignored. His statements that criticize the lie of global warming is threatening to Joe Biden’s Green New Deal aggression on traditional American life. President Trump just refuses to play nice with the radical Democrats.

The American political left has plans and designs to fulfill Barack Obama’s Fundamental Transformation of America, and Donald Trump stands directly in the way of their devious, anti-American plans and schemes.

If the current disruptive daily life of America continues, Democrats will have severely damaged our society and will have caused more death and suffering than the Wuhan disease itself has caused, while all the time claiming that they are just trying to save the nation and keep us healthy. In their lying efforts to “save” the American citizens with the left’s masks and their lockdown, they may soon end up killing the patient they claim to want to save.

And as if Trump’s foiling of every one of the Democrat’s corrupt attacks on his administration wasn’t enough to frustrate the radical left, now he’s been nominated at least twice for a Nobel Peace Prize. And these Trump nominations were not based on race, as Obama’s single nomination was, but are based on accomplishments like the Israeli/United Arab Emirates accords, and the Serbia/Kosovo normalization of relations between those two formerly warring countries.

Saturday, September 12, 2020

In Dangerous, Lawless Times, Only Crooks Would Defund The Police

 A sensible person would have to wonder why other “sensible” people would ever, even in jest, suggest that we get rid of our cities’ police forces.

Then the light comes on, and we realize that those who propose such a stupid thing are themselves the criminals that the police are hired to get rid of, or they’re just leftist Democrats who live in places that rarely need police assistance and have little crime to deal with in their lives, and these privileged people have bought into the leftist, BLM and ANTIFA racist crap.

Either way, be they crooks or just leftist, Democrat dunces, we have to stop these fools from the destructive path they’re trying to take us down.  Maybe they are just insisting on this particular and carefully selected proposal hoping they will divide America even further, with the intent of preventing Donald Trump from being re-elected, which would be bad enough, but Democrats may also wish to see their fellow Americans be abused by criminals in the hope that they can personally gain more power unto themselves and their leftist cabal of thugs. One can be encouraged with the idea of Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s proposal to defund entire cities in his state if they have plans to defund the police.

Democrats have proposed other equally stupid and dangerous things before, like disbanding the military, thereby leaving the nation open to invasion, or at least leave us exposed to a military attack. As part of their green new deal proposals, Democrats have also proposed prohibiting all gasoline and diesel vehicles, thereby keeping food and other goods from being transported across the nation to areas remote from the farm fields where much of our produce is grown. Banning fossil fuels would interfere with the very act of food production and would shut down farm vehicles which are needed to produce the food we eat each day. And their proposals would even halt locally grown foods from being distributed on a local basis. One fears that if leftists take over our food production and distribution we may well be forced into a situation like Stalin’s starvation of the Ukraine, because Ukrainian citizens would not behave as he wanted them to and would not buckle under to his demands that they live under a Soviet-style rule. We’ve already seen the Obama administrations’ threat to citizens who didn’t buy the more expensive and largely useless Obamacare, the result of which was that no health insurance could be had at all, from any source, by those citizens who rejected this big-government plan to get people to behave as the government wants them to.

The greatest protection American citizens have against dictatorial rule is our constitution and its enumeration of the few things the federal government is allowed to do, with everything else being reserved to the individual citizens or the several states. All of the crap that Bernie Sanders, AOC and Joe Biden propose to implement in a future Biden administration are contrary to the constitutional provisions that keep Americans free and prosperous, and if the police forces are eliminated and all citizens are forced to provide for their own protection, we’ll be too close to a state of chaos to be comfortable, and the constitutional protect of our rights will be a thing of the distant past.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Under Democrat Political Rulers, Superlatives Take On American Comparative References

 At one time we used scenes of war or natural disasters to provide comparative outrageous parallels to emphasize current events that needed extra punch to fully express the immensity of the point being made. But thanks to Democrat-run states and cities, we now can use our own American political environment for these disastrous, superlative comparisons.

For example, in the past, if we wanted to express and emphasize a completely disastrous happening, we’d compare it to the 1945 allied carpet-bombing of Dresden, Germany in World War II, or the atomic destruction done to Nagasaki or Hiroshima in 1945 as the war in the Pacific began to close. But thanks to the recent destruction that Democrat-run cities have experienced at the hands of incompetent Democrat mayors and governors, we no longer need to look anywhere else in the world outside the United States to come up with appropriate superlatives to make our point.

Here are some relevant superlatives we can employ, at our own national expense, using Democrat targets to make the point:

The fires of Hades are as hot as the “mostly peaceful” burning buildings of Portland.

The murder rate in New York (or Chicago, or Baltimore, or Seattle) is as high as an ISIS invasion in Syria under the Obama administration.

The charcoal fire in my Hibachi is as hot as the most recent, out-of-control forest fire in California.

The cave was as silent as a formerly wealthy and active shopping district in bombed-out New York.

The sunset was as bright red as a BLM or ANTIFA fire-bomb protest in Seattle.

The uninhabited South Seas island was as silent as Mayor De Blazio’s Grand Central Station at rush hour.

The Army’s basic training tear gas facility burned the eyes as much as a typical “peaceful protest” in Portland.

The sulphur gas emitted by the volcano was as irritating to the eyes as a “mostly peaceful” protest in Seattle.

The Nazi Nuremberg war crimes trial in 1945 witnessed as many lies being told by its defendants as were told about Donald Trump in statements originating in the Democrat-run House of Representatives and in “news” reports from CNN and the NYT.

The sloth was as slow-moving, quiet and uninteresting as the mask-wearing Joe Biden.

Some general rules when using superlatives related to Democrat-run cities and Democrat political tactics:

Any reference comparing the German sneak attack on peaceful Poland, a move that triggered World War II, should refer to the totally illegal use for the Steele Dossier that blamed Donald Trump for Russian collusion.

Any reference to misleading statements intended to redirect and downplay criminal behavior in Democrat-run cities, should make a tie-in with the Seattle mayor’s “summer of love” quote as her city exploded with fascist activity and deathly attacks on her citizens.

Instead of saying a document is as phony as a three-dollar bill, one should say it was as phony as an FBI FISA court request.

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Leftist Democrats Should Never Pretend To Be Reporters Of The News

 One of the most memorable quotes of the Trump candidacy and his subsequent administration are his use of the words FAKE NEWS.

From the outset of the Trump years the lying press told us of the absolute, provable certainty of Trump’s collusion with Russia. This lie from Democrats and their pals in the leftist news business continued for over three years and included a very loud and costly Mueller investigation, which came up with nothing to confirm that Trump was dealing with Russia about anything. And the lying press has never admitted that they were both lying and wrong in their assertions. Their lies were only calculated to get rid of Trump, and periodically they still bring up the subject and the old charges concerning Russia as though the subject is not a settled issue. This constant re-birth of the collusion lie is in itself a lie that the American left is repeatedly guilty of.

The Ukraine thing also was used to try to politically hurt Trump, but this attempt also came up dry for the liars in the press. The attempt to impeach and remove Trump, based again on a series of lies, was another strike-out for the press, and their lies got them nowhere. The Kavanaugh nomination and it’s violent lying finally left the leftist press in the dust. Not even the family of his accuser believed the lies she told about Brett Kavanaugh’s alleged bad acts.

The left insists on telling lies about Global Warming even though our globe refuses to approach the severely high temperatures we’ve been told are already here, or at least will be here in ten, or eleven or some other number of years.  Many former dates of predicted total global and environmental destruction have already past, and the environment and our ambient temperature have remained constant in spite of the lies told by CNN, NYT, WAPO and other sources of what we laughingly call “the news”. The corrupt press expect us commoners to believe their lies and not our own two eyes in determining the truth of this issue.

And now the press tells us the lie of President Trump disrespecting military heroes on a trip years ago. One wonders when will these fools will stop lying and just report the news? The answer is: never. Leftists lie for the cause and to gain power and should never pretend to be impartial and should instead, simply report the news, instead of making it all up.

So how does this knowledge and experience with a totally corrupt and dishonest press prepare an American for the upcoming presidential election? It tells us that all of the malarkey about a mentally fit Biden, able and ready to represent America in a very dangerous world, is a well prepared and calculated lie. And we know that the press’s tales of President Trump’s bad character and his lack of fitness to be president, are all lies as well. So the decision as to whom to cast a vote for president on November 3rd is very simple: all of the news reports from the national media are negative on Trump, so he’s obviously the only candidate to vote for. He’s the one who will arrest our nation’s leftward, anti-constitution, anti-capitalist, police-hating drift and make life in America pleasant and prosperous again, and he‘ll stop the rioting and burning that Biden‘s BLM and ANTIFA troops have been committing in our major cities these last three months.

Saturday, September 5, 2020

When the Present Political Fad Undermines The Past And The Future

 When the mayor of Washington D.C. recently decided that the Washington Monument should be removed at some point, one of her supporters brought up the subject of her timing and wondered why she presented her proposal now. Democrats are not only anti-American and Socialistic in their ideas and policies, they are also emotional and thoughtless in their scheming.

After over a century of enjoying the beautiful monument to George Washington, only in September of 2020 do Democrats insist that it be torn down and reduced to rubble. The past doesn’t mean a thing to Democrats and future generations are not even considered in their decision to destroy the monument; they want destruction, now!

What if the partisan Democrats and their hate-America attitude is misdirected and George Washington does not deserve to be reviled (he doesn’t), then destroying the monument would be a mistake (it is) and the abrupt and present-only-oriented decision would be the wrong thing to do. Now, amidst a nationwide vomiting of leftist violence and racial hate, is the wrong time to suggest we destroy a national treasure like the Washington Monument.

Democrats are always certain that their intentions are the correct ones for all society, as all dictators are absolutely certain of their infallibility. It’s one thing to establish policy when they are in power, but in the twenty-first century the Democrat party tends to fight for selfish changes that negatively impact every citizen and can’t be undone once their mistakes have been committed.

Open borders is one example of a policy that would create a bad situation that cannot be undone once we have millions of uneducated, non-English speaking and likely unhealthy people permanently residing here. Democrats never include such future considerations into their calculations, they just move emotionally with a concentration on their immediate political power as the only guiding force and the only subject of interest to them.

Another policy that Democrats have not thought through is the dismissal of all police forces, based on the Democrat party’s emotional stance at this moment in time. With no police to investigate crimes and act as a deterrent to criminal behavior, property would be destroyed and many people would be beaten or killed as criminals roamed freely, and these acts of crime can never be undone even if sensible people later reverse the idiotic acts of present-day Democrats.

The destruction of America’s system of electing a president is also being destroyed by leftist Democrats who insist on the fraud-fraught mass mail-in of ballots followed by months of suing and fighting to decide who won the vote. Our system has proven itself to be widely acceptable to a majority of Americans, but Democrats see a chance to grab power, so they lunge at it, and create chaos in the process.

The destruction of America movement is only the most recent example of Democrat idiotic, stupid ideas and proposals that can never be undone and put right at a later date. And also on the policy plate of Democrats is the elimination of Capitalism and a disregard for our constitution, which they don’t understand would eliminate our liberty and prosperity as well. Or do they even understand the successful nation America has become as they plot for political power and the necessity to rule and be obeyed?

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

What Was Biden Really Saying?

 On August 31st Joe Biden, the Democrat candidate for president, who has behaved for the past two months as though his leftist thugs were not rioting, burning and beating someone senseless every single night, finally admitted that riots are actually taking place, and he announced that people committing the violence should be prosecuted, and that if Donald Trump is re-elected, the violence will continue into his second term. Is our pal Joey threatening the president?

Please note that Biden did not demand that the violence being committed by his leftist thugs stop immediately, and note also that during the Democrat National Convention the subject of the nightly rioting and beatings were not mentioned once in the four nights of the convention. It’s only now, with polling showing that public sentiment is running against the leftist destruction being done each and every night in numerous Democrat-run cities, that he is mentioning this subject, because President Trump is benefiting from the violence of the radical left.

Most reporters who have remarked on the Biden speech have interpreted the words as stating that Joey is predicting that the Trump administration will be the cause of the violence if Trump wins.

But my take on Biden’s words, especially in light of the fact that the rioters are Democrat storm troopers under Democrat control, is that Biden was promising that the Democrat party would continue to support and organize the violence after Trump is re-elected, in order to block any presidential actions Trump wants to perform for the benefit of the American people.

One has to forgive old, addled Joey for being less than specific with his predictions about President Trump’s re-election, but since Trump has nothing to do with the Democrat rioters who have destroyed Portland, Seattle, Baltimore, DC, New York, Chicago and other Democrat-run cities, why would Trump winning the 2020 election suddenly cause him to order more destruction during his administration? His promise is that after his election he’ll oversee peace and prosperity, not more Democrat-inspired destruction.

Biden may lie constantly and ignore violence in order to let his troops do his dirty work, but he unintentionally let the cat out of the bag with his speech detailing how violent he will make America after Trump’s re-election. Joey isn’t too smart.