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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Thursday, December 31, 2020

Andrew Cuomo Is Still Trying To Kill Grandmas In New York

 Andrew Cuomo, the sainted and Emmy award winning Governor of New York State, was such a good boy and such a loving son that he became addicted to broadcasting to the entire nation his expressions of how much he loved his aging mother and how he treasured her, that sensible people who accidentally witnessed one of these odd performances could not put into context what the idiot governor was doing, nor why he was doing it. 

But at the same time that he was praising his mother with his precious expressions, he was also pushing people who were sick with the covid disease, into nursing homes where these new assignees passed the illness that is often fatal to older people, on to the older residents of the homes, thereby killing up to 8000 people the age of his mother. And all of this human misery was due to the stupidity of the New York governor, who was at the same time playing big-shot with the covid disease and yelling into a microphone at President Trump to get him thousands of ventilators, most of which he never used, but took credit for acquiring nevertheless.

And now the good governor is on the warpath again, fighting the continuing war against grandmothers, stating that, as the designated dictator and medical expert of his state, he’ll give the Trump vaccine to drug addicts before he gives it to the people most at risk with the covid, who happen to be older people, who are again, like his mother.

Since he got an Emmy award from some stupid leftist group for his great television acting performance, ranting and raving, swinging his arms and contorting his face in pretense of taking bold action for the citizens of New York State, which included the killing of the 8000 older people previously mentioned in this piece, what would be the proper current award we should give him for killing old grandmothers while vaccinating hundreds of worthless drug addicts? Perhaps the Nobel?

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Covid And Mike Rowe’s “Safety Third” Policy

 When the covid disease broke in America, President Trump, on advice from his government experts, gave the order for the lockdown of economic transactions in America. After witnessing the tragedy and misery this move caused, he said that he regretted this unnecessary mistake and swore to never lockdown America again. He became slightly philosophical on the subject and said that America should not give up and surrender its economy to the disease, and advised Americans to have faith in the future, and that the disease would run its course and the nation could return to its former, non-fearful, non-masked, life.

Of course the leftist press attacked the president for his words of optimism and said that he should have instilled fear in America for the disease that was sent here by China. And even the great thinker and leader, Joey Biden, backed up the press’s negativity and  predicted a future, under his administration, of a “dark winter” that would likely need another devastating, economy-destroying lockdown to get rid of the Wuhan disease, and that America would absolutely need an additional 100 days of masking in order to get right with covid.

Mike Rowe, the lead in the television program “Dirty Jobs” disagrees with Biden’s dark and negative outlook on the future, and intellectually takes President Trump’s side of the mask/lockdown issue and its human suffering that has lasted eleven months.

Mr. Rowe believes that “safety”, as in the phrase “safety first” does not communicate a message America can live with. He tells us that when experts lecture that “our safety is their (the experts’) responsibility” they are either trying to sell us something or are running for office. He quotes CNN’s negative and defeatist attitude as saying that all Americans should fear the covid disease, and to allow the disease to dominate our lives, and if we don’t allow this domination we are downplaying the fatalities that have resulted from the disease.

Mr. Rowe believes that “safety is not a thing to be ranked, but is rather a state of mind” to be applied as needed. “But if we were to rank it, it would rarely be ranked first. Were safety truly ‘first’, no level of risk would ever be encouraged or permitted, and no work would ever get done”.

He further states that “this does not mean that safety isn’t a critical part of living, (b)ut the notion of telling people that safety is always first, no matter the cost, is not only untrue, it’s counter-intuitive”. He relates some of the potentially dangerous and possibly fatal, jobs he role-played on the television series, while being told by his program advisors that “your safety is our top priority”, at which time he would embark on a dangerous job in spite of being assured that his safety was all any of the professionals advising him on the dangerous jobs really cared about; and then he performed the potentially dangerous and deadly job, even with the possibility of injury if something went wrong.

Mr. Rowe also reminds us that we’ve come to terms with 40,000 annual automobile deaths in America each year, so it’s obvious that “when it comes to driving, safety isn’t first,  despite all of the safety equipment the government has demanded be added to every vehicle made in America.

Mr. Rowe takes President Trump’s side of the issue of safety by asking the question, “what if the cost of the cure (for covid) is greater than the cost of (living with) the disease”, as in destroying America’s economy by keeping everyone at home and forbidding that citizens work at all, never earning a living for themselves and their families, while living a life of meaningless lack of accomplishment and eventual death by boredom.

The political-left in America has weaponized and politicized the China Wuhan disease and have used it as a club to politically defeat President Trump and keep his approval ratings down. It’s obvious to any serious person that the economic lockdown must end so people can once again earn a living and keep their homes paid for and their families fed and clothed, and we have to look deeper at the insistence on masking by our Democrat leaders. In many cases we’ve seen these same leaders refusing to wear the worthless masks themselves, while insisting that we citizens wear them constantly, either because they think they are better than we lesser citizens, or because they know that masks are worthless, so why should they wear one when they are out of public view.

The latter point (that Democrat mayors and governors know masks do nothing to promote health or that the disease is so non-fatal that there is minimal risk of long-term illness or death) is most persuasive, because recently one of President Trump’s lead medical advisors, Dr. Deborah Birx, was seen on an outing with family members while NOT wearing a mask to protect her family or herself. If Dr. Birx had any fear that the disease would kill a family member she would have insisted that her entourage all wear masks. But she doesn’t fear the disease, and/or she doesn’t believe that the bothersome masks will provide any protection, so she led her group without wearing a mask. And to add insult to injury, Dr. Birx was with her family members to winterize her island cabin off the coast of Delaware, while many thousands of jobless Americans are unable to work or enjoy Thanksgiving or Christmas with family members because of Democrat orders for all citizens to shelter in place.

Our Democrat political leaders are either too dumb or too uncaring to recognize the economic disaster facing American families if this lockdown foolishness doesn’t come to an end soon, or they are so devious and corrupt that they intend to continue the strangle-hold they have on America into a continuing, long-term, power-hold and control over the nation as they find a way to implement their green new deal, which will make the Wuhan lockdown look like child’s play. Today’s Democrat party is taking Barack Obama’s promise to Fundamentally Transform America deadly seriously, and their plans for the future of this great nation will be a horror story to behold if we don’t halt these fool dictators in their final grab to gain complete power over us and introduce the death of our constitution.

With tens of thousands of Americans already dead from the covid disease, and who knows how many more deaths have been mis-coded to make the covid menace appear even more deadly than it really is, America doesn’t have the luxury of being completely “safe” from the disease. We have to take precautions and proceed with safety and good judgment in mind, knowing that all of life requires differing levels of risk, but we must accept this risk as part of a full life, looking to the future of our nation and the welfare of our children and grandchildren, and get America back to work.

It’s our responsibility to join Mike Rowe in making life and prosperity first in our lives, and keep safety in third place.

Sunday, December 27, 2020

We Can See Parallels Between Government Lies And The Loss Of Our Precious Constitution

 Some of the lies and distortions committed by our “public servants” are as follows, and most if not all of the government corruption that is part and parcel of the lies, are denials of the science that Democrats like to throw in our faces every day:

Warming Change: There is absolutely no science behind the warming/change hysteria coming from our ruling class that would convince a thinking person that the planet is warming because an affluent world is living well. It has now been two years since the completely stupid AOC and the insane Bernie Sanders claimed that we were twelve years from total destruction from the every-increasing heat wave pounding our world into a toasted dough ball. Last summer the temperature all over the globe was about the same as it was prior to when the leftist idiots warned us of the twelve-year limit of life on earth. And since that warning two years ago they have been quiet and the temperature has remained much the same as it has been in my lifetime.

The entire man-made-warming lie is intended to force Americans into surrendering their rights to live comfortable, pleasant lives, and is an attempt to allow government and the loons on the political left to rule us like the slaves they think we are. Democrats insist that we must all convert to the electric cars that Elon Musk and the CEO of Toyota said cannot be kept charged using the current coal and gas powered electric plants we have in the United States. That means that a broad ownership of electric cars is impossible in today’s America , and the Democrats’ green new deal foolishness will decrease the nation’s power generation capacity even further. So we all might soon be living in the hell-hole of California with its constant and increasing brown-outs and black-outs and its lack of personal liberties.

Covid: With the coming of the covid disease, Democrats discovered a devious tool that they are going to use forever to shut up anyone who disagrees with any of their radical policies. With covid they experimented with masking and national shutdowns, which they will never halt as long as they can claim that one person is infected with the disease. It’s for the benefit of the nation, they tell us, and if we can save just one life, the economic destruction of the nation is a small price to pay, according to Democrats. And then, with the Biden administration having learned the totalitarian lesson of the masks and lockdowns, we’ll hear lies again of the terrible destruction to the entire planet that warming/change is causing; we’re all about to die from the terrible heat our air conditioners and cars are causing, and the carbon that power plants emit in order to give us our comfortable lives. So very early in the Biden administration watch and see if gasoline doesn’t begin to cost more; fuel for our cars will be harder to find as refiners are commanded by the government to produce less refined fuel; air travel will become more costly and eventually will be halted because of restrictions placed on commercial airlines by the government; the temperature of your homes will be subject to government approval and it’s guaranteed that you’ll be hotter in the summer and colder in the winter; family vacations will be a thing of the past, and eating out will still be too dangerous for the government to allow it, so keep your masks handy.

Scientific evidence tells us that being locked down at home is more dangerous than the covid disease itself; it tells us that restaurants don’t cause the spread of the disease, and it tells us that the disease is over ninety-nine percent survivable. So Democrats keep the nation locked down in contradiction to science.

Russia Collusion Versus The Biden Scandal: The full, combined forces of government can attack Donald Trump on an hourly basis with wholly-created, trumped-up evidence and a constant avalanche of “bombshells” from the leftist lying press for three years, only to end up with a slurred-speech Robert Mueller stating that no evidence was found to support the false, treasonous claim of collusion by Trump. But when Biden’s own staff announces that Hunter Biden is being investigated by the FBI, we are told by the anti-American press that we can’t talk about such things, and we can’t assume anything broader than just Hunter and his personal dealings are under investigation. But the Trump family spent untold hours testifying, under oath, about their non-dealings with Russia, with the leftist press repeatedly nipping to their heals with stories of their being culpable for crimes that could put them in jail. The last four years have been the third-world introduction of the United States by the way our “free” press has treated the president, followed by the Democrats committing vast numbers of vote fraud during the 2020 election.

Gun Buy-Back: In spite of the linguistic flip-flop of Biden stating that he will not confiscate weapons, but that he will kindly offer to buy them back, his far-left plan amounts to a violation of our constitution and it results in the illegal taking of self-defense weapons by the federal government. Of course the deprivation of a weapon via the buy-back plan may not be quite so obvious if the government first prevents the manufacture of ammunition; and then they’ll play with more limits on magazine capacity; and then they’ll force credit card companies to deny the purchase of weapons or ammunition on credit; but it all amounts to a violation of the constitution and a violation of our rights as citizens of the United States.

America is in one hell of a situation with Democrats using fraud to elect a president who will likely soon have to surrender that power, via his obvious incapacity to serve, to his dedicated Socialist vice president, who has promised to open our borders to people who have never lived in a real, functioning Democracy worth its name, and all of whom will become dependents to a Democrat administration that will insist on, and get, the new millions of illegals’ votes at each and every election, and an administration that has sworn to force the wearing of worthless facial masks even though a vaccine is being administered nation-wide. America is full of adults who are fully capable of making decisions about their lives, and who are fed up with watching people who are brave enough to try to establish businesses, have their life savings wiped out by onerous government commands that businesses remain locked down.

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Everyone Is Missing The Real Point Of The Covid Masking Scam

 We’ve all heard the hypocrisy of Democrat governors and mayors, and most recently Dr. Deborah Birx herself, telling the nation that we must, under fear of certain death, as well as under punishment of law, wear the worthless facial masks that they pretend will protect us from the very lame, weak and relatively non-fatal Wuhan disease, and then themselves, in public or with family members, be caught without a mask.

The real point is that these people who are smarter and better informed than we mere plebes out here in fly-over country, think that they are better than the rest of us and don’t need to abide by their own rules. But a related, secondary and more important and disturbing point, is also possible: that our leaders and order givers don’t believe that the masks will protect anyone from contagion or infection from the disease, but order their use anyway due to political pressure from Democrat leaders.

The evidence of this latter point (that the people who have ordered us all to wear masks all the time don’t believe masks provide protection for anyone) is that Dr. Birx was accompanied by family members on an outing recently and was seen not wearing her mask when in the presence of the family members. It seems reasonable for one to assume that if Dr. Birx really believed that not wearing a mask in the presence of her family  would in fact kill one or more of them, she would have certainly worn a mask. But she knows that this whole masking thing is a scam, so she didn’t wear the silly appendage that is useless and just plain in the way of breathing as nature intended. The Dr. Birx incident, along with many other examples of Democrat governors and mayors not wearing masks when they, themselves said masks must be worn, proves the uselessness  and the waste of time that masking represents, in my opinion.

The evidence of our political rulers not doing what they tell the rest of us to do under pain of imprisonment or a heavy fine leads any suspicious American who believes in the constitution to assume that this mask thing is a lie generated by our leftist politicians to clamp Soviet-style controls on American citizens.

Other lessons of insincerity on the part of far-left political/medical rulers is everywhere: 

  • If a person wearing a mask is really completely protected from infection via airborne covid spores, as we are assured by our political rulers that they are, then why do I, a non-believer in mask protection, have to wear a mask that I believe is just for show and is quickly becoming a trendy fad that tells the world you are a good and caring person just for wearing one.
  • If the newly delivered covid vaccine, which was developed in record time and swiftly delivered at President Trump‘s insistence, really protects a person from the disease, then why are we being told by our rulers that vaccine receivers must still wear a mask into the indeterminate future?

And now we have evidence that our political/medical order-givers don’t believe that the mask protects either themselves or near-by family members. And then consider the words of the know-all Dr. Fauci when he said early-on in this pandemic that masks would do little good in halting the spread of the disease. I believe that the good doctor was telling the truth about the worthless masks in February of 2020, and is lying about their effectiveness while pushing their use in December.

When will the idiocy of this lying scam come to an end? It appears it will last long enough for Democrat governors and mayors to force all restaurants to go out of business and to kill vast numbers of citizens with depression and bankruptcy as they are forced to live underground and inside their homes or public shelters.

Monday, December 21, 2020

Our National Teeter-Totter: Democrat Power And Control Versus Republican Protection Of Constitutional Rights

 The teeter-totter of the balance of power rocks back and forth as elections are held. If Democrats get power via the fraudulent election of the Biden administration, they promise to begin chipping away at the liberties of American citizens. Compare the looming Democrat power grab that will, as they have promised, cause a massive loss of rights of American citizens, in light of the successful Donald Trump years of ridding our economy of punitive regulations, assuring fair treatment from our trading partners, getting European assistance in funding NATO, a skyrocketing stock market, aiding in the quick development of a vaccine to fight covid, opposing Russian interference in the world and insisting on in-person voting in order to eliminate the Democrat fraud which naturally accompanies their mail-in ballot schemes. Democrats give us big, corrupt government. Republicans give us liberty, freedom and prosperity.

In America there has always been a balance between our two parties and the policies which each side espouses and puts forward as the political winds change between Democrat and Republican. But with the incoming Biden-Harris administration we have been promised, via his words and via the corrupt big-government picks he has made to populate his cabinet, legislation and executive orders which will put an end to the American constitution as we’ve always known it.

And don’t think that the masking thing will end after only the first 100 days of the Biden administration, as Joey has promised. These fools may never allow your face to greet the sun or a summer breeze again in your lifetime.

I don’t feel guilty to want to limit the power of the Democrats if they ever get control of the government again, which it unfortunately appears they will do, but the resulting loss of liberty and freedom on the part of the American citizens cannot be accepted, so we must do everything possible to keep Biden out of office, and to limit his rule and block his every corrupt political move in the unfortunate event that he is sworn in.

Radical Democrats seek expansion of their power, and Republicans just want to retain the liberties assured by the constitution. Which is the more reasonable position to hold?

Friday, December 18, 2020

The American Political Left Pushes An Idiotic Add-on To An Already Idiotic Mask Policy

 I’ve always wondered how my personal unwillingness to wear a mask when entering a room of people already wearing their own masks, risks the health of these people who are willingly wearing masks. If the masks everyone else is wearing actually protects them from contagion, then how do I risk their health with my bare face?

But now our political/medical class of rulers have taken this illogic a dimension further and are telling us dunce citizens that even if we take the covid vaccination that President Trump was so instrumental in getting developed and distributed, we still have to wear a mask and social distance for an indeterminate time. Even the widely recognized expert and, I guess, now a medical expert and scientist, Bill Gates, tells us we will have to continue wearing masks for another three months, at least. Who the hell is Bill Gates to give medical advice anyway? How has Mr. Gates reached national decision-making status and controller over our faces and our lives?

This illogical covid idiocy is taking over our nation in an effort to keep American citizens under wraps and under the thumbs of our rulers. Donald Trump said the nation should never lockdown again, given the unsuspected economic and social ills we’ve seen develop during the past year of the Wuhan disease, but, as predicted, Joe Biden will not rule out another lockdown, and goes on to say that masks will be mandatory for the first 100 days of his administration. Any time leftist Democrats have to choose between the personal liberty of American citizens on the one hand, or mandated lockdowns on the other, they’ll go with the most punishing, anti-constitutional option possible, which may indicate that they get some form of sexual pleasure from denying people the liberty assured by our constitution.

One also hears that people who choose to not get a vaccination may not be allowed to travel on commercial airliners until they see the light and knuckle under to the demands of the leftist ruling class. Will the next threat from Democrat politicians be that those older citizens who do not get a covid vaccination will be unable to get healthcare coverage from Medicare, which is forced on all Americans over the age of 65 years, until they change their minds, get straight with the political class and get a vaccination?

Will our Nazi-like leaders force everyone to carry “papers” at all times to prove that they’ve been vaccinated? Even Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has expressed conflicting opinions on the subject of mask-wearing, and who was completely wrong when he forbade travel and family meals on Thanksgiving (and three weeks later there has been no outbreak of the disease from families who remain healthy even though they disobeyed Fauci’s commands and dined together) tells us we cannot enjoy Christmas with our families either.

Who the hell are these fool, leftist dictators and where did they come from all of a sudden? And how do we get our constitutional liberties back?

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Proof Of Republican Superiority To Democrats Is Readily At Hand

 I don’t believe there is anyone in America with an ounce of common sense who doesn’t believe that Democrats committed massive vote fraud in the 2020 election.

President Trump raised a ruckus about Democrat cheating and followed up with a string of legal challenges, but it appears his efforts were unsuccessful in reversing the fake votes that put Biden over the top. But it’s important to note that the honesty and integrity of several of his conservative allies on the Supreme Court were against him in his appeal.

Would any leftist judge ever vote against a Democrat candidate if the decision was theirs to make? No chance in hell that a Democrat judge would break ranks with a Democrat politician. But conservatives on the Court had doubts about the legality of the evidence of fraud, and they went with honesty and principles in making their decision, not party politics as Democrats would have done.

Also notable is that President Trump said he will step down and allow an orderly transition of government if Biden is approved by legal authorities. The corrupt Democrats have for years stated that Trump would never leave the White House, even if defeated in an election, but our president is not as corrupt as are the Democrats who, still to this day, accuse him of being a traitor and a racist.

So we have honesty and integrity on Trump’s side, and now the fake news and leftist lying and cheating is coming to light that puts the nation in this horrible constitutional position in the first place: the fact that the lying news agencies and the deplorable tech industry spiked the reporting of the months-long Biden influence peddling investigation and buried this real and honest news story so it couldn’t be learned of by American citizens who needed to make an informed vote in the 2020 election. Follow-up investigations showed that the vote for Biden would likely have swung to Trump if the real situation with Biden had been allowed to be discussed. The lying, leftist CNN and its lying allies in the Democrat press, purposely lied to the American citizens by intentionally withholding this important news from them.

So the dishonest, leftist press suppresses news that could have hurt their candidate’s chances of winning the election, then we see massive voting fraud and learn of many affidavits confirming the fraud on the part of Democrats. Trump presses his legal case and is finally halted by the honesty of his own allies and of his appointees on the Supreme Court, and America now knows who was the superior and correct candidate for the presidency, and they also know who were the frauds and cheats in the election.

So now, because of Democrat dishonesty and corruption, we have a president-elect who is greatly defective and whose entire family is being investigated by the FBI, with a crazy-left loon, Kamala Harris, waiting calmly in the background for Biden to hit the wall and crash so she can become president and direct the nation into alliances that will undermine the safety and welfare of all Americans for decades to come.  

One sincerely hopes there is a God in heaven, because our nation is going to need all the help it can get during these next four years of shutdowns, masks, lying news networks and dictatorial political leaders.

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Were Democrats Even More Devious And Corrupt Than We Ever Imagined They Were?

 Here is my recollection of chronological events as the 2020 general election progressed:

We’ve all seen the tape, recorded during the Obama administration, of then-Vice President Joe Biden bragging to reporters about threatening to withhold money from the Ukrainian government if they didn’t halt an investigation being done by their officials in an attempt to discover illegal influence peddling in their government from outside sources. Don’t forget that by this time Hunter Biden was fully engaged with peddling Joe Biden’s influence as V.P. to the highest bidder wherever he could get such a deal. So the logical conclusion is that Joe Biden was threatening Ukrainian officials with no money from the United States if they didn’t stop an investigation that would inevitably discover that Hunter had illegal dealings with their government.

  • Recall that Hunter Biden had silently been under investigation by the FBI for two years as the 2020 election began.

  • Then consider that the leftist press ignored the Hunter investigation during those entire two years.

  • Then be reminded that the ultra-left Silicon Valley tech Nazis immediately spiked/blocked the New York Post when they ran an article about the Biden investigation after the 2020 electioneering was fully under way.

  • So now Biden has the election behind him and has the appearance that he will be our next president, and VOILA!, the leftist press has finally begun reporting on the Hunter affair, just a little, now that the truth about the Biden crime family can‘t negatively impact votes for our next president.

Could it be that the press was silent on Ukraine, China, Russia, etc. so that their guy, Biden, could be elected without the scandal being known to many Americans who watch CNN and MSNBC and who would not have this illegal deal to consider when selecting the next president? Then following Biden’s confirmation of president-elect, the press begins reporting on these scandals, hoping that they can get rid of the weak, mentally deficient Biden by publicizing the scandals and putting Joe’s running mate, Kamala Harris in the Oval Office as the successor to the presidency. 

The radical press and other leftist Democrats wanted the radical, leftist Harris all along, but they discovered during the Democrat primary competition that Harris was not liked by voters and had no chance of being the Democrat candidate to run against Donald Trump in 2020. So they arranged for Biden to be the head of the ticket and Harris to be hiding in the shadows awaiting the inevitable time when Joey would crash and burn, and now that the election is finished the press has begun his demise.

So they kept Biden’s past secret, and the present events concerning his son’s most recent illegal activity were silenced, and they spoke glowingly of how great and experienced Biden was while keeping him in his basement and out of sight during the entire 2020 presidential campaign, and now they plan to use the 25th amendment to put the America-hating Harris in the White House so she can be dictator the next four years and complete Obama’s promise to Fundamentally Transformation America.

Monday, December 14, 2020

America’s Economic And Social Destruction: Democrats Blame Covid, I Blame Democrats

 From completely unnecessary and counter-productive covid lockdowns, to the forced wearing of worthless masks, to Biden’s promise of a “dark winter” if he is elected to the White House, Democrats are directly to blame for the horrendous economic circumstances of America and the societal damage being done to this nation, and then being redone by Democrat governors and mayors in their petulance and power-grab insistence on shutting down businesses and forcing people to do things that have no scientific basis in fact, as they pretend they are protecting Americans from the least deadly virus we’ve ever seen.

However, I believe this winter will be a dark one, as old Joey predicted and promised, but it will be because of his and other Democrats’ idiotic decisions and orders, all of which will extend the negative impact the disease has had on Americans, not in spite of the left‘s draconian actions.

It seems to me to be a certainty that the darkness accompanying Joe Biden to the Oval Office will last a lot longer than the winter of 2021 and will have consequences not even yet thought of as we end 2020 on the very negative societal and economic note of the radical-left, China-influenced, corrupt administration of Joe Biden.

Saturday, December 12, 2020

The American Left Continues To Rot And Disintegrate Amidst Their Odd Behavior

 After the star-studded appearance of Rachel Dolezal and her miraculous transformation from a white person to black a couple of years ago, and following Bruce Jenner and his move from male to female, now we have coming out of the closet a Hollywood leftist who made movies as a female, but claims to now be male, and loving it.

What a traitor to the leftist political cause she is: identifying as male at a time when males are described as “toxic” and especially when white males are being identified by CNN’s Don Lemon as causing all of the nation’s racial and criminal issues.

How long will it be before men who want to stay men, and women who want to stay women, in other words normal people who want to live normally in their natural, biological body, will be identified by the radical, political left as being deviants and suspect of mental issues that may require treatment, and all because they enjoy their own natural bodies and don’t want to change them. Of course, anyone who differs from the political left is a danger to Hollywood and the other leftist, fancy people, so it would be natural for the Democrat left to want them hushed before more people decide to reside in their birth-bodies.

If whites claim to be black, and women claim to be men, and men claim to be women, not just with the blessing of Democrats, but with the full celebration and congratulation of the entire American left, why wouldn’t they now claim that all straight people are dangerous and should be locked away or medicated for the good of society? One recalls the old saw attributed to Kurt Vonnegut, that “a sane person in an insane society must appear insane“.

So far in the twenty-first century, politics in America is absolutely insane and getting worse, so guard yourself carefully or the claws of the left will punish you if they think you’re not insane enough to support their crazy causes.

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

When Will Democrats Treat People According To Their Achievements And Not By “Identity” Or Race?

 Every time Democrats appoint or hire a black or woman or a gay person to a position of authority, leftists draw attention to that person’s race or sex or self-identity by telling us that they are the first or second such person awarded such an important and elevated position. Because of this inclination to talk one more time about race and how great Democrats are at treating their “people”, one can assume that the only reason Democrats appoint minorities is to be able to boast about how kind and great they are for making the appointment of a minority in the first place. Only secondarily do they explain the merit of the person, and usually the item of merit is just that they have served racist and leftist causes for years and now it‘s this person‘s turn to be awarded for dedicated service to the party, or that they attended Harvard or Yale (anyone who attended Harvard or Yale are part of the elite class, and are no longer underprivileged), and of course that is enough background to convince anyone of a leftist bent that this appointment is fine and good.

One wonders when Democrats will merely appoint a person to a vacant position because of their actual experience and accomplishments, rather than their elevated minority status. After all, once you have appointed the “first” or “second” black or woman to a high-ranking job, you begin to run out of superlatives to use to brag about them. It’s not very glamorous to say that Joe Doe is the seventeenth black to be awarded this important job.

People need to be awarded jobs because of merit, and leave minority status out of it, but as soon as Joe Biden appointed a few “disadvantaged” or minority people to positions in his (we hope it never happens) administration, he began crowing about them being the first this or the second that to have such a fine job, and the leftist, lying press heaped praise on him and his administration for being so innovative and progressive. But when President Trump hired a massive number of women and a prominent gay man to his administration, all we heard from the lying press was crickets chirping. Can leftists just halt the racism that so predictably issues from their mouths for just a minute and listen to how offensive their language sounds to the rest of us?

Success in any enterprise depends on individual effort and accomplishment, often combined with a unified team effort, but it does not depend on race or sex.

Monday, December 7, 2020

Trump Is Out, And Here Come The Mask Nazis

 Now that we’ve learned that the covid virus is not nearly as fatal as the radical left claimed and sincerely hoped it was, and now that deaths from the disease are on the decline and many of us have begun to relax the wearing of the horrible facial mask, now is exactly the time when the radical left will begin insisting on the proof that we are all Biden supporters, and now is also the time that masks will become de rigueur for all of Biden‘s faithful followers.

So, the question is, have you seen the political light and decided to join the Biden administration’s prediction of a “dark winter” with an oxygen-denying facial mask preceding you into every room you enter? Whether or not you have a piece of porous paper or a lovely woven peace of cloth over your mouth and nose, this action of wearing the mask will prove your dedication to the Biden administration, and will prove your hate of Donald Trump. And don’t think that the retribution that the radical left of the Democrat party promised to visit on those of us who are not sufficiently left-leaning will be withheld due to our former constitutionally protected liberty to exercise our first amendment right to symbolically speak our mind by NOT wearing a mask, because such a breach of faith in leftist politics will not be permitted on Biden’s watch.

You’re either with Biden or against him, and you’d better have your mind right and your mask firmly in place or you’re likely to be added to the list of those who are subject to the promised retribution in the Biden era.

People in the twentieth century at times feared such get-even-with-‘em lists in Nazi Germany and the Communist nations of the Soviet Union and China, but we never thought that such proof of obedience to an American political party was possible here. But with the Democrat mayors and governors still being on the lockdown warpath of the easily survivable Wuhan virus and its weak threat to life in America, we’re moving into just such a period of time. The current twenty-first century may be a little too late time-wise, but the thought is timely for the 2021 Biden administration: welcome to 1984.

Sunday, December 6, 2020

I Hope Someone In America Can Forgive The Democrats For What they’re Doing To This Nation, Because I Can’t

 Even when it appeared that President Trump would easily win re-election I was finding it hard to live peacefully with Democrats because they had been so dishonest and nasty to Trump, for first winning the 2016 election and supporting the constitution with his many pro-American policies, and then for persecuting him for the next three years following his election, as they forever and maliciously repeated the lie of Russian collusion, and called Trump a racist and a traitor.

But now that their cheating, lying ways have undermined our system of voting and selecting our leaders and representatives, and this evil act, combined with their promise to punish the Trump family and all of the Trump supporters if Trump loses re-election in 2020, along with Biden’s radical promise to re-lockdown the nation and force masks down our throats, and for threatening to stack the Supreme Court and get rid of the filibuster, and for burning American cities all summer long, I believe there is no way to patriotically work with the filthy American left, who will not obey laws and constantly seek ways to undermine our constitution.

I wish Democrat individuals no personal harm or misfortune, unlike their promises to prosecute and ruin, and hopefully imprison, Donald Trump once he‘s a private citizen again, but they should never be allowed, ever again, into positions of power, after cheating so brazenly to win the 2020 election and undermine the traditions of honesty and fairness that have made America free, prosperous and the envy of the world.

Biden recently sat for an interview with a CNN reporter, grinning, squinting, stammering and promising to install a blatantly racist, sexist, leftist cabinet that everyone knows will harm the interests of American citizens with their far-left actions and policies. He said his cabinet was being selected specifically to resemble America, but it looks more like the Star Wars bar scene than any American landscape I‘ve been witness to. The one thing in common to all of his cabinet selections were their elite education at Harvard or Yale, their devotion to far left, anti-American interests, and their dedication to China, Iran and the lie of warming/change. Other than those things, which I consider to be disqualifications for service in any administration, I see nothing similar to the thinking and voting of American citizens and the intentional destruction of America that I see in Joe Biden’s cabinet picks.

It appears that Joe Biden is finally going to bring to fruition Obama’s promise to Fundamentally Transform America, as his radical cabinet begins to plot against the constitution and American tradition behind the scenes. Now we’ll see what happens as Biden takes power and implements Obama’s hate-America, dogmatic policies “that live loudly within him“, and as Biden follows the orders of boss Obama, because we know that the subservient Joey Biden doesn’t have a mind of his own and will take orders from his once and current boss, and will do everything in his power to create Obama‘s third administration while he and Harris try to put an aw-shucks face on it.

Attention America: this nation is in serious trouble with radical leftists in the Oval Office!

Saturday, December 5, 2020

Has The Mask Become The New Sign Of Protest Against the Evil Trump Dynasty?

 Those foolish people who felt free enough to criticize Joe Biden for predicting a “dark winter” ahead, as opposed to those who agreed with Donald Trump, during the fear-filled first weeks of the covid era when he stated that the future wasn’t all darkness and death and that we’d get through the covid months successfully if we stayed the course and followed the science and the medical staff‘s advice, may have to pay a price for speaking freely because these people are now going to be tested as to which side of the great political divide they’re on: left or right, liberated or free.

The Democrat promise of retribution being cast at anyone who supported, worked for or voted for Donald Trump, will soon be translated into action against anyone not sufficiently celebrating the coronation of Biden and wearing the facial mask. The mask is an easy test as to what extent far-left citizens are willing to go to publicly exhibit how much they truly despise Trump and his anti-lockdown policy, as opposed to Joe Biden who has sworn to re-lockdown the nation once he’s firmly established in the White House, and your face will tell the tale of which side you‘re on.

It’s time to get our minds right and determine if we want to remain free during the “dark winter” of the Biden administration and celebrate the mask, or are we strong enough to reject the mask and make ourselves the object of scorn, and possibly even worse, by protesting this hideous piece of worthless facial dictatorship?

Friday, December 4, 2020

Will Refusal To Wear A Mask Soon Be Considered An Extension Of Free Speech, Or Will It Be Punished?

 The political left, and that includes most Democrats, is good at inventing ways of exercising the Constitutional second amendment right of free speech, but will they allow Americans to be maskless and permit the rejection of the mask to be considered an act of free speech protected under the constitution? Most likely, not.

In football, NFL players can take a knee and they’re praised for speaking their mind via their actions, but if Americans want freedom from the hideous facial mask and its Bonnie and Clyde stylishness, will the Biden administration permit these citizens the constitutional liberty to breathe feely and not punish them, or will mask deniers go to jail for their offense against the party of the Nazi mask?

The political left will quickly accuse a mask denier of attempted murder for not wearing a mask, or at least he’ll be accused of attempting to infect those people around him, people that he may come into contact with as he goes about his personal business. If masks are one-hundred percent effective in blocking the virus and protecting the wearer, then why do people who choose to not wear a mask have to wear one? How can your maskless face infect another person if they are wearing their own mask, which all good Democrats do, assuming that masks work as well as the political left asserts they do?

Of course Democrats will not allow anyone who is not wearing a mask to be considered exercising free speech. They will call it subversion and an attack on big, intrusive government’s power to protect the American people from the pandemic, and they’ll punish the denier for their resistance to Democrat rule and for carelessly risking the death of all who come into contact with them as they pass their day.

We are constantly reminded of the Democrats’ cynical motto of “Do as I say, Not as I do“, so be ready for punishment if you take the constitution seriously and make an attempt to be free once more.

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

How Can You Identify A Racist?

 One hears that the Biden administration is considering race, ethnicity, gender and sexual identity as they fill their cabinet slots, because they want to be the most diverse administration in history. The obvious problem one recognizes right away is that the cabinet candidates are all leftist, Harvard or Yale graduates who believe in big government, and that makes them lacking in diversity so far as personnel makeup goes.

The way you can identify a racist is by identifying the person who insists on talking about race (or gender, or national origin or sexual identity) first and foremost, to the exclusion of nearly any other quality or difference between people, especially when it comes to hiring employees, or cabinet members for the Biden administration. Skin color is very important to leftist Democrats, and it doesn’t matter what special skills a person has or the very diverse experiences of members of the American population. If Democrats can state that they are hiring a non-white or non-male person for a position, they’ll jump at the chance, regardless of what superior qualifications the excluded person possesses. The very fact that race, or sex or whatever else, is the first consideration of the Biden decision-making staff, proves that they are racists, and that race is always on their minds. And although skin color and biological body construction are the obvious things Democrats and everyone else can readily see, it’s the similarities of ideology and belief in government control that brings Democrats together as a racist and close-minded community to select one another for important government jobs that require political discipline.

It may be tacky to mention it, but Joe Biden is perhaps the most fish-belly-white, non-female, non-sexual-identifying-person ever to be selecting the members of a presidential cabinet, and although he could have stepped aside and allowed one of his more “diverse“ political allies run for the presidency, he didn’t do it, did he? Any thinking person would submit that Donald Trump is diametrically diverse from Joe Biden, if real diversity is what you’re really looking for, but Joey ran against Trump, not for him, so the lie of the “diversity“ dogma lives loudly within Joe Biden.

 So how much of a believer in this “diversity“ thing can Biden be? His own selfish desire to be the big kahoona easily overcame his political discipline and his consideration of, and admiration for, diversity, and he promoted himself instead of allowing a perhaps more diverse, whatever the hell that means, Democrat to run for the White House.

The bottom line is that Joe Biden is running for president in a state of mental unbalance  and at least some physical questionability. He stutters and stammers and is unintelligible with nearly any verbal message he tries to utter. He is obviously a stand-in for someone to later actually rule as the president when Joey finally cracks, most likely  Kamala Harris, but who knows for sure? The man’s picks for his cabinet are straight from Barack Obama, and the prediction that he is a place-holder for the third Obama administration seems very likely, because Joe can’t object to anything Obama wants, and as the real-life head of the Democrat party, Obama will run any show the Democrats try to put on. The diversity/racist issues that Democrats tout as being the only criteria of importance when selecting a cabinet are laughable and dangerous for the nation, as these authoritarian fools lay their plans to loot this once free and happy nation.

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

The Nazi Yellow Star Is Being Replaced With The Facial Mask

 Symbols are very significant to Nazis, Democrats and all other members of the radical, political left, so they want to make it easy to determine which political side citizens are on, and the facial mask is becoming the fashion tool of choice for these people.

Last Sunday night one might have noticed football players, who had formerly not worn masks on the sidelines of a televised game, very frequently and conspicuously wearing masks during the Chiefs/Tampa game. One wonders if the old and rather innocent protest of a bunch of multi-millionaire NFL players taking-the-knee in order to protest the imagined sins of the United States of America, will be superseded by the easily obtained and donned facial mask as a symbol of a patriotic, caring individual. But unlike the ANTIFA thugs being forgiven for their violent acts of beating and burning because they are the representatives of the far left Democrat party, this rule of forgiveness is likely not going to be applied to mask deniers because they are not sufficiently in line with the latest party symbol of unity and power. 

Biden announced his plans for everyone to come together and join his administration a few weeks ago, and the mask is an easy way to determine if you’re on Joe’s side, or the side of liberty and the freedom to express yourself by not being forced into wearing a mask, which was sort of President Donald Trump’s side of the mask issue.

Individual choice and willingness to risk infection from a relatively non-fatal disease by choosing to not wear the mask, in exchange for the personal liberty and freedom this decision provides, will not be allowed by the leftist forces of group-think and the ever-watchful big brother chapter of the Democrat party.

One can almost hear the old cowboy movie challenge of “stick ‘em up” issuing from Democrat leaders’ mouths as masks are worn by Democrat henchmen in an attempt to intimidate and frighten citizens into doing the bidding of the party leaders.

Democrats Say We Should Have Confidence In The 2020 Election Results. Here’s Why They’re Wrong.

 The FBI, the CIA and the FISA court all colluded to prevent Donald Trump from becoming president, and when he won anyway they continued to persecute him and prosecute his campaign staff for over three years with phony charges and frame-up evidence.

The full force of all of the federal law enforcement agencies were working, both in private and in full public view, to destroy the Trump administration. And in the process of all of this illegal and treasonous anti-Trump activity, Americans who voted for Donald Trump were being disenfranchised and denied the votes that they cast for their candidate of choice for the presidency.

Now we are living through the second effort of Democrats to disenfranchise American citizens all over again, via mail-in ballots that can be manipulated and recounted to get the desired outcome or by use of computers that can be programmed to move votes fraudulently from the Republican candidate and add these votes to the Democrat candidate in a renewed effort to defeat President Trump. 

We patriotic Republican citizens are outraged at these abuses being dumped on us and our candidates by the demonic forces of the political left, and we fully support President Trump and his legal staff as they try all legal methods to correct the fraudulent election  of 2020. And it’s useful to point out that the president, the most powerful elected leader in the world, is using LEGAL methods to correct the vote, he’s not working behind the scenes, hidden from visibility as he subterraneous presses the various courts for justice.

So with Democrats using the full force of the federal government to treasonously get rid of Trump, made clearly evident with the long-term use of the Mueller investigation staff of leftist lawyers who finally agreed that they were unable to find any evidence whatsoever of Trump colluding with Russia, can there be any doubt that these same corrupt Democrats would use paper ballots and crooked voting machines as a last ditch effort to try to finally get rid of their most feared nemesis?

One can only hope that if President Trump is not able to convince state and federal courts of the fraud we can so readily see and to reverse the fraudulent Biden win, that President Trump will immediately announce that he will run for the presidency again in 2024, and with all of the evidence of wrong-doing he has brought to light in the lee of the 2020 election, he will certainly win the election in 2024. And by that time, with all of the incompetence and socialist dealings that will certainly come from a Biden administration, his honesty and his know-how at getting hard jobs accomplished, will be sorely needed to straighten this nation’s politics out again.

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Democrat Politicians Could Learn A Lesson From George Costanza

 Is being “woke” the smartest and best way for an individual to think and behave? Andrew Cuomo is woke, but his decision to house covid patients in New York nursing homes killed over eight-thousand nursing home residents who were otherwise not infected with the virus. So Cuomo is maybe woke, but he’s dumb as well, and makes dumb, and fatal, decisions as the governor of New York state.

Barack Obama was woke and took healthcare from many Americans who had private health plans that they liked and could afford, and against their will he moved tens of thousands of these unfortunate Americans to the Affordable Care Act which was more expensive and provided less coverage. This was another dumb decision from a supposedly woke, smart guy.

Joe Biden is woke, but when he was consulted about the military raid that ended Osama Bin Laden‘s filthy, murderous life, he advised against killing Osama. This decision by Biden to allow one of America’s most murderous and destructive enemies to continue to live was also stupid, which advice from the mentally challenged Biden was, thankfully, overridden by other Obama advisors.

Joe also wants to immediately raise taxes on Americans once he is sworn in, which is a bad idea common to leftist Democrats, because taxation deprives citizens of the money they earn and that they need for their families’ lives, and taxes especially hurt people in the lower income levels the most. More tax revenue to the government also means that big government gets more money and spends more money, and this increased government spending hurts every American, both rich and poor, because government wastes fifty percent of its money on useless crap.

AOC and Bernie Sanders are definitely woke persons who support everything related to the lie of warming/change. But should a person who is a non-believer in the hoax of warming/change even have to say that the green new deal is a bad idea that only weakens America and harms everyone living here? It’s obvious that harm will be done to America if the new environmental legislation is passed. Un-woke people are generally smarter than woke people.

Leftists want to end fracking, which will make America once again dependent on Arab nations for our energy. This doesn’t sound like a good idea to me, but it‘s a great idea to all leftist, woke Democrats.

Joe Biden has stated that he will impose another national covid lockdown as soon as he’s president. I fear that old, addled Joe doesn’t think too clearly any more, because we now know that the first lockdown didn‘t rid us of the disease and only hurt people who must work outside the home in order to feed their families. So let’s do it again? Only a stupid, woke man would suggest such a thing.

Biden has also stated that he will re-establish relations with Iran once he’s in the Oval Office, with the possible result of the Mullahs nuking Israel soon thereafter. This doesn’t sound like a good idea, either. The outcome of such an attack would cause a lot of dead Israelis, both woke and un-woke, and death throughout the Middle East generally, when Israel retaliates for such an attack, or strikes to prevent one.

I trust that I’ve made the case that woke, leftist people often make dumb mistakes that negatively impact this nation and its citizens. This being the case, maybe Democrats should be shown the Seinfeld episode where George Costanza learned that has initial tendency on every action he took was a bad, counterproductive decision, and that if he did the opposite of his first reaction, that the outcome would be more favorable and pleasant. Democrats could learn from such a lesson themselves and begin making decisions 180 degrees opposite their initial inclination, and things will come out better for the nation, as a result.

The beauty and value of President Trump was that his decisions were always the opposite of Costanza’s leftist, woke decisions, and were therefore the correct decisions for Americans every time. One hopes and prays that the Trump legal team can prove the vote frauds that we know Democrats perpetrated on the American people in the 2020 election, and that Biden will be sent home to his basement to wear his beloved mask to his heart’s content and not stand in the way of the unending progress President Trump has made in his presidency, and the future progress he‘ll make if he serves another four years.

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Biden Plans To Tax Already Bought-And-Paid-For Weapons

 Joe Biden has sworn all along that he would take weapons away from owners, but his plans for accomplishing this task are not clear. He’ll make it up once he’s in office, if that dire occurrence should transpire, but it looks like he plans to tax weapons so the owner will give up and surrender his guns to the government.

This gun confiscation/tax thing has the taste of ex post facto laws, which prohibit going after someone for a crime that was not a crime when he/she committed the act. And it’s kind of like the difference between being taxed this year for income you earned this year, as opposed to being taxed this year for income you earned and paid tax on in previous years. Biden is possibly proposing a form of double jeopardy with his free-wheeling taxation for a purchase made years ago, because taxes always accompany purchases as the initial purchase is completed, and now he‘s generating a latent, add-on tax.

This has some resemblance to Obamacare: when the former president was trying to sell the ACA to America and get legislators to pass the ACA law, the charges for this healthcare bill were called “user charges“, because the word “tax” was unpopular and not sellable to the American people. But when the Supreme Court was considering the constitutionality of the bill, Chief Justice John Roberts replaced the “user charges” with the word “tax”, because the constitution does not allow the government to force the sale of any product or service on citizens, but it does allow government to levy taxes on them. So “tax” was the word used to get the unconstitutional bill passed.

A tax on guns when they’re bought is one thing, but a hidden, future tax on weapons already owned and paid for is another thing entirely. Where will this kind of obligation on citizens end? Will I get a second tax bill for groceries I bought and paid for a month ago? Will my car be sales-taxed again later at the whim of Joe Biden?

And Old Joey seems confused with terms like “magazine” and “assault“. During one interview he referred to a magazine as anything having multiple bullets in them. Gee, Joe, I thought that multiple bullets is why magazines were developed in the first place. Who would have known? 

And the definition of an “assault weapon” still escapes leftists; they only know that they hate guns in the hands of peaceful patriots who have never committed a crime except to buy a perfectly legal rifle or pistol for sport or personal protection, and then expect to be able to keep it thereafter. 

As Chris Plante is fond of saying, “where do we find these people“, and how is it that these fools are now our rulers and decision makers?

Sunday, November 22, 2020

The Nature Of Our Two Political Parties Couldn’t Be More Starkly Different

 There was a time in America when citizens often decided not to vote in any election because no matter which party won the Congress or the White House, life went on pretty much as it had the previous several decades. Those comfortable days are gone forever.

When Republicans vote for a political candidate it’s usually the candidate who will intrude the least on the citizens’ lives that will get the vote. A second  matter for Republicans to consider for their vote is the tangible benefits the candidate will enact for the nation: lower taxes, an advancing stock market and guarding our borders from invasions of all kinds would be some of these concerns, among others that benefit everyone.

But Democrats in 2020 have a very different reason for voting: they want “stuff” and they want their highly invasive schemes to be funded by the candidate receiving their vote so they can keep getting more stuff.

Here are some examples of the above political positions: When Donald Trump was sworn in Republicans felt a sense of relief that they would be able to live quietly without fearing a secret and unannounced big government program, like Obama’s Fair Housing fiasco, would be put in place under darkness of night, while they were tending to their own personal business, paying their taxes and obeying the law. They wanted nothing from President Trump and made no demands on him to use his power to give them anything. They just wanted to quietly live their lives while government oversaw the general and broader welfare of the nation.

But Democrats have become agitated and animated with the future Biden administration, assuming it will become a reality.  Many different groups, from race hustlers, to warming/change believers, to foreign war lovers, are demanding that Biden support their side of every ultra-left issue, because they supported Biden’s candidacy and helped him get elected and they expect a pay-back with their pet policy issues.

Republicans look at the greater good of America and just want to be left alone while the president watches out for the welfare of America. Democrats push for more leftist programs, more taxes, more intrusion into the daily lives of American citizens and less freedom and prosperity all around, as things deteriorate.

The selfish policies of Democrat politicians assure their re-election by voters who receive goodies from them, and the nation becomes weaker and more corrupted as the left wields power over our lives.

The corrupt, far left visions of Joe Biden will have competing demands made on it by ecstatic Democrat mobs, and at this unusually divisive point in American history, Biden will also have many enemies among those Democrats he will not and cannot share power with, plus he’ll also generate enemies from those who simply want to live their lives in peace, without demands for higher taxes and more restrictions being made on their daily lives, like being forced to remain at home to avoid the least deadly virus our nation has ever seen, and leftist demands to wear totally useless masks every day.

Then, consider the politicization of the covid virus and forcing citizens to wear masks that, if not absolutely counter-productive to health, are at least of little or no use, and further consider the lockdowns ordered by mainly Democrat mayors and governors that have bankrupted businesses, caused the loss of family homes, caused collateral sickness and mental health problems related to fear and idleness, and have caused many children to lose educational experiences that they may never recover from, and all because idiot mayors order the closing of all schools. These orders and lockdowns are far removed from any logical health practices, they are the result of leftist, control-freak Democrat schemes to keep a thumb on an unruly population. They are the boss and you will obey them, period!

And on top of these horrible official acts by Democrats, are the riots that occurred all summer long in many Democrat cities, in which none of the rioters were arrested and prosecuted for the burnings and killings that occurred. And even though the summer of 2020 was the lead-in to a general election, not one Democrat official told the leftist criminals doing damage to American cities to stop the violence, and the leftist news agencies pretended that no such thing as massive, day-after-day rioting was even occurring.

And yet again on top of all of the above atrocities from the political left, was the leftist demand that police forces be defunded (because all police officers are racists and killers, don’t you know). Once police forces are forced to disband or just stop responding to crimes they are not allowed to investigate, or to be themselves attacked by leftist mobs, crime skyrockets and citizens are then forced to protect themselves against criminals, until Democrats confiscate weapons from law-abiding Americans, as they‘ve promised to do, at which time citizens will be  left completely vulnerable to crime against those citizens’ homes, families and persons. And that’s exactly where America is today. Democrats will not admit that violent crime overwhelmingly comes from bad actors on their side of the aisle.  And the leftist press spikes all news reports that point at ANTIFA and BLM as being violent, and will take every opportunity to place the blame on Republicans for any violence, anywhere. And they especially like to blame Donald Trump for all of the nation‘s woes, even if he makes a reference to something as innocent as the color green or a beautiful sunset, leftists will call these racist references, if the words are uttered by a Republican named Trump.

Friday, November 20, 2020

Per Joe Biden, Both Sides Need To Stop The Violence

 Who was it that rioted and burned buildings and businesses all summer long in Democrat-controlled cities?

Who was it that beat Trump supporters just last weekend in D.C.?

Which party supports ANTIFA and allows them to continue to riot and loot?

Which party supports BLM and celebrates their “mostly peaceful” building burning?

The answer to the first and second questions is ANTIFA and BLM who burned cities all summer long and beat peaceful Trump supporters last weekend in our nation’s capitol.

The answer to the third and fourth questions is that it’s the Democrat party that supports ANTIFA and BLM and says not a word about their burning, rioting and beatings.

But when Joe Biden, or any other leftist radical speaking from a news desk or at a political podium is asked if they will condemn the rioting and property destruction our nation has become all-too familiar with these last couple of years, all they will say is that “both sides must stop their violence“.

What a crock of crap!

Tell me the violence that Trump supporters and voters have caused these last four years.

Tell me the Republican or conservative group(s) that have been involved in rioting and burning.

What is the fool Joe Biden talking about when he doesn’t have the courage to tell his own storm troopers to stop beating citizens and stop attacking and killing police officers? Is he afraid of his own party and their violence-prone tendencies? Could it be that Democrats would be able to get to Biden and cause him personal harm if he blamed his own violent supporters for their actually quite violent acts?

All of the news organizations, including Fox and certain of their employees, like Neil Cavuto and Chris Wallace, make the same lame statement about “both sides” contributing to the elevated level of violence in America, especially in Democrat-run cities and states. They hate President Trump so much that they can’t be honest about the hate and violence coming exclusively from the political left, and feel they must place some of the blame on Republicans, Trump supporters and Donald Trump personally.

To say that both sides of the political framework contribute to the obscene violence America is being subjected to this political season is to tell a blatant lie, and to not place blame on Democrats, who even encourage such acts of violence by not allowing punishment of leftist criminals after they‘ve been caught, is to just ask for more of the same lies and criminal activity . During some of the rioting in northern states this summer the staff supporting Biden in his bid for the presidency contributed to a fund that bailed out some of the most violent rioters and property burners, and once these people were released their cases were quickly and conveniently dropped, so it’s a certainty that these thugs will return to burn more buildings and beat additional people as Democrats see a need for such actions on the national political stage of 2020.

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Breath

 Who are these bozo politicians who are forcing us to use the ridiculous facial masks?  And what good is the still-being-developed vaccine going to be to anyone who has been active and healthy these past several months, even with all of the fear and hand-wringing that our politicians have been proclaiming? 

Stated differently, if I’ve been healthy and active during all of the deaths that the Democrats claim were caused by the Wuhan virus, in spite of the fact that I have worn a mask only when businesses I want to visit demand I wear one, why would I want to take a vaccine at this late date? I’ve never taken a flu shot and I’ve always been healthy, so why would I take a new and different shot now?

We need to be honest about the current situation in America: our leftist politicians will never allow us to move about the nation freely ever again; they’ll never allow us to throw the ridiculous masks away and breathe freely again; via this disease politicians have found a way to force us to do things we don’t want to do, because if you don’t wear a mask, they’ll call you an attempted murderer, they’ll say you’re unpatriotic and they’ll probably find a way to imprison you for not following the totalitarian rules sent down from above.

After all, if the masks we are required to wear every waking moment of our lives were so great and so protective, then only people who actually feared the covid would be required to wear them and the rest of us could breathe freely again and live our lives without sucking air through a mask and having to recycle our own breath every time we inhale and exhale. It appears that mask aficionados don’t trust their personal mask to protect them, so they insist that everyone around them also wear a mask. But if the other guy’s mask is as inefficient as the aficionado’s mask, then what the hell are we wearing these tools of the devil for anyway?

I say let those who want to live their lives in their basements watching reruns of  The Beverly Hillbillies and never get out of confinement in their homes and into the fresh air ever again, be allowed to do so. I believe if someone wants to wear a mask because they think they are saving lives and are being good people by doing so, to go ahead and do so. But I also believe that if a person believes that he or she is a thinking adult and is willing to risk contracting the least deadly disease we’ve seen in a long time, by walking around without a mask, they too should be allowed to do so, and big government and the  totalitarian Democrat leaders of our nation should back off and read the constitution for a change, because our founding document does not allow our rulers to force isolation and a mask on us. We are supposedly free people living in an increasingly un-free nation.

For additional proof that our Democrat, political rulers don’t believe the lies they’ve been spreading about the effectiveness of masks, one has only to observe the recent news report that California Governor, Gavin Newsom, was recently seen, sans mask, at a fancy restaurant in Napa Valley. From this report, one must assume three things about Mr. Newsom: 

1) He is a hypocrite for insisting the entire state of California wear the useless masks while he, himself, does not have to wear one.

2) He has information that we don’t have that tells him to have no fear of the disease and its extremely low mortality rate, because if the lies about covid were true and if it was honestly a very deadly disease, he’d be wearing a mask all day and all night in order to protect himself.

3) He’s been told that the simple piece of cloth or paper that masks are made of provide minimal at best protection for the wearer and for those persons near the wearer, so don’t waste your time donning a mask.

America is now entering a new round of nation-wide lockdowns, imposed by Democrats like Gavin Newsom, who, as reported above, refuses to wear a mask in his personal life. Unlike the common California citizen who is not a party boss, Gov. Newsom will still be free to move about regardless of the lockdown. So while the wealthy political class get regular paychecks and can escape the edict about wearing a mask, the average working American is losing his or her home and car due to lack of an income.

This next lockdown will only cause more misery and joblessness for additional tens-of-thousands of American citizens and will not impact the spread of the disease at all, as we saw during the first round of lockdowns. That first lockdown was ordered so as not to over- burden hospitals receiving so many sick people that the medical personnel would be unable to provide proper care during the surge. That emergency of the Wuhan surge has past and now this new lockdown is just a poke in the eye at citizens to prove that radical Democrats can force us citizens to do their bidding, and we’d better shut up about it and obey or they’ll lock us down again with greater restrictions than we’ve seen so far.

We are way beyond the much-feared surge now, with deaths decreasing steadily and positive tests telling us that even when infected people are found, they often feel great and are otherwise active and healthy. But even if sick, they are ninety-nine percent likely to survive the illness, like President Trump did. Another lockdown is pointless and is just an exercise in keeping people under control and continuing to frighten them into obeying the rule of the political left.

Monday, November 16, 2020

Biden, Pelosi, Schumer And The Gang That Couldn’t Lie Straight

 For decades Democrats have been pushing Republican administrations aside as the Dems  progressed toward the leftist Valhalla of Socialism/Communism, and to hell with what American citizens wanted or objected to.

And then along came Donald Trump and the rules changed. Trump was a non-political, self-made man who loved America, not power, adoration or praise, so he set out to make life better for Americans, and he was wildly successful. Trade deals were re-balanced, the stock market grew and expanded, a beautiful wall was built along our southern border, and Americans were better off and freer than they had been in twenty years.

Illegal immigration was slowed significantly, if not stopped completely in many places. Blacks and Hispanics, along with all other American minorities and non-minorities alike, had more money and better jobs than ever before.

Then the Chinese released the Wuhan virus and President Trump took the unprecedented action of halting all flights from China entering our country in order to curtail the spread of the disease, and then did the last thing he wanted to do, a thing that was to do more harm to America than the virus itself: after conferring with his health and medical advisors, he locked-down America. Then he took the lead to assure a continued healthy America by accelerating a vaccine development, personal protection for healthcare personnel, equipping emergency hospitals and hospital ships, encouraging the development of pharmaceuticals that he himself needed when he tested positive for the disease. The need for the shut-down soon proved to be ill-advised, but he had relied on the word of his mostly-leftist, big-government, swamp-dwelling, health advisers who were all too favorably disposed to imposing big government on America. At the outset of the disease these advisors had presented soon-to-be realized faulty models showing the devastating advance and lethality of the disease, which was grossly exaggerated.

Too many people died from the disease, but not the two million people that the overly-pessimistic models predicted. Pre-existing conditions or a sickbed in one of Andrew Cuomo’s state-controlled nursing homes caused most of the deaths, and we soon learned that the disease was ninety-nine percent survivable if you were otherwise healthy.

The lockdown had side affects much worse and longer-lasting than the disease it was intended to end. Depression, alcoholism, drug overdoses, suicide and no school for children became the enduring tragedies of the controlled destruction of the U.S. economy.

So with the to-be-expected extreme attacks on President Trump in which he was personally blamed for the deaths he fought hard to limit, and in line with his own opinion that the lockdown was ill-advised in the first place, President Trump called for the end of the lockdown, and all political officials, except Democrat mayors and governors, began lifting the onerous controls on businesses and personal liberties in an attempt to return life in America to normal and to get citizens back to work and prosperity again.

At about this point the ever-more-confused Joe Biden fraudulently got a electoral advantage over President Trump in the 2020 election and immediately promised to impose a new lockdown on the struggling nation, and swore that everyone would be required to wear a facial mask into eternity. One waits with bated breath to see how psychotically animated and dangerous Biden and his advisors become when the annual cold and flu season arrives on top of the covid threat. The controls these fools may put in place could destroy the American economy for decades.

This threatening situation demonstrates the difference between Republicans and modern-day Democrats: Democrats want control and power over the ignorant masses out there in fly-over country, and once they get that power they use it to the fullest extent to stifle any complaints and opposition that citizens may have. The Democrat position is, that if you refuse to wear a useless mask then you are selfish and unpatriotic and a threat to anyone you may come into contact with, so it’s prison for you for not obeying your Democrat bosses.

This totalitarian behavior of Democrats is an example of the philosophy of President Clinton’s advisor, Rahm Emanuel, when he stated that in order for the political left to get and retain power, “no crisis should go to waste”, and the Democrat reaction to the covid threat proves they are using Emanuel’s advice and milking this current health threat for all the power and control over Americans that they can get from it. Americans can certainly and unfortunately expect ramifications from this disease to continue to cause pain and suffering for a long time as Democrats use it to halt personal liberty in America.

President Trump had greater access to power than the Democrats did as this disease presented itself, power that Joe Biden may unfortunately gain in January of 2021. But Trump didn’t use that power to forcibly lock people into their homes and lose their livelihoods. He imposed the lockdown briefly, in response to his health advisors, and then advised the nation to lift the lockdown regulations completely, and he promised to never impose such a devastating order on the nation again. But old Lunch Bucket Joe has promised to re-impose the lockdown on America again as soon as he becomes president, and he’ll order all persons in America to wear the worthless facial masks every day of their lives.

President Trump believes in personal liberty and individual decisions when considering the risks citizens are willing to take with their personal lives, while Democrats allow no personal decisions to be made by individual citizens as to the risks they are willing to take as free people. Democrats believe in raw power and the fist to keep people under control.

Related to this current viral crisis, one must also keep in mind Barack Obama’s promise to “fundamentally transform America”, and this “crisis” of the Wuhan virus gives an unprincipled leader like Joe Biden the power to completely transform our formerly free nation into a land of drudgery and misery.

Sunday, November 15, 2020

The Chinese Wuhan Disease And The Democrat Promise To “Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste”

 Democrats crave power and never take a moment to pause and reflect on the harm they may be inflicting on American citizens before using whatever power is at their disposal.

Barack Obama promised to “fundamentally transform America” and to halt the rise of the oceans during his administration, and then set about doing just that by shoving his Obamacare down America’s throat, outlawing private healthcare, and forcing many Americans to buy a more expensive and largely unwanted and useless government-issued healthcare that is identified with his own name.

Ultra-leftist Rahm Emanuel had, during his service in the Clinton administration, opened the door to authoritarian rule by adopting the philosophy of never letting a crisis go to waste, which inspired Democrats to create and encourage crises that didn’t otherwise exist. This expression of anti-democratic and totalitarian thinking from a leading Democrat brings us to the current covid situation in which we’re getting thousands to “positive” tests daily, which are being used by a lying press to indicate that the disease is spreading and causing deaths by the additional thousands. But the “positive” results of the tests are actually good news because very few Americans are being hospitalized, most of those being tested and getting the positive results feel fine and are perfectly healthy, and have resisted the disease via the Swedish example of herd immunity, which allows people to live normal, happy lives in spite of some people with unique pre-conditions becoming sick with the disease. Democrats suggest that the positive tests are a  bad thing and this devious attitude is leading to Biden’s promise of a “dark winter” on the horizon for America.

This current health “crisis”, which came from China, is largely weak in its severity and lethality but is being used by Democrats to gain power and control over our nation, including control over each citizen’s personal freedom to move about, dine out and go to work. Democrats are in the process of creating a nation of people fearful of their next breath and totally dependent on big-government to protect them.

In the 1930s the Nazis created the lie of a Polish invasion of Germany in order to establish the “crisis” they needed to persuade the German people to surrender their rights and liberties and give support to the war effort the Nazis wanted to wage, a war that cost nearly all Germans their lives or their wealth, or both in many cases. Today Democrats have as their crisis du jour the mostly weak and easily survived covid disease, using the good-news positive tests as a negative outcome in order to scare people, which, in turn, will allow them to start down the dangerous path of authoritarian rule, for the citizens’ own good, of course.

Friday, November 13, 2020

Now Those On The Political Left Are The Narrow-Minded Bigots

 I recall a not-too-long-ago time when a narrow-minded bigot was a little old man who recoiled at the thought of rock music and nudity in the movies, sitting alone in his church pew clutching his well-worn Bible, sitting up straight and patiently waiting for the sermon to begin.

The new narrow-minded attitude is provided by the bigoted and out-of-touch Joe Biden, squinting at a teleprompter, saying what his handlers want him to say, stammering and slurring his words, asking us all to get with his program and come together as one happy family after name-calling Donald Trump for four years, expressing fear of the covid vaccine that was hastily developed at President Trump’s urging and direction, and not trying at all to halt the Democrats who threaten to punish anyone who supported or worked for President Trump. Only two weeks ago Biden was calling Trump a racist and his followers chumps, and today he is asking everyone to bury their divisions and join him in an administration we know nothing about, because Joe takes opposing positions on nearly every issue, every other day.

 Now, replacing both of these images of a narrow-minded person, is Donald Trump, a swinging, conservative, happy, entertaining, open, honest, fun-loving older man with a youthful appearance and persona, who loves to innovate, and has gotten rich thinking outside the box. He has caused peace to break out in the Middle East between Israel and the Arabs, oversaw the greatest financial surge in the nation’s history, and was responsible for the greatest turnout of blacks and Hispanics ever to vote for a Republican. Talk about an end to divisiveness and everyone working together: Trump did it while Biden just talks about it.

And Joe Biden is still under investigation by the FBI for working with the Chinese and Ukrainians to use his VP position under Obama to enrich himself and his family with influence peddling. But big tech spiked the reporting of these illegal dealings, and the slavish press joined in to keep this sandal a secret, so few people know the truth about the crooked Biden.

The reason Joe Biden is still not meeting with the press to discuss his new administration is that he is not in charge of the policies of the Biden administration, and the closest he gets to actual policy statements is reading the script his controllers put on the teleprompter, and they don’t trust him to intelligently answer questions from the press about his pretend administration and its anti-American and unconstitutional intentions.

Narrow-minded, reclusive, basement-residing people like Joe Biden are unable to formulate their own, independent policy positions. All Joe knows is the crap that he learned and regurgitated when he was Barack Obama’s lackey, and he obediently did Obama’s bidding. There was no independent thought on Joe’s part during the Obama years, but those policies are as close to independent thought as we’ll get from old Lunch Bucket Joe.

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

It’s Biden Time In America?

 The terror squads haven’t burned an American city in the days since Biden took the lead in the electoral count, so it’s obvious that the rioters and burners we saw  all summer long were Democrat stooges all along, and a halt to the violence is the only thing about Biden’s apparent success that we can be thankful for.

Biden talked on TV recently and said nothing at all except what a hard battle he fought for the election, from his basement bedroom. He stumbled over the words displayed on his teleprompter and squinted his eyes a lot, but at least he got through the ordeal without thanking his voters for re-electing him to the Senate one more time.

Biden is completely without a clue about the issues facing America on either a domestic level or an international one. Without his teleprompter he would have no way to express any understanding of international trade and would have no ideas at all about protecting American corporations from the complex issues that the Chinese and Iranians would throw at him if he attempted to negotiate with these rogue and hateful nations.

Biden is totally dependent on his ultra-left advisors on nearly any issue. One can be certain that he will give another billion or so dollars to the Iranian Mullahs if he ever occupies the Oval Office, which will allow the Iranians to once again resume their terrorist attacks on New York and Paris, which attacks President Trump has successfully halted.

On the other hand, the radical left has brought terrorist attacks back to America using domestic attackers from groups like ANTIFA and BLM, so what’s the difference? And if we didn’t have Fox News to report the violence being imposed on many of America’s largest cities from left-wing Democrat groups, as we saw all last summer, we wouldn’t know about those radical attacks at all. There was a nearly total blackout of those riots from the mainstream media.

We know that a larger chunk of American business, especially small businesses and restaurants, have been destroyed by the combined threat of domestic, Democrat terrorists, and the leftist politicization of the virus. With Democrat lockdowns and mandatory masking, the fool Biden has promised to make this bad situation even worse by doing it all over again and wiping out the few small businesses still able to continue operating.

It’s a certainty that Biden knows nothing about the success of Sweden and their handling with the covid virus, due to their lack of a lockdown and the spread of the herd immunity, while allowing the Swedish citizens to continue working, dining out and enjoying life. However American cities, especially those having Democrat governors and mayors, are suffering in the midst of plenty. Biden’s far-left handlers have convinced him that only the strong-fisted, determined leadership and a flurry of unconstitutional orders will work to fight to end the least deadly virus our nation has ever seen.

Saturday, November 7, 2020

How Confused Is Joe Biden?

 With Joe Biden running ahead of Donald Trump in the post-election electoral count, Biden begs Republicans to come together and move ahead as a united nation, as the fool  becomes president.

He also asked that Democrats and Republicans alike set aside their differences, and he assured us that he will govern the nation as one happy family with no serious quarrels to divide us. He has declared that he will equally serve Republicans and Democrats as good Americans, under his administration.

What a load of crap!

Joe Biden is the same fool man who has led a party that during the last four years has referred to President Trump as  a dictator, a misogynist, a racist, and worse than Hitler. Hillary called Republicans “deplorable” and Biden referred to Trump supporters as “chumps”. The Democrats impeached Trump for a phone call he made to Ukraine, when all Trump was trying to do was have the Ukrainians investigate the political influence-buying of Old Joe himself, when Joe had an investigation of Hunter Biden ended in exchange for a loan to Ukraine from the Obama administration. Democrats investigated Trump and his staff and family for three years under the umbrella of, as it turned out, non-existent  Russian collusion. The Democrat news organs have exposed so many “bombshells” intended to end the Trump presidency that there is no way to keep count of them.  And now old, demented Biden wants us to all live together under his administration and be cuddly and tranquil together. And please be reminded that Biden remained silent as ANTIFA and BLM rioted and looted freely all summer long, because these jack-booted thugs were acting as Democrat surrogates to stir up trouble and then blame the sitting president, Donald Trump, for all of it.

Although it’s entirely possible that Biden has once again forgotten what office he has been campaigning for, and probably cannot be certain of what day of the week it is, and he is confused about what city he is in, but we’ve all heard enough about what he and Kamala will do in office to know that the Supreme Court will be packed with leftist, radical justices; that our taxes will be raised; that gas for our cars will become harder to find and will cost more; and the energy we need to keep our homes warm in Winter and cool in Summer will experience brown-outs just like they’re having in California, or maybe it will be a total blockage of the electrical grid, because of the leftist lie of global warming/climate change and the rapidly rising oceans. And our borders will once again be opened to any person who can stumble across and enter America illegally, because Biden promised to provide healthcare to illegals who are within our borders, and since these people will soon be citizens, Democrats will keep their word to these dependent, Democrat voters.

ANTIFA and BLM cadre will roam the streets of our cities to replace the Police forces that Democrats have defunded or fired. Biden is good with the occasional BLM/ANTIFA “peaceful” burning or stabbing, so our streets will begin to look like Baltimore and Chicago by March of 2021, as more businesses are looted and burned and our cities look like ghost towns from the old west.

And we will all love old Lunch Box Joe when he locks-down America once again, destroying more restaurants and businesses and making food hard to find in even affluent neighborhoods. And don’t forget the very attractive masks that we will all be required to wear, with imprisonment being the punishment for wanting to live freely once again without the uncomfortable, non-functioning things attached to our faces.

And how can one forget the retribution that Democrats have promised for anyone who supported or voted for Donald Trump these past four years? But Joe has the nerve to suggest that Democrats offer an end to divisiveness and that we should join him in his peaceful and inclusive administration.

Joe Biden wants us to support his presidency and to fully support his policies, even though it was the sole purpose of Democrats for four years, to end the Trump presidency in any cheap, lying way they could.

Friday, November 6, 2020

Who Built The Cages, Joe?

 Nothing better illustrates the insane lack of logic, common sense and the dishonesty of today’s radical Democrat left than the presidential debate between Trump and Biden when the subject of cages along the southern border was mentioned.

The chain-link “cages”  were constructed during the Obama/Biden administration to contain and protect young Mexican and Central American children from the rapists and slavers who were moving them across the border with Mexico during the chaotic times created directly by Obama/Biden as they encouraged southerners to come north and illegally enter America.

The Obama/Biden cages were a good, temporary idea at the time and served as protection to the children, but when the Trump administration continued the use, the radical left identified them as mistreatment of children and attempts to divide families and called Trump a racist.

But all the lame-brained, mentally addled Biden could do when Trump challenged him on the lie of imprisoning children, was to give a stupid grin and hang his confused head in dumbed silence. And now we have the danger and the national threat of this non-functioning man becoming president and running the nation in the same, upside-down, idiotic way that Democrats approached the border cages: Obama built them and used them because of his chaotic, nonsensical, open-border policy and the predictable overcrowding and unsafe conditions his policy created, and as soon as Trump began using the same cages, Democrats raised the phony, lying alarm of dividing families and imprisoning children.

Overlapping with the leftist outrage of the cages was the completely false Russia hoax that continued for four years, and was another example of the danger of the Democrat left. They tried to remove a sitting president using false FBI and CIA data, while at the same time Biden was using his position as Vice President under Obama to make sweetheart deals with Ukraine, Russia and China for his personal enrichment and the enrichment of his family, creating a situation in which this illegal activity could make Biden liable for blackmail if he becomes president.

These and many other unscrupulous dealings by Democrats demonstrate the crooked mature of the Democrat party, with the current ballot chaos being only the latest example, but one of the most dangerous for the future welfare of the citizens of America. Joe Biden is confused all the time and is being used to present a friendly face to voters, while scheming, America-hating people lurk in the background to run him like a puppet and do their bidding in order to gain power for these radical members of his staff.

Monday, November 2, 2020

Two Leftist Democrats Who Have Proven Their Racism And Hate

 Don Lemon:

Mr. Lemon recently stated on the air that he was going  to “drop” some of his friends because they listen to the conservative views of Fox News and these friends really believe that conservatism and limited government are the best way to run a nation. Their conservative leanings make them unacceptable to him so he will end their friendship, if such a relation can be called friendship.

One wonders whatever became of the liberal idea of diversity and the acceptance of differing views among different people? Mr. Lemon doesn’t sound very forgiving for a good leftist who boasts of his ideas being diverse and non-judgmental. In fact Mr. Lemon sounds very judgmental and prejudiced against people who have befriended him. The fact that these Fox listeners are still befriending him, a black, homosexual, far left CNN personality, sounds like conservatives are less judgmental and more open-minded than our Mr. Lemon. And for an alleged reporter of the impartial “news” spewed out on CNN, he’s the last person we can trust to give his viewers the true news of the day, as he rejects and discards people whose politics he disagrees with.

Mr. Lemon says that he hates the politics of Fox News, but his far-left news channel reported the lie of President Trump’s Russian collusion for three years, repeatedly announcing “bombshells” that CNN hoped would destroy the Trump administration, all of which scandals and news reports have been proven to be false, and still he hates Fox, even though they were correct about Trump’s innocence all these years and CNN was wrong. Time after time leftist fools like Adam Schiff, along with his corrupt pals John Brennan and  James Clapper, declared that they had seen the evidence of Trump’s collusion and treason, all of which were lies that have now been dropped from discussion. But still Mr. Lemon states that Fox and anyone who listens to Fox are wrong-headed, and that the liars at CNN are correct and justified in their continued attacks on President Trump.

Mr. Lemon is a prejudiced, narrow-minded, simple-thinking Democrat leftist, and his ignorance and hate is plain for all to see. Mr. Lemon’s conservative friends still associate with him in spite of his being a black, gay, narrow-minded man, but if his friends express anything contrary to his block-headed leftist crap, he drops them.

Chelsea Handler:

Ms. Chandler’s male companion, 50 Cent, has recently announced that he likes Trump’s low tax ideas and favors his re-election. Mr. Cent may also have noticed that President Trump’s economic and business policies have made many blacks in America more wealthy and comfortable in their lives, and this may have added to his support of our president.

But Ms. Handler wasn’t having any of it, and spoke up immediately to contradict Mr. Cent when she responded to his support of President Trump, in a manner completely in line with the Democrat party’s treatment of blacks since the Civil War: Declare that blacks cannot have ideas contrary to leftist Democrats. Tell blacks that their ideas and preferences are in error. Tell blacks that they need Democrats to do all of their thinking for them. Tell blacks to shut up and return to their subservience to the Democrat party and its racist policies. 

This tendency of Democrats to stifle and oppose the Conservative views of American blacks is similar to the left’s reference to “man-speaking”, but in this case one would suppose the term should be “Dem-speaking”, when they talk down to black people who are not far left fools like Ms. Handler.

In short, Ms. Handler insulted and demeaned Mr. Cent by bawling him out in public for making any remark favorable to President Trump, and she forced him, according to news reports, to state that he will vote for the village idiot, Joe Biden. Ms. Handler is a typical Democrat, plantation racist, still spouting the racism of the Democrat party. And one hopes that Mr. Cent will exercise his freedom from the racist Democrat party and follow his wise intention to cast his vote for President Trump. He’ll be glad he did.