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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Sunday, November 22, 2020

The Nature Of Our Two Political Parties Couldn’t Be More Starkly Different

 There was a time in America when citizens often decided not to vote in any election because no matter which party won the Congress or the White House, life went on pretty much as it had the previous several decades. Those comfortable days are gone forever.

When Republicans vote for a political candidate it’s usually the candidate who will intrude the least on the citizens’ lives that will get the vote. A second  matter for Republicans to consider for their vote is the tangible benefits the candidate will enact for the nation: lower taxes, an advancing stock market and guarding our borders from invasions of all kinds would be some of these concerns, among others that benefit everyone.

But Democrats in 2020 have a very different reason for voting: they want “stuff” and they want their highly invasive schemes to be funded by the candidate receiving their vote so they can keep getting more stuff.

Here are some examples of the above political positions: When Donald Trump was sworn in Republicans felt a sense of relief that they would be able to live quietly without fearing a secret and unannounced big government program, like Obama’s Fair Housing fiasco, would be put in place under darkness of night, while they were tending to their own personal business, paying their taxes and obeying the law. They wanted nothing from President Trump and made no demands on him to use his power to give them anything. They just wanted to quietly live their lives while government oversaw the general and broader welfare of the nation.

But Democrats have become agitated and animated with the future Biden administration, assuming it will become a reality.  Many different groups, from race hustlers, to warming/change believers, to foreign war lovers, are demanding that Biden support their side of every ultra-left issue, because they supported Biden’s candidacy and helped him get elected and they expect a pay-back with their pet policy issues.

Republicans look at the greater good of America and just want to be left alone while the president watches out for the welfare of America. Democrats push for more leftist programs, more taxes, more intrusion into the daily lives of American citizens and less freedom and prosperity all around, as things deteriorate.

The selfish policies of Democrat politicians assure their re-election by voters who receive goodies from them, and the nation becomes weaker and more corrupted as the left wields power over our lives.

The corrupt, far left visions of Joe Biden will have competing demands made on it by ecstatic Democrat mobs, and at this unusually divisive point in American history, Biden will also have many enemies among those Democrats he will not and cannot share power with, plus he’ll also generate enemies from those who simply want to live their lives in peace, without demands for higher taxes and more restrictions being made on their daily lives, like being forced to remain at home to avoid the least deadly virus our nation has ever seen, and leftist demands to wear totally useless masks every day.

Then, consider the politicization of the covid virus and forcing citizens to wear masks that, if not absolutely counter-productive to health, are at least of little or no use, and further consider the lockdowns ordered by mainly Democrat mayors and governors that have bankrupted businesses, caused the loss of family homes, caused collateral sickness and mental health problems related to fear and idleness, and have caused many children to lose educational experiences that they may never recover from, and all because idiot mayors order the closing of all schools. These orders and lockdowns are far removed from any logical health practices, they are the result of leftist, control-freak Democrat schemes to keep a thumb on an unruly population. They are the boss and you will obey them, period!

And on top of these horrible official acts by Democrats, are the riots that occurred all summer long in many Democrat cities, in which none of the rioters were arrested and prosecuted for the burnings and killings that occurred. And even though the summer of 2020 was the lead-in to a general election, not one Democrat official told the leftist criminals doing damage to American cities to stop the violence, and the leftist news agencies pretended that no such thing as massive, day-after-day rioting was even occurring.

And yet again on top of all of the above atrocities from the political left, was the leftist demand that police forces be defunded (because all police officers are racists and killers, don’t you know). Once police forces are forced to disband or just stop responding to crimes they are not allowed to investigate, or to be themselves attacked by leftist mobs, crime skyrockets and citizens are then forced to protect themselves against criminals, until Democrats confiscate weapons from law-abiding Americans, as they‘ve promised to do, at which time citizens will be  left completely vulnerable to crime against those citizens’ homes, families and persons. And that’s exactly where America is today. Democrats will not admit that violent crime overwhelmingly comes from bad actors on their side of the aisle.  And the leftist press spikes all news reports that point at ANTIFA and BLM as being violent, and will take every opportunity to place the blame on Republicans for any violence, anywhere. And they especially like to blame Donald Trump for all of the nation‘s woes, even if he makes a reference to something as innocent as the color green or a beautiful sunset, leftists will call these racist references, if the words are uttered by a Republican named Trump.