Statement from the Candidate

In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Breath

 Who are these bozo politicians who are forcing us to use the ridiculous facial masks?  And what good is the still-being-developed vaccine going to be to anyone who has been active and healthy these past several months, even with all of the fear and hand-wringing that our politicians have been proclaiming? 

Stated differently, if I’ve been healthy and active during all of the deaths that the Democrats claim were caused by the Wuhan virus, in spite of the fact that I have worn a mask only when businesses I want to visit demand I wear one, why would I want to take a vaccine at this late date? I’ve never taken a flu shot and I’ve always been healthy, so why would I take a new and different shot now?

We need to be honest about the current situation in America: our leftist politicians will never allow us to move about the nation freely ever again; they’ll never allow us to throw the ridiculous masks away and breathe freely again; via this disease politicians have found a way to force us to do things we don’t want to do, because if you don’t wear a mask, they’ll call you an attempted murderer, they’ll say you’re unpatriotic and they’ll probably find a way to imprison you for not following the totalitarian rules sent down from above.

After all, if the masks we are required to wear every waking moment of our lives were so great and so protective, then only people who actually feared the covid would be required to wear them and the rest of us could breathe freely again and live our lives without sucking air through a mask and having to recycle our own breath every time we inhale and exhale. It appears that mask aficionados don’t trust their personal mask to protect them, so they insist that everyone around them also wear a mask. But if the other guy’s mask is as inefficient as the aficionado’s mask, then what the hell are we wearing these tools of the devil for anyway?

I say let those who want to live their lives in their basements watching reruns of  The Beverly Hillbillies and never get out of confinement in their homes and into the fresh air ever again, be allowed to do so. I believe if someone wants to wear a mask because they think they are saving lives and are being good people by doing so, to go ahead and do so. But I also believe that if a person believes that he or she is a thinking adult and is willing to risk contracting the least deadly disease we’ve seen in a long time, by walking around without a mask, they too should be allowed to do so, and big government and the  totalitarian Democrat leaders of our nation should back off and read the constitution for a change, because our founding document does not allow our rulers to force isolation and a mask on us. We are supposedly free people living in an increasingly un-free nation.

For additional proof that our Democrat, political rulers don’t believe the lies they’ve been spreading about the effectiveness of masks, one has only to observe the recent news report that California Governor, Gavin Newsom, was recently seen, sans mask, at a fancy restaurant in Napa Valley. From this report, one must assume three things about Mr. Newsom: 

1) He is a hypocrite for insisting the entire state of California wear the useless masks while he, himself, does not have to wear one.

2) He has information that we don’t have that tells him to have no fear of the disease and its extremely low mortality rate, because if the lies about covid were true and if it was honestly a very deadly disease, he’d be wearing a mask all day and all night in order to protect himself.

3) He’s been told that the simple piece of cloth or paper that masks are made of provide minimal at best protection for the wearer and for those persons near the wearer, so don’t waste your time donning a mask.

America is now entering a new round of nation-wide lockdowns, imposed by Democrats like Gavin Newsom, who, as reported above, refuses to wear a mask in his personal life. Unlike the common California citizen who is not a party boss, Gov. Newsom will still be free to move about regardless of the lockdown. So while the wealthy political class get regular paychecks and can escape the edict about wearing a mask, the average working American is losing his or her home and car due to lack of an income.

This next lockdown will only cause more misery and joblessness for additional tens-of-thousands of American citizens and will not impact the spread of the disease at all, as we saw during the first round of lockdowns. That first lockdown was ordered so as not to over- burden hospitals receiving so many sick people that the medical personnel would be unable to provide proper care during the surge. That emergency of the Wuhan surge has past and now this new lockdown is just a poke in the eye at citizens to prove that radical Democrats can force us citizens to do their bidding, and we’d better shut up about it and obey or they’ll lock us down again with greater restrictions than we’ve seen so far.

We are way beyond the much-feared surge now, with deaths decreasing steadily and positive tests telling us that even when infected people are found, they often feel great and are otherwise active and healthy. But even if sick, they are ninety-nine percent likely to survive the illness, like President Trump did. Another lockdown is pointless and is just an exercise in keeping people under control and continuing to frighten them into obeying the rule of the political left.