Statement from the Candidate

In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Under Woke Democrats, The More Things Change, The More They Remain The Same

 Back in the late 1800s there were individuals roving in the territories of Oklahoma and Texas, who traveled about and reported on current events by reading from eastern newspapers to paying groups of settlers, so these people could be kept informed of events impacting their nation and their futures.

But since our modern leftist news organizations refuse to report on current developments occurring in Twenty-First Century America, like the corruption of the Biden family, the ruination of our nation due to Biden’s open-border policies and the lies of warming/change, but willingly report each and every rumor and charge against Donald Trump and his family, I hereby  propose a new news-channel with Donald Trump as the reader of the news to Americans who have no idea of how much valuable news, critical to maintaining an informed citizenry, is being denied them. America is becoming an uninformed wasteland of ignorant citizens, and I would wish for Trump to read and comment on the news because he is such an attention-getter and ratings booster to leftist groups like CNN and MSNBC, and maybe these corrupt news groups could increase their viewing audience by including Trump’s reports in their programs.

In pre-statehood Oklahoma and Texas, news may have been delayed by weeks or even months, but at least the settlers got the news, which is denied to many Americans in 2023 because of the corruption and partisanship of America’s leftist, Democrat-loving press.  We have to do something to inform our citizens of the cover-ups and non-reporting on important issues, and the commie lies we are being subjected to on so many other issues, or our nation will be completely lost.

Friday, May 26, 2023

Joe Biden Is Giving Me PTSD!

 I spent three years in the United States Army and never suffered from anything more serious than a slight cold. But as a civilian I’m under such never-ending violent, verbal, threatening attacks from the nation’s rulers that I’m getting PTSD, or shell-shock, or whatever it’s called now, and I’m being made to feel like a common criminal for being self-supporting and law-abiding and minding my own business. Here are some examples of the causes of my feeling of PTSD, which can be as real and serious for the citizenry of a nation as it can for military veterans, if their rulers are as threatening as Americans are experiencing.

Joey Biden and his woke administration are waging war on American citizens. We’re being abused and criticized by the wokesters in the White House. Joey is sending out 87,000 new IRS agents to find fault and punish us for the taxes we’ve dutifully paid all these years. The FBI is spying on local school board meetings to find rogue parents who want their children to get educated and not be indoctrinated in leftist politics, and although our children may be grown and have children of their own now, one fears that Joey’s agents will still find us and lock us up for subversion or treason or whatever else they can frame people for, and although we’ve never done anything of a terrorist nature, Joey tells us repeatedly that white people are the greatest threats to freedom and liberty known to the world.

I’ve never seen any summer that had temperatures in excess of 105 degrees, and most of those summers were many years ago and the hot periods lasted only 2 or 3 days at a time, but I’m told that the world is burning up and all life will end in 12, then 8, then 5 years, or whatever our leaders think will frighten us more. And make no mistake about it, fear  and control over all Americans is all that the climate/change farce is all about.

I’m old enough that my age could be considered a co-morbidity that could end my life at any moment, but after repeatedly being told that the Wuhan pandemic was certain to kill me at my advanced age, and I was duly ordered by the Fool-in-Chief to wear a mask at all times, to keep six feet of distance between myself and other people daring enough to leave the safety of our homes, and after being ordered to get a vaccination that would protect me and keep me from spreading the Wuhan illness to other citizens (all of which I proudly refused to do) I came thru those not-very-dangerous times with not as much as a sniffle or a cough, while many of those who took the advice of our political rulers became sickened or even died because they followed the rules issued by Democrats.

I happily drive a gasoline-powered car, but am now told that I’m destroying the world and must start driving an EV car, which is powered by the same demand for BTUs that my current gas-powered car needs, so I’m confused at being told that I must drive a more expensive car that is at risk of not being recharged by weak-sister wind and solar farms that the government is forcing on us, even after years of their requiring automobile manufacturers to make cars lighter-weight and more fuel-efficient, and now they simply tell us to throw away those old cars, which now have no trade-in value, thanks to Joey Biden, and buy a vehicle we don’t like for a great deal more money than we can afford or want to spend.

Radical Democrats began rioting and burning American cities the entire summer of 2020, from Seattle to Baltimore in mostly Democrats-run jurisdictions, and kept the literal flames burning all summer long. Donald Trump was president at the time and suggested to the mayors and governors of the most violently fomenting cities that perhaps he could provide federal troops to help stabilize the situations, but every one of the leftist officials made a fuss about being attacked by the federal military and would not even entertain receiving help from a Republican president. So the violence, all in Democrat territory, continued, until the radical left began blaming the police for the people who were dying, and began the Defund The Police stupidity. So now the United States has the appearance of a third world nation, with homeless people pitching tents in some of our major, Democrat cities, raiding stores with no penalties, beating subway riders with no punishment, watching major and important retailers like CVS and Walmart closing their doors due to the losses entailed by shoplifters and the fear of employees trying to report to work each day. And the idiot Democrats wonder where all of this violence came from. It came from the radical, political left, and was made permanent by the Biden administration who committed the major crime of the century by opening up our southern border to, as of now, over five million illegal aliens who are fanning out over the nation and in too many cases attacking American citizens. And the fool in the White House will do nothing to stop this invasion, as our cities are flooded with poor people from nearly every nation of the world, who have no jobs and nowhere to go, and as Democrat mayors and governors blame Republican governors for sending busses of these illegals, allowed in by our Democrat president, to their cities, and refuse to openly blame Joey Biden for this horrific attack on American citizens.

We’re told that Trans people are the most abused and discriminated against people in America and that these people must be catered to, employed, their opinions respected and their unique pronouns remembered by everyone, while we see some of the Biden administration’s Trans employment selections make us doubt these people’s basic honesty, intelligence and understanding of the American constitution.

It’s an admitted fact now, that Donald Trump was framed by Democrats and the FBI, with the false accusations of his colluding with Russia. This was treason, plain and simple from the political left and was an attempt to overthrow an elected president by officials residing in the Washington Swamp, quite unlike the non-event on January 6th which also framed many people who did nothing but parade around the Capitol building and peacefully leave. But the event was presented to appear like an attempted overthrow of the government.

These are some of the “violent” events that are giving the American population PTSD, and the blame is wholly on the Biden administration and its corrupt policies.

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Is The NAACP Running Out Of People Of Color To Pander To?

 With the unforeseen and staggering success of Donald Trump’s administration and his proving to People of Color that the conservatism of Republicans is not only not a threat to anyone, but can provide a better way to live and work for ALL Americans, compared with the dead-certain proof that the woke Democrats under the ailing Joey Biden will lead to the destruction of America’s entire way of life and force the government to have to give handouts to all People of all Colors instead of making them wealthy and independent. As a result of Trump’s proof that Capitalism works to the benefit of everyone in society, the NAACP seems to be losing followers among black Americans, because they are now declaring that anyone who doesn’t cater and defer to Trans people is committing an act of racism. One wonders if the NAACP is rounding up Trans people in order to backfill for the blacks who are in agreement with Republican policies.

So would one be correct if they assumed that the NAACP is replacing People Of Color (POC) with the Trans individuals, who are also POCs, (People Of Confusion) in matters of biology and sex. 

 Maybe the NAACP will rename their group the National Association For The Advancement of Confused People, in order to fold the new woke, Democrat hipsters into their shrinking current group of blacks only.

But the non-black, Trans wokemeisters will soon become disillusioned with whatever the NAACP officially calls themselves, because having an organization whose sole objective is to empower itself with dependent poor people who want government goodies instead of freedom and personal prosperity is a losing bargain, as the NAACP is finding out as blacks leave their group in favor of living well and independently.

But whatever happens, the NAACP will continue to call anyone who disagrees with their policies “racists” because that’s all they’ve learned in their attempts to place their opponents on the defensive these last number of years. But that was then and this is now, and after watching Joey Biden destroy all that’s good about America during his chaotic, disastrous, corrupt administration, no sensible person is believing the political left’s line of crap any longer.

Monday, May 22, 2023

America Has Been Able To Survive Momentous Trials, Until Biden

 Oh sure, the American colonists revolted against the most powerful nation in the world, risking the wealth and  liberty of those who opposed the King of England, but they miraculously won and our nation prospered as a result of this miracle.

And it’s true that America survived and prospered following a depression, a stock market crash, massive banking failures, droughts and dust storms that seemed to be the end of the earth when they made day as dark as night and filled entire homes with tons of deadly dust, blocked all roads needed to get help and for all of the communications and health assistance those remote communities required to exist.

And it’s true that America fought a World War on two fronts, Europe and the Pacific, followed closely by the Korean War and nuclear threats from The Soviet Union during the Cold War, and this resilient nation came out of all of the above more wealthy and free than before.

And then the nation was cheated into the woke idiocy called the Biden administration, and the tragedies we had suffered in the past were as nothing compared to the nation-ending policies of the radical Democrat party.

Irreparable things, like the opening of our southern border and letting in millions of often sick, always poor, mainly uneducated, not able to speak English, frequently criminals and too often known terrorists. This tragic thing Biden has done to our nation can never be undone, with waves of illegals flooding into our nation, who will reside in poverty and be on the dole of government for probably generations, while too often killing American citizens and depriving them of their constitutional rights to live free and unthreatened.

Biden has given us at least one generation of children who will never be able to catch-up after being forced to stay away from school during the pandemic, being forced to wear useless masks and take often-dangerous vaccinations, while being poisoned with puberty blockers and sex-change operations, just because Biden’s woke administration of fools senselessly demand that these irreversible things be done to innocent children. And girls are doubly at risk because the fools enforcing laws are allowing biological men to compete in women’s sports competitions, and even let them use the girls’ locker and bathing facilities. This behavior from the Oval Office is proof of clinical insanity at the top of our government.

The fossil fuels that have made this nation prosperous and free are now being withheld because radical Democrats are pushing the total lie of warming/change, just like they have been lying for the last fifty years, with a total lack of proof that the world is over-heating or that the oceans are rising. And once prosperity, wealth and freedom are lost, due to the incompetence and corruption of our leaders, they can’t be regained.

As part of our president-imposed fuel shortage, Biden has idiotically demanded that the automobile manufacturers begin making electric vehicles, or else he’ll make them suffer with IRS reviews, OSHA inspections, NLRB inquiries and attacks on the automobile corporate leaders personally. But the wide use of electric cars will inevitably result in our already-struggling power plants to begin suffering brown-outs and black-outs, as is already happening in woke, Democrats states like California, during hot weather months. The old, faithful internal combustion engine automobile will be gone and the electricity-draining EV cars will be stranded when the power failures occur. Elon Musk and the CEO of Toyota long ago warned the government that there is not enough electricity-generating capacity in America to support EV usage in every garage. But dictatorial leftists don’t care a whit about the lives and welfare of Americans. They make their ridiculous demands, and you’d better fall in line or you’ll be cancelled and eliminated from society.

The digital-dollar proposal being imposed on our economy by Joey Biden will finally end our personal wealth and liberty as the DEI and ESG policies are put in place with no recourse to good sense and people being treated like responsible citizens and individuals.

In Democrat-run cities the entire fabric of society is being torn apart with police officers being fired and imprisoned for no good reason, and crime is escalating to new heights every month as chaos rules where Democrats hold power. The “Defund The Police” movement, started by racists and radical leftists in the Biden administration, has proven the stupidity and harm that can be done by radical, leftist Democrats and their politics-all-the-time policies.

And don’t forget the treasonous attack on the Trump presidency, with no punishment for those crimes even being hinted at on the horizon. And there are also the attacks we’ve learned of the FBI waging against citizens, that either the FBI doesn’t like, or that the Biden administration doesn’t agree with politically, resulting in all Americans being in danger of being made bankrupt trying to defend themselves, or imprisoned for no legal reason at all, while real criminals are allowed to run wild and created repeated victims as they steal and kill at will, and while Hunter Biden and his father retain their wealth and position in society in spite of their widely-known offenses.

Without a real main-stream press to report all of these things, and they refuse to, many citizens know nothing of what’s going on and can’t help informed citizens keep our nation alive. And while our military is being weakened with gender-fluidity and CRT stupidity, to the point that America is virtually assured to lose any real fight with China, who has promised to bring the fight to us in the near future, ready or not, and we’re not.

The next president must be aware enough to replace personnel in the swamp-state who are causing all of the trouble for America, and the new president will have to stand up to the onslaught that will come from the far left radicals as they fight to hang on to their power and protect the radical turf they’ve been allowed to populate under the old fool, Biden.

Monday, May 15, 2023

AI Need Not Be Feared; But Leftist Democrats Must Be Feared


If leftist Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policies, including the government’s tracking and blocking of purchases made with credit cards to buy things the Democrat political left doesn’t approve of, such as buying ammunition and contributing to Republican party causes, are of concern to you, then you’ve already had a taste of AI. So if you have not become aware of and opposed to the current Democrat party and its racist, woke, anti-American policies, then you haven’t been paying attention to the threats to our nation and have no ability to suddenly oppose AI platforms, because pre-AI obstacles are already here and are undermining our lives, our economy and our liberties.

AI is not something new. It’s just a catchy name for something that we’ve seen increasingly used against American values for at least ten years, with the most recent iteration being the Chinese Communist tool of social controls and social engineering that would be an obvious threat to the American constitution if practiced here.

 AI has been around for a while and is only now being renamed from its more popularly known computer origins, and it is an active part of the United Nations’ and the World Economic Forum’s leader in crime, Klaus Schwab, who has been preaching his corrupt “Great Reset“, the advanced features of which became familiar to Americans during the dark days of the covid lockdown in which we were forced to NOT work, NOT exercise, NOT send children to school and NOT exercise any right protected under our constitution, while we were forced TO wear useless masks and TO take a worthless vaccination by the authoritarian and demented Joey Biden.

And Biden’s plan to drown our economy and our precious freedoms with his proposed digital currency scheme, his warming/change lies and his environmental extremism is taking us to the terminating end of the American promise of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” with lightning speed.

Be very afraid of any proposals made in the next two years by anyone in the Biden administration, because with their sexual and racial self-identity, their “all whites are racists” declarations, and their insistence that men be able to compete with girls and women in sports, they have proven themselves to be absolute and insane monsters who will do anything to remain in power and in charge of the lives of Americans.

In the current political environment in which election results are geared for Democrats to win, in which Joe and Hunter Biden’s crimes are ignored by our corrupt news organizations, in which Trump’s scrapes are blown out of all proportion, in which the leftist and corrupt press will not admit that our southern border is wide open and belching invading hoards of illegal aliens, it must be recognized that all computerized platforms are slanted to the Democrat left, so AI is just another program that will award Democrats and deny Republicans any recognition and success.

Wednesday, May 3, 2023

If You’ve Any Doubt Of America’s Communist/Socialist Government Under Biden, Think Again

 The definition of Socialism is government control of all businesses and properties, while tentatively leaving the actual ownership in private citizens’ hands. This situation leads inevitably to a dictatorship with the government searching for dependable people to take possession of the establishments being controlled and obey the dictator’s rules.

Then we have Communism where the government owns and controls everything.

Biden’s dictates that every American will own an electric vehicle by 2030 sounds very much like Communism. His orders to forgive college loans is Communism, and are a covert attempt to get votes, but is still Communistic and an insult to our constitution, which Biden swore to uphold and defend. Biden’s plan to force responsible people who have high credit ratings to pay higher interest charges than irresponsible people with lower credit ratings, is Communism.

Biden’s order to outlaw gasoline-powered engines by 2030 is a case of  Socialism, because this means that Ford, GM and all of the other automobile manufacturers are forced by federal mandate to switch to electric vehicles, in spite of the fact that there is absolutely no demand from American citizens to cause this major disruption of our modes of transportation by moving to electric, and this quick move is costing manufacturers billions of dollars they cannot afford to spend. But corporate leaders know that the far-left Biden government will punish them with IRS audits, OSHA inspections, NLRB inspections and hearings, government and private lawyers investigating the CEOs of all companies who don’t toe the line to do what our Socialist president demands.

And the lie of climate change/warming is a Socialist attempt to justify taking citizen’s liberties, property and prosperity away from them by declaring health emergencies that require government intrusion, just like they used covid to lockdown schools, businesses and disrupt personal lives by negating the constitution and increasing the power and importance of the federal government. The masks and vaccines of 2020 were tests of how far government would go to force everyone to kneel at the edicts of far-left Democrats, and they did much damage to America in the process.

There is also heavy Socialism in banking under president Biden, because Biden and his billionaire pals need to protect those banks which are being run by true followers in the Democrat party, so the government is backing woke and other poor banking practices that too often lead to banking failures. Biden wants all banks to be dependent on him and assure that they follow his rules and edicts, and that they remain under his Socialist umbrella. So Biden’s government is willing and able to use tax-payers’ money to bail-out banks that get into trouble, in order to assure they will support his corrupt banking rules.

The sports industry is being ruined by woke rules coming from Biden’s administration. The Biden administration is protecting biological males who identify as females and insist on competing with women in various sporting events. And our president says that he will bring the wrath of the federal government down on anyone who threatens to keep these men out of competition with women, on the idiotic illogic that keeping men out of women’s sports is  contrary to Title IX, which was created solely to protect biological women from interference in their sporting events. But with men believing they are women, Biden is now protecting these confused males under Title IX and is allowing them to deprive women of awards, college scholarships and a career in their chosen field, because the men are defeating the women much of the time. Such illogic and such insane interpretation of a federal law has never been seen in our history, and it’s a disgrace.

And as though all of the above idiocies of the Biden administration were not enough, now they are mandating that by 2030 the entire military fleet of vehicles will consist exclusively of electrically-powered vehicles. So what happens when an EV tank has fully discharged its enormous battery? The tank operator would no longer be able to simply put a few gallons of gas or diesel into the machine and resume its mission (which may be serious and deadly combat). Now an electrical generation vehicle will have to be called up to charge the enormous battery of the tank, which could take hours, during which the operators of the tank could well be under fire and killed during this waiting period. And guess what will power the power- generating vehicle that is recharging the tank‘s batteries: a gas or diesel generator, which itself needs traditional fuel to generate electrical power. This is sheer idiocy.

This entire plan of Biden’s to have an Army of completely electric vehicles is insane and puts America in an easily defeatable position in the event of an invasion of our nation by a foreign force that uses easily provided and replenished gas and diesel vehicles to power their fighting machines and win a war. Any Army officer advising Biden who is not ready to resign after learning of this idiotic plan, should be court-martialed for treason.

But to make Biden’s all-EV military an even a more insane and possibly treasonous venture, Joey’s administration has made it impossible for America to produce our own batteries for the new vehicles, and his corruption over the last few years has assured that only China can produce the batteries that Biden demands we use.  So if we are attacked by China, they will immediately cut off our source of batteries, and our military will be left defenseless and without vehicles to oppose the attack, and the very violent China will likely prevail, and all because the old, doddering man in the Oval Office can’t think straight. Biden must be impeached and removed from office for endangering and disarming America in a very dangerous world.