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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Wednesday, May 3, 2023

If You’ve Any Doubt Of America’s Communist/Socialist Government Under Biden, Think Again

 The definition of Socialism is government control of all businesses and properties, while tentatively leaving the actual ownership in private citizens’ hands. This situation leads inevitably to a dictatorship with the government searching for dependable people to take possession of the establishments being controlled and obey the dictator’s rules.

Then we have Communism where the government owns and controls everything.

Biden’s dictates that every American will own an electric vehicle by 2030 sounds very much like Communism. His orders to forgive college loans is Communism, and are a covert attempt to get votes, but is still Communistic and an insult to our constitution, which Biden swore to uphold and defend. Biden’s plan to force responsible people who have high credit ratings to pay higher interest charges than irresponsible people with lower credit ratings, is Communism.

Biden’s order to outlaw gasoline-powered engines by 2030 is a case of  Socialism, because this means that Ford, GM and all of the other automobile manufacturers are forced by federal mandate to switch to electric vehicles, in spite of the fact that there is absolutely no demand from American citizens to cause this major disruption of our modes of transportation by moving to electric, and this quick move is costing manufacturers billions of dollars they cannot afford to spend. But corporate leaders know that the far-left Biden government will punish them with IRS audits, OSHA inspections, NLRB inspections and hearings, government and private lawyers investigating the CEOs of all companies who don’t toe the line to do what our Socialist president demands.

And the lie of climate change/warming is a Socialist attempt to justify taking citizen’s liberties, property and prosperity away from them by declaring health emergencies that require government intrusion, just like they used covid to lockdown schools, businesses and disrupt personal lives by negating the constitution and increasing the power and importance of the federal government. The masks and vaccines of 2020 were tests of how far government would go to force everyone to kneel at the edicts of far-left Democrats, and they did much damage to America in the process.

There is also heavy Socialism in banking under president Biden, because Biden and his billionaire pals need to protect those banks which are being run by true followers in the Democrat party, so the government is backing woke and other poor banking practices that too often lead to banking failures. Biden wants all banks to be dependent on him and assure that they follow his rules and edicts, and that they remain under his Socialist umbrella. So Biden’s government is willing and able to use tax-payers’ money to bail-out banks that get into trouble, in order to assure they will support his corrupt banking rules.

The sports industry is being ruined by woke rules coming from Biden’s administration. The Biden administration is protecting biological males who identify as females and insist on competing with women in various sporting events. And our president says that he will bring the wrath of the federal government down on anyone who threatens to keep these men out of competition with women, on the idiotic illogic that keeping men out of women’s sports is  contrary to Title IX, which was created solely to protect biological women from interference in their sporting events. But with men believing they are women, Biden is now protecting these confused males under Title IX and is allowing them to deprive women of awards, college scholarships and a career in their chosen field, because the men are defeating the women much of the time. Such illogic and such insane interpretation of a federal law has never been seen in our history, and it’s a disgrace.

And as though all of the above idiocies of the Biden administration were not enough, now they are mandating that by 2030 the entire military fleet of vehicles will consist exclusively of electrically-powered vehicles. So what happens when an EV tank has fully discharged its enormous battery? The tank operator would no longer be able to simply put a few gallons of gas or diesel into the machine and resume its mission (which may be serious and deadly combat). Now an electrical generation vehicle will have to be called up to charge the enormous battery of the tank, which could take hours, during which the operators of the tank could well be under fire and killed during this waiting period. And guess what will power the power- generating vehicle that is recharging the tank‘s batteries: a gas or diesel generator, which itself needs traditional fuel to generate electrical power. This is sheer idiocy.

This entire plan of Biden’s to have an Army of completely electric vehicles is insane and puts America in an easily defeatable position in the event of an invasion of our nation by a foreign force that uses easily provided and replenished gas and diesel vehicles to power their fighting machines and win a war. Any Army officer advising Biden who is not ready to resign after learning of this idiotic plan, should be court-martialed for treason.

But to make Biden’s all-EV military an even a more insane and possibly treasonous venture, Joey’s administration has made it impossible for America to produce our own batteries for the new vehicles, and his corruption over the last few years has assured that only China can produce the batteries that Biden demands we use.  So if we are attacked by China, they will immediately cut off our source of batteries, and our military will be left defenseless and without vehicles to oppose the attack, and the very violent China will likely prevail, and all because the old, doddering man in the Oval Office can’t think straight. Biden must be impeached and removed from office for endangering and disarming America in a very dangerous world.