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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Saturday, April 22, 2023

For Democrats, The Party Line Is All That Matters

 Democrats don’t give a damn about national security, the welfare of the American citizens, having a reserve of oil in case of war or national disaster or the status of our economy. They are slaves to the prescribed far-left, woke agenda assigned by their current political leader, in this case the completely incompetent and mentally challenged, Joseph Biden, or whomever is making his decisions for him.

Most of the Democrat positions on everything are either harmful to the nation or just plain dumb because they lack truth or common sense, and Democrats will not give up or even discuss their ridiculous positions because they are dedicated to the prescribed position of their leader. Here are a few examples:

“Trans-women are women” leftist chanters and rioters will tell us. And they will insist, and are ready to resort to violence for, the idiocy that trans-women (which are biological males identifying as women) can bear children. This position borders on insanity and has caused much violence, which is, after all, what the traditional far left is best at, whether they get their way or not, but especially when they are blocked from getting what they want.  And of course this position is causing suffering in women’s sports with biological men winning sporting events and depriving women of professional success and denying them scholarships to college. But our president insists that these confused biological men, who pretend to be women, are covered under Title IX, which was created specifically to protect women’s sports, and if anyone tries to keep men from competing against women, he promises to bring the entire legal weight of the federal government down on their heads, using Title IX as the justification. This type of illogic from a Democrat president is typical of current Democrat lack of thinking in general, and this trend is destroying America.

Democrats repeatedly level claims of racism against Republicans, to the point that everything in life becomes racist, so there is therefore no more racism when everything is racist. To Democrats math is racist. Highways are racist. While actually all of the practicing racism is on the side of Democrats, where every decision is based on consideration of race, gender or self-prescribed identity.

Claims of “disinformation” now replace any actual defense or justification of Democrat misguided policy. Statements that the covid pandemic was not as dangerous or deadly as the leftist politicians claimed it to be, were labeled “disinformation” in an attempt to shut up doctors and scientists who understood the weakness of the disease. Now we know that seventy-five percent of those who died of covid had at least four co-morbidities that weakened them to a state of ill health that covid finally ended their ability to fight the diseases attacking them. Anyone who was healthy would likely not get the disease or not know it if they did get a slight dose, but they were in no danger of death. Yet the Democrats who were in charge, insisted on mandating the useless masks, and insisted that every person in America had to be vaccinated against covid, in spite of the fact that the vaccine has proven to be more dangerous to health than the disease itself was, and this warning of the dangerous nature of the so-far unapproved vaccine was also labeled as being disinformation.

Our southern border, and lately our northern border as well, have been allowing up to three million illegal aliens to enter and remain in America each year since Joey Biden took office, which followed the Trump administration in which the border was kept secure and walls were bring built to keep illegals out completely. But in spite of the millions flooding our nation, the Biden administration insists that the border is closed and secure, and that anyone entering illegally is Donald Trump’s fault.

We are now under the order of the Biden administration forcing their global warming farce down our throats by insisting that our very continued existence depends on getting rid of gas stoves, gasoline automobiles, and eating only vegetables so we can halt cow flatulence. The warming lies have been with us since the book “The Population Bomb” was published in the 1960s, and we’ve had decades of predictions of death and disaster since that publication, with Prince Charles, Ted Danson, every Hollywood celebrity and all leftist politicians attempting to frighten us into decreasing our standard of living and becoming more dependent on big government and its Democrat rulers for our food and shelter, with the latest prediction of AOC and Bernie Sanders in 2018 warning us of certain death and suffering if we don’t stop using our automobiles and our air conditioning by 2030. But in the five years since this latest ridiculous warning by leftist politicians, there has not been one degree of difference in our top summer temperature since the 1950s.

The political left began preaching “Defund The Police” following their rioting from Seattle to Baltimore during the summer of 2020. But now that crime in Democrat-run cities has reached the point of anarchy, due to a predictable lack of police officers, and with leftist prosecutors not being willing to fully punish repeat criminals, many Democrat mayors are all-of-a-sudden calling for more police officers to be hired, and of course they blame the lack of law officers and the suffering this shortage of legal protection has caused mainly black and poor residents of their cities, on Republicans, who warned them of the harm they would cause their citizens if they took support for officers from their cities.

So with a president currently in the Oval Office who was made wealthy by giving China influence and access to American politics and manufacturing via his political positions, we are being buried in an onslaught of climate warnings, charges of endemic racism in our nation, health mandates, forced vaccinations, high inflation, likely energy shortages with the electricity-hounds that electric vehicles are, and the very likely economic collapse that Biden’s spending has caused, America has dark days ahead of us.