Statement from the Candidate

In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Biden Governs America As A Ruthless Owner Would Run A Sweatshop

 Joey has forgotten that, in the United States of America, elected presidents govern at the will and consent of the people. Just because he occupies the White House (which he rapidly vacates each weekend to go home to Delaware) doesn’t mean he has carte blanche to rule America like a dictator, in order to make it into the perfect Socialist disaster and misery that all other nations suffering under Socialism have managed to produce.

But rule he does, by executive order, and he and his party are undermining our legislative branch by scheming to get rid of the filibuster.  He opened our southern border to waves of immigrants; he’s seeking to remove self-defense weapons from patriotic, law-abiding Americans; he has halted the Keystone pipeline, which makes operating an automobile more expensive for already-burdened, post-pandemic, Americans and reduces the likelihood that Americans will travel and spread wealth around by visiting hotels, motels and restaurants still struggling with the aftermath of the covid disease. But these things that are very important to our economy and to the lives of Americans don’t even occur to our Joey as he tries to re-structure America with massive imports of poor people, who will vote Democrat in every future election in order to earn their handouts from the Democrat party.

So Joey rules, America suffers, and the far left advances their radical plans to make all Americans poor and needy and dependent on big government, while the Democrat party sits back and  congratulates itself for finally achieving Barack Obama’s promise to “Fundamentally Transform America”.

One hears that the confused, cognitively failing Biden speaks with Obama frequently, undoubtedly with the spooky phantom Kamala lurking nearby with her mask firmly in place, awaiting word from the real Democrat master for his latest orders for Joey to formally present to America in the form of another order, not to be disobeyed.

There can be little doubt to anyone paying attention, that America in 2021 is clearly self-destroying under the racist-calling Joey Biden and his racist-calling staff, and Joey is too far into his state of dementia to even know what’s happening. He’s still worshiping saint Obama’s ideas and plans for America, and his second in command, Kamala, gives him encouragement to continue the downward spiral of America under the radical-left, warming/change-spewing, America-hating Democrat party.

Decent presidents don’t rule as dictators issuing executive orders; they govern, with the consent of the governed, and pass laws via the legislative process, not presidential edicts.

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

The Anti-Masking Coalition Declaration of Freedom From Unhealthy Facial Obstructions

 This Document Was Created Because: 

  • The Declaration of Independence assures Americans of the unalienable rights of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness,
  • The United States Constitution assures Americans of a right of assembly and of speech, and permits the government to exercise only enumerated powers, and neither masks nor personal health are anywhere listed in the constitution as being one of the enumerated powers of government,
  • No Democrat political leader (for example, Gavin Newsom, Nancy Pelosi, Anthony Fauci, or John Kerry, among others) actually believe in the certainty, or even the possibility, of their personal contraction of the covid disease if a mask is not worn by them or other people around them. The proof of this is in their not wearing masks on numerous occasions when photographed without the required mask, on outings forbidden to lesser Americans,
  • Nor do Democrat political leaders (for example, Gavin Newsom, Nancy Pelosi, Anthony Fauci, or John Kerry, among others) actually believe in the certainty, or even the possibility, of their passing the covid disease on to other people near them if a mask is not worn by them or other people around them. The proof of this is in their not wearing masks on numerous occasions when photographed without the required mask, on outings not allowed to regular people,
  • The supposed “science” behind all officially announced orders concerning the covid disease were not “scientific” at all, but changed repeatedly from needing no mask at all, to needing one mask, to needing two masks, from needing six feet of separation to needing only three feet of separation, to being protected by a vaccination but still being required to wear a mask,
  • Government orders that everyone must wear a mask defies the logic that if a cautious person is protected when wearing a mask, which we are repeatedly assured is the case, then why do other people surrounding this mask-protected person have to wear a mask,
  • If the covid vaccine protects a person from the disease, why does that vaccinated person have to continue to wear a mask,
  • If a mask is too porous to keep out the covid virus, then the order to wear masks must be for show only, and is proof that politicians who order the mask be worn are behaving like dictators and are deviating from “science“,

Therefore, we, the issuers of this Declaration of Freedom, declare any order to wear a mask as being unconstitutional and therefore non-binding on American citizens.

Monday, March 22, 2021

Biden Still Travels With A Silent, Masked Phantom Lurking Over His Right Shoulder

 During the few campaign appearances that Joey Biden made in 2020, one would notice a strange, masked, spooky image standing in the shadows, always at Joey’s right-rear, just standing there, mysteriously watching and listening.

It turned out that the masked visitor was Kamala Harris, but why she appeared in the shadows so mysteriously was never clear. Trump made speeches without Pence looking over his shoulder. Bush made appearances without  Cheney being near. And Obama didn’t need the confused Biden to appear at his talks.

Kamala Harris attends Joey whether he is at home or traveling away from D.C. Aren’t the president and the vice president supposed to keep some distance between them so an accident won’t take them both out and allow Pelosi to become dictator?

But now we know the reason that the weak, unstable, unbalanced Biden has his masked shepherd always at hand; in case he slips or falls, or in case he gets locked into an elongated stutter and can’t break out of it. Or, heaven forbid, that Joey should make some inappropriate comments, like, maybe telling the truth about his policies and plans for America. On those occasions Kamala could step forward and tell us what Joey really meant by his statements and what American policy really is, in spite of Joey’s own words.

Americans have every right to know who is running their government and who is making decisions on policy. The southern border is collapsing with thousands of immigrants invading our nation and thousands of children being threatened with child molesters, and no one in the administration seems to care, and no one would even think to suggest reversing this failed policy of Joey so our nation can have the relative tranquility of the Trump policies at the border.

But Democrats are seeking future voters, so they will make no move to stop the flow of people seeking a life in America, even though they continue to tell the world what a racist, terrible place American is. The immigrants know better, and they are expressing the heaven that America is with their feet and their suffering along the dangerous trek north.

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Biden And The Chinese Both Accuse America Of Racism And Slavery. Thanks, Joey.

 Last Tuesday eight women were killed in Atlanta by a white male. Three-quarters of those victims were Asian women, meaning of course that one-quarter were not of Asian descent. The Atlanta police had already stated, after carefully interrogating the admitted murderer, that the culprit did not commit the murders for reasons related to race or ethnicity. And still Democrats, with Joey Biden and Kamala Harris at the forefront in a speech on Friday night, are dumping on white Americans for the killings, calling the murders racial hatred which whites must stop committing. To be sure, Joey and Harris did not specifically mention whites as being hateful of Asians and committing the crimes, but we all know who Democrats direct their derogatory comments at, because every white person in America is being charged daily, and even hourly by the likes of CNN and the Biden administration, of being racists of one type or another. CNN’s Don Lemon even stated that white males were the most dangerous threat to life in America today.

Not mentioned in the Joey/Harris speech is a year-long history of blacks in Los Angeles and Manhattan savagely attacking and beating Asians, because that would identify racism on the part of blacks, and the political left won‘t allow that. Neither would they mention that the most elite American colleges and universities have been discriminating against Asians for a very long time by not allowing them into their classrooms. One possible reason Asians are being discriminated against by white, elite, eastern universities is that Asians score too highly on admittance tests, and if they began admitting qualified Asians to Harvard and Yale there would be no more room for the Kennedy, Kerry, Bush,  Rockefeller and other elite, big-government and big-business off-springs, who, even scoring way below Asians on admittance tests, are given preference to the top colleges their that parents attended.

With all of the racism coming from Democrats, both past and present, beginning with the antebellum slavery  days of the old Democrat south, to the KKK days, to the sheriff blocking the school house doors in Little Rock, to black churches being burned, the current leaders of the Democrat party have a lot of nerve making white people in general, sit through their offensive charges against our race, when we have the smallest representation of perpetrators of racism, beatings and murder in the nation, by actual count.

And isn’t it an amazing coincidence that Joey and Harris had the nerve to make their accusations of racism against white Americans in the Atlanta speech, because that same day (Friday, March 19th) the Chinese government met the Biden administration in Alaska, and the Chinese representatives, in a very long and accusatory message, accused America, which now is Joey’s America, of racism and slavery among a list of other gripes and complaints they have with America.

The Chinese diatribe set Joey’s team back on their heels, because of the cozy financial relationship that Joey and his son, Hunter, have with Chinese, and because Joey is so opposed to anything that Donald Trump did, that he expected this anti-Trump rhetoric to be greeted  by the Chinese with friendship toward Joey, and instead they took his administration apart at the seams, along with attacking America. 

You might have noticed that the Chinese never unloaded on Trump like they did on Joey. Trump had the respect of the Chinese because he had personal integrity and power and was protecting America’s interests, while Joey is weak and is just looking out for his, and Hunter’s, personal fortunes, and lacks the stones to shove the Chinese’s own mistreatment and enslavement of the Uyghurs, along with their own abused citizens, down their filthy throats.

So the Chinese turn the tables on Joey, who had earlier in the day, himself called America racist, by joining him in his accusations against America as a nation of racists. This position seems to lock Joey into the indefensible position of agreeing with our main enemy that his own nation is a bad country, with the unspoken verdict that if America is really a bad, racist nation, the leader of that nation must, himself, also be racist or stupid, or both.

If Joey had a brain in his head, he would have gone to Atlanta and congratulated the law enforcement agencies for capturing the suspect in the mass murders of the Atlanta women and wished them luck in punishing the culprit to the full extent of the law, and he should have gotten in the faces of the Chinese who were bad-mouthing America and reminded them that America’s slavery ended 150 years ago, while theirs is current and ongoing, with their horrible treatment of the Uyghurs and the residents of Hong Kong, who were promised freedom from Chinese dictatorship when the British handed over their old colony to China, just 33 years ago.

Then, Joey should have had his representatives close their notebooks, invite the Chinese to leave America immediately, and left the room, similar to Ronald Reagan’s treatment of the Soviet Union at the Reykjavik, Iceland talks in 1986. But Joey is weak and is having trouble walking and thinking straight, so he took the weak way out by remaining silent and made America look weak as a result.

Donald Trump is sorely missed in these dangerous, weak, rudderless days of the Biden/Harris administration.

Monday, March 15, 2021

F.E.M.A. Responds To A Border Disaster Named “Biden”

 Every disaster that FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) responds to gets a name, and the disaster now getting named at our southern border is called “Joey“, as in Joey Biden. This disaster at our border is/was caused solely by our idiot president and his immediate impulse to undo anything that Donald Trump did, and in this case he has disrupted the entire Trump policy that had stopped witnessing children crossing the border with no place to go, except to join a slaver who was collecting children for who-knows-what evil purpose; Trump had put a halt to adults from Central America taking the long dangerous trek to the American border, which was even more dangerous for the women traveling that distance; Trump had seen the harboring of people intent on illegally entering America by having them pause in Mexico until they could be efficiently brought into America for processing and checking their record; and Trump had nearly completed a lengthy wall that would prevent people with diseases or terrorists transporting nuclear devices from getting into one of our border states. But none of these important and well-functioning Trump policies were good enough for our Joey, he had to undo them with no plan at all as to what to do when tens of thousands of adults and children massively crossed the order into America, after he announced to the world that our border would become open as soon as he took office.

The entire disaster unfolding at the border was caused solely by Joey Biden and his stupid, thoughtless, unplanned policies to counter Donald Trump at every turn. But I doubt Joey is bright enough to realize the chain of unfortunate events he has unleashed, and I can assure you his White House staff will not inform him of the number of people, both foreign and American, he has hurt with his orders. But Joey is undoubtedly pleased with himself because he’s taken executive initiative and shown Donald Trump how to be president and make decisions.

It may be a little too soon, and the definition of the disaster may be a bit stretched at this early date, but FEMA may also be needed to provide assistance for the people who became jobless when the fool Joey halted the Keystone pipeline; and the futures of many young women sports competitors may be destroyed now that the feeble-minded Joey issued an executive order stating that women must allow biological males to compete with them in sporting events, which may cause an end to many girls’ career plans, including a college education financed by a sports scholarship or winning medals in future Olympics games.

The far left, radical, Joey has laid down a scorched-earth path of disaster across the fabric of America with his ultra-left ideas and his inundation of executive orders. But one would be remiss if we didn’t also thank Prez Joey for making our national Capitol city look like a 1950s East Germany ar zone on a very bad day, with its concertina wire, its armed guards and boarded windows on former store fronts.

How can our beloved Joey do more harm than he’s already done, you might ask. Well the Houses bill H.R. 1 is a good start. It proposes making elections federal issues, and as such it has provisions so that fraudulent voting will be done under federal control, meaning Democrat bureaucrats will be overseeing all elections, and further assuring that vote fraud will be part and parcel to each and every election held in the future. And the nasty deeds that Joey and his Democrats have already committed as described in this opinion piece, will be common practice into our forever future, because as soon as Democrats oversee elections and are able to decide what is fraud and what is not, Republicans will never again gain political power and be able to correct all of the stupidity that Democrats do when they are in power.

And one would be doubly remiss not to note that last Thursday night our Joey claimed credit for developing and distributing the covid vaccine, while Joey himself and millions of other American citizens, got their vaccination shots under the Trump administration, after a nine month series of pushes and prods by President Trump trying to get the pharmaceutical industry to develop and distribute the vaccine to Americans. But the addle-headed Joey thinks he did all of the work getting a vaccine to market.

The only thing Joey Biden has done since he fraudulently gained the White House is stumble, stammer and stare ahead blankly, trying to develop a thought, and then walk swiftly and stiffly away like the old man he is, and we can expect more of the same from him for the three and a half years he has left in the Oval Office, which will require FEMA to work overtime trying to repair his disasters that have yet to surface.

May God have mercy on America, because we’re going to need it.

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Hey Joey, You Didn’t Build That

During the Obama years, when anyone attempted to display their entrepreneurship by taking credit for the business their efforts built, leftist Democrats would abuse and mock that person. The most insulting was Elizabeth Warren who attacked those business people by claiming that “you didn’t build that” and would then go on to explain that the government built the roads to the business, the government provided the electricity, the water and the natural gas that allowed the business to be established. So it was government, not individual initiative and hard work, that built the business and made the entrepreneur wealthy and employed the staff that provided the product or service done in the building that the government built.

Our Joey Biden claimed tacitly during his speech on Thursday night that his administration produced the covid vaccine, so now I feel I must scold and remind the idiot who calls himself president that he didn’t build that: he did not create operation Warp Speed, the name given to Donald Trump’s effort to push pharmaceutical companies to develop a vaccine for the Wuhan virus in record time and save millions of American lives, including the life of Joey Biden, who received his vaccination while Trump was still president. 

But the idiot Joey is so insecure, and his mind is so weak, that he really thinks he is the hero of that story, and that his personal efforts developed the vaccine. But Joey has a staff of leftists who could have reminded him that he got his shot before he was inaugurated, so one must assume that it’s not only that Joey doesn’t know where he is or what he’s doing, his statement that his administration provided the nation with the vaccine was a planned and deliberate lie from Joey’s administration.

Another very disturbing thing that Joey did last Thursday night in his “Thank Me For The Vaccine” speech on the television, was his confusion that he has the power to grant Americans freedom from wearing a mask by July 4th. He said that if we’re careful and if no new strains of the Wuhan disease present themselves, and if we weak-minded surfs out here continue to religiously wear our masks and keep proper distance from other ignorant Americans, as Joey has proclaimed we must do, maybe he’ll grant us permission to light a sparkler or two and eat a hamburger on Independence Day. So I must remind Joey that it was the Declaration of Independence that declared the right of all Americans to “the pursuit of happiness”, and it’s the constitution that assures Americans of the right to assemble, even to assemble with relatives and friends, and even if Joey doesn‘t think we‘ve behaved well enough to reluctantly grant us permission to do so.

Americans don’t need a mentally fading father-figure to advise us, and we don’t need Joey’s permission to meet with friends and family to celebrate the fourth. Biden is a confused and power-hungry Democrat, and it would be helpful if his massive staff of other leftists reminded him of the constitutional limitations placed on his ability to control us Americans out here. Just let Joey drink a little more pabulum, have a glass of prune juice and take a nice, long nap, and maybe he’ll feel better, because although he had nothing to do with creating and distributing the vaccine, he‘s building resentment with Americans for his dictatorial attitude toward our constitutional right to be free and responsible people.

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Biden’s Thursday Night Speech

 Our president gave a speech Thursday night, and after six minutes of morbidly reviewing the misery Americans have lived through with the Wuhan virus, during which he listed the number of deaths, the isolated families, no schooling for our children, no work for American citizens, grandparents who have been unable to hug their grandchildren, parents who have been unable to hug their children, no Thanksgiving meals and no Christmas get-togethers, yada, yada, yada.

And then Joey said “this must end”. I can only assume that the fool man meant that the privations Americans have lived through this last year must end and we must regain our liberties to move about and breathe freely once again. But did our all-powerful president give us mere citizens permission to resume our lives as we knew them a year ago, before the CDC and Anthony Fauci took freedom away? No, he did not!

Even though he said we “might” be able to remove our worthless masks by July fourth if he personally, as our lord and savior, thinks it’s advisable, he left the masking order in place.

And Joey took full credit for the “plan” he carefully developed and presented to us on his first week in office, a plan that I’ve never heard before, because the only plan to develop a vaccine and get Americans vaccinated was developed by Donald Trump, and in fact Joey was vaccinated during Trump’s administration, on December 20, 2020.

Joey didn’t utter one word about the Trump administration pushing the pharmaceutical industry to develop a vaccine in record time, but made it sound like Joey himself was to be credited for saving the lives of Americans.

Under what authority does this old, feeble man tell me and all Americans that we must wear masks for four more months, until he thinks it’s safe? And he also cautiously added that there are new strains of the virus on the horizon, so we may have to lockdown and remask the nation all over again, on his whim only.

Joey’s speech was offensive, and his proposal that we continue to wear useless masks, immediately after he said that masking “must end”, is an unconstitutional move on his part. But when our president insisted that he would always be honest with Americans and that he would always abide by the “science” related to the virus,  I knew the speech was nearly over, because the last thing Biden is, is honest, and he has no idea of what the word “science” means.

Nice try, Joey, but no cigar this time round.

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

When The History Of The United States Is Written……

 When the downfall of the United States is written, and as of today’s actions on the part of Democrats, it appears that day is at hand, it will identify the year 2021 as the year the nation put a mentally failing man in the Oval Office, as being the nation’s final chapter.

The year 2020 is when massive fraud elected a president who often stated that he was running for the Senate, and he asked his listeners for their vote for another term in that office.

The year 2021 was when this feeble president invited hoards of Central American citizens to travel north to America for a better life, for welfare and for free healthcare, and they came in droves.

The year 2021 will be the year a confused president, and many Democrat state governors, refused to open schools, thereby permanently harming millions of children and those children’s futures.

The year 2021 was the year that we installed a president who openly and proudly reversed years of the Title IX objective of protection and fairness toward women, and ordered that biological men could compete with biological women, in female sporting events, to the detriment of those women and their futures.

The year 2021 will be the year that the Socialist regime of Joey Biden continued the policy of forcing American citizens to close their businesses and wear health-threatening masks.

The year 2021 was the year when Iran knew it could resume building a nuclear armory and the missiles to deliver those bombs to Israel, Europe and America.

The year 2021 was the year that America became dependent once again on the Arab nations for fuel, and America began to lose status in the eyes of the world as a result.

The year 2021 was the year Democrats forced the passing of a second, multi-trillion dollar covid relief bill that had only four percent of its funds allotted for covid relief, while the rest of the money served woke, radical left, progressive, waste-time interests, like the Green New Deal that will cost the American citizens greatly and harm our nation if these radical items are implemented. And it was also the year, following the murderous and riotous summer of 2020, when Democrats tried to deny Americans their constitutional right to bear arms in order to protect themselves, after Democrats proposed the firing of all police forces, to the obvious detriment of everyone in impacted cities. With no police, followed by Biden’s proposed confiscation of all personal weapons from law abiding citizens, cities without police officers have/will become dangerous places to live and try to work.

And 2021 will likely be the year a woman becomes president of the United States, because the corrupt Democrat party allowed a mentally impaired and deteriorating man to run for presidency with a wildly radical female as vice president, knowing full well that the president would not be able to function in office and would have to leave office in disgrace and humiliation before he completed his term. And Democrats assured that this backroom, cigar-smoke-filled-room plotting was successful with vote fraud as their ally in the 2020 election, and are now proposing bills that would make the fraud used in 2020 to be the federal norm going into the future, assuring that Democrats could rule America forever with the iron fist so recognizable in leftist rulers, and in violation to our constitution, if behaving constitutionally matters any longer to radical Democrats.

Sunday, March 7, 2021

If You Thought Covid Restrictions On Liberty Were About Over, Think Again

Never in history has a government found an easier way to control its population and keep everyone in a state of fear than America’s Democrats party and its use of a virus to keep people at home, masked, and quaking in fear at certain death outside their doors if they see a person not wearing a mask.

A year ago the Chinese government sent the covid disease to America (and the rest of the world) by sending Chinese citizens who contracted the disease to airports around the world in order to spread it abroad. These Chinese citizens were not allowed to fly to locations with China, only to foreign destinations.

Now that the disease seems to be somewhat under control and waning in intensity, Joey Biden has invited Central American citizens to come to America, en mass, and once they get here they are released to go any place in the United States they want to go, with no restrictions based on their criminal backgrounds nor on their health. The problem is that if they are tested positive for the covid disease, they are released anyway, to spread the disease throughout America. But Joey has prohibited American citizens from even taking their worthless masks off in their own homes, let alone being able to travel freely in their own country. Given the absolute stupidity of Joey’s rules on immigration and on the covid disease, one might well wonder if the illegals now traveling freely in America were simply allowed to travel while carrying the disease, or were they encouraged to travel, perhaps with our government picking up the tab for the bus ride.

So very soon we can expect to see a new Central American strain of the disease crop up across America, and you can bet that Joey will reinstate the lockdown and will require masking to begin all over again. Democrats want nothing but power and control.

Joey was one of the first people in America to get a vaccination, on December 21, 2020, under the Trump administration, and our lying president is still pushing the lie of there having been no vaccine available until the Biden administration was installed, and that there was no plan at all for distribution of the vaccine until Joey took over and saved the nation. If Joey isn’t lying, he’s not talking. And in spite of him already being vaccinated with Trump’s vaccine, he still wears a mask as though the threat of death is imminent and we could all die tomorrow. The man’s a fool.

If this is not domestic terrorism on the part of our president, I don’t know a better way to define the word terrorism. What in the hell is happening in America when our president lets sick people into our country and then allows the sick people to distribute the disease at their leisure? Along with this being an abuse of Americans, it’s also an abuse of the illegals Joey let in, because we have the ability to sequester them and give them a vaccination to restore their health, but Joey lets them travel sick and spread the disease further.  

Friday, March 5, 2021

It’s March 5th. Is Donald Trump President Again, Yet?

 The lying Democrats have been going crazy for over a month with their lying report of Trump supporters planning an attack on the Capitol building and taking over the government in order to re-install Donald Trump as president on March 4th, which was the original inauguration date  earlier in America‘s history, relying on far-left intelligence reports that were fabrications, telling horrific, lying tales of domestic terrorism coming from the political right and ignoring the death and destruction that the leftist forces of ANTIFA and BLM committed all summer long in 2020, from Seattle to Baltimore, with mostly unreported daily riots omitted by our leftist press.

In order to show how big and bad the Joey Biden administration is, they installed 5000 National Guard troops and miles of concertina wire around the Capitol, on the vaguest rumor of right-wing attacks, all based on the January 6th attack on the Capitol building that actually did happen, and it happened because the radical left in the DC city government and in the Democrat House of Representatives wanted it to happen, so they could make President Trump look bad, and to be able to blame something on Trump supporters. Democrats are desperate for culprits on the right to identify as terrorists, but even the January 6th event, although regrettable, was not overtly violent; nothing was burned as the American cities were all summer in 2020, and no guns were found on any of the rioters in attendance in the Capitol building.

But DC storefronts remain boarded up in expectation of right-wing rioting, Democrat politicians took the day off yesterday in fear of their lives from Trumpers, and all day long the likes of CNN were wringing their hands in hopeful expectation of something to happen, but it didn’t. This non-event is just proof, as if any were needed, that Trump supporters are not violent and only want the government promised them by our constitution.

Are the troops in DC, and the concertina wire around the Capitol, and Nancy Pelosi calling Trump supporters racists and terrorists, and the boarded-up storefronts, anything like the “consent of the governed” our nation supposedly represents? Democrats assumed control of all three branches of government  after the 2020 election, but instead of being happy and behaving like responsible, sensible people just doing the work of the people, they have become completely unhinged, violent, unreasonable people intent on imprisoning their political rivals for no reason at all and issuing idiotic executive orders that undermine the basic tenant of  the consent of the governed.

The violence all summer long, burning, beating and killing, is not something Democrats worry about, but a single incident at the Capitol building in which no fires were set and no rioter carried a weapon, is all the leftist fools can talk about. But the soldiers and the barbed wire will remain in our nation’s capitol for at least several months because we all know how violent Trump supporters are, unlike the leftist mobs who attacked the White House in June of 2020, forcing the first family into shelters and burning a nearby church.

Biden’s Executive Order Threatens My Granddaughter, And All Girls In America

 The entire idea of having separate men’s and women’s sporting events was to allow girls and women to compete on an equal basis against equally trained and prepared opponents. 

So then, why would girls spend hours practicing, working and training to perfect their desired sporting event in an effort to become the best that they can be, when suddenly their competitors are biological males of their own age who are significantly stronger than they are, which means they are more likely to lose in competition with these males? Now Joey’s executive order cancels any chance girls may have to excel in a sport and win competitions.

The educational and career futures of many girls depends on their winning competitions, getting college scholarships so they can advance in their desired sporting event and become champions in their fields, with an eye on possibly entering an Olympic competition one day. But with the stronger, faster, bigger boys and men competing against them, their hard work and painfully achieved sports abilities are completely wasted.

And beyond consideration of what Joey’s foolish executive order does to individual females and their futures, how can the nation of America possibly have female competitors entered in international Olympics events, when the young girls and women who trained in those events are eliminated from advancement by having to compete with boys and men? 

In Soviet era Olympic competition, the East German “women” were eliminated from  competition after blood tests showed that they had been injected with testosterone and other drugs that made them faster or stronger than women not injected with these drugs, and now the American idiot-left, headed by Joey Biden, wants actual men to enter into women’s competitions with the rest of the world. One seriously doubts that the judges at Olympic events will allow America to have a competitor in a women’s event when the competitor is an actual biological male. Joey and his party are complete fools for doing something so completely insane, and this travesty will not only hurt girls and women who want to compete domestically or internationally, it will make America the misogynistic laughing stock of the world.

Thanks a lot, Joey.

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

When Democrats Make A Racist Of Seuss, Me Thinks They Are Way Too Deep In The Juice

 It makes one think there is possibly something in the water of this nation that makes Democrats behave like insane people. For a very long time the far left has wanted to encourage people from another culture, any other culture, with no knowledge of how American society works, and no ability to speak English, and much too often possessing a criminal record from their home nation, and perhaps even suffering from an illness, to freely enter America and immediately go on welfare and be given free healthcare. And we watched silently as President Joey issued an executive order that said girls must compete with men in sporting events. Plus, Democrats have repeatedly insisted that men do indeed have menstrual cycles, and they actually believe that little children should be operated on to change their sex to whatever of the fifty-seven officially approved sexes their parents think these children really should be.

But although the problem probably isn’t in the water, and even though the craziness looks more like a bad case of LSD, people on the radical, Democrat left are so woke that they dream of the most insane things possible, like seeing racism in people of color being mentioned too infrequently in Dr. Seuss’ books, and seeing “troubling” signs of “orientalism and anti-blackness” throughout his writings. Of course anyone who has a predisposition to finding racism everywhere they look will find racism everywhere they look, because they are, themselves, racists.

So now, after digging deep and studying hard, the most woke among us has discovered that Dr. Seuss is a closet racist and has been making coded comments of a racist nature all these many years we’ve been reading his books to our children, and we didn’t even know it.

Haven’t individuals on the political left ever heard of crying “wolf” too often? Don’t they know that the stupid things they say undermine their positions, even the few of their positions that have a grain of validity to them? Don’t they realize that they are being laughed at with each of their idiotic proposals?

 And although laughing is not what most of us do when the left proposes doing away with police departments, and forcing citizens to give up their weapons, and “mostly peacefully” burning American cities from Seattle to Baltimore, the things these nutty people propose make us believe they really need professional psychiatric help.

Let this latest example of the sick minds of the racist, Democrat party warn you off of believing the things these idiots say and propose. If we just ignore them they may go away, but I doubt it.

Monday, March 1, 2021

Was There An Annual Flu Shot Developed in 2020?

 What if half or more of the deaths attributed to the Wuhan virus during the last four or six months, were actually attributable to the normal, annual, cold and flu season?

Usually there are health warnings each fall as the flu season approaches, encouraging us to get flu shots for this year’s pest, but this year I heard nothing about a new strain of flu that we should be protected against. And wouldn’t it have been wise for the CDC to urge everyone, loud and long, to get the latest shot, especially when the threat from the Wuhan disease was so great and uppermost on everyone’s mind? To have the two viruses plaguing the population at the same time would be a disastrous situation. But neither the CDC nor the sainted Dr. Fauci told us to get flu shots.

So was there a 2020 distribution of the traditional flu shot? Was one even developed? We know for a fact that there were many misdiagnoses made in which the Wuhan was blamed for all kinds of deaths, when the culprit was a more mundane ailment like heart attack, cancer, renal failure or other cause. One wonders how many deaths from heart attack were attributed to the Wuhan virus. We know that at least one suicide of a pistol shot to the head was blamed on the Chinese flu, and we can assume there were other such misdiagnoses made as well.

We also know that doctors have stated that there have been many fewer causes of death attributed to cancer or heart attack during the past year, so can it be that the Wuhan was identified as the culprit, but the actual cause was something much less fashionable at this time and in this political season?

And who could have benefited if the tabulation of deaths caused by the Wuhan virus was increased at the expense of the more normal diseases we are all used to? Perhaps the Democrat party could benefit, as the 2020 election approached, and the weakest candidate in American history, Joey Biden, was their assured-to-lose candidate when pitted against Donald Trump..