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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Biden And The Chinese Both Accuse America Of Racism And Slavery. Thanks, Joey.

 Last Tuesday eight women were killed in Atlanta by a white male. Three-quarters of those victims were Asian women, meaning of course that one-quarter were not of Asian descent. The Atlanta police had already stated, after carefully interrogating the admitted murderer, that the culprit did not commit the murders for reasons related to race or ethnicity. And still Democrats, with Joey Biden and Kamala Harris at the forefront in a speech on Friday night, are dumping on white Americans for the killings, calling the murders racial hatred which whites must stop committing. To be sure, Joey and Harris did not specifically mention whites as being hateful of Asians and committing the crimes, but we all know who Democrats direct their derogatory comments at, because every white person in America is being charged daily, and even hourly by the likes of CNN and the Biden administration, of being racists of one type or another. CNN’s Don Lemon even stated that white males were the most dangerous threat to life in America today.

Not mentioned in the Joey/Harris speech is a year-long history of blacks in Los Angeles and Manhattan savagely attacking and beating Asians, because that would identify racism on the part of blacks, and the political left won‘t allow that. Neither would they mention that the most elite American colleges and universities have been discriminating against Asians for a very long time by not allowing them into their classrooms. One possible reason Asians are being discriminated against by white, elite, eastern universities is that Asians score too highly on admittance tests, and if they began admitting qualified Asians to Harvard and Yale there would be no more room for the Kennedy, Kerry, Bush,  Rockefeller and other elite, big-government and big-business off-springs, who, even scoring way below Asians on admittance tests, are given preference to the top colleges their that parents attended.

With all of the racism coming from Democrats, both past and present, beginning with the antebellum slavery  days of the old Democrat south, to the KKK days, to the sheriff blocking the school house doors in Little Rock, to black churches being burned, the current leaders of the Democrat party have a lot of nerve making white people in general, sit through their offensive charges against our race, when we have the smallest representation of perpetrators of racism, beatings and murder in the nation, by actual count.

And isn’t it an amazing coincidence that Joey and Harris had the nerve to make their accusations of racism against white Americans in the Atlanta speech, because that same day (Friday, March 19th) the Chinese government met the Biden administration in Alaska, and the Chinese representatives, in a very long and accusatory message, accused America, which now is Joey’s America, of racism and slavery among a list of other gripes and complaints they have with America.

The Chinese diatribe set Joey’s team back on their heels, because of the cozy financial relationship that Joey and his son, Hunter, have with Chinese, and because Joey is so opposed to anything that Donald Trump did, that he expected this anti-Trump rhetoric to be greeted  by the Chinese with friendship toward Joey, and instead they took his administration apart at the seams, along with attacking America. 

You might have noticed that the Chinese never unloaded on Trump like they did on Joey. Trump had the respect of the Chinese because he had personal integrity and power and was protecting America’s interests, while Joey is weak and is just looking out for his, and Hunter’s, personal fortunes, and lacks the stones to shove the Chinese’s own mistreatment and enslavement of the Uyghurs, along with their own abused citizens, down their filthy throats.

So the Chinese turn the tables on Joey, who had earlier in the day, himself called America racist, by joining him in his accusations against America as a nation of racists. This position seems to lock Joey into the indefensible position of agreeing with our main enemy that his own nation is a bad country, with the unspoken verdict that if America is really a bad, racist nation, the leader of that nation must, himself, also be racist or stupid, or both.

If Joey had a brain in his head, he would have gone to Atlanta and congratulated the law enforcement agencies for capturing the suspect in the mass murders of the Atlanta women and wished them luck in punishing the culprit to the full extent of the law, and he should have gotten in the faces of the Chinese who were bad-mouthing America and reminded them that America’s slavery ended 150 years ago, while theirs is current and ongoing, with their horrible treatment of the Uyghurs and the residents of Hong Kong, who were promised freedom from Chinese dictatorship when the British handed over their old colony to China, just 33 years ago.

Then, Joey should have had his representatives close their notebooks, invite the Chinese to leave America immediately, and left the room, similar to Ronald Reagan’s treatment of the Soviet Union at the Reykjavik, Iceland talks in 1986. But Joey is weak and is having trouble walking and thinking straight, so he took the weak way out by remaining silent and made America look weak as a result.

Donald Trump is sorely missed in these dangerous, weak, rudderless days of the Biden/Harris administration.