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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Friday, June 26, 2015

As The Supreme Court Betrays America, All The Upstream Political Dams Are Breaking

When one lives on a river one learns to pay attention to how the dams upstream are holding, because if the dams upstream fail, the resulting deluge will be released and there is no way to stop it as it takes out your life and home.

Below will be references to metaphorical political dams intended to make the point that our society is literally falling apart under Obama’s deluge of liberalism/progressivism.

The lesser political dams upstream can be related simply to how our governmental authorities behave when laws are broken by the government itself.  An example could be when the IRS singles out Obama’s opponents and denies Republicans the same tax benefits common to liberals; or when we know the Secretary of State was accepting large personal donations from foreign governments in exchange for favorable State Department rulings; and when she illegally destroyed emails on her illegal server to cover her criminal tracks.  No one in the Obama administration will lift a finger to punish these wrong-doings.  And how about the constant lying drumbeat from Democrats about the Republican war on women, and the Republican efforts to deny the vote to black citizens.  Any honest person would admit that this is just filthy talk, but liberals are not honest.

Then come the medium size political dams of liberals’ repeated attempts to deny Americans their second amendment right to own arms to defend themselves; repeated attempts to force homosexual marriage down our throats; the insistence that we accept the tens of thousands of illegal aliens crossing our borders as merely being immigration reform; the unending EPA regulations which are contrary to the enabling legislation Congress passed (but no one seriously tries to stop them); the global warming brigade that seriously suggests that warming deniers be judged to be insane and made criminals (when common sense would tell anyone who cared to apply logic and their own senses that the oceans are not rising and that a predicted rise of one degree in temperature in fifty years is a good thing, not a bad one, because it would lengthen the growing season slightly and provide more food).

Another medium political dam that is being torn down finds the left attacking police forces across the country and leaving the population very much exposed to crime as the police back off from the dangers of their job in the face of public outrage and violence at their supposed excesses.

But the main political dam formerly holding back the hordes who have been damaging the lesser dams has just failed us a second time: the Supreme Court is all in on Obamacare and has used their own opinions, instead of legal reasoning, to finally shove the Affordable Care Act down our throats.
The political dams are breaking all along the river of life in America, and when you consider that the federal government, which is the primary wrecker of the dams that protect America from total destruction, is broke and that the stock market is now riding a new bubble equal to that of 2008, we’re all in big trouble.

Most people, especially the young who grew up in an era of plenty, have no idea where their liberties and their comfortable lives come from.  They have lived so well for so long that they believe that air conditioners and iPods and markets packed with food are the norm and simply the way life is, but their great grandparents could tell them that living in the U.S. today is a miracle compared to past times, and it could be lost in the blink of an eye if the traditional political dams that protected our nation from excesses and subversives all fall down.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Bobby Jindal Not Indian-Enough For Liberals

Recently the Washington Post expressed the opinion that Republican presidential candidate Bobby Jindal has lost his Indian-ness, thereby, by suggestion, making him a bad candidate for president (of course any candidate on the Republican side is a bad candidate, but liberals like to be creative in their dislikes so they look at important things, like the language, religion and the skin color of the candidate and concentrate on that). However, Obama is African-American enough for the Washington Post because he hates America and its constitution (Obama’s own words were “Fundamentally transform America”), but Jindal isn’t Indian enough because he outspokenly and specifically does love America and its constitution.

Stated differently, the criteria for liberals is that if you hate America, as Obama obviously does, then you’re a good candidate, but if you love America you shouldn’t even run.  And when the attitude about America is combined with dark skin pigmentation, you just multiply the candidate’s worthiness or unworthiness by ten.  Only haters of America need apply, and do not consider the character of the candidate as Martin Luther King suggested, but look only at his/her race and ethnicity.

The smoke screens that liberals throw up to muddy the electoral waters is amazing.  The issue is not about skin color or national origin as the liberal racists insist. The issue is about defending the constitution and keeping Americans of all colors, races and religions, whether male or female, free and prosperous, and liberal candidates fall short of the mark every time. Liberals see skin color first and all else comes second in their opinion.

The question of “whiteness” has recently been front page in the news.  Rachel Dolezal is a white woman who claimed to be black and took that identity, and Dana Dusbiber forbids the literature of Shakespeare be taught in her class because he was too white.  Because Obama was the first black president and proved to be a complete, lying, incompetent fool, liberals are very touchy on the subject of skin color because they don’t want a Republican president with dark skin showing their guy up by being a success, so they jump on any flaw they find, even if it’s irrelevant.  Libs don’t like dark-skinned people who act “white”.  It will be difficult for liberals to continue to divide the population along racial lines if someone like Jindal becomes president, but with the Washington Post’s recent article they are laying the ground-work to continue the “struggle” should Jindal be elected.

Bobby Jindal’s biggest sin is that he claims to be only American and not of hyphenated origin, and that’s not the attitude liberals want to hear.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

“White Privilege”? The Only Privilege I See is “Liberal Privilege”

The liberal press has made much ado recently by coining the phrase “white privilege” to account for there being more white people firmly in the middle class than black or brown people (of course liberals ignore the fact that Asians, as represented by their share of the population, greatly out-represent whites in the arena of earnings).  But what is most evident is the massive privilege given to anyone of the liberal stripe, and here are a few examples:

Liberal Political/Economic Privilege
Just out of college Chelsea Clinton gets a six-figure income from NBC and now has a 10 million dollar Manhattan penthouse. Did she work and earn this lavish living?  I thought Hillary was going to put a halt to this unfair high living for those in a position of influence with powerful people.

Liberal Environmental Privilege
Al Gore, John Kerry, the Clintons and their liberal pals in the United Nations and elsewhere get to own multiple homes and fly around on private jets while being considered saviors of humanity, while everyone else is told to live in cramped quarters and take the bus or walk.

Liberal Governmental Privilege
Hillary can disobey the law and destroy government emails from her illegal server and no one in government shows any concern, and the press just moves on to Rubio’s parking tickets.
Bill Clinton can abuse women and lie about it under oath while he’s occupying the Oval Office and it’s a ho-hum event.
Hillary’s lack of attention to security in Benghazi as Secretary of State got four American employees of hers killed, but never mind.

Liberal Trans-Race Privilege
The white Rachel Dolezal uses her abilities to pretend to be black and take charge of an NAACP branch, thereby denying real blacks a chance to get recognition and advance themselves.  But being a liberal protects Dolezal from any criticism and scorn from the press.  Shouldn’t a white pretending to be black in order to dominate blacks be considered racist?  I’m just asking.

Liberal Black Privilege
Thomas Sowell, Clarence Thomas, Ben Carson and Walter E. Williams, among many other black conservatives, are scorned for their opinions and called sell-outs, but Sharpton and Jackson are above reproach.
In Chicago and Baltimore blacks kill blacks every day and white liberals just yawn.  I guess they think these lives don’t matter.

Liberal Legislative Privilege
Liberal welfare legislation has destroyed many lives, both black and white, by creating endless dependence on government hand-outs, and discourages those on welfare from getting a job and being independent of government, and even when Democrat liberals are honest enough to admit that this human destruction has occurred under their guidance they will not propose getting rid of the laws that further their power hold on votes.
Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago and New York City, among other cities with high crime and high murder rates and disgracefully high welfare roles are all Democrat enclaves in which Republican and conservative ideas are ignored, but Democrats are never blamed for the outrageous conditions they have created.

Lanny Davis, Pimping For The Clintons-in-Trouble, Again

In the 1990s when Bill Clinton was in a series of misconduct and legal-sexual troubles, his pal Lanny Davis was seen repeatedly defending ole Bill and letting us know that lying is actually a good thing, that a trailer-trash woman made him do it, and that Ken Starr was a sex fiend for digging up all of the dirt on our Billy. 

The sleaze of this fool man who defended Clinton during the presidential years would upset your stomach, but now the old Lanny-meister is back at it again, only this time he’s defending Hillary in advance of her becoming a nominee for president in order to get a good run at it and build some momentum, because she’ll need someone to repeatedly defend her during the entire span of her presidential run. If Lanny were to wait to start pimping for her after she becomes the Democrat nominee he probably wouldn’t have a job any longer because without a 24-hour a day effort of twisting logic and rationalizing about the dumb or improper things that she does daily (forget what she did or didn’t do in Benghazi and with her illegal email server tucked away in her bedroom) she’ll likely never become even the Democrat party nominee. She has too much baggage and will burn out.

In fairness, our legal system is based on everyone deserving legal representation, and the social representation Lanny Davis provides for the Clintons is understandably necessary, because the idiotic Clinton duo (and with Chelsea now residing in a ten-million dollar penthouse in Manhattan and joining the Clinton Initiative, she’ll likely join the cause and make it a trio) really do need help stepping over the messes they’ve dropped everywhere they go.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Do Capitalists Understand Basic Economics? Disney Doesn’t Appear To.

The American Chamber of Commerce and many domestic employers are letting all Americans down and negatively impacting our economy by firing domestic employees and hiring foreign replacements, and in so doing they threaten their own future profits and business prospects as well as the nation’s welfare as a whole.  The misuse of the H-1B visa program and other failings has for some time been used to get rid of experienced domestic employees who are seen as being too expensive and in turn hiring foreign workers at a lower cost. Not only is this kind of thinking going to hurt many Americans who have worked hard, achieved an education and been true to their employer for a number of years, but it’s going to impact the entire middle class as those persons displaced lose their homes and cars and will no longer be able to afford to take family vacations, eat out at local restaurants and make the various discretionary spending decisions so important to the entire national economy.

How can these clever people be so short-sighted and make such dumb short-term labor decisions that will have such long-term impact on their own profits?  Disney is one of the most recent companies found doing this very thing, but what Disney doesn’t seem to understand is that the domestic employees they fire will no longer be able to afford to visit its amusement parks, see its movies nor take cruises on its ships, and neither will the underpaid foreign hires who replace them.  So with these firings they have lost many past and potential customers.  When this sort of decision is multiplied by many companies doing the same thing, the economy as a whole will take a big, negative hit and unemployment will increase.  Obama has caused the current recession/depression to last longer than it should have with his enormous spending and EPA and Obamacare costs, but now employers are adding their mistakes to the president’s, which will only add more drag to any possible economic recovery (which recovery, by the way, has not happened).  And Disney is taking these draconian measures at a time when its corporate income is fine; it’s not like they need to cut labor costs to make a profit.

Risking long-term earnings, stability and negative public reaction for short-term labor savings is not a good plan.  It hurts us all.

Friday, June 19, 2015

No More Shakespeare. Racist Liberals Deny US Our Heritage.

Dane Dusbiber, an English teacher in Sacramento, will no longer teach Shakespeare because he was white.  In other words: she’s a racist and wants “white” things forbidden.  Maybe we should also stop allowing people to buy washing machines or microwave ovens and the unheard-of convenience they provide.  After all, microwave ovens are made using engineering standards, materials and procedures that are of “white” design and invention. How about the commercial jet aircraft that many people use for pleasure and business travel?  Aircraft are “white” inventions.  The cure for Polio was discovered by a “white” guy.  And although many people of color and diverse ethnic backgrounds are engineers, doctors, scientists and manufacturers and make many things that we all need and use, these people are using techniques developed by “white” people, as the good teacher uses the word.

Ms. Dusbiber would deny her students the background of their own culture by denying them Shakespeare and whatever else she and other racist liberals personally don’t understand or like.  The reason education is so dreadful in the United States at present is because people like Ms. Dusbiber refuse to teach the basics of western culture and the enormous advances, liberties and prosperity that derive from its teachings.  We are living today with a package deal of historically provided accomplishments in a constitutional democracy combined with the prosperity and freedom that comes from Capitalism and allows us to live more comfortably than any other society in the recent or distant past. If the likes of Ms. Dudbiber are allowed to bury the traditions and thinking of our predecessors, we will lose our pleasant lives and revert to the misery and want that our forebears worked to overcome and finally succeeded in eradicating.

The United States is currently experiencing the un-policing of our cities while gangs of criminals break the law and attack the police, and it’s in part due to liberal thinking like the Sacramento teacher’s, which states that all is relevant, that there are no guidelines we need to recognize nor follow and that we just need to do things that feel good, and if it doesn’t feel good to read Shakespeare (after all he’s an old guy using an old language), we’ll just forbid him and forget that part of our heritage. Denying Shakespeare, Marx or any other of our writers and thinkers will mean losing much of what makes our current lives possible, at least in part because it is allowing the deniers to pretend historical events were unimportant or never happened.

So when our good teacher uses her IPAD she had better realize that she’s using the tool of a “white” guy, and she should consider what will happen to her comfortable life if “white” ideas go away, which is exactly what she professes.  Whether it’s Japan, India or Peoria, a free people who value and use the education that has resulted in worldwide advancement in health care, science  and convenience, are prospering, and societies that are closed and deny the free discussion of ideas, are suffering.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Is Congress About To Vote The United States Back To “The Jungle”?

In 1906 Upton Sinclair wrote “The Jungle”, a book which described the terrible labor conditions that workers experienced in the United States at the time.  Currently Congress is considering bills that could return us to similarly unpleasant times in that they are considering legislation that will allow Obama (the same “fundamentally transform the United States” individual who will do anything to destroy the prosperity and liberty we have so long enjoyed) to make fast-track changes to U.S. law that will create at-present unknown regulations (regulations which are to be decided dictatorially by Obama) that the United States legislature will be unable to undo.  And since Obama has proven himself to be a totally evil force as regards America’s position in the world and to conditions within our borders (for example his unconstitutional immigration orders that have swamped our borders with illegals and have certainly caused at least suffering, if not worse, for the young children crossing Mexico alone to get to our borders), he is not to be trusted with any such power.

The bills being considered are the TPA (which will give Obama fast-track authority and will thereafter by-pass congress); TPP (which was negotiated in secret between mega-corporations and the various governments involved); TTiP (which involves trade between the U.S. and Europe, and never mind that simply changing both sides’ tariff laws would accomplish the same thing) and TiSA (which would involve the mobility of labor between nations and would mean that congress could no longer even pretend to make labor or immigration laws for our nation).

If you believe that Obama never makes decisions in America’s favor then he must be stopped from being given even more power to severely injure our nation and the middle class, and to make even worse our disastrous unemployment rate.  Obama’s executive orders have already (illegally) given persons illegally in our nation tax and employment advantages and is promising many of them citizenship in time for the next election when they will vote for Democrats who will promise them even more goodies at tax payer expense.

If you stop to consider that not only was the TPP developed in secrecy by the Obama administration, but the public was kept completely in the dark as to what was in the bill, and even members of congress were only permitted to see it in secrecy, in a locked room, were forbidden to take any notes from the viewing and were further sworn to not divulge what was in the bill they had secretly read.  If this is an example of transparency and openness in government in a legislative democracy, then I don’t know what a rule by fiat would be called.

We must tell our legislators: Stop Obama’s fast-track!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Under Obama, Everything Is A “New Normal”

We’ve been told for years that Bush and the capitalists destroyed our economy and increased unemployment and that we must accept the reality of reduced opportunity and stolen liberty that George Bush left behind.  But it appears that under our beloved leader and ruler, Barack Obama, everything has only gotten ominously worse, so now we have to accept the “new normal” that Obama has given us.

Because of the unconstitutional Obamacare and the onslaught of unlawful regulations by the EPA, unemployment is up greatly and wages are stagnant at best.  And because Obama doesn’t have the brains or the courage to make difficult decisions, he dithers (except when a fast decision is needed that will negatively impact the middle class and the economy), and in the case of ISIS, his indecision is allowing our enemy to win and is assuring that terrorist activity around the world will continue and likely increase.  It’s also causing greater fear in Israel because Obama’s pals campaigned against Netanyahu in the latest election there, and because Obama says he will not support Israel if fighting breaks out in the area.

Obama, along with the Commie New York Mayor, Bill DeBlasio, and accompanied by the racist activist Maryland prosecutor, Marilyn Mosby and the Mayor of Baltimore, has greatly and negatively impacted the police forces of the United States.  New York City, Baltimore, Chicago, Ferguson, Dallas and other cities have experienced major attacks on police officers with the threat of more attacks to come, because leftists don’t want criminals to be punished.
The nations of the world that used to be our allies have wisely learned to NOT trust Obama and are looking at the U.S. as a flawed nation that can’t be trusted to keep its word nor do the right thing when action is required.

Under Obama the office of the president has taken on dictatorial powers as Obama issues unconstitutional executive orders in rapid succession.  Immigration has become a critical item as our president invites illegals to cross our borders, hires transportation and lodging for these invaders well in advance of their arrival and then whisks them away to hide throughout the nation.  How many of the children illegally entering our country were beaten, tortured and raped along the course of their long trek?  And how many were enslaved or killed along the long and dangerous path that we’ll never hear of? This last point is important because it’s part of Obama’s plan that the children will come here alone and unprotected by parents, and then our government will pay to have their parents flown to the U.S. to join them, using the idiotic logic that Americans want families to live together, not be separated, so Mom and Pop are flown here instead of flying the children back home.

Even if it’s true that more Americans have healthcare now than ever before, under Obamacare millions of Americans lost the coverage they wanted, liked and could afford, and many who are now on Obamacare can’t afford to use it because of the high deductibility rates of Obama’s plan, so these unfortunates are effectively, again, without health care.

Obama is proving his untrustworthiness in the nuclear talks with Iran.  He won’t impose sanctions that will hurt the Mullahs and he won’t insist on instant investigations to check on illegal development of nuclear weapons.  In short, Obama is aiding the Iranians to develop nuclear weapons.  The civilized world is shocked at his stupidity, but Americans know this is just what you get when a community organizer promises to “fundamentally transform America”.

And next comes the social engineering that Obama became president for.  The HUD plan to establish government welfare housing in middle class communities throughout the nation is being pushed hard by the administration.  This means that middle class housing that most Americans aspire to will have their property values destroyed so people who have not had any ambition or discipline in their lives, who have not taken the effort to get a decent education, who have not put off having children until they were economically stable, and who have not gotten a job and stayed employed, are going to be taking over the more desirable neighborhoods.  And, as already discussed, these welfare people will be moving into these unsuspecting, pleasant neighborhoods with the police forces already under physical and verbal attack by liberals and criminals alike, and whose officers have begun to back off from enforcing laws out of fear of themselves being killed or prosecuted for just being police and enforcing the law.

Obama’s repeated, unending soft attacks on America have reduced its citizens’ expectations of living a prosperous and successful life and have created a lowered “new normal” level of evaluating what’s good and bad and how much of it we can and should expect.  We have been manipulated into accepting higher unemployment, more crime, less income, a weakened and reduced military and less liberty.  And when that happens Barry becomes the winner and is totally successful in his presidency.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Liberal Trans-Gender and Trans-Race Misfits Equal Societal Confusion

Racial confusion:
Elizabeth Warren is an Indian.
Rachel Dolezal (whose forebears were all white) is a black woman.

Sexual confusion:
Bruce Jenner is a woman.
Men “marry” men and women “marry” women.

Class confusion:
John Kerry is working class hunter (can I get me a huntin’ license here?)
The Clintons were flat broke when they left the White House.

National confusion:
Obama criticizes Christians and fundamentally transforms America but loves the Muslim call to prayer.
A CNN reported says terrorists who attack police are brave heroes.

Weather confusion:
Snow-fall in June is due to global warming.
Tornadoes in Oklahoma are due to global warming.
Obama’s presidency will halt the “rise of the ocean”.
Hurricanes in Florida are due to global warming.

Political confusion:
Republicans wage a war against women (this from Hillary who attacked women who dared to complain about her husband, Bill, who remains a liberal role model, abusing and raping women).
Hillary is honest.

And there is actually some tradition and history to back up these idiot claims: Didn’t Bill Clinton self-proclaim himself to be the first black president?  And didn’t Barack Obama recently state that he’s the closest thing to a Jew in the White House that America has had?  With liberals, up is down and down is up.  Black is white and white is black. Male is female and female is male.  So who’s the craziest? And these people want to rule this nation?  God help us!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Our Barry Admits He’s A Damned Fool

So now, at this late date, Obama sends 450 more troops to Iraq.  Of course this belated action comes after years of dithering, years of watching our sworn enemy take increasing chunks of Iraq and Syria, years of blaming Bush for his militaristic tendencies in the area, years of taking credit for removing troops from a stable Iraq (that Bush left behind) and years of watching videos of torture, rape and murder at the hands of the ISIS Nazis.

But most recently, just days ago, our beloved Barry stated that he has no plan to win against ISIS and defended his dithering by blaming the U.S. military for not giving him strategies for defeating the terrorists (which claim is a typical Obama lie),  by stating that Iraq hasn’t provided their own plan and approval of military action, which Barry says he needs before he can present his own winning, superior plan (and this doubtful claim of Iraqi non-response is made at nearly the same time that Obama embarrassingly ignored the Prime Minister of Iraq, who sat down next to him at a meeting of leaders where Obama was too busy flirting with one of his female cohorts to speak with our Iraqi ally whose nation has been invaded by savages who threaten to kill everyone who has been friendly with America).

So now that Barry has been caught in a series of lies and has been shown to be completely incompetent as a leader, he takes a timid step toward training the few people in the Iraqi area who are willing to fight for their freedom.  Unfortunately it’s too little, too late.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Poor Barry. He’s Not “Flexible” Enough For Putin.

Pity our poor, childish president.  Prior to Obama’s re-election he told Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that after the election he would have more “flexibility” and could work more freely and successfully with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.  Obama is so stupid that he actually thought he could tame the savage nature of Putin. He was not only wrong, but he was dead wrong, as the former satellites of the Soviet Union are learning to their great regret.  Obama may have a long learning curve, but must it take eight years to learn the true nature of his adversaries?  Does this fool man have no knowledge of history?

So recently here stands our slow-learning Barry complaining about Putin’s evil actions and his obviously murderous plans for the future, and Obama looks like a complete rooky on the international stage.  The world laughs at our great nation, and Obama struts like the big-shot community organizer and rabble-rouser that he is in reality. He’s certainly not of the stature of a true international leader.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Marco Rubio Scares The Desperate Leftists

Hillary may have illegally used her own e-mail server and left top secret government memos exposed to hacking from the Russians and Chinese, and Bill Clinton may have lied under oath about the abuse of a young woman on his staff while he was President of the United States, but Marco Rubio is the object of real and sincere scorn because he had 3 traffic violations over two decades. And then consider that Rubio, like most Americans who aren’t rich from suckling at the government teat and who don’t reside in the D.C. area, has had money-budgeting concerns, a mortgage on his home, and when he had some extra money he actually bought a fishing boat so he could take the family out on the water on a pleasant afternoon (and I’ll bet the boat is not named “Monkey Business”).

 Really? Is this all they’ve got?  The Libs are going completely insane in their fear for the next election and their not only weak, but totally dishonest and idiotic candidate in Hillary Clinton. And when one considers HRC and the obvious destruction done to the nation by Obama which they are no longer able to sweep under the carpet, one can understand their fear.

Or maybe the Dems are practicing their brand of anti-Hispanic hate with the absolutely unworthy and childish anti-Rubio investigations.  After all, they have a history in this regard with their flagrant hate and repeated attacks on George Bush’s Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales.  The next year promises to be fun to watch as the liberals go off the cliff.

Monday, June 8, 2015

If Obama Knew Then What He Knows Now, Would He Have Prematurely Removed All Troops From Iraq And Cause The Disaster We Now See There?

The answer is “yes”, he would still remove the troops and cause the problems we are facing today in the Middle East.  Obama makes no mistakes, he is unable to do anything wrong.  In his recent Memorial Day speech he took credit for there being no real military action in Iraq, but the people unfortunate enough to live and suffer there would take exception to his statement and to the withdrawal of American troops.  Obama doesn’t care at all how severely people are hurt by his actions, he just does stuff and then takes credit for the act, but never the blame.  In Iraq, all Obama cares about is denying America a victory and if Iraqi citizens die as a result, then so-be-it.

The liberal press takes great pleasure asking Republican candidates whether they would still invade Iraq knowing then what is common knowledge now, but they won’t pose the same question to “B’Iraq” Obama (and of course they are unable to ask Hillary the question because she takes no questions at all).  So the killing goes on and Obama continues to blow off his mouth. 

Obama will sacrifice anyone, anywhere at any time, just so he can claim a victory and strut around like a big shot, then jet off to Martha’s Island or the nearest gold course.  He’s even sacrificing the prosperity and security of the nation and the citizens he swore to defend.  That’s who this man is.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

According to Obama We Now Have An Almost-Jew In The White House. I Hope He Treats Israel Better Than He’s Treated America, Or they’re Doomed.

Our idiot president recently said that he is the closest thing our nation has ever had to having a Jew in the White House.  This is a very illuminating comment and shows the dark way his mind works, given the hate that this man has for Israel, its leaders and its sovereignty, while expressing nothing but admiration and complements for the Arab forces surrounding and threatening Israel every day of the year.  He has done everything in his power to publicly humiliate Netanyahu, has threatened to shoot down Israeli jets if they launch at Iraq, and has threatened to withhold assistance and supplies to Israel if conflict erupts in the area.  The only reason this deranged man can make such a statement is to cover for the destruction he’s done to America, and hope no one notices the obvious lie.

Can Obama be sane?  We’ve all heard him blame Bush for the mess in Iraq, then take credit for establishing a stable nation there, then praise himself for pulling the troops out of the “stable democracy”, then offhandedly dismiss ISIS as a JV team and worthy of no notice, then state that they will be “destabilized” and not completely defeated and destroyed, as they should be. Then as ISIS is successful at taking over large sections of Iraq and Syria and is seen to murder, rape and enslave tens of thousands of people in their path, he actually claims that the plan he has developed is being successful and he will continue to press the plan that is now, indeed, losing.  And on top of all that, he ignores the fact that ISIS has established nests in all 50 states right here at home.  How can this fool man be so self-delusional?  And how can congressional Republicans refuse to impeach this threat to our nation?