Statement from the Candidate

In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

What's Wrong With America?

Common sense would tell a responsible person that the way our nation has traditionally been run (limited, restrained government, few regulations on individuals and businesses, adherence to the constitution, allowing the drilling for our own sources of fuel on our own land and in our won waters, spending sensibly within a budget) causes the least pain for the population at large, leads to a lower cost of living for the population and facilitates a low unemployment rate.

On the other hand, the last 2 years under Obama and his radical accomplices have proven to reasonable people that big, expansive, expensive, highly regulated government has produced increased costs to the population less liberty, more personal suffering and a higher unemployment rate. But of course the people who have cause this turn of events can't understand the obvious point being made. Setting aside arguments that liberals seek personal power and control, and that they are short-sighted and can't imagine the results of the power they take from the citizens under their personal control, it's as though liberals feel they have to ration freedom and prosperity for fear it will be consumed too quickly and become exhausted, when the truth is that freedom is inexhaustible if government would get our of the way and let people seek their own destinies (similar to Ayn Rand's "The Virtue Of Selfishness"). But liberal administrations hole the reins too tightly, and where they rule, people suffer.

The principle that freedom is inexhaustible also applies to prosperity, which liberals also want to control and limit. America has proven beyond any doubt the a growing population can also be an increasingly prosperous population if government will leave the people alone to run their own lives and regulate with a light hand. Liberals cling to their bitter opinions that prosperity is finite and must be doled out by the enlightened government, but this only assures that citizens of such a state will all live in equal squalor. Obama, his liberal pals and his administration's agencies and departments have seemingly gleefully reduced our liberties, caused our daily expenses to increase, caused fuel to become more costly and more limited, caused retirement and personal savings to lose value, caused unemployment to increase drastically and seemingly without end, have raped our legislative process with their lies and bribes for votes, and seem intent on doing more damage to this great nation in the future.

The main point is that there are too many elected members of our government who really want to rule instead of serve. What our nation needs is the old tradition of the "butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker" going off to serve the nation by legislating only as necessary, do no damage to the nation, and return home to live under the laws they passed while in government.

What happened to the ideals of public service instead of the current personal greed of our elected bodies? What happened to the ideal of assuring that future generations will be free and prosperous instead of spending beyond reason and enriching ourselves today at the expense of tomorrow and the enormous cost to our children and grandchildren? Our nation has lost its way, and it the voters don't wake up and vote for sensible people to represent them, we'll lose our nation as well.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How To Determine When To Believe Barry's Lies

Barack Obama is a liar, pure and simple. But when he makes statements about increasing taxes, causing electric rates to "necessarily sky-rocket", increase regulations on businesses causing business failures and increased unemployment, or when he makes a statement contrary to Israel's or our own national security, you'd better believe him, because our Barry hates everything that's traditional, good and successful about this great nation, and he and his administration are actively trying to destroy us.

This means that when he stated recently that Israel must go back to its 1967 "lines" (which would mean its destruction at the hands of its Arab foes), he was telling the truth, in spite of the fact that our president insists he's a dedicated friend and defender of Israel.

Related to this convoluted logic is his hate for the CIA and their methods (which allowed the gathering of information which lead to Barry's heroic I-ME-MINE success in killing Osama, then telling the agency and the SEALS how much he respects their efforts while at the same time prosecuting the CIA agents who collected the information that made it all possible). It would not be surprising to learn that Obama's Attorney General has brought court martial charges against one of the SEALS who shot Osama because he slapped Osama before he shot him, because after all we must maintain America's traditional values, says our Barry.

And when Obama states that our borders are more secure than ever, we know our fool president is lying because that subject relates to U.S. security, which he is actively undermining and weakening. When Barry talks about the impoverishment and destruction of America, you can bet he's telling the truth about his intentions.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Walking Back Political Radicalism: Obama In Retreat, Sort Of

The foolish and radical Obama administration is making deceitful decisions that appear to be retreating from their former ultra-radical positions, but only after they've taken much criticism and abuse.

Reports claim that Obama is permitting drilling once again in the gulf and is withdrawing some regulations that the EPA was planning to dump on our economy, but only under political pressure; the administration has decided not to have a public trial for KSM after political pressure; and Obama has decided that sanctions may be necessary against Syria and its killing of its own citizens (remember how Hillary recently claimed that Bashar Al-Assad was a reformer?). Although these things seem to indicate that Obama may be behaving more sensibly, they never would have happened if an election were not on the horizon and if he weren't hurting in the polls.

To even arrive at the numerous radical positions of the Obama administration indicates a lack of intelligence and common sense, and then to change positions under pressure shows that politics and power is all he cares about. Imagine how destructive the Obama administration would be if an election were not to be held soon, then imagine what Obama would do if he were re-elected for 4 more years. The damage a radical like him could do is nearly total.

But the true nature of Obama was recently seen when he stated that Israel should reduce its size and retreat to former "lines", allowing Palestinians to take land from Israel. The land that Obama wants Israel to forfeit was gained following attacks on Israel by Arab forces, and Israel has every right to hold these lands and increase its own security as a result.

There is no way that a strong Obama would ever retreat from his radical, ultra-leftist positions on the economy and his opposition to Israel, and our child president must be opposed at all times and on all fronts.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama Is Dead. Good Riddance, But....

The death of Osama Bin Laden is a happy moment and we can thank our brave Navy SEALS and our intelligence agencies for this event given the many deaths the evil Osama has caused.


When you consider who has caused the greatest lingering harm to America, the greatest loss of freedom to us and our children, the greatest loss of prosperity, the greatest harm to our economy, the greatest harm to our children's futures, the greatest damage to our legislative process, the greatest loss of jobs to our citizens, the greatest threat to our industry and our healthcare, the possibly unrecoverable debt our nation has been subjected to, Osama was a complete rube and a beginner.

Barack Obama has done more harm and damage to our nation than Osama Bin Laden could even wish to cause. Our greatest threats remain internal (Obama) not external. But here comes our brave Barry, strutting bravely to the microphone like a banty rooster to tell us how "he" gave permission for this event, how "he" made the decision to attack, what a good job "he" did as commander in chief, when everything good that happened was the result of groundwork laid by George Bush years ago and objected to by Obama and his liberal cheerleaders every inch of the way. Obama promised to close GITMO, to halt water-boarding, to stop the anti-terrorist wars, to halt the imagined abuses of the Patriot Act, all of which aided in getting to this happy moment in the fight against terror, and were given to Obama by George Bush and the excellent and dangerous work of our military. Obama's macho strutting and pride in the killing of Osama proves there is no honor among thieves, especially when one of them wants to be re-elected president.

And isn't it convenient that all of this happens just as Obama has seen his ratings for re-election drop into the danger zone? This event is all about how brave Obama is and what a great president he has become, not about punishing the enemies of America.

I thank Obama only for doing this one thing right during his term as president, but everything else he's done has been designed to destroy America, and if this fool man is re-elected to office for another 4 years this great nation will resemble the World Trade Center towers with smoke and dust pouring from them, exactly as Osama left them.