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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Friday, July 22, 2011

We Are Witnessing America's Reichstag Fire

Today (Friday, July 22) Obama made an impassioned speech in which he pointedly blamed the Republicans for not negotiating honestly on the debt ceiling controversy, and bluntly accused John Boehner of bad faith dealing in the matter, and then like the monarch he thinks he is, Obama demanded that the Republicans report to him tomorrow (Saturday) at 11A.M. and present their proposal for solving the debt ceiling issue.

The lie that our immoral president is presenting is that the Republicans have presented no real plan and have been changing their position and making agreement impossible for Obama, when in fact our lying president if so far out in left field that his government has not presented a constitutionally required budget for 2 years, and has presented not one specific proposal himself in the critical matter of the debt ceiling. And one can appreciate Obama's position in the debates: how can the architect of the current doomsday scenario that is our nation's present state of financial crisis, and who a few weeks ago proposed spending trillions more new dollars on a variety of leftist rat holes, present a spending-cutting proposal that contradicts all he's done to this point and would undermine his political allies who have come to depend on government largess and regulations to make them wealthy and powerful? I fear that when Obama uses the term "shovel ready" he refers to the old Vladimir Lenin term referring to useful capitalist idiots selling the rope with which they are to be hung, but in this case the shovels will be used to bury the United States.

The current situation in which we see Obama, who directly caused the spending/debt crisis we are living, going public and blaming his political opponents of culpability for our ills, reminds us of Hitler's Reichstag fire and the resulting show trial of those accused of setting the fire, when it was the Nazis themselves who committed the act. I just pray for the sake of this nation, that the comparison with 1930s Germany ends there.

What Does "Freedom" Mean?

Does freedom as we know it in the western world mean to be free from economic turn-downs, failing business deals, a stock market crash, terrorist attacks, defective automobiles, food gone bad, temporary periods of unemployment or shirts whose buttons fall off?


Freedom means to be "free" from the wiles and controls of government, which controls have been stacking up like logs since the Obama takeover of our government two years ago. And there's no end in sight to the regulations and controls being issued by the Obama administration that restrict our ability to run our own lives.

Freedom is exactly what the Obama administration is taking from us with his takeover of healthcare and General Motors, his cronyism with big business and general government control of every aspect of our lives via the EPA regulations on CO2 emissions, especially those of coal fired power plants. But the ultimate government intrusion into our lives is the tragic debt Obama has run up which threatens the future of our children and grandchildren as well as ourselves in the immediate future. And now our imperial leader has made an enraged speech to the nation stating that Republicans have not dealt honestly with him on the debt ceiling talks being held in Washington, while it's Obama who has run a government that has spent more money than anyone thought possible and achieved a level of debt we may never be able to pay off, and has not generated a constitutionally required national budget for the last 2 years because that would require admitting the tragic level of spending he is committed to. Obama is also the president who a few weeks ago proposed trillions of dollars in new spending, but is now scolding House Republicans, who have passed the Cut, Cap and Balance legislation, for not being serious about spending cuts and a responsible government. How can such a lying, deceitful individual be trusted to deal honestly and seriously with the Republicans on such a critical issue as faces this nation in the immediate future?

Freedom is truly being stripped from the lives of Americans and we are witnessing the act in real time. We must stop our immoral president from accumulating more power and additional control over our lives or we are doomed as a free and prosperous nation.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Making Government "Share And Sacrifice" With The Rest Of Us

Corporations have laid off millions of employees since Obama took office, so now it's time for a governmental policy of "shared sacrifice" with the corporate world, just what Obama said he wants.

Private corporations have always had to pay for their business failures and business downturns by laying off employees, which they have done most recently because of the Democrat-caused housing bubble and crash and the resulting financial failures that have racked our entire economy. But not only has government employment increased vastly during this same period that private companies have been laying off, but the wages of government employees have increased greatly during the same period. Now it's time for a redress and correction.

Government is unknowingly admitting its culpability in our present financial calamity with the debt ceiling negotiations going on in Washington, so I have a way to punish bureaucrats responsible for over-spending and over-promising government benefits for the last 50 years: Congress immediately decreases all funds for Obama's czars' salaries by 50% permanently; all funds for salaries and expenses for the heads of the Departments of Energy, Interior, Education and Commerce will be decreased 50% immediately, permanently; Obama's and Biden's salaries and the salaries and expenses for their staffs will be cut immediately by 50%, permanently; the head and staff of the EPA will have her salary and benefits cut by 50%, immediately and permanently. It's an insult that WE, the people who pay the government's salaries, should have to suffer. And while the pontificating fools listed above tell us WE will have to pay more taxes and live with less income, THEY draw full salaries and benefits and have vast staffs to do all their heavy lifting. And we know that it was these fools' decisions, regulations, lack of oversight and legislation that caused the mess we're in today. They are the cause of our suffering. It's outrageous that they live large at our expense while abusing us and lying to us!

So far the only fix for our financial crisis that the idiots advising Obama can come up, with in an attempt to pay for the enormous over-spending Obama has done, is to raise taxes on those who own private aircraft (which will only lead to more unemployment as the thousands of people who service private aircraft are laid off), but they won't suggest any government decreases to their fat salaries or benefits in order to "share the pain" with the rest of us. And speaking of private jets, why doesn't Obama promise to ground his personal 747 to demonstrate his willingness to deprive himself of his undeserved pleasures. Yeah, that's going to happen. Government never does with less.

Personally I'd rather completely abolish the Departments of Education, Energy, Interior, Commerce, all the czars and the entire EPA and send these people packing, thereby saving a trillion dollars each and every year and ridding ourselves of the liberals who are destroying our economy with their subversive policies and punitive regulations, but I fear our politicians are not up to that task at present.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

"Professional Politicians" Are The Problem, Not The Solution

As the debt ceiling talks between Republicans and Democrats have heated up, Obama has become increasingly defensive and agitated and has made statements that reveal more about that immoral, radical man than his teleprompter wants us to see.

As regular visitors of Political Chips have seen via video clips, Obama stated that we dummy citizens should butt out of the very cerebral, deep-thought matters concerning the debt ceiling and wild spending and let the "professional politicians" handle the negotiations so we citizen-rubes can go back to our mundane, shallow lives. The problem is that it's exactly the career politicians who have intentionally created this disaster, and they cannot and must not be trusted to resolve matters in a way that will preserve our security, our liberty and our prosperity.

Our brave liar-in-chief betrayed the teleprompter further by exposing the long-held lie of the Social Security "Trust Fund" when he stated that he couldn't promise that Social Security checks would be sent out if the government shut down due to budget-talk failures. The big-government crowd has consistently held that the Social Security Trust Fund is full of cash and will last decades into the future. But the truth is that all of the money that flows weekly into the trust fund is immediately shuttled to the government's general revenue fund and all that's left in the trust fund for Social Security recipients are IOUs, which only make the government's unfunded obligations a heavier burden. Liberals have spoken sternly about the Social Security lock box being a sacred national treasure and a solemn trust for present and future retirees, but we know that "professional politicians" are the basest of liars and that there is no money in any trust fund, Social Security or otherwise, and these funds have only served to provide politicians with billions of dollars of additional money to spend on their pet projects in order to buy favor and votes at the public expense, and is now being exposed by the chief liar as being a broken piggy bank: if there are billions of dollars in the Social Security Trust Fund, why can't Social Security recipients be paid from these supposedly secure funds regardless of whether or not budget talks fail? It's because we're broke and have NO MONEY, and it's because of "professional politicians" like Obama.

But revenues to the government are still enormous, so when Obama says that Social Security checks may not go out if the government shuts down, it's only because he wants to scare Social Security recipients and make the Republicans buckle to his socialist demands, because as the head of the executive branch of government, Obama has complete control over how government expenditures are allocated, and if he would prefer to deny Social Security checks in favor of giving Brazil billions of dollars to build their oil fields or give billions of dollars to Ireland or Greece to bail out their crashing economies, then he's completely to blame, not Republicans.

One talking-head recently made the statement that to remain solvent government will at least make the interest payments to holders of U.S. bonds, but this assumes we can trust Obama to have the best interests of the United States at heart (which he absolutely does not have), and we must look at how Obama handled the GM and Chrysler bankruptcies, and recall the illegal way he took control of those companies with the complete denial of bond-holder's contractual rights to be paid first, just so he could quickly nationalize these prize cows and enrich his union pals, and we get the feeling that Obama probably would not pay today's government obligations, thereby not only causing a greater national catastrophe than we currently have, but an international disaster as the U.S. fails to pay its most basic obligations, and that will be the last straw in Obama's intentional and willful destruction of this great nation. The national division, fear, doubt and unemployment Obama has personally caused will bring our financial collapse, much to the joy of the forces of evil in the world that hate us and our pleasant lives.

So Republicans are in a hard spot and must display courage and not concern themselves with who will get the blame for a government shut-down. The spending and borrowing must end, and if Obama causes even more destruction as a result of failed negotiations, then Republicans must identify the culprit without fear and DO THE RIGHT THING by standing uo to Obama's threats to attach blame to Republicans and insist that he make serious reductions in spending and not raise taxes..

Monday, July 11, 2011

It's the Obama Economy, Stupid

For all those patriotic Americans who are paying attention to the deliberate destruction of this great nation, the title of this post says all we need to know about what's wrong with our country and what we need to to do get back on a constitutional, limited-government course once again and assure a prosperous and free future for our children.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

What Good Are Debt Ceiling And Spending Cut Talks?

What do the Republicans have to gain by talking to Obama and the congressional liberals about our draconian debt and the out-of-control spending the government is doing? Obama intentionally, and with forethought, brought the nation to this disastrous point, and does anyone think he'll really try to resolve the issues to the benefit of the nation? Not bloody likely!

He believes he benefits himself and his re-election chances with the precarious position the nation is in, and his radical views make him convinced that all of the deficit spending is what should be done, again for his own personal gain. So why try to negotiate with the immoral fool of a man we call our president? Republicans must stand up for the nation and "just say no" to the liberal demands of a raised ceiling, modest spending reductions and increase taxes, and let them try to spend additional money without the agreement of the Republican majority in the House of Representatives. The Republicans have the liberals and their tendency to deficit spend and borrow up to their eyeballs right where they want them, and they must not flinch now.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Liberals' Mindless Prejudices Are Destroying Us

Given the liberal/Democrat/progressive failure to understand and heed the warning that "those who fail to learn from the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them", the United States is facing a dire future. Some examples:

Liberals insist on keeping taxes high, thereby chasing companies to foreign countries where taxes are lower, and at the same time transferring wealth from the United States to those foreign governments and increasing their employment levels while our workers face joblessness. And add to the mix the NLRB's decision to not allow non-union workers to build Boeing aircraft in South Carolina and we see liberal idiocy run amuck, and the intentional destruction of our economy from the highest branches of government.

Obama and his ilk insist on imposing ever-increasing numbers of regulations, and ever-more stringent ones, thereby making everything more expensive, harder to get, and causing the shut-down of businesses that we need to keep our economy running.

Liberals like to control other people's lives and are not offended at all if their counterparts at the United Nations tell the world at large how to behave and how to tax and burden their populations. Agenda 21 is currently being pushed by the UN as a way of placing more government control on everyone, especially the United States.

Liberals hate guns and will do anything to get rid of them, thereby making our streets more dangerous as only criminals increasingly have guns. Obama wanted to back up his lying claim that 90% of the guns in Mexico used by criminals and drug runners came from the United States, so his administration pushed a program of selling weapons to known criminals so as to make his false claim more accurate, thereby becoming responsible for the killing of one of our federal agents.

Liberals want the rich to pay a level of taxation beyond what the current tax code calls for, so they demonize the wealthy, the very people we need to keep spending their money and keep creating jobs for our citizens. The latest scheme is an attempt to make the rich pay higher taxes for their expensive toys, like jet aircraft, having not learned from their previous mistake when the legislature imposed higher taxes on yachts, causing the loss of not only the yacht-building industry, but also all of the related jobs the yachting industry created, and finally ended up repealing the higher yacht tax when they saw the destruction they were causing. Are liberals incapable of thinking clearly?

Liberals are unable to learn from their mistakes, and they're running our nation into a deep, dark hole as they repeat the same mistakes history warns us to avoid.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What's Wrong With Obama's Crony Capitalism?

Liberals like to pretend that they want to keep close tabs on the evil capitalists in order to control their tendency to concentrate power and abuse their customers and the public at large. This is a valid concern that books like "The Jungle" adequately describe, but without also reading "Obamanomics" and "Reckless Endangerment" you only get half of the story.

Capitalists have built-in restraints on their power: they must attract customers to their products and services, and they must compete with others selling the same product. It's important for government to control to some extent the baser tendencies of large corporations, but when the government and business work together you have a perfect storm of corruption and abuse, and since there is no competition for the power of government, when government becomes an ally of business you have collusion, not control and oversight.

Jeffrey Immelt, the CEO of General Electric, is Obama's adviser on economic matters. Does anyone think that Immelt will give Obama any advise that doesn't profit G.E? And does anyone believe that Obama, with his zero experience with corporations, except to shake money from them as a community organizer, will make any decision contrary to that given by Immelt? The insurance and big pharma companies are on board with ObamaCare so they can profit from it. even power companies are in favor of Cap and Trade legislation and actively push the lie of global warming because of the extra costs these schemes place on competing businesses, and the additional regulations they generate will eliminate their competition and allow them to profit unimpeded. But this concentration of power is exactly what government is supposed to control, not facilitate.

So when government gets involved things get worse, not better, as we've seen in the last 2 years of Obama. And this worsening situation is made all the worse yet when the press will not honestly report what is happening due to its loyalty to the liberal Obama. But as we've seen with the housing crash (in which government legislated in favor of the mortgage giants and against the borrowing public), the CO2/Cap and Trade liaison (in which industry wants to eliminate and regulate out of existence its competition), and the green/alternative power movement (in which government wastes billions of tax dollars on favored companies for power schemes that are more costly than existing sources of power and won't be technically viable for decades, at the same time that the current price of gasoline increases and the availability of oil dwindles and threatens our liberties, our prosperity and our security), government involvement makes the situation worse because government has total power, and when this absolute power is combined with international companies, the outcome can be disastrous.

Friday, July 1, 2011

American Liberals Blame The Rich and Successful

The Nazis blamed the troubles in Germany in the 1930s on the Jews (many of whom were rich). American liberals blame our financial troubles on the rich (many of whom are Jewish).

In a nation that believes that "all men are created equal", if liberals are able to soak the rich with extra taxes just because the wealthy are able to buy luxury items like personal jets, what will they be able to do to the middle class Americans who don't have tax protections created by fancy lawyers and influential friends in high places?

Obama and his liberal pals seem ridiculously hung up on the rich and are depending on class envy to persuade their base, and those who wish they were rich without being willing to work for it, that wealthy should pay extra taxes based solely on income (note that liberals usually concentrate on income and not total wealth holdings because they would lose the Kennedy, Rockefeller and other wealthy families' support in an effort based solely on total wealth). But placing additional taxes on jet aircraft would amount to nothing of substance when considering the financial hole Obama and his spending has gotten us into, and the amount of money paid for any tax is money that cannot be spent on other things, so if this idiotic proposal becomes law, it would allow the government to go on spending, on the reasoning that this extra money solved the trillion dollar hole we're in, but the general economy would suffer in proportion to the new revenue being diverted to the government.

But the biggest mistake Obama is making is insisting that the rich be denied money they've earned and that this money should be given to the government: in the opinion of liberals the government must never be denied money that it can waste buying votes and lowering the nation deeper into the spending hole, at the expense of private pockets.

And also be aware of the slippery definition of who the "rich" are. During the Clinton administration it was announced that those making $50,000 a year were rich because in 20 years they will make $1,000,000. If this proposal to place extra taxes on the wealthy goes through we are all in line to have our wealth confiscated. Most of us have 401K or other savings and retirement accounts that the government could easily declare to be of a wealthy value, and they could therefore take from it as they please. We are treading on dangerous ground with this, which is one of many dubious actions and proposals from the immoral Obama administration.