Statement from the Candidate

In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Urgent Letter To Our Representatives in Washington

Our spendthrift and Constitution-hating president must be told to "Go To Hell" for demanding that he get the right to raise the national debt limit as he sees fit.  This effort to get carte blanche spending rights proves that this fool man has no intention of ever cutting spending.  He is intentionally trying to bankrupt our nation and bring it to its knees, and he must be stopped!

No tax increase.
No debt limit authority.
Halt the EPA regulations.
Say "NO" to United Nations taxes on carbon usage.
Stop spending.
Obey the Constitution.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Obama's Tax-Payer Bracket Creep and Your 401K Bullseye

Obama campaigned on taxing the top one percent of earners.  Now that he's safely in office again the concentration for taxation has moved to the top 2 percent of earners, and you can expect that he'll soon be taxing 100 percent of wager earners in his desperation for more and more of "other people's'" money to allow him to spend the additional trillions of dollars (and these are new trillions, in addition to the trillions he's already burned through) that he wants to waste.  And when he gets through destroying incomes and the economy with his taxation policy, he'll then come after any accumulated wealth, in the form of savings, stocks, bonds and 401K/IRA funds.  His policy is: First tax the income, then confiscate the wealth.

So our  faithless, lying president just used his politically feel-good campaign to tax the highest earners as a way to get uninformed, envious voters to accept the proposition of raising taxes to support all of his out-of-control spending, and once that base-line is in place it's easier to push the notion (and the necessity) of having to raise taxes on all workers, because the top one percent don't make enough money to support Obama's profligate spending habits.

This fool man must be opposed by Republicans.  We must forget the current foolishness about who will be "blamed" for policy decisions and do the right thing, for ourselves and for our children. 


Friday, December 7, 2012

Our Unconstitutional President

We all know our president is a liar who has repeatedly abused the Constitution by doing things specifically denied to him under that document.  Now consider that this same man, in 6 weeks, will swear on a Bible to "protect and defend" the Constitution.

We know right now that this pledge will be broken within minutes of his making it. If our nation is to survive we must find a way to block this dishonest man from lying to us on inauguration day.  I encourage everyone to contact your Senators and Representatives and make the case for denying Obama the insult to our nation of making another dishonest pledge.  Does not the House of Representatives have impeachment powers?  And can they not hold hearings as to whether he has broken his current oath, and if he makes it again, given his dishonorable history, can they not have discussions about his ability to serve after repeatedly lying to us?

Our nation can't survive another 4 years of Obama and his Unconstitutional behavior, and although I fear our weak-kneed Senators and Representatives don't have the courage of any real convictions about Constitutional matters, we must make our sentiments known to them and hope they will raise a fuss about this critical matter.  Obama is a disaster and the Supreme Court is packed with too many people who are opposed to Constitutional rule, so we can only hope our elected representatives can be convinced to defend us from an evil ruler.  It's our last hope as a free and sovereign people.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Don't Even Think Of Nationalizing Our 401Ks and IRAs

After 30 years of realizing that our government would eventually overspend, over-borrow and go broke, leaving Social Security high and dry and penniless and leaving those who are uninformed enough to depend on Social Security with no income and no reserve to fall back on, many who saw the future as it's currently playing out began to invest in employer 401(k)s and private IRAs.  We put large percentages of our incomes into these vehicles so we could be independent of the government when it finally crashed and left Social Security people with nothing.  Because of the amounts of money we diverted from our incomes to our savings for the future, many of us lived very simply.  We did not drive the newst cars and we raised our families in very modest homes; in other words we practiced discipline and spent frugally for many years to accumulate the relative wealth that now resides in our 401(k) and IRA retirement plans.

Now along comes our government (can you say Barack Obama and his Democrat/communist pals?) , itself broke and having to borrow 60 percent of what it over-spends from foreign governments, and we learn that the Treasury and Labor Departments are devising ways to take the money we've saved and invested and roll this final, capitalism-based source of real value, into the government's coffers in order to support Social Security and welfare for those who need it "more", for those who have "less", than we investors do.  And when this final multi-trillion dollar pile of actual wealth is sucked into our wasteful government, and those of us who saved for the future are reduced to living on hand-outs from Obama, what will become of our society?  There are zero dollars in Social Security, we owe trillions of dollars to enemy nations that have loaned us money knowing our wastrel government would eventually go bust, our nation's credit rating has been down-graded under the Obama Administration, and the dollar is about to be replaced as the unit of exchange for internatonal dealngs (if you think a gallon of gas is expensive now, wait until this disaster happens), and our own government is trying to rape its citizens by taking their hard-earned and harder-invested money and leave us with nothing.

And to add insult to injury, the government is stating that the reason they are justified in taking this money is that it was tax-deferred and now the government needs the money too much to let us continue to keep and invest our own money on a tax-deferred basis, they must now tax 100 percent of our incomes because of their need.  Our incomes now belong to the government and we have no say in how it's spent. Obama said he will only raise taxes on those making over $250.000 (the rich, remember?), and now comes a tax on absolutely everyone who has managed to save some of their own money to be used for their own futures.  I can only ask: why is it only now, with the Obama Administration running trillion-dollar deficits and the national debt increasing enormously, that we need to take this draconian step and take people's own money from them?  I think it's obvious that it's America's welfare state and its refusal to stop spending and going further into debt that makes this step seem necessary.  Private property means nothing any more; the Constitution means even less.  Just as Communist and Fascist states in the past have destroyed the lives of their citizens, so our government is making the same moves that will destroy our pleasant lives and reduce us all to poverty and dependence on government hand-outs.  And the real insult to the mentality of our ruling class, and they aren't smart enough to understand it, is that they've been telling us for years why we must trust government for our income and retirement and not trust the evil capitalists and their undependable stock and bond markets for any value in our lives, and here they are, demanding that we bail them out with the value of our 401(k)s and IRAs, which represent capitalism and capitalism's promise more than anything else can.  They now want capitalism to bail them out of the socialist mess they've cause.  And when this money is gone, what will be left of our nation?

If our ruling class thinks they saw a large and angry crowd turn out in Washington to protest Obamacare on September 12, 2009, they haven't seen anything if they proceed with this 401(k) scheme.  They'd better not try.  Our President has let us down on spending and borrowing, the Supreme Court has let us down on Obamacare, and if our elected Representatives and Senators let us down on this issue there will be hell to pay.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Is Wealth Evil?

If wealthy people are evil and selfish, as Obama and the Dems claim (even though they themselves are wealthy), then how can this evil wealth be so desirable to government?  Is the money bad in the private hands that earned it but good in the government hands that took it from the earner?  How can the government lust after this money by trying to tax the rich at an increasing rate, and still proclaim that the possessor of the wealth is selfish, while at the same time we hear Obama campaign to gather as much as he can of other people's money?  In fact the government appears to be prostituting itself with its insatiable lust for more money, and its inability to stop spending.

At the same time that Obama and the Dems bad-mouth the wealthy for having money, they make every effort to take all the money they can from them.  I would suggest that people with wealth will spend their money more productively than the government can, and private expenditures will benefit the nation (and thereby generate additional wealth and value) more than the government using the money to support people who will not work to support themselves.  In fact, the government is the destroyer of wealth, not a creator of it, and as it takes money from the earners it is reducing the pile of wealth that it is at the same time confiscating, and when the rich are penniless, where will the government go for more cash?

Money in private hands means it was earned in exchange for goods and services rendered in the free market, by willing participants.  This is the same as saying the wealth was earned by the possessor of it: he did build that!  But money in government hands is money that was obtained under penalty of law and threat of imprisonment, and money obtained in this manner is increasingly suspect and lacking of real value because it was not earned by the government, it was simply taken.