Statement from the Candidate

In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Obama Willingly Concedes the Destruction of a U.S. City

According to an excerpt from a new book by Bob Woodward (titled "Obama's Wars") , a detached Obama states that the U.S. can absorb a terrorist attack. So which city is he willing to allow to be destroyed? Throughout our nation's history the mistreatment of U.S. citizens abroad was a serious business, but now an attack on one of our cities, and likely the death of millions of citizens, is something Obama has no particular problem with; it can be "absorbed".

So a dirty-nuke attack on Kansas City, Denver or Minneapolis is no problem for Obama, while George Bush is constantly made to appear an ogre and warmonger because he eventually went to war as a result of the (easily absorbed?) destruction of the World Trade Center and the killing of 3000 occupants of those buildings, most of whom were Americans.

Our president is mentally unhinged with his hate for America, and the economic destruction his policies have caused this nation have now led to his willingness to see its physical destruction as well. In fact, I believe Obama would welcome a terrorist attack because this would allow him to declare a military emergency, take absolute military control of the nation and halt the next two elections, thus assuring his total and unopposed control and the forced imposition of his disastrous policies. Remember that his administration works under the philosophy of not letting a crisis go to waste, and a dirty-nuke attack would certainly create a crisis that he could use to his advantage. Obama is an evil, immoral, anti-American man, and the fool liberals in congress who support him and his policies must be defeated in November or it's our death, economically and physically. We need a straight party-line Republican win in November.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Liberal Lies Just Keep On Coming

One thing we have to acknowledge on the part of our liberal/progressive adversaries is that they never stop lying and twisting in an attempt to grab more power and more of our money.

On the subject of the "green" movement, first came Carl Sagan telling us of the coming new ice age and how it would cause death and destruction. Then the libs found a way to blame the way we live (our cars, refrigerators, air conditioners) for causing the "global warming" that would destroy the world. Then they changed it to "climate change" and then to "man caused disaster". But the East Anglia revelations demonstrating how the lefties were cooking the books to make their case about the devastation we are causing set them back a bit. But it only slowed them for a short while because now they're at it again, and this time they are calling it "global climate disruption".

Obama's newest czar (John Holdren) likes this new phrase better because, of course, what's happening to the global climate is more complicated than the global warming tag suggests, so it's over our heads to understand the complexities and we need a government that does understand the details to lead us. Just trust them. With liberals and their insistence on controlling our lives, it's a crisis-a-minute.

So while Al Gore makes hundreds of millions of dollars with his carbon exchange board, buys a new mansion in California and flies private jets all over the world, we are supposed to stop driving, keep our homes cold in the winter and hot in the summer and pay more to have food and clothing shipped to us as a result of confiscatory taxes on carbon (the EPA is still trying to get around a lack of cap and trade legislation and put controls on carbon emissions and greenhouse gases in keeping with their "command and control" edicts of 2009).

We must get rid of these fools in November and return our nation to sanity, freedom and prosperity once more, by voting the liberal politicians out, repealing their disastrous recent health and finance legislation and restrictive regulations and taxes on business, and abolishing their dictatorial agencies.

For a little background on Obama's new czar be aware that John Holdren is a major collaborator with Paul Ehrlich who wrote the leftist, idiotic book "The Population Bomb" in which he has been proven wrong on every single prediction he made, but is still a darling of the extremist "the-sky-is-falling" left. Mr. Holdren has been wrong about virtually every major issue in his field, and now he has the task of being wrong again by destroying this wonderful nation's economy and liberties. This fool man wants to "de-develop" the United States' economy and allow trees to sue people. Does the idiocy never end with these immoral progressives?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Obama Increases U.S. Poverty Level

Under Obama, poverty in the United States has nearly reached 1960's levels (see article by Hope Yen and Liz Sidoti, Associated Press Writers, "US poverty on track to post record gain in 2009", Sept 11), and this result from the most caring presidency in history, and while driving the jobless rate to record levels, and while halting all off-shore oil drilling, and while nationalizing the auto industry and the finance industry, and while pitching cap and trade to ruin what's left of our economy, and while forcing green energy down our throats, and while nationalizing our healthcare. Anyone want to discuss unintended consequences? Or perhaps this was all intended after all.

Obama has been a failure in everything he's touched, especially the economy (unless you believe that he's intended to do all of the damage that's been a result of his rulings). Obama has been running an administration of Ludites who are attempting to halt progress and the advancement of the nation's economy, with the poorest among us suffering the most. At the same time that poverty has been on the rise in the U.S., Obama and his liberal pals in the legislature have been intentionally destroying jobs at a unprecedented pace (example: shutting down all oil drilling off-shore) and have not listened to conservatives' warnings of the danger to the economy presented by their socialist tinkering. So the dependence on government that the Democrats want so desperately to impose on the United States is doing exactly what they want it to do: make our nation increasingly subservient to, and dependent on, the government for our existence.

Liberals/progressives must be defeated and run out of Washington before they totally destroy the nation.

Friday, September 10, 2010

If You Want Smaller Government, Here's How

Do you want smaller government and better education for our children? Then get rid of the Department of Education.
Do you want smaller government and a more realistic energy policy for today and tomorrow? Then get rid of the Department of Energy.
Do you want smaller government and an economic and social environment more favorable to business and full employment? Then get rid of the EPA.
There are no other options. If you want smaller government then we must reduce the size of government (i.e. abolish the EPA and the departments of education and energy and repeal their original enabling legislation). And if you want more realistic and workable education, energy and environmental regulation, then we must get rid of the agencies that are over-regulating and causing social and economic problems for the population at present.
Unfortunately when the government gets involved in education, the education of our children becomes shabby and political. When the government gets involved with energy, they choke the energy supply, create less of it and make it more expensive. And the government's involvement in the environment stifles business and causes the EPA to declare war on America as it did in September 2009 with their "command and control" edict about carbon and greenhouse gases, which will result in higher taxation and a further slowing of business and commerce.
We must shut down all agencies that are not working for the good of the nation and release all of those agencies' employees from government service. Eliminating the agencies will return control over education, energy and environmental concerns to local governments and to individual citizens where these issues are best handled, and each of the areas will perform better as a result.
And in addition to having a better performing government with the elimination of these agencies, we will save hundreds of billions of dollars every year, thereby further reducing the heavy hand of government. These things simply must be done in order to save our nation.

Liberals Only believe in Power and Money

To support my contention that liberals only believe in power (theirs) and money (yours) I'd like to perform a little test that I believe tells the tale quickly. Do liberals/progressives really believe the clap-trap they spew about redistributing wealth in order to return power to the "rightful owners" of our nation, and do they believe that the government can spend taxed money more wisely than individuals can spend their own money in order to provide for themselves?
Just ask yourself how many liberals return their fat paychecks to the treasury and let the government provide them with public housing, public transportation, healthcare at a local clinic, and educate their children at public schools. None of them do, and this proves that they are lying when they claim government is the best provider rather then individuals providing for themselves. Liberals live in nice homes, drive comfortable cars, have private healthcare and send their children to private schools (especially when they live in Washington D.C.) and they know that these personal decisions and expenditures are the most successful way for a person or family to live.
Just consider the mess the government has gotten us into and see if you want government to provide for your welfare and retirement years: We are multi-trillions of dollars in debt, social security is bankrupt, medicare is broke, Freddie and Fannie are billions in debt and constantly asking for more bailouts so they can fail further, state and local retirement funds are lacking sufficient funding (can you say "Greece"?), Obamacare will cost unanticipated trillions of dollars, the Financial Reform Act will further halt business expansion resulting in more joblessness, and these liberal fools want more money and control over our lives. I say not!
And I'm not certain that conservatives have a much more firmly-held picture of how to get out of this mess than liberals do. Conservatives like to talk about halting spending, lowering taxes and de-growing government but never get specific about how to accomplish these things in the face of destructive debt. Here's how we do it:
Repeal Obamacare and the financial reform act,
Cut all expenditures to the bare bones,
Get rid of destructive government (abolish the EPA and the departments of Energy and Education, thereby cutting regulations and letting business flourish,
Keep taxes at current, relatively low levels,
Impeach Obama and defund the czars and the additional 16,000 IRS agents,
Drill here, drill now, drill everywhere,
Roll to a FAIR tax and eliminate the IRS,
Retire all federal employees rated as "non-essential".
If the next congress moves quickly they may save this great nation from destruction, but just barely.