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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Monday, November 2, 2020

Two Leftist Democrats Who Have Proven Their Racism And Hate

 Don Lemon:

Mr. Lemon recently stated on the air that he was going  to “drop” some of his friends because they listen to the conservative views of Fox News and these friends really believe that conservatism and limited government are the best way to run a nation. Their conservative leanings make them unacceptable to him so he will end their friendship, if such a relation can be called friendship.

One wonders whatever became of the liberal idea of diversity and the acceptance of differing views among different people? Mr. Lemon doesn’t sound very forgiving for a good leftist who boasts of his ideas being diverse and non-judgmental. In fact Mr. Lemon sounds very judgmental and prejudiced against people who have befriended him. The fact that these Fox listeners are still befriending him, a black, homosexual, far left CNN personality, sounds like conservatives are less judgmental and more open-minded than our Mr. Lemon. And for an alleged reporter of the impartial “news” spewed out on CNN, he’s the last person we can trust to give his viewers the true news of the day, as he rejects and discards people whose politics he disagrees with.

Mr. Lemon says that he hates the politics of Fox News, but his far-left news channel reported the lie of President Trump’s Russian collusion for three years, repeatedly announcing “bombshells” that CNN hoped would destroy the Trump administration, all of which scandals and news reports have been proven to be false, and still he hates Fox, even though they were correct about Trump’s innocence all these years and CNN was wrong. Time after time leftist fools like Adam Schiff, along with his corrupt pals John Brennan and  James Clapper, declared that they had seen the evidence of Trump’s collusion and treason, all of which were lies that have now been dropped from discussion. But still Mr. Lemon states that Fox and anyone who listens to Fox are wrong-headed, and that the liars at CNN are correct and justified in their continued attacks on President Trump.

Mr. Lemon is a prejudiced, narrow-minded, simple-thinking Democrat leftist, and his ignorance and hate is plain for all to see. Mr. Lemon’s conservative friends still associate with him in spite of his being a black, gay, narrow-minded man, but if his friends express anything contrary to his block-headed leftist crap, he drops them.

Chelsea Handler:

Ms. Chandler’s male companion, 50 Cent, has recently announced that he likes Trump’s low tax ideas and favors his re-election. Mr. Cent may also have noticed that President Trump’s economic and business policies have made many blacks in America more wealthy and comfortable in their lives, and this may have added to his support of our president.

But Ms. Handler wasn’t having any of it, and spoke up immediately to contradict Mr. Cent when she responded to his support of President Trump, in a manner completely in line with the Democrat party’s treatment of blacks since the Civil War: Declare that blacks cannot have ideas contrary to leftist Democrats. Tell blacks that their ideas and preferences are in error. Tell blacks that they need Democrats to do all of their thinking for them. Tell blacks to shut up and return to their subservience to the Democrat party and its racist policies. 

This tendency of Democrats to stifle and oppose the Conservative views of American blacks is similar to the left’s reference to “man-speaking”, but in this case one would suppose the term should be “Dem-speaking”, when they talk down to black people who are not far left fools like Ms. Handler.

In short, Ms. Handler insulted and demeaned Mr. Cent by bawling him out in public for making any remark favorable to President Trump, and she forced him, according to news reports, to state that he will vote for the village idiot, Joe Biden. Ms. Handler is a typical Democrat, plantation racist, still spouting the racism of the Democrat party. And one hopes that Mr. Cent will exercise his freedom from the racist Democrat party and follow his wise intention to cast his vote for President Trump. He’ll be glad he did.