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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Obama’s Tears Increase America’s Fears

As predicted, our Barry unconstitutionally went after guns again yesterday (January 5, 2016), and he laid it on emotionally and shed a single, completely phony tear as part of his act. This man who so hates America that he swore to “fundamentally transform” it doesn’t give a crap about school or theater killings nor about the constitution, and he will do anything and take advantage of any lame excuse to do harm to America and its people, and that’s what frightens Americans about this fool man.

In part the theatrics were for the benefit of the liberal press to demonstrate that the emotionless Obama can emote and that he is making an appearance to save the children from an evil, lone pistol roaming out there somewhere in search of someone to pull its trigger.  Like our lip-biting former president Bill Clinton, Obama feels our pain, and he’s willing to shed a tear to prove it. After the event Obama decided to go back to the Oval Office to decide what he is going to “fundamentally change’ in this nasty country next.

I guess the past school and theater shootings did not impact our Barry sufficiently to do anything about them at the time, so what propelled him to broach the subject yesterday?  After all, he has allowed the EPA to destroy the coal industry with new regulations, thereby placing electric power generation at jeopardy; and he has dallied long enough in Syria to allow ISIS to get good and strong and spread its evil power well into Iraq; and we can’t forget that our very own Obama agreed to let the Iranians develop a nuclear device that they have sworn will be launched at America and Israel once they also develop the missile to deliver it; and he has just gotten the Republican legislators to fully fund his Obamacare plan and his scheme to get Syrians and Central Americans into America and settled and comfortably on welfare, even if some of these aliens are illegal and even if they are members of ISIS and may be planning terrorist attacks on American cities. Obama doesn’t care about any of these outrages, as long as he gets more potential voters to come here and vote Democrat. So, with all of these scandals on his plate, why now with the gun control thing?

With Obama’s tears, America fears what is next for us as this evil man nears the end of his administration and his ability and willingness to shove dictatorial orders down our throats. We fear Obama for his failures: the Russian reset; a jobless economic “recovery”; Infinite national debt; the Syrian red line; opening America’s borders to all comers; the Iran nuke deal; Putin laughing at Obama and moving into Syria; vacating and abandoning Iraq after it had achieved peace; releasing Guantanamo prisoners; declaring police departments racists for performing their difficult and dangerous obligation to society.

Most Americans now see Obama as a small-thinking and highly prejudiced and opinionated man who is intellectually stuck in the chaos of the 1960s and is intent on pushing his leftist policies on the nation to our great collective harm.  The more Obama fails in his policies the more frustrated these failures make him, so he wants to push radical changes on us in hopes of finally producing something successful, thus being able to take credit for being wise and right for a change instead of the string of failures his policies have produced.

The pretend tears Obama shed are the tears of frustration for being made to look like a fool and for being laughed at by the rest of the world. Even his beloved Iranians ignore the recent nuclear agreement/legacy-generating deal with Obama and continue to develop a nuclear device and the missile to deliver it to America, Europe and Israel. Obama is a poor, misunderstood waif who is now criticized even by Democrats for his stupidity and naiveté and he now sheds tears for himself and will only feel fulfilled when his leftist ideals are accepted by all Americans.  So he’ll keep pushing his junk thought until January 2017, and, I fear, even beyond.