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In 2010 I ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States Congress, but I'm still posting blogs that I believe express an opinion that most other people miss, and that I also believe can make America great again and cast off the yoke of liberal/progressive control that is currently in place.

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Joey Biden Has Blinked On The Subject Of Banning Oil Drilling

 While he was a presidential candidate, Joey Biden promised that he would bury and terminate the oil and gas industry and halt their production of the black gold that makes America, and the rest of the modern world, function.

But reality finally caught up with Joey and his far-left ideas, when he killed the Keystone pipeline and took off of the table, large chunks of government land formerly identified to be drilled by oil companies. And after pretending to “try every tool at his disposal” to halt rising gas prices and the inflation that accompanied it, and only making the situation worse for all Americans, his administration finally did the one thing that could enable Americans to be able to afford to drive to work each day: he opened up oil fields for drilling again. Of course this announcement doesn’t keep the Biden EPA from imposing regulations and administrative rulings that will delay the drilling and pumping of oil, but it proves that Joey’s crumbling approval ratings have forced him to face the real world that his green foolishness had allowed him to ignore for the first year of his struggling administration.

Joey also stated on many occasions that he is a Capitalist, but part of his latest deal of opening oil fields on government land to drilling is a claim for money up-front, in the form of royalties that will cause Americans who have invested in oil company stocks to lose dividends from their investments. In other words, Joey is using the heavy hand of big government to take money and profits from American citizens, and that is not being a Capitalist, as Joey pretends to be, but is harming his fellow citizens who actually are good Capitalists.

But with this announcement, Joey will undoubtedly puff himself up, stick out his chest and claim to be a hero for this latest, and likely too late, desperate effort to halt sky rocketing inflation, after he made the useless withdrawal of millions of barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserves (which could hurt and restrict future military needs for fuel to fight battles and respond to attacks on America that Joey’s weak, idiot presidency has invited) and it’s likely that his latest limited effort will also not work to lower gas prices, because we’ve seen how much the Biden administration despises oil drilling and the free movement of Americans in their own nation, and we know that he’ll revert to kind after this incident has passed and will resume his attack on oil revenues and oil production, via new regulations on the one thing Americans cannot live without: energy.

One hears Democrats criticizing oil companies for making a profit, and often stating that these profits are price-gouging their customers, when actually it’s government and its excessive taxes on gas and oil that are causing inflated prices to have to be paid by Americans for gas that was affordable under the Trump administration, because the government has absolutely no role to play in the discovery, drilling, refining and distribution of gas and oil, but they take money off the top of every gallon of gas sold to American citizens and deprive corporate investors of profits they could otherwise make, and all persons who drive an automobile have to spend more money for a gallon of gasoline, just because of the greed of big, leftist government.

One will easily recall the former green revolution sainthood of Elon Musk as he developed and sold his Tesla, all-electric car, a product that enabled Joey and the radical, far-left, environmental greenies to insist on eliminating the gasoline-powered cars that the vast number of Americans drive every day for pleasure and to get to work, which includes the trucks that provide us with our food and all other goods that Americans use each day.

But as soon as Musk made an attempt to get control of Twitter and its ability to silence all conservative opposition to Joe Biden’s radical plans for America on that platform, he became the devil incarnate and is now the subject of powerful attacks on him and his investments, and is proof of the political left‘s vicious behavior when they don‘t get their way in all things political.

In America today, if you cross the leftist Democrats they will “cancel” you and make certain that you are never heard from again, and that’s exactly what they’re trying to do to Musk, because he upset their apple cart of control over thought and speech in America, and that is unforgivable to all dictators, even if they call themselves patriotic Democrats.